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Obsessed Land Chapters 6-10

Categories Fiction, Hardcore, Authoritarian, Young

Author: Swamp Dog

Published: 10 February 2019

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The story goes on for numerous chapters and is over 100 or so pages so far and is far from complete. It contains numerous characters all in some way connected, but not necessarily directly.

Rather than list what you will find. What you won t find is: Bestiality, Torture and Rape.

It is being posted in 5 chapter chunks. Some chapters don t have much if any sex.

6 Rage Against The Machine

Round the corner from the Brand s in the alley way that ran between the rows of semi – detached houses that predominated the eastern side of the Shepard s Gate suburb, Keith looked around then pulled his hood up as much out of habit as any thing else. For the countless time tonight he studied the map on his phone, over the past 2 hours since leaving his home village of Lorrimere he d been plotting another path as far as possible into Coalbridge aimed at avoiding cameras. 2 hours with out being pinged once by the camera signal detector app. But now his options were narrowing a step further back into the alley way would have led to detection by domestic systems linked to the council s monitoring network. He knew that by path mapping he was skirting the limits of the law. The jamming app concealed on his phone was a more significant step over the line especially if he was caught using it.

Since house holds, last year, had been encouraged to link their domestic cameras to the police network it had become ever harder to move unnoticed. His mapping would provide the camera locations and the blind paths to the growing community opposed to state intrusion. Yet to many people with flames fanned by the main stream media, pathfinders were little more than anarchists and terrorist supporters. Hell bent on undermining the beauty and liberty of the open and shame free society.

People popping up on a street camera with no back track would often find them selves approached by police. He felt his frustration growing. Each run was getting shorter heightening the temptation to run a little jamming and disruption just for the buzz. His contemplation was interrupted by a sound behind him, before he could respond or turn, 10, 000 volts hammered into his back, he screamed and collapsed as his muscles spasamed.

Constable Amanda Laich retracted the cable reel on her Taser. She smiled grimly as her colleague Trish swiftly applied hand cuffs and a black hood to the still twitching path finder at her feet. With out a word the black uniformed women hauled Ian into the back of their nearby van. Then retrieved his dropped phone. The tec guys would make short work of any security or lock outs. Once seated in the front they both relaxed visibly.

"Good shot, Mandy" Trish patted her partner s shoulder.

"Thanks" the reply was less than sincere.

"These new zappers are doing the job, next one is yours Trish".

With that she started the van and head through the thinning traffic back to the station. Once the van was moving Trish reached below the passenger dashboard with a practiced flick she popped the fuse for the camera covering the back.

Amanda glanced briefly at her colleague but remained silent.

With surprising litheness for her well built frame Trish moved to join the now groaning prisoner. Slipping on latex gloves Trish extracted a small bag from her pocket, from this she took three smaller bags containing a fine light grey powder. While Ian was getting intimately familiar with the floor of the police van, he felt his hand cuffed arms pulled back. Unknown fingers seemed to caress his hands then his pockets. A second agonizing jolt turned out the lights again.

Still holding the bags Trish pulled off her gloves leaving the mostly empty packets inside a latex package. She tied off the glove and pocketed it. Back next to her colleague she reset the fuse.

"Soon be at station, lets get him processed then home Mandy"

"You got any thing planned today?"

"A bloody good shower, Trish, a bite to eat then bed. Glyn and Beccy will look after the kids, Morgan s on nights at the plant" Amanda s tone was tired but with a hint of strain, she knew what her colleague s next remark would be.

"Want a hand in the shower?"

"Na Trish its OK, but thanks for the offer. " She wanted to add "I feel dirty enough as it is, it s you I need to wash off" but she kept her peace.

She knew she couldn t wash off Trish, she was in too deep, helped out of a financial mess that would have destroyed her poly marriage by Trish s fixer. Her debt was being paid in complicity and cover up. Making her as sullied as her colleague. She also knew that beneath her authoritarian appearance Trish was the real rebel of the two of them, more than one she d questioned the real need for all the surveillance and weather the country had forgotten what privacy meant. Mandy on the other hand firmly believed in the state s powers of monitoring and the sense of security it brought.

At the station they hauled the groggy trembling Keith out of the van and into the custody suite. It only got worse for him. The packets of Haze had been found quickly enough, his protestations had fallen on deaf ears, the taller of the two female cops had made sure he was processed quickly. Still protesting he was man handled naked by her into a holding cell.

In the locker room Trish kept her shower brief she d eyed up Amanda with undisguised lust but knew there were limits to how had she could push her colleague. Though seemingly more relaxed afterwards, Mandy had remarked on Trish s new rucksack. Adorned as it was with a complex seemingly random pattern of dots and blocks like urban digital camouflage. Trish knew that similar designs were becoming more popular among youngsters and students, she kept quiet about who d given her the bag and simply joked that it was great for her street cred.

By 2am Mandy was driving home, tiered and relieved to be out of uniform. Trish was jogging to the all night gym in town. Saul s gym was in amongst the town s night clubs and late bars, on the surface it proclaimed it self as the Weight Shifting for Late Shifters.

A fairly discreet door between a kebab house and an estate agents led upstairs to the gym. Flashing her membership to a bored teenage girl at the desk more engrossed in her phone, Trish walked through the gym towards the changing room. Looking about there were a half dozen or so people in various states of exercise. A young, male female couple in matching cut out lycra gym wear seemed to be as much on social media as the machines, the woman had clearly not learned the meaning of talking in restrained tones. A slim, finely muscled, shaved headed, naked, late middle aged man with an uninterrupted tan was focused on his own routine sat on a bench doing curls. There were a couple of door staff she recognized, on the machines or chatting. Lastly she spotted two Indian women, in just head scarves and little else, were working with light free weights. While their names escaped her, she knew they were related and that they worked as late shift cleaners for businesses in the town centre including this gym.

In the changing room Trish undressed and took a red towel and water bottle from her bag leaving a blue towel stowed. Warmed up from her jog to the gym she got on with her upper body routine. All the while she observed what was happening around her, unable or unwilling to switch off being a cop. After about 20 minuets a mirrored door that might other wise go unnoticed opened, Trish s brother in – law and the gym s night manager emerged from the back office. Ryan walked with casual confidence around the club in shorts and T shirt on his large frame he was over modestly dressed. On the security cameras he d seen Trish and her red towel, the signal she wanted to talk. Trish followed him with her eyes, with the exception of the young couple and older man he seemed to know every one currently there and chatted amicably, even lingering with the two Indian women, his tones hushed almost conspiratorial. The young couple, especially the loud mouth woman, he glanced at with barely disguised, contempt. But still made a point of chatting, though when he asked the woman to lower her tone a bit, her reaction implied that the request was some sort affront to her personal liberty, her partner seemed to understand and encouraged her to hush it, a bit. Her compliance with him was temporary at best.

Standing by Trish as she lay on her bench he pulled the towel straight protruding from beneath her buttocks and patted her thigh.

"HI Trish, good to see you tonight?"

"Hi Ryan, pretty busy here this time of week, Sam sends her love"

Ryan just nodded a brief thanks and returned to the office. Once there he got to work pocketing a set of master locker keys, he entered an adjoining store room at the back behind an electrical conduit panel he extracted 3 bottles of blue tinged sports drink. The first two contained a pale blue mixture pretty much indistinguishable from a popular berry flavoured isotonic drink. The third bottle was a larger exercise and cyclists bottle of near opaque white plastic inside the liquid was a much deeper and darker hue. He checked the seal on the lid. Remaining in the store room he sent two messages from his mobile one had a file attachment to Trish s phone the other to a contact at the university halls of residence. Taking the bottles through the store rooms second door he accessed Thrish s locker and placed all 3 in her rucksack.

On the bench Trish waited a bit longer, by the treadmills one of the Muslim women was remonstrating with the loud mouthed yuppie. Her partner getting more embarrassed by the minute. With attention in the gym focused on the developing argument Trish headed for the showers. Her move was noted by the bald middle aged man, the briefest of smiles touched his lips.

The showers were one of the gym s selling points and added. Separated from the changing room by a tiled wall they were divided into unscreened cubicles. Each shower head could comfortably massage and cleanse two people under powerful, noisy, steamy jets, two extraction fans did nothing to clear the air. Instead, they quite deliberately recirculated the warm fog and added to the noise.

Middle aged was a distinct understatement but at 60 Arthur Owen Jones was quietly proud of his firm toned body. As Ryan left the manager s office to deal with the growing fracas, Arthur headed for the showers, a discreet distance behind one of his more valued local assets. Asset management had always been a particular talent of his, for the most part he left direct management to his associates. But some assets, like police officers, required a certain fitness. He found Trish in the end booth, where she was supposed to be, lathering her self up with her back to him. At a solid 6 with well developed thighs, defined muscular arms ringed by coils of tribal style tattoos and short trimmed blond hair Trish could only be defined as Amazonian. Arthur knew that in any other circumstances she could take him apart, or at the very least give him a serious run for his money. Not that he was at any risk as he stepped into the booth and pushed Trish against the wall.

Trish gasped briefly but she went with the flow, hard hands spread her cheeks then, with little hesitation Arthur pushed his cock into her anus. As he began thrusting, he brought his lips close to her ear.

"What have you got for us Trish?"

Between her gasps "A path finder, I think he s a good one, made sure he was charged with possession with intent to sell, as well"

"Good girl, so he ll need some help, I ll make sure his employer finds out, then we ll reel him in, give him a new purpose in life"

"Whats his name?"

"Keith Evans, he s from Lorrimere, he d made it a fair way in"

"Good catch Trish"

Out of a certain surprised respect for his asset Arthur pulled out but kept her pressed against the wall, he had to maintain some sense of power but not too much. Also he could not deny he liked the feel of her toned naked body against him. Unlike other assets she showed no signs of fear, which was nice it own way.

"It was Mandy that zapped him" continued Trish

"Was it now?"

"The boss has told us, zap first then search if the suspect shows up on facial recognition, its gonna get tough for path finders, we think more might turn to jamming and disruption". Trish volunteered that last bit of info quite freely.

For a while, as she d seen police powers growing, her cooperation with Owens was increasingly motivated beyond the hold he had on her and her wife. Under the pretence of maintaining an: open, free, liberal, especially sexually liberal society, Britain was becoming a Police state. Her own chief constable at a Christmas dinner, had joked that keeping tight control was easier when the plebs were well fed and getting laid. To Trish, Owens represented rebellion, a push against the state she was meant to uphold, it didn t help that with the rebellion was funded mostly by synthetic narcotics. Substances that had ensnared her wife and reduced a once capable, passionate, nurturing woman into a tiered lost soul, dependant on ever increasing fixes just to feel normal. Trish loathed what Owens was dealing but she d sold her soul a long time ago. Dragging Mandy into this web had only added to her sense of condemnation.

For a lingering moment Arthur could feel the desire to make the most of Trish s pussy. But then again he decided to save himself for the cleaner sisters a bit later. He patted Trish s firm buttocks and stepped out of the shower. Trish breathed a sigh of relief, she could handle her brother in law and would deck him with out a second thought. Owens was another matter.

She waited a bit then dried and headed for the lockers. Immediately Trish saw the 3 bottles and her phone. Separating out her jogging gear she she placed the two smaller bottles lower down in her bag and the lager one higher up and more readily accessed. She then dressed swiftly. The jogging gear was cut for comfort and support, covering and cushioning her frontage while leaving lower down more open and exposed. She opened the file in her in – box.

Plugging in her ear phones Trish began her run. The down loaded music tracks were just a data cover for a GPS linked route program as she jogged Trish followed the route as directed. As she neared the St Steven s road that took her past the church yard, two cameras detected the digital pattern on her ruck sack, at that point their image quality degenerated leaving Trish’s journey along the cemetery wall indistinct at best.

Nearing a line of willows over hanging the low wall Trish reached into the side pocket of her ruck sack extracting the dark blue sports drink bottle. Without breaking step and partially concealed she dropped it over the wall into a patch of weeds and leaves.

It was with some relief that Trish arrived home as the dawns first light coloured the clouds. She entered as quietly as she could and walked bare foot up the stairs. Sam her wife was thankfully asleep curled round a large well loved teddy bear. In contrast to the machismo and tom boyishness of the rest of Trish s life this space was a soft pink and lilac refuge. Rather than wake Sam by turning on the shower Trish gave her self quick wipe down with a flannel before donning a long cosy T shirt and sliding under the duvet. On Sam s bedside cabinet she d placed a single pale blue bottle.

7 Jelly Bears

About half an hour after Trish had dropped the bottle. A young IT support tec from and his Goth girl friend, a food technology department lab technician at the university, entered the church yard from where it backed onto the university campus. A couple of nights each week for the past few months they had visited the grounds for a photography project and other pleasures. Each time as he moved to a different area of the cemetery and took a series of natural photos. He d use powerful flash lighting to disrupt the low light response on the St Stevens cameras during this his girlfriend would flirt with him before heading to the line of willows near the south wall to relieve her self. As she squatted to piss she d slip a sports drink bottle into the voluminous folds of her black baggy clothes then rejoin her boy friend for a noisy sex session on the grass making sure they were seen by at least one camera.

Back in their shared digs the Goth girl Tammy hid the blue bottle in their room. Tomorrow she d cook up a new batch of jelly bears mixing a thickened gelatin mix with fruit flavourings and pouring it into plastic teddy bear moulds about half an inch long. The red, yellow and green bears were just simple sweets. The blue bears had a little something extra. The bags of mixed sweets with no more than one blue in each packet were sold for ?5 per bag to partying students in the union bar and in out side the town s night clubs by the young couple. It was easy enough to justify the price by putting a Turkish Front Refugee Charity Label on each bag.

Her boyfriend made sure that the bill for ingredients was paid promptly and in full with a taken donation to the charity, as well to maintain traceability. In return an inflated charity receipt would appear in his email a day or so later. A weekly trip to the The Refugee Relief charity shop saw to the ingredient payments and the labels. A bit later they shared a second blue bear, come the morning both arrived late and tiered to their jobs at the university.

8 Ellis Family

Indigo woke almost with a start but not, she d been having the dreams again reaching down she felt between her legs, sticky but untouched yet wanting to be to have that want released. It was not that she particularly wanted that want. It was like a noise through her whole body an unclear voice that still demanded an answer. That she could see the clock and that it was 5am meant Josh wasn t there and couldn t reach for him. Her older brother was her release his, tongue lips fingers and cock almost a guarantee of pleasure and sating the hormonal and psychological beast within. With that realization came the sound of her big sister s voice. She slipped out of the bed, and walked unashamedly naked onto the landing, the house was in near darkness. From her parents room she could hear snoring her mother s. Her sisters room was another matter.

Her brother Josh stood by the open door watching his dad and big sister. Martin stood by the bed holding Ambers legs apart by her ankles as he fucked his eldest daughter with passionate vigour. Indigo and Josh could see their dad s cock slick with juice pumping in and out of their sister. Josh stroked as he watched though Indigo lips soon took over that task to a pleasant completion.

Pulling out Martin left his panting and shuddering daughter on her bed leaking cum. With out batting an eye he stepped over the recumbent form of Josh on the soft landing carpet with Indigo sat on his his face moaning softly. No one went back to sleep that morning.


When Cassy awoke Andy was already gone, she realised her husband had slept more than any of them, but she knew he would also be the most tired, then again every one this morning seemed tired or listless. For her part Cassy felt nervous. She d be stopping by the office, then going out with her boss to visit the catering units of 2 schools. While her boss discussed policy Cassy would take look through the accounts. While the it self was not expected to be interesting, the company she d be keeping was a different matter. She wandered what they would do for lunch and hoped the weather held out.

Tina and Alex had gotten ready with out any fuss or major bother, though just to be on the safe side Cassy slipped a pair of panties and wet wipes into Tina s bag. Yet despite looking forward to the day it weighed on her mind that Alex seemed to be becoming somewhat distracted, the morning fun had been appreciated by them both. She d tried to illicit a response form Andy earlier but had failed pretty miserably, so as not to annoy him she d taken a toy to the bathroom, her kids joining her be it briefly had justified the decision.


Andy knew the early start would be rough on him but he didn t feel like he had a choice today. As usual he d driven with a considerable degree of caution, even at this early hour there was a strong police presence on the streets. He knew all too well that even a town like Coalbridge never really slept. Factories, call centres and support hubs operated 24hour shifts, local businesses then supported the 24hour community. This morning Andy needed to touch base with Morgan, the night shift supervisor before the guy left as he d received a heads up text that Morgan couldn t make the shift hand over meeting.

Keith Evans

Aching all over the walls and ceiling of the custody suite slowly came into focus. Ian lay naked on the mattress the events of the previous night seemed to move from blur to a focus even less welcome than the cell. He could take the hit easily enough for the tracking and jamming software that would have even earned him some kudos with his boss. But the drugs were a different matter, if he could get out in time he might have chance to state his case. But time he knew, was unlikely, like most other people to be on his side now.

As anticipated his aunt and lover panicked when he d failed to return by 2am. A hysterical call to the police may have located Keith but the details of their reply had dislocated her naturally highly strung state.

PC Mandy Laich

Getting in at around 4am Amanda had slept fitfully at best. She d turned down an offer by Glyn and Beth to join them only to find her self disturbed by their passion, she d expected Morgan to join her after his shift but by 8am but with the clatter of breakfast over laid with their kids being hushed by her wife and poly husband Glyn. She realised he was still absent. With that a horrible familiar nausea crept upon her. "Please God not again, not again" Thankfully she held back tears of anxiety. But the knot in her gut did not escape her.

About two years ago not long after their lavish polyamrous wedding to Glyn and Beth, with the intense flush of their new expanded house still fresh, coupled with the imminent arrival of Amanda s first child with Glyn and Beth s first with Morgan. This beautiful dream life had nearly been shattered. The day still haunted her Morgan had picked her up from a prenatal session. When he pulled up in a quiet street an with a distracted calmness confessed to running up around 10 k of online gambling debt. The size of the debt had been bad enough but that could be managed, what freaked out Amanda had been the impact this would have on their relationship with Beth and Glyn the trust would have been shattered. In desperation she d turned to her colleague and friend Trish. Of all her colleagues she knew Trish as one of the least judgemental and self righteous coppers at the station. Trish seemed not only to understand, after a couple of phone calls she d offered Amanda a way out. With out really chewing it over the pact with the devil had been made. The gambling debt had been cleared quickly enough the payment terms was her duplicity and support of Trish s additional favours and jobs.

Once back on duty after a brief maternity leave she d been teemed up with Trish. It soon became apparent the her partner was woman with two masters. Before she knew it Amanda was in so deep that any revelation would have cost not her relationship but her job, and her freedom. Inevitably, she d lost her trust in Morgan, each day she checked his phone and monitored his card accounts for suspicious signs. All this had eroded their once passionate relationship to the point that sex with Morgan had become a show to keep Glyn and Beth in the dark about her true feelings. With Glyn it was easy, he was so wrapped up in his creative work that his head seemed in the clouds even when they made love. It was harder with Beth, a lot harder.

Yet Amanda had been able to disguise her malaise and distance behind a screen of the emotional fallout of her job. In many ways it was not too hard to hide especially when working with Trish. Morgan s night shifts also helped, as they could then maintain a jointly exhausted state. She also knew that if Morgan or her said a word to any one, the debt would be called with interest and every thing she had would come crashing down around her. Sometimes, like this morning, it didn t feel like such a bad prospect.

10 Tuesday – Cassy

Cassy felt her day could not he going much better, David her boss had been both charming and helpful when she ran a brief audit of the first schools catering accounts. He d kept an anxious canteen manager occupied long enough for her to get a pretty good overview that tallied well with the reported figures. Over lunch in a pub they had chatted, flirted and laughed. That they were on time to the second was more by luck than judgement. In this case the catering manager s overt pride in his tracking and reporting was quickly justified. Leaving them by 2. 30 with a bit of time to spare. Cassy created a bit more time by calling Tina and Alex s school and asking them to drop her son and daughter at East Coalbridge Kidscape Club. Then she looked at David and placing a hand high on his thigh "Temple Hill sounds nice"

Only on the relative flatness of the East counties plane would the rise of land forming Temple Hill be called a hill. Lying between Coalbridge and Lorrimere only the thick deciduous woods capping the rise and enveloping an ancient stone circle blocked the view from the bell tower of Saint Jobe s church in Lorrimere to Coalbridge.

As they turned into the country park car park of a B road, Cassy was already wriggling out of her skirt. Her flat soled pumps lay in the foot well soon joined by skirt and panties. David had to wait till he d parked before he began undressing. Cassy stepped out of the car to remove her blouse and bra before slinging her shoulder bag across her naked body. She urged David to follow as he chucked his clothes in the car his keys went into her bag.

Cassy paused to crouch and piss before getting up and leading her boss by the hand into the woods.

Temple Hill country park had always been a haven and much loved area for alfresco passion, within the park s boundaries there were no limits on nudity and sexual activity. The council ensured there were benches tables and comfortable spaces for pleasure. While the paths for the most part were easily walked bare foot.

Heading into the woods they passed two elderly couples enjoying some group time. A woman in what appeared to be her late 70s early 80s sat on a bench sucking 2 silver haired men in turn as a second granny took photos all had the line – less tanned bodies of long time naturalists. Watching them and taking few photos on their phones as well was a middle aged couple sat at a picnic table cluttered with more cups and flasks than for the two of them.

Finding a spot they liked David pulled Cassy into his arms his full erection pressed against her soft well rounded womanly figure. With no bidding she slid down his body to taste and savour his most upstanding cock sucking deeply taking him to the edge. Then she lay on the soft grass and offered her self to his tongue.

Refugee Relief Charity Shop

The fact that she had made it into work at all was in Sam s mind an achievement in its own right. She d left Trish sleeping as she knocked back about half the bed side drink. It took about 20mins for the narcotic mix to take affect and make her feel vaguely normal. Through the day the shop had a steady flow the usual mix of pensioners, mums on benefits and students. Working there gave Sam some sense of normality and purpose in life. At one time she had managed a busy council office and been head over heals in love with her beautiful police constable wife. These days felt ever more like a burden. Not that Trish would express that or give any hint of being let down. Her manager at the shop was another matter. Mary the minister s wife s image of charitable respectability and over flowing compassion for the refugee community belied an acerbic, ambitious, scheming reality. As a result Sam was left feeling continually judged and belittled. She knew she could never be what she once was, but she didn t need reminding.

Kidsscape Club East Coalbridge

Located almost equidistant between two primary schools and a secondary school East Coalbridge Kidsscape club shared a car park with a gastro pub and family swingers club. The Kidsscape Club network was a safe meeting place for kids aged 5 to 16. The clubs were linked to the organisations website. Kids who wanted to meet safely for real were provided with a relaxed yet secure venue. It was also used it as an after school club and holiday club for kids with working parents. With two nearby primary schools feeding in the majority of the 3. 30 to 6. 30 crowd. After 6. 30 it became more of a pure social club. By 11pm two late shift staff members would provide supervision for kids from families where both parents worked night shifts. Most clubs provided an established formula of snack bar, games room, TV lounges and play spaces as well as the ever popular mini pool and wet zone. All clubs promoted the no shame policy and allowed, if not encouraged nudity in all club areas. Open intimacy was allowed every where except the caf?.

Lucinda Featherstone did her usual pre rush walk round, checking the club facilities. She made sure that the lenses of the numerous cameras around the club were clean and had unobstructed views. Many were linked to the Kidscape website while others such as the toilet cams, play space cams and the mini – pool underwater cams were linked to a paid registration website. A second facility provided was a number of pay to view cam rooms, where kids (with parental consent and often participation, could provide cam shows to paying customers). This particular facility enabled kids from poorer families not only to pay their club fees but also relatively safely earn some extra cash, the cam rooms were often used by the newer immigrant and refugee community. It was also a useful income stream for kidscape. The majority of the subscribers were from the middle east and Africa, men looking for some young online meat. In all fairness some of this creaped Lucinda out, her only sense of revenge was the selected account details she passed over to local contacts.

Her staff were mostly former club regulars now in their late teens and early 20s. The lad and lass on the rota for the wet area were already in just their flip flops. Lucinda approached Kevin a skinny blond lad of 19.

"Kev darling can you do me a favour and squat at each toilet, I need to make sure the punter cams are all working. Give me a mo to get to my office. I ll tell you over the speakers"

The lad nodded and smiled, he knew Lucinda s predilections well enough. As a kid he d been one of her favourites, when his parents very nasty break up and divorce had almost consumed him in their explosive brutality, she d been both mother, lover and refuge. Though as he got older and into his mid teens her interest in him had waned especially sexually, but she continued to look out for him. These days he knew Lucinda shared her bed with her lodgers two kids and less often her lodger.

As other staff members arrived, Kevin moved from squatting toilet to toilet, as Lucinda gave her calls of approval. At her desk her hand wandered between her legs, as the she switched from camera to camera looking at Kevin s swaying balls. The enjoyment was heightened when at the last position he had a brief piss and shit. The sight of the slim brown mass that emerging was not in any way repulsive to Lucinda. In many ways she represented a classic example of the growing ranks of middle class sex addicts and obsessives. Her respectability was both apparent yet discreditably shallow. She made no effort to hide her sexual preference for youngsters over adults. Nor was it ever seen as impediment as long as the core goals of Kidscape were met.

Her remaining 3 team members, the oldest of which was a former class room assistant in her 50s, busied them selves getting ready for the afternoon s influx. One lad would spend his shift monitoring the cam room activities and the safe place arranged meetings between kids that had been booked online.

She unlocked a top drawer of her desk and for the third time that day confirmed the presence of a brown envelope. Before locking it away again. The contents of the envelope contained printed details of cam room account holders.

By about 4. 30 there was already a good number of kids at the club. Most were regulars waiting to be picked up by late working parents. Others like a brother and sister pair were less frequent but still known. 6 of the youngest kids had been brought in by a teacher from one of the local primary schools. She seemed particularly enamoured of one boy and happily discussed with Lucinda how she d spent a most agreeable Sunday afternoon with the boy, his father and his uncle being, as she put it "fucked licked and fingered to within an inch of her life".

Lucinda noticed the woman never even twitched when the boy put his hand under the teacher s short skirt then withdrew it to lick his fingers. It was of no surprise to see him undress quickly and have a whale of a time in the mini – pool and play areas. He was clearly deflated when a man in his mid 40s came to collect him around 5.

Alex and Tina had pretty much stayed together while they waited to be collected by Cassy. Tina had enjoyed time in the mini pool though Alex had felt the need to protect her from the advances of a couple of older lads. Though he did enjoy a bit of bi time with a younger boy as they played on a console.

At around 6 the numbers had settled down for the evening, the remaining kids would be from late shift families. Or regular late nighters who were there for a variety of reasons. In a play room a raven haired eight year old girl with dark painted toe and finger nails, was totally comfortably naked and had the attention of a shaved head boy of similar age as she sucked and worshipped with her tongue his cock and balls. Lucinda sat back on the floor near them and enjoyed the show of young lust. From standing pleasure the kids moved to an intense 69. Lucinda fingered as she watched.

At around 10 Raj a broad Asian man came round to collect the account details. Lucinda made no attempt to dress and as always appreciated the smaller envelope of cash she received in return.

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Obsessed Land Chapters 6-10

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