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Mom and son.

Categories True Story, Incest, Mature

Author: SwanHill1

Published: 01 February 2019

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Mom is 34 years old. She is 5'1" tall and weighs maybe 105 pounds soaking wet. Her hair is black and long, it drops almost to the middle of her back. Her measurements are 34-23-32 with a bubble butt and c-cup tits. She is dark tan most of the time. The number of hours she spends in the gym is not as much as one would think. Now by the pool is another matter!

I am an eighteen year old standing about 5'9" dark reddish hair and of course thin build and I too spend a lot of time by the pool and in the sun. I am just about to graduate high school and there is nothing special about me. Just a typical teenager, Oh one thing that makes me different is the fact that I have 7" cock and it is a little thicker than other guys in my gym class. Yes, we all look just to compare our dicks but it does not mean we are gay.

When I was a baby, my mother would come into my room and tuck me in. She always gave me a kiss and told me how much she loved me. I do not remember much about that time of my life, but as I grew older, my memories started to form.

At the age of seven, my dad left us and never returned. I remember when Mom would come and tuck me in; she would lie down next to me and cry. I could not understand why. He was a mean man, and he would hit her.

Then came puberty, and I began to wish mom would stop, simply because i started to get erections and I felt ashamed. I did not want her to know. It was somewhat embarrassing because it would happen when the wind blew and mom just made it more uncomfortable. Before you ask mom was a star in many of my jack-off fantasies as with most boys learning about sex.

All those years had pasted and when there was a trauma in our lives, Mom would tuck me in, lie down next to me and cry her sorrows away. After a while, I discovered that it made me feel like I was the man of the house. I would hold her in an attempt to comfort her.

On my 18th birthday, Mom came in to tuck me in. she had been crying! I did not know why, but she asked if I would mind if she were to lie down and just hold me for a little while. I did a little shuffle to make room for her.

I figured she would tell me what was troubling her when she was ready. I knew it was nothing financial as we come from a very wealthy background. In fact, for my birthday she bought a new car for me. She told me that I was getting ready to leave for college in just a few short months leaving her alone. It was at that moment reality hit like a ton of bricks and I understood why her tears were flowing.

I hugged her, and leaned over and kissed her forehead. I told her that I would only be an hour away and I would come home often to see her.

She just smiled.

Sleep came hard for some reason. Tonight I could not masturbate with Mom lying next to me. I pretended to sleep when I felt movement coming from her side of the bed. She removed the sheet from her body and sat up. The next thing her feet hit the floor and she headed toward the bathroom. As the door opened, I saw her silhouette through her nightgown when she stood in front of the light. Her ass looked fantastic. I could not believe her peach shaped ass. My cock grew instantly. My breath escaped and it seemed like forever to recover.

I closed my eyes and waited for her to come back. As the door opened, she glided back into the room, my eyes opened and saw the vision coming toward me and I saw that her body was just as fantastic coming as it was going. My cock tented the sheet. I quickly closed my eyes and once again pretended to sleep.

Once Mom had covered herself and rolled onto her side facing away from me, I did a roll myself and threw my arm over her arm pinning it to her side. I thought she would remove my arm, but instead, she pushed her body back toward me to snuggle. When she pushed backward, my hard dick was between the cheeks of that magnificent ass. She paused when the hardness met with her softness. I knew she was going to pull away. To my great surprise, she shifted and pushed back harder.

I was spooned against her and thought, any moment she would move away. She stayed; I even felt a little grind come from her. We stayed like that for what seemed like an eternity.

After she fell asleep, I started a slow humping and felt as if heaven had made a place just for my raging cock. It was between her ass cheeks. I was spooned against her and I thought, any moment she would wake up, and realize what I was doing and scream at me. I kept humping. When i felt the burning in my balls, I knew it was too late to stop. I unloaded my cum on her back!

She suddenly turned to face me and said, "Are you going to clean your mess or are you going to make me?"

I was so worried that she was going to ban me from her life that I could not answer! She repeated her question, and I figured that the shit has already hit the fan, so I replied, "clean it up bitch!"

To my amazement, she reached behind her back, found the large globs of cum and quickly scooped it into her hand. She pulled it toward her mouth and stuck her tongue out and into the puddle gathered in her palm! All I could do was stare in wonder at the beauty of what she had done.

My mother had just ate my cum after I dry humped her ass and shot my load on her back! Photos. https://cpmlink.net/unPYAA Anyone would have been shocked but a teenager, let alone with his own mother! I found it invigorating and so did my flaccid cock because it started an immediate growth to full staff.

Mom looked at me and said, "Is there any place where i may have missed?"

Stunned, I replied, "Only this!" as I grabbed my hard cock.

Without hesitation, she leaned over and took it into her mouth without using her hands! Half of my dick was down her throat and her lips squeezed and pulled back draining the last bit of juice from my ejaculation. It was unbelievable.

She laid back and with a smile on her face, she said, "I told your grandmother your cum would taste great, and I was right. Do you have some more left in there?"

All I could say was, "For you, Mom I have buckets!"

She responded, "Well, it is a Friday night and we have all weekend to get all of it out of you and into me."

I was in a dreamlike coma and could not believe this was real, but I thought, what the hell, may as well enjoy this.

Her legs spread and those fantastic tits were right there in front of my eyes and hands. I gently went to feel her breasts and cupped both one tit and her cunt at the same time. I used my fingers to trace around the lips of her cunt and after I had gotten to know what her labia and her outer pussy felt like, Ii slowly pushed a finger into her. She exhaled and growled as her body pushed down almost uncontrollably, burying my finger deep inside. When I pulled out I added a second finger, and did a come here movement. I guess had found her G-spot because she became more wet and started dripping clear liquid. I was amazed. This was not like when I lost my virginity in the back of my old car! I barely got my dick in and it was over with Cathy. That was my only time so I was not a virgin but I definitely was not experienced, at least not like this.

Have you ever had a rubber band around your fingers so tightly that it shut the blood flow off and then dipped your fingers into a pan of warm pudding? No? Well, try it sometime and you will know what her pussy felt like!

To my surprise, she said, "Please don't treat me like I am made of glass. I like to be manhandled. Treat me as if I am a piece of meat. Eat my pussy and bite my clit. Twist my nipples hard. Make me your slut. Show me that you own my ass."

Her pussy was as wet as you could imagine and the aroma whiffed to my nose making my head spin. I was not very experienced eating pussy, but I remembered what my sex education teacher had told us. "Use your tongue and spell out the alphabet, making sure to cover each area of the pussy you are eating. Make sure you listen to your partner, and when you hear a moan, and then repeat until she has told you she is ready. That is unless, you want to tease her, and make her beg you to fuck her. never take your hands off her body. Gently squeeze her breasts and little twists of the nipples will add more pleasure." That is what I did and yes, it worked. It was less than five minutes and suddenly my face was covered in wetness! I thought mom had peed on my face but it did not smell like pee, it did not taste like pee but if it had, I would have continued.

Mom started begging me to fuck her and I have never heard her use dirty words like was coming out of her that night. The screams of "fucking mother fucker" and "you pussy eating son of a bitch" were just minor things compared to what she said.

Then the most wonderful thing happened. Mom grabbed my hair and pulled me away from her cunt; pulling me up her body and finally our lips met and she rammed her tongue into my mouth, and immediately reached down grabbing my cock and guided it into her fuck hole. This all seemed it was in slow motion. However, I could not have had time to breath. My seven-inch cock was buried all the way to my balls. Mom was bucking like a wild horse and I thought i was going to lose my place and maybe end up on the floor! Her orgasm was so powerful that she passed out! My balls tightened and I was ...Suddenly my eyes flew open and I heard a loud banging at my door! It was Mom yelling at me that it was time to wake up and to get ready for school. I guess it was just my teenage mind dreaming again or was it about to happen?

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Mom and son.

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