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Categories Fantasy, Anal, Consensual Sex, Job/Place-of-work

Author: James Dylan Dean

Published: 14 March 2019

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A very well-dressed businessman walked up to a line of taxis parked at the curb of a large European city. He had his ‘smart phone’ with him and set it with a message that would translate to any language that a driver could read. Nothing was to be said out loud in this effort. He started at the front of the line and faced his cell to each driver until he got to the fifth one that nodded to him. Then the driver left with him to bring his large trunk and he brought the two wheeled luggage’s to the cab and then they drove off.

When they got to the arranged hotel, a couple of bellhops came out and moved all of his luggage up to his room, and then Mr. Pierce escorted the men out and he located the wall safe and put all of his important documents into it along with his wallet and locked it. He kept on himself only a certified copy of his driver’s license and about fifteen thousand dollars sewn very cleverly into the seams of his jacket. He did keep about a thousand in his pocket to cover the cab and tips to those that assisted him. He was known around the world as a very generous tipper to those that aided him, and this bought him very dedicated help wherever he travelled.

The cabbie had waited for him with the meter on at Mr. Pierce’s insistence and then they left the hotel for his place of interest for the night. The message that he had shared down the taxi line had two lines of information: the hotel that he would be staying at and a request to take him to the best bordello in the city after him dropping off his luggage. This cabbie assured him that the place he was taking him to, was the best that the city had to offer. Mr. Pierce asserted that if it was so, the cabbie would receive a hundred-dollar tip, in addition to the fare and regular tip that night and if the night went well, double that tip in the morning. The cabbie was confident that he would get the bonus in the morning, when he came to pick Mr. Pierce up.

When he got into the lobby of the house, a very old and well-maintained mansion, an elegant lady approached him. He could tell that she had been a real beauty in her day and was the guardian spirit of this house now. Still mighty fine looking, also. He asked her if he could use her phone for a minute and granted him that in her office right off of the lobby. He wanted to use a landline to better hear his beloved wife’s voice before he moved on to his fun for the rest of his evening.

She was expecting his call, and when he addressed her as EmEll, she knew it was him for sure, because no one officially ever knew that nickname for her. And she addressed him as Butch, also a personal pet name. No one knew what that had come from, because few knew it and none of them knew its history but her and him.

He let her know that he had arrived early and was looking forward to returning home in about a month to spend the next three months with her and their six children from the ages of sixteen down to two. She gushed to hear it and told him that she would be eagerly awaiting him, to work on the project that they had discussed, another addition to the family. And then with well wishes, he hang-up the phone to confer with the Madame of the Mansion.

As they sat in their chairs admiring each other, she informed him that she would require him to answer a few questions to best serve his interests for the night. She already knew that he would be staying until the taxi came in the morning. So, she asked him first how many times he was going to cum that night, and he asserted that it was likely only twice, because of his age and that he wanted one of them to be in her. This threw her off of her footing a bit, because he was going to get to choose among the most beautiful and sexy women in the city to fuck that night, why would he want her. But this was not the first time that this had come up in her practicing retirement and she always refused, and mostly made it stick. But she looked into his eyes and decided that she would comply this time, because with the monies in question, she would have a hard time explaining to her bosses how she had lost this account. So, she nodded in agreement.

Then she asked him what he wanted in the manner of girls, and he asserted he wanted only two, because he hated to have any just sitting around earning top dollars while doing nothing but watching her fellows being fucked and sucked on. She explained that he had four girls coming and none of them would be lazy in their efforts with him, and that she had girls down to the official age of eighteen of this country and her voice drifted off, so he imagined that others might be available, too.

She then inquired as to the motif of their little night of fun and he let her know that he wanted it to be simple, just a slutty room with slutty women and for them to be undressed except for easily worked around clothes and for her to wear a loose slip with spaghetti straps and shortened to the top of her belly button, so he would be able to see her pussy. She said that that could be arranged, and then asked if she wanted her pussy shorn, and he said all but the cute little bush above her clit and she nodded to that, also. She was thinking that the dressing girl would be busy this night.

He then volunteered that he didn’t want any of the girls under any drugs that would inhibit them, and that he would take none himself except for what he brought with him, and that he would drink nothing stronger than a regular house brand generic white wine, which tend to be a lot better than their reputations. She nodded at that, too. And then he was escorted to the grand room of his request and left to take his pills and rest up for the coming night of lively sex and fun. He was notified that it would take an hour and a half to get everything just right for him and he let her know that the pills would be operable by then and he would sample the porn that he knew that they would have available for him and he requested that it feature at least some of the girls that he would have with him that night. She smiled and planned to include some of the porn that she had made in her younger days, that should activate the pills or nothing would.

Actually, Mr. Pierce slept for most of the waiting time and that worked to his advantage, because when he woke-up he was fresh and ready for the fun ahead. The four girls, including one that looked suspiciously below the legal age marched in in a line and then the Madame came in after. They were all exceptionally pretty and seemed avidly ready for the night ahead. They moved up to the giant bed and joined him on it, to watch some porn to start and get in the mood with this very important man, they guessed. Madame took a chair with her pussy on view to him and watched the scene until she would be required for her part.

The youngest girl was the one that first physically engaged with him, she moved up to his lap and with her pretty and little behind lined up with his growing cock, began to use her hands to good effect around his body in generating his desire to take her soon. He right then decided that she would be the first to get his cum, because of her moving right up to help him on to the better things to come.

The other girls decided to start to sponsor a growing sexy attitude among them by doing some of their specialties. Two of them with little Maya on his lap, splayed out his legs and sat themselves down to be impaled on his big toes. Maya oohed and aawed this, but the two girls, just sweated a bit as they busily worked their vaginas on to the toes. The fourth girl was thinking of what she could add to this, when she raced over to the bureau in the room and brought back a short rubber cock extender that had been shortened a bit and then installed a very slim flute up into it and wiped it with lube, along with her pussy and had him push it up inside of her with his right hand, and his left was busy with Maya’s titties.

When it was fully entered, Mr. P. started to build up a pattern of fucking her with it. He would work it up three shallow times, with the middle one working on her G spot and then plow it deeply into her with a quick three short plunges deep within her. And he repeated this pattern for some minutes and she finally let out a scream of passion with her climax and came up to his mouth on Maya’s tit and pulled it back to get her feverish kiss in appreciation. She did let his mouth return to the young girl, though.

He knew that he had better get himself off soon, so that he could work up to doing Madame also, so he asked the two on his toes to back off for a few minutes and the one that had just cum also did so, and he moved the little one to having her bottom on a high pillow and proceeded to plunge deeply into her and ride her like the devil on a motorbike. She shuddered and shimmied and then came with him emptying into her shortly afterward. He got applause from Madame for that one.

And then he asked the girls to play with each other while he got his breath back to do Madame. He ate a high energy bar and drank some of his light wine and laid back to enjoy the view right next to him. He would join in once in a while with the action, but mostly he let the girls have their fun for his viewing pleasures.

After about an hour of rest and eyeful recreation, he motioned for Madame to join him for the giving of his cum to her, too. And so, she moved up to him and he gathered her up into his arms and gave her a real good kissing, hugging and caressing time for about a half an hour. And then he asked her to lay down to accept him in 69 ing to light them both up. She was really into this from the video that he had seen of her earlier, and she showed no loss of enthusiasm for it. She very much welcomed his cock down her throat and sucked on it, but he blocked himself from cumming that way, to her amusement.

Finally, he had her lay down on her back with her ample bottom up on a firm pillow. With that he first engaged with her monstrous tits and gave them a good sucking, and then he moved his mouth down to her pussy to get it ready for the finale. When his mouth began to suckle on her clit, she started moaning and groaning from it, and then he saddled up to ride this mare to the finish line.

Her body was now filled out and she would be considered a mild BBW, but he didn’t because she was solid, not sloppy fat. And she was the most comfortable woman that he had ever fucked. It was like a plush rocking chair, the way her body engulfed his and he wallowed in its luxury, until he with his pubis seated up to her soft one, emptied strongly up into her soft and warm belly tunnel. With his finish, he just laid there enjoying the feel of a full-sized woman and she reached around him to hold him in place as one of the most pleasant fucks that she had ever received.

During this the girls reconvened their sexy fun to his and Madame’s enjoyment and the party lasted all night with him occupying each of the girl’s pussies during the night and with him finishing in Maya, the little girl for the last two hours of his visit.

When he was about to leave he handed over the five thousand for the night and a bonus of a thousand for each girl and Madame and threatened reprisals if any of the girls were looted for their bonuses. Madame promised that they would not be bothered over it at all. And he checked alter through a secret source and found it to be true. The girls had sent him an email too, inviting him back to entertain them again another night. He said that he would consider it, but what he really wanted was to adopt Maya and come back and fuck Madame again. He did do the later, just before returning to the states and his family life.

He spent the next three weeks getting two stubborn and very rich business men together on a project that they wanted to do, but were so into themselves that it took a third person, him, to get them and it together. But, like usual he got it done, just like his degree in Business and Psychology had prepared him for. It didn’t hurt either that he had started at one of the biggest facilitating firms in the world, but had left them to do it his way, so that he could also have a lot of time for his beloved wife and children, so that they unlike a lot of rich person’s children would actually know their father. His wife really appreciated that attitude on his part.

As he dozed on the airplane on the way over the Atlantic, he fantasized about how she and he had met and about their life together over the years. It was a matter of record that they were married with exactly the same last names. No need to change hers at all. It was because they were far apart related in a very large family each from two spurs of it, from across the country from each other. There had been some discussion when they applied for their marriage license, but with some confirmations, it was approved and they started the next phase of their lives together.

Their lives together had actually started many years before when the extended branches of their family name decided to have a giant family gathering in a summer at the large bayside state park just south of Big City. The lawyers of the family had booked the whole place for a week and paid off some already booked visitors to delay or take early their visits. It was a grand week for all of them together and everyone was just fine with each other. It never happened again but took on legendary status in the family. Marilyn and he were included in the legend of that week.

They had each been born on exactly the same day and were about eighteen months old at the gathering. Her mother had her in some kind of playpen construct with a lot more room than those normally had. She was this bright-eyed little bundle of energy holding her favorite ball under her hand and her teddy that she carried with her over the years until it was just a fist full of threads in the other. When his mother moved him into it with her, so that the mothers could talk, they looked up to each other and it was over. There would be no more searching for their soul mates, they had found them as toddlers at ages eighteen months each.

When they began to talk well, she called him Butch after her destroyed teddy bear, and he called her EmEll a contraction of her actual name Marilyn. Nobody even tried to correct them, they took one look into their eyes and knew better. They were never two people after that, they were one person in two parts, one male and the other female and they were never very comfortable when apart. Her parents soon figured that out when they returned back East and soon moved out to our city and right next door to us, so that she and he could associate to their families’ reliefs.

They started out as enamored toddlers, moved on to be best buddies, then to devoted school mates (who had most of our classes together to the relief of the teachers,) high school sweethearts and finally college chums. They were always very affectionate with each other, not prudes at all, but we were never intimate in connection until their wedding night.

One evening while they were in college, they were laying on his bed as they each were finishing up some kind of school assignments when their futures together came up. And this time it was about their pending sexual relationship. She mentioned that she realized that his libido was far in excess of hers and she neither wanted to pretend to enjoy the too many sexual episodes between us, if she had to accommodate my more pervasive sexual needs; nor leave me hung out to dry with them.

So, she suggested that when he got his own office, that she would pick out a little playmate to be his secretary and receptionist and that she would look the other way with him sharing himself with her as he was welded to herself. She just said to not ever leave her nor leave her unfucked, but give her as much as she wanted and she would allow him to tap off his excess desires through a sexual friend in his office. He was stunned by this arrangement coming from her, but it turned out exactly that way. Little Kawaii from Hawaii, served in that purpose for all of the years that she worked for him even after she had gotten married herself. Her husband never knew, but he was totally happy with her, because of her outstanding care she took of him too.

Mr. and Mrs. Pierce lived a very reasonable life, taking care of their children and helping with the grandchildren, but when they got to their sixties, they sold everything that they owned, gave gifts to their children and then took the rest to move to a place on Earth where no one knew them and lived the rest of their lives alone together in peace and happiness.

Those that cared about them could only contact them though Facebook and internet email accounts and they only answered if they felt like it because they were totally united together in one loving soul by then.

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