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Role Reversed

Categories Diary, BDSM, Consensual Sex, Written by women

Author: Babygirl Scarlet

Published: 28 February 2019

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There he was, Daddy was bound to the chair. His legs tied down to the pegs, his arms behind him tied with rope. A Blindfold over his eyes. Naked. He was in my control. Oh how his Babygirl was going to tease. Walking around in circles around him, tracing my finger across his skin. Wondering what I was going to do first. Thoughts racing through my head a grin spreading across my face, biting my lip in anticipation.

I leaned over him kissing him softly from his neck down to his stomach. I then hovered over his thigh and then nibbled on it softly and then sucking. Using my tongue moving closer to his cock, knowing how bad Daddy wanted it, how bad he wanted to feel my mouth around his cock. His Babygirl wanted to, was going to but not quite yet. I gripped my hands on his thighs and took my tongue and dragged it slowly up over his stomach to his face, softly placing kisses along the way. Nibbling on his neck before I kisses him, hearing his moan through my mouth. Making me wet.

I grabbed a can of whipped cream, and began to put some on him. After I put a small spot of cream I would lick it off slowly. He would groan. This would drive me even more wild. I wouldn’t let him know it just yet. I took more cream and put it on his cock. He was hard and it made me even more excited to take him in my mouth.

Slowly I kneel down in front of him and place my hands on both of his thighs. Licking the cream of his hard cock and then I take him in my mouth I start slow, then I go down as far as I can and hold it until I can’t anymore as I gag and then gasp for air. I stroke his cock, at this point I’m soaked. I take some cream and put in my mouth as I stand up and kiss him sharing the whipped cream that I have in my mouth.

As I do that I start to straddle him, and as, “How bad do you want me Daddy?” I use my hips and grind against his cock. Waiting for his response. “Mmm Babygirl, use me.” I grin, I grind a few more times until I line my pussy up perfectly to line up with his cock. As his tip is at my entrance I kiss him deeply, and as I slowly slide down onto his cock, slowly moving feeling him stretch my pussy. I pull of the blindfold so he can see my face as I take all of him. We both moan. I sit there with him all the way inside of me just for a moment before I start to move at a slow and steady pace, riding him. I feel him stretching me as I go down each time.

“Daddy your cock feels good inside me!” I gasp between breaths as I slam back down onto his cock again and again. I can already feel my orgasm building. I then tighten my pussy as hard as I can. Daddy moans loudly, “ Fuck Babygirl you are so tight!” He says in a groaning sort of way. I kiss him and ride him and grind on him. As I feel my orgasm building ever so close. My body filling with heat, my mind goes almost numb.

“I'm going to come.” I moan between gasps of air. My body on the verge of trembling. “Come for me Babygirl, come on Daddy’s cock.” I go even faster, his cock is so hard, I can feel it throbbing within me, wanting more and more and then I explode with an intense orgasm, rippling through my body my body begin to tremble my moan almost high pitched like a squeal. I slow down and do harder thrusts as my orgasm comes as it continues I grind on him. My arms and legs shaking and I cant stop them from moving, twitching out of my control. My orgasm finally reaching its end. I kiss him once more and look into his eyes.

I stand up using him to balance myself with my shaking legs. I kneel down wanting to taste myself off of him. I take his balls one at a time and switching to the next, gently sucking on them, licking all around them and then up the shaft. Up and down, I kiss the top of his penis before taking him all in mouth once more. Daddy begins to groan and moan, letting me know that I am pleasing him, just as much as it is pleasing for me.

I take on hand and place it on the rest of the shaft that my mouth can’t cover and go in the same pace with my mouth. Then I take my other hand and scoop his balls into my hand massaging them. I begin to suck him a lil harder and with more speed. I take a moment and keep stroking his cock while I say “Come for me Daddy. Let me taste you.”

He moans loudly. “Fuck Babygirl, you are amazing.” I giggle and begin to work his cock in my mouth once more. I feel his cock getting even harder, and his moaning getting even louder and much more frequent. I know he’s close to coming for me. I keep sucking even faster. His cock becomes even harder and I feel it start to pulsate as he begins to come, I keep sucking and swallowing and he keeps coming into my mouth. His Babygirl was going to taste all of him. Even as there is no more come I suck a little more just to tease. Before leaning over him once more and kissing him. “Fuck Babygirl, that was amazing. You are something else.” He tells me, I giggle, as I start to untie him. “What?” He says. “Daddy this is just the beginning of the night.” He laughs with me. “Yes it is.” Just as I finish untying him.

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Role Reversed

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