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My Cousin Kara

Categories True Story, Incest, Reluctance, Romance

Author: zed71

Published: 12 March 2019

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Sitting here now on the couch, thinking about the past few years. When everything started I was 14, my cousin is the same age. We were born in 1982, I in March and she was born in June. We are 3 months apart I being the older one. We lived in California, the same city of Long Beach. Our parents are brother and sister. My dad married her dads sister and her mom, my dads sister married the brother. We were close from the moment we came to know each others. She was blonde, blue eyed, 5'4 and looked like the picture of the dutch girl you saw on old posters of the girl wearing clogs. I on the other hand though being dutch was brown haired, blue eyed, I was 6'0 with a lot of growing still to do. Growing up together we were always inseparable. We took bathes together, slept in the same room in sleep overs and always seemed to be in the same classes in school. She was and still is the only woman I have ever wanted or been with. To put it simply she is my best friend. Did I know at the time the drama it would cause, the pain the family would feel, the looks of disgust from people we grew up with? did she know? The following years were ones of silent looks of longing, quick kisses in the house, eventually sex and kids. But that takes time. I will share our story but its our story so it will be shared at my pace.

Kara was always outgoing, always sarcastic to me. But also my stalwart friend and secret keeper. I was hers as well. The day we started our "relationship" was the summer following out 8th grade year. I was starting to see girls as more than something to be disdained and picked on. She says she had been boy crazy for a year now since she started puberty. ( I wouldn't hit puberty for some time) I use to pick on Kara, sit on her when she upset me, laugh at her when she did something dumb. But I was her protector from other kids. Only I could pick on her, only I could say things about her. She on the other hand always knew how to press my buttons, what to say to bring me down, what to do when I was feeling a bit low at that age. She knew me better than I knew myself.

My mom and dad gone to work. Knowing Kara was coming over they left the back door open for her to come in. I was sleeping soundly in my bed, dreaming of who knows what. When I heard my door slam and Kara staring at me with a "are you seriously still sleeping" look on her face. I rubbed my eyes and looked up at her and said "whats up", she stood there arms crossed and said "Nothing, Get up I want to do something today". I pulled the covers off and stood up in my ever so glorious tighty whiteys, grabbing my shorts off the ground I pulled them on and then walking to the dresser I grabbed a black tee shirt and put it on as well. Kara winked at me and said nice "granny panties Branson", "Shut up Kara" I turned and walked to the door, grabbed her right hand and pulled her in. She stumbled and feel onto the bed with a incredulous look on her face. I paid her no mind and walked out of my room and closed the door behind me, laughing to myself as I did so. I stood at the door waiting for her to come so we could get some breakfast.

I heard the water bed makes the slosh noises when someone gets up. The sounds of her feet walking on the floor and the turn of the knob and the door flying open before she came to a quick halt before me. She looked up and said "Jerk", I replied "what me? no way" I was just making sure the door didn't hit you on the ass as I walked out Kara" She laughed to herself and said "sure".

She walked down the hallway to the front room, then to the kitchen. I followed behind her looking at the floor and wondering what there was to eat in the house. She called back "sleeping beauty, what are you making us for breakfast, I'm hungry" I offered cereal and toast. She said "well hurry up and make it Branson." So I walked to the cupboard and pulled out the bread, and grabbed my favorite cereal Honey Nut Cheerios. After the toast was made and cereal poured, I walked to Kara who was now sitting at the table looking at me. She was staring as I placed the food before her, and it was a little weird. I said "what are you thinking about?" she said "thinking, nothing staring at you" "Kara that weird you know that right", she started on her food, then few minutes later and said "whats weird me looking at you? whats weird about that B" (she called me B all the time, its her form of endearment) "I dunno Kara" then looking at her I said "So, what do we want to do today"

After eating breakfast, Kara and I went to the front room, she sat on the couch, and I went and put a movie on. For some reason unknown to me she kept glancing at me as I went and sat on the floor in front of her. The movie started and for a time, not a word was said between us. She moved behind me and put her legs on either side of me. It wasn’t odd as I done that to her many times. I leaned back against the cushions and she placed her right hand on my head and started twisting my hair in her hands. Kara the spoke “Branson, have you ever kissed a girl?” I sat there watching the movie I put on wondering if I should lie and tell her I had or just be honest and say no. I answered her “No, Why do you want to know?” I turned my head up to look at her, and she had lowered hers down to my face. Before I knew anything she had kissed me. I won’t lie; her lips were soft and red. She smelled like vanilla that first kiss we shared that morning. I pulled back to look at her and had a look of bewilderment on my face. After a moment, my voice a bit shaken I said “what was that for Kara?” she didn’t answer my question but said “did you like it? A friend told me kissing was fun, and who was I to kiss? I’m with you every day or very near to it.” I wasn’t sure what to say to her. She is my cousin, almost my sister. I loved her, or at least the way a 13 year can love a girl. But I was confused. Kara I said “I did enjoy the kiss, but I’m not sure we should have done that.” “Why, she answered what’s wrong with it?” (At the time I had no idea what incest was, or anything of that manner, later I did and so did she, but it was a year at least before we had an understanding of it.) “I don’t know Kara; I just never imagined kissing anyone now, let alone you.” She put her hands on the side of my face and kissed me again. This time though the kiss lasted more than five seconds. Our lips were closed tightly and her eyes were closed but mine were opened I was staring at her. I thought to myself why not, it feels ok to kiss her, I started to enjoy the feel of our lips being pressed together. We pulled back from each other and smiled. I was now the one staring at her, and she held my gaze for a moment before looking down. I moved my hand from my side and placed it on hers. “Kara, so what do you want to do today?” she said “ I want to be here with you” she moved her hand on top of mine and intertwined her fingers with mine. (Kara says I was the one to hold her hand, but I remember it the way I wrote it.)

I wondered to myself later on that night after she had gone home. Was this what it is like to be have a girlfriend, what had happened between us today? As I thought about Kara, thought about what she looked like, what she was wearing and how she smelled I smiled to myself and leaned back against the wall. I heard the phone ring and my mom yelled up to me “Branson come get the phone, Kara’s on the line.” I walked down stairs and picked up the phones answering “Hey” Kara said “hey, umm are you ok about today? “ Before answering her, I looked to make sure my mom and dad were not around. “Yes, I’m ok with what happened. Are you?” She laughed on her side and said of course “I kissed you didn’t I?” Yes I said. She got serious for a moment and said “Branson this doesn’t change anything does it, I mean between you and I. I don’t want anything to change.” (If I was sure of anything at that time it was that I was ok with ever had changed that day and I thought from her response so was she.) I spoke up and said “so what are we doing tomorrow?” She answered by saying “ movies would be nice or maybe riding our bikes to the arcade”

I rode my bmx to her house the next day and we saw a movie. We held hands the whole time out in public. I was nervous but it was early and no one knew us from adam, it was a matinee after all. During the movie we kissed a couple time. Lips closed tight and our arms around each others neck. It felt good. Better than good this was fun. The movie passed by quickly as did our day. We ate lunch together, I stayed at her house for dinner. We kissed in her room, or help hands on the couch as we sat side by side and you could not tell where I started and she ended. You couldn’t tell we were holding hands I thought. Her parents didn’t notice so it was ok. Risky but safe. My uncle gave me a ride home and Kara came to. When we got to my house. I took my bike out of the truck bed and walked it back the garage. Kara told her dad she would be right back and came with him. When I placed my bike in the garage, Kara wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me. Her lips were wet this time, not dry as before and it made kissing a bit easier.She pulled back and said “Nice day, tomorrow? Before I answered I opened my mouth and wet my lips some and pulled her in and kissed her again. She smiled as we kissed. I then said “Sure Kara, anything.” I walked her back out side and watched her get into the car. I waved and said good bye to my uncle and Kara. I walked back into the house and my dad saw me and "asked me how my day was." "It was ok" I responded before heading to the couch to sit down, next to my mom.

The Summer continued on with Kara and I seeing each other almost daily except for the time she went on vacation to Mammoth, then I went to big bear for a couple of weeks. I missed her during those times. I still wasn’t sure what Kara and I were in the terms of identifying our relationship. She was more important to me then I could have thought. We didn’t always get along though the first few months were filled with arguments and stupid fights that teenagers have. But even when we were mad at each other we were forced to hang out when our parents got together, our fights usually ended with me apologizing for nothing or at times when I was wrong I had to cough up an apology and let me tell you, it was not easy. (Kara here, Branson is full of shit, he didn’t apologize all the time. Usually it was me not him doing it.) Anyways, we did settle our issues through talking and much kissing.

The summer passed and into September, we had to enter high school together. This was a new experience for us both and it helped us grow closer. We had 7 classes each day but only 3 of them together. During school we didn’t hold hands or kiss unless we were alone or behind a building. If someone saw us we didn’t worry too much. This was a school of thousands not hundreds and no one really knew us other than those who were in middle school with us. Kara came over to my house or I went to hers after class let out at 2:45pm. I had Math with her, I sucked at math, and Kara was good at it, numbers made since to her. I could read a book, ace all history tests. Where I excelled, Kara struggled some. (Personally I think she faked being bad at history so I could spend time with her.) Kara tutored me in math, and I helped her in History. We usually started off doing homework and studies quite well but almost always ended up in a make out session in our rooms. We had learned what French kissing was by watching movies. At first when our tongues touched it was an odd feeling. But after we learned how to kiss and French kiss better it was good. She would suck on my tongue at times and I to her. We traded gum while kissing, and we got to know each other’s mouths well.

When Kara and I were alone we could be together. We still had no idea about sex. We both grew up on Conservative republican house holds. Sex and Love were not topics of conversation. It was school work, homework, civil duties and religion. When our parents were gone it was time to hold hands, lay next to each other wrapped in each other’s arms and making out. At the time the most foreplay she and I had done was kissed each other on the neck. I remember once she gave me a huge hickey on my next. I never had one before didn’t bother to look in the mirror when I went to school the next day. But when I came down stairs my mom saw it. That was an uncomfortable conversation, she called my dad into the room and that began the interrogation of what girl was I kissing? What her name was? What grade she was in? Was she white? So I did what any smart minded young man did, I lied. What I said I don’t remember, but when I saw Kara at school I gave her a lot of crap for leaving her mouth sized hickey on my neck and told her to be careful next time. She kissed me on the head, cheeks and lips and said she was sorry. (That was the first of many lies to be told for random hickeys showing up on me, she caught more crap for them than I did because she was supposed to be the good Dutch girl.)

The school year moved on and when it came to March 12th my birthday, Kara had been giving me hints that she was planning something for me. What it was I had no idea. I had found letters she wrote me with her mouthed lipstick on the paper and the message saying “you are wonderful, I have a surprise for you” Kara called me the morning of my birthday, when I answered the phone she said “Hey you, what are you up to?” I replied nothing just eating some breakfast and helping dad to mow the lawns earlier.” Kara responded “that sounds like a good time, want me to come over? I have something for you.” I looked around to make sure mom and dad weren’t around before saying “Kara you are always welcome here, especially with me.” Kara said “ok be right there” No more than 20 minutes passed before she walked in and hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheek saying “ Happy birthday cousin.” She then said “Hi Uncle James, Aunt Isabel.” My mom and dad both responded Hello to her, and then they asked us what we were going to do. I told them probably hang out in the room and play some Nintendo. We did hang out in my room only we didn’t play Nintendo, we played human bodies. (For those who don’t know what that game is. It’s where you inspect ever part of the other person’s body, later I learned it was also called Doctor.) Now when she told me what she wanted to do, I smiled and asked her “are you sure, you want to do that? We could get caught Kara.” She looked at me with a crooked smile and said “Branson you have seen me naked, we grew up bathing together didn’t we?” I told her “yes, I remember but that was years ago” She nodded and said “yes it was but now I want you to see me.” What was I going to say to her I thought. I knew I should say no, but I was a horny curious, girl crazy teenager. I told her ok, but I got up and closed the blinds and locked my door.

She walked over to my bed and sat down and started to unbutton her pants and asked me to take her shoes off her feet for her. I did was she asked then she wriggled out of her pants and she was wearing flowered yellow panties. Then she stood up and removed her shirt. She was wearing a white halter top. She didn’t have much for breasts at the time but she had small mounds. She smiled as she looked down at me and turned around and wiggled her butt at me. Then she sat back down on the bed and said, your turn. I stammered to her “My turn? What are you talking about?” She laughed and said “B, if I’m going to show myself to you. I want to see you. “I was not happy with this decision on her part because I had showed my body to no one the past 8 years. The last time Kara saw me nude. My body had grown a lot but I was still self-conscious where she seemed to be very comfortable or just didn’t show her shyness around me. I stood up and looked down to her and shook my head as I removed my shirt, She smiled at me and stood up walking to me she kissed me as she placed her hands on my teenage chest before stopping and sitting back down again and nodding as to say “continue” so I placed my hands on my shorts and pulled them down and then stepped out with just my underwear on.

I then walked to the chair and my desk and sat down and said “Your turn Hun” She grinned at me and then walked almost to where I was and stood there looking at me and said “B, this is what I wanted to see for your birthday, I want you to know that I trust you with seeing all of me.” She undid the clasp on her bra and let it fall to the ground. Where the last time I saw he breast she was nothing but flat as a board she had a size cup breasts but quarter sized areolas. I didn’t touch her, I was way too nervous for that. So I just stared at her. She didn’t say anything to me as she took off her panties and let them rest on the floor and she took my hand and placed it on her vagina. I had never touched her as a kid, this was the first time I had ever touched Kara. (I may have brushed her breasts while we were kissing but nothing to what we were doing then.) I felt her vaginal lips, they were warm, it felt like her mouths lips I thought but different. They were lightly pink but soft and little wet to the touch. She had small patch of blonder hair on her pubic area. She didn’t say a word to me as I pressed a finger into her but she did squirm for a minute and I quickly removed my finger from her thinking I did something to bother her. I then put my hand on her right breast. She laughed lightly and seemed to grow conscious of what I was doing and pulled my hand away. I stood up and french kissed her then and wrapped my arms around her, hoping to let her know I really liked her.

After the kiss she looked up to me and said “ok B, your turn” I breathed in deep and then pulled my underwear down. She looked at my penis and smiled a toothy smile and walked over to me her eyes staring at my penis, then up to me and back at me. She said “can I touch it?” “Of course Kara” she moved her hand to my penis and it was cold to the touch. I felt a shiver go up my spine as she grasped it and I laughed nervously. As she was holding my penis, There was a knock at the door and the door knob shook and I heard my dad’s voice say “Branson, why is this door locked you know the rule, no locked door in my house young man.” I spoke up and quickly said “Sorry dad I didn’t know it was looked. One second” Kara let go of my penis, and we both hurriedly put our clothes, and I opened the door” My dad stared at us both and said “What were you two doing?” Kara replied “nothing Uncle James just playing Nintendo.” My dad looked over at the TV and said “oh, ok well. I don’t want this door locked understood?” Yes I replied. He turned around and walked out the door, I looked over and Kara and mouth “that was closed” She look beautiful to me then as she does now but she looked a little pale to me and she said “yeah that was a little too close, were gonna need to be careful Branson” I nodded and said “yea”. (Years later my dad told Kara and I he suspected we were doing something more than what we told him.)

Kara and I went back down stair and watched a movie with my parents, then they took us out to lunch to Polly’s Pies, we came back to the house and just hung out really. We held hands when my parents weren’t looking. We kissed in the hallways and in the garage when asked to get something. Her parents came over around 6pm because my mom asked them over for a barbeque. It was a fun day, but I couldn’t get myself to stop thinking about Kara’s naked body. Over and over in my head I was seeking her before me. At the end of the night, Kara followed me to my room, after I closed my door she put her arms around my waist and kissed my softly and said “Did you like your surprise” “Of course I did Kara, you are the best gift I could want.” She smiled at that and kissed me again before saying “well I have to go. Mom and Dad are waiting” She let go of me and I followed her out. Then said good bye to my aunt and uncle, hugged them goodbye and hugged Kara and said “Night Kara” she smiled and waved at me and went to the car. I went back into the house smiling to myself.

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My Cousin Kara

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Comments (3)
KurtTheWicked — 12 March 2019 21:49
Way too many grammatical, structural, and syntactical errors. They kill the flow of the story and make it painful to read.
zed7112 March 2019 22:42
I suck with grammar if anyone cares to help please let me know.
zed7112 March 2019 22:45
I am not a writer truly just trying to share a life story.
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