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Agent of Lilith: Chapter 10

Categories Fiction, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Body modification

Author: Eupatrid

Published: 15 March 2019

  • Font:


"Stop that."


"Stop; I told you already, you're not dreaming."

James and Ashley Marshall walked naked through the Temple of Venus. This was business as usual for James, but his sister was in a state of shock and awe. She stared open-mouthed at the endlessly towering pillars of gold that carried the infinite sky. She studied the intricate designs in the tile mosaics beneath their feet as they walked. And all the while, she pinched herself.


"Ash, would you please stop doing that?" James said.

"I'm gonna start pinching you if you don't explain where the hell we are," responded Ashley.

A shadow passed over the two siblings. Ashley looked up a moment too late, just missing whatever had cast it. James rolled his eyes. The Temple dimmed and the air grew colder. From behind Ashley, a female voice boomed.


Ashley spun around to see Lilith behind her, arms and wings outstretched, eyes glowing red, and a wicked smile painted on her face.

"Ahhh!!" Ashley screamed, stumbling backwards and falling on her butt. "Demon! Devil! Antichrist!" She formed a cross with her index fingers, closing her eyes and holding her head away from the demoness.

"Do you have to be so dramatic, Lilith?" James asked. The succubus gave him an amused look and shrugged.

"Probably not, but a girl's gotta have her fun," Lilith blinked and her eyes were back to their usual brilliant sapphire. The Temple returned to its state of bright tranquility. Wings folded behind her, Lilith stepped forward on cloven hooves and extended a hand to the redhead cowering on the marble floor. "Relax, I'm not gonna eat you."

Ashley looked at James, who just nodded. Ashley accepted the proffered hand and was pulled to her feet. She took a few steps back and stood behind James, hiding herself and protecting her modesty while clutching her brother's arm like a frightened girl.

James let out a sigh, "Lilith, meet Ashley, my sister. Ash, this is my mistress, Lilith."

"Charmed," said the demoness, a suave smile on her full lips. Ashley gulped audibly. "But James knows he doesn't need to call me his mistress. We're equals," Lilith finished, meeting James' eyes and smiling fondly. Ash watched the silent exchange curiously, her eyes' glued to the strange, beautiful woman.

"L-Lilith?" she said through chattering teeth, "As in the Lilith?" Ash pinched herself again for good measure.

"The one and only!" Lilith answered enthusiastically, beaming at the redhead. "Would you like an autograph?" she asked, still having a little fun with the woman.

"N-no… I'd like to know what the hell is going on here. James?" Ashley turned to her brother, a pleading look in her eyes. "Where are we? I believe you if you say I'm not dreaming, but that," she pointed at Lilith, "is a real demon, and you called her your mistress? What's more, that," she pointed at a mosaic of a lion on the floor before them, "is genuine Babylonian – 17th century B.C.E. by the looks of it. What's going on?"

Lilith raised an eyebrow at Ashley, "Very impressive – you're correct." she said. "To answer your question: it's just as I said before. You're in my domain. This is the Temple of Venus, and I am Lilith, its steward. Before you ask: no, any stories you've read about me are not true." She smiled warmly at the shorter woman. "I'm sorry for frightening you earlier; I couldn't help myself."

"That's… quite all right," Ash responded carefully. "I'm sure I'll laugh about it later." She doubted that was the case, but she was trying to be polite to the woman who towered over her. "But why are we here? How do you know my brother?"

James cleared his throat. "I'll answer that one. Whether she still sees it that way or not, Lilith is my mistress. I'm her agent, her servant. I represent her in the real world; that's the new job I told you about. Not many people know about me or Lilith, Ash. So, I have to ask you to keep this place, and this meeting, a secret."

Ashley nodded slowly, staring at James with wide eyes. She could hardly believe what she was hearing. Her brother worked for a demoness? Not just any demoness, the most infamous of them all! But, was she really so bad? Ash's gaze fell on Lilith again, who gave her another friendly smile. She seemed…nice? Ashley's eyes roamed south over the graceful swell of the succubus' large breasts, appreciating her perfect, tawny skin and incredible curves. Yes… very nice… Ash shook her head and came back to her senses, returning her attention to her brother, but not missing the playful smirk forming on Lilith's lips.

"Okay… so why am I here?" the redhead asked cautiously, glancing back at Lilith as she spoke.

The demoness shrugged. "Don't look at me," she said before turning to her agent. "Why did you want her here, James?"

"Because…" James began, "Ashley is an expert in Babylonian history and archaeology." Lilith's face adopted a look of hurt surprise.

"No," she stated simply, her expression hardening.

"Hear me out, Lilith," James spoke. "She might know something about the statue! She could help us!"

"I've heard plenty, James! And I'm not dragging your innocent sister into this!" Lilith crossed her arms angrily and scowled at the man.

"Uhm…" Ashley began, "I don't know what it is we're talking about, but in most regards, I'm hardly innocent. If there's something I can help with… I'd like to know. What's going on?" She turned to her brother as she asked the question.

James gave Lilith a look that seemed to ask for permission. The demoness held his gaze for a moment before rolling her eyes. She waved a hand lazily, as if to say, "Do what you like."

And so James began to tell Ashley about Lilith's story, the story of how a happy young woman was ripped from her life and imprisoned for eternity. He told her how Ishtar had killed Sumis, destroyed the ziggurat, and enslaved Lilith. He told her of Lilith's duties as stewardess of the Temple of Venus and demoness of lust, and he told her of his own duties as Lilith's agent. Ash listened, eyes wide and cheeks red, as James recounted an abbreviated version of the last few weeks. As he explained how Lilith's magic had changed him and given him new abilities, Ash frowned slightly.

"You're an incubus." It was a statement, not a question. James nodded. "This magic of yours, did you use it on me?" The temple seemed quieter as Ashley waited for a response, her breath caught in her throat.

"Unintentionally… Yes," he answered at last.

Ashley took a step away from her brother and stared at him in disbelief. James had used magic to make her want him. She threw out a fist and hit him in the arm with all her strength. He barely recoiled. "You asshole," she said. "What do you mean 'unintentionally?'"

James rubbed the spot where Ash had punched him. "Ow. I mean that it was an accident! I saw you and got a little… excited. I don't exactly have 100% control over my power, so my desire may have affected you slightly too."

Ashley frowned again, her thoughts turning inward. "He said 'slightly.' He may have affected me 'slightly.'"

Was "slightly" enough to make her want to jump his bones the way she did? Was "slightly" enough to make her masturbate thinking about him? Was "slightly" enough to make her cum on the spot at – "HEY. Wait a minute, did you have anything to do with me… I mean, did you…" Ashley was turning bright red as she remembered her spontaneous orgasm. She struggled to put the words together. Luckily James did it for her.

"Did I make you cum at the airport?" he said. "Yeah, that was me too. In my defense-"

"YOU ASSHOLE." Another punch struck the sore spot on his arm.

"OW! Stop doing that!"

"Then stop fucking me with your brain!"

Lilith had remained quiet while James told their story, and she'd remained quiet while the two siblings bickered, but now, as James shielded himself from a flurry of half-hearted blows from his sister, Lilith felt compelled to speak up. "Ahem." James and Ashley looked over at the gorgeous demoness, remembering she was there. "Do I need to intervene here? Is this normal?"

"No," Ashley answered, the same time James said "Yes." They glared comically at each other. Lilith couldn't help but laugh. The mirthful sound seemed infused with joy and magic, like a beautiful song that moves you to your core. James and Ash chuckled as well, the tension dissolving quickly.

Ash watched her brother as the trio stopped giggling. She felt so many different emotions at once, she didn't know what to do with all of them. She was angry he had taken advantage of her, but she also knew that he had only accelerated the process slightly. Chances were, Ash was gonna fuck her brother one way or another. And she felt such love for him; she couldn't stay angry. He was her brother, after all. And now he was so much more too: he was her master. The thought warmed Ashley inside and out, and she had to stop herself from grinning lustfully.

James looked at his sister and spoke first, "I'm sorry, Ash."

Ashley closed the distance between them, looking up at James seriously. "I forgive you," she said. "The next time you want to make me cum though, use this." She punctuated her statement by grabbing her brother's dick and giving it a playful squeeze. James grinned back and nodded. Ashley didn't remove her hand, and soon it was slowly stroking her brother's growing erection. James leaned down to kiss Ash, unable to resist his burgeoning desire.

Their lips pressed against each other's. James felt his sister's tongue against his lips and opened his mouth to permit access. She moaned into him, her hand still cradling his cock. Their tongues fought for control of their shared mouth space, pushing and pulling the other in an effort to express their passion and need.

Lilith watched, sensing the heat between the two siblings and feeling her own heat grow. She had never imagined she'd have a front-row seat to incestuous love like this. She allowed her hands to roam over her body. She massaged her heavy breasts and snaked a hand between her legs to dip into her wetness. The demoness closed her eyes and moaned, basking in the passionate symphony of kissing and heavy breathing. She tweaked her nipples and her clit, she rubbed the head of her tail against her slick pussy lips. So entranced was she in her own pleasure that she didn't notice when the noise that accompanied it had ceased.

Lilith felt a hand on her back, just below her furled-up wings. It pulled her gently forward into a warm kiss. She knew the lips that met hers; she'd kissed them many times, and she wanted to kiss them many more times. She knew the tongue that entered her mouth; she'd felt immeasurable pleasure by virtue of that tongue. But she didn't know the mouth that was latched around her right nipple. Lilith opened her eyes and peered down, never breaking her kiss with James. Ashley held Lilith's enormous breast in her left hand, holding it to her mouth as she licked and kissed the large areola and tenderly bit and sucked at the hard nipple. Her other hand stroked her brother's hard cock absent-mindedly.

Lilith moaned into James' mouth, appreciating the extreme attention Ashley was giving her sensitive tit. James broke away from the kiss and whispered into his mistress' ear, "I hope you don't mind; we thought you'd enjoy this more than watching."

"Mmm… you thought right. Ah!" Lilith gasped at another jolt of pleasure from her sensitive tits. She felt Ashley take her left breast in her hand as well, pushing Lilith's slender fingers out of her path as she took control of the situation. The succubus was beyond impressed by the little nympho's assertion and skill. She picked up where Ashley had left off and grasped the head James' throbbing member in her now free hand.

With her thumb, she spread a bead of precum over the tip and began to stimulate him by rubbing the head with slow, circular movements. Her other hand, now slick with her juices, abandoned her pussy and wrapped around James' shaft. With both hands, she jerked and teased her agent's huge cock. It was James' turn to shut his eyes and moan.

Ashley looked up to see that Lilith's lips were idle, so she rose up on her tiptoes to meet them. Lilith accepted the kiss and matched the redhead's ardor with her own. Their tongues wrestled as Ash continued to caress the demoness' tits. She had other plans though. Breaking off the kiss, Ashley sank slowly back down, falling to her knees. Her hands followed even slower as they delighted in the feeling of Lilith's soft breasts and taut stomach before finally coming to rest on her hips. Lilith continued to work her agent's cock with her hands, though her eyes never left Ashley's. On her knees, Ash was right where she wanted to be. James was behind her, his dick only a few inches from her head. Before her was the glistening treasure of Lilith's lower lips. And now, kneeling between her brother and his mistress, the beautiful young redhead had access to both of them.

She leaned forward and licked slowly up the length of Lilith's wet slit, stopping at her clitoris, which she flicked gently with her tongue. Ash lapped hungrily at the demoness' folds, bringing down one hand and using her fingers to separate Lilith's lips and give her tongue access to more of the woman's delicious sex. She kissed the sensitive flesh and smiled when she heard a quiet moan from above. Ashley delved into Lilith's pussy with two fingers next, using her mouth to keep up the pleasurable pressure on her clit. She circled the tiny nub with her tongue, before licking it rapidly and then engulfing it in a kiss. She sucked lightly on the sensitive button, eliciting another, louder moan from the raven-haired woman. All the while, Ash's fingers plunged quickly in and out of her hole.

Lilith's breathing deepened, and she was unable to focus on the simple task of stroking James' cock. Her ecstasy grew as pleasure spread out from her pussy to envelop her entire body. She dropped one hand to Ash's head, holding steady as orgasmic waves began to wash over her. Lilith's other hand shot to one of her breasts and squeezed hard, heightening her climax. She sucked in a sharp breath and bit her lip. Her legs shook and her pussy gushed as Ashley brought the succubus to orgasm.

Slurping down Lilith's delicious juices, Ash lapped greedily at the other woman's pussy. But she wanted more, and seeing James' cock was no longer being tended to, she reached up and took it in her grip.

James himself was just enjoying the show, but he wasn't going to complain if his gorgeous sister wanted to multitask. Lilith slowly came to, somehow still standing, and met James' eyes. She smiled. "Your sister is a pro." James grinned back and leaned in for a quick kiss, which Lilith returned before extracting herself from around Ashley's tongue and dropping to her knees next to the younger woman. The two shared a brief look, one of mutual lust and understanding, before they turned their attention to James.

Pressing their lips against either side of James' shaft, the two women moved up and down his length in unison. Their tongues snaked out to please the sensitive underside of his cock as they moved, stimulating every inch of his cock with their mouths. They met at the tip to share a wet kiss, James' cockhead sandwiched in the middle, before sliding back down to repeat the process. He felt slender fingers – he didn’t know whose – toying with his balls.

Ashley moved aside and made room for Lilith, who eagerly took sole control of her agent's cock and wrapped her lips around its head. She massaged the underside with her tongue and continued to kiss the tip sloppily before beginning to work down his length. Meanwhile, the hand that held James' balls was replaced by Ashley's mouth. She sucked one testicle into her mouth, moaning around it. She then let it pop from between her lips and did the same to the other. James groaned at the combined stimulation.

Lilith looked up at James as she took his entire dick into her mouth. Bobbing up and down, she deep-throated him. She knew he was close; she knew this cock better than anyone else in the world, and she knew when it was ready to cum. Sure enough, James began to tense up and groan softly. Lilith drew back on his length and placed the tip against her extended tongue, awaiting his load. She kept stroking him as his orgasm approached, and Ashley didn't let up either.

James was in heaven. His sister and his mistress lovingly working his cock and balls, he surrendered to rapturous bliss. His vision went white as pleasure exploded in his mind. He clenched his fists and threw his head back, moaning. Every nerve ending in James' body screamed in ecstasy, and his cock erupted. Rope after rope of hot cum shot from his dick into the waiting mouth of Lilith. The beautiful demoness caught it all, not wasting a single drop. She continued to jerk the man slowly, trying to pump out everything she could.

"Mm… Let me taste," said Ashley, turning to the black-haired woman with mouth open. The two met in a sloppy kiss. Drool and cum snowballing between them, they shared James' semen, savoring the taste of his cum and delighting in their messy passion.

James breathed heavily and wiped his brow. "God damn…" he said. The two women ended their kiss, swallowed, and smiled up at their man. His cock beginning to wilt, James felt totally drained from the blowjob. Lilith noticed this.

"Why don't you take a break?" she said. Not waiting for a response, she snapped her fingers and summoned a pile of cushions behind him. With a wave of her hand, she used her magic to give her agent a light push. James stumbled backwards, windmilling his arms in vain before falling into the comfortable collection of pillows.

With a second snap, Lilith conjured another heap of the colorful cushions next to her and Ashley. Giving the redhead a seductive grin, she returned to her lips. This time, Lilith was in complete control. She dominated their kiss, smothering Ash's lips with her own and subduing her tongue completely. Ashley was pushed backwards by Lilith's offensive and she too fell onto a pile of pillows.

Lilith pounced. Moving between the other woman's legs in an instant, she spread her wide and went to work on Ash's wet pussy with her mouth. Ash relaxed, letting the demoness have her way and surrendering to her will. Lilith probed the woman's petals with her tongue, licking enthusiastically. She brought her tail up and flicked the tip lightly over Ashley's sensitive nipples. The redhead gasped at the bizarre – but pleasant – sensation.

Lilith redoubled her efforts with her tongue now, wanting nothing more than to make this woman cum. She used a hand to tease Ashley's clit while her pussy was continuously assaulted by the demoness' tongue. Ash writhed underneath the other woman's skilled ministrations, her back arching involuntarily. Her arms splayed out, gripping the pillows tightly, she moaned loudly.

A powerful orgasm shook through her body. Ashley howled in pleasure and came hard as Lilith lapped at her sex. The succubus reveled in the sexual energy Ashley released. The power of her ecstasy fueled Lilith, who was taking directly from the source for the first time in a very long time. She didn't take too much though; she had no intention of harming this beautiful young flower that James had introduced to her. Though she also had no intention of ending their fun just yet.

From his lounge several feet away, James had watched as his mistress pleasured Ashley and drove her to orgasm. It had taken no time at all for life to return to his flaccid cock, and he was now fully erect again. He stroked himself slowly while he took in the sight of his sister thrashing in ecstasy beneath Lilith's tongue.

The demoness rose up on her knees and took in a deep breath, channeling her magic. James watched curiously as she began to squirm. Was she trying to make herself cum? Ashley stared up at the beautiful woman from where she lay, confused as well. Lilith placed the palm of her hand over her pussy and, as if it was incredibly difficult and strenuous, pulled that hand away slowly.

Lilith moaned loudly as her magic thrummed within her and focused on one small point. Her clitoris pulsed with pleasure, figuratively and literally. The little nub began to grow and change shape as Lilith pulled her hand away. Astonished, James and Ash watched as Lilith transformed her clit into a thick, 7-inch long cock. The succubus panted, catching her breath from the exertion and the pleasure of her little magic trick. Her pussy still quivered from the residual ecstasy.

"Well that's new," said James matter-of-factly, still jerking his turgid member. He was more aroused than ever.

Lilith grinned at him over her shoulder. "New to you, maybe. Did you think all of my agents were men?" She winked and turned back to the matter at hand.

Still kneeling between Ashley's legs, Lilith moved into position and placed the large head of her new tool at the smaller woman's entrance. She looked at her with lust dancing like fire in her bright blue eyes and was rewarded with a look of commensurate desire in Ashley's big brown eyes. She stared longingly at the dick pressing against her pussy. "Fuck me, Lilith."

The demoness thrust her hips forward, forcing her entire length into the other woman's tight sheath. They moaned in unison, a long and drawn-out sigh that conveyed absolute satisfaction. But they were far from finished. Lilith leaned forward over Ashley, supporting herself on her hands, and began to pump in and out of her. Ash threw her arms around Lilith's neck and pulled her down and into a passionate kiss.

The two made out as they fucked, Lilith working her cock in and out of the smaller woman in a slow, sensual motion. Whenever the demoness was fully engulfed in the warm embrace of her pussy, Ashley would gyrate her hips, grinding her clit against Lilith's pelvis. While they fucked, they worshipped each other's bodies with their hands. Running up and down their smooth curves, cupping their breasts, and squeezing their tight, round asses. They were moving as one, fucking as one, and climbing toward a climactic peak as one.

James couldn't tear his eyes away from the beautiful sexual act before him. His hand moved quickly up and down the length of his stiff cock, pushing himself inexorably toward his own powerful orgasm. His lust more than a match for the two women, James rose from his resting spot, no longer content to merely observe. He walked toward Lilith and Ashley.

Lilith watched him out of the corner of her eye, aware that he had finally had enough of spectating. Still pounding away at Ash's tender pussy, she broke off her kiss and spoke seductively, "Ready to join us again, lover? Bring that cock over here and I'll blow your-"

She stopped. Stopped speaking and stopped thrusting. Ashley looked up in disappointed confusion and saw what it was that had given Lilith pause. James was kneeling behind her. The succubus bit her lip in anticipation as her agent nestled his cock in her folds, rubbing against her wetness. The head of his cock brushed against the base of Lilith's and the black-haired woman shuddered pleasurably at the contact.

Ash grinned lasciviously at James and nodded to him. The incubus placed the tip of his dick against Lilith's pussy and let it envelop him as he glided into her. As he did, Ashley began moving her hips against the demoness again, forcing her cock back into the redhead. Lilith moaned at the combined sensations and tremored under the throes of a small orgasm.

"Oh fuck! Fuuuuck!" she cried out in torturous ecstasy.

James continued to drive his cock into his mistress as she came, forcing her forward with each thrust and causing her to bury herself in Ash's pussy. It was as though James was fucking his sister, and Lilith was just caught in the middle.

The pleasure was intense. Every thrust created a jolt of sexual energy that rippled through all three of them, driving them higher and higher. Trapped as she was, Lilith could do nothing but accept James' cock as it forced her deeper into Ashley. With one final slam, James bottomed out inside his mistress, causing her to do the same inside his sister. With a shudder, his pleasure peaked and kicked off a chain reaction.

James groaned as he felt his orgasm burst forth from deep within him. Cumming hard, he emptied his balls into Lilith's pussy as firecrackers of euphoric bliss went off in his brain. He held onto the succubus for dear life as he came, fearing the pleasure would overwhelm him if he let go.

Lilith, meanwhile, had left behind moaning for outright screaming. "Fuck! Yesss! Ohhh fuuuck!" Her orgasm eclipsed the smaller one she had endured only moments ago, and it left her twitching in ecstasy as her pussy clamped around James and her cock pumped inside Ashley. The dual orgasm was stronger than any she had ever felt before.

Ash was the last domino to fall. Electrified by the surge of pleasure that spread through the trio, her whole body shook and writhed beneath Lilith. As the other woman shot hot cum deep inside her, Ash succumbed to an earth-shattering orgasm, the raw power of which nearly knocked her out. Unlike Lilith, Ashley was too overcome with pleasure to even speak.

The three collapsed. In an exhausted pile, they basked in their afterglow. Every breath was labored. Every limb felt leaden. The trio just lay there and recovered from some of the most powerful orgasms ever experienced under the infinite sky of the Temple of Venus.

"I can't… believe… I'm saying this…" Ashley panted, her body draped over James', her head resting on Lilith's thighs, "But I might need to take a break from sex for a little bit." The three laughed lightly together before realizing that took too much energy as well. Lilith gave James a quick peck on the lips and flashed her bright smile. As they rested, Lilith's temporary magic dissolved, and her formidable tool disappeared from between her legs. Ashley looked a bit disappointed.

After a few long, glorious minutes of silent serenity, Ash sat up straight. "Fuck," she swore, "you came inside me." This realization clearly worried her, and the others sat up as well. "Can you like… magic it away?" As she said this, she waved her hands emphatically.

Lilith raised both her hands in an effort to calm the redhead. "Relax, you can't get pregnant from me. From either of us."

"Oh," said Ash simply, slumping back over, clearly content with the answer.

"What?" said James, not at all content with the answer. "What do you mean? Am I sterile now or something?"

"Or something," Lilith confirmed. "I should have mentioned it sooner I suppose; it's one of those things that doesn't ever really come up. When you made your pact with me, it became impossible for you to get anyone pregnant. One of Ishtar's safeguards, to prevent me or my agents from creating an army of magical offspring."

James furrowed his brow in anger. "Just one more thing that she's taken from us… And you still don't want to fight back?"

"James…" Lilith spoke, smiling sadly and placing a hand on his, "You know it's not that simple; wanting to do something and being able to are very different. What I want is for us to stay alive, to be together."

"But what if we can do that and free ourselves from her?" James asked. "We have to try, Lilith. I don't want you to live as a slave forever. We have to fight back somehow, and Ash might be able to help us."

"Yeah, about that," Ashley spoke up, "You mentioned a statue?" James nodded. "Big thing? Bronze and stone?" He nodded again. "Pretty lady with wings and a weird scepter?"

"That's it!" said James, eyes wide. "How'd you know?"

"Because it's currently on its way to the museum here. It's being flown in from Paris along with the rest of the items for the new exhibit. That's why I'm here."

Lilith stared at Ashley in awe. "The idol… it isn't lost or destroyed?"

"Nope, it's in Newark. Should be here tomorrow or the day after."

"Lilith!" James exclaimed. "This is it! This is our way out!" Lilith just stared forward, processing, unsure of what to say or do. She had never imagined that such an opportunity could ever present itself. A warm touch on her shoulder brought her back to reality. Ashley's hand rested on Lilith's shoulder; she smiled gently at the demoness.

James jumped to his feet and began pacing on the marble floor as he thought out loud. "She pulled you into the statue back in Babylon… so is the statue the Temple? Are we in the statue? But it… the statue has been traveling. Traveling – that's what Ishtar told you she was doing, right?" He looked at Lilith for confirmation; she nodded slowly. "She can't manifest in the Temple while the statue is traveling… What if… oh, what if-"

"What if the statue is Ishtar?" Ashley finished. James nodded, barely containing his excitement. He looked to Lilith again.

"Lilith, if we destroy the statue… we might destroy Ishtar."

"Or we might destroy ourselves," his mistress responded pessimistically. "Is that what you want?"

James sat back down next to the demoness. "Lilith… I know you asked me not to dwell any more on this. I know you asked me not to risk my life for this. But I have to. I can't sit by and let our best chance at freedom slip past." He took her hands in his as he spoke, "I love you, and I want to spend forever with you. But I don't want that forever to be in this prison. Isn't freedom worth the risk?"

Lilith kept her eyes down. She pulled a hand away from James' in order to wipe away a tear. "I forgot a long time ago what freedom was. I don't even know how to imagine such a thing anymore, James… So I don't know if it's worth risking everything for. But I know that you are." She looked up and met his gaze with blue eyes filled with tears. She smiled. "Let's do it. Let's kill that bitch."

James grinned broadly, wrapped his mistress up in his arms, and kissed her. He didn't know how else to tell her how he felt at that moment. He hoped it got the point across. The two smiled together when they parted.

"Well, that was fucking adorable," said Ashley, wiping a tear away from her own eye. "I want to help." She straightened up and put on a serious face. "I don't know anything about the whole magic aspect, but I do have high-level access to the museum's most secure areas. I'd prefer if we didn't have to destroy a priceless, 3800-year-old idol, buuut… if that's the cost of doing business…" She shrugged.

James pulled his sister into a group hug. "We'd be happy to have your help, Ashley," Lilith said.

"All right!" James cheered. "Let's hatch a plan! All in favor of going in guns blazing?" He raised his hand and looked expectantly at the girls, who averted their gaze. "Oh…kay…" James sighed. "All in favor of calculated reconnaissance, careful timing, and surgical precision?" Both women raised their hands. "Damn."

"I'll gather information tomorrow and get an idea of what kind of security we're looking at," spoke Ashley.

"We don't know when Ishtar will return," said James, "It could be tomorrow, or it could be next month. If she comes back and learns of our plan, then it's all over. We need to be ready to do this at the drop of a hat."

"I can do little more than advise from here, no matter what we decide to do," said Lilith, "But I can assist in preparing you, James, by continuing your training." James nodded and got to his feet. Lilith followed suit, and the two walked off a ways before summoning the wooden soldiers they often used for training.

With Ash watching, and under Lilith's supervision, James began practicing his magic. He warmed up with a few fire bombs aimed at the dummy army. At Lilith's encouragement, James attempted to separate his magic into two distinct sources: Lilith's magic, which he had gained through their pact and strengthened through his sexual conquests, and his own magic, which had always been within him and was now at his disposal. James found Lilith's magic much easier to use, as he'd become accustomed to relying on it. But relying on it too much had put him in more than one bad position, so he decided he'd try and use his own magic wherever possible.

He tried conjuring fire using this other source of magic, and though it took him longer to draw out the power needed, the results were undeniable. Jets of blue fire decimated the ranks of the wooden army in an instant. Swirling and coalescing into a pillar of flame, the fire grew until it cut through the lowest layer of clouds. It took considerable effort on James' part to quench the fire magically. When he succeeded at last, he saw how widespread the destruction was. Several gilded pillars had been melted away almost completely. As usual, they began repairing themselves, as did the scorched ground and dummy army, but it all moved slower than ever before.

"Wow…" Lilith spoke quietly as they watched the Temple repair the damage. "I don't think I could have done that." James looked at his mistress with genuine surprise. Was this power of his really that great?

Ashley called out from somewhere far behind them. "Was that good? I have no frame of reference! I'm gonna just assume that you suck, James!"

"Thanks, sis! Love you too!"

James continued testing the limits of his new power by practicing magic he was already comfortable with. His destructive capabilities were certainly impressive, but he struggled with the mental. Anything more complicated than basic mental manipulation drained his strength considerably, and the results varied. He tried to create an illusion for the first time, testing it out on Ashley. His goal was to make her see a tiger that wasn't really there, conjuring sights and sounds that only she could experience. He thought he had succeeded, but based on Ash's reaction, the result must have been closer to a house cat.

The rest of the night continued in that way. James felt he had improved marginally by the time it was time to leave the Temple, but he knew it was nowhere near enough progress. Before leaving, James asked Lilith for advice regarding the husks.

"I'm not sure how to return them to normal," Lilith said. "It's never been done before, but that doesn’t mean it's impossible. I'd recommend trying to revert their condition using not the magic that turned them into husks, but your other source of magic. That might yield better results."

James thanked the demoness and bid her farewell before returning to the waking world. He and Ash shimmered out of existence and awoke together. They found themselves spooning naked on the bed in Ashley's suite. James, of course, had a case of morning wood that was impossible to conceal from his sister. A playful look appeared in her eyes and James knew he was in for a long day.

An hour later, brother and sister stood in the lobby of the hotel. After their early-morning fun, they'd showered, dressed, and had breakfast in the hotel's restaurant. James was now waiting on his car to be brought around by the valet. His phone buzzed in his pocket and he pulled it out to see a text from Jess: "R u ok? How'd things go with u know who? Text me back."

James shot off a quick reply: "Tell u over lunch. I'll see u later."

Turning back to his sister, he asked, "Sure you don't want me to drop you off at the museum?"

"Nah, it's a short walk. Thanks though."

James nodded and smiled. When the valet returned with the keys to his car, he paid the man and thanked him before saying goodbye to Ashley. The two made plans to meet up for dinner to discuss anything Ash learned at the museum, and then they went their separate ways.

James stopped at home to grab his books before heading to school. He paid more attention in History class that day, taking notes and even asking questions about the ancient civilizations they studied. He wanted to accumulate as much knowledge as possible in preparation for whatever came next.

He cared less about his next class, though, and spent much of Sociology practicing small-scale illusions on the professor, who responded by frequently swatting at flies that didn't exist. That, at least, was some progress. James was acutely aware of the absence of Claire from the class, something no one else seemed to notice.

After that, he met up with Jessica outside of Physics class; she greeted him with a big smile and a bigger hug. "You look a lot better," she said as they walked into the classroom.

Class went by quickly, with James and Jess talking quietly in the back row the whole time. Jess was insistent about hearing what happened with Lilith, and James promised to tell her when they were somewhere more private.

They had their privacy soon enough. Once they got out of class, the two found a quiet corner of the campus to sit and catch up. They sat outside, on a bench beneath a tall tree that had begun to shed its colorful canopy in preparation for winter. James took a deep breath of the crisp autumn air before he plunged into the story of the last few days. He left nothing out, deciding that he owed his best friend openness; he'd already dragged her into this by telling her about Lilith, after all.

James recounted the tale of his magical meltdown and close encounter with death at the hands of his own power. Jessica listened with surprise and concern showing in her eyes. When she heard James' retelling of Lilith's tragic past, her reaction was one of sadness and sympathy for the woman she had never met. As James finished filling Jess in on the whole Ishtar situation, she took his hand in her own and adopted a steely expression.

"Tell me what I can do to help."

James smiled fondly at his friend, grateful for her unwavering support and determined attitude. "You're already doing it," he responded, squeezing her hand back.

Jess returned her best friend's smile and spoke again. "I'm glad you and Lilith got your problems sorted out; I think you two really need each other." James nodded. "Promise me you'll be careful with this Ishtar… she sounds like bad news. And… let me know if there's anything more I can do…" She caressed his hand softly as color creeped into her cheeks and she blushed ever-so-slightly. "Anything at all…"

James raised an eyebrow and felt the lust-fueled beast inside him purr. "Ever fucked in a sports car?" he asked bluntly. Jessica stared wide-eyed for a second before allowing a mischievous grin to pull at her lips.

Five minutes later, the two were steaming up the windows of James' red Audi. Jess sat in James' lap, who was seated in the driver's seat, leaning as far back as the chair would allow. She bounced on his dick, spearing herself with his member over and over as she grunted and moaned. She clutched at James' shirt with her delicate fingers, holding onto him tightly while she vocalized her pleasure.

"Oh god, James. Oh, fuck! Right there! Yes, baby! Fuuuck."

James held the cute blonde firmly by the ass as she slammed repeatedly onto his cock. He felt her toned butt ripple beneath his hands over and over as she came down on him. He thrust upward to meet her, adding his own force to their frantic fucking. More than once, Jess' head touched the soft-top roof of the convertible as she bounced higher and higher on James' dick.

She moaned in ecstasy as the delectable friction built up her mounting orgasm. Accompanied by the incredible feeling of her hypersensitive clit impacting against James' pelvis when he thrust, it was no time at all before that pleasure reached a fever pitch.

James himself was nearing the point of no return, the frenzied pace of Jessica's fucking pushing him closer to his orgasm. His resolve crumbling due to the euphoric feeling of his cock inside his best friend, James felt a familiar churning in his balls and a tightness in his chest.

"Jess," he groaned, gripping her ass tighter, "I'm cumming!"

"Fuck! Yes! Cum inside me, James! Cum inside me!"

Her pace quickened. Riding him faster and faster, Jess forced James over the precipice of a powerful climax. Gasping and groaning, James exploded inside the beautiful teen. His muscles tensing and skin tingling, he emptied himself into Jess, who continued to fuck him as he came.

She was close, unbelievably close. The sensation of her best friend's cum splashing against her inner walls was more than enough to tip the scales. And so, as James came down from his orgasm, Jess' was just beginning. She froze on top of her muscular friend, mouth agape and mind inundated with pleasure. She shuddered violently as her pussy spasmed around the huge cock inside her. Squeezing James' sensitive prick relentlessly, Jess sank slowly back down and began to regain her senses.

She collapsed on top of James, his cock still twitching inside her pussy. Catching her breath, she rested her head against his broad chest. A sudden vibration beneath her surprised her and she let out a little yelp. The source of the buzzing was James' phone, which Jessica fished out from within his pocket.

"You've got mail!" she said in her most robotic voice.

James rolled his eyes, "Who's it from?"

"Text from 'Coffee Shop Rob,'" Jess answered, reading the contact aloud.

James raised himself up on his elbows in order to better look at Jessica. "What's he want?"

Jess cleared her throat and read off the text in the most masculine voice she could manage: "'Hey man, just wanted to let you know the shop is gonna be closed for a little while. Looks like there was a break-in or something, and no one can get in touch with Sam. Guess that means no work this week. Later, bro.'" Jess put the phone down on the center console and looked at James.

"Oops," he said, "That one's my bad."

Jess climbed off James' lap and spilled into the passenger seat. As she pulled her pants back up, she asked him, "So what're you gonna do?"

"I can't do anything until I've fixed Sam and Claire," James responded, returning his chair to its normal position and fixing his pants as well. "I should go take a crack at that now; everything else can wait. I can't leave them the way they are."

Jess nodded and leaned over to kiss James on the cheek. "I'll leave you to it, then. Text me later, kay?"

"Will do," he answered as the blonde climbed out of the car. She smiled and flashed him a peace sign before closing the door and walking away. Alone again, James put the car in gear and made his way out of the parking garage. He was skipping his last class with Katherine, but this was more important. He needed to check on the husks and, if possible, restore them to their former state.

Preoccupied with his thoughts on how to do this, James drove home in silence. He was completely unaware that he was being followed.

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Agent of Lilith: Chapter 10

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