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Love Hurts

Categories Fiction, Domination/submission, Exhibitionism, Extreme

Author: A2O

Published: 19 February 2019

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Hi, guys.

This can either go as a stand-alone story or become a series, is completely up to you.

Please give me your thoughts about it on the comments section.

*I’m not a native English speaker, so there may be mistakes within the text. If anyone is kind enough to point them out to me so I can correct them, I’ll be very grateful.

**All the characters in this story are over 18 years old.


Love Hurts

"Really, Alex. Being honest. I..." She blushed beautifully and looked down, ashamed, but the drinking seemed to have given her the braveness to go on. "I think I'd like to try all of that. The real thing, not only what naturally happens."

"You're messing with me." Or my head was messing with me. I was considerably drunk too, but what Carol was saying was just too hard to believe.

I wasn't only talking about sex with Carolina, I was talking about submission, sadomasochism, about limits... With Carol! She came out of nowhere and asked if I was familiar with it, then asked how a person knows she is into it... It just became the more unexpected and pleasurable conversation I had in a long, long time.

She was the youngest of my group of friends, something like our mascot. Always cute, sweet, clever... I had a crush on her since the first time I saw her, but I never thought it would be possible, for me, to have something with her. First because I had almost twice her age. She was eighteen; I was thirty-two, almost thirty-three... Not only that, the timing was always terrible. I've known her for a little more than a year now and we were never single at the same time.

Alcohol was making her talk to me about what she certainly wouldn't on normal conditions, or it was giving her confidence enough to say the things she already wanted, but had no courage to. Obviously, I would enjoy it the best I could, for more surprised that I could be.

"And what is it, what naturally happens?" I asked looking at her, amused.

She laughed, "You know... Slapping the girl's butt... Pulling her hair... That guy Ronny I dated a couple months ago, he used to choke me while doing it…" Carol said that last part in a lower tone, then looked to me, as if to analyze my reaction. I was gaping. "What!?" She softly punched my arm.

Naturally happens and chocking, words I would never expect in the same sentence. And coming from sweet little Carol, no other! What, suddenly the world decided to go as wild as I'd want it to?

Carolina was a petite girl of Brazilian-Italian descent who looked even younger than she actually was, with a lovely face, light brown eyes and hair, that fell wavy over her shoulders, back and forehead, that last part cut as a fringe that sometimes made her look like a doll. Apart from that, I've already seen her wearing a bikini, and she had one of the most beautiful bodies I had ever seen; slender, even her having a somewhat low stature, with perky young girl's breasts that fitted her perfectly - something I was completely into. She also had a thin waist and considerably wide hips that matched with her heart-shaped and tight butt, as I have only seen in Brazilian girls. Her skin always looked lightly sun-kissed, like it was perpetually warm and tender, just like her voice, like her persona. Everything in her was enthralling to me.

Tonight she looked especially cute, wearing a long and large ocher sweater, which wide neckband – pulled to the right – left showing that side's shoulder, the long sleeves covered her arms to the tip of her fingers and its body went all the way down to the middle of her thighs, letting in the air if she wore anything beneath it. Knowing her, it would be a skirt. She loved skirts, and dresses, especially light ones. Or because of that love, she was wearing the long sweater and panties only… It was something to imagine.

"Nothing, I just wouldn't expect chocking to be categorized as a normal thing to do." I answered, no more gaping.

"Maybe when you are thinking of much more…" She let it hanging, insinuating that, yes, to her chocking was small stuff now.

"You can imagine why it is hard to believe, right?" I asked. "You're one of the sweetest persons I've ever known."

"Oh, sure, because you look like the craziest person! Ever!" She laughed, mocking me. "I know you're into the S&M thing, ok?"

"What?... Ok. No one would know I'm into this sort of thing." She knew! Another surprise. I felt like asking her how, but we had at least three shared friends that knew and I didn't want to make this conversation about them. "Just like no one ever knew I was into martial arts, or rock..."

"Or motorcycles." She added, nodding. "You look nerdy at first sight."

"At first, at second..." I laughed, pouring more bourbon into my glass and checking on her drink, but half of it was still there. It was the second… Or the third one if Marcus had also prepared her one. I wasn't sure.

"At third look, I tell you, I saw you that day at the pool. After that, I was convinced you were the fittest, more muscular nerd I had ever seen. At fourth, I saw you on your bike and, well... That was hot." She looked at me and smiled when noticed me gaping, probably, again. I would have never imagined that she would have noticed me like that. "Maybe it's the glasses."

We were at the balcony of Marcus' apartment, leaning on the parapet, shoulder to shoulder. We had never talked like that, just the two of us, privately. Unless once, when I gave her a ride to a party, or through messages on the phone, but never like this, never so intimately. The other guys were all so drunk that they fell asleep, except for Marcus, who was still trying to take her date to bed in an incessant blabbering that was what drove me and Carol outside.

Now, unexpectedly, we were connecting… Over the more improbable topic ever.

I dated for eight years and when it was over, I had known Carolina for only four months. She came to the group dating Daniel, one of our friends. When five months later he had to move to another state while working for the Navy, we kept her around. It seemed like the right thing to do, even if she was so much younger than we were. More than to avoid not being fair to her, we kept her around because she just seemed to belong within our group of friends, she wasn't one of those bubbly, dumb teenagers. There was a depth to her. An old soul, my mother would say.

When that happened, Daniel went away and she was single, I was seeing one of the sales representatives of one of my company's clients. When that was over, she dated an idiot named Ronny for a short time and followed up with the boy she is now, a photographer named Juan, some sort of Latino character taken directly from a soap opera who, unbelievably, was able to captivate her somehow... Anyway, it was always like that.

Not that I had any expectations or thought that it would be a good thing, to go out with her or date her. I just happened to like everything about her, so I admired her, always tried to be a good friend. Like an older brother – a brother that would always admire her when she showed up, yes, but I was not actually her brother, so there was nothing creepy about it. Carolina was here by herself, doing college for two years now; she emancipated herself with sixteen and lived alone, working to pay her expenses since very young age. Very adult, with that calm way of talking and her very particular way of seeing the good part on everything that happened… She liked to be taken roughly and chocked. What the hell.

"So we agree that how a person looks and how she likes to be treated on bed are two things completely different." She stated, taking another sip of her drink.

"Yes. We agree." I nodded. "How old were you, when you first had sex?"

The question simply formed in my head, since she talked in what seemed to be a so experienced way, but I haven't thought it through, if our talk was restricted to that specific matter or if I could ask things that personal, if we were having a heart-to-heart of sorts... I looked at her, pondering if I needed to tell her she didn't need to answer that... But Carol just looked to me with a sly smile and started to answer me unceremoniously.

"I was fifteen. I had been dating the same boy since I was twelve, believe it or not. He was two years older. I wanted it for ages, but he was just like you now, 'she's so sweet, she can't be thinking about sex already'" she sighed. "Then one day I caught the idiot masturbating to a picture of me wearing the swimsuit I wore at school..."

"Whoa!!!" I said leaning back as if I was very impacted for what she just said.

"Yeeeeees!!!" She prolonged the word like saying 'really!'

"What did you do?"

"I talked to him. Tried to understand. He said almost the same thing you said, that he didn't think of me that way, like 'I have urges I don't believe you have' and that he respected me very much. So I explained to him that I also thought a lot about sex, more than he could ever imagine, and I had sex with him." She explained, always sounding so calm, like nothing, ever, could be a problem to her.

I also noted that it was the second time she compared me to that boy. Ok, Carol, you are a sweet little girl that has intense sexual urges, noted.

It was inevitable trying to escape the imagery of a fifteen-year-old Carol having sex for the first time, having to reassure her boyfriend that it was ok to have her, giving herself to him like that. Lucky bastard.

"Did you like it?" I asked, at the same time a gust of air hit the balcony and I felt her getting closer, so I did the same. She smelled so good, a fruity scent. I had to test my resolve not to put my arm around her, but no, we were just two friends talking and she was with that Juan guy.

"Yes, I liked it a lot, straight away. The proximity, the way I felt vulnerable, even the way it hurt..." She looked at me again after saying that last part, as if trying to get what I thought of her by what she had just said.

I felt myself getting instantly hard. I imagined the scene, the boy getting inside of her virgin little entrance, the deion of how she felt, how she gave him permission to use her and how she probably cringed in pain, loving it at the same time... Jesus. Lascivious since young and a born masochist, Carol? Tiny, delicate, lovely Carol?

"And how was it afterwards?" I asked, not able to take my eyes off her anymore.

She probably understood it wasn't at all a shock to me, her revelation. In fact, I was amazed and I was trying my best to show her that. More than that, I wanted my every expression to say: go on, you're safe with me, tell me more. Gladly, it seemed to work.

"I lost interest. I didn't know why exactly but, we had sex twice after that and I didn't feel the same way. He treated me very gently... I felt like an idiot for not giving him credit for that. For a long time I felt like I was some kind of whore for wanting him to treat me badly, for wanting him to push me into doing things and he never did. I was never, ever, at the tip of my toes and I wanted it. So I eventually broke up with him." She said in a regretful manner. "After that I had sex just a few times. Your friend Daniel, who I thought was the badass he seemed to be, or wanted to be..."

We laughed together at that comment.

"He was a really cool experience, anyway, and he introduced me to you guys... Even though I don't exactly know how you guys could be friends. Anyway, it was worthy the two times he came alone and he didn't have a clue on how to make me get there, or had any interest in doing so… Sad, really sad." She ended the sentence in a lighter, joking tone, when she noticed it was getting to serious or, as she said, too sad.

I laughed out loud and shook my head. "People you know while growing up and that just stays there with you... That was the case with Daniel. Actually, it is the same with Marcus, too. I don't really have much in common with those two anymore but, they are my friends. There's not much I can do. But Danny brought you to us, cheers to that." I said and we touched our glasses, making a clink.

"Yes. And the timing couldn't be better. I was starting to feel really depressed here. Working and studying in a new town and the friends my age I made here were... God, they were so dumb, so shallow... Anyway." She drunk a little more. "Then I met Ronny, which I already told you how he used to treat me on bed... It was the best sex I ever had, but he wasn't like that only in bed. He was an idiot. A real, huge, idiot. So I convinced myself that I couldn't have the two things, someone I could trust, who would not treat me like garbage for the way I give myself to him. Someone interesting, that I'd like to spend time together and that would actually understand where I wanted to go, sex-wise..."

Then she paused, taking a deep breath. She seemed sad, thoughtful.

"This is very dangerous." I said after thinking for a while.

"What?" She sounded really surprised.

"Giving yourself to someone like that, like this guy." I said honestly and I showed it through the intensity of my words, even though I tried my best not to sound pissed off when I eventually started talking. The thought of someone hurting her 'the wrong way' was unnerving. She was so sure that he would be a problem that she didn't have the trouble of introducing him to us. She knew we would warn her, I would warn her. She knew he would eventually end up hurting her in a way she wouldn't enjoy, it didn't matter if it would be her body, her emotional, her mind, her life... "He could have hurt you in a way you wouldn't like. Some people don't know how to separate things, to understand that the way you give yourself is something he needs to cherish, to be grateful, even if that gratefulness mainly translates in violence, in control, its his responsibility to take care of you. Caring about you has to be on top of any other thing, it has to be his priority. Even if it has submission and pain into it, it is a relationship, a deal with two ends. He can end up controlling every single aspect of your life, if you are completely submissive and, to be that vulnerable to someone, you have to trust that person to do so, or else it can get really, really dangerous."

Carol just listened to me intently.

I readied myself to keep going, give her a very good speech. I was about to tell her that she didn't need to feel that way, she had so much time ahead of her, so young, clever and gorgeous, that some lucky bastard would eventually end up understanding her and he would fuck the hell out of her, bring her to the extreme she thinks she'll like and take care of her... But then...

"This is why I thought about you…" She said shyly looking at me.

I looked at her, puzzled. The information still getting in when she continued.

"When I first met you guys, you were in that almost marriage with Leda. She was very nice to me, the first one to treat me like an adult back then. If it wasn't for her, maybe you guys wouldn't even like me now, because she was the one who put me in the conversations. Anyway, we were talking about you guys and the guys that were with Patricia and Diana back then. That's when she said that, when you guys first started dating, you were completely into these... Hard things, as she called."

Therefore, it was Leda who ended up giving Carol the information that led to that conversation. For even that I would have to be grateful to that woman.

"She used it as a defense right after telling the girls you were awesome in bed. I think she felt frightened when both Diana and Patricia, your female best friends, widened their eyes at her declaration. So she went all 'but he had this freakish taste of liking to hurt girls, leather things, candles, whips and all sort of scary stuff...' trying to scare the girls." Carol said with a half-smile on her lips.

"So that's how you knew I was into what you called… What was it? 'Fifty Shades of Gray stuff' a while ago..." I concluded, laughing.

"Yes, it was her. When the other girls started asking how she handled living with you, she changed her speech, saying that you changed from the moment you guys started dating. Like she had sort of straightened you up. But she also said that she thought you were never completely over it, like she felt she would lose you to somebody any minute."

Suddenly I felt like smoking. Something very particular I used to do right before I met Leda. I was fresh out of college and, yes, I was completely lost into those kinds of things. Enough to spoil all my previous relationships... Or what would become relationships. In that matter, really, Leda saved me. I was so involved with her accepting what I was and including me on her big family - something that I never had - that I really changed the way I saw and experienced things. Even the fact I was a successful executive today, in a way, it was Leda. However, that other part of me, even if buried, deep, it was still a part of me. It was as if I had that monster, lurking on the edge of my conscience for all those years.

"She didn't need somebody to show up. Eventually it stopped working. Us." I said.

"Yes, I know… So... I know you don't see me like that. I noticed I don't exactly call your attention, I'm too young, too unexperienced..." Carol started again, looking down for the first time in a long while, her tone following the way she was surprisingly diminishing herself. Like she wasn't enough for me and I was completely astonished while watching it. I had really managed to hide completely my interest on her. "...And I know I'm with Juan but... I can break up with him and do it the right way... If you think we can try, even once, I mean, I trust you, I like you..."

"Carol..." My heart was beating like crazy. It was the most unexpected thing ever! Carolina thinking I was too much for her! I tried to stop her, but she didn't let me.

"Alex, wait, just..." She looked me in the eyes again, sweet Carol, with her thick eyelashes and her beautiful little mouth, with those plump red lips. "...You can do whatever you want to me. Anything, just--"

I covered her mouth with my hand and she stopped talking, throwing me an indignant look.

"Wait." I said, almost a whisper, and I looked inside the apartment in a way she would follow. Marcus was crossing the living room with his date, checking on the people lying on the couch and over the rug to see if anyone was awake. He would find us there and he would talk endless shit. Everyone would think we had something before we even had the chance. Marcus was like that. "Follow my lead and we will continue this conversation if you want."

I put my bourbon down and asked for her hand, which she gave me promptly, especially after she saw what I intended her to see. I took her little hand and went inside.

"You're still here? I thought you left." I lied when we got inside and continued before Marcus could start talking. Melissa, his date, got a little startled when we showed up and there was something to that, but I really didn't care. "I'm putting Carol on an Uber and I'm going home."

"What? No! C'mon, you guys can stay here. Plenty of room." He said in his best c'mon-man-don't-stop-the-party way.

I shook my head. "I'll buy some cigarettes and maybe I'll return, but Carol is in no shape to stay." I tightened my grip on her hand and she beautifully followed my lead, holding my arm against her chest as to not fall and kept looking down, as if she wasn't even hearing the conversation, looking drunk as hell.

He raised an eyebrow, "You're smoking again? What the hell, man. But ok, bring it back and I'll smoke with you, alright? Go get the baby girl home. Next time don't let her that drunk, unless you want to..." He scoffed, or tried to, when he noticed the scowl on my face. Carol tightened the grip on my hand. I thought, yes, Carol, he is a jerk. Lucky her she never got close to him, she was always more close to Patricia and Diana, even Izaac, but not Marcus and all his act of still being that nice but uptight guy from high school.

"See ya, man. Bye, Melissa." Almost wished her good luck, but I held my horses - and all that booze - and just left the apartment with Carol.

Then we were finally just the two of us again, the elevator was at our floor and we got in. I looked at her and she was lost in thought and seemed somewhat sad. She thought I had used Marcus as an excuse to turn her down. I had interrupted her at the middle of her speech, and God knows how much courage she had to gather to say what she said to me, taking in consideration that she never, ever, showed any hint of her preferences, of her interest in me... By the contrary, if someone asked me before tonight I'd say Carol looked like the kind of girl who'd be horrified by something aggressive like that and... For Christ's sake...

Carol had an interest in me. At the end, I was the lucky bastard!

And... God, I would take advantage of that. I just needed to know if she really meant what she said.

I took the tip of her chin with my index finger and thumb and carefully lifted her face so she would look at me, taking her out of the succession of bad thoughts she seemed to be having, but the sad face remained. At least until I started talking.

"I need to know how you want this to happen." I said.

"What do you mean?" Expectation overflowed on her words, her eyes wide open.

"We can try, but I need to know what you want, if you just want sex the way you'd like, if you have interest in a relationship with me after we decide if this feels right... Or, as you said I could do anything I'd like to you, what is the extent of that? I mean... Do you want to be my submissive? It would surpass what we do in bed; it would be more than a sex-related relationship only. What are your thoughts?" I had the time to ask, as explanative as I could and it was the exact time the elevator took to reach the ground floor.

Then, before she could answer, I led her by the hand through the lobby of the building and into the street, heading to my car. When we reached the sidewalk, she talked, at the exact time another of those gusts of cold night air hit us and she hugged my arm in a very, very nice way, my triceps between her breasts, one of her hands on my elbow and the other pressed my forearm firmly on her lower belly.

"I'm... I... I don't know how to say it." She laughed nervously.

I smiled to her in a reassuring way, "What? Is there something you haven't told me yet?" Then I laughed, she did too, and the mood was getting more and more lighter. "Just say what you think and I'll understand you, try to make the best of it, promise."

"So you'd like me to get straight to the point." She half stated, half asked me, and I nodded, reassuringly. "I always had a crush on you, but you let very clear, all this time, that there was this distance between us..."

I stopped, pulled her by the waist and, unceremoniously, I kissed her. At first she gasped, startled, but seconds later I felt her relax in my arms, as I held her even tighter, and I voraciously begun exploring her mouth, her tongue now dancing with mine while I tasted her soft lips. I could feel her completely into it, it was real, she was mine, and it felt so good to hold her little body tightly like that…

I broke our kiss and looked her in the eyes.


"Yes." She took a deep breath. "Knowing about your... Preferences... It just made you the best of two worlds, as I already considered you the most interesting among our friends, among people I felt comfortable with... But you were so distant..."

I would not tell her my reasons to stay away from her before. Feeling her young body on mine, I thought about the possibilities, the enormous number of possibilities I had ahead of me to use her delicate little body, it instantly seemed stupid. The way I used to think, altogether, seemed stupid.

"Well, now I'm close to you. And I want to be closer. I'll take you to my car and I'll fuck you, then you'll answer the question I asked you in the elevator. Are you ok with that, little girl?" I held her tighter as I felt her little body tremble, as night was getting even colder.

"As much as you want." She purred the answer, looking to my mouth. I could feel the arousal impregnated on her words. "As hard as you want to." Then she gave me a light kiss on the lips and looked me in the eyes, waiting.

So I took her by the hand and headed to the private parking lot just at the corner of that block, full of luxury apartment buildings. The person inside the booth didn't even saw us getting in, what was good.

My car was at the third and last floor; it was a BMW M4 Coupé from the last model, white with the black top, a two-door sports car. There was no other car around it and, at 2AM, I doubted very much we would see people coming over to get the other cars scattered on that floor.

When we were just beside it, I stopped her. She looked at me intrigued, even more when I crouched in front of her. Suddenly I put my hands on her calves and, from them, I slid my hands up slowly, enjoying the feeling of her slender and toned legs, the skin so smooth. She panted, looking to the empty parking lot, worried, until I finally reached her butt with both my hands, where I found a small pair of silky shorts.

My eyes always on hers, she gasped when I slowly pulled them down, panties and all.

"I don't want these in my way." I said while getting up. "If you're wearing a bra or something like that, take them off then get in by the passengers door."

Without hesitation or question, Carol walked to the other side of the car and pulled the sweater down, both her shoulders and her breasts passing through its neckband. She wore a strapless and black bra, which she took off and threw it to me. Her breasts were wonderful, skin slightly brighter, proudly pointing up and topped with nipples of a beautiful tone of red. Then she pulled the sweater up again, fast, feeling cold, opened the door and went inside. I took a moment to smell her bra, full of that sweet scent of hers, preparing myself mentally to accept that, yes, sometimes incredible things happen for no reason at all and I wouldn't let that one pass unnoticed.

I got in and sat on the driver's seat, put her bra in the cup holder at the console near the shifter, and then we spent only a moment looking at each other. Her cheeks were red in such a lovely manner... She looked fragile, apprehensive, like a prey, yet completely stunning. The contour of her perky breasts showed beneath the sweater, the protruding marks of her nipples.

Without ceremony, I tapped my lap with both hands.

"On top of you?" She asked. "Already?"

"Yes." I answered. "And I hope you're wet, because I'm going to be inside of you either way."

"I am..." She said while trying to find a way to climb over me. Her sweater went up a little amidst the process, I could see her shape down there for the first time, the outer labia full and covering her entrance so only a beautiful line of red could be seen, like in a younger girl. She was breathtaking to the very detail. "You'll have to get me sleeping, or by surprise..." Carol was saying while accommodating herself on top of me – her low stature helping a lot on the process, she was only 1,60 (5'3") – she managed to put each leg by one side of me, her knees bent and her crotch perfectly aligned with my throbbing, hard member. "... Because even your voice is turning me on today."

I put a hand on the small of her back, with the other I opened up my zipper and took my hard, pulsating cock in hand. I did it fast. She gasped beautifully when she felt the tip of it rubbing on her pussy. I slid my hand from the small of her back to her butt, grabbing it firmly and lifting her a little so I could position myself on her entrance, then I held her firmly by the waist with both hands and fiercely pulled her down at once.

"OOoohh…" She groaned, beautifully, when the tip firstly forced against her entrance, which resisted at first but then, little by little, with me continuously forcing her down, I felt the tip of my cock winning her initial tightness and it ceded suddenly, my cock pushing abruptly inside of her.

"Huuuuuuuuuuuurgh!!!" She groaned loudly, took by surprise by how it popped in violently. Almost two inches at once went in, when the grip of her pussy held me in place again, not letting me go further, so tight that it was hurting me. She wasn't as wet as she said, at least not outside. Probably she was very nervous and it was affecting her, or it was the cold dry night air directly on her exposed lady parts. But soon as I was inside… It felt like she was melting; wet, hot… So absurdly tight.

It felt amazing, but it wanted the abruptness to continue, to shock her the right way, so I quickly pulled her up a little, and down again, roughly, so I could use her wetness to get in deeper.

"Aaaaahhhh!" She groaned again, and again, while I repeated the process, getting deeper, feeling myself opening her up. She didn't feel like a girl who's had sex so many times, or at least she felt like one that has been without it for a while now... There was no way she was normally that tight. "Ahhh-Ahhhh-Aoohhhhhhh" Carol kept groaning sharply and I was rejoicing on the way I felt the skin of my dick scraping the inner walls of her tight young pussy.

Then I felt that I could impose a rhythm, in and out, controlling her movement by her hips while rocking my pelvis up and down. She kept breathing loudly, moaning, and when I felt her relax a little, I thrust my dick inside of her fiercely as I could, deeper as I could. Sometimes it felt like it was hitting the deep end of her, but I kept pulling her down by her hips once, twice, then I slapped her little butt with all the strength I had. It made a crazy loud sound inside the car.

"IAAAAUGH!" Carol screamed, looking at me, and I felt her legs tremble. I did it again, "AAAAAAUUH!" same strength, and again, always at the exact same spot "AAAAAAHHHH!!!" while using my other arm around her waist to guide her, keep her moving up and down. Her thighs started shaking even more and I could feel her pussy twitching inside... She was at the edge of an orgasm already... It was unbelievable. I haven't done a third of what I had planned yet. She wasn't lying about how she wanted it, how she liked it...

If it was to be that way, at least I wanted to come with her. I grabbed her the best way I could and started pummeling in and out of her tight little entrance while starting to feel her body shake as a whole, my little girl shamelessly groaning loudly inside the car. I leaned her back a little and saw how beautifully her young breasts swayed up and down at the same rhythm of my thrusts and, not thinking much, I leaned forward myself, taking the back of her thin neck with on hand and bittting the top of her right breast, hard.

"GAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH-AHHHH-AHHHH-UUUUHH!!!" She screamed loudly, letting everything go while I felt my teeth sink in her tender tit, beneath the sweater fabric, her groan following the rhythm in which I fucked her tight little entrance. I knew I had taken more than her nipple on my mouth. I tightened a bit before releasing her, making her groan on a high-pitch. "AAAEEEEE!!!!

Then I leaned back on my seat again, looking her in the eyes and they were wide.

"Just something for you... To remember me... Tomorrow." I said.

"D-Don't worry, I-I d-don't... Ahhhh! I don't t-think I wo-would! Huu-uuuuh-ahhhh!" She answered between moans and little gasps.

Then she lifted her legs a little, feet to my sides, as if she was crouching, and it allowed me to could go even deeper inside of her. I pulled her down once in that position while arching my pelvis up, fiercely as I could, when I felt the tip of my cock hit, this time definitely and strongly, what seemed to be the deepest part of her insides. I felt the tip of my cock not only pushing against it, but forcing its way up, as if forcibly distending her towards her womb.

"AAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUGHHHHH!!!" She let out a hurtful scream and shove her face on my neck while wrapping her arms around my neck tightly, gasping and trembling. I stopped and released of my grip on her waist for a while, putting my arms around her back and hugging her, worried.

"Was it...?" I asked, astonished, caressing her hair and giving her a minute and making her relax her legs by my sides again.

"Yes..." She nodded, panting, her face still buried on my neck, then she laid her head sideways on my shoulder, so I could partially see her face in the dark. "I'm not very deep down there." Carol smiled, but had tears in her eyes. "I'll explain later."

I still felt her pussy pulsating around my cock, while I throbbed myself. Feeling the way her inside wrapped me, hot, wet, and tight. She was still into it, I could feel it and right now, I felt like a monster, because this happening just made me even harder. Yet, there had to be limits, especially tonight, the first time.

Taking her by the hips, I lift her a little, my cock halfway in. "Show me how deep you want me to go, little girl."

"How deep you can go with my consent?" She asked, her face still reposing on my shoulder. I understood instantly what her surprised tone meant. She didn't expect me asking for permission.

"How deep I can go today without it being unbearable?" Either way, I wanted her to know that I cared about her, even if her pain was so enticing to me.

Carolina leaned her forehead on mine, the tip of our noses touching, and then took my hands, which were caressing her back, and put them back on her hips, while she once again assumed that crouching position on top of me, her legs trembling a lot.

"I'm yours." She whispered. "You can hurt me as much as you want."

How badly did I want to hurt Carol? A lot.

Any way possible? Maybe... If it doesn't cause real damage...

Why? Because I cared about Carol. A lot.

"I want to fuck your brains out..." I started saying while I begun guiding her up and down again, slowly, not going too deep, "...hurt you, feel you, use you..." she closed her eyes and started moaning softly, her little mouth opened into an "O", "...but most of all I care about you. I need to know you, so I won't damage you in a way I would regret it later."

I let go of her hips and hugged her tightly, while guiding her up and down gently and feeling her starting to tremble all over again, her breathing getting deeper, louder... And I felt myself coming too. She opened her eyes, looking into mine, and moaned shakily while a powerful orgasm took over her.

Feeling her switching, spasming, her lips on mine while she groaned, I lost control and pushed her down more violently, three paused thrusts, while I gushed all I had directly into her womb, feeling the touch of her cervix again, and her orgasm intensified. Carol went crazy, wrapped her arms around my neck tightly again as she tried to stand the utmost pain and pleasure that were spread all over her face and on her voice, reverberating through her whole young body.

"AAAAUUUUGHHHH-AAAAOOOOOOOH-AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!" For a moment, she convulsed as if she was being electrocuted and I couldn't hear myself groaning my own orgasm, because the car was filled with her agonizing and sweet voice.

Stillness reigned for a moment. Just panting, gasping sounds, until I felt my breathing returning to normal and, more than two minutes later, hers.

I took her cheeks in my hands and her eyes found mine, her makeup was a little splayed, following the path where tears ran down, but she looked ok. Just recovering from a breaking orgasm.

"In the end I ended up showing myself a little. From this, it will only get worst. Are you sure that's what you want?" I asked.

"If I'm able to give you what you want, all of it... Maybe the damage inside of me will fit the damage inside of you. Maybe this is how we can be free, together. I want to be yours, like this, so... Yes... Do your worst. Please."

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Love Hurts

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The_Storyteller — 19 February 2019 16:40
Fuck, this is good.
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