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Bobby like dick

Categories Fiction, Anal, Gay, Oral Sex

Author: luv 2 wear cotton panties

Published: 29 January 2019

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It was two summers ago, when my cousin Frank came to stay with us for a few weeks, as he did every summer. Although this would probably be the last summer as we were both headed for University in the fall. He was an attractive guy, and like me had no job, or girlfriend. We were almost the same age he was 19 I was almost 19. He was slightly taller than me with long blond hair that came to his shoulders, narrow face, skinny skate boarders frame and in pretty good shape, beautiful ice blue eyes. I am athletic as well played football, about 5’8 or so short brown hair, brown eyes but stockier in build.

We were sitting in the den just in shorts since it was hot neither of us were wearing shirts. Frank was getting a nice chest full of hair. It went all the way down ti his pubes.

Watching television one Tuesday afternoon everyone else was out of the house. We surfed onto this documentary about firefighters and some of them were in a competition and had their shirts off, covered in sweat and very brawny. I had never admitted this to anyone before but I found myself growingly attracted to men. I was even catching myself checking out Frank a few times I felt maybe I was a freak or something. He is my cousin after all. But I was really looking forward to going to Uni in a bigger city. Lots of new people. The first thing on my list of things to do was have sex with a man. Maybe have several lovers. I knew I would be a total slut once I gave in to the urges.

When I looked over at Frank he had an enormous hard on pushing up the front of his boxer shorts. The tip of his big cut cock poking out he top of the shorts. The mushroom head was completely exposed.

“I can not help it” he said. I guess I had a shocked look on my face even though I was trying to play it cool.

“hot guys turn me on” he looked over at me and smiled as he looked me up and down. Sizing me up as to what I was going to do or say next.

“I see they excite you too” He fingered his cock tip. “nice hard cock you have bud"

I looked down to see I was hard in fact I was as hard as rock myself . Between the hotties on the screen and Franks big cock I was becoming horny as hell. I was not going to have to wait a month or two to try cock. I knew then I was about to have my first gay experience.

“yeah I guess so, so I am going to do something about it”

I decided to go for it and pulled my shorts off so I was naked and began masturbating in front of him. “whatta ya think Frank-o hot enough for ya?”

Frank looking shocked at first, I knew he was faking that look. He waned me bad I thought he was being coy but it did not take him very long as he started doing the same thing. He stood, pulled off his shorts and his eight inch dick sprung right out in front if him. He licked his hand then started jerking off as he sat down.

As we lay back stroking our cocks, I asked him

“Frank I always wanted to be with a guy, you know have gay sex. I think it would be real hot, how about you?”

“Yeah man” man he said short of breath. He was watching me more than he was watching the fire fighters. Why not an in the flesh cock is better than TV cock any day. “Bobby want to suck my cock?”

I did not have to think too long “fuck yeah I’ll suck your cock!” I stopped tugging myself and sat up with a shit eating grin on my face. I wanted this so bad I would have begged him to let me. But I didn’t have to.

I leaned over and took his cock in my mouth, it was salty from sweat but otherwise not bad. He had not showered that morning, but it wasn’t gross. I took my time bobbing up and down, Like I thought a good cock sucker should. Trying to copy what I had seen in porn. I slowly, while stroking his balls, licking his shaft and the tip driving him crazy heard the sexiest moans from his lips.

“oh god Bobby that feels soo god damn good, your going to love the taste of my come” He said sounding breathless. Probably trying not to come too quick. Bit alas it was no use. It was just a few seconds later he came into my mouth and the first ever cum I had in me the taste was better than thought it would so I cleaned up all the white love (even the stuff that ran out of my mouth.)

I licked my lips as I sat up, then stood up in front of him.

“your turn Frank suck my cock!”

He dropped to his knees and grabbed my cock and absolutely went to town after getting into a rhythm that seemed too good to be true as he grabbed my ass with both hands and just pumped my cock. He had some experience with this because he was better than the women I have dated, either that or he just really liked it where they didn’t really want a cock in their mouths. I felt the burn of my orgasm closing in and grabbed his ears as I shot a hot load into his mouth. He cleaned up as much as he could as I sank to my knees and started kissing him. We kissed hot and heavy. Open mouths and tongues as our hands explored each others young bodies.

“Now that was fantastic Frank. You never gagged or anything.”

“only a man knows how to please another dude eh Bobby”

We made out there on the carpet on our knees for a few more minutes. I loved the feel of Frank’s strong hands as they ran through my hair and grabbed my ass. I wanted him all over and over again. If sucking cock was this good I wasn’t going back to pussy. Then Frank stood up and started for the stairs to the kitchen.

“Make yourself comfortable Booby, the fun is just starting.”

I watched him saunter out of the room admiring his ass. He came back with a bottle of canola oil, and towels from the laundry room, I knew things were just heating up.

“what’s that for Frank?” as he knelt before me as I sat spread eagle on the couch.

“cooking oil makes good lube for anal sex stud, I am going to fuck you in the ass”

“right on bitch” I said and kissed him again. “you’re and affectionate cock sucker ain’t you Bob?" He laughed as he pour on some oil.

Cool I thought as I looked down to see his cock starting to stiffen again, so I began tugging it to get him full on hard as he rubbed oil into my ass.

“you like the idea of that Bob…..Me going to fuck your ass?”

“ohm my yes, now shut the fuck up lube your cock and put it in me!” I don’t remember being scared or nervous, I just wanted the feeling of him fucking my ass. I think it excited him even more at how enthusiastic I was to take a cock in my ass. Even though I had never let anyone fuck me like that.

He did just that, put the oil on his dick nice and thick he spread it all over his thick cut dick and as he positioned it at my star fish he kissed me deep and long as he drove his penis into my virgin ass. It hurt bad at first but as I relaxed, let my ass go less rigid and let Frank have his way with me, it felt great. I grabbed his hips as he grabbed my knees and held them up and hammered me with his 8 inch cock.

“your so tight I love it, fuck do I ever love this, you like that Bob, you are so hot I have wanted this for a long time”

“yes oh god yes, me too Frank I just never dreamed you too loved cock”

I replied between thrusts. He hooked my legs over his shoulder and leaned in and we kissed. “I am going to fill your ass with come, you like that idea? You want me to come inside you Bob? You have such a nice ass Bob. I have wanted this for so long. To come in your ass. I am glad you let me go bareback too. I hate condoms.”

“Oh yes Frank fill it up” I said hungry to feel a come shot inside my ass. “stop talking and fuck me till you come"

No sooner said than done as he unleashed what felt like a gallon of jizz inside me. He collapsed on top of me to catch his breath and he slowly went soft still inside me we tongue kissed each other. He used a towel to clean himself off as I lay back on the couch fully extended. He began pouring oil over my penis teasing it back to hard. He turned around as I then took the oil and massaged some into his anus.

“I am going to ride you Bob.” I could not believe how easy it all was to give into my so long held back gay thoughts. I loved it and was never going back to being straight.

He straddled me and I stopped him. I wanted a real gay fuck.

“No bitch on your hands and knees on the carpet” I commanded.

He did as he was told and I positioned my 6 inches outside the sphincter and drove it home, I grabbed his hips and used them as leverage to just pound him raw.

“yes that’s it Bob, fuck me hard and fast”

“I see you have done this before, eh Frank, are you a whore?” I slapped his ass hard as I raised one leg and put a foot on the floor “Yes you are and you like my cock you dirty fuckin’ queer”

“yeah I love you in me!” He was down on his elbows now. I slapped his ass again. “I love being used by you Bob. Fuck me as hard as you fucking want. Oh god yes."

His ass was where I always wanted to be and at that moment I realized I was happy and never going back to woman again, his moans and dirty comments filled the room as I got deeper into his ass.

I did that for a good 10 minutes when finally I came really really hard. I left red welts where my fingers clinched his hot ass.

“So Frank I think the rest of your visit is going to be very hot”

“outside and in eh Bob”

After I caught my breath and used the towel to clean off, we laid on the carpet making out for a long time till we realized the family would be home in half an hour, got up and showered as not to reek of gay fornication when everyone else got home.

In the shower Frank asked if it bothered me that he and I were cousins, I said no because it just felt right, also we were over eighteen and are consenting adults who happen to be cousins who want and need to fuck each other. He agreed and for the next couple weeks we spent every available minute pleasuring each other. He slept in my bed every night. Then snuck out before anyone got up.

Then after about 2 weeks Frank had left and I was fucking horny. I had spent a few weeks getting my brains fucked out then suddenly I had none and in a small town gay hook ups were tricky.

When we were leaving for our annual 2 weeks at the lake. Usually I was annoyed at going as I was usually board stiff, but this summer I would be stiff as a board.

As I sat in my usual spot every night about midnight having a puff of weed sitting in my window. I would see the man from 2 cottages down go skinny dipping. He was a good looking guy mid range height, but a great ass and body. It was kind of like a dad body but with some chest hair to run a hand through. His name was Kyle.

He never came up here with a wife, but sometimes had “visitors” usually young men not much older than me who would stay a day or so and then leave. I figured it was time to see for myself what way he swung. So I wandered down to the beach in nothing but my Speedo and a smile.

When I got there he was out by the float dock so I waited till he saw me and then took off my Speedo and walked into the surf and dove in. I swam out to where I was standing chest deep in the water.

“hey Kyle”

“hey Bob” he said cautiously. Trying to gauge the situation. “what’s up?”

“well I thought maybe you would like a little company of the male type as you swam” I pulled myself up on the dock and sat behind him and reached around and began stroking his cock.

“how did you know, I was gay Bob?” He leaned back into me and reached back and started rubbing my legs. I still could not believe how confident I had become in having gay sex in such a short time.

“oh just a hunch, no wife lots of pretty men visiting.” I was stroking him good now as he was full on hard. He turned and kissed me then we both slid off the dock and stood kissing for a few minutes.

We jumped back on the float dock and climbed on each other and began kissing and fondling each other. I turned around and began sucking his cock. He grabbed my ass and positioned my dick so we could sixty-nine. It was fantastic we both couldn’t get enough of each others member as we devoured cock. I came first but not long after, he shot a hot delicious load into my mouth. I turned and we made out some more, before we went ashore.

“tomorrow Bob after the block party all will be passed out early so you can come to my place and fuck some more.”

“sounds good” I swam to the shore and went to bed.

The next day was the annual block party just a big fish fry and kegger really. Lots of food, drinking and I even caught my parents fucking on the floor of the bathroom in the cottage one year after the party when they were both too drunk to care who watched. Just had a sloppy drunk fuck in bathtub. Never even mentioned it the next day.

Everyone was passed out by 9 pm. All day every time he had a chance he would grab my ass or tell me how hot the sex would be, so when I left for his house I was already hard as a rock. I walked to his place in less than five minutes. I was practically tearing my clothes off as I walked in his cabin and locked the door.

I walked into his house and all the lights were off except one red light at the top of the stairs. So I walked up to find the light coming from the bathroom, where he sat in a tub of bubbles. Leaning back and playing with himself, I wasted no time at all I took off my cut off jeans, and Hawaiian shirt as they were already undone and stepped into the tub and lowered myself right on to his cock. I leaned forward on the tub and we kissed as I started bucking and riding him hard and fast. It had been all day foreplay and I wanted cock in me so I was good to go already. He smiled and put his hands on my shoulders.

“you like it hard and fast baby”

“Yeah fuck yeah, I love the feel of your cock in me. I wanna feel you deep deep inside me.”

He grabbed my ass and pulled me down farther as I fuck him hard, he went deeper and deeper, all the time kissing me. The water was splashing over the side and on the window as we kept the rhythm going. He pushed me back and started licking my nipples as I grabbed the sides of the tub to steady myself. He bit down hard on my nipple as he came deep down inside me. He slumped down in the tub exhausted as he softened and popped out of me, but I wasn’ t done.

I spread his legs and began rubbing his anus with my thumb, and sucking on his nipples. He leaned his head back and moaned as I raised his hips and positioned my cock at his anus. Then slowly slid my cock inside him he just moaned and inhaled with pleasure. I started pumping slowly as I put his legs over my shoulders and pushed forward and then just started fucking him slow, deep and pinned him to the back of the tub and licked his face. I put my hands on the top of the tub and started kissing him again.

“you fuck like a pro”

‘ya you like my young cock in your ass?” I still had no idea how old he was but it was possible he was my Dad‘s age.

“fuck ya pound me” Grabbing the sides of the tub he wrapped his legs around me. “stop fucking like a little bitch and give me a hard pounding" he demanded.

I could feel his dick getting hard again so I began jerking him off too. I was fucking faster and deeper than ever now.

“oh god that’s fantastic pump the hell out of it, you young fucking hose hound!!”

I was pounding him hard and jerking him even harder as he just shot another load all over his chest. I let up on the pounding so I could lick his come off the his on his chest. As I shot a hot load into his ass.

I sat up and reached back and unplugged the tub and let the water drain. He turned on his side and I collapsed beside him and we spooned till we fell asleep. When I awoke it was almost dawn, and I knew I had to be back in my bed before everyone awoke. I was putting on my shorts when Ross whispered in a sleepy voice.

“that was hot Bob, come here”

I walked over with my shorts around my ankles.

“yeah Ross”

“lets stay in the closet with this eh, sex is hotter that way”

“you know it, but tonight I want you to do me doggy style”

He just smiled and laid back down and slept again. As I walked back to my cottage I realized that older men were what I wanted from now on.

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Bobby like dick

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