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Finding Love Deep In The Heart Of Texas #1

Categories Fiction, Incest, Male / Female, Romance

Author: Thepost

Published: 15 March 2019

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Hello dear readers,

Yesterday was the first time I've been on this site since last year.

I was happy to see that my favorite authors were still at it!

This is a story I started working on this morning.

It's short, but this is just chapter I out of 15.

Most of this chapter is just gonna be character development.

Expect more in coming chapters!



At twenty years old, I was living the American dream. Was I married? No. Did I have kids? No. But you know what I had? Money. Lots of money. In fact I was what you would consider a teen multimillionaire. How? My parents is how. Well my grandparents too I guess. Back in the day, my grandpa had started a small company. Over the years, it had grown bigger and bigger. It reached it's height under my dad. By then, it employed over 56000 people worldwide. Me my mom and dad were living the high life. But when I was fifteen, something happened. My mom and dad went away on a business trip. Apparently, mom and dad had made a couple of enemies on their road to the high life. Those enemies hired a couple of hit-men to get mom and dad.

They got dad before he knew what just happened. But mom wasn't so lucky. Mom was what you would consider a stone fox. She was sexy. Anyway, the hit-men kidnapped mom and drove her to the old dump site outside the city. After having their way with her, they brutally murdered her and left her body in a gutter.

When the police found her body, they were able to get DNA samples from the semen. All three men who were charged with murder and rape worked for the Corp. What was the corp? It's a Corporation of the world biggest companies. They are super rich. But they are also many major scandals involving them. From a minor tax fraud to a huge human trafficking operation. The murder of my parents and the rape of my mom finally drove the FBI to begin a probe on the Corp.

After my parents died, my grandparents decided to sue. After a long year of court appointments they finally won. The Corp agreed to pay me 5000 a month.

After I inherited the company and all my parents wealth, I decided I couldn't handle the company just yet. So I hired Grandpa to be the CEO for a while. He insisted I didn't pay him, but I wouldn't budge.

I used my money to buy tons of gadgets and games. I would spend the whole day playing games. Didn't I go to school you might ask? No I was home schooled by a tutor. Even though I had everything I could want, I was lonely. I didn't go to school and I didn't do social media. That's when I started hanging out at clubs. How did I get into clubs when I was just a fifteen year old? Simple..... money..... I would wear my biker jacket and put on tight jeans. I would also use hair gel and wear cool kid sunglasses. My mom had always called me handsome. I have blond hair, blue eyes, and a very defined torso. I would saunter in the club and immediately find a hot lady. I would then make up wild stories about my life. Afterwards, if I was lucky, and the lady was charmed, I would spend the night at the expensive hotel across the street.

Years passed and before I knew it, it was my twentieth B-day. It was then when my Grandpa decided to step down as CEO.

"Your time has come son, " he told me when I inquired him why. So just like that I was the new CEO/PRESIDENT.

Months passed. It was now August. I would be going to Texas for a business conference. Three days later, my plane touched down on the Dallas/Ft. Worth international Airport. I was now officially in the "Deep Heart of Texas". I had time before I had to head to Houston for the conference.

So I decided to sleep in a bit.

I woke up with a jolt. My phone was ringing. I looked at the caller tag. It was only Sandra, my secretary.

"What's up?"

"Are you on your way yet?"

"No why?"

"The conference has been canceled due to bad weather."

" Pssh. Only a few raindrops and they cancel the conference? "

"I wouldn't call it a 'few raindrops. There is a huge category five hurricane headed right for Houston."

" Ummm, what's a hurricane again? "

"Are you kidding me Steve!?"

" No actually, What the fuck is a hurricane? " Sandra sighed on the other end of the phone.

"A hurricane is basically just a tornado on water..." Sandra went on and on telling me about hurricanes. "By the way, do you want me to book you a flight home this evening?"

" Nah I'm good. I'll just hang around. I've always wanted to visit Texas. "


"Adiós Sandra."

"See ya around Steve."

* * *

I spent the next three weeks exploring Texas. By the end of the month, I had fallen in love with Texas.

Mmm, what would I give to taste another T-bone steak....

The only thing I didn't like about Texas was the goddamned heat! Being a pure Yankee straight outta South uptown NYC, you could expect me to have a big problem with the heat.

As I was driving my Mercedes rental across the pan handle of Texas, the unthinkable happened. With a sputter and rumble, the car jammed right in the middle of nowhere.

All around me, I could see nothing but the desert floor. Far in the horizon, the sun was setting.

According to Google maps, the closest tow service was in Amarillo. With a sigh, I tried to flag someone. It was hours before someone finally stopped. He agreed to drive me all the way to Amarillo.

Once in Amarillo, he dropped me at a motel. I then contacted Sandra telling her I wouldn't make it in time for my flight. Then I settled in and tried to sleep.

* * *

Groan. I looked at my phone. It was only 11:00 pm. I couldn't sleep. Finally I gave up and got out of bed. I had a massive boner.

I took of my jeans and underwear and slowly began sliding my hand up and down my cock.

"Oh fuck....."

I froze a picture of my mom naked and on all fours. The truth was, me and my mom had been closer than most sons and moms are.. .



Dad had left in the morning for a meeting. Mom was asleep. Yasss! That meant I could masturbate in peace. I went to my room and took of my shorts. I tossed them into the dirty clothes hamper. I grabbed the Kleenex on my nightstand and tossed it into the bed.

I then lied down, face up and began slowly sliding my hand up and down my cock. As time passed, I increased my pace.

Jesus Christ.... This felt sooo good.

I was getting close. I increased my pace, going into what I like calling overdrive mode. I could feel the hot semen rising. I was almost there.... Yasss, yassss--

"Steve did yo-- WHAT THE FUCK!?" my mom was standing right there in nothing more than a robe. Immediately I covered myself with my bed cover.

"What the hell were you doing?!"

" Um... Penile enlargement exercises? " I said without even thinking.

"Lift up the bed covers right now!"

" But--"


So I did. I watched as my mom studied my scrotum. I could see something in he eyes that I had never seen before. I saw lust.....

She stepped forward and took of her robe. Then she locked the door behind her.

I couldn't take my eyes off mom. She was hot af. She had wavy blonde hair, pretty blue eyes, full list lips, a toned torso with a nice set of large DDD cups, and an ass to die for.

"Steve do you wanna fuck me?" She said in a sexy tone.

"Yes," I said barely a whisper.

"Come here babe" she said. I took a step towards her. Then another. Finally, I was right in front of her. She got down on her knees. She took my rock hard cock and began stroking it. Her eyes never left mine.

"You have a nice, thick, large penus. Even bigger than your dad and he 's seven inches."

She spit on my membrane. Then she slowly lowered her lips onto my cock. This was ten times better than masterbating. It felt so good.

I watched as she devoured my cock.

"Oh shit...."

She increased her pace. A splurt of precum coated her lips. Then she did the impossible. She took all of my dick into her mouth and began deepthroating me.

I could feel my balls burning.

"Has anyone ever have you a blowjob?"

" Yeah once, but it was nowhere as good as this. Oh fuck! I'm about to cum! "

Surprisingly she took my cock out of her mouth. She saw my confusion.

"I don't want you to cum before I feel you inside me..." She said once again with her sexy voice.


" Yes really, " she said smiling. I pushed her onto my bed and got on top of her and began French kissing her. I grabbed her tits and began sucking away.

"Yes honey! Just like that. Yes, yes! Make mommy happy! "

I continued kissing her and playing with her breasts for about ten minutes. I then took my rock hard cock and thrust it inside her pussy.

I was in heaven. I could see stars. The sensation was amazing. I thrust into her like my life depended on it.


I gave her everything I had!

Oh fuck! I was about to cum! But mom beat me into it. She began shaking so much, I thought she was having a seizure!

"Yes, yes! YAAAASSSS!" I screamed as I released my load into her. After I finished cumming, I took my dick out of her pussy.

"That was the best fuck I've ever had in a long time! Thank you, " she said.

"No, I should be thanking you," I said with a smile.

Hope you enjoyed! Constructive criticism is allowed! Comment down below if you like the chapters short or if you want them a little bigger! Don't forget to vote! ?

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Finding Love Deep In The Heart Of Texas #1

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