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  1. The Twins get ready for College
  2. College Girl
  3. College Girl 2

College Girl 2

Categories Fantasy, Blowjob, BDSM, Coercion

Author: Harry_n_Wild

Published: 12 February 2019

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College Girl 2

Trisha “Trish” Coldman is a short wiry young woman. She likes to say she's athletic but she doesn't work out much and can't stand the sports scene. She likes it better in quiet settings and while she is active its better in the mountains or forest. Her body is lean and taught with small firm breast and a little bubble butt that wiggles just right. Otherwise, she's a plain girl with hidden desires and talents. After graduating high school her family put her in an apartment near the local college. This saves her an hour commute to and from school each day. It also saves her from having to explain a live in boyfriend.

They met midterm last year and in a short time he had convince her to let him move in. When they first met Paul Randy was charming and sweet. He introduced her to sex and exploring her physical needs and desires. She was naive and inexperienced when it came to love and sex. Her previous experiences were superficial and childish attempts at courtship. Paul was experienced and confident in the ways of seduction and pleasure. He plays it off as love and acceptance. They go places and have exciting adventures that he twists into sexually driven experiences. Everything was about sex with him, but she was so new and excited by his charm that she couldn't see it.

Paul was crazy about her in the beginning, teaching her new positions and pleasures of the body. That's when he found out she loved fellatio, sucking cock. Trish had a pacifier habit from her childhood and sometimes sucked her thumb when she was stressed. It was both socially acceptable and satisfying to suck Paul's cock and he loved it. For her it was a win-win. To him this was a man's dream come true. He could get a blow job nearly anytime he wanted. He let her be in control for a while. Let her gain some confidence and technique before adding anything more complex. After a couple months of getting regular blow jobs he, like many men, got bored and wanted more excitement. The first time he helped her to deepthroat him she went wild.

Trish was overwhelmed by the sensations. To her it was like an out of body experience when they did it. Paul kept pushing for more. He introduced her to cowgirl and taking control, being more aggressive and spontaneous. She listened to him and tried to do what he wanted but something was off. It started not feeling like love but just sex. It was true. Paul wanted to turn her into his cum bucket at home and he wanted to prowl the streets for more attractive, more exciting partners. Trish didn't know it yet, but he was grooming her slowly. Setting her up for guilt, demoralization and servitude. Service to him and his friends.

As the end of summer neared and school approached he started complaining that he wasn't getting enough satisfaction. Sometimes he was away from her side and should be able to take action when he had urgent needs. Needs that couldn't wait for school to get out or until he got home to see her. He told her he wanted to wait and be with her. He told her he couldn't help it. His dick acted of it's own accord and he had no control over it. It was normal now a days. Guys had a regular girl, the one they loved and they had some leeway if the opportunity presented itself. More of an open relationship. This hurt Trish and she complained, argued, and cried when he left the house in a huff.

Once school started things got progressively worse until the day she met Wallis “Brick” Bickers. That was the day it all came to the front. Paul had been pressuring her relentlessly and on that morning when she wanted some satisfaction or at least pacifying before school, he withheld the thing he had been grooming her to want. His cock. She was furious but didn't know how to deal with his actions. When she asked what she could do, he grabbed her favorite dildo and forcibly stuffed her pussy with it and told her with no reservations to leave it in all day. 'Then maybe she would understand.'

Later that day she met Brick and had her first extracurricular activity. When she left Brick and his monster cock, she was changed. What Brick told her made sense. Her confidence was always strong before. She wanted things to be equal in a relationship. She couldn't tell Paul about what happened that day. She was still afraid of losing him. Trish decided to return the dildo to it's place before she went home. Then she could tell Paul that it was hard but not impossible. Call his bluff in the hopes he is bluffing. At least change his argument to something else.

Trish arrived home, the dildo in place. He wanted to see it. She glared at him and dropped her pants leaving the telltale lump in her underpants plainly visible. He reached out and grabbed her panties and the dildo, “That really doesn't prove anything!” He pushed it in and held it there. Trish shook with the sensations of her innards being jostled again. Paul pulled down, stretching her panties and exposing her little pussy lips. Then slowly pressed it back in till his hand pressed against her tender lips. She shook again, “Oh, Paul!” He smiled an evil grin, “You are such a slut. How many times did you cum today?”

She was overcome by the anger. Her confidence fortified after meeting Brick. Her demands suddenly welled up inside, “Don't call me that!” Paul was surprised. It threw him off his game for a moment, then he banged the dildo into her a couple times. “Fuck!” Paul smiled, “OK... No more slut talk. But you can't deny how good that feels.” He started pumping it in and out gently. Trish's legs wobbled and she joined the rhythm, “Yeah...” Paul changed his tune, he had other plans, “This whole thing got on my nerves. I got excited and demanded more than you were ready for. That doesn't mean I don't want to be with you. You're special. My most prized possession.”

Trish was enjoying the dildo play and thought his words sounded sincere. She felt relieved and let down her guard, “Thank you Paul. That means a lot to me.” He kissed her firmly and pulled her tight. The dildo still pumping in and out of her. She was good. This was good. Then Paul whispered in her ear, “Let me show you how much you mean to me.” He sat her down with the dildo still in, stood up and dropped his pants. His cock was thick and growing, “I have your reward.” He grabbed it and putting a hand behind Trish's head guided the two of them together. She was ready, her mouth open and drooling. Paul pushed it in, “There. You like that don't you? Do want some more?” he drove it deeply, “It's all yours.”

After fucking her to sleep, he went to the kitchen and opening a small lock box, took out a piece of paper. On the top of the paper it read: How to Train a Sex Slave. He took his pencil and checked off a couple items; Set a time schedule for rewarding, Establish reward and punishment, and Create addiction using fetish. Next to that one he wrote in, Pacifier/Cocksucking. In the next few days, Paul took her out and bought her some nice things. Objects with a purpose; Satin robe, Lacy matching bra and thong, Leather choker with studs, and a special Dildo/Vibrator. Trish was seduced again and fell right in to his patterning. Each morning at 6am he woke her up with her pacifier, his cock. Each night at 8pm she was ready in her thong and robe. The choker around her neck and the vibrator nearby if, as Paul said, she needs a little something to hold her over.

That night he checked his list; Desensitize the subject to drastic changes. For the next week he methodically worked her to accept being tied up. First hands, then feet, then both, then tied to a chair and eventually leading her to bed on a leash. She wasn't completely accepting the idea. Paul knew it would happen with the right leverage. He checked his list for suggestions and found; Use hero modeling. Find someone they look up to and show them doing the thing you want the subject to do or accept. Trish was always reading magazines about movie stars. Beautiful people are a possibility. By the weekend Paul had an idea and in the morning he told Trish to expect a big surprise, soon.

That night Trish was waiting for Paul, but he hadn't arrived yet. Her urges were growing. She needed some satisfaction soon and grabbed the new dildo. She sucked on it until she and it was wet and slid it in under her lacy thong. Turning on the vibrator made the whole thing extend then contract over and over. She loved it. Her body started to really heat up. Then there was a knock at the door. She was startled and closed her robe. When she opened the door she realized the dildo was still moving inside her and she blushed to the deliveryman. Someone had sent her flowers and a box marked, 'Big Surprise.' Back in the living room she opened the box. Inside was a long dildo with a bulbous head at one end and balls with a suction cup at the other. The long shaft in the middle had plastic wrap around it.

In the box was a folded note that read; “Lick me, Taste me, Suck me.” Inside that note was more; “Stick me to something, and Fuck me... Until we meet.” Paul must have sent it, she thought to herself. She unwrapped the shaft and licked it like the instructions said. It tasted familiar, like cherry jam, her favorite. Then she licked the shaft and sucked the head into her mouth. The bulbous head felt good in her mouth and she quickly worked it deeper getting all the cherry flavoring into her mouth. After a few minutes she was delirious and was thrusting most of the shaft down her throat. Everything became more exciting; the moving vibrator in her pussy, the long dildo's bulbous head rubbing her throat, the thought of Paul's cock. Her body was warm and flush with desire. The cherry flavor was gone and she remembered the last part of the note.

Trish stuck the suction cup to the coffee table, slipped off her thong and removed the other dildo. Then she turned around, flaring her robe out of the way and slowly lowered herself onto the long shaft. She jerked when the bulbous head pierced her moist lips. Her body shook with desire, her face was flush and she moaned. She inched down halfway and lifter herself back up. Then slowly down again. It felt so good. She was woozy and horny. After a couple pumps she was sitting on the table, the entire thing stuffed into her pussy. The door handle jiggled. He's finally here she thought. Her body trembled with expectation. Paul entered the room and came directly to her. He grabbed her choker and lifting her up slightly kissed her passionately. She moaned in his mouth as he pushed her down impaling her on the long shaft again. She went weak and groggy. He pulled on the choker again. She felt it tighten around her neck as she lifted up. He pushed her down and stepped to the side.

There in the living room stood Jason and Angela. Trish had met Jason before. She swooned over his muscular body and good looks back when she first met Paul. Angela was beautiful; short, lean and stacked. Normally Trish would have been upset, shy and angry. But she wasn't. She just closed her robe and blearily looked them over. Paul whispered in her ear, “They don't have to stay. It's your choice.” Trish saw Jason's muscular chest and noticed a hard on in his pants when she heard Angela moan. She turned her focus to Angela and saw the look of ecstasy on her face. Her body quivered and she lifted to her toes. Trish fixated on Angela, her Blue satin dress looked painted on. Her breasts, round and firm were pronounced and they shook when she moaned. She wore a similar choker to hers. It had a leash attached to it which Jason held in one hand. Jason's other hand was down behind Angela's back and moved whenever she lifted to her toes.

Jason broke the silence, “Angela... Trish is shy and a little embarrassed. Why don't you join her to make her feel more comfortable.” Then he pulled on her leash and let go. Angela wiggled over by Trish, reached under her dress and pulled down her thong underwear. She squatted down and ground her ass onto the coffee table shaking it along with the dildo in Trish's pussy. Trish groaned. Angela moaned and lifting off the table revealed a similar dildo to Trish's. When Angela slid back down Paul pushed down on Trish's neck and when Angela lifted up Paul urged Trish up. In no time Trish was mirroring Angela as she pumped up and down on the big dildo. Then Angela stopped, stood up and slipped off her dress. Trish was awash with sensations. Angela's body was beautiful, the color of caramel. Her firm breasts wrapped in the same style and color bra Trish was wearing. Her ass was smooth and round.

Angela slid back down on the dildo and Trish followed. Her mind numb and her desires peaking. Her eyes still glued to Angela's every move. The two of them pumped up and down together until Trish noticed a big dick, just like the new dildo heading towards Angela. There was Jason, naked, his muscular body and his good looks. He grabbed Angela's leash and pulled her towards his cock. Trish quivered as it entered Angela's lips. Angela moaned and eagerly sucked on the bulbous head. Jason jerked on the leash, “You like that don't you? Do you want some more?” Trish quivered again and automatically said, “Yes.” Trish couldn't take her eyes off the hot action when she felt a dick being offered to her mouth. She sucked it in without changing her stare or her pace on the dildo. Paul pulled on her choker and pushed in, “You like that don't you? Do you want some more.” Trish shook and ground down on the dildo thinking, yes. Her mind was lost, she closed her eyes. This had never happened to her before but she was loving it.

After just a few strokes Paul said, “Do you like the new dildo? It was a present from Jason. Do you want to thank Jason for his thoughtful gift?” Then Paul pulled out and stepped to the side. Trish opened her eyes again and there was Jason's big bulbous head right in her face. She felt her head being pulled towards it. Jason set the head in her mouth and she sucked on it like a pacifier. It was good. Just like the new dildo except it was real. Looking up, she saw his stunning features towering over her as the cock filled her mouth. She felt him clip the leash to her choker. Her body shook again. Then she heard, “You like that don't you? Do you want some more?” These key words made her suck him deeper as Jason pulled on her choker and drove in hard. Trish loved it. His big bulbous head rubbed her throat down to her choker. Jason said, “Angela, Paul bought you your new bra and panties. Do you want to thank him?” Paul walked over to Angela and paused, “Would it be alright with you Trish?” Trish was busy choking on Jason's pumping cock.

Angela sucked Paul's cock deep. Trish looked away from Jason's attractive body and watched as Paul pulled on Angela's choker and fucked her face. The sensations were overwhelming and Trish shot into a small orgasm. Jason pulled out leaving Trish hungry for more. “I think it's time. Can we borrow your bed? Angela needs to be tied down and fucked. She really loves it. She says its liberating.” Paul returned his cock to Trish, “Do you mind baby? You're in charge.” Trish sucked him in blindly and returned to humping the big dildo. “We'll be fine here.” Paul said and the other couple disappeared. Moments later they could hear Angela moan and choke. Paul lifted Trish off the dildo and turned her around, “Wouldn't you like my cock in there for a while?” He slid his cock deep into her hot wet pussy. Trish shook and pushed back on him. Paul pumped her deep, “Did you like Jason's cock in your mouth? Do you want some more?” Trish shook and wobbled, “Oh God! Yes!” The thought of two real cocks would normally have frightened her but this time she was thinking about it and it sounded erotic.

Paul pumped her hard a couple more times then pulled out. He grabbed the leash and led her to the bedroom doorway. Angela was face down on the bed. Jason had tied Angela's arms behind her back and each leg to a bedpost spreading her wide. He was squatted down in front of her on the bed, holding her hair and feeding her his cock, deep and hard. Paul pulled on the leash attached to Trish's choker as they watched. Trish was swooning watching Jason's muscular body fucking Angela's face. Soon Jason switched positions and stuffed his glistening cock into Angela's pussy. As Jason pushed in deep Trish could feel a cock push into her pussy. Trish shook and moaned with desire. Paul matched Jason's rhythm pumping while Trish watched Angela's tied body get fucked by that muscular man. Jason looked over, “Bring me Angela's leash.” Paul pulled out and Trish stumbled closer. She stood next to the bed watching Jason's dick slide in and out of Angela's perfect behind. Jason unclipped the leash and attached it to something in Angela's ass.

Jason pulled on the leash and Angela shouted, “Fuck me!” Next Jason grabbed Trish's choker and pulled her close. He kissed her roughly saying, “Paul and I will take care of Angela. Then it will be your turn.... If you want.” Trish's legs went weak and she crumbled to the floor. Jason just kept pumping as Angela moaned and moaned. Something had come over Trish. Everything was so erotic and she couldn't say no. It was all so good. Paul came back into the picture and without a word squatted in front of Angela and offered her his cock. Trish just watched as they both fucked her hard, switched positions and fucked some more. She watched Angela building up, her body humping and twisting. Then Angela had a huge orgasm. Her body shook and she cried out, “OH! Oh Yes!”

Jason and Paul both looked at Trish, “Now it's your turn... if you want.” They untied Angela's limp body and lay her on the floor near the bed, the leash still dangling from the butt plug in her ass. She just mumbled saying how good it was and thanking them. Trish looked at the empty bed, the ropes and the two cocks. Paul pointed to the bed, “Face up or face down?” Trish slowly, weakly worked herself up to the bed and as she climbed on thought, she wanted to watch Jason's body as he fucked her. She stretched out, face up. Her body was tingling as they tied her legs to the posts. They tied her hands together and pulled them towards the headboard. She couldn't pull free, even if she wanted to, which she didn't. Jason climbed over her chest and lifting her head placed his moist cock in her mouth. Her face flushed. She looked up at his gorgeous body as his muscles tightened and he pressed his long shaft deeper and deeper. “You like that don't you? Do you want some more?” echoed in her mind. She wanted it all.

With both hands holding her head he forced the entire length of his cock into her throat. When his pubic hairs touched her nose she spasmed. It was so good. He started fucking in and out. Soon she felt Paul's cock slide into her pussy and start pumping. Trish was filled up and loving it. She couldn't take her eyes off Jason's muscular body as he fucked her face. His body looked so good, he could choke her to death with that cock and she would let him. Paul and Jason fucked her like that until she came. Then they switched positions and started again. Every so often asking if she liked it and wanted more. Whatever had come over her she was in heaven. She had never had two men at once. Hadn't ever thought she wanted to. But at that moment she couldn't imagine saying no to those questions. Her mind floated away in waves of pounding cocks until she rocketed to the largest orgasm she had ever had. Well, almost the largest.

The following days things returned to normal, same time schedule, same pleasures, same conditioning. When the weekend comes, Jason and Angela will stop by. The whole thing will start over again. This time without the psychoactive laced cherry syrup. Paul was pushing his luck without the conditioning drug but Trish was starting to cave. She needed him, his cock, more and more. After seeing the way Angela enjoyed her treatment and how good it felt being man handled by the handsome and muscular Jason, she was more accepting of Paul's needs and desires. Being passive and fawning over him, and doing whatever he wanted. Almost anything. The addiction was set and strong. But, she wasn't quite a slave yet. This time with Jason and Angela just might do it. He checked his list; Using Hot Words to Condition Positive and Negative Response, Creating Anchor Points, and Secretly Building the Rapport. Not long now, he thought.

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College Girl 2

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