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  1. my succubus mistress
  2. my succubus mistresses 2
  3. my succubus mistress 3

my succubus mistress 3

Categories Dark Fantasy, Oral Sex, Body modification, Lesbian

Author: laotamst

Published: 14 March 2019

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staring at my roof for a second i grabbed my phone and saw it was Saturday.

"did i sleep all through Friday?" i asked myself

i must have. what a weird dream. i noticed that i was in my underwear. i was wearing a light blue pair of panties and a bra. i don t remember putting them on. was i doing drugs or am i just losing my mind. i got up and began getting ready.

"i just need some fresh air" i reassured myself as i pulled on a skirt and t – shirt.

i began walking down to the train station. ill go hang out at the park see if Emma wants to meet me there. after a few minutes of chatting she agreed to meet me there. i bought a ticket and hopped on the train.

once i sat down and the train started moving i felt two hands squeeze my ass.

i looked around me thinking it was a fellow rider but then i felt a quick lick on my pussy.

i began panicking realizing that it was not a dream as my panties changed from a silk fabric to a flesh like substance. my tits were now both being squeezed.

"bet you didn t think this was possible huh?" i heard Selena voice ask from inside my head "don t worry i m not possessing you but you are wearing me. "

the tongue plunged deep into my pussy nearly causing me to moan out loud. while another mouth latched itself onto my clit.

"as soon as you cum your clit will grow to a massive size" she purred in a seductive voice.

what how i questioned in my mind

"i pumped your clit full of magic with that stinger. " she said as the two mouths continued to work away at me " it allows me to manipulate matter as long as it serves to pleasure"

i noticed a woman across from me was staring at my dripping wet panties. she was enthralled by my pleasure filled eyes. i noticed her nipples were hard. she probably thought they were vibrating panties. but these were so much better. our eyes locked as i orgasm ed. and as Selena promised my clit grew to nearly 8 inches long and 3 inches in girth. the growing of my clit made the woman s jaw drop and pulled the panties up against my pussy and ass crack.

"wink at that woman and then go to the restroom" Selena commanded

i did as she told me and as i walked my clit grind ed against the panties. but suddenly the bulge in my panties disappeared as i felt Selena take it into her mouth. i got into the bathroom and sat on the toilet enjoying as Selena mouth engulfed my dick like clit.

the woman entered the bathroom and locked the door.

"ok listen, no one is going to know about this" she said eagerly " show me what you have

i went to pull my panties down when it opened up to reveal my giant clit.

"holy shit" she exclaimed but before i could get a word out she grabbed it with her hand

"ahhkff, ah its sensitive be careful" i exclaimed shocked as she unzipped her jeans and pulled them off than she pulled her wet panties off and placing them around my head.

i licked at the wet spot of her panties as she sat over my and placed my clit at the entrance of her small pussy. she began slowly pushing it in.

not able to take anymore i grabbed her hips and slammed her down on my clit causing us to share powerful orgasms. my clit was now buried deep in her pussy. i felt a tongue enter my ass and two fingers began pumping into my pussy my clit was so sensitive but the woman was rocking her hips back and forth. i felt my clit at the entrance of her womb and seeing i had another inch not yet engulfed in her soaking hole so i forced even more of my clit into her pushing inside of her womb stretching it and making her eyes roll back into her head and her tongue fall out. i brought her in and our lips locked as we both orgasm ed again we were kissing threw her soaked pantys mixing her juices with our saliva as we came yet again.

after several minutes of continuous orgasms as we humped in blissful ecstasy she climbed off of me pulling her scarf up to cover her face lets go fuck in front of all the passengers. i smiled as a scarf mask made of the same material as my panties formed around my mouth.

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my succubus mistress 3

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