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  1. Obsessed Land Chapters 1-5
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Obsessed Land Chapters 1-5

Categories Fiction, Incest, Young, Group Sex

Author: Swamp Dog

Published: 10 February 2019

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This story is set in alternative reality world. Society s rules and morals are different. The concept of privacy, police powers and what the state has access to is also different. All characters are entirely fictional. Accept the story for what it is, a work of fiction.

The sexual activity presented here should not under any circumstances be copied or considered normal or acceptable. The story goes on for numerous chapters and is over 100 or so pages so far and is far from complete. It contains numerous characters all in some way connected, but not necessarily directly.

Rather than list what you will find. What you won t find is: Bestiality, Torture and Rape.

It is being posted in 5 chapter chunks. Some chapters don t have much if any sex.

Obsessed Land

1 Cassy Brand

Monday morning, and the usual reluctant or relieved arrivals at work. Cassy Brand settled down at her desk and tucked her shoulder bag down by the drawers. As with most weekends, she d left her laptop at work, there was no point in the distraction nor would she have got much, if any thing done. Some colleagues took theirs home and logged into the council network to give the pretense of working, Cassy had long ago ceased to care. Outside, traffic on the Coalbridge by pass was building in intensity. She could see the morning dew disappearing to a soft mist, as another summers day warmed up. Though, it had been a long very humid weekend the weather was no respecter of the working week. Her colleagues at the council department of education stretched at their desks or sipped on their first mugs of tea or coffee. Some chatted about their weekends, perched on the corner of a desk or just with a neighboring colleague.

Cassy preferred a quieter start. No longer as flirtatious or as bubbly, as she had once been. At 41 5 6", some what full figured with her once long hair now a short blond boyish bob. Her dress sense had also softened. Gone were the days of mini skirts and crop tops at work, now she wore one of her; numerous, comfortable, knee length button front cotton dresses. As her PC started up, she glanced at the family photos on her desk and touched the smiling forms of her husband Andy, 10 year old son son Alex and 8 year old daughter Tina. In the largest photo of them by a pool, Cassy was in the middle, happily openly naked. Her screen background was as liberated as the photos on her desk.

An Exposed History

Since the liberal revolution of the 1800s, dress norms and social attitudes in the UK and Europe had grown ever more relaxed, pretty much, as average temperatures had risen along with sea levels and humidity so had hem lines.

The revolution, had come as the inevitable acceptance of sexuality. Though still not fully understood why, though it had been postulated that an improvement in health and diet had been a factor, the age of sexual awareness desire had been in a long decline. By 17th C most kids were experiencing intense desires by 7. In the 20th C this had dropped and roughly stabilized at 5, this became known as the first puberty. In the 1850s laws had come into play protecting youngsters from exploitation by adults, while still allowing freedom of expression this period had also seen the legalization of gay and bisexual marriage and anti censorship laws that were to remain stubborn in their endurance. Human sexuality, had become in many ways a social spiritual and political obsession, echoed reflected and stoked by the arts, communication media and entertainment.

The dawning irony was that with defending the freedom to express, privacy had become a second rate right. More concerns, stoked so called action groups, were being raised now over social safety and with that, came ever more cameras and monitoring. Understanding led to liberty led to connectivity and maybe to a gilded cage of strutting unashamed humanity too busy looking at it self to see the the bars it was crafting.

By the 90s most families dispensed with clothes by the front door. While out and about nudity and openly sexual behaviour had to remain out sight of main roads. Work places were in general free to set dress codes, driven by health and safety and a need to keep staff s minds on their jobs more than any thing else. The Council offices required smart casual wear and genitalia to be covered when standing or walking. But that was pretty much it. Warmth, comfort and hygiene were the final decider s.

Cassy – Office Life

As always there was the morning mass of emails and correspondence to face, before Cassy was able to lose her self amid the spread sheets of school catering budgets. Not the most exciting of work but stable and necessary. Lunchtime was chance to stretch her legs with a walk to the kitchenette to warm up a tub of left over vegetable curry with rice. Jemma a short squeely brunet, one of this year s graduate intake was already there kneeling by the fridge to extract a plated salad. The fact that her skirt had ridden up in the process was unlikely to have been entirely unintentional nor was the exposure unnoticed or unappreciated by Cassy and even more so by male colleagues. She did resist the temptation to touch Jemma with a foot though it was a temptation she may have succumbed to on a Friday. When the girl stood, the food in her hands provided the pretence not to restore her modesty as she returned to her desk.

A few weeks back, Jemma and her boyfriend had spent a very pleasant Friday evening with Cassy and her family much to the delight of her children. Though, like so many young couples their social life was full to say the least. Much of Cassy s was centred around her in laws especially Andy s brother and his wife and children as well Cassy s elder sister and large family. Older in laws, most frequently Andy s parents would also be welcomed and their company enjoyed. Beyond the in – laws and relatives the PTA provided link ups with similar families, though this was facilitated by social media. The meet ups with those out side their current social circle were quite infrequent, for the time being. The afternoon slipped by easily enough, with a few coffee and toilet breaks between the catering budget reports that dominated most Mondays. Her colleagues for the most part were either recovering from their weekends or too preoccupied to bother her. The only exception being a brief meeting with David her boss. Their meeting had begun with a discussion in the toilets Cassy had left her cubical open out of habit as much as any thing else and had watched David use the urinal opposite. Before washing his hands and penis at the low sink he paused to ask Cassy about the legality of a deal a high school had made with a local dairy. Cassy had looked up at him, her dress fully open as she peed. Her reply had been straight faced, though seeing him twitch at the sight of her had still been nice.

A few months back, during a sticky patch with Andy, they had meet David and his family not strictly by chance at a local Sports, centre family try out day. At the centre’s Pankration club. Dave and Andy had faced off in well matched tussle, that had ended with Andy pinned face down on the mat then sodomized by David.

Cassy had faired better against Davids petite but feisty wife Linda. Watched by family the two women had squared up naked to each other in all fairness their encounter was closer to a bitch fight than sporting Pankration, both landed some full on slaps and blows before they closed in for hair pulling and grabbing of what ever could be grabbed. Cassy ended their aggressive encounter by flooring her and sitting on her face. Their tussle had been meant to ease tension between the two, instead as David later told Cassy it had further fuelled Linda s ire.

Alex had bested Davids son and copied David in his victory, he did let Tom return the favor in a lovely bi display. Tina and David s daughters had declined to tussle preferring to play very tactilely in the foam pool. Off the mat Cassy had ridden David to an intense sticky noisy conclusion while Andy tasted Linda s charms as she pleasured both boys. Cassy had also taken the time to let young Tom enjoy her ample figure. The two women did not play together.

She knew David would not touch her during working hours. He d recently had to enforce council rules of conduct by letting go a middle aged woman with a penchant for young men, along with two graduate lads. They would have been OK if they hadn t insisted, despite warnings, on playing during core office hours. This had pushed up work loads already made worse by a recruitment freeze. While, Cassy would never consider a full on affair, she would not have hesitated to take David as a second husband, but Linda was on the scene and though bi she knew they could never live together. That did not stop her from enjoying the meeting and the weekend photos that Dave emailed.

Pretty much on the dot of 4 she shut down her PC, grabbed her shoulder bag and headed off to collect Tina from school. Her car was stifling hot as normal by this time the rush hour traffic did little to improve her demeanor. Andy she knew would be working till at least 7 at the factory. So it was on Cassy s shoulders to do the running round with the kids. She knew that running around was one thing, rushing around was another. Any speeding or driving with out care or attention would be captured on camera. The statistics she knew well enough and proudly proclaimed by local and national government. On any one, rush hour bus it was a good bet that at least one passenger was a driver serving a 6 month or 1 year ban.

2 Cassy Family Time

Today was Tina s pole dancing class. After that she d be collecting Alex from her in – laws.

As she pulled up out side the school gates Tina was and couple of other youngsters were waiting under the watchful eye of a teaching assistant. As Tina dashed to the car, she noticed the staff member check her number plate against the list on her tablet. The cameras monitoring the roads around the schools would also have recorded her every move. Tina was very much a younger version of her mother, though benefiting from Andy s slim build. Thick, wavy blond hair hung on petite shoulders and framed a round face with a pebble nose and green eyes. Her hips belied a coming fullness to her figure. The red check pattern school dress finished mid thigh only secured by the middle 3 buttons.

It was more of a short hop to the pole dancing school, Cassy was relieved to see they weren t the last to arrive. In the hall, 12 poles on a low wide stage faced a line of chairs along the far wall. The session s girls, a group of seven to ten yearolds were getting ready, whipping off school uniforms and putting on the motif – ed g strings and crop tops, Cassy noted that only 4 of the youngsters had arrived wearing any under wear. The attendant parents were mostly mums with a few dads sat amongst them. One woman, had removed her blouse to breast feed a two year old girl, her burly husband sat next to her, his man hood could clearly be seen protruding from his shorts. Another mother, was casually deep kissing her 5 year old son as he fondled her breasts under a very brief top, his enjoyment quite viable. Soon, the young dancers were warming up with stretching exercises and light aerobics. The instructor, a petite woman in her 40s and her 17 year old daughter, wore the same out fits as the students though they filled them a bit more fully. On the walls were numerous photos of other classes, as well as the staff showing all manner of styles, from the tame to the exceptionally explicit.

Cassy found her self thinking back to her own dance and strip classes, when she was Tina s age. In her case the classes had been an after school club with an end of term show for the parents.

For the next 40 or so minutes, Tina happily worked up a good sweat as she gyrated caressed and clasped the pole. On the floor they demonstrated splits and sensual dance moves. Through out, the instructors demonstrated the moves ably and guided the students with hands on skill. Once again the burly dad had to use a few tissues when his clear enjoyment went too far. Next week the students were promised that they would be able to add some toy displays to their moves. When Tina rejoined Cassy, she declined to put her school dress back on and just stepped into her flip flops. The final stop before home would be a visit to her in laws Janice and Martin, to collect her son Alex. If Cassy was running late, or had other commitments Janice would collect Alex from school. Janice was the only woman Cassy felt she truly loved, she d realized that it was because she saw so much of Andy in his sister. Caring, reliable, open and straightforward the traits that made her husband her rock were abundant in her sister in law. Martin was another matter, but it was more a of difference than any thing negative as such.

They lived about a mile from Cassy s family in an anonymous suburban semi. Cassy did not need to knock, as she knew the front door would be unlocked. Stepping into hall way Janice greeted her with a full hug then unbuttoned her dress and hung it on a coat hook, a glance down reminded Cassy to slip out of her sandals, thus wearing only her bra Cassy went in search of Alex. Tina however was admitted wearing her pole dancing kit, with a smile of approval. Unsurprisingly Janice was totally nude even eschewing any foot wear. In the lounge her eldest son Simon a gangling lad of sixteen was watching a cartoon while cuddling his five year old little sister Indigo her utter adoration of her big brother and his appreciation of the fact was visible for all to see as was his gentle intimate touch which elicited soft moans and giggles from her. Tina could not contain her self, sat next to her cousin then kissed him with unabashed enthusiasm. Indigo gave her look of undisguised chagrin as if so say "hands off this is my time".

Cassy found Alex in the garden playing foot ball on the well watered lawn with his cousin Josh a tightly built lad of 11 and two girls of similar ages, that Cassy recognized as the neighbors kids. The game was quite keen and certainly if unsurprisingly very contact – full, not an item of clothing was to be seen, not that Janice would have permitted it. Over looking them on two sun loungers were Martin and the Amethyst the eldest daughter. Amethyst lay on her front with her college bag next to her and a childcare textbook open in front of her. Her light chestnut hair was tied back in a long pony tail that rested on a shoulder, 2 months shy of 18 she was slightly curvaceous and like her mum ascribed to the natural look by never shaving or trimming down below.

Leaning back on the other sun lounger Martin was a hairy man of solid build with dark receding hair and thick beard flecked with gray. A mechanic by trade and former soldier he was veteran of the Turkish war. His appetite for men, women and Pankration was of equal ample measure though in contrast to the all inclusive zeitgeist he struggled to feel any desire for younger individuals so Indigo was not a daddy s girl in the accepted sense though still undeniably loved. This had no doubt contributed to her passion for her eldest brother. Amethyst was another matter, her full radiant and complete womanhood was such that Martin could only but respond and embrace her allure. As he was lounging slightly behind her his hand was between her buttocks with a finger exploring and warming up.

Apart from her husband over the years Cassy and Martin had enjoyed each other more often than any one else, either just the two of them, or often in a group, nearly always watched. While Janice was by far her preferred partner for womanly affection. During a Sunday gathering last month this garden had witnessed unions of numerous combinations of age and gender type. As Andy and his sister had partaken of long lingering 69s Cassy had mounted Martin as and when the desire had overtaken them. The boys had taken every opportunity for a blow job or a cock rub on Cassy s breasts, she d also received the lovely young meat in the front door and back. A lot of this had been in the garden in plain view of the neighbors, though their entertainment was as open.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the familiar touch of Janice s hand upon her shoulder.

In her soft reassuring tone "I ve given Alex his tea and made sure he got his home work done. "

Cassy looked round and kissed Janice "Thanks, its appreciated" Then with the week s plans in mind do you want me to take the boys to Pankration on Wednesday?"

"That will be great Martin has to take a car to Walsal so he can t do it, if Tina is in tow could you have Indigo as well?

Cassy paused, she couldn t help her self. The boys with either Indigo or Tina was never a problem. But the two girls together with one or both of the boys was a different matter. Tina and Indigo both had to be the alpha female. But she knew she could not turn Janice down.

"Yea thats fine Jan" Cassy knew her voice was less than convincing but, what she felt for Janice was simply too deep to say no.

Janice confirmed this with another deep kiss. "Thank you"

Then in a lighter tone and nod to the lawn. "The boys look happy, why don t you and Tina have tea here, I saw Andy s text he won t be home till 8 at the earliest".

The food was welcome but the second comment jarred, it reminded Cassy how close Andy was to his sister, so many of the little things that should have been just between husband and wife, were also shared with Janice. Like: text message updates, valentines cards, gifts from a business trip or even flowers, a bunch for Cassy and a posy for Janice. Cassy knew there was hypocrisy in her feelings, as her relationship with Janice and Martin went beyond lust to something far deeper and more meaningful. There was, especially with Janice an emotional need for friendship and presence in Cassy s life. Yet why did she still resent depth of Andy s feelings for his sister.

On the lawn the game continued unabated though the dividing line between football and wrestling had become rather blurred. In all fairness to the girls, they gave as good as they got. Cassy could not help but laugh as Alex was pinned down in a strong arm lock then had his backside slapped. Though his enjoyment was clearly indented.

Cassy turned to follow Janice back into the house for some tea. On the couch Indigo and Tina still sat either side of Simon. His appreciation of their attention was still evident though the two girls now seemed breathlessly preoccupied by his manual ambidextrous reciprocation of their affection.

Cassy and Janice exchanged glances and left the trio on the couch un – distracted. As they sat round the kitchen table, Alex and Josh dashed past them up stairs with the girls close behind. Shortly afterwards the inevitable sounds permeated the house.

Once Cassy had finished her pasta salad she placed a small bowl of it on the coffee table next to Tina who was by then recovering with a look of utter bliss on her face. About 20 minutes later she had no choice but to check on Alex. Just in time to see him lose deep into the loins of the taller of the two girls. It was with regret that she had to call him to head for home.

3 Coalbridge

Lying on the east Anglian plain south of Lincoln and east of Leicester Coalbridge had always been across roads town where: road, river, canal then rail met on the way to the east coast ports. The town square, once a huge thriving open air market was now a large pedestrianized and fountained center piece surrounded by retail and restaurants, some lost within a glass domed shopping mall. It remained however a town in spirit but a city in population having never had a cathedral though home to thriving Spiritualist, Wiccan and Eastern communities. Ghosts and Brass seemed best to sum up the city s culture of commerce and beliefs. Or some once remarked "Coalbridge is what happens when hippies grow up"

Behind the glass ceilinged expanse of the Lord George shopping center Canal Street once the real commercial hub of the city. It s former ware houses and mills running along the canal were now occupied by offices, nightclubs and bars plus some high end flats and less opulent student halls of residence. On the other side of the road was a mix of eateries, restaurants and smaller businesses like estate agents and less main stream shops. It was also where the town centre s massage parlous and swinger s clubs were located. To many Canal Street was the real heart of Coalbridge.

Across the town square and down Market Street with its delicatessens, Chinese and Turkish supermarkets was the Coalbridge s Victorian train station and far less appealing modern functional bus terminal. To the east of this transport hub and within easy sight of the inner ring road was the charmless concrete quadrangle of Council and Civic offices on three sides. Only the art deco elegance of the 1930s Town Hall provided any aesthetic reprieve. Separated from the Council offices by a two blocks of office buildings that formed the legal and financial quarter, was the main police station and law courts and their charmlessness only eclipsed by the council s buildings, though it was a close run race to the bottom. Across the Lincoln road from the university Coalbridge General hospital with its mix of Edwardian sanatorium and 80s redbrick facaded expansion, occupied an even larger though better signposted campus than the university.

Looking north beyond the council offices bound on two sides by Lincoln Road with the parallel raised ring road and the railway line was King Charles park. About half a square mile of public playing and relaxation space much beloved by the public and resented by property developers. Bordering the park along its far edge Charles Street marked the edge of Manorfeilds with its Victorian and Edwardian homes now mostly converted into flats and bed – sits serving the local student community, younger adults and singles. At the center of this was Saint Stephen s Anglican Spritualist chapel. On the far side of Manorfeilds was the decorated and mural – ed concrete maze of the University Campus and Technology Park.

To the west of the Lincoln Road, Coalbridge was a suburban sprawl of disparate 50s 70s and 80s planning. Shoe box house communities around former villages now merged and absorbed. Straddling the corner junction of three the western suburbs of Lincoln Park, Shotleigh and Chapelston in a green oasis of playing fields, formerly an RAF station. Backing onto a high school and a primary school was the Arthur Harris sports and leisure center. RAF Coalbridge had been the wartime base of two bomber squadrons crewed by volunteers from East India. The barracks, now part of Coalbridge South industrial estate had been home to the Bengal Armored Infantry Regiment before their deployment to Norway in 46. Many of the veterans had returned to Coalbridge or stayed after demobilization in 1950. Those that could then brought in wives and families from India. This has ensured that the town had a thriving Sikh and Hindu community. Their temples sat amicably by the Free Church halls and Anglican Spritualist chapels throughout Coalbridge.

South of the canal Coalbridge s sense of middle class comfort was diluted by Sutton. North Sutton was a warren of terraced house streets laced with housing association and low rent dwellings, where the council dumped its main problem families and those on lower wages struggling to make ends meet could live for less. It also had the lowest level of camera surveillance due to the popularity of cam cricket and the difficulty in covering the alleyways and rat runs. It was also where the darker side of Coalbridge s legal sex trade flourished.

The terraced houses with door steps on the pavement made excellent shop fronts for the women, men and couples selling their pleasure. On the corners, the street walkers also maintained a steady, taxed and regulated trade. Yet with that, in Sutton the curse of drugs, violence and abuse was never far away.

By the canal on Sutton s north edge Halifax Park the Coalbridge Bombers football ground dominated the skyline. The streets surrounding it were well awash with pubs bars and other entertainments. On Kali Street leading to main gates of the Halifax park could be found the best curry houses in Coalbridge. In the middle of Sutton was the further education college. With Sutton Park high school nearby. Three road bridges linked Sutton to the rest of Coalbridge, two on the arterial roads and a middle bridge on Canal Street. Crossed the East Counties Canal, a foot bridge along side the rail bridge provided access for visiting football supporters.

East of the station and across the main rail line, the Elmfield & Sheppard s Gate suburbs were limited in their easterly sprawl by the Wraithwold country park, Westlakes golf course and resort hotel. Temple Hill, Elmfield & Sheppard s Gate might have been light on the commercial side with just more of a small boutique out of town shopping centers, while public sports and leisure amenities tended to be private clubs. But it was heavy on middle class aspiration and pretensions. This was the posh part of Coalbridge and its residents seemed quite happy to maintain the image.

To the north beyond the University and out of town retail parks was the high tech business and commerce estate home to both industry and call centers. To the south abutting Sutton the Coalbridge South industrial area provided a base for the heavier and industries as well as recycling, waste management. Amid these on the site of the old Griffon Motors plant was MV Components. For many died in the wool Bridgies the view was Coalbridge might be easy to get out of, but why bother.

4 Andy Brand

This was another long and late day, Andy was tired, had a head ache and smelt of cutting fluid. The lighter traffic was one small mercy. Hitting the occasional pot holes at speed wasn t. Six years ago he d joined HZ Components as a production planner, six years later he was a line manager on gear box components machining and assembly. But taking the management role had also left him with line balancing. More shop floor staff had been taken on but at the expense of supporting roles and managers.

The day had began with 4 machine operators requesting polyandry leave. Poly leave had been introduced as a legal requirement to allow people 1 week of moving and adjustment time when embarking on an extended marriage that being a married union of 3 or more adults. It was part of a government goals to reduce pressure on housing by having more people in a single house hold. Like wise it was reasoned that in a union of 2 men and 2 women only one person would need to stay at home for childcare. This was further encouraged with tax breaks and mortgage benefits. Making it easier for legally poly house holds to buy a home.

These four operators had each embarked on separate poly unions. It was a nightmare for HR departments who had to deal with a rise in paternity and maternity leave as well. Then there was the ever growing issue of safety and quality. People s minds had to be kept on the job and not on their smart phones or each other. Photos that were OK on a desk were distractions on the shop floor. Those used to wearing flip flops or sandals had to be pestered to wear safety shoes. Overalls were to be kept on not folded down to the waist. In a plant evenly split between men and women bare chests were OK at lunch time, not while minding or setting a machine.

During second shift, Sammy a new woman in her 30s minding a machining centre had reported to him that the coolant had stopped flowing. With the maintenance supervisor off on maternity leave, Andy had gone to look at the issue to find her prodding in the coolant tank with length of wire to clear a blockage. When he d gone to check the filter her prodding managed to dislodge it. They were both hit by a flood of thin oily fluid. With out a second thought she d removed her overalls used them to mop up part of the mess, as Andy and a machine setter put down absorbent pads. She then walked through the factory naked to the changing room. Mostly ignored, though there were a few shouts from male and female colleagues. With the spill contained Andy found him self reminding her of the spill control and breakdown reporting procedures then both thanking and condemning her for her initiative. Once that was out of the way he d issued her with fresh overalls. The spirit of the discussion had ensured Sammy did not linger in getting dressed and back on the job. Some where in the midst he sent quick text to let Cassy know when he d be home.

As second shift was ending and before leaving he d gone through the passed scrapped and rejected tallies for the production cells. Entering the data against the operator list. Once again it was worse for those he knew to be the most preoccupied and the numbers weren t getting better. He didn t hand over to the skeleton night shift till about 8pm. As, dog tired, he headed for his car only then did he realize his lower trousers were still sodden with cutting fluid.

5 Brand Family Time


It was with some relief that Cassy realized she was home ahead of Andy. It would have easy enough to throw together a quick dinner for the two of them. Instead she gave Alex ten quid and sent him down the road to the Chinese take away. Even in these suburban streets cameras were every where. Every front door to every house was by law visible to at least one monitoring camera. If foliage or fences obstructed a view home owners would get a letter instructing on the changes to be made. Failure to comply led to the council undertaking the work any way and sending a bill to the property owner. Like wise on a council websites home owners could monitor the passage of vehicles not registered to addresses within their neighbourhoods. Every one was watching so why bother trying to hide, it would only get you noticed all the more. She knew her son would be safe.

Alex though he was tiered didn t mind heading out to get dinner, yes getting on social media would have been fun, but this was actually a respite when he felt less pressure a breathing space, from perpetual engagement with other people.

Around him he noticed that more houses were sacrificing front lawns for front conservatories. In some cases these came close to the hedges and garden walls. The domestic views afforded seemed for the most part simply domestic though also in some cases blatantly exhibitionist.

There was a small cue at the Bronze Dragon takeaway. On the walls were card ads and leaflets for various local small businesses. The usual mix of builders, gardeners, cleaners and pleasure providers. Despite the cooling night many customers embraced the evening dress down culture. Displaying what ever they liked as they liked. By the time he got back with a sweet and sour pork and a tofu chowmein his dad was home.

As Cassy sorted plates and cutlery for the takeaway dinner Alex slipped off his trainers and T shirt the settled down on a bean bag. He was still well fed from his aunt s supper so just wanted a little bit before heading off to his room. His dad looked exhausted crashed out in his arm chair. His dirty work clothes were in a pile by the stairs waiting to go in the washing machine. Tina still in her pole dance thong sat on his lap, her arm around his shoulders chatting about her day in school and class, often this would have caused a response but lately dad seemed distracted and unaffected. Only attention from mum or auntie would get dad stirred up. As it was mum seemed to be leaving the attention for later. Her dress was undone and simply hung like a thin dressing gown about her.

On the coffee table in front him was a small stack of the life style magazines beloved by his mum. He took the top most copy to thumb through. Articles about family lifestyles of all combinations sat amongst recipes, home decor and readers letters. The reader s illustrated pleasure tips as always made for an enjoyable read. One set of pics with showed a mixed race poly family. The two women were sat on a couch legs raised with their sons licking and fingering them as they sucked their hubbys. The photo set then led on to the boys in their bedroom being massaged by their mums. Alex felt the inevitable response, the massage images in particular represented what he most valued in his relationship with his mum. His sister s desires were in many ways more carnal and intense than his, though he knew they would calm briefly only to resurface with a better understanding, but none the less consuming intensity. If those desires were channled and focused then like so many of the women who dominated government and business society she would do well for her self. That is assuming her intellect could keep pace. Feeling it was time enough here he headed up to his room.

As Alex entered his bedroom the web cam on his PC detected his presence and began an auto boot and log in to his home page on Kidsscape. As on the streets all net activity was logged and monitored. Like wise it was illegal to use any social media sites as anonymously. So users could always see in real time who was chatting to them, messaging them or even looking at their profile. In the no shame society hiding was the social taboo.

As much out of comfort as habit he undressed fully before sitting down. On his Kidsscape home page he could see the cam windows for a number of his friends. The girls he d played with at his aunts had found him and sent friend requests which he accepted without a second thought.

To his right was his hobby bench a British Army SavageMk2 personal carrier sat awaiting the fitting of detail parts and commencing of painting. His uncle had ridden in them during his service carrier. From photos sent to him Alex was attempting to replicate a vehicle from Martin s old regiment. On near by shelves was displayed a growing collection of model cars and armoured vehicles, some he knew were pretty ropey. His most recent had received numerous on line compliments from a community of modellers. Soon, as the camera followed his activity he was lost in the hobby for a while at least.


On the couch Tina yawned and stretched. Finally her day was catching up with her she looked across at her dad. The weekend s playful cuddly kissy daddy was long gone this was tired worried daddy. He did not look like he was in the same room as mummy or her. Alex was in his room, he d been worn out at auntie and uncle s house playing hard with those girls. Despite her tiredness she still felt that feeling, the want in her. Simon s fingers had been nice earlier. But like her teacher had said, she was in the middle her first "big want" when to be touched and to be made that deep tingly mattered so much. Some times Alex would help but his "big want" had not lasted long so now her fingers and toys tended to be her best friends. Just as when Alex had entered his room. So too did Tina s PC light up with her home screen as she opened her door. Her Kidsscape page and community was focused on dance and pop music. A number of thumbnails indicate friends had dance vids awaiting her viewing.

For the time being she ignored the screen instead from beneath her bed she pulled out her ride on vibrator with a washable soft fabric covered saddle and raised nubbins that pressed into her pussy. Touching in anticipation she mounted toy as she held control box. Soon she was gasping happily as the intense vibrations surged though her young loins. When after about half an hour, she rolled exhausted onto the floor and in the warmth of her bedroom. A while later she woke up still on the floor but with her duvet over her. The clock radio showed it was 1am it was then that she became aware of familiar sounds from the bathroom.

Her mum was in the shower cubicle squatting on a thick dildo with a suction pad base. She muffled her moans as best she could, helped by the Alex s cock in her mouth. Tina watched as her brother pulled back then pissed over their mum s face and swaying tits. Before shaking off his cock to resume being sucked to completion. Tina simply walked into the cubicle leant back a bit and added her own yellow contribution over her mum and bothers feet. She then rubbed her self watching till her brother loosed his thin boy cum into Cassy s mouth, before returning to bed, During this whole episode not a word was said between them, in the background Andy could be heard snoring fitfully.

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Obsessed Land Chapters 1-5

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