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  2. Watching 3 - Winters Second Watch Going Further

Watching 3 - Winters Second Watch Going Further

Categories Fiction, Incest, Young, Masturbation

Author: Swamp Dog

Published: 10 February 2019

  • Font:

Authors note: This story is a work of fiction, don t involve your kids in your sex life, it is illegal. Enjoy the story for what it is, a sexual fantasy set in an alternative reality.

Story Codes – MF, Fb, voyeur, exhib, F solo, b solo, mast, toys, incest

In most relationships there comes a turning point when the rules are redefined. After I had seen my parents on the sitting room floor, they became more open on a number of levels, in particular with their conversations and general behavior, to some extent I found it challenging my own comfort levels. Being a watcher is a very passive activity but one in which you retain a degree of control over your decision to watch, but the conversations would leave me turned on and squirming uncomfortably, especially in the car.

A few days later I was once again in the bath, I must admit I had left the door ajar to listen out for mum and dad s games. When I heard foot steps on the stairs I figured it would be bedroom fun. With my hand already stroking my self in anticipation, mum stepped naked into the bath room and sat on the loo. As we had a toilet down stairs and in the shower room there was no real need to use the one in the bath room, currently occupied by me. Though surprised, I was anything but disappointed.

As mum relaxed and relived her self with obvious pleasure, she sat with legs spread wide providing me with a clear view of her thick hairy bush, I pushed my hips up lifting my stirred loins clear of the water and masturbated in front of her.

"Not so fast, you ll wear it out". Mum joked.

As she did so she reached into the bath and splashed water over me, I moved my hand to see if she would touch me, but any contact seemed purely by the soapy tide. Eventually she ordered me to turn round and though she still sat on the toilet, I felt her hands washing and rinsing my back, on few passes her finger tips delved between my buttocks, never lingering, just a brush over my anus and to my balls as if to maintain the impression of cleanliness over baser activity. I lent back and felt her full breasts against my neck and shoulders as she continued her ministrations. Mum paid little heed to my erection or soft moans of pleasure, letting the tension grow within me, teasing me to want more.

"You were playing with dad tonight?" I asked when I could catch a breath.

"Oh yes, my dear" she replied then planted a kiss on my head. "Just letting him watch the news and chill out a little bit first".

"Can I watch, mum?" I felt at last, that asking would be the decent thing.

"Nice of you to ask this time, but yes". We haven t stopped you so far have we" answered mum.

"But this time put a towel on the arm chair; you don t need to sit on the floor".

"Oh, OK" The reply seemed inadequate to the permission she d given, but it was all that my spinning mind could muster.

Finally she ordered me out of the bath, the proceeded to briskly dry me, in some ways it seemed a throw back to couple of years ago before I was dispatched to public school. But now her hands patted the towel over the sparse dark young curls of my growing pubes and rubbed down, none to gently, my aching erection. Satisfied she pulled the plug from the bath reminding me to clean it in the morning.

I looked at her quizzically "Clean the bath mum?" While I expected these sorts of chores at school, at home this was a bit new.

"Nothing s for free, my dear, certain privileges you ll have to start earning" Her meaning was clear and over the next few years, my domestic skills were to be rather more developed than I had ever anticipated. I could only nod my head in agreement.

Satisfied that I was dry enough, mum stepped past me, handing me a large towel from the rail. I followed her down stairs. The telly was already off, as were the main lights, the room was lit by side laps in the corners, casting a softer velvety glow. In the back ground I could here the strains of Barry Manilow, not exactly my choice, but some opinions are best kept to ones self. Dad was stretched out naked on the sofa; his feet resting on a padded foot stool, with one hand he slowly stroked his swelling shaft. I walked past him, lifting my hand in silent greeting; he gave me a rye smile and waved his thick cock in reply. When I paused and responded with a shake of my own some with my somewhat less developed member. He laughed pointed his cock at the arm chair. While I perched myself on the towel covered cushions a few feet from the sofa, mum was making her self most comfortable next to dad.

Soon his hands were far more constructively engaged stroking mum s soft and slightly ample middle aged curves while they kissed passionately, rapidly becoming oblivious to my presence. I eased my own stimulation and simply watched, enjoying their tender pleasure as if trying to keep in step with them. The longer they kissed the more passionate it became. Mum s attention was soon on dad s cock, stroking and gently pulling while their lips remained locked, raising her left leg she opened the way for him to start playing his own tune on her pleasure center. Skilled fingers parted, probed and touched. With a certain entrancing dexterity he teased her clit, and slipped a finger or two or three into her moistening pussy, I heard mum give little moans and shake with quivers of delight. This all too swiftly led to her pressing harder against his hand while her lips played over his chest and nipples.

Not wanting to rush things she pulled dad s hand away, sliding off the sofa she knelt between his legs, taking control of his cock she proceeded to kiss the swollen purple head, taking more into her mouth as the rhythmic desire carried her intention. Dad slumped backed and bucked his hips in partial unison; from time to time she pulled free catching her breath, before beginning the cycle again. I m not sure how long this went on for, nor do I think it really mattered. While she sucked, her free had been tight against her crotch fingering and teasing. As I watched, at times I was leaning so far forwards wanting to get closer that I nearly tumbled from the arm chair. Only regaining my balance at the last moment with gentle thud of the chair s feet in the carpet.

After the third or fourth such occurrence dad looked up from mum s bobbing head at me. "Make you self useful lad, mum s top drawer, her toy, go an get it"

With out a seconds hesitation I dashed up stairs, during the summer I had seen mum and dad using the 7" white vibrator together, on a few occasions. When I retrieved it I licked the tip for a taste of not just of mum but of dad as well. Back down stairs mum was still between dad s legs taking her time, as I moved to hand him the toy, he shook his head.

"You should know where it goes, go on, help mum out" with that word of instruction, he slumped back on the couch lost in the pleasure.

Twisting the base, I felt the vibrator come to life with a gentle hum. I knelt next to mum looking closer than ever before, her pussy lips were pink, thick and swollen, protruding from her nest of pubic hair. A bit tentative I reached down between the full buttocks. With the moistness hung a sweet musky scent, I felt round mum s cunt as if familiarizing my self with all the wonderful soft details of this most heavenly of constructs all the while pressing my cock against her thigh wishing I could enter her. But as they say orders are orders, gently I pushed the purring toy deep inside her. Then copying dad from a few nights before I began to move it back an forth slowly though he moth was full of pleasuring dad I could here mum moan in pleasure, the parted the knees further, lead me to kneel between he legs. As I worked the vibrator, I was masturbating with dizzy vigor, feeling as if my cock would burst. The release felt as if it wasn t a moment too soon, my young loins spattered a pale sticky rivulet between mum s cheeks. I slumped back briefly, leaving the flat white base of the vibrator protruding from mum s pussy.

Its not often I saw dad moving that fast, but before I could continue he had extracted him self from the sofa and pushed me out of the way. Removing the buzzing shaft, which he discarded by my feet he knelt behind mum grasped her rump and began to fucking her with an almost savage intent, his balls slapping like count to the rhythm. Mum cried out in pleasure as she lowered her head and pushed her self hard against dad. I picked up the vibrator and barely conscious of my own intent, licked and sucked greedily savoring the pheromone cocktail it bore. Still licking the sex toy, I moved to the couch and sat in dad s place opposite mum.

As I made my self comfortable sitting with my knees up feet on the cushions edge, legs spread, I could feel the slightly clammy dampness of dad s sweet. Wanting to take the load off her knees mum asked dad to lie back, he compiled willing, I chucked him a scatter cushion to place under his head. Mum then remounted still with her back to dad; squatting over his cock she guided her self onto the hard member slippery with their passion. The view for me, was truly perfect, from the pleasure etched on mum s lust reddened face, her breasts moving with a flow almost of their own, to dad s thick shaft disappearing within her then reappearing as she bounced up on his thighs While she rode dad, I alternately licked the vibrator and placed it against my crotch. Moving the tip lower to my tight sphincter sent a shudder through me that caused my cock to twitch hard. I held it there wanking hard I they my head back and closed my eyes. The bestial grunts and moans of my parents a sweet music in the background that drowned out the tape on the stereo. I think my next orgasm was dry or at best a week trickle, it didn t really matter.

When my head stopped spinning, I opened my eyes, my parents pace has slowed mum lay forward on dads legs, grasping his ankles, most of the motion was from him easing he back and froth, it was with utter delight, that I saw him withdraw and with an almost theatrical flourish he came over mum s back and cheeks, the flow issuing in a shallow arc of thick pearlesence.

Panting he lay there almost most lazily pleasuring mum with two fingers. As I rolled off the sofa for a better view, dad asked me to wipe mum up with a tissue. His surprise was palpable when instead, I leaned over her back and licked up the drops ending the clean up with a brief envelopment of the tip of his softening cock. Thinking that the pause in dad s motion was sign of completion and possibly not fully aware of my actions, mum disentangled her self from dad and lay between us. A brief ministration with her fingers closed the passion with a gentle climax. The three of us lay on the floor, aware that a bridge had been crossed, trying to see where it might lead.

The following morning I cleaned the bathroom as never before, from basin to bath and toilet, what ever carnal smell my hands have born was quickly replaced by bleach and lemon cleaner.

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Watching 3 - Winters Second Watch Going Further

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