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my lesbian sister part 13.5

Categories Ass to mouth, Young, Lesbian, Incest

Author: laotamst

Published: 01 February 2019

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me and sally rode for about a mile before a car cut us off.

"oh my gosh sally are you ok" the woman asked concerned.

"yes im fine" sally said

"who are you" the woman asked me.

" im alice" i told her

"why did you have my sister" she questioned accusingly

"she was alone at walmart" i shot back

"sally you cant tell mom about this" she said "get in the car lets go"

i watched as they drove away and wondered if this would come to bite me in the ass.

i dont care right now im so tired. i get home and i strip of my catsuit and change into a t – shirt and panties. i laid down on my stomach and drifted off.

i awake to hearing the door open

"hunny are you awake" i hear my mom ask.

i dont say anything and pretend to be asleep. id rather not talk to my mom right now. but i notice something, i can smell my aroma im wet.

my mom sits on the edge of my bed and places her hand on my leg.

does she see that im wet. does my mom notice. i dont hear her say anything but i feel her eyes on me.

"alice are you awake" my mom asks again almost as if shes testing something. i dont answer her.

i feel her place her hands on each of my ass cheeks.

"mmmmhhh your so wet" she said spreading my ass.

i shifted myself so my legs were spread further still pretending to be asleep.

my mom pulled my panties down, i felt the cool air touch my butt hole making it pulse. i think this only made my mom hornier. she tore my panties in half and the cool air caressed my pussy. my mom rubbed her fingers over my pussy.

she then lowered her mouth to my ass. kissing my butt hole. then she spread my butt cheeks and slithered her long tongue into my ass. my mom ate my ass better than anyone like she had been with a girl before. my moms experienced tongue made quick work of me making me cum again and again. my mom then positioned herself under me resting my pussy on her mouth she tongue fucked me she was inside me knowing exactly what i wanted stabbing my g – spot twisting her tongue in my little hole my womb was quivering i never had this feeling i never wanted to cum so badly. my mom drank my juices down as she continued to take me to heaven. i was going insane my mom was keeping me on the edge of orgasm making the feeling last for what felt like an eternity. i could not think i only felt pure pleasure finally my mom allowed me to cum. it was the most powerful orgasm i ever had i could no longer stay quiet.

"oooooohhhhhhh mmmmyyyyy gggggggooooooooddddd" i screamed as i sprayed cum everywhere trying to make it seem as though i was still in a sleepy daze. my mom slipped her long finger all the way into my ass bringing me to a shaking second orgasm again exploding cum all over my mom and bed. i could not move the orgasm was so powerful. once i regained myself my mom was gone.

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my lesbian sister part 13.5

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Comments (1)
Little bitch (guest) — 04 February 2019 11:27
Hey laotamst text me 505-543-2287
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