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Obsessed Land Chapters 16-20

Categories Fiction, Hardcore, Group Sex, Young

Author: Swamp Dog

Published: 10 February 2019

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16 Extended Family – Saint Stephen s

At Saint Stephens Anglic Spiritualist chapel the rector s wife, Mary, busied herself with the midweek service preparations. Back in the rectory kitchen her husband Ezra read over his sermon notes. In the chapel on the low stage their son and nephew strummed and tuned their guitars as the music group leader readied her key board and ran through the music order. Mary adjusted the chairs and their associated floor cushions. The soft carpet was warm and familiar under her bare feet. The shoe rack by the door was clear for parishioners footwear. Above which were the King William books of Gia and New Testament.

Her husband entered from the vestry in his dark trousers and black shirt. The simple open lectern as tradition demanded was situated on a wooden plinth. At the front of the chapel over a low alter table was the combined cross and tree of hope which symbolizing father God s gift and mother earth. Two naked figures, very clearly male and female, with up – raised arms carved into wooden relief panels stood either side, their hands nearly touching at the base of the tree. Their feet barely an inch from the floor.

About 15min before the first of the congregation was due to arrive, Mary, Ezra and the musicians paused to exchange deep kisses and gentle touches. Ezra slipped a hand inside Mary s simple dress to touch her crotch bare beneath while her son and nephew touched her breasts as they kissed. Soon after the couple on the usher rota arrived then stood by the door to greet the evening s congregation.

The Wednesday evening service was always popular with older parishioners it was also intentionally more open and relaxed. The Friday 8pm service was of a similar format yet by contrast brought in a younger crowd of the faithful. 80 chairs had been laid out in a split arc 16 wide by five deep. Ezra stood by the lectern with Mary sat beside him. As expected there was a good mix of inclinations and family types. A brother and sister were sat with their joint husband, there were two four adult bi poly groups and 4 single gender couples. Plus a few male female couples and mix of single men and women plus some older parent and off spring couples. Among tonight’s gathering were chapel regulars Janice and Amber, both had slipped off their sandals at the entrance and were appropriately loosely dressed for the service.

Ezra had a good idea of which these pairs were sexually involved he had provided support and counselling for quite a few of them. Last to arrive as Ezra took his place was a very ordinary family of thirty some thing mum and dad with the boy and girl both under 8. The ushers at the door took a moment to talk to them then shrugged their shoulders and showed them to the shoe rack then chairs in the rear most row. The ushers, who were a male to female trans non op couple sat near the young family.

Ezra opened the service with the litany of thanks for the earth and its abundance, at the heart of the service was God s blessing of land, body and soul. The congregation responded through the opening. Ezra s 15minute address was after the first song. He kept the tone spiritually sound reiterating the message of charity and compassion to strangers especially in the light of the on going Black Sea refuge crisis. Towards the end he reminded the congregation that at the heart of love was acceptance of each other and our selves. Wrapping up the sermon he looked to Mary and the worship group. She now stood up beside him.

Together from memory they began the invocation. "We rejoice in the beauty of creation and our perfection before God"

The congregation replied. "Our perfection in young and old"

Ezra continued "We rejoice in the abundance of our identity and our sexuality"

To which came "Man and woman with nothing hidden or feared"

Ezra "With no shame in fellowship we declare, affirm, display and rejoice"

The music now welled to carry the attendant response. " With no shame we declare we are made perfect"

Ezra looked out the expectant faces. "Let us display our perfection"

The congregation, bidden by Mary stood. As the music struck up Mary undid her dress and allowed it to fall to the floor leaving her naked. Ezra undid two buttons securing a flap on his trousers it fell free leaving his genitals fully exposed. From this he slowly meticulous undressed. As suited each person the congregation each revealed. Males began by displaying their genitals and women their pussys.

Led by Ezra the chapel proclaimed "We are grateful for our sexuality, to be channels of the life given by Father God and sustained by Mother Earth"

The men and women then removed the top part of their clothing. Mary now led, cupping her bare breasts she called the the shared litany "We provide, we sustain, then with hands out stretched we work to release and share our mother s providence"

She then reached down and clearly slid two fingers into her self as the women followed suit and the men took hold of their penises and balls. Together they called "With out shame we bring pleasure and release we express our passion and love freely and with out judgement. "

Each person then reached left and right to touch and stimulate the genitals of those to the left and right.

Ezra watched a while stroking him self then with the sexual tension at near boiling point he called

"You may unite freely in love as your hearts take you, respecting and loving"

The congregation simply opened up in free sexual expression with their family members and fellow parishioners. This included the young family, neatly folding their clothes and placing them under or on chairs. Others removed trousers or skirts then unbuttoned blouses and shirts. Then they just moved or swayed to the music as their spirit took them.

Behind the words on the screen above the music group were images of arousal and passionate unions. Ezra and Mary watched as men rose to the moment.

Stepping up Mary announced "Embrace and rejoice, kiss with all the passion you feel, you are set free"

As they played each musician briefly paused to undress, then resumed playing. Mary moved amid the congregation. She felt brief caresses not just from hands, the oldest member a woman in her 80s was sat with her legs spread wide as her son a man in late middle age licked her pussy and anus she held his head as she softly moaned and hummed to the music. The two kids danced in front of the music group as the mother clutched the back of the chair in front to steady her self to her husband s thrusts. There was no hesitation or shame just the open immediate union. Mary walked back past them, Ezra still stood by the lectern total naked now and erect, she lay down facing the carvings and placed her bare feet so she touched both figures.

She looked up to see Ezra standing over her. The minister knelt to straddle her face then lay on top to place them in a 69. His cock felt familiar and comfortable in her mouth as they proceeded to orally pleasure each other. In the background. The music group stopped playing. At the keyboard the worship leader selected a soft back ground track then went round to receive the attention of the guitar players, In her mind before any one else got their hands on them

The two young men had set their guitars aside and were lips locked in a passionate clinch as they caressed each others buttocks and cocks. The group leader got on her knees and set about sucking and licking them both.

Soon the chapel resonated with the sounds of passion and pleasure of all combinations. Amid this Janice straddled Ambers face as she sucked a single man in his 40s to a sticky end over his face. Mother and daughter then got up and positioned them selves as available either side of Mary as Ezra made love to her.

17 Andy

Andy was still in a meeting with union representatives over the change to working practices. He knew Morgan would be in soon for the hand over meeting. It should been with the afternoon shift manager but he d called in sick due to stress. Andy felt tempted, not for the first time to do likewise. But he knew he couldn t and wouldn t allow him self that release. Instead he found himself regurgitating for the umpteenth time his reasons for the changes along with the business benefit. He admitted openly that there hadn t been enough time to launch change committee or develop an engagement strategy. Thankfully after two hours of going round in circles he began to see some relenting in the union rep position be it from simple exhaustion.

Morgan arrived all too bright and chipper at 8pm, with a manner that did not seem entirely sincere he d taken on board Andy s plans with a few changes to take into account the night shift structure. Andy was too tiered to care or dig deeper. The plant and operation managers above him were giving him plenty of room to manuver as long as output and quality were OK. For the most part they seemed interested in planning business trips to European customers and various suppliers. Rumour had it that their expenses often had some interesting items under entertainment.

Before finishing as was always his habit Andy walked round the plant checking on day shift house keeping and general tidiness. He couldn t help but notice the growing explicitness of desk top and wall mounted calendars. In a number of cases, as was the current trend, staff had produced their own versions with pictures of family members nearly all included sexual activity or sexually open nudity. He remembered the TV ads for personalised card and calendar printing services. In the past he might have lingered over some of them. In the goods in area he noted that Morgan had been implemented improved floor marking and tracking had been taken on board by the day shift team. Andy finally left as Morgan began his start of shift team briefing.

By the time he got home he barely had the energy left to eat before he fell into a heavy sleep on the couch. Cassy once again turned to her phone and Dave s attentiveness as he waited for Linda to return.

When Janice arrived around 10 to collect Josh and Indigo, Andy was fast asleep Cassy was red from heavy toy use when she let her sister in law in, the kids had the sense not too make too much noise as they left. Janice had looked at her brother with genuine concern, she also noted Cassy s preoccupation and the tell tale signs down below.

18 Thursday

It was with a spirit of anticipation and suppressed excitement that Cassy arrived at work. That morning Andy had left with the most perfunctory of kisses he headed back to work in a manner of some one starting a new day with out having finished with the day before.

Though Dave was keen to get going with the next audit, he had insisted that Cassy spent more time writing up the results of the previous accounts assessment. The county council had been tightening up on audit quality since a recent review of Hospital catering services had failed to spot irregulaites that had come to light in a national fraud case. Cassy s passion had been some what dimmed when she had opened up the compressed email file of audit documentation David had sent her. After wracking her brains trying to make sense of it, with David having disappeared to other meetings. Her demeanour had gone from flirtatious to frosty when she saw him at lunch.

Her own demeanour was in contrast to some of her colleagues who by Thursday mid day were already in a weekend mind set. Many treated Friday mornings as a formality they had to endure. Jemma was yet again pushing the limits on clothing rules with skirt bordering on being a belt. Only a fringe of white tassels on the front guaranteed her modesty to a point. Though she could not blame the girl for going bare foot and availed her self of the same comfort.

At around three Dave emailed Cassy to see him in his office with draught copies of the reports, for a chat. Cassy had started off cautious but brightened up when Dave promised that they would make an early start tomorrow to hit a primary school in Sutton. When she asked if it would be just the one school, Dave’s reply had been at best vague.

Amber Ellis

Amber shouldered her ruck sack and walked quickly through the concrete maze of Sutton Community college. Her course books and folders for the day jutted uncomfortably into her back. By 3pm she was already tired and just wanted a long soak in the bath before the rest of her family got home. To avoid attracting attention be it unwanted and otherwise she dressed sensibly in hikers sandals, skinny jeans and baggy hooded sweatshirt. She d managed to hand in the last of her assignments to day and had begun to delve into her revision plan. Last night s service at St Stephen s with her mum had been a nice break from evenings of study.

It was with mixed relief that she spotted a local college friend at the bus stop. The mixed feeling were more to do with Patty s ability to talk incessantly and loudly. Patty a compact afro Caribbean girl with beaded plaited hair, designer ripped jeans and pot leaf T shirt grinned widely as Amber approached.

Boarding the bus they sat behind a father and his young son, both engrossed in a family vid they were watching on a tablet pc. Patty rambled on switching subjects and going off on tangents that left Amber s orderly mind struggling to keep up. As the bus turned into Lincoln Park Patty dug into her over sized sports bag and gave Amber a crumpled flyer for ; Student Night at Charlie s Night Club on Canal Street.

"Come on Amber you gotta go some time honney, all the crew are there on Friday nights"

"Patty I ve got revision, may be after exams"

"It s one night"

"And Saturdays I ve got a shift at the supermarket"

"You still gotta live a bit honney"

"Maybe. I wont promise any thing, just maybe, I think about it"

Patty seemed a bit happier with Amber s last response. As her stop neared she kissed Amber with more passion than even she had really intended, but was delighted by Amber s obvious appreciation of the gesture.

As Amber watched Patty hop off the bus, she knew full well of her own reputation as a sensible, focused, daddy s girl. Though each day she exchanged some flirtatious texts with her dad or just down right explicit pictures. But it was true she didn t get out much and hadn’t enjoyed the pleasure of some one closer to her age, with the exception of her brother, that’s when Indigo wasn t consuming his attention and what ever else he could provide.

Soon, she was closing the front door behind her, the lock clicking reassuringly. She left her sandals by the door then dashed up stairs to get the bath running before she undressed in her small room. She paused on the landing to take a naked selfie which she sent to her dad. Later as she enjoyed the pleasures of the bath, Amber realised that; the picture, the often explicit flirting and the sexual activity with her dad was to her as automatic and instinctive as breathing, it had become simply what she did. There was no way she d want her dad as a life partner, but she also loved him and shared that love as part of normal family life. It was that realisation that made her determined to loosen certain ties and start finding and nurturing new emotional and intimate connections beyond her immediate family. When her fingers found her magic spot, Patty was on her mind.

Simon Ellis

Around the same time as his sister had finished for the day at college. Simon was heading home with a group of high school friends through the fields of Harris Sports Centre. Lately he d been hanging back, for as long as he could remember he d been seen as laid back and non conformist it had been an easy role for him, but while his friends continued to complain about police surveillance and the often heavy handed enforcement of drugs policy. Simon found himself in greater agreement with the Police and the state in general. He felt safe in Coalbridge, he had nothing to hide and wanted less and less to do with those who did. While he seemed to connect better his mum than his dad, he had always found his father s steady confidence and patience a rock in his life, though he felt more than ever that he d been unable to express it clearly to his dad. His younger brother seemed to embody more of his dad s hands on forthrightness. Yet while Simon was less at ease with the contact sports, he had nurtured a distance runner s stamina and some what more discreetly, well as discretely as was possible in an open family, had worked on his upper body strength as well. His mum had remarked on his firmer arms and chest the last time they had sex.

He let his friends draw further ahead absorbed in their banter, then he headed across the playing field for a bus stop opposite the sports centre. About an hour later Simon pushed open the door of the Joint Forces Recruitment Centre on Market Street.


Some times a day can seem unreal. When all your used to is back to back drama, having an easy time of it can be a shock to the system. Today was going well, the shop stewards were co – operating, the mouthier operators on the A and B day shift were just getting on with the job. Even the quality controllers in their chart covered office seemed happier. Come lunch time Andy felt for the first time in ages that he had room to think. Feeling as if his phone was burning a hole in his pocket he tapped out a text to his wife.

"Cassy my love, sorry I ve been so distant for so long. I haven t meant to shut you out, just what I ve had to deal with has been for me alone to face. I hope you understand that. Can we take a trip out on Saturday all of us out to the coast, to Baylor Beach. Pack a picnic and we ll make a special day of it. I love you soo much. Andy xxxx"

With that sent he went back to his resource planning and scheduling. Last week end was the last weekend overtime for a number of operators and setters. Shift changes would be evening out the load. He knew certain individuals would not be taking it well. But change has to come and overall the wage bill would be reduced. This weekend there would a smaller C shift of operators and fitters overseen by a recently appointed foreman. This had not been his choice, the new foreman Bob was a friend of a senior manger and no some one who inspired much confidence. Andy took his time preparing a handover and planning package for the weekend, this would leave him with just a few updates.

Despite it being Friday Andy s boss had scheduled an update and planning review for tomorrow afternoon. Piers had been away on another jolly, errr business trip, to secure more work from Holland and Belgium. Rather than leave things till Monday he had seemed from his emails and calls to yet again be over flowing with bull shit and bluster.


Having been too lost in the day s issues it wasn t until she was nearly done that Cassy saw the message from Andy. She could see he was trying and aware, so sent a suitably appreciative response. The morning s machinations had darkened her feeling towards Dave a bit so she certainly felt less conflicted than she might have done.

A bit later as she walked to her car to collect Alex and Tina from their after school clubs she spotted her nephew Simon walking from the direction of Market Street.

Linda Kimbel

In Linda s sense of self, being part of management couple put her and Dave a cut above lesser workers. While her husband tried to get along by affability and persuasion. Linda thrived on conflict and tension. At the council offices Dave was one of the team facilitating his staff to meet the goals. In her kingdom Linda was the boss and made sure people knew it. She also made sure people knew her husband was a boss as well and what a great team they made.

At home she was less charitable yet none the less possessive. To compensate for the failings she saw in her husband Linda was determined to make sure her kids were cut from a different cloth. She d not written off her daughter Lucy as a soft prissy daddy s girl. Though Tom had been her personal project for a while she was determined that they should have uninhibited drive and not be afraid of aggression. What ever Dave s thoughts on the matter she d made plans for the weekend. The kids and her would be visiting family in Birmingham, to be honest Dave would just get in the way, he wasn t part of her tribe as she saw it. Her two brother s polyamrous family were another matter. They had stayed together and cross married two local women. The fact that both her sister s in law were happy to be house wives, was fine in Linda s eyes as she kept her top bitch position. That despite 8 kids between them they kept home so well was an added bonus in her mind. They knew their place.

To night they d be taking one of their regular trips to Sutton. At around 5 Linda picked Tom and his sister up from their after school club.

As he clambered into the front passenger seat of her SUV, Linda greeted her son with an intensely passionate making sure their tongues played briefly Lucy was greeted similarly as she got in the back. Rather than head home, Linda drove to a petrol station on the Leicester Road were they went to the toilets to get changed. Linda from her business suit and kitten heels to a strapless one piece with a wide belt and trainers her sensible panties replaced with a thong, Tom into shorts, T shirt and trainers. Lucy similarly dressed in tight dress that stopped high. They then drove to the station car park where Linda made sure her car was parked in a well monitored area. Taking some cash and a spare cheap mobile phone in a small duffel bag. Then headed over the canal foot bridge and into Sutton.

Linda had felt that their safe comfortable middle class life was making them all soft. Her kids shouldn t be screened from the rougher side, so excursions like this helped change their perspectives. She also loved the buzz on the rougher streets of Sutton away from the normal monitored safety of Coalbridges urban sprawl north of the canal..

Sex workers from 18 to 80 openly plied their trade, some stood by their own front doors, with their kids close by. Others in shop unit door ways were part of cooperatives working each with a work space, in some cases living in the maisonette flat above. The working mums and dads would entertain punters in their lounges or bed rooms, often their clients requested that the kids watch normally for no extra charge, participation always cost more. As direct child prostitution was illegal less scrupulous or more desperate workers would hire kids to have around. Many of these came from the immigrant and refugee community. A reliable source was the manageress of the two Refugee Relief charity shops.

Finally Linda led her kids through a narrow alley separating two rows of back to back terraced houses. This was Lucy s first time here, she looked around nervously. Shouting and swearing from a raging domestic argument startled her followed by a crash and further screams. On poles towering over the alley the remains of two shattered cameras hung useless.

Linda turned confidently into a gated back garden. Behind her, h9lding Lucy s hand Tom felt his excitement grow and rubbed his young swell unconsciously.

Looking at her brother "Tommy what is this?"

"Its OK its mummy getting a different kind of fucking, not like dad does, this is mum s rough fuck. Its pretty cool and I get to fuck a pakki lady or pakki kid too"

"Will I get fucked?"

"Naa Lucy I don t think so, mum says she wants you to watch to see what real men are like. "

They walked the back kitchen door of the shabby terraced house, sat at the table in a head scarf and grubby saree with her left breast exposed was an old South Indian woman. She smiled up in greeting at Linda and held out her hand.

Linda’s proffered small fold of notes disappeared into a kitchen drawer, the woman then called out in Hindi. Linda turned to look at Lucy, then crouched to adjust her daughters short dress. Pulling it up to ensure the lower portion of Lucy s bum and her crotch were just visible. She kissed her daughter full on the lips them stood just as the door to the house was opened by an Indian woman in her 30s dressed in denim sorts and a crop top. Linda introduced her as Arla, she greeted Linda and Tom with a hug and kiss along with a deliberate touch of the boy s crotch. Lucy was greeted similarly and felt a slight pinch of her buttocks.

She then led them into the hall way. Pausing by the door to the lounge Linda told her kids to sit on the couch already occupied my a barely dressed mahogany skinned girl of no more than 12. Tom smiled and entered eagerly sitting next to the girl and greeting her with woman s affection, the girls reaction was less sincere but not devoid of affection. Lucy was led in by the Arla. She could see her brother staring towards the door way. Without asking Arla picked up Lucy and sat next to Tom with Lucy on her lap. Lucy felt Alra s hand reach to her waist to undo the buttons of her cut off jeans. It was then that she saw an Indian man stood behind the door. He looked in this 20s with a full trimmed beard, a bit taller than her dad and with a far better toned body all he wore was a pair of black speedo trunks little if any thing was left to the imagination especially not his arousal. He winked at the kids then pressed a finger to lips to make sure they stayed quiet. They could see their mum readying her self. She hung her bag on hook in the hall. Then entered.

Linda stepped into the centre of the room her eyes fixed forward, behind her the man closed the door then steeped close.

"How s my white slut today, you been dreaming of my cock, slut" he whispered as one hand curled round her throat and the other her buttocks.

Linda pushed back against him, resisting enough to encourage greater force as he kissed her neck and whispered obscenities in her ear loud enough for the the room to hear, he pulled down the front of her dress exposing her breasts. His cock swelled quickly behind her.

On the couch Tom, fully aroused was paying the girl he was sat with similar attention. They undressed each other quickly freely casting away clothes, before she straddled him on the couch his fingers probing her anus and pussy as their mouths locked in tongue intensive union. Lucy on the the other had was soon facing the back of the couch with Aral s face buried between her cheeks. Tickelling Lucy s anus with her tongue as she worked two fingers in her.

As Linda was stripped and pushed up against the wall to be fucked. Tom and the girl fucked in the seated position and Lucy found her self pushed into a heavier lesbian encounter that left no hole unexplored.

19 Friday


For Trish and Mandy finishing at 4am marked the start of their weekends. Mandy was relieved to put the week behind her and focus on some real family time. For Trish before any rest she just wanted some gym time as much as she loved her wife, their sex life these days was poor at best and non – existent at worst. Sam did what she could but her tremors and general wasted state made her clumsy in giving attention and unresponsive unless high when receiving it. For a muscular physical woman like Trish the frustration was often difficult to hide. This morning she hit the gym with the intention of pulling, as Sam was not working on Saturday she d stay zoned out in bed for longer so Trish had more freedom with her time.

Saul’s location and 24 hour opening, made it popular with the door and bar staff as well as night shift workers. When Trish arrived, she recognised a young bar maid also about to start her work out. What should have taken an hour for both of them was reduced to half an hour, followed by a warm up in the shower and the main event at the bar maid s flat. By the time Trish was dressed again and jogging home, Morgan was heading for the changing room at Saul s.


Morgan knew that there was no going back, he d had a call that he d be meeting his new ware house assistant at Saul s on Friday morning. This wasn t a request or a suggestion it was a statement of fact. As he was getting changed Ryan the gym s night manager appeared by Morgan s side.

"Hi Morgan, there s some one in my office you need to meet"

With that he led Morgan through the discrete back door to his office. Anita was perched on the edge of the desk. Her waist length dark hair tied back in a lose pony tail, tight jeans trainers and a baggy T shirt. She smiled broadly and sweetly, yet some how, some where, in the back of his mind

Morgan felt like a rat meeting a petite charming cat.

Anita stretched out her hand. "Hi I m Anita, the agency is sending me to work for you, to help with special deliveries"

"Nice to meet you, I m Morgan night shift manager, yea I could do with some help"

"I think we can handle more in goods in"

"Yea I got that idea from our mutual friends" What ever the situation, Anita trusted her natural caution, best see how Morgan would play. "What time do you want me to start Sunday?"

"Get there for 8pm with your paper work and certs, security will tell you where to go. Make sure your wearing steel toe capped boots. "

Ryan interjected "It might be best to discuss here what you don t want overheard at the factory, I ve got stuff to deal with in the gym"

With that he stepped out, closing the lap top on his desk as he went past. The camera and microphone concealed in a desk speaker captured the conversation the pc gave no indication that is was on and recording.

Morgan felt he could relax with Ryan out of the room, Anita s position ensured he remained in clear view of the camera as he chatted to her.

"The goods come as part of protective packaging for cast gear box housings from Holland. In goods in you’ll be unpacking the castings, checking a few features with a gauge and placing the parts on trollies for the machine shop"

"You ll show me how to take the measurements?" Anita queried.

"Yea I ll train you up and give an inspectors stamp, that’s not a problem. Before the packing is recycled we extract the product. Normally I’ve been doing that, but I need some one I can trust now so we can bring in more"

"So what do the goods look like when they come in?" Anita knew the answer she d done the separation often enough for Arthur. But she had to play her part, let Morgan think he was in control.

"They protect the castings with bags of polystyrene granules that are also meant to be a desiccant. Mixed in with the polystyrene granules are the white product granules. In water the polystyrene floats and the product dissolves. The castings make detection harder. "

Anita nodded and remembered Ryan dropping off the bags for clean up at her home.

"So I ll have to separate the bags, then what?"

"I ve made sure the recycling bins for packaging to go back to Holland aren t covered by cameras, its safe to hide them in a sports bag from there"

"So I ll sort it then take it when I go home"

"Yea that’s the idea"

Despite her reservations about dealing with Morgan, it made sense to Anita and took out a layer of handling. It also gave Arthur more control over Morgan through her.

"You sure I won t get hassle or bother from other staff?"

"No you ll be the only one in goods receipt after the forklift drivers done his unloading" This last answer from Morgan left her less than totally convinced, but for now it would do.

"See you Sunday"

With that she slipped off the edge of the desk and headed back to the gym. Morgan went back into the changing room, got into his shorts and hit the gym for a light work out.

Returning to the office, Ryan opened up his pc then checked and saved the recording on to a memory stick.


Sam knew when Trish was cheating on her, she was OK with Trish having some extra fun as long as she said something or involved her. But lately this was very infrequent if at all, coupled with Trish s shifts and the risk she was taking providing Sam with her medication, made her feel like more of a burden than ever before.

As Trish curled up under the covers, Sam felt she needed to get out and do something, just something, to justify being alive today. She wasn t scheduled for a Friday shift at the charity shop but, the afternoons would be busy so an extra pair of hands wouldn t go amiss. After a quick breakfast She slipped her sports bottle into her woven shoulder bag after taking a solid gulp to steady her nerves and left a shakily written note for Trish.

The other volunteers greeted her with varying degrees of genuine and faked warmth, some braced for a day cross checking to correct Sam s mistake. Of all the forced smiles Mary s seemed the widest and most strained. Rather than endure Sam for a whole day. She made a quick call, then with pious charm borne of 20 years a minister s wife. She convinced Sam that her help would be so much more valuable at the Sutton High street shop. She even gave Sam the bus fair from the till.

At first glance as she entered, the shop staff thought Sam was one of the more needful customers. Her worn features, slightly glazed expression and unsteady gait seemed to fit in well with the addicts in Sutton. But when she introduced her self, even through her perpetual haze Sam felt a softer more accepting tone in their manner.

Back in Kingsmead Mary was in her office. She checked the messages on her virtual encrypted network. There would be two Syrian refugee families plus five additional children arriving the following week. Her plan was simple, use official channels to provide accommodation and a minimal degree of financial support, then make sure they met the right people to draw them into the more profitable alternative labour and services market. Looking at the photos she assessed the potential of the younger individuals. In Sutton, some of them clearly had the potential to be good earners.

Not long after, her brother Arthur was reviewing another of Mary s carefully worded message. Even with encryption she was careful. Rather than add more to the aether, however garbled or temporary he would have a discussion on his next meeting with Raj.

20 Andy & MV Components

No matter what you do some one will be pissed off. The meeting with Morgan had gone well enough. His colleague had seemed pretty keen to get rolling with the revised night shift work pattern and introducing the new staff. The day shift had felt like two steps forward and one step back yet again. Most of morning was taken up with re – explaining the changes and reminding the foreman that they had in fact already signed all this off as good to go for their teams.

He had then spent the afternoon going over it again with Piers and two other senior managers. As he wandered if any of them had understood what the hell they had asked for and then agreed with. When they made it clear that "this had better work" Andy had realised how they would be presenting success or failure to the holding company bosses.

Thankfully Piers was gone by four, as there was no night shift on Friday and Saturday nights, Andy didn t have to stay for a shift hand over with Morgan. By five he was gone.

Some people can take change readily enough, for others losing overtime when its been an accepted part of your pay packet for a while is hard pill swallow. Add in a change to working practices and temporary lower skilled staff brought in. The pill becomes very bitter very quickly. Venting the bitterness provides a release of sorts as long as its done with thought and planning.

Towards the end of the Friday day shift, one setter on A shift and knew full well what a affect couple of adjusted digits would make in the lines of CNC code for one of the older Chester machining centres. He then left it for the C shift operator to encounter on Saturday morning.

Cassy & Andy

The familiar sound of Andy s car pulling up to the house was unfamiliar in its earliness even for a Friday. Cassy carried on preparing the kids tea. Tina was in just a crop top watching TV, Alex Cassy guessed was in his room. Andy came in pushed off his shoes dumped his jacket and lap top bag before scooping Tina up in his arms and kissing her with a deep passionate affection that had seemed a thing of the past. He carried Tina into the kitchen to greet Cassy. The passionate kiss with his wife soon became a brief tongue play with the three of them.

As they kissed Cassy felt Andy s arousal. Normally this wouldn t happen in a return from work greeting, if a greeting happened at all. Tina felt it as well and wriggled out her dad s arms to stand by him and release his cock from the confines of his trousers as her parents kissed. Cassy broke the kiss to some what breathlessly announce "dinner".

They sat at the table to a cold platter of meats, cheeses and salad all some what reddened by their initial excitements. Alex came down to see his parents sat naked next to each other and his sister leaning forward to grab some avocado slices, he felt him self stir at the view and gently patted his sister s backside as he sat down.

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Obsessed Land Chapters 16-20

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