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Mommy Wants to Suck Her Boy

Categories Diary, Incest, Mature

Author: Mikebbb1990

Published: 21 February 2019

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I have a pretty blond girlfriend with nice large breasts. The best thing about her is she absolutely loves sucking my cock and the taste of my cum. She gets very wet and excited when she is able to kiss me and share my cum with me as our tongues intertwine.

She told me one day that she really longs to suck a really big cock. I am a little over 6 inches so I suppose a regular sized cock. I remembered that she had once told me that her Son was very well endowed so I was kind of naughty thinking I suppose. Her Son had recently turned 19 and apparently the two of them had a conversation where he confessed to her that he watched porn on his computer and masturbated to it. She is very close with him, kind of overly attached if you ask me. He is incredibly bright but a bit of a nerd and seems to have no friends. He stays in his room and plays video games for hours on end. We rarely see him except when he comes out to eat.

The only exception to his self imposed exile into his room is that he and I both have similar sports cars which gives us common ground. We sometimes go on 2 car rally's to interesting places. One day as we sat near a beautiful lake I broached the subject of his masturbation. I assured him that I jacked off 3 or 4 times a day as a young man and still jacked off pretty regular. It kind of eased the discomfort of our conversation.

I asked him if he ever thought of his sexy Mother when he stroked himself and he confessed that he did. I asked him if he thought he would ever like it if his Mom did nice things to help him with his masturbation. He was very red in the face but told me that would be very exciting to him.

I let it drop and we went on to enjoy our little ride. That night as Nancy and I lay in bed I told her that it seemed cruel that Billy had only his hand to give him pleasure and it was sad he had no girlfriends. She told me she worried if he had a girlfriend that the girl might break his heart because he was so sensitive. I said that he is jacking off a really large cock and she is longing to suck a big cock. I mentioned that she goes in each night and tucks him in and gives him goodnight kisses. I said then he takes out his big cock and jacks off thinking of her big breasts dangling in her nightgown.

Of course at first she acts a bit shocked as if she didn't know her low cut nightie was showing her tits. Then she asked how I know this. I told her most of the conversation I had with Billy and that he confessed that he stokes off thinking of her. I could tell that the idea of him stroking his big cock thinking of her was getting her wet. Photos uii.io/zDnBYE Partly because I had my fingers rubbing her clit as we talked. I said that Billy would get a much better night's sleep if you were to help him with his problem each night when you tuck him in.

She asked if that wouldn't make me angry. I told her quite honestly it turned me on as when I was his age I would have loved such a gift. I would love to peek in and didn't mind at all if she had the taste of his cum when she returned to our bed. She asked what I thought he would think of her. I told her he would think she was the best Mommy ever. She said she would do it the next night and of course I rolled onto her and slid my little cock into her very wet pussy and neither of us lasted long before we had our orgasm.

The next day I told Billy that Mommy had a nice surprise to bring him that night and he should not masturbate. As bed time approached I was sporting a major boner thinking of what was to come. Nancy always wore a nighty that was cut low in the top and barely covered her backside. She never wore panties to bed so I knew what he might get a peek at.

He always had his door wide open all night and his door was right across the hall from ours. I watched as she went into his room and she actually managed to need to bend over opposite his bed to pick up something. She had her lags spread slightly and her nightie pulled well above her bare ass when she bent over. He could see her wet slit and bare ass. I saw his eyes wide open as he watched her. She turned toward him and bent down with breasts dangling near his face to kiss him.

I heard her ask him if she had made that tent in his pajamas and would he like her to help him so that he could sleep better. I actually already had my own cock out and was squeezing it as she lowered his pajama bottoms. She had him sit on the edge of his bed and she took his pajamas all the way off of him. She got on her knees between his legs and asked if he liked looking at Mommies tits. He seemed a bit tongue tied as he shook his head yes. Nancy pulled her breasts out of her nightie top and took his cock into her hand. I know she said he was hung but his cock looked like a 9 inch long arm. She pumped him a couple strokes before she leaned forward and licked a large amount of precum from the huge cockhead. She didn't fool around but took his cock head into her mouth quickly. It's good that she did as he started bucking his butt off the bed and obviously pumping his hot juice into her mouth . She bobbed her head a while longer and got the last drops She got up and told him sleep tight and I quickly got into bed as she came back to our room.

She crawled into bed and kissed me a deep kiss as his cum spilled from her mouth into mine. Lifting her nightie she sat down on my hard cock and rode me as she told me how good his cock tasted. Each night I watch as she performs her goodnight ritual on Billy, I think soon she is going to guide his huge cock into her vagina and I can hardly wait to lick her clean after he fills her with his cum. Stay tuned and I will let you know how that goes.

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Mommy Wants to Suck Her Boy

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