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Finishing the Thai deal.

Categories Fiction, Asian, BDSM, Death

Author: MFXslave

Published: 13 March 2019

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David Argyle shook hands with his Thai business partners in the downtown Bangkok Head office after all the necessary papers had been signed. He had closed the deal in less than four hours. His superiors had expected several days, if not weeks, of stalling and various unreasonable demands.

He called his New York office, quickly briefed them about the development of the discussions and potential future obstacles.

After a lunch at the domestic airport, he boarded the plane to Samui Island in the south of Thailand, for two days of rest and recreation. And hopefully copious amounts of sex with a few spoilt and degenerated middleclass Bangkok foxes on weekend leave.

Six hours later, he was walking along a picturesque strip of beach towards his secluded, luxurios bungalow, acompanied by two beautiful and sexy young women. He estimated them both to be nineteen or twenty years old.

He planned on staying in this remote spot for two more days, before heading back to the US. He deserved some quality time before he left Thailand.

At 36, he was in the prime of his life. Everything he had ever desired had come to him. He was handsome in a conservative but yet masculine way, made ridiculous amounts of money and always got to fuck whoever he wanted to fuck. Like these two starry-eyed young women whom he had hypnotized with his charm and a lie about maybe, maybe they might come and live with him in the States.

His plans was, of course, to fuck them silly for a night or two and never think of them again. Like he always did.

They did, however, speak really good english. For Thais that is.

He had very little patience for the awful jibberish usually spoken in Asia.

David had to bend his 6 feet 5 (195cm) body to kiss "Belinda" (Her real name was Ngam-Chit but he hadn't bothered to ask for it). The slender girl, weighing only 105 pounds (48 kgs), reaching less than 5 feet (150 cm) felt like she was french kissing a giant. David squeezed her soft and shapely buttocks gently.

He looked straight into her almond shaped eyes as they stopped to breath. "A dumb cunt," David thought to himself.

He began stroking and squeezing her small and firm breast and got down on his knees to suck on her very dark large nipples.

Behind his back, "Sheila" was busy mixing them drinks as she watched the kissing couple by the bed.

"Sheila", who's real name was Saengdao, met her friend's eyes and they exchanged smiles over the head of the horny, breast-sucking "Farang".

Saengdao was a lot taller and heavier than Ngam-Chit, 5 feet 7 (167 cm) and weighing 145 punds (66 kgs). It was clear for everone to see that she was in very good shape. She was taking judo and Taekwando classes every week.

Her breasts were a bit too large for her own taste, but men tended to worship them from a distance. She sometimes reflected that her ass was on the large side, but nobody would agree on that.

As David began sucking harder on her very sensitive nipples, Ngam-Chit watched as Saengdao poured some of the Vodka down the sink and filled the two small glasses with water, ice and lime juice. She then filled the large glass with way too much Vodka and Rum, then topped it off with plenty of lime juice and a handful of ice cubes.

Two thirds of the huge glass was filled when she put it down on the couch table and removed her tight pants. She wore no panties beneath. Her fashionable shirt dropped to the floor beside the pants.

Ngam-Chit admired Saengdao's shaved pussy, the thick dark purple cloured labia and the sudden glimpse of the delicious pink meat between those thick, creamy swollen lips.

Saengdao grabbed David's glass again and placed it between her athletic thighs. Ngam-Chit smiled.

The golden ray hit the ice cubes and her piss blended with the Vodka and Rum as the glass rapidly filled.

She put the glass down beside the two smaller glasses on the table and called for attention:

"Hey, David! You only like Belinda's titties? Don't like me, huh?"

David turned around and got up off his knees. His cock was almost aching from a three day long abstinence.

He reached out for "Sheila's" large breasts, squeezed them gently and supressed the temptation of going down an taste her smooth, hairless cunt.

She handed him his drink and then gave Ngam-Chit her alcohol free Special. They sat down in the sofa with David in the middle.

The girls watched as David finished half his stout drink in four huge gulps.

They both massaged David's muscular thighs as he relaxed for a while when the strong drink hit home. He then unzipped his pants and pulled out his quite impressive nine inch cock.

Both girls went "Oooh! SO big!" at once.

Ngam-Chit grabbed the thick shaft with both hands and started licking it with slow tongue strokes.

David watched her beautiful mouth going to work on his big cock. Then he turned to Saengdao to kiss her on the mouth.

She didn't like the idea of tasting her own piss, so she urged him to suck on her breasts instead. He went down without complaints and began feasting.

Unlike most men, Davis didn't want to shoot his load as fast as possible. He had learned that the longer the road to ecstacy, the greater the pleasure once he climaxed.

He asked Ngam-Chit to stop licking his swollen glans and went down on his knees in front of Saengdao. She spread her shapely legs and made it easy for him.

He began sniffing her wet cunt like a dog in heat. Saengdao sighed and asked him to taste it.

At first, he teased her by covering her dark skin around the cunt with light butterfly kisses. He let her wait for several minutes before turning his attention to the sweet-smelling flower.

His smooth pussy-licking technique had always been a great success with the ladies.

He ran his tongue up and down her labia, just breifly touching her sensitive flesh. This continued for a while, until Saengdao became impatient and told him to start licking her for real.

David would take no orders from anybody, let alone a woman, but buried his tongue inside her pink cave and filled his lungs with her sexy odour. He lay still for ten seconds or more, until Saengdao started rubbing herself against his face, covering him with her tasty juices.

In a hoarse voice she commanded: "Taste my pussy!"

He waited a few more seconds before he obeyed her demand.

He finished "Sheila" off with the tip of his skilled tongue. She sighed, growled and screamed during the final ecstatic wave of burning pleasure.

David lay down on his back on the soft carpet and urged "Belinda" to sit on his face.

Ngam-Chit landed heavy on his face and positioned her wet cunt in front of his slightly parted lips. She could feel his nose in the crack of her ass, right next to her asshole. She both hated and loved that feeling, knowing he could smell her ass whether he wanted to or not.

David began his teasing tongue dance on her labia and pressed his nose against her tight rim. She accidentally farted in his face as she tried to shift position during his licking session.

She apologized with a laughter, but David didn't seem to mind. He was lost in Pussy Paradise and drank her freely flowing nectar whenever he had to rest his idle tongue for a short spell.

Saengdao was really going to work on his long and thick cock, with lubricant and both hands busy. She milked him with long and slow strides. She squeezed him so hard that he moaned in lustful pain as he got closer to eruption.

Ngam-Chit let out a little shriek of surprise. Saengdao looked at her.


"He's licking my asshole!"

"Mmm... Nice! Does it feel good?"

"Wonderful! So, so... fantastic!"

Saengdao increased the speed a little bit, but not too much. She didn't want to ruin her friend's first-ever anulingus feast.

Ngam-Chit continued mumbling her praise to the tongue in her ass-crack as they went along.

Soon he stuck what felt like his entire tongue inside her tight anus.

After six minutes of voluptuous licking and rimming, David got the relief he had longed for, with his tongue buried deep in the asshole of the soft-spoken girl.

They finished their drinks and Saengdao fixed them new ones. This time she excluded the golden liquid ingredient in David's drink, but instead dissolved a fine powder in the blended spirits.

They rested on the bed until David suddenly passed out less than five minutes later.

When he woke up about an hour later, he had each arm and leg tied to sturdy steel bed posts by thick canvas rope. He had an earsplitting headache and felt more than a little nauseaous and dizzy. His mouth had been taped shut. After a futile struggle to get loose, he gave up.

“Bloody hell,” he thought to himself. “Drugged and robbed by two common sluts!”

The girls were standing beside the bed, still in all their naked glory. Saengdao smiled at his silent rage.

“He think we're a couple of prostitutes robbing him,” said Ngam-Chit to her friend in thai.

“Yup, he has no idea. But he will soon find out.”

As Ngam-Chit went through David's belongings in search of a specific item, Saengdao straddled their captive's chest.

He looked straight into her fabulous pink flesh cave and smelled her tempting scent, unsure whether he wanted to punch her in the face or lick her delicious cunt once more.

“I think I've found it,” Ngam-Chit said. She slashed through the seams of his jacket with a razorblade and fished out a memory stick. She took out a laptop from her rucksack and started it.

After ten minutes or so of scanning the content, she seemed certain that they had found what they were looking for.

“It's the real deal! Let's wrap things up and leave!”

Saengdao slid down from his chest and landed her shapely ass on his throat, pulled his head towards her shaved crotch and wrapped her strong thighs around his neck.

That very moment, David realized he wasn't just being robbed. They were actually trying to kill him.

He panicked and did everything in his might to throw the girl off of him, but was unable to do more than arousing her by rubbing his chin against her swollen labia.

She stretched her muscles and got him secured in a lethal headlock, more or less impossible to break out of.

He lasted longer than Saengdao had expected, but she finally wore him down. They were both soaked in sweat by the time David stopped thrashing about and became limp.

“Is he dead,” asked Ngam-Chit.

“He should be.”

Saengdao turned her naked body around and sat down on his face, with her pussy covering his mouth and her ass pressing down on his nose.

“Damn! His still breathing. I can feel it in my ass.”

“But not for long,” smiled Ngam-Chit.

“Not for long.”

She slowly choked the life out of him, and stayed seated on his face a couple of minutes after she could no longer feel his breath.

Just to make sure, she locked his head between her legs once more and jerked brutally with her hips. First to the left. There was a sickening cracking sound when his neck broke.

Saengdao then jerked her hips to the right, and then right back to the left again and she knew that he was dead.

They reported back to their employer and made arrangements about when to deliver the memory stick.

In the car at the airport in Bangkok, Ngam-Chit said:

“He was a sorry excuse for a human being and I don't regret that he's dead, but...”

“He was a great asslicker?”

“Yes, he was!”

End of story.

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Finishing the Thai deal.

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