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  1. Obsessed Land Chapters 1-5
  2. Obsessed Land Chapters 6-10
  3. Obsessed Land Chapters 11-15
  4. Obsessed Land Chapters 16-20
  5. Obsessed Land Chapters 21-25

Obsessed Land Chapters 21-25

Categories Fiction, Young, Hardcore, Violence

Author: Swamp Dog

Published: 10 February 2019

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This story is set in alternative reality world. Society s rules and morals are different. The concept of privacy, police powers and what the state has access to is also different. All characters are entirely fictional. Accept the story for what it is, a work of fiction.

The sexual activity presented here should not under any circumstances be copied or considered normal or acceptable. The story goes on for numerous chapters and is over 100 or so pages so far and is far from complete. It contains numerous characters all in some way connected, but not necessarily directly.

Rather than list what you will find. What you won t find is: Bestiality, Torture and Rape.

It is being posted in 5 chapter chunks. Some chapters don t have much if any sex.

Obsessed Land Chapters 21 – 25

21 Saturday

MV Components

This weekend it would be C shift on the shop floor the shift pattern rota gave them a shorter week at the expense of Saturday and Sunday, today they were down on skilled setters so some of the operators would be running their batches on machines present the day before. The large Chester machining centre was a pale blue and white cabinet with a three by three meters base and about two meters high. Operators loaded parts through a sliding door into the three jaws of a heavy duty chuck. The machine was not the most advanced of its type but it was solid, dependable and could take heavier turned components.

In the shift manager s office Bob Walder was getting ready to go back out on the shop floor. He d already briefed the foreman shift operators and handed out job cards. He noted with a degree of irritation that a couple of his operators were running too close to the clock. But as they weren’t late he said nothing.

Before he got up, Piers, puffed up with self importance and a sense of condescension at having come in on a Saturday morning to check on the plebs. Walked into the office and sat in Andy s chair. From his brief case he extracted a bottle of Dutch brandy and handed it to Bob,

"Don t just sit there Bob, be a good chap and fetch a couple of glasses"

Bob knew this would not be a brief visit. He was meant to be and would rather have been out on the shop floor. But he knew he owed his position to Piers. Last year he had been perfectly happy as a quality inspector, but when his wife had benefited from a generous inheritance, both keen golfers they had been able at last to afford membership of Westlake golf club and a rather nice little sports car. His, as ever class conscious wife had seen this as a chance to move up in the world. At the club they encountered Piers and his wife Penny.

With almost shameless aspiration Bob s wife had latched onto Piers and Jenny as well jumping into their bed with a gusto unseen before by Bob. Piers had enjoyed being able to big him self up. Initially Bob had been impressed but now it was wearing thin. The promotion had been his wife s doing as much as anything else, he knew who should have received it, but with thankful that his foreman Jim was remaining professional and focused.

Now he sat back sipped the spirits and endured Piers s self important guff.

At the bench by the Chester machine, John the operator looked at the job card and trays of cast components waiting to be machined. Inwardly he groaned, he knew this job all too well. Each component would need to be manually turned round twice in the chuck. The hard brittle steel would be awash with a flood of cutting fluid, to cool the work piece and flush away the fine sharp swarf. Making it hard to see what was going on.

Today he d only just clocked in on time with seconds to spare. He d been woken early by the activities of his husband and wife getting amorous, then had partaken of the bi threesome as their youngest son had walked in, he d not joined in as such but had happily watched his two daddy’s and one mummy doin it. This has ensured no one got any more sleep.

He glanced round, Bob the shift manager was nowhere to be seen. The two remaining setters were both tied up at the other end of the shop – floor on a production cell with the newer Bridgend Tools CNC machining centres. From the bottom his tool box he extracted a small metal block. This would go between the doors safety interlocks, enabling him to keep it open so he could see more clearly what the Chester was doing in its cycle for the first couple of parts.

As John loaded the first component he cursed the stains on his safety glasses and push them with out thinking up onto his head. Pressing the start button he watched the machine begin its cycle used a brush to help keep spirals of clear of spinning metal. The first and second cuts seemed fine to he moved back a bit and glanced at the machines display panel. He looked back just as the third tool went beyond its normal limits cutting a too deep into the cast body. As the component sheared and spun off the chuck jaws struck the cutter which shattered under the impact. Metal and carbide fragments were propelled like grenade fragments. With the door closed it would have been contained easily enough, With his safety glasses on John would have just been a bit shaken. As it was amid the shards that struck his face and arms a fragment the size of a small finger nail pierced his unprotected left eye destroying his sight in an agonising instant. John screamed and fell back clutching at his face with hands slick with cutting fluid, blood and fine metal shavings as other ricocheting fragments clattered and pinged around.

A number of his colleagues rushed to assist and called for the first aider. It took them a moment to realise that the only qualified responder was Bob the shift manager. Bob and Piers were both nearly at the bottom of their second glasses of dark spiced rum when an apprentice setter burst into the office.

"Bob, there s been an accident by the Chester, Johns hurt bad!"

Bob dashed out of the office, immediately feeling the affects of the rum. Piers paused, discreetly put the glasses in a drawer the bottle in his briefcase before striding out with what he imagined to be a manner of calm authority. He arrived to find Bob attending to the injured operator. The Chester had been stopped and isolated at its power supply. An ambulance had been called.

"Bob" Piers snapped, "You go with this chap to hospital"

He looked round at the distracted and concerned staff. "The rest of you stop gawking and get back to work. "

He then reached for his phone and dialled Andy.

Bod focused as best he could on the injured operator. He administered an emergency eye wash that left him horrified and sick when he saw one of the fragments washed out. With shaky hands he applied a wound dressing tried to comfort John. The ambulance took about 15 mins on Piers s instructions Bob accompanied John.


Cassy was in preparing the picnic lunch for the trip to the coast when Andy s phone which had been left on dining table went off. With out a second thought she answered.

"He?lo, Andrew Brands phone"

Piers voice boomed from the speaker. "Where s Andrew, get hi now"

"Who is this"

"Its his boss, I need to speak to him now"

"He s in the shower he ll call you back"

"No! I want to speak to him now get him"

Cassy could feel a rage well up within her, but she kept calm and took the phone up to Andy

Placing her hand over the mic she distracted Andy from his shower with Tina and Alex.

Five minutes later with a look of utter dejection Andy was dried off and getting dressed. Cassy let rip.

"Just for fucking once can t you say no?"

"Not this time there s an operator in hospital the shift managers gone with him. So I need to get

over there"

"Can t Piers handle it?"

"No he won t he sees it as my fault it happened, Sorry Cassy I wanted to go to the beach but I can t, I just can t"

With that closing statement Andy left.

With in minutes Cassy was venting her frustration in explicit detail, on line. Dave s phone pinged moments later.


He already knew about Cassy s plans and with Linda away with the kids he d been anticipating a weekend of gardening, takeaways and watching the football on TV, not a bad way to spend the weekend. But now the garden could wait.

Making sure his tone was supportive, he texted Cassy "Hi Cassy saw your post, if you fancy some company at the beach I m more than happy to help. Dave x"

Before replying to Dave Cassy texted Andy, "Sorry I lost my rag, I m taking kids to the beach, meeting up with a colleague down there, hope that’s OK with you, see you later Xxx"

Even before seeing Andy s response knowing he d still be driving. She messaged Dave, "We"ll be at Baylor beach. Text us when you get there be great to see you Cassy I appreciate your help xxx"

Cassy s post was also seen by her sister in law, at 9 Janice was still in bed. Martin was dozing next to her. Mornings like this had become a rarity but his partner was handling business at the garage this morning. Jan felt her anger stir at the self entitled tone of Cassy s post. Rather than respond, or suggest any thing that would disrupt her own family time, she messaged Andy to see how he was and left it at that. Cassy could sort her self out today.

22 Andy MV Components

Seething, Andy was at MV components in about 20 minutes. Piers was in the car park waiting for him. Before he could ask for details Piers assailed him.

"Your damn lucky I was here checking on things, took charge of the situation, sent Walder off in the ambulance with the injured guy. He wasn t ready for a situation like this you should have been here guiding him until he was ready. Any way, get in there, we ve lost too much production time as it is. Find out how the hell this could have happened. I want a report on desk first thing Monday. First thing not some time Monday afternoon"

Andy fought to contain his anger and frustration. "Piers, your the one who promoted Walder with out consulting me, he s managing this shift as per your instructions. "

Piers rounded on Andy "I find the talent its your job to develop and use it effectively, don t blame Bob Walder for your management failings or the failure of your health and safety processes. I m done talking, now do your bloody job"

With that Piers got into his Jaguar convertible and left. Andy saw the rear tyre clip the curb and a blue hatch back screech to a halt as he turned onto the street. So did the cameras. It was enough to trigger an automated closer monitoring response, alcohol and self important rage do little for the quality of any one s driving. About a mile from the golf club Piers heard the police cars siren and blue flashing lights. By 3pm he was back home by taxi with a notice to appear in court and a drink driving charge. His car with golf clubs still in the boot had been impounded. His mood has been bad before now.

At the country club Bob s wife had waited an hour for Piers then out of frustration she d joined two middle aged business men as a third for a round. By the 16th she d demonstrated why her handicap was so low and her opponents minds were very much on the after round activities at the No19 spa. By late afternoon all three were very much satisfied. This would be her first of many afternoons with her new found friends.

Out on the shop floor Andy was relieved to see Jim the foreman had taken charge. He had been Andy s choice for the promotion but knew he d been shafted by Piers, it also gave Andy a much needed ally in the current situation. Jim had cordoned off the area around the Chester to preserve evidence. Thankfully most of the operators were focused on their jobs, producing and checking the planned work packages. Before looking over the accident site Andy phoned Bob to see how the operator was.

Though Bob was clearly shaken, he confirmed that John had been blinded permanently in one eye. Andy was able to ascertain from him and in conjunction with Jim, that apart from the start of shift briefing, Bob had been holed up in his office with Piers.

A short while later he had a text message to from Bob that John s husband had turned up at the hospital so he was getting a taxi back to work.

23 Keith Evans

In some ways Keith realised being in a cell was easier than trying to work out what was happening to his life. His boss had been understanding and could see his point about innocent until proven guilty. His wife and mother – in – law had in contrast been his on line judge and jury. It had taken mediation by his friends to enable Keith to get his car and load it with what he could reasonably claim as his possessions while his family were out. His friends couch had sufficed for a couple of days. Then feeling that things couldn t get much worse, he d gone on Friday to the Sure Staff agency as suggested by Arthur. He wasn t really surprised when it seemed Indar the Sikh Indian manager had been expecting him. A cursory interview and a few phone calls later he was fixed up with basic digs in a shared maisonette flat above a kebab shop and told to come back in the afternoon to run some IT admin at the agency.

At the agency the work had been a simple enough check and tidy up. Though he had felt he was as much under scrutiny, by Raj who had taken over from Indar in the afternoon, as the operating system clean up had progressed. Raj s wife had popped in for a quiet word with Raj late in the afternoon. She had paid Keith little attention, but Raj had made it clear to Anita that Keith might well be helping out and providing IT support for a while.

Anita and Sunita

Quiet words was another extra job that Arthur would ask of his favourite Indians. The Saturday morning job was one that the sisters would have done quite happily for free but the extra cash was never unwelcome.

A certain business associate of Arthur s been in recent months a bit slow in payment for goods supplied. Anita and Sunita had been asked to have a quiet word with the gentleman s wife when she took her kids to the park. Sometimes it takes a wife to help a husband to listen. But first you need to get the wife to listen.

No body ever suspects or gives a second glance to an Indian woman with a pushchair in a park let alone a short one.

Pretty much on schedule Anita spotted Chrissy enter the park with two little ones a girl of two in a push chair and boy of 4 standing on a wheeled buggy board between the handles. As they neared the playground the boy jumped off and dashed for the climbing frame. Chrissy was a tall all most painfully slender twenty some thing with a small breasts. Despite still feeding her daughter. Given the humid conditions she wore a short skirt, crop top and flip flops.

Chrissy followed on behind and sat on a bench close to the sand pit over looking the playground. Anita knew full well the area was covered by multiple cameras, she d chosen her attire with care. Her thin top was from a shimmering purple silken fabric with baggy long sleeves, the fabric would not look clear or distinct on any camera. Her midriff was uncovered and she made sure she made the most of the cleavage she had. Her long baggy trousers were tight at the ankles. The open toe trainers would not hinder swift movement should the need arise. She d followed the axiom make sure people think they see more than they actually see. Strapped to her right fore arm hidden by the voluminous sleeves was a short sharp tipped double edged dagger. A simple flick of her wrist and it would be in her hand. The blade hand been sprayed a metallic purple to blend with Anitas top.

Pausing for a few moments Anita then trundled her buggy over to the play area, made a fuss over helping her three year old Ester in the sand pit before sitting next to Chrissy, with the sigh of a busy mum getting a few moments peace. Chrissy seem to have her attention split between her kids and her phone.

Anita composed her self, feeling the familiar exciting predatory tingle. She rummaged noisily in her change bag and extracted a packet of Sherbet Lemon sweets. From the file the had built up on Chrissy and her husband. Anita knew the the younger woman was very partial to these. As she unwrapped one of the translucent yellow sweets she noticed Chrissy s momentary glance. Anita took her time clearly showing her enjoyment of the confectionery. With casual openness with out really aiming the remark at any one in particular.

"Another lovely day"

Chrissy her attention already drawn to the Asian woman responded.

"Yea its not bad, pretty humid again, but that’s fine with me"

Anita crunched down on the boiled sweet, pretending to enjoy the bitter sherbet core as it ruptured in her mouth.

"Looks like our little ones are having fun"

"My two love it here, I know they can sort of run freer in the garden but, its nice with the other kids here"

Anita nodded in genuine agreement, as she gently edged a bit closer to Chrissy. The blond woman continued:

"Any way good to get out the house, hubby s been like a bear with a sore head lately always ranting and raving and losing his rag at the smallest thing. He s never been easy to live with, but God its getting worse" She shook her head clearly trying to keep it together.

Anita paused, aware of her empathy for this young woman. The plan had been to discretely threaten Chrissy and leave a small painful cut just below her breast.

"What’s he ranting about? I know men can be like bears with sore heads, mine seems to go mental over money matters".

There has always been the solace of strangers, when not knowing some one gives a person more room to share and let off steam. Anita framed her question to see how much Chrissy knew.

"Money, me, the kids pretty much any thing. He has to be this alpha male all the bloody time" Tears started to well up, she wiped her eyes, smearing her make up and revealing the yellow tones of a healing bruise. Shaking trying to hold back what she hadn t intended to release.

"Is he debt to some one?"

"I think he is, he has the money but he says he s gonna play hard ball to show him who s boss"

Anita nodded and smiled she felt her welling sympathy drain a bit. Then let the blade slip into her hand.

Hidden by the folds of her sleeve with a swift motion she pressed the up into the underside of Chrissie s right breast.

"OK Christine Donald this is how this works" Hissed Anita.

"Message from the boss, we know where you live and all about you and your family and where you go. We even know your husband s bank account details and your secret account at B&M Building Society the one with ?2, 507 pounds in it that your hubby doesn t know about.

"Tell your darling husband that our boss isn t pissing around any more. " That 30grand he owes its now 35 and if its not paid by Monday noon it will be 40grand. After that you ll start getting home visits which you really don’t want"

"So 35K in cash at the Lock keepers Arms on Canal street. The barman will know what to do. "

A bit more pressure and the tip of the blade left a small painful shallow cut in the soft breast. Chrissy managed to stifle a cry. She just nodded in shocked understanding.

"Now my sweet so you don t get any silly ideas, hand me your phone, take your brats and fuck off back home to pass the message on to your hubby".

As Chrissy scooped up her kids and hurried out of the park, Anita sat back and smiled enjoying the adrenaline rush jobs like this gave her. With Chrissy out of site Sunita joined her on the bench for a while.

Placing a hand on Anita s thigh. "It will feel odd doing jobs with out you sis"

As soon as Anita had been briefed on the night shift work she d shared it with Sunita. Of the two of them Anita had always been the more confident and pugnacious. Where as Sunita tended to be more cautious and considerate in her manner.

"Don t worry, it might be fun there, certainly get us some more brownie points with the boss"

"Just be careful sis especially delivering the stuff. "

"You worry too much, Raj and Indar do a good job looking after things. It will be easier if mum gets a roost in the bosses nest properly".

Sunita glanced at her phone "Come on lets go home, meals won t cook them selves"

23 Cassy

It was around 11 as Cassy pulled into the car park by Baylor beach. Lying a few miles south of Skegness, Baylor was a 2 mile long crescent of sand between two rocky headlands. A static caravan park abutted the dunes to the north while Baylor Village at the southern end supported a small but thriving tourist economy. She had barely stopped the car before Alex and Tina were getting out and getting undressed to just their flip flops. Grabbing their bags and helping Cassy with the pick – nick in cooler bags, they headed through the dunes that separated the beach from the land. At this hour the beach was already busy mostly with family groups but also quite a few couples and singles. A gentle breeze fluttered the flags at the life guard station and propelled wind surfers along at a comfortable rate. Though given how far the tide was out they were riding the waves at fair distance. They laid out their towels and bags near a couple of other families, then Cassy to her time applying sun screen to Alex and Tina making sure with some delight that nothing was missed this invariably led to a positive reaction by Alex. Her kids then quite happily returned the favour with sun screen applied liberally all over their mum s naked body. Cassy resisted the desire to pleasure Alex allowing him and Tina to start their beach time with some sibling passion. Before they got on with just playing on the beach.

Cassy knew that with out Andy there she couldn t relax as she had wanted, so she lounged back but still kept an eye on her kids. At around mid day she got a message from Dave asking where she was on the beach.

Dave showed up about 15mins later with his own towel, lunch and beach bag. Cassy s demeanour and her watchful eye on her kids made it quite clear that passion was off the menu. Friendly chat a reciprocated hand job and companionship wasn t. For his part Dave enjoyed the chilling out, he commented on how similar Tina looked to his daughter. Mentioning her Tina s redness Cassy explained that her ride on vibe had been getting a lot of use and that it wasn t down to any time with Andy.


Which ever way he looked at it, this should not have been a good day. Andy had called in Bridget the main Health and Safety officer as soon as Piers had left. Bob had come back, from the hospital visibly shaken up, but Andy knew it would be best to get his side of events as soon as possible. Acting on a tip from Jim, Andy and Bridget had reviewed the internal security cameras including those recently installed cameras that covered the manager s and planner s office. While there weren t cameras in the office, there was a clear view in. After reviewing the footage they ensured that the files were backed up and saved a copy onto a memory stick. Bridget had also filed the video with the insurers and informed the East Midlands Industrial Health and Safety Agency Office. An agency officer would be with them by 3pm. While this was going Andy asked Bob to join him in the medical facility. His main concern had been with Bod s absence from the shop – floor earlier on, but now it went further. With Andy in attendance Bridget told Bob what they had seen, with a breathalyser from the medical cabinet and in full view of recording web cam she asked Bob to blow.

After Bob s failed test, Andy found him self disappointed that Piers was not responding to his phone, Andy had no choice to contact his immediate boss Rodger.

Rodger Shaw had been in industry from apprentice fitter to manager, he knew the game pretty much in side and out. He also knew Andy who should not have been in work today, especially having mentioned his weekend plans. Would not have called him with out damn good reason. After a brief exchange on the phone, he headed over to the plant.

By 5pm Bob was on suspension until further notice, Andy had been both complimented on his handling of the incident and criticised along with Bridget for allowing health and safety behaviours slip that such an incident could occur. As for Piers. Rodger finally felt he had some leverage over his co – director and reason to insist he stop interfering directly with production operations and staff. How he played that would be another matter.

Andy was home by 6, tiered, pissed off at losing the day with his family yet also feeling as if something had changed for the better. Cassy and the kids were back from the beach around 7. 30. Tired but happy. He d expected Cassy to lay into him over his absence and mention of her boss being there had stung, but that had been lessened when Cassy stated that there had been no significant intimacy. This had been backed up, when Andy tried to apply some subtly when he asked Tina and Alex about their day.

Even before the the kids were ensconced in their own rooms, Andy and Cassy enjoyed some simple long leisurely pleasure on the lounge floor and in the shower. While they were getting noisy Alex had felt his own stirring helped in part by what he was looking at on kidzone website when he heard the buzz of Tina s ride on. Aroused, he walked into her room. Tina was naked astride the ride her clit pressed hard on the buzzing nubbin. She looked up at her brother, there was no need for an invite, she began by enjoying the pleasure of his cock rubbing on her face, before she took him in her mouth. Sucking him to near completion before quickly standing up and kneeling on the bed to demand a brotherly fuck from behind.

24 Keith Evans

If Keith Evans had been hoping for a rest or reprieve he had been kidding him self. His boss had been kind enough to drop off a couple of boxes of possessions to his maisonette flat that Keith s partner had cleared out in a furry of indignant, self righteous cleansing. Though he knew her self righteousness was flexible enough to accommodate the attentions of her brother and sister.

It was a minor pleasure when he started getting text messages from his eldest daughter. With updates on the home situation and his wife s ranting. The flip side to all this was that at least on Canal street he was at the heart of Coalbridge, its evening entertainment and a short walk from the Lock Keeper s Arms.

By 10pm the clubs and pubs were buzzing with activity, down stairs the kebab shop was doing a roaring trade. Cameras on poles and walls monitored every meter of street and alley way even the yards behind the commercial units were lit and monitored. He opened up his phone, since his arrest the path finder apps had remained untouched, they had brought him enough grief as it was. Now he felt the urge arise again. He opened a game app that he knew he hadn t personally installed.

Within a few taps and swipes, he was able to access the street camera out puts. With a few more taps came the interiors of the town s pubs clubs and their toilets. Before he actually realised he was doing it, Keith found was looking for blind spots in the coverage. After about an hour of this by the widow, he headed down into the town.

At street level the sounds of the clubs and pubs was a discordant thumping. Around him people from 18 to 60 were making the most of the weekend. In occasional doorways of businesses closed for the night, couples and or few groups of all combinations engaged in a variety of sexual activity, some people watched most paid little heed. Keith noted that some businesses had placed benches in their doorways to facilitate the encounters, though they also clearly had cameras focused on sites of pleasure. Some of those in the shop doorways or stood near by were the licensed sex workers.

Out side the pubs, caf?s and clubs door staff handled the drunk and rowdy with various degrees of tact and physicality. On a couple of street corners police officers in pairs and small groups observed the evening crowds. The final players in maintaining safety and maybe some order were Street Spirits these were volunteers from the Churches and Temples looking out for the drunks and those having a rough time it.

Amid the crowds were families on their nights out, he noted the number of mums and daughters similarly dressed often very provocatively. Legally he knew parents would get arrested if drunk or under the influence of narcotics if they were out with their kids, so the family venues tended to be tightly regulated. At either end of Canal street were the two family swingers clubs. With a third 16plus venue in the centre. Both of the family clubs offered discount night cr?che services for the single parents working on Canal street and in North Sutton.

Keith was cautious about accessing the pathfinder apps his phone as he knew full well that the level of monitoring here exceeded that of practically any where else in Coalbridge.

Weather by intent or instinct, he found himself outside the Lock Keeper s Arms pub, he knew it would be busy but bearable. Late opening, live music of questionable quality and draught real ails of reasonable quality ensured the crowd was of the older sort. Though a youngish couple of an arty looking guy and his goth girlfriend seemed a bit incongruous in one corner. He found a seat not intentionally over looking them and soon had his pint in front of him and his phone in his hand. In the background a bearded folkish looking guy strummed a guitar and attempted with varying success to keep an audience entertained and singing along. Their attention was split by the MMA fights being screened at the opposite end of the bar. The older women in particular were enjoying the sight of the two naked, tattooed, muscular men beating seven shades of shit out of each other. Keith noted one woman in her 50s was masturbating as she sat on a stool by a raised table and watched the fight.

Tammy was far less interested. In her bag were packets of the charity sweets made in bear, kitten and bunny moulds. Each with a mix of colours and one blue teddy bear. They had already attached refugee relief labels sealing the packets. She knew she had to be careful who she approached so Pete her boyfriend ensured that word was out online to the student community that Tammy had some pick up treats.

Her baggy goth clothes made it easier to secrete cash, packets and a blade. While she made sure her neckline was plunging to well below her breasts. A pentagram pendant helped add to the distraction and made her easier to find in the crowds. Pete was more discrete, despite being a bit older than most of the students, his image and appearance was thoughtfully cultivated. Tec geek by day, artistic bohemian by night, thus he was adept at blending in at the university and out on the streets. As Tammy worked the student crowds, he d watch her back and direct customers. The cavernous pockets of a faded trench coat held more product to replenish her stock. This also included details about the charity and product. As an added precaution about a quarter of the packets did not contain the main product. These he would share with coppers and sell to other members of the public.

Their dealings to night would be aided in part by the Street Spirits, Mary the pastors wife was out and would run distraction and provide an air of respectability by purchasing a couple of packets then offering the sweets as part of the Street Spirit team s work amid the crowds. She glanced up at the screen in time to see a triumphant fighter sodomise his defeated, battered and barely conscious opponent. Feeling a moments revulsion and glad at her relatively less revealing attire, Tammy wondered if the product she was dealing was the lesser evil than certain more accepted entertainments.

Keith watched and absently noted the goth girl leave, followed by her arty boy friend who seemed to deliberately hang back. The local the local Coal Bridge Steamer Brown Ale hit the mark and one pint easily became 3 or 4 more. By the 3rd the live music sounded good and the fights on sports channel had become more entertaining than savage.

Pete and Tammy

Mary watched the crowed with experienced interest, her 3 other team members with the Urban Spirits were all trusted colleagues from the Refugee Relief Charity shop. A number of the night workers in the clubs, pubs and on the streets were charity clients she d helped find work, housing and stability. About her kneck she wore the carved T of the tree of life. Two of her colleagues were men from the Hindu temple the other woman fourth was a wiccan from a Village coven.

As she stood watching a family come out of a club, the parents carrying their two clearly exhausted daughters. Though in all fairness the parents also looked like the had had a good time as well. Mary felt a tap on her shoulder and turned to see Pete.

"Busy night Mary?"

"Oh hello Peter dear, yes, looks like a good crowd out tonight"

"Do you fancy some sweets Mary?"

"That would be lovely, but this time I ll have some with the blue bears, I fancy a bit of zip in the morning"

Peter smiled "I bet hubby will like that"

"Maybe Peter darling, or I might put a smile on some one else s face, if you’re still out and Tammy doesn t mind text me"

"What if Tammy minds?"

"Peter, darling, we have a good thing going out here, but I won t put it at risk by making trouble when I don t need to"

"If your Tammy wants a mother s touch that s fine by me as well"

"I don t think so Mary, your not really her type" Peter chose his words carefully, in a society where bisexuality was the norm Tammy s straightness was some thing of a social stigma. But he did not want Mary praying over her to cast out the curse of heterosexuality.

"Now hand over those sweets and get back to supporting our worthy cause"

Mary s smile seemed to combine charitable benevolence with predatory resolve. Peter handed over two bags, kissed Mary on the cheek and rejoined Tammy at an appropriate distance.

Peter s day job as an IT tec at the uni was in many ways the key to this business. By seeing what student s were accessing when on the uni and halls of residence broad band, he had been able to build up picture of who the party types were. Much of this had been based on a research paper looking at the demographics and life style profiles of recreational drug users. Soon after he had met and fallen for Tammy, it hadn t taken long for them to become a serious item. It was Tammy who had introduced him to the boost juice or BJ as she called it. Of all the synthetic narcotics out there BJ was pretty much odourless to (humans at any rate) and was water soluble. Getting some had not been an issue, dealing had. It quickly became apparent that in Coalbridge the police weren t on the top of the list of obstacles facing start up narcotic entrepreneurs. Rather, as was spelled out to them shortly after starting, by a muscular Indian guy in a pub toilet. If you want to do business in Coalbridge you need a business plan that has the approval of the local management.

A meeting had been arranged in Sutton a few days later in a flat above the RR Charity shop. The local management representative had been impressed by Peter s targeted and thoughtful approach coupled with Tammy s confectionery idea. The charity connection had been suggested as an unavoidable path by the local representative. During that meeting in a kitchen overlooking the back yards of the terraced streets, a small Indian woman had been hoovering the hall way and cleaning the kitchen, they had been told to take no notice of her, but it was clear she had taken very good notice of them. From then on Peter and Tammy were just more unwitting pawns on Arthur s expanding chess board played by a master to evolving rules only he understood.

By the back door of Peaches night club Patty slipped a fiver into Tammy s hand. Amber wasn’t out with her tonight but soon she thought, soon. Stepped back into the thumping, strobe light clamour of the club her hand slipped round the waist of micro skirted red head as they shared the blue sweet held in her lips. Tammy nodded to the door man who had tipped her off. Then sought out Peter for a replenishment. Business had been good tonight. The charity would be happy as Tammy s conscience was drowned by her belief in the right to get high.


Around Coalbridge

Sunday morning saw Keith wake up with a hang over and realisation that home was in the past.

Andy awoke with Cassy stroking him to a very proud condition.

Piers awoke with a filthy temper in a spare room and back log of missed calls and messages. His wife awoke with sore split lip and black eye in a locked bed room.

Peter & Tammy were still awake naked and ready for another Blue Bear powered session.

Bob awoke very depressed wondering where is wife was, where his career was and how the hell did he get to where he was.

Morgan slept on in an alcohol assisted oblivion after another distant unsatisfying session with Amanda. Amanda woke with her back to Morgan and tried to get back to sleep before turning again to tablets.

Trish woke up with a bar maid on her mind, Sam spooning her and a teddy bear in her arms. But managed to get back to sleep.

David was still awake having spent the night on line chatting, watching vids and adding every possible picture he could find of Cassy and Tina to his numerous saved folders.

Anita slept on Sunita was covering things at home so her sister was ready for her night shift.

Arthur awoke to Mira bringing him his morning tea and warm croissants on a tray wearing just an apron. She hadn t gone home on Saturday night. For all his planning and control Arthur was left wandering if a certain determined old Indian woman might be his match. To reject her would damage his relationship with Raj and Indar. To take her fully on board would be to sacrifice some independence but she did keep the house spotless and was loyal beyond question. He smiled in gratitude enjoyed his breakfast and her attentions afterwards.

Martin came down into the kitchen to find Janice sat at the table wrapped up in her bath robe barely able to hold her mug of tea in her trembling hands. He knew immediately she d had another of her dreams. For the past couple of months their frequency had been growing. Martin remembered in the months before Janice s dad had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. She d gone through something similar. But lately this seemed worse. He did his best to comfort her, but ultimately it was once again a matter of being rather than doing.

Amber woke up to find some drunken messages from Patty on her phone. The attached pictures of Patty and a skinny red head girl caused Amber to feel an unexpected burst of jealousy. The video they posted on social media made it worse.

Sunday Afternoon – Morgan

By 4pm Morgan was keen to get out of the house, when Mandy had woken up at 12 in anticipation of her own late shift her focus has been immediately on Beth, Glyn and the kids. Morgan left after her but still early citing a need to make some head way on paper work. He had ignored his work phone as all it had done was beep with text messages. Andy knew to phone him if the matter required his input and was urgent. Alone in the shift manager s office, he d taken news of the accident in his stride, glad it hadn’t been on his watch.

Anita turned up at around 7 ahead of the 8pm shift start. This had given Morgan some time to give her a safety induction and allocate her a locker. It was clear from the off that Anita was both intelligent and capable. During the start of shift meeting he introduced her to the team. Then allocated out the job cards to the setters and operators. He also read out the official statement about Saturday s accident. The quarantined Chester meant two other less capable machines were handling the work. Neither operator was particularly happy.

As Morgan was focused on the machine shop Anita had time to assess her environment and the set up. The next set of Dutch parts was not in till tomorrow night but a 1am delivery from Birmingham kept her reasonably busy unpacking and loading onto marked trolleys for the assembly and fitting cells. Though she missed her sisters companionship she also realised that she was enjoying her independence. This was her job, her chance to gain some kudos. The flick knife in a pouch at the top of her work boot was a welcome reminder that she wasn t just another worker. It also reminded her that Morgan s management status was for her, something of a delusion that she would maintain for him.

Linda Kimbel

Linda tried to ensure her return home was as late as was reasonably possible, with being excessively so. The weekend at her parents had cemented her determination to make some changes. She could clearly see that David was holding her back and man she should be with was her brother, Rodger. His wife was a manageable quantity who could be kept in her place, if she could make David more reliant on her she could justifiably force a relocation, he was affable enough to keep Rodger s wife happy but he could then be managed. To divorce David would be costly and lengthy. Discretely she had been looking at options for their house, how easy it would be to sell or rent out. The monitoring software she d installed on their home wireless hub and her husband s phone meant she knew all about his trip to the beach and online activities. The latter were of little significance the former was of greater use.

The weekend s pleasures had been rough and open. With her parents, especially her father, encouraging her to declare her commitment to Rodger. She had played the video of her visit with the kids to Sutton, Tom s handling of the Indian woman had pleased her father. Her sister in law was the none too bright sort, happy to acquiesce as long as she didn t have to think too much about things. To some extent Linda found her ease of domination a bit of a disappointment. Rodger had contacts that could give Linda a foot up the corporate ladder. But it was his vision of setting up a management consultancy that excited her. That was where she wanted to be in partnership with her brother as business trouble shooters. A reality check and some introspection might have helped. But none of her colleagues liked her enough to take the time for any thing like that or to give her any feed back other than what she wanted to hear.

She arrived round 8pm to find David was his usual relaxed self. The house was tidy the kid s beds were made and their school uniforms were washed, ironed and on hangers ready for the morning. There was a microwave meal to Linda s taste in the fridge and a bottle of decent wine on the kitchen counter. When she discovered that the kid s pack lunches were ready Linda inwardly seethed. He had provided her with no point of leverage for criticism. Packing the kids off to bed she joined Dave with a lap tray in the lounge.

On his tablet, Dave deleted the afternoons conversation with Cassy. Grateful for her tips and suggestions.

Mandy and Trish

For both PCs getting back to work was a relief. Trish had gym date with the bar worker lined up. Mandy was glad to put more distance between her self and Morgan. After the briefing they were back out in the van as soon as possible. Once again they had been assigned to the sprawling residential areas. Driving through the Sunday evening suburbs. The passenger s tec panel enabled them to access both public and domestic cameras and check the images from the previous 24 hours. Amid the more upmarket homes many owners paid a premium rate that only allowed private security firms to access their domestic cams. These properties appeared blacked out on the tracking map. Trish and Mandy both knew that some of these firms allowed camera shut downs when the residents were in. Though this was all quite legal, Amanda was not slow in expressing her disapproval.

At around 8pm Pier s young wife had emerged from the locked bedroom. Peering into the master bed room she saw Peirs slumped out in another alcohol induced stupor. His second of the weekend a trail of dented walls and doors broken picture frames and shattered ornaments marked the path of his last rampage.

Jenny knew she was a trophy wife the cute blond to hang on Piers s arm at social functions. At first she d been swept of her feet by the money and perceived status. She had been happy to encourage and enable more open activities. Sadly many of these came to nothing as Piers revealed his true personality. Put simply he was shallow in insecure, happy enough when things were going well but becoming an angry beast when they weren’t. She knew full well his position at MV was his retired father s doing. Thankfully he had enough sense not to run the company into the ground. But she suspected its expansion was little to do with him.

Being caught drink driving would be a hefty fine as a percentage of his annual salary plus a 2 year ban. When he had demanded that she become his personal assistant and chauffeur Jenny had rebelled and told him where to go. Being married to Piers was one thing not having a life of her own was another. The combination of the two plus growing family pressure had pushed him over the edge and into the bottle and a violent bender.

On the carpet she saw her blooded foot prints where she cut her feet fleeing the continued attention of his fists. Ignoring the pain in her feet the throbbing in her face and ribs she extracted a duffel bag from a closet and as quietly as possible grabbed a mix of clothes Jewellery and credit cards. She also had the for thought to hide piers lap top and take his phone least he tried to cancel her cards. Her main phone was in shattered fragments in the kitchen. She knew that by waiting she d given her self a chance to get her thoughts together. Now she acted upon her plan. With the bag stuffed she grabbed her car keys and pulled on a pair trainers, relieved that Piers s Jag was not obstructing the drive.

It was then that some primal instinct caused Piers to stir. Jen had little choice but to run. She tried the kitchen door to the garden but found it locked and realised the gate to the front down the side would be locked as well. Her only option was the front door. Near the kitchen door was the panel for the regulation security system. She knew that they paid a privacy premium. But clearly marked was the network connect button. Included as safety feature.

Hearing Pier s heavy angry tread on the stairs, Jenny reopened the house to active monitoring. Then made for the door.

Trish and Mandy had parked up a few streets away to run a local camera check when a previously blanked out property indicated a camera activation. Moments later the monitoring software altered them to potential domestic violence. Mandy tapped the screen to call up the alert. Immediately she recognised her husband s senior manager standing over the sobbing crouched form of his wife. Moments the bottle in his hand was exploding on the back of her head as he hurled it from close range.

Mandy knew they had no choice but to take immediate action. As Trish gunned the van, Mandy called it in with control and requested an ambulance plus back up. Then presented her plan of action Trish.

"Trish, I know that guy and his wife he s my husband s senior manager, he gave Morgan his job. I really don t need the shit he ll pull"

Trish nodded "OK we mask up bash in the door, I ll Tazer the guy and take him down you get the woman out"

Relieved Trish wasn t playing the diplomatic game. With the video evidence being captured which now included Piers screaming abuse at Jenny as he kicked on her face and body, the need for any tact was negated. By masking up they would deliberately dehumanise them selves and intimidate the target.

Trish hefted the lock breaker as Mandy crouched with her taser. Inside they could could hear Pier s rage continuing.

The well placed blow splintered the oak frame around the two locks, thankfully only the upper latch was engaged. Before the door had hit the stop in the floor Piers was struck by the tazers prongs and convulsing from the shock.

Counting to 6 Amanda shouted "clear" to indicate the tazing was complete. At this point Trish piled in on Piers as he lay shaking. Pinning him with her knee she applied cable tie cuffs to his wrists. Amanda moved in and pulled the still unconscious Jenny out of the house.

In the space of 15 seconds Piers was restrained and cuffed face down on the floor and Jenny was being receiving first aid from Amanda on the drive way. Both police women kept their faces covered.

Mandy only showed her face to Jenny when she sat in the back of the ambulance with her. For the young woman seeing a familiar face as she regained consciousness softened at least in part, the emotional impact of her situation. Pain swiftly turned to rage and before being taken to hospital she d tipped off Mandy about Piers s penchant for consuming more than just alcohol and where they would it.

Piers would wake up on Monday in the holding cells. After a fractious night in custody where he was tazered a second time for hurling a plate of food at the sergeant.

News of his arrest was with Arthur soon after Trish saw her brother at the gym. While Keith had been an opportunity, Piers was a nuisance the shipments from Holland had not required his involvement. Rather his dealings with the foundry had opened a door of opportunity following a, tip off by Morgan. So as far as he was concerned Piers could stew in his own juices.

Trish in the mean time had felt both satisfied and unsettled for the remainder of their shift. A search of the house based on Jenny’s tip off had led to drug possession being added to the charge sheet. The fact that it had been several vials of liquid "Blue" had brutally reminded Trish of her duplicity and culpability. Amanda had seemed quietly elated at the find.

A second domestic at 1am not too far from the fist had been dealt with more tactfully. Though this time it was a woman who wound unpin the cells. She was shortly followed by a staggering male student pulled over in a stop and search then charged with possession of a controlled substance.

At the gym Trish had only seen one of the Indian cleaners working out. Subunit seemed dejected by her sister s absence but had been quite happy to train with Trish. Thankfully, she had the presence if mind to say nothing of where Anita was actually working. For her part Trish had been slightly taken aback by the demure woman s strength the speed, yet also fascinated by a glimmer of steel in her large brown eyes.

A hour or so after Trish had left the gym Morgan had turned up for his work out. There had not been envelope in the locker but he knew he would be getting a bonus this week. An unexpected bonus or so it had initially seemed, had been Mandy s civility at around 10am. She had seemed to relish telling him in the strictest of confidence, of his senior manager s arrest and cascade of charges.

While Morgan certainly owed his position to Peirs, his day to day operations were largely under the auspices of Andy, despite their supposed parity of position. It was Andy who could and would audit night shift operations in detail. Where as Peirs often declared his role as strategic operations management only delving into day to day affairs when he deemed necessary. What he deemed necessary and what was actually helpful were often at considerable odds. Thus it was with Andy s favour in mind that he passed the info on to him by text before setteling down to sleep.

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