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Categories Fantasy, Consensual Sex, Male / Female, Oral Sex

Author: James Dylan Dean

Published: 15 March 2019

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This is a memoir written late in my life. It answers some questions about how my more famous life came to be and won’t be released until after I pass away. It will augment my real life’s biography which is just a pack of lies, though some of them are true lies. You know the ones that a working actor doesn’t want spread around. But this memoir will be a true to the real facts of my life as my memory will allow, and my memory is very good, as any director that I have worked with will testify.

My life was rather normal, until my fifteenth birthday. I had parents living in relative peace together, two older sisters and a younger brother. We weren’t Ozzie and Harriet for sure, but it wasn’t any kind of ugly either. Just standard American usual. My relationship was best with my father of all in the family. He was a skilled carpenter and on weekends to amuse himself worked on cars in our garage as a pretty darn good mechanic. It was to keep him from being asked to do free carpentry for friends and relatives, and it worked too. Because instead of driving nails for free, he charged a very modest amount to do their light mechanical work.

My mother and I got along fine, as long as I kept a good distance from her. I heard in a conversation that I wasn’t supposed to hear that I just resembled too much a ‘funny’ uncle as they were dubbed back then. Evidently some drama between them that she couldn’t stand to be reminded of in my face. But I answered her when spoken to, kept my room clean (despite my messy brother) and left the family cat strictly alone. My siblings and I got along mostly, because we didn’t pay very much attention to each other.

But, on that landmark night, I was sleeping alone after a party that was just above okay. Evidently my younger brother couldn’t stand the thought of the excitement that would be present at it, so stayed over with our grandparents for the weekend.

So, I was drowsy in my bed alone in my room, just running thoughts through my mind as to what I would do with the old beater that the family had bought me to work on until I would be granted my precious driver’s license in three years. My dad would surely guide me in my efforts, but the work would definitely be mine to do.

As I was dreamily running these thoughts through my head, I felt a disturbance of my bed covers and a warm body enter it and move up to next to me. I was very shocked by this, since though I had the usual curiosity of my sister’s and mother’s forms, I had done nothing about it, but a few discreet peeks that I was sure had never been discovered.

But a warm breathed low voice instructed me to be silent and I would get what I had always wanted. I thought that I knew what that was, but in actuality, I just liked to look. I was perfectly comfortable with the thought of waiting until I was older to enjoy a woman’s private parts in total. But, with a warm one beside me, was I going to quibble about that then? So, I turned and laid my arm around the soft shoulders there and discovered that it was my next older sister, the seventeen-year-old one. She smiled in the darkness, but I felt it upon my face as she started kissing me. I was rather clumsy in my returns to her, but must have passed some kind of minor level of competence and so we moved on to the next item of interest for her and me.

She moved my mouth down to her titties, which were very nice, rounded and firm because of her age. I wouldn’t even dream of assigning them a size, since they were so precious to me as part of my favorite sister and just lovely to feel, too. But, after a bit of caressing, she whispered for me to take the nipple in my mouth and gently suckle on it. So, I did as the pretty lady instructed and she simply cooed in return of it.

After that she asked me to do something that I had not even thought of up to this time, and in my imaginations I had thought of a lot. But, with porn not being readily available in my youth, my imaginations had been somewhat limited in expansion. But I cooperated when she rose up under the covers and planted her privates’ right up on my mouth as I laid on my back at this point. And to my surprise, they tasted very good to me. There was some leakage from a hole under her feminine set of flaps, but it was extraordinarily good tasting to me and I enjoyed every drop that I got from her. She showed by her bodily movements that she was definitely enjoying my enjoying, too.

Then she told me to raise up and she mounted herself on her back, with her bottom on my two stacked pillows and she guided me to be between her legs and with my now hardened member pointed towards her hole that I had just been ingesting the nectar of life from. She then had me move forward to her entry and soon after wiping me up and down her feminine valley, she took my member and caused it to enter up into her body, a feeling that I will never forget. There was no obstruction that I knew of because of already having a school health class. But I moved right up into her until I was fully entered into her and then awaited further instructions from her on how to proceed.

After she had gotten her bodily excitement started, she instructed me to begin moving my dick, as she called it, in and nearly out of her body. This felt just incredible to me, and evidently to her, too. Because of the noises that she was making and the activity of her hands encouraging me in my efforts. We were both totally involved in our mating, when my bedroom door came flying open with my mother’s screeching and my dumping of my load into my beloved sister’s tummy.

With this obviously done to my mother’s notice, she came up and batted me about the ears and called me by the name of my uncle. Then she backed up and ran out of the bedroom for what I didn’t know. But, to preclude it what it might have been, I threw my clothes on and my sister helped me get a few things together that I would need, slipped a hundred dollars into my pockets and helped me out the window.

I ran down the street that I was so familiar with and when I got to the nearby park, I moved into the bushes and watched out of them to see how long it would be until mom showed up. I didn’t expect my father to show up, since mother was a do it yourself kind of person, and what she had seen had woken up a very distressing scene from her own youth, it appeared to me.

Sure enough, I had no more than settled down in the bushes and I saw our car moving very slowly down the street, with a flashlight bouncing around the park from a single hand in it. I couldn’t make out my mother’s face, but her manner betrayed a very angry person on a mission of destroying if I read things right, and I knew that my father had a hand gun in their bedroom.

So, as the car moved on in its search for me, I got up and ran to the back entrance of the park and soon I was on a street that she was not familiar with and the odds were that she wouldn’t think of. I found an open shed with a friendly hound and slept the night away till early morning and then moved to the bus line and used one of my tokens to move me and my gunny sack onto a new life. At the bus station, I got on the outward-bound bus and moved to the next bigger city below, one named of all things, Big City.

I moved to the part of the city that I knew had many street kids and when one of them asked me if I didn’t want to be found, and I offered, that I didn’t, he and the others surrounded me and covered while I got something to eat and tried to think of what to do from then on. I knew that I had to be careful of these kids, because they all were probably out of funds, and some of them might make a move to take mine.

As I was about to put in my order at a low priced burger place, one of the girls, about two years older than me came in and sat down with me. She leaned over and told me that if I would stand her for a meal, that she would make it worth my while. My first lesson in street economics. But, since I had just fucked my own sister, my direct interests on that were at a low ebb at that time, but out of sympathy (a bankable card in the street scene) I stood her for the meal anyways.

While eating, she looked at me, but knew to ask nothing about me, but what I planned to do after eating. “Head south,” was my only response, but then I added, “Haywood,” as to a handle for my street existence. Actually, that was the last name of my ‘funny uncle’ though I had no sense of humor over that fact at the time.

I didn’t want to use the public transportation anymore, because of the effort that would soon, if not already, come to be to seek me out. So, I asked her if there was a reliable hitchhiking point in the city heading south. She said that there was and that she would show it to me. Then she remarked that I would be a lot more likely to get a ride if a female was with me on the trip, and so invited herself to travel with me, one reason being that I was the only street kid that she knew then that had any money.

So, we walked together to that place about three miles away from the eatery. Took us about an hour of steady walking, but both of us were young and fueled up so we handled that very well. As we strode along, I kept glancing over at her to size her up. She was about five inches shorter than me, a regular looking girl with warm brown eyes, very spare of figure and evidently only starter tits under her shirt. My years of staring at my sisters and then peeking on them nude in the shower was paying off, with me able to interpret what I saw on the outside to what lurked underneath. She, of course, knew what I was doing, since she had received the same treatment of a lineup of older men looking for young fresh meat on the streets. And in order to eat every once in a while, she served her body up some of the times, I reckoned. But, under the circumstances, I had no reason to get up on my high horse over that. Who knows what I will have to do to survive on the run, until I would be old enough to join the military or find some other way to make my way in life.

When we got to the hitchhiking zone, it was only a few minutes till we got a ride. It seemed like he wanted only her, but she shook that off and so she was directed to the front seat and I to the rear ones. I sat behind him to keep an eye on her. And after her settling down I heard a muffled discussion that I couldn’t make out. But it resulted in her loosening up her seat belt to move over the center console. She nodded to me as she moved over, probably to tell me that whatever was going to happen was okay with her, and then I heard a rustling of his clothing and felt his seat move back as far as it could. Then I heard the steering wheel tilt up to its highest point and I began to surmise what was going on in the front. Evidently, she was paying for our passage with her mouth.

To confirm this, I heard sucking sounds coming from the front, and at that time he looked back at me, but I made no expression at all, so he patted her bottom to continue with her efforts. The now slurping sounds became louder and more frequent, and I could see his hand moving down under her pants and probably her panties to finger her from the back. I imagined his finger probing up into her ass, because it would have been hard to reach her pussy hole from that position. But wherever his finger was she was cooing though the sucking and her bottom was moving in agreement to it, too.

After several minutes of her earnest efforts, I heard him let out a loud sigh, and soon after that she rose up to show him what was in her mouth. He then instructed her to swallow it, and she did with a loud gulp. With this mission done, he evidently let the thought of dumping us off beside the freeway move through his mind. But, evidently the look in her eyes and the fact that he had noted us taking his license plate number as we got in, sobered him up and we drove on to the city center transportation center of the city forty miles south.

Trixie (her street name) moved to the back to be with me and curled up to my chest to rest up. After a few minutes, she whispered to me that I would get mine later, and better than what he had gotten, too. At the moment, I wasn’t that enthusiastic about it, but I knew that it would grow on me to become some kind of obsession sooner or later. So, I let her cuddle up to me and nap, with her little titties laying firm against my arm.

When we got to Presidential City, we were dropped off at the local transportation center, which was a quick off of the freeway and back on the freeway for the driver. And when he had dropped us off, we noted his laying of rubber on the pavement, which was also noted by the ‘stater’ parked across the street. So, with the driver taking a much more respectful approach to his driving, the ‘stater’ ignored him for other prey, it would seem.

While getting our bearings and considering the city map on a post in the courtyard, I approached a young one there also and inquired of a place for us to rest up on our travels since we were ‘poor folk’ and couldn’t afford a motel room. She pointed down a nearby street and informed us that there were male and female rest facilities there, but we would need to get there soon to sign up for a room for the night, since the limited list fills up very quickly. So, Trixie and I ran down the street and got signed up right near the bottom of the list, avoiding the ‘stand by list.’

We were both notified separately, that there was a nearby restaurant that specialized in feeding the poor of all kinds on this particular day of the week. So, we with low expectations moved to it for our free meal and it was very good. The menu for the free food was limited, but the food itself was very well prepared and served. Trixie and I managed to put a two-dollar bill into the charity jar, and got two nods of the husband and wife management team for our efforts.

So, we each in our separate quarters slept well that night. When we met up the next morning to catch our next ride south, she had a small girl of about my age tagging along behind her. She was introduced as Angus, an obvious reference to her intimate specialty. She smiled as she acknowledged it and with that we moved south on the streets until we came upon another hitchhiking entry to the freeway and with two cute girls at my side, we didn’t have to wait long to get a ride.

This time, Angus took the front seat and as the dick was uncovered she smiled as she leaned over to service it. While Angus was working in the front seat, Trixie opened me up and was sucking me off in the back. And when the driver turned to look around, she told him to mind his own business, since he was getting his business in the front. And since he didn’t want to argue it with a mouth and teeth over his cock, he just turned around and let us be.

After getting me up, Trixie sat up and mounted herself on my uprisen cock with it up her pussy hole. It didn’t take long at all, and evidently the driver and I each came at the same time in each of our assigned orifices to each of our enjoyments. I don’t know about him, but I got myself licked off to finish the process, too.

Just south of Twilight City, at a gas station getting a bite to eat, we connected with a driver heading south to Columbia River City and he agreed to take us with the usual ‘pussy charge.’ So, this time Trixie got into the front seat to render up our due and Angus stayed in the back with me. When we got out of the worst of the traffic, Trixie without him even asking leaned over and began the-on-the road blow job on him. And to my surprise, Angus leaned over to play with me, too. But, when it came time for my hardened cock to take its place up into her wetted pussy, instead she hunched forward and got it up her ass. And again while the driver was getting his, I was getting better behind him. And, thus it alternated for the next couple of hundred miles, every hour or so.

He was very sweet when he dropped us off at this city’s transit center and gave us fifty dollars to get us fed, something that none of the other drivers ever did.

We then caught a ride with an obviously religious couple. You can sort of guess with all of the crosses and pictures of Jesus around the inside of the car. But, on the way to Witch City, she showed herself to be not too righteous to have Trixie and I spread out on the backseat with me fucking her and Trixie sucking on her tits. When I finished filling up her pussy, she moved to suck Trixie off, too. And about that time, we could hear the husband in front getting his jollies, too. But, when they left us off at the hitchhiking station on the south part of Witch City, they were very gracious in letting us out. She got back in the front with her husband, and as they drove away, I in my mind imagined her leaning over the console and giving him the business, too.

The next ride was a large truck and trailer outfit and the lone occupant accepted us in, with Angus in the front seat. But even before she could open his zipper he stopped outside the outskirts of town and told me that he could feel a vibration coming from one of the tires on the trailer and he asked me to get out and take a good look at it. I stupidly without thinking got out and my backpack and other things followed me out and then the truck drove away.

I was very upset about this, not for me but for the two girls, I was worried that they were in danger, but there was nothing I could do about it. Soon after, an Oregon ‘stater’ stopped and after ascertaining my situation, picked me up and delivered me to the next rest stop. And from there, a large Hispanic family fit me in between their children and left me off at the redwoods in northern California. I had always wanted to see those majestic trees and felt that this might be my last chance to do so.

So, I walked into the park and just stood there looking up to the top of the trees, that seemed to me to be swiping at the lower reaches of heaven. After being mesmerized for some time, I moved to the coffee shop and bought a nourishing snack with the last of my funds. Not knowing what to do next, I wandered around among the trees and as it was getting dark, I moved through some bushes and saw the cutest little hacienda that I was ever to see. It with its grounds, covered about a square quarter of a mile and was completely surrounded by a high brick wall with razor wire on the top.

So, with me feeling that it would probably be closing up for the night, I found a semi-hidden spot and settled in for the night, near the entrance, so it wouldn’t be thought that I was actually looking for a way in. But, early in the morning, I felt a nudge to my legs and looked up to see a uniformed security man looking down at me. When he asked what I was doing there, I explained my presence and promised to leave the area as soon as I was totally awake. But he notified me that the mistress of the place wanted to see me, as he had already notified her of my presence at her gate. So, he in his little four-wheeler took me to the front door and a very dour looking older lady welcomed me into her greeting room.

As I looked at her, I seemed to recognize something about her, so she cut me off short with, “Think of me as an older version of Marcie English, the actress.” And with that it all came back. She had been a really big time actress at one time, and was still as busy as she wanted in various bit parts offered to her, even now.

She then requested that I move to the visitor’s bathroom and shower some of the grime from the road off of me and she would supply some clothing that used to be worn by her longtime grownup son. As I moved to the shower, I was thinking, ‘Oh goody, old time clothing for me to wear.” But they actually fit just fine and looked even better on me.

With me all washed up and dressed appropriately for this place, she escorted me into the dining room and served me a dish of a breakfast that had been delivered that morning by her favorite caterers. It was delicious, of course and then afterward she led me to the sitting room to confer on what my future, if any, I would have in her place. She asked for me to stay for a couple of days to observe me and without my knowledge had me checked out. It was reported back to her, that I was a runaway, without any particular indication of why. But basically, she wasn’t interested anyway, and also found out that I had no unruly reputation at all.

So, after the couple of days, she gathered me into the living room again and put it before me. She offered to train me as an actor for as long as it took, in return I would be her lover for as long as I was with her. I blanched at that at first, but when I looked over at her again, I saw a woman who was still extremely fine looking and so I agreed, with no other place calling out for me at the time, anyway. And the lessons began right away. She gave me one page of a screenplay for an obscure movie and told me to memorize it. And so, with me walking about the property, and the dogs bouncing around me just missing in their nips at my legs and arms, I worked on it all day.

At dinner that night, before I was allowed to eat, she took up another copy of the and instructed me to say the lines of the male lead, while she did so with the lines of the heroine. I did so with an effort to not only remember the words, but to say them with some conviction, and her eyes arched up and her reply was, “Not bad for a beginning. I have seen worse with ones that I have trained to be fine actors.”

That night, she came to my bed and instructed me that I would go to hers from this time on every Wednesday and Saturday nights. And she moved to be under the covers, and with that, any defects that she might have as an aged woman disappeared under the covers leaving a monstrously inventive and capable lover. When she rode me in cow-girl, I really felt like the cow being rode in a rodeo. She was wonderful and knew it.

I stayed on with her for two years and then she advised me that first, I was ready to spread my wings in Hollywood and second that she had another protégé to work with her after I was gone. So, with three years of rent paid up on a cottage near the studios, I moved on to my future. And Marcie’s agent got me a progressive number of bit parts to start my career with, and I got good reviews right from the first on my efforts.

For my first bit part, I was given a one line speaking part of a deputy sheriff coming into the saloon, announcing to the movie star’s downtrodden hero, that the sheriff was waiting for him at his office. So, my agent gave me the page of for my part and a synopsis of the whole movie to set the stage and I practiced all night. But, although what I was delivering was appropriate to the scene, it would in no way get me noticed. And so, in the morning before I was due to leave for the shooting, I called Marcie for advice.

On the phone she asked me to bark like a dog. So, I said, “Woof, Woof,“ with little enthusiasm. Then she with a bit of temper said, “Not Woof, Woof, but bark like a dog does! And do it with some energy if you will ever want any help from me.” So, I said to myself, ‘Okay.” And in the phone receiver I sounded out, “Bark Bark,’ drawing out the words. The she said to say the line with that tone of voice and I would get a lot of notice. And so, I practiced all the way to the studio, and when they shot my scene right at the beginning of the session’s day, I let it fly and there was an incredulous look to Louis’s eyes with my outburst and the director yelled out, “Cut!”

There was a riot about to break out and all of a sudden, the director asked Louis to come and look at the playback and Louis got real excited and yelled, “I have been trying to get that look for years. The scene stays in!!!” And he insisted that I have another few bits in the movie added for me, too. And it was done, with them in a more regular delivery, to his relief.

Since, I got enough lines to qualify, I was listed in the cast by the screen name, Micky Blaine. And behind it I asked for ‘with acting training by Miss English’ to be noted. This with my opening bit got me a lot of work over the next year or two, and finally then I was given lead in a number of actioners and made a lot of money in the process. And that codicil about Marcie was added to my name every time it appeared in a cast from then on.

But what I really liked was the bit parts like my first one, and so I let my agent know that I would only be doing bit parts from then on. He moaned at that, but eventually gave in and passed the word around.

The first bit part that I got next was a short but full part in a minor movie of dubious quality and prospects. But, with some suggestions by Marcie, I pulled off another little stunning acting effort and got the great awards notice. When the show came on, I was in the audience and evidently Marcie was given advance notice that I was likely to win, so she was in the backstage area where I couldn’t see her.

Then the host announced that a special person was going to announce and hand out the next award, and here came Marcie all dolled up between two strong men, gliding to the upright microphone. Then she with her characteristic aplomb, noted the audience with, “I don’t think that I will have to guide him this time!” And with the laughter of the audience ringing in my ears I heard her say, “For an excellently done bit part in a trashy movie (named: LOVE ON THE ROAD—I played the truck driver.), the award for a supporting actor in a supporting role goes to my proud protegee, Micky Blaine. And with that the house came down and it took most of twenty minutes to get things calmed down for the following awards.

When I got to move up and take my award, during the uproar, I hugged and kissed her and then from her quavering hands accepted the award that I felt that I richly deserved from the person that gave me a chance to earn it. She smiled as she took the kiss and was then as I gave out my contained remarks moved out with the help of the two strong guys and left to return home. She died just a couple of months later and left the hacienda to me, with enough funds to pay the state inheritance taxes on it. The first night that I slept there afterwards, I noticed a very neat note under my pillow that said, that I would have to do it on my own from then on, but that she would be with me in spirit, if she was allowed. I felt her presence in my life till my death.

When I moved in to take up living there, I did keep my pussy palace in town though, I hired a lady from the caterers to do my cooking and watch over the rest of the affairs of my home. She was very able and I came to trust her very much. She did always have this little subtle smile when she was about me, though, and it puzzled me for several years.

A few years later, after I had left the ‘pussy palace’ and the two starlets living there sharing my bed at my leisure’s, I came in late in the night and moved to my bed to get some rest. As I moved to my bed, I couldn’t help but notice that my house manager was already in it. I didn’t mind at all, but she had to know that I was arriving that night, it had been passed on by me in a text message. But there she was with that enigmatic smile again.

But, I thought, ‘What the Hell,’ and I got undressed and put on my jammies and got under the covers that she had opened up for me. Then she said, “For an unusually bright fellow, you haven’t figured it out, have you?” And then I rolled over and took a closer look at her, and before I could say it, she said, “Trixie!” and I let out a yell and gathered her into my arms and told her how worried I had been through the years. She then comforted me as I got more than a little choked up at this notice of her deliverance. And reminded me that she had never said why she was heading back to California. It was to leave the roads and take up her proper place in the family. And she did so, working for the family’s catering service for years. Delivering to his home many times, before she came on as the head of his household staff.

She had been waiting for me to figure it out, but decided to take the bit into her teeth and let me know of it. And with me holding and hugging her, she let me know that she was so happy to have done it.

So, we lived together for forty more years together as man and woman, and I married her just before our son graduated with an MBA. Didn’t want a Bastard MBA to be entered on his diploma, I cautioned Madeline. Upon our deaths, we were to be buried together out back right next to Marcie, as it should have been. And our son, Bancroft would inherit the hacienda.

Just an added note: A few years after Trixie and I getting together again, and by the way her name really was Madeline Castro (mine was Martin Freeling), we traveled north to try a reconciliation with my family. My mother and father were both still alive, but very aged and fragile. They let me know that I was not welcome to see them through the sister that had shared my bed that night. But Alicia, that sister, did come to meet us and was very gracious in our meeting of each other. And I invited her to visit us at my hacienda, and she and her husband did so a couple of years later for a very heartwarming visit. In a private moment together, she told me that she had never forgotten our moments together that night, and that her husband knew of it and considered it past history.

She told me that she had stringently notified mom that the intimacy was not my idea, that it was she that had initiated it. And since it was in my bed, it was unlikely to be a rape anyway. But, because of my resemblance to an uncle who had done her wrong, she never could come to an accommodation with it. But she did treat the others of the family, just fine through the years.

I let her know that I felt that I had to run, and she let me know that it was a good thing that I did. Also, that mom had recognized me on the screen once and would never go to any of my movies from then on. But that she, Alicia did and loved them for themselves and for her brother that did so well in them. I gave her a very generous kiss over that.

But, backing up again, on that trip north, Trixie and I stopped again at the little restaurant that had fed us and the same couple was there running it along with their adult children.

So, Trixie and I sat down to their interest and got our free meal, with them knowing exactly who I was. And then as we were about to leave, I passed on a check to them for five thousand dollars to help the continuing of their service and at first they seemed to want to refuse it, but when I reminded them of how many hungry people that would feed, they took it gladly and she hugged me and he hugged Madeline before we went back to travel back south to our beloved home.

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