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  1. Obsessed Land Chapters 1-5
  2. Obsessed Land Chapters 6-10
  3. Obsessed Land Chapters 11-15
  4. Obsessed Land Chapters 16-20
  5. Obsessed Land Chapters 21-25

Obsessed Land Chapters 11-15

Categories Fiction, Hardcore, Young, Incest

Author: Swamp Dog

Published: 10 February 2019

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The sexual activity presented here should not under any circumstances be copied or considered normal or acceptable. The story goes on for numerous chapters and is over 100 or so pages so far and is far from complete. It contains numerous characters all in some way connected, but not necessarily directly.

Rather than list what you will find. What you won t find is: Bestiality, Torture and Rape.

It is being posted in 5 chapter chunks. Some chapters don t have much if any sex.

11 Keith Evans

It was with a sense of utter dejection that Keith left the police station late in the afternoon. His phone had been retained as evidence. His partner had told him to find some where else to stay as she didn t want a "pusher near the kids". His boss had contacted the station to tell him he was suspended until the issue had been cleared up. While Keith now hoped that he could crash on an old friend s couch near the University. A couple of pints at his old haunt the Lock Keeper s Arms on Canal Street wouldn t do any harm. Lacking his phone, he d need to kill some time before he could be sure Tom would be home. As he nursed a pint at the quiet bar. A shaven headed tightly built man sat next to him seemingly oblivious to the other available seats. For a moment Keith considered moving. Until Arthur spoke.

"Rough night Keith?"

"What do you mean and have we met before?"

"Oh word gets round that your in a bit of a pickle"

"Word... who s Jilly been blabbing off to now?"

"Ah yes, Jilly your aunt and partner, mum of your three step kids, all those family pics on your phone"

With that Arthur slid a new smart phone across to Keith.

"That’s not my phone"

"Maybe not the body but all the contents are yours, take a look, though I suggest you put in a new pass word"

A quick flick though the apps and galleries confirmed the stranger s claims, but Keith left it the phone on the bar.

"What s this about?"

"Lets just say, your path finder talents have been noticed and I some how doubt future employment especially round here will be easy to find, not after the courts have had their pound of flesh.

There s a colleague of mine number on your contacts list. When your mates couch gets uncomfortable let me know"

"Who the hell are you any way? Why shouldn’t I just take this phone and go back to Police, ?"

Arthur lent in close

"And how long do you think you ll last after you come out? Well, I know how long"

"But I was stitched up"

"Prove it, just try and prove it, the evidence is all at the nick and you know what they are like"

"But I ve never done drugs"

"All that means is you ve never been caught, well, not until now. It doesn t help that your missus really likes to air her dirty laundry on line"

Keith picked the phone up off the bar and slipped it into his pocket. Arthur nodded to the bar man.

"I ll take care of this gentleman s tab, give him one of your bacon and egg sarnies as well"

With that he got up and patted his new asset on the back.

"See you about Keith. OH, if your mate doesn t have space on his sofa, well, we can even sort that out".

Keith heard the side door to the tow path swing as he returned to staring into his pint, now even more depressed than before.

12 Janice and Martin

As Janice and Martin crashed out on the sofa the day had felt like another day trying to get by. The groceries Janice had picked up after work seemed to be disappearing ever faster. She tried as always to budget bad but their kids were all growing and eating very well. At the school the kids had been a handful yet again. For all her liberal ideals even Jan could feel the strain caused by dealing with youngsters intent on emulating parent s more extreme behaviours. When a girl in her class had drawn yet again a picture of mummy with Max our German Sheppard this time in even more explicit detail, then described her mother s activities in the lounge, Jan had actually felt queasy. Apart from that there had been the issue of ever younger kids with smart phones and social media accounts.

Not having to worry about Cassy s kids today had also helped. It wasn t she had any issues with Alex or Tina, they were good kids but Tina in particular never seemed to bring out the best in Indigo. That was what she kept telling her self, what Jan found harder to accept was her envy of Andy and Cassy s life style. Between them they both earned double her and Martin s income, Cassy never seemed to be scrimping and saving, she wasn t frugal but she could be a bit smug. What really hurt though was what was happening to Andy. Her beloved brother was becoming more and more distant and lost in his work despite Cassy s chats about him she still felt her sister in law wasn t doing enough for her brother.

Earlier Indigo had had her quality time with Simon. She was upstairs now with Josh she always seemed to get on so much better with boys and certainly loved the attention she knew she could encourage. Amethyst, Sandra guessed was once again with her head in her course books.

For Martin the car sale he d been counting on to boost his income this month had been delayed yet again. Tomorrow s delivery would help, he d done a nice job on the restoration of the Griffon Slasher roadster. He would have loved to run it to Walsal, but wanted it immaculate so it was going on the trailer under wraps. His business partner at their small restoration and bodywork shop, would mind the garage while he was out, making sure the other mechanic and apprentice kept their minds and hands on the job.

Next to him Jan stretched out on the couch and placed her legs over his lap. Opposite them Simon slumped in an arm chair. As normal by this time of day all the family were naked, Janice tended to make sure of that. Demanding that her family let their skin breath before bed time. Now, playfully she started to caress Martin with her feet. Illiciting the invariable response as her toes alighted on his cock.

Cassy and Andy

Cassy knew she should have been open with Andy about her fun and games with David on Temple Hill, but today she couldn t, this was hers, not shared, just her and her boss making love in the woods and it had been love of that she was certain. It was easy to hide it when she a showered with the kids when they got home. Asking Alex to use a vibrator on her disguised the freshly fucked feel down below. Andy didn t get home till 9pm totally exhausted. He showered, ate and feel asleep on the couch only to remain there till 6am. Between arriving and falling asleep he barely managed to exchange a handful of words with Cassy.

On their bed Cassy chatted with first with a very loved up Janice who happily shared her post coitus close ups. Then seeking some sort of release from the envy that had produced, she chatted to David on line about their time on Temple Hill she also added more family photos to his phone s gallery. While they chatted another toy came out and saw use.

For Andy much of his exhaustion had been from feeling he had to see Morgan at the end of the night shift and at its start. That evening Morgan had convinced Andy to allow him to make his own night shift staff arrangements. As he put "he had useful contacts". The day shift had not reacted well to the news of the impending reorganisation especially the loss of overtime and taking on unskilled labour to cover parts handling. The fall out from all of this had worn him down even more.

11 Mandy and Trish

Tonight Trish wasn t sure if Mandy was on form or letting off steam, what ever it was she wasn t holding back. As with most coppers on the beat much of their shift was responding to messages from CCTV operators. Their first, had been a domestic at a poly house hold. They arrived to see to couples in a full on screaming and shoving match in their front garden. After trying with some partial success to calm the situation. An aggressive move by one of the men towards his husband had resulted in Mandy flooring and cuffing him with a force that shocked the two women and other husband in to stunned silence. A glance from Trish had been enough to let them realise this was not a good time to object.

Later CCTV called them to suspected drug dealing in a park. They ignored two men and woman having a threesome in the play ground and focused on a small group of youths. All of whom were plastic cuffed then fully searched, including body cavities. Mandy s manner was brusque and business like in the extreme. In one case she threatened to tazer a lad for struggling as her gloved fingers pushed and felt inside his anus.

Trish had been some what gentler with the two girls. When the kids had all turned out to be clean, Mandy had seemed genuinely disappointed.

At around 10pm they parked up and headed to a coffee shop for a break. Away from the cameras in the van. Trish felt able to be frank with her colleague

"Mandy what s with you today? Normally I m the hard nut"

"What do you think Trish?"


Mandy nodded.

"He s not been gambling again?"

"Don t think so"

"Then what?"

"The trust is gone Trish, were supposed to look over our shoulders on duty, but not at home as well"

"I don t want him near me or touching me, but if I don t hide my feelings Glyn & Beth will notice, I can t risk that so I have to play along"

"Oh shit!"

"Its eating me up Trish, that bald bastard got us out of one sort of shit, but now I m not who I used to be or who I want to be"

Trish pondered for a while if Amanda lost her nerve and came clean the fall out would destroy both of them. Trish knew she d have no one to fall back on, her Sam was in no place to be of much help. Getting on the wrong side of Arthur would also stuff her relationship with her brother in – law.

"Mandy you realise Arthur could still call in the debt and I know it will be with serious interest, if you push him there s no telling what he ll bring down on you and your family"

Mandy lent back and look askance at her colleague "You, the ball buster, you scared of him?"

"Oh I can take him, but Arthur is a clever bastard, its not the muscle game with him though he can play that card or has people that can. It s the mind game and the strategy, that s what he enjoys. Us two are just small fry down the nick. He has much bigger fish in his net, much bigger"

hough Trish had stated what Amanda felt she knew already, it did nothing to improve how she felt about her self.

"So what now Trish, how long does this carry on for?"

"I wish I knew, Sam doesn t seem to be living, she s just functioning, getting through each day at the charity shop. She used to manage an accounts department for fucks sake, now look at her"

"Rehab again?"

"If she goes it will be her fourth try, if she goes".

"Any way Mandy, how s your little one?"

"Well he s calling Beth and I mama, Glyn dada but he barely responds to Morgan"

"Oh, how s Morgan taking it?"

"I m not sure he s noticed. "

Before Mandy could say any thing else their radios crackled with another call from CCTV control.

13 Dave and Linda Kimbel

Dave had been careful to keep his vid chat let alone his work trip with Cassy hidden from his wife. She made little secret of her dislike for Cassy, it had not helped at all that Linda had been dominated by her on the Pankration mat. The social had been an attempt by Dave to build some bridges between their families in reality it had backfired where it had mattered most.

Since then Linda had become something of a gym bunny. Much of her feminine softness had gone or was going. Replaced by a harder tighter physique. She d also become more sexually aggressive and assertive. He d been on the receiving end of her strap on much more than he actually found enjoyable. He began to realise that he simply found found his colleague less of a handful. Cassy was easy get along with and easy, as he was beginning to realise, to love. Linda was more demanding on so many levels, the house, their careers and the kids. When she wasn t bossing round a sales team at a call centre she was breathing down their kid s necks or kicking off about some or other job round the house and other improvements. She also demanded sexual satisfaction if not from him then from their kids. Dave had noticed how much closer she d grown to their son Tom and would share a bed with him at least one night a week.

Her flirtation with her son was open and very deliberate even at family events. He remembered last Christmas with Linda s extended family staying as they always did. Dave had found him self sat in the background as Linda bustled under the tree fussing round the kids in just her dressing gown. When she unwrapped the lingerie she d bought on shopping trip with their son, she made a show of putting on then getting her father to take posed photos of her and Tom playing under the tree amid the wrapping paper. In the evening shed orchestrated a family photo session which did include Dave, though he d struggled to show much enthusiasm. In bed later she had berated him for spoiling the pictures with his limp cock, then compared him unfavourably with her dad. His desire to spend the rest on the night on the sofa had been thwarted when he realised it would lead to comments by his in laws. Though on boxing day morning he d managed some reprieve of self respect by fucking Linda s mother in the lounge as the kids watched TV and distractedly played with their presents.

Dave tended to enjoy quality time with their daughter, files on his pc and phone were full of photos of her playing and posing. Amid their family time photos. When Linda was out Dave would enjoy some nice long photo sessions with his posing all round the house though his favourites were of her on their bed enjoying Linda s toys.

He d loved the pictures Cassy had sent of her and Tina on holiday enjoying beach pleasures including pissing side by side and Tina with her brother. Linda, he knew had plenty of photos in a similar viegn, of their son.

14 Wednesday

Arthur Evans & Associates

It was a matter of pride for Arthur that even at his age he never needed much sleep. 4 or 5 hours seemed to do him quite well. It also meant he could better pick and choose the time to discuss things with his assets. Anita and Sunnita were no exceptions yet given that they and their husbands were willing participants in his business activities. He d never felt the need to apply greater pressure or manipulation to his dealings. Their husbands Raj and Indar had proved reliable as both debt collectors, shipment agents and personnel managers running an employment agency funded by Arthur s investments.

He had seen first hand how effective his Asian assets could be at their various assignments. No one ever seemed to suspect two smallish Indian cleaners. That was not until they had deactivated the cameras and had a cheese wire round the throat of a manager or business owner who owed Arthur. Their husband s had a similar innocuous respectability that belied a calm willingness to apply what ever pressure was needed.

His affection, in so much as Arthur could feel genuine affection was strengthened by the fact that he had fathered both Anita s and Sunita s youngest children. With the full willingness of both women and the cooperation their husbands. At his own unassuming house in a quiet Coalbridge suburb, either Anita, Sunita, Rani the eldest of their daughters or Miriam, Imran s and Raj s mother, would come round to clean, tidy up and if Arthur was in. Provide what ever else he wanted.

Raj was already at his desk at Worksure Personnel when Arthur came in.

"Raj, always good to see your on the ball so early"

"Morning Arthur, what gives me the pleasure of your company this morning"

"A useful contract"

"Ah you mean.. "

"The night shift at the car parts place"

"I d like you to put Sunita onto it, we need some one we can rely on"

Raj smiled "It will make a nice change for her, Anita might be a bit upset"

"She ll manage"

"Spoken to our new IT guy yet?"

"No not yet"

"Let him stew for a week or so, offer him some thing safe in the mean time, but make sure to hint at some white hat hacking, you know the rage against the system stuff".

Raj nodded, he knew how Arthur operated and that the boss would always have a multiple plans on the go at any one time. It was also best to know about only what you were meant to know about.

"Make sure your Sunita understands what s at stake here, if that flake Morgan drops the ball she might have to take action. "

"Like that will bother her Arthur. Oh I ll have Rani round later to clean"

"Send Miriam round as well, be nice to see both"

"No problems, you know our mum would happily live there to take care of you in every way"

"I know, but life s a bit full right now"

"You wouldn t have it any other way"

"No, I wouldn t well not for a little while. When I feel I can step back a bit, Miriam will have her chance"

Rani stepped into the office from the kitchenette with a tray of coffee mug. Tall for an Indian, girl she clearly took after her dad Imran, her slim figure and waist length plaited hair and silky chocolate skin made her a head turner. To day she d come in in tight jeans and crop top. She padded bare foot round the office. Seeing Arthur she made sure to smile, she d heard her dad s plans and cringed inside. It was fine for boss man to be fucking nana, but she could never feel at ease with or glad of his attention. But she knew well enough to keep her feelings to her self.

As she set the coffee mugs down Arthur pulled Rani by her waist to him then kissed her with a passionate force devoid of love. Arthur released the top button of her jeans and pushed a hand down into her lacy panties. Two fingers curled up to push into her. The motion with both swift and deliberately forceful. He pulled his hand up to force her onto her toes and gasp in both shock and discomfort. She could see her dad sitting back with a half smile on his face.

Arthur ended his assault on Rani s loins as swiftly as he d launched it. It had been nothing to do with the girl, it was however a little reminder to Imran that he could as he wanted, when he wanted.

With that as Imran dismissed Rani from his office Arthur sat back down on the edge of the desk picked up his coffee and resumed discussing business matters.

Alex Brand

His dad s early departure and absence from breakfast had not gone unnoticed. Nor had his mum s distracted state. Yet Alex used to his parent s busy lives this didn t register as much out of the ordinary.

While his sister was a couple of years below him he shared most of his classes and groups with his cousin Josh. Neither of them particularly excelled but neither was particularly bad, Alex had tried to find his place as an all rounder. He preferred the science and maths over history and social studies while Josh was very hands on like his dad enjoying the art and wood work.

Today Josh seemed on a bit of a high, having fucked his little sis and mum the night before. That always cheered him up and put him in a good mood. Alex had been less full on with his mum yet made the most using the vibrator on her in the shower. He did however tell Josh in the strictest of confidence that he could have sworn his mum had been fucking earlier. Josh had stated that he was certain it hadn t been his dad as he would have said some thing at dinner.

The classes had been the usual mix of half boring and OK. They had seen two kids openly beaten with rulers on their bare backsides for misbehaviour in class, which in all fairness was pretty average. At lunch break the school yard had been a bit of frenzy when 9 kids 5 boys and 4 girls from aged 7 to 11 from two poly families had gone at it in an arranged fight on the playing field. Josh and Alex had been following the shit stirring and lead up on Kidscape last night. The fight had been broken up only after the two main protagonist boys had inflicted black eyes and split lips on each other. Their siblings had scored pretty evenly as well. Parents had eventually been called to extract kid s with one week suspensions from the cooling off room.

PE had been a typically rough game of foot ball with mixed teams of boys and girls. Neither him nor Josh had scored. But they had had some feeling up fun and pissing in the showers with their classmates. No one had batted an eye lid, let alone the supervising teachers over a couple of quick wet fucks, that taken place.

By four ish when Cassy turned up to collect both Alex and Josh were up for some rough stuff on the mats.


For Cassy the day had been a bit more circumspect. She couldn t deny she was still on a bit of a buzz over yesterdays business trip with David. But she d kept her feelings in check and her composure despite a couple of exchanges of very explicit text messages even when they could see each other across the office. She d found her self wanting to feel him inside her again unloading and keeping going. When she texted her panties were off Dave had been able to contrive a quick look.

Amid that her text to Andy asking when he d be home was responded with a "late not sure when x". It had brightened up when Dave had suggested a second trip next week to audit two more schools. He d figured that word of yesterday s checks would get round and catering managers would be making sure their accounts were in order. So subsequent checks should he easier, not that they d factor in any less time for it. It total Coalbridge had four high schools 10 junior schools a higher education college and a small University. The university was out side the education authority remit, the rest kept Cassy and her colleagues more than busy enough. It was almost with a sense of disappointment when she left to pick up her and her in – laws kids.

15 Pankration

Greek Pankration as a recognised sport had grown along side the liberal revolution and the naked sports movement that started in the late 40s. Its offshoots had led on one hand to the excesses of hard core televised wrestling and the brutality of MMA and on the other hand the much gentler artistic celebration popularise in the health and naturism movement.

In the Panc Clubs movement the emphasis was on the martial arts and fitness side under the banner of the no shame ethos.

Tonight Alex and Josh were among the class of 30 or so naked kids from 6 to 12 warming up with stretching and aerobic exercises. Cassy noted that the majority of the watching parents had smart phones in their hands either on social media or taking photos and vids of the class. When she messaged David with a shot of Tina and Indigo he replied casually that Linda was at the other Panc Club with Tom tonight.

From warm up, they moved to pad work for close in punching and knee strikes. After this came the training on the holds locks and throws that lay at the core of Pankration.

The kids were paired of by height and build to practice this mixed the boys and girls quite well. Cassy watched as Alex paired with a taller yet slimmer girl with nicely budding breasts and long blond hair tied back in a lose pony tail. It was clear that neither of them was averse to getting a quick feel of areas not proscribed in the training. In all fairness that seemed to apply to most of the participants. The instructors had taken care not to pair Tina with Indigo following some previous incidents that left both with black eyes. That s not to say either went lightly on the larger boys they were paired with. Some times it was clear that spirit counted along side size. They did however let the two girls have a 3 minute bout. Cassy noted that their respective training partners cheered them on rather more volubly than would be expected. The two boys then exercised the same energy on each other in their bout. Much to the delight of both sets of parents who loudly cheered them on.

In general the final sparring sessions were a bit more brutal with body blows permitted and some pretty vigorous grappling. After an hour of training and full on grappling the kids were all slick with sweat and in many cases sporting new bruises. Some just slipped on trainers to go to their cars others did bother to dress a bit.

In the back of her car Cassy noted that they all seemed to be very handsy as she headed home. Pulling into the drive way the four cousins all but dashed into the house leaving Cassy to follow along with school bags, gym bags and assorted items of clothing.

As she struggled in and kicked the door closed behind her Cassy could see a meagre trail of foot wear and what little clothing they had worn from the club in the hall way. They had turned the TV to the Hard Candy Kids channel not that any them were taking much notice. Tina was lying on Josh in an intense 69 as Alex hungrily licked and fingered Indigo as she squatted over his face. Along with the days flirting and the realisation that Andy would probably come home exhausted yet again. Cassy dropped all she was carrying then dumped her dress, sandals and bra on top of the pile before retrieving a black vibrator from a kitchen drawer and making her self comfortable on an arm chair, watching the youthful orgy in front of her.

Alex s lovely boy cock stood proud as Indigo ground her smooth pussy on his face. He spread her checks to give his tongue better access to her slit and anus. Cassy could see Tina slip a finger into Josh s anus as she sucked him skilfully. For his part Josh knew what he was doing, licking Tina s clit and returning the favour on her anus. Cassy watched as she worked her own cunt with the buzzing phallus.

When Indigo was ready she got off Alex and lay back on a cushion spreading her legs in invitation for fucking. Alex did not need to be asked twice and was readily in and on her. They fucked with pure happy noisy abandon. Soon Tina was on all fours with Josh holding her hips and pounding from behind. Absorbed in her own pleasure Cassy never heard her phone ding for Andy s apology text.

After Josh and Alex had both released their thin seedless boy juice into their cousins. They sat back stoking each other as Tina and Indigo with out any prompting from Cassy engaged in some surprisingly passionate and tender girl love. Bringing each other quite easily to a second gasping completion with fingers tongues and lips. Alex and Josh supplemented their stroking with mutual oral pleasure.

As the kids settled back to recover and watch TV. Cassy left her now sticky vibrator on the armchair and set about sorting some dinner.

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Obsessed Land Chapters 11-15

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