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  1. I caught my little sister masturbaiting
  2. I caught my little sister masturbaiting 2
  3. I caught my little sister masturbaiting 3
  4. i caught my little sister masturbating 4

i caught my little sister masturbating 4

Categories Lesbian, Incest, Young, Threesome

Author: laotamst

Published: 01 February 2019

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my mom untied me and amy

"so who won mommy" amy asked eagerly

"it was a tie, and besides i want you both. " my mom said handing her the rope

amy began tying my moms arms behind her back.

"hey john" amy said seductively "lie on the floor i have an idea"

i did as she said and she lowered our mom over my stomach, amy sat between my legs and grabbed my dick in her hand. she licked the tip of my dick while stroking my shaft with her hand. once i was hard she lifted her mouth off my dick but kept her hand on my shaft. she moved my mother back so that my tip was resting against against her wet pussy. in one motion amy shoved my mom down hard onto my shaft.

"aaahhh" my mom moaned as she did not expect me to be inside her so quickly.

my mom layed herself down on my chest and kissed me, i saw this as my Que and began thrusting into my mother at a slow and steady pace. amy licked from my balls up my shaft then she moved her tongue up to the edge of my moms cunt then she slid her tongue past my mothers butt hole.

"ah... amy oh wow... thats so nice. " my mom moaned breaking our kiss.

each thrust of my dick would slide amys tongue past my moms ass. amy spread my moms ass with her hands and burried her face into her ass.

"ahhhh ooohhh yyyeeeessss, my babys dont stop fucking my hungry holes" my mom moaned as she began grinding her hips.

amys tongue was embedded in my moms ass and i was now thrusting harder pushing my dick deeper into my moms pussy. she arched her back as she sprayed cum around my dick.

amy pulled me up and behind my mom who had her ass in the air.

amy grabbed my cock and pushed my tip against the entrance of my moms ass

"wait no dont it wont fit" my mom pleaded

"shhh, mom, you said we could play with your whole body. and i intend to do just that" amy said dominantly.

amy laid in – front of my mom and spread her legs showing her tiny pussy. she grabbed my moms face and pushed it into her groin.

"do it john, fuck her tight ass" amy purred as she wrapped her legs around my moms head.

i slowly pushed the entirety of my dick into my moms ass. listening to her muffled groans and amys pants was driving me crazy. her ass was sooo tight i could feel it pulse as i pulled out and pushed back in. with each thrust my balls would slap against my moms pussy. i could see her juices running down her legs.

"do you need a breath mommy, too bad if you want to breathe i want you to bite and chew on my pussy. i want you to force me to cum. " amy demanded

"ahh yes, ow ow ow, harder mommy bite me harder, make me sqeeeeele. " amy moaned out as she came on my mothers face. at the same time my dick slammed all the way into my moms ass and my balls slammed into her pussy making her spray a shower of her cum on my balls and legs.

"aaa – amy no more im losing my mind" my mom begged as amy flipped her onto her back.

"then make me loose my mind" amy said placing her pussy onto my moms mouth. taking the que i slid my dick back into her ass and began pounding away again.

her ass was now throbbing and i could see her pussy pulsating. amy began grinding her pussy on my moms face

"come on mom bite down on my pussy be rough with me. force my orgasm out. " amy whimpered "and in turn well take you to heaven" amy said as she began licking and fingering my moms pussy.

my mom went ruthless biting hard onto amys pussy lips and pushed her face deeper into amys groin her teeth scraping on the inside of amys cunt, the she would grab amys clit in her teeth and pull amy was slipping losing control but the licked my moms clit and began fingering her pussy faster. over and over they forced the other to cum and then i came and over and over we all continued to lose control

after ten minutes of ecstasy i felt another of my moms orgasms. amy was now humping my moms face her eyes rolled back into her head drool coming down her mouth. amy rocked her hips as she squirted cum on my moms lips and into her mouth. we all finally could not take anymore i came and my mom sprayed cum everywhere and amy sprayed cum everywhere.

after we regained ourselves we untied our mom.

"amy i think you need to be punished" my mom said seductively.

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i caught my little sister masturbating 4

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