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  1. The club, first visit, with my girlfriend.
  2. The club, femdom Ex-girlfriend.

The club, femdom Ex-girlfriend.

Categories Fiction, Anal, BDSM, Bi-sexual

Author: Sensual stories

Published: 09 February 2019

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This is the second story with these characters in “The Club”. Both stories can be read independent from one another, but of course the story-line begins in the first story. The fist story's genre is best described as “reluctant male forced into cuckolding”. This second (this) story is a bit more kinky (not extreme, no torture or pain) and best described as “Female-domination with forced male bi-sexual act”. Enjoy.


Hi, I'm Daniel, a 32 year old average looking single guy.

For almost a year or so now, I regularly visit a sex club. It's an extraordinary place, visited by couples and singles, where your wildest dreams and fantasies can become reality.

It is quite a private society, and it is near unknown to non-members, so most members were somehow tipped or introduced by another member. It's total members isn't more than a few-hundred, and they don't of course visit the club all at the same time. I By the way joined as a couple, together with the girlfriend I was with at that time, and she had been told of its existence by a friend.

The key to the success of the club is of course it's members, but also the code of conduct that every member has to live by. It's simple, and because of it, the members feel free to experience a sexual adventure.

This code of conduct is as follows:

1. Any sexual activity without consent is strictly forbidden. You will not push anyone into any sexual activity what so ever. Respect someone's boundaries and obey the safe-word and stop-signs. Violation of this rule can result in a lifetime ban and prosecution.

2. Members shall be discrete and respectful to each-other. Every member is allowed to expose and experience their sexual preferences and fantasies. Whatever happens inside the club will stay inside the club and shall not influence relations, events and proceedings outside the club in any way. Any form of, or attempt to discredit a member (of staff) with sensitive information about anything regarding the club, will be settled with severe penalties.

3. Inside the club, everyone is of equal status regardless of age, gender, social status, job, wealth, ethnic background etc. Therefore, the dress code is strict and affordable for everyone:

Males wear a simple, plain coloured boxers-short without visible brand signs. Females wear simple, plain coloured lingerie without visible brand signs or recognizable brand shape. The free provided half-face mask is a requirement, even when undressed. The mask may be replaced by another comparable item to match a specific outfit, like bondage gear.

The third part of this code might seem strange to new members and outsiders, some might even think about communism. However, in here, it works great. Everyone feels comfortable and unrestrained (unless you're restrained in a bondage play of course). Just last week I watched a shy skinny girl, (who I know to be a cleaning-lady), fuck the CEO of the company she works at, in his ass with a strap-on. I'm quite sure this only happened because they both feel equal and semi-anonimous. The club is hidden in a back-street alley, no signs or anything. When the doorman has let you in, you walk down the stairs to the reception desk at the staff office where you check-in. You don't pay entrance, the entrance and membership are free. It must be affordable to everyone, not just the wealthy. And I thank the owner for that! I wouldn't want to have missed watching that cute cleaning-girl fuck her CEO. The club is owned by a very rich, but anonymous guy. Word goes around that he's just one of the regular visitors of the club, and I'm not him, but that's all I know.

Eventually, the club is funded partially on voluntary donations of its members that can afford it. And I'm quite sure that CEO is more than happy to have paid (indirectly) for his cute employee. And yes, although I'm not rich, I regularly make donations too. Fortunately bragging about money and showing-off is highly inappropriate. Having money, a phone or other stuff on you in the club isn't even allowed, drinks and food are included.

And yes of course, someone drunk, boozing at the bar happens, but it's quite exceptional.

When you have checked in, you take a shower and change your outfit in one of the dressing rooms. You only dress up in your underwear and strap on the face mask (which looks a bit like a Venetian mask, but made out of soft black fabric). All members wear a colour-coded bracelet too. The colours represent your sexual orientation and preferences. An orange one means you are Hetero, Pink means you are bi-curious, Red for Bi-Sexual and Purple for gay. Optional are black stripes if you like a sexual Dominant role, white stripes for sexual Submissive and Grey if you are, or want to try both roles. The bracelet is voluntarily, and it's only thin and discrete, but it's function is great. This too might sound strange or even discriminating to outsiders, but when introduced as a trial, everyone loved it and it has been a tradition ever since. When you expose your preference this way, you immediately share a secret, for some even their biggest secret. This of course makes you vulnerable, but at the same time so much more accessible to others who normally might feel uncomfortable to approach a stranger.

Once inside the club, your eyes will have to adjust to the dim light. The club has a very sensual and romantic atmosphere with warm colours, dim, coloured lights, a calm background lounge-music, mixed with the smell of incense. Most find their way to the bar first, where most members gather at the beginning of the night. To get there, you walk trough the front section of the club. You walk past many corners and semi-open rooms with couches or beds, hidden behind normal or semi-permanent curtains, some are more obscured and private, others are quite exposed. There are little height-differences with small stairs, and some coves with jacuzzis, it's quite a maze. The bar is quite big, with bar-stools around it and along the wall, small coves with a circular couch around a small table. Next to the bar is small stage where hired performers give away erotic shows, a few times a night where sometimes members out of the audience will be invited to participate. The rear section of the club is pretty much like the front section, but equipped with kinky stuff for the members who like, or are interested in BDSM. Again all rooms, corners and coves are open and accessible to everyone. Some members of course want more privacy than others, so they can use the more hidden places of the club. Others however prefer the exposed spots and get excited by others watching them enjoy sex. They like it when others masturbate while watching them, or let others free join in. The unwritten rule is that you are allowed to watch everyone, but respect the members who seek privacy.

Anyway, I think this gives you an idea how it's like to be there and why I'm quite addicted to it. Now I'll take you there and tell you about my adventure.

It's friday-night as I knock on the door of the club. The doorman opens and recognizes me, he welcomes me and tells me it's not very busy tonight, he wishes me a pleasant night anyway. I walk down the stairs and get checked in at the reception I pick a dressing-room and undress. As always I have a nervous but very excited feeling in my stomach, and my dick is already hard. As I take a shower I can't help but to stroke my dick a bit. After the shower I put on a nice dark-blue boxers-shorts and the required face-mask. I also put a coloured bracelet around my wrist to show my sexual preference, I wear an orange (hetero) one with white stripes which means I'm submissive. I wasn't submissive a year ago when I joined the club, but my last girlfriend I had back then, was quite dominant and that made me realize I kinda like that. I don't like extreme stuff or anything, but a girl on top, ordering me to lick her pussy or something? Oh yeah... you know what I mean.

After I've stored my clothes and stuff I enter the club, my eyes always have to adjust to the dim lights. As always, I find my way to the bar area first, where I hope to find a nice girl or a couple with a guy who likes to share his girlfriend. It's a bit harder to find a "date" when your single, I also had a few nights that I spend at the bar-area. They weren't really wasted nights because of the shows on the stage and there's always someone to talk to, but of course I prefer a night with a girl I can touch, so to say. When I enter the bar-area, it seems indeed there aren't many people tonight, but you never know. While I order a drink at the bar I already spot a girl at the end of the bar who seems to be alone. I don't want to look desperate so I don't walk up to her directly, I always feel a bit uncomfortable when I'm about to introduce myself anyway. I decide to pick a table near a corner of the bar area, this way I look at other tables to see if there might be more interesting members tonight. You can't see the people at the tables very well unless you walk past them within a few meters, because the tables are in like small coves with walls in between them and the lights are dim.

I don't walk quickly because maybe I can make eye-contact with someone. After walking past a few tables with old couples and single guys I begin to think my chances for tonight are dim. Then I look into a cove I wish I didn't. Sitting there is Sophie, my ex-girlfriend I told you about. She's with a guy and her friend Emily who I know well from the time I was with Sophie, I really like her, but I think it's better to move on. Just as I want to walk on unseen, I hear her say "Oh hey Daniel!". Shit..she noticed me. I look at them, just like I hadn't seen them yet and say "Hi Sophie" and "Oh Hi Emily", and I nod at the guy. I walk closer to their table, Sophie says "so Daniel, this is my boyfriend Ryan". I say "Hi Ryan, nice to meet you, I'm Daniel" as we shake hands.

I'll have to tell you a bit about Sophie so that you can understand I'm a bit nervous right now. Sophie and I started dating about one and a half year ago now, and I joined the club together with her. This was about four months onto our relationship when she told me she wanted to experience sex with a girl, I already knew she was bi-sexual. This first time in the club started great when we did find a girl, but it tuned out she had a boyfriend who eventually fucked Sophie right in front of my eyes. If you want, I can tell you all about it in the story "The club, first visit, with my girlfriend.". After that incident our relationship went down the drain, and about four months ago Sophie put an end to our relationship, I haven't seen Sophie since. I know our personalities didn't match and that it's better this way, but I'm still a bit mad about her. She was as I said earlier quite dominant, this was great in the bedroom, but very difficult real-life where she walked straight over me. After our relationship I continued to visit the club regularly, I assumed she wouldn't anymore.

But now I'm standing here at her table, right next to Sophie and I'm sure you will understand that after a very short friendly talk, I'll excuse myself and move along. I say "So, everything alright with you?". "Oh yes, very, and how are you? I see you are alone?". "Yeah, for the time being, but I'm doing great". As I'm about to say that I'll leave them alone, Sophie says "Why don't you join us? You wouldn't mind sitting next to Emily?". Sophie is right at that, I've always liked Emily, she's such a cute girl. I didn't expect her to go to a place like this though, she is quite the silent type, a bit shy even, anything Sophie isn't. And yes of course, I'd love to sit next to her, I'd love to do many things with her.

I am in doubt of what I should do. Then Sophie reaches with her hand and gently cups my crotch, massages it and says "C'mon Daniel, It'll be nice if you join us". It seems she's trying to hard, I'm not sure if I can trust her, but as she continues to massage while my dick gets hard, and I look at cute Emily, I'm already persuaded. I say "Well..l I guess I can stay for a while.." and I sit down next to Emily. In order to get a conversation going I ask how long Sophie and him have been dating and if it's the first time for him and Emily to be here. They tell me it's the first time for Emily, and the third time for Ryan and Sophie together and that she had spotted me all three times, it seems I've missed them up till now.

I look at their bracelets to see which colors they wear. Ryan wears an orange one so he's Hetero, Sophie a red one because she's Bi, and Emily has a pink one so she's bi-curious so to say, she also has a white stripe, just like me. I guess the three of them already have had a good time before tonight. Sophie notices me looking at their bracelets, looks at mine, and says "Oh look a white stripe! I see my attempts to make you more manly failed completely huh?". Ryan immediately calls "Sophie!" and gives her an angry look, and now Sophie seems to settle down "Hey, it's just a joke, he knows it's just a joke". That is unusual for Sophie, I'm beginning to think Sophie has found her match, he looks that way though with his tattooed muscular body, and his tough voice.

The four of us talk for a while about the club, even about the relationship Sophie and I had. I try to give some extra attention to Emily to see if the interest is mutual. Then after a while Sophie says, that before I came along they were just about to find a more private place, and asks if I would like to join them there too. I hesitate, my mind tells me not to, but my body, especially my dick, tells me the opposite. Sophie of course knows I am in doubt and says to Emily “Did I ever tell you that Daniel is very good with his tongue? Who knows, maybe you'll find it our yourself”. Why is she trying so hard to convince me? I think it's suspicious. But the idea that I can lick Emily's pussy is awesome. While I know I might regret this, I agree, it seems my dick is stronger than my mind. The four of us stand up and leave the bar-area to a more private place.

Sophie walks in front, I guess she has a nice private place in mind. The three of us follow her and I try to enjoy the view of Emily walking in front of me as much as I can. Then Sophie says "Oh, this looks like a nice place doesn't it?" She holds open the curtains of a private cove and she looks at me. The only thing I can think of is "What the fuck!". Of the many places the club houses, she picked the one where we had our very first night at the Club together, it was that night I told you about earlier. It started great, we had a short but very exciting time with a beautiful girl, but it turned out she had a boyfriend, and that's where it got bad...for me. Sophie gives me a naughty look, she knows I can't resist that, what the hell does she have in mind?! We go inside and crawl on the mattress. It's wine-red, about the size of a double bed, and although for obvious reasons made of some sort of plastic material, quite comfortable, soft and warm. Sophie closes the curtains behind us and climbs on the bed too. I position myself next to Emily, It's great this place is quite small, this leaves little space between us.

I look at Emily, she gives me a little shy smile. Our heads are quite close, I'd love to kiss her, but I feel a bit uncomfortable. I'm not even sure if Emily is interested in any physical attention from me, it was only Sophie who tried to convince me. I look at Sophie who pushes Ryan on his back and is already kissing him. It feels weird to see my ex-girlfriend kissing her new lover while I'm still mad about her myself. When I turn my head back to Emily, she moves her head closer and gives me a small kiss on my mouth. The gentle touch of her soft lips feels great, a little rush of excitement runs trough my body. I answer her kiss, she kisses back again. I lick her lips and she answers with her tongue. With closed eyes we begin to kiss, I love it, it's really exciting. I gently run my hand trough her hair and begin to caress her. We're still sitting, and after a minute or so I begin to lean down in the hope she follows me, she does, and we slowly lie down. I then move back a little so that I'm on top, so to say. We continue to kiss for a while before I leave her mouth and begin to kiss her neck, I immediately hear she begins to breath deeper and bends her head to give me more room. I gently place my hand on her breasts and begin to massage the through her bra while I continue to kiss and lick her neck.

I now unlock her bra, and she moves her arms for me, making it easier to undress her When I remove it, two beautiful pale breasts are being revealed. They aren't very big because Emily is very slender, but my god, they look perfect with tiny hard nipples. I'm now able to admire her fully naked upper body, she is really beautiful. Her skin is so smooth and her belly is flat, I can see the contours of the muscles. I never even hoped I would do anything like this to Emily, and look at her know. I bend over and begin to kiss he breasts and nipples. I gently suck and lick them all over, Emily's body tells me she's getting more excited, she starts to release soft moans with her heavy breathing. I now slowly begin to work my way down along her stomach and belly while still kissing, licking and sucking. The attention to her belly tickles her, I can hear soft giggles while she wiggles her body, oh my god she's cute.

I now have reached her panties, hidden underneath is the biggest treasure I can imagine at the moment. I begin to lick along the edges of her panties. With the help of one hand I slowly begin to pull them down while licking and kissing lower and lower. When I've nearly reached her pussy, she lifts up her legs to help me. I slowly slide her panties down along her smooth slender legs and over her small feet. She lowers her legs and I now have a first glimpse of her pussy. Her legs are still together but I can already see her pussy is shaven completely smooth. Emily is now completely nude, except for her face-mask of course. I take a moment to admire her stunning body, lying here right in front of me, waiting for my next move. She looks at me with a nervous smile, I can see she's excited, just like me. I bend over to continue where I stopped and begin to kiss her just above her pussy. After a few kisses I gently open her legs with my hand and climb over her leg to position myself on my knees in between her legs, I now have a full view of her delicious looking pussy. Even In the dim light I can see the wetness glisten.

I bend over and begin to kiss and lick her thighs, moving slowly towards her pussy. When eventually my head is right in front of it, I give her a little lick with the tip of my tongue. I feel her body shiver and she inhales hard. I gently begin to lick her, her pussy is amazing. It's so smooth and sweet and very wet. This is incredibly exciting, I would love this moment to last forever. Emily softly moans and moves her hip up and down to maximize the stimulation. I push my hands under her bum so I can support her hip and help her, I now have the best position to lick her all along her pussy and even her butt-hole.

I continue this delicious privilege with my eyes closed. I concentrate on Emily's pussy and moans so I know what stimulates her most, I almost forget where I am. Then, I hear Sophie say "You see Emily, I was right about his tongue wasn't I? ". In Between her moans, I hear Emily say" oooh yesss". It makes me realize where I am again. Sophie says "you know I would even think he'll be just as good at it, without his hands. In fact let's try that out!". "C'mon, put your hands behind your back!". Like I was used to when Sophie was my girlfriend, I obey. Sophie now grabs my wrists and locks them in a pair of handcuffs! I am confused, she must have gotten them when I was busy licking Emily. (Throughout the club there are a sort of vending-machines with various sex-toys and stuff). She also ties a blindfold around my head, and after that a pair of leg-cuffs around my ankles. I begin to think she again tricked me onto something I might regret. Sophie now says "C'mon, show Emily what you can and prove me right, don't make me look stupid!".

I feel weird and nervous about what Sophie has in mind, I can't see a thing and those cuffs bring me out of balance. I bend forward and try to locate Emily's pussy with my head, I feel her thigh and re-position myself at her pussy. I continue to lick her, even in the very short time I didn't lick her, her pussy has been over-lubricated with her delicious wetness. I lick and suck it all up, my god this is hot. Doing this is quite a bit harder though, keeping my balance without the support of my arms, I give my absolute best attempt though.

Sophie probably sees me struggle. While she grabs my blindfold which was already tight, she says “You disappoint me Daniel, I'll help you because this is too embarrassing.” She forces me and my face gets buried inside her pussy. I don't mid this at all, I lick, suck and eat her like my life depends on it. Sophie says “Yes, good boy! I think you've prepared her pussy well enough for Ryan, HE is going to fuck her you know.” I knew she was going to pull of a something like this, but at least I got to lick Emily's delicious pussy. Then, with a forceful move, Sophie pulls back my head and says “I think that'll do Daniel.” Sophie now pulls on my blindfold and guides me to crawl backwards, it's quite hard to do without the support of my arms. It must look like someone guides a clumsy horse, I feel embarrassed. I don't understand why I accept this from Sophie. She's not my girlfriend any-more, but it seems I'm still under her dominating spell, unable to defend myself from submission, and I'm convinced she knows that.

Sophie lets go of my blindfold and I hear noises around me, they are changing positions. Will Sophie let me lick her now?, I hope so. Now someone, I'm sure Sophie, grabs my blindfold again and pulls my head back with force. Sophie then says “You are not yet finished with your preparations Daniel, stick out your tongue!”. I do as I say and she pushes my head forward and forces me to bend over again. Then, my tongue has reached something, I immediately know it's a dick, Ryan's dick... Sophie “Lick it!”. Her dominating possession of me makes me do it... I begin to lick Ryan's dick. I'm confused, I've never had any sexual experience with a guy before, I'm not even bi-sexual. Yes I've been curious about how it would be to suck a dick, but only a dick, not a guy, if that makes any sense. I could never fall in love with a guy, but still, I guess it would make me bi-curious.

Sophie still holds my head while I move my tongue up and down over Ryan's dick, it feels so weird. Sophie says “Now I'll let go of you, but you'll keep on licking Daniel”. Again I obey and continue to lick a guy's dick, something I had thought I would never do. “C'mon, not just the middle bit, the whole length Daniel!”. Again I obey and begin to run my tongue along hit dick and begin to realize his manhood is big, much bigger than mine. When I've reached the top I begin to move down until I reach his balls. While I begin to move up again I hear Sophie say “You're neglecting something Daniel”. Knowing what she means, I lick his scrotum and balls, I'm glad he is at least shaved smooth. After licking his dick multiple times up and down I feel someone grabs my blindfold again and pulls me back. Sophie the says “I'm not entirely convinced of your efforts Daniel, you'll have to do better”.

“Aren't you going to say anything Daniel?” she says. I answer “Yes Sophie”. “That's it?!” she says. And I reply “I'm sorry Sophie, I'll try harder”. She says ”I thought you'd do that..good boy”. I realize I have now completely submitted to her little game. I'm even more confused now. The rational option is to end this game right now and to leave, but my body and my submission to Sophie prevents me somehow. Maybe I want to prove to Sophie she can't break me, although that would be the most stupid reason to stay. “Open you mouth and stick out your tongue!” She forces me down until I feel the tip of Ryan's dick rest on my tongue. I know I'm about to suck his dick and try to prepare myself. She pushes my head down and his huge erection starts to enter my mouth. With a teasing voice she says “Suck it Daniel, don't worry, Ryan won't turn gay with one blow-job from a guy”. I ignore this and begin to suck, Sophie begins to control the tempo and I hear Emily say “Oh my god”. I have trouble to cope with the size of his dick. Sophie starts to increase the tempo and the slurping sounds become louder. I hear Sophie say to Ryan “You dick is so good, it's even being worshipped by him honey”

There is a lot of saliva everywhere, his dick becomes slippery, probably because it's mixed with pre-cum, I can taste it. I can hear Ryan moan and groan, it's so weird. Then Sophie says, with whispering voice “You surprise me Daniel, and I'm glad you showed up. You now Ryan really is the best in bed with his huge dick, but because he IS manly he's hard to dominate. That's why I'm here, to play with naughty subs like You and Emily.” I'm glad she acknowledged my suspicions, but I'm definitely not less nervous. Then I hear her say ”Hey Emily, I suggest you thank Daniel for licking your pussy, it's now well lubricated for Ryan's dick”. Sophie lets go of my blindfold and I feel her move. I pull my head back and stop sucking, I'm still on my knees, bend over. I now hear Sophie say “Here put this on” and sounds I can't explain. Then I hear Sophie say “Oh yeah, that looks great on you, you little slave”. Oh wow, she calls Emily her little slave, that's really incredible.

Then all of a sudden Sophie grabs my blindfold again and forces my head back. She says “I didn't tell you to stop sucking Daniel. You should be grateful I still let Emily return the favor, I gave her a nice little strap-on to do that. Don't worry, the size of the dick is similar to yours so you should be able to handle it.”. “And now open your mouth again!”.

I open my mouth and Sophie pushes me down, Ryan's dick enters my mouth again and I continue to suck. My boxers are being pulled down and left hanging above my knees. I feel cold lubrication dripping on my butt-hole and a finger spreading it. Then the tip, of what must be the strap-on-dick is being pushed against my butt-hole. I hear Emily whisper “Here I go Daniel” and she starts to push it in. As it really is the same size as mine, then it isn't that small...no, really.. She slowly starts to slide it inside me with little fucking moves while I'm still being forced to suck Ryan's dick. The strap-on is now completely in, I can feel Emily's hip against my bum. The pain is fading, and Emily starts to thrust with a slow pace. The feeling of the dick filling me up and relieve when retracted is so weird, but it is getting better. Only the fact that it's this shy cute submissive Emily who's now dominating and fucking me to is quite humiliating, she even slaps me on my ass now and then which makes her giggle.

Sophie says close to my ear “Oh yeah, you like that huh, a dick in your mouth and one in your ass. Let's see what you can handle” With force Sophie pushes my head down on Ryan's dick! Right up to my throat!. I immediately start to gag, but pulls me back only after a few seconds and Ryan's dick flops out of my mouth. I cough loud and gasp for air. “You'll have to do better Daniel, you'll only be rewarded if you do”. Meanwhile, Emily has grabbed my hips and is increasing her fucking tempo. That alone is overwhelming, next to the fact I'm still blindfolded, cuffed and gasping for air disorientates me. Then I'm forced back on Ryan's cock again, again his dick hits my throat and I cough and gag. Sophie pulls me back for only a few short seconds, and while I'm still coughing and gasping for air she pushes me back down. I start to choke and gag, and in panic try to wiggle my head free. Sophie pulls me back and fortunately waits a little longer before forcing me down again. This tactic oh hers continues for several minutes.

I am very disorientated now. Emily fucking me, with deep rhythmic thrusts, Sophie continues her gagging game and now even Ryan begins to thrust his hip, forcing his dick even deeper inside my mouth. I hear him moan and groan loud. I'm now to weak to resist, still coughing and gasping for air between every forced throat gag. I'm not even sure any-more if I hate it, or excites and stimulates me.

Then Sophie pulls my head back. And says ” You did reasonably well Daniel, I even have to stop now to prevent Ryan from an orgasm”. She takes off the blindfold and I see Ryan lying in front of me. The entire area around his big dick is glistening wet from my saliva. I'm still coughing and gasping for air while the saliva continues to run from my mouth. Emily has pulled out, my butt-hole feels warn out and hurts, but somehow in a stimulating way. Sophie now also removes my boxers and the hand and legg-cuffs, my wrists hurt but I feel relieved. I take a moment to regain my consciousness.

I see that Emily, who sits next to me, has taken off the strap-on. She now lays her hand on my lap and gives me kiss, I kiss her back. Sophie, who comfortably leans against Ryan is watching this and says “Oh how cute, the two naughty slaves give each-other a kiss”. I feel humiliated she called me a slave but I decide not to say anything, after what I just allowed her do to me, I can't think of any valid argument to disproof her.

She says “I think Emily's pussy will need to be re-lubricated by this time, we don't want her to get hurt do we?. Why don't you lie down on your back Daniel. And Emily, you'll lie on top of Daniel and give him a nice blow-job while you have your pussy licked”. I don't have to explain why I love this suggestion. I give Emily a kiss before I lie down on my back. Emily turns around and climbs on top of me to take position 69 [source, Kama Sutra ;) ]

Oh wow, her beautiful pussy appears right in front of my face once again. I can tell right away, she doesn't need lubrication at all, Sophie of course knows this and I'm happy to play along. I can feel Emily's warm wet mouth around my dick, it feels amazing. She slowly begins to suck and I begin to lick her pussy. I place my hands on her buttocks so I can push her hip closer and bury my face in her pussy. She still is incredibly wet and it's all over my face, I love it. We both begin to moan with muffled sounds.

We continue to enjoy each-others oral stimulation for several minutes. Then I notice Sophie crawling towards us and hear her say to Emily “You should be able to get his whole dick in your mouth Emily, it's not that big. Here let me help you”. I feel how Emily's head is being pushed down and my dick enter her throat, it feels tight and amazing I groan loud as I hear Emily gag. She gets pushed back and coughs loud as she gasps for air. Sophie says to her “Very good little slave, I've told you can do it”. I continue to lick her pussy and enjoy the wetness. I now feel my dick enter her throat again, while I groan and moan. It seems Emily is being given the same treatment as I did with loud gagging and coughing. I feel bad for her, I now know how it feels to be unable to breath because of that huge obstruction in your throat, I know how the gag-reflex makes you think you have to puke, but you don't somehow. But this time I'm on the receiving side and it feels amazing. My lower-body still feels numb, otherwise I would have had an immediate orgasm, a huge load of sticky cum would have been squirted inside her throat.

But for now, Emily's forced deep-throats are being repeated a few more times before Sophie says “Very good, let's stop now before he cums, he's not allowed yet. Then she says”All-right honey, I think all preparations have been taken by now, I think she's ready for a real dick”. Ryan says “Oh yeah, let's try it Honey”. I stop licking her pussy, I guess this was the last time. Then Ryan appears and kneels down right above my head. His dick looks even more impressive from down below. Emily lifts up her hip, but is only able a bit because I'm still in between her legs. Ryan grabs his dick and places the head on Emily's pussy. Right on front of my face I see her pussy-lips being parted and his dick beginning to slide inside. I hear both of them moan, but Emily definitely the loudest. He doesn't push it in completely, I don't think it'll fit anyway. He slowly begins to thrust and I immediately hear slippery sliding sounds. Ryan's dick is instantly lubricated as I see that her wetness is being sucked out by his thrusts.

Sophie now lies down on her side so she can watch how Ryan fucks her little slave. She says to me “Do you like the view Daniel, It's great to see a real dick at work isn't it?”. I decide again to remain silent and just look. The wetness begins to look creamy because of Ryan's dick pumping in and out. Emily's pussy is now so wet, mixed with Ryan's pre-cum, that her wetness starts to spill. It begins to run down her pussy on her thighs and Ryan's dick and scrotum is completely covered. Now Ryan is increasing the tempo and I hear Emily all-most scream from this intense stimulation. With each thrust, little drops of wetness begin to drip on my face. Then Sophie says “Why don't you lick it up Daniel. C'mon, clean up this mess”. I once again obey, bend my head and start with licking the creamy substance of her thighs. The taste is different, mixed with pre-cum. As I go higher up towards her pussy, Ryan's scrotum begins to bump into my face. It is soaked and slippery from the creamy wetness so I pull back. Sophie sees this and says “Yes, I suggest you start there Daniel”. I stick out my tongue and move back up until I catch Ryan's scrotum. He is excited so it's retracted, already prepared for his orgasm.

Sophie then says to Ryan “Honey, can you help Daniel a moment and pull out please”. Ryan's dick slides out of Emily's pussy and lands on my face. I start to lick the top of his dick and notice the taste of his pre-cum. His dick is slippery and soaked, I'm literally licking up sex, and there really is a lot of it. I lick my way down his dick towards his balls and lick around his scrotum, it's really weird but I can still taste Emily, and that makes up for it. I now move down towards Emily's pussy and begin to lick her. There is now so much of the creamy wetness my face gets glazed. Then I hear Sophie say “Okay Honey, you can go inside again” Ryan grabs his dick, and while he closes in, I move back. Sophie now says “Nooo, you continue to lick them Daniel”. I watch how Ryan slides his dick inside Emily's wet pussy again, with loud groans form both of them. I bend towards their intercourse and start to lick. With each thrust, Ryan's balls bump into my face, but at least I can lick her pussy again. Her pussy looks red and swollen now and I place my tongue on the spot where Ryan's dick enters her pussy and feel his dick slide in and out and her pussy-lips stretching and moving along the contours of his dick. My face is now so wet, I've given up on trying to prevent it.

Then I can hear Emily moan “Oh god I'm cumming, I'm cumming OOOH” and her body starts to shake. A huge load of wetness start to gush out and land on my face, I try to lick as much as I can while Emily has a screaming orgasm. The wetness really is overwhelming. I think Emily's orgasm as excited Ryan too because he has increased his tempo, moans loud and says ”Oh yeahhh, FUCK AAAH!!”. When I realize he's going to cum every moment I hear Sophie say “Oh yes Honey! Cum inside her, squirt your cum inside her pussy, I wanna to eat her out”. I'm relieved Sophie is taking care of his load, I really dislike the taste of cum.

Then Ryan is starting to orgasm, I hear him groan and “AAAAAAH YEAHHH OOH”. I pull my head back, I don't want my head to be near this. Then, with a few very deep last forceful thrusts, he orgasms inside Emily's warn out pussy. I can clearly see his scrotum and dick pumping his sperm with force inside her pussy with strong rhythmic pulsations. He is squirting his cum inside her pussy, filling her up with, what must be a huge load of sperm. Then, when the pulsations have stopped, Sophie moves her head towards Emily's pussy and I move my head to the side, out of the danger-zone. Ryan pulls out his dick, and as he does this, a cum-thread between his dick and Emily's pussy lands on my face, as it was already wet, I don't mind it that much. Sophie now bends over and places her mouth on Emily's pussy. By the movements of her head and jaws I can see she eats her out, this view is really hot.

Sophie now pulls her head back, and then, all of a sudden, she bends over to me and kisses me full on my mouth! Unfortunately I'm so stupid to open my mouth because I'm dying for a kiss from Sophie. A huge load of sperm runs immediately down my tongue and throat, It's so much it even runs down my cheeks. In a reflex I start to swallow, but it's so much and it's so sticky I gag and cough. Still, Sophie keeps on kissing me and holds my head still with her hands while her tongue licks mine. As I swallow a few times more, my gag-reflex fades away. I kiss Sophie back and start to enjoy the kissing from the girl I'm still mad about. Sophie runs her tongue over my cheeks and chin to catch the spilled cum. She kisses me again, the taste doesn't even change, it was there anyway. We continue to kiss for a few minutes more while the last traces of cum get swallowed by the both of us.

Then Sophie says “Honey, come over here please and let me clean you up.” and she continues to kiss me. Ryan now crawls over to us and kneels down next to our heads. She stops kissing me, and Ryan positions his now flaccid dick in between our heads, as I'm still lying on my back, his dick hangs right above my face. It's still covered with sexual fluids and some last cum oozes out at the head. Sophie takes the head of his dick In her mouth and moves down with it to my mouth. She starts to kiss me again with the head of Ryan's dick in between our mouths. Our tongues lick and play around the head, the taste of sperm doesn't surprise me any-more. After a few minutes of kissing, Sophie takes his whole dick in her mouth and sucks it clean with a few deep sucks.

She now says “Now Daniel, I took over this job from you for the biggest part, I think it's only fair if you clean-up my little sex-slave”. She looks at Emily and says “Come over here Honey, and get yourself cleaned up”. Emily crawls over to us and Sophie guides her to kneel over my head with her pussy right above my head facing me. Emily looks down to me and I look at her. A mix of body-fluids has already started to ooze out on my face as she lowers her pussy onto my mouth. The taste is different as I push my tongue deep inside her pussy. It's sticky, slippery, wet and warm, and I definitely taste cum, but I recognize Emily's sweet flavour as I start to eat her out. I grab both buttocks and start to enjoy Emily's pussy once again. She immediately starts to moan, it seems she's not done yet, I love it.

I'm not sure how long we're allowed to enjoy each-other like this, but I'd love to lick Emily to a second orgasm. I push her hip towards me, bury my face in her lovely pussy and lick her. I'm now in the perfect position, so I lick her along her pussy and butt-crack, lick her little pink butt-hole and back towards her clitoris. Now Sophie climbs on top of me, right behind Emily, and I hear her whisper in Emily's ear “Is my naughty little slave going to cum for a second time?”. I'm excited to hear this, it seems Sophie is allowing me to do this. I open my eyes and see that Sophie is kissing Emily in her neck from behind and massages her breasts and nipples. Emily moans and breaths deep and hard. Now Sophie reaches down with one hand to her pussy and pushes a few fingers in between my mouth and Emily's pussy. I make way for her and she starts to finger Emily's clitoris. I continue to lick her pussy and include Sophie's fingering fingers.

After a minute or so I hear Sophie say “Turn around honey, I want to kiss you”. Emily obeys, and she quickly turns around on her knees and re-positions herself with her pussy on my face, it seems she's eager to have another orgasm. I continue to lick immediately and Sophie rejoins me with her fingers. With open eyes I admire her beautiful smooth bum as close it can get while I lick her delicious pussy and butt-hole.

Then I can feel Sophie move, she sits down and pushes my rock-hard dick flat on my belly with her pussy! I groan if excitement, even though she only sits on the shaft. The feeling of her warm wet pussy on my dick is awesome, would she let me fuck her? She sits still while I continue to lick Emily's pussy and they presumably are kissing. Now Sophie begins to slide her pussy along the shaft of my dick, my groans are muffled by Emily's pussy. Emily is getting wetter by the moment so I'm sure she's getting closer to her climax, I enjoy this wetness and lick it all.

Emily's moaning and breathing give away she is getting even closer to her orgasm, Sophie increases the tempo and grinds her pussy with force along the length of my dick, she too is moaning of excitement. At this moment I'd do anything to have my dick inside Sophie's wet warm pussy, but I know I can't, she won't let me. My dick, balls, belly and hip are now completely glazed with a mix of pre-cum and wetness from Sophie, her pussy literally slides and slips along my dick and I can feel my orgasm isn't very distant either. I give my licking an extra boost and I can feel Sophie's fingering tempo increase.

Emily is nearly there, I am too, I'm not sure about Sophie though. I can hear Emily moan and almost cry of ecstasy “OOOHOHOH,YES, AAAAAAH”. With one quick and easy move, Sophie moves to the top of my erection, tilts her hip forward, pushes down and engulfs my dick completely with her pussy. The feeling is indescribable, but the most intense I can imagine. I groan loud although it's muffled by Emily's wet pussy. Sophie now fucks me hard, almost violent, she literally slams down on my dick. I want this moment to last forever but I can't. At this same time Emily is now climaxing, with rhythmic spasms, load screaming and a huge load of wetness gushing out of her pussy. I try to swallow as much as I can but I too start to orgasm. My muscles tense, I groan, and while Sophie pushes down, I climax with a few final deep and hard thrusts while I squirt and force a huge load of cum inside her pussy. I push my hip hard forward to make sure I keep my dick inside her until my orgasm fades away.

After this orgasm, what must be the most intense orgasm I have ever experienced, I lower my exhausted body onto the mattress, Sophie still on my dick. Emily climbs of me and lies down next to us, she must be exhausted to, after her second orgasm. My face is covered my Emily's wetness and my half-open eyes stare at Sophie. She bends over and licks Emily's wetness from my face. She then says “You should be grateful I let you cum, I do expect you to return the favour though”. With one quick movement she gets up and forces her pussy on my mouth. To weak to resist I open my mouth and receive my own sperm, it's exactly the same salty sticky nasty unpleasant goo as Ryan's cum. But now it's being delivered by Sophie's heavenly pussy. It's been at least four months I had sex with Sophie and not a day has passed I didn't long for her body. So cum-soaked or not I'm enjoying this sweet pussy and I'll give her the best possible orgasm.


Please let me know what you liked or disliked in the story. I have a few more ideas for stories that take place in "The Club" and I like to know if there would be any interest in them.

This story was not based on any real persons, everything else was fiction too.

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The club, femdom Ex-girlfriend.

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