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Categories Fantasy, Consensual Sex, Gothic, Male / Female

Author: James Dylan Dean

Published: 15 March 2019

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I am deeply asleep in my own bed in my longtime condo home. I don’t remember getting out of the convalescent home that I now own, because of the franchising of my Ole’ Hoss stories. But it feels really nice to be home anyway.

I open one eye to take notice of the time displayed on my bedside digital clock which I have done for years, without really waking up, and see that it is now nine o’clock in the evening. I am not hungry and for one time not in need of a kidney draining either, so I just lay back in comfort and feel the warmth surround me under my wonderful comforter and feel the relief of the cool air blowing from my air conditioner over my exposed stocking covered feet. Perfect!

And then it happens as it does in so many of my stories. A knock on the door. I have to waken up a little to ascertain whether this is really my door, or one of my surrounding neighbors, whose door knockings sound just like it was mine being addressed.

Before, I can awaken enough to drag my aged body out of my bed, the person at the door, must have seen through my kitchen and bedroom windows, that there were no lights on, so then had moved to my bedroom window and lightly tapped on it. I know that this is one of my escort friends, because they are the only ones that I have given this procedure to. Except for them, I never let anyone in after dark, for safety’s sake.

But to alert my visitor as to my now notice of their presence, I bark out to them, “I’m up now, already. Just give me a couple of minutes to get to the door.” I tried to be calm and unrude about it, but being awakened from sleep is not one of my favorite things.

So, I grab my robe and cinching it up with my cane in my hand, I move across the room and open my bedroom door to feel the wash of the warm air from the rest of the house and then turn directly left to unblock and unlock my door to open it. I was still shaking off the cobwebs in my mind and so forgot to ask who it was, but deeply in my mind I knew that it was probably one of three women, all of whom would be very welcome.

When the door opened, there in the opening was Cora who had been extremely dear to me at one time. I hadn’t seen her in several years and to my waking eyes she seemed to have returned to her looks of when she was a young, native girl like when I first met her. I was not about to complain about that, and besides, she had always been very pretty all of the time that I knew her.

With a gloriously large smile she shared, “Well, Hi, Marvin. It has been a long time. I heard that you had returned home and wanted to see you to make up for some of the distress that I caused you when we broke up. And don’t worry, Andrew is out of town fishing for several more weeks and our little girl is with my parents for a few days. So, please let me in and we can have some fun like we used to do. No contribution this time, either.” That sold me.

As she stepped in, I noticed that she was wearing a very light sleeveless shirt, short skirt and tennies. And these, despite that it was quite cold outside at this time of the might. But she seemed to not notice this and as she entered, she took me into her arms and had me shrug out of my bath robe to be standing naked in the lukewarm air of the hallway. But I was not at all feeling cold with this hot body up to mine!

She backed me up to the wall and reached down her hand to caress my member and my hand proceeded in giving the same to her breast. We melted our lips together in a kiss like long past before. This time, like a few times in the past she really meant it, and I could tell. Around dueling tongues, she managed to mumble on how much she loved me and had missed me for all of the time apart from me.

After several of the hottest minutes of my life, she backed off and suggested that we take a shower together. She mentioned that she had been traveling and hadn’t taken a shower or bath for some time as a result. I answered that that would be okay, as long as she didn’t wash her pussy, too well! She laughed knowing full well how much I loved the taste and fragrance of her private zone.

And then with her removing her clothing on the fly she led me by the hand to the shower and while I scraped off some of my lingering whiskers, leaving my Van Dyke alone, she warmed up the water and got the towels out for our use at the end.

Under the warm water, we cuddled up to each other to kiss each other up a bit again. And then we parted to soap each other up very well. She especially enjoyed my doing her back and groin area. I enjoyed all of it, every bit. Before we left the shower, she kneeled down and took my member into her mouth and gave me a very brief b.j. without the ending. And I returned the favor up to her pussy. She stopped me before she came and advised me that I could do anything to her this night, anything at all that I wanted. I acknowledged that, but except for one thing that I rarely got from her I would just enjoy all of the more common things, because usually it is the person that you are with that is the most important, not the particular menu of the feast. Although she had always said that I had initiated her into a number of things for the first time, like on-the-go-blow jobs.

After we were dried off, she led me again by the hand to my bedroom, and she gathered herself up on the bed while I watched her body bending and unfolding itself up on top of the covers. What a wondrous picture that made.

Then I bent my body up to take the bed with her and for the first time in years, my back and hip didn’t bother me. And with the returned giant smile she took me into her arms to love the night away. I started with kissing of her face and lips, and she was obviously savoring this. And when I moved down to her titties, I found them to be milk filled. She looked up to me and offered, “Just for you Marvin.” And I drank of them to satisfaction, mine and hers.

I moved down her belly with my mouth and she opened her legs to let me sample her private treasures, just for me. As my lips moved over her belly button, across her lovely tummy and then over her small bush to her shaven pussy lips, she moaned and murmured her happiness at my progress. And when my mouth became welded to her pussy cleft, vaginal opening and clit, she just let out her screams of excitement and pleasures.

She interrupted me after several minutes and then took her place between my legs to wake up my member to its duty. Her eyes were fixed on mine as she kissed, licked and suckled on it. She was quickly getting close to getting her prize, when she backed up and had me raise to let her onto her back on the bed. Then I moved to between her knees and let my dick move up to and then into her pussy vault. It seemed to have a hymen again and she winced as I pushed past it, but when I was fully into her, she returned to smiling and called out to me in the most direct language ever as to what she wanted from me then. And when I came rather quickly to unload into her, she begged me to not stop and fulfill this dream of hers, and so I did so, and she promised that I would do so several more times before she left, which was news to me as I hadn’t cum more than once in a day in decades.

She held me in place leaning over her tummy with me still inserted and kissed me into a nap. And when I woke up, she informed me that it was now time for the thing that I desired so much with her, up the back pipe.

And so, she went into the bathroom and flushed herself out very well and then returned to the bed to liven me up again with her mouth and hands. When we were both ready, she rose and took two pillows and laid them one on top of the other at the end of the bed, and then she opened her legs and I went to work fingering, licking and kissing her anus. When it was obviously relaxing some, I installed some of my thick lube around the opening and into the tube of her ass.

Then with her mandate, “Gently, gently!’’ ringing in my ears, I moved up closely to the opening and with the thick lube spread around the hole and into it, I took the head of my dick and slowly tucked it into the hole, from the upside down to the lower inside and it popped right through to the inside. With it in, I let her move about to cause her organs to move aside for full entry and with her done with that, I gently progressed up her rear pipe without any complaints on her side.

When I was fully entered up into her, I rested again to let her come to accommodation with all of this and she was taking it just fine. With the feeling of her relaxing, I did a little flexing up and down in her, and then asked her to move the pillows aside and we together mounted moved up onto the bed with her under me and we settled into a very gentle probing by me up into her. She was cooing with this and we after a bit fell asleep with me still installed up her backside.

In the morning, I was still in her and with her waking, I began some serious plowing inside of her and soon came up into her with her getting her rocks too.

After that, she took me into her arms and gently told me how much she loved me and hoped to be with me again. And then before I could react, she rose up, took her clothing back on and went out the door. She was gone.

I was both sad and glad as the day moved on and all I wanted was to go to sleep and turn off my mind for another night. I can’t remember anything that happened on that day, just my sadness at losing Cora again.

But that evening, as I was watching Lester Holt trying to make sense out of the national news, I heard a gentle knock on my front door again. And so, this time I checked through the kitchen window and saw the familiar face and frame of my longtime pal, Maggie. She had often threatened to ride the bus up to see me, and here she was right outside my door.

So, I rushed to get the door opened and in with her came all three of her cats. I didn’t remember her traveling with them before, but they were definitely with her this time and they immediately broke apart and headed in different directions to check out my condo and undoubtedly to meet up later to confer on what they had found out.

But Maggie proceeded directly to my fridge and opened up a can of root beer that she knew would be there. And then she went to my book case and took a deck of regular playing cards and a cribbage peg board and then glared me to sitting across from her to take humbly my comeuppance from her in one of things in life that she was a master of.

With her sipping on her root beer and me on my frosted glass of ice water, we played five games. In the first she got two mega hands and it was over before it really started. Then in the second game it was me that got the mega hands. In the third game I pegged out on her on the final hand with her in the stink hole. And then she returned the favor in the fourth hand. In the fifth game she double-skunked me. So, she won three out of four, which was the normal ratio between us. She did say that she really liked to play me though, because I gave her better games than all of the other people that she routinely slaughtered.

After the games, she sat with me for an hour or so and watched the rest of the news and then with me yawning, she dragged me to bed. She was in her usual shirt and cut-off jeans, but deigned to cuddle with me for me to go to sleep or otherwise occupy myself. I elected to have her and she put up no resistance to that. She didn’t help much either. It was on me to conclude this recipe.

So, I helped her off with her clothes, fluffed up the pillows with her head moving to them, and with her legs bent at the knee and up risen to allow me access to her pussy, she laid back for me to do my worst.

So, after a very brief kissing and breast playing interlude, she indicated with her hands that she wanted me to move forward and move the show along. So, I moved down to give her pussy a quick rousting, because it usually tasted strongly of coffee, since she drinks it by the gallon.

After it was awakened, she had me up comfortably in her and she took due note of that and gave me a very slim smile. But her butt did move about at my plunging into her and when I came deeply into her, she took me down into her arms and gently hugged me in appreciation of my love for her. Then she rolled over to sleep, allowing me to park my now still up rise cock between her legs and caressing her open pussy lips. Just before my mind turned off, I felt her jerk around a bit, as she got her cookies by playing with her clit as I slowly caressed her pussy slit with my member. And then we went to sleep for the rest of the night with three cats mounted up around our heads.

Again, when I woke up in the morning she was gone, cats and all. But she had left me with a cooled glass of root beer and one of her famous BLT sandwiches on a dish waiting for my hunger on the table with my chair pulled out ready for my occupancy.

However, I have no memory of actually eating it. My next awareness was with me in a confining box with a man’s voice droning on in the muffled background. When I reached out, I could feel the liner and so understood that this was a casket and I had really ‘bought it’ and was getting my last public showing until my cremation and whatever was to come after that, if anything.

From what I could hear inside of the casket, my brother was being rather generous in characterizing me. And I heard him mention that I had been a man of faith, contrary to his atheism. But he implored whoever might be listening from above, if there was someone on the other end of the spiritual phone, to take me gently into whatever was to come next. I, in my limited awareness never the less, found that to be very humorous coming from him, who had tried to argue me out of my faith several times over the years. But, I loved him anyway, since he had been so very kind to me when I needed it and had been one of my two best friends over the last two decades of my life.

The next thing that I noticed was the gentle swaying of the casket as It was being carried out to the hearse to presumably the crematorium that would finally end all of my consciousness, if there was no interference by a higher authority. But, when I went through the doors, I felt the casket veer off to the right, evidently to the grassy field to the east of the funeral home. Then I realized that the cover of the casket was opened and I saw eight women around the casket, including my little Jennie of the bus stories all grown up, with Cora and Maggie reaching down to help me rise out of it. And then after recognizing a couple of the other women present, I saw a bright light ahead and a gloriously beautiful woman in all white reaching out to me. With no hesitation on my part I walked lightly over the grassy field and joined up to the celestial woman and walked into the light to whatever was next.

That night I was permitted to leave a gentle message to each of my lady pallbearers to their comfort.

The next day an article came out in the Big City Herald about an unusual memorial service. It was entitled: MYSTERIOUS MACHINATIONS AT THE FUNSTEN FUNERAL HOME. And the article went on like this:

Yesterday this reporter attended the funeral of the local noted bus riding story teller, Marvin Martin. It seemed all very normal at first, with especially a special moment as his brother, an avowed atheist, acknowledged the gentle faith of his favorite brother and called upon God to be considerate of Marvin.

Then things took a turn to a Twilight Zone kind of conclusion to the program, when instead of the six men that were assigned by the family to carry the casket with the guy out to the hearse to move to the crematorium for the final disposition of his body; eight lovely young women rose from the audience and nudged the guys away and took over the casket with the body still in it. They lifted it and moved to the doors that seemed to open as by magic. And then turned to the east with the casket instead of placing it into the hearse.

Everyone was just too stunned to get up to see what was happening, but I as well as the others could see a very bright light coming from the direction that the young girls had turned to and when some of us finally went out to investigate, neither Marvin’s body, nor the young girls could be seen anywhere.

I as a rational man am not even going to speculate on what this was all about, I am just reporting what happened and letting the reader decide what really happened there.

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