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Southern Nightmare

Categories Fiction, Black, BDSM, Cruelty

Author: MFXslave

Published: 15 March 2019

  • Font:

Charles Whitman followed the same daily routine as he had

for the last five or six years. He walked across his huge estate, and made

notes about anything out of the ordinary, such as the condition of the

various flowers and plants on the ranch, buildings that might be in need of

repair or repainting, animals that appeared to be sick and might had to be

put to sleep, laziness among his eighty-four black slaves and suggested

actions and punishments.

This day was no different from any other day. At least not in the

morning when he proudly marched through the cotton fields, passing a few

racist remarks along to the native Africans slaving under the burning sun.

The lowered their heads and cursed him silently, but they all knew that a

loud protest might cost them plenty of pain and humiliation, maybe even

their lives.

At five minutes before noon, he visited the washing-house. Four

sweating young women with black skin knelt behind large buckets of hot

water, washing the dirty stains away from the white people's clothes and

sheets. Charles admired their large, inviting asses from a close distance.

He wondered why god hadn't equipped his pale wife with a butt like that,

and secretly envied the male slaves that got to touch those sexy bodies

every night without feeling any shame. They didn't have to beat around the

bush, and take precautions so that nobody would catch them in bed with one

of these dark beauties.

Sometimes he felt disgusted after a finished deed, when he quickly dressed

and wiped his shrinking penis with a handkerchief, thinking about the black

men that had done the same, and filled the cunt he

himself had used, with huge amounts of Negro semen. He wondered if they had washed themselves down there after taking a black cock's filthy load only a

few hours before. He thought of how that may contaminate him, maybe give him some ugly disease. He wondered how his fine, cultivated young wife would react.

But his animal lust always got the better of him. He reached out his

eager hands and touched the delicate, soft flesh. He grabbed one of them,

a young one, still a teenager, by the hand and led her to the bordering

room. He closed the door, locked it and undressed himself. The girl, her

name was Sayinka, but he didn't even know that, bowed her head in shame and

let her cheap cotton dress fall to the ground.

Charles greedily touched her shining black body all over. Such superior

beauty this girl possessed. He squeezed her small and firm tits clumsily.

She moaned quietly but was too scared to even try resisting. Her forced

her down on the filthy floor and spread her legs. The girl stared at the

ceiling and wished terrible things to happen to this awful man. He

fingered her dry cunt in vain as she pictured herself sitting on his ugly

face until he stopped breathing. He raged. Her pussy wouldn't lubricate.

What was wrong with her? He tried arousing her with his tongue. She

tasted salty and sweet at the same time, but remained dry, except for his

spit that soiled her pretty labia.

Stricken by a sudden rage, he violently turned her around and spread her

large, tasty buttocks wide apart with his hands. He spat right into the

crack of her ass. And then once more. Then he smeared some more spit on

his hard cock and steered it towards her shining anus. She forced herself

to relax her muscles as she felt the head of his stinking penis against the

tight rim. He thrust himself into her body and began fucking her ass.

Sayinka cried quietly through the bestial act of sodomy and rape. She

cursed him again, and prayed that God would strike this man dead this very

day. All she wanted was to watch him die in horrible pain, watch him beg

for mercy. She wanted to cut off his disgusting penis and feed it to him,

and then rip out the tongue from his mouth, the tongue he had used on her,

and tasted her unwilling pussy.

Charles dressed hastily and left the sulking girl in the dark room. It

was lunch-time already. He whistled teasingly as he passed the other

washing girls. Their time would also come.

# # # # # # # # # #

The old slave woman, carefully mixed the magical ingredients

in the huge pot. This was only the second time in her fifty-eight year old

life that she was using her secret powers. Today there was going to be a

big evening for the white folks. Several of their neighbours and relatives

was coming for the party. One of the young white ladies of the house was

getting married with a successful lawyer from the town. And they were all

going to eat her "genuinely exotic" African dinner for the occasion.

After the stew had cooked for about two hours, the lady called two young

girls, whom she knew were still virgins, and instructed them to urinate in

a wooden bowl on the floor. They reluctantly agreed and filled the bowl

with golden nectar. The woman emptied the fresh piss into the steaming

brew and stirred it once again. Here dinner was almost ready.

An hour later, the waiters served the white company the poisonous stew.

The natives watched in silence as the rich white folks swallowed mouthfuls

of the girls' pee. They waited patiently. Hours passed. People became

drunk and noisy and made fools out of themselves. They danced and

quarrelled and ate some snacks. The slaves bided their time.

Shortly after ten o'clock in the evening, people started to feel drowsy.

They fell asleep at the dinner table, in armchairs and on the veranda. A

quarter to eleven, every single white person was sound asleep. The slaves

dragged the sleeping masters and mistresses to the grandiose living room,

and started undressing them one by one. No less than ninety-seven white

adults lay there naked on the floor, in a giant heap of pale meat. The

children had all been sent off to town, so that they wouldn't spoil the


Just after eleven o'clock the gathered black crowd noticed the first

signs. A middle-aged woman with blue hair began to shake uncontrollably. A

few minutes later they could all see her naked, plump body start to shrink.

Then a few of the other unconscious men and women began shudder as well.

In a matter of minutes, their bodies had shrunk to sizes of between two and

three inches. The former slaves collected the tiny bodies. There was

going to be at least two live miniature toys for each one of the blacks.

They shared brother- and sisterly and broke up in smaller groups to play

with their hated owners. The day of revenge had finally come.

# # # # # # # # # #

Sayinka had been prepared. She had grabbed Charles

sleeping little body as soon as she spotted it. She buried him in a pocket

of her yellow dress and started looking for another creature to torment.

She let here friends have a first pick among the others, then dived in and

picked Mrs. Moore from the pile. That evil cow had taunted and spanked

her on numerous occasions. Tonight, Sayinka would finally get even.

She ran all the way to her sleeping quarters and undressed in two

seconds. She lay her two living toys on her belly and woke them up by

clapping her hands noisily. The two terrified little humans began

screaming simultaneously and the stupid woman fainted. Charles made a

ridiculous effort to run away, but Sayinka caught and buried him between

her mature thighs and squeezed the fighting spirit out of him. Then she

turned her attention to the woman.

Mrs. Moore awoke and sighed in disbelief as the enormous eyes of the

once pretty little girl stared back at her. Moore suddenly regretted being

so mean to the girl. But she had always been the jealous kind, and she

knew too well the her husband rather be with this perfect native beauty

than with her. She had seen him smiling at the black youngster many times,

surely fantasising about sleeping with her too. That's why Mrs. Moore had

taken every chance to punish and spank Sayinka. She remembered on time

especially clear. She had heard her husband utter a remark to a male

friend about "picking that girl's ripe fruits", so she made up a story

about seeing the girl stealing food from the kitchen, which was of course a

lie, and dragged her into the same kitchen and spanked her naked ass before

several black slaves. She still remembered the sensation, the triumph,

everytime her palm hit those lovely elastic black ass-cheeks and the girl's

desperate crying as she was being humiliated in front of all the others for

no reason whatsoever. -You steal dah food, littal girl. I see you! Yes!

Don't protest, you littal bitch. Sayinka imitated the bitter

forty-something so called Lady with a wicked smile on her lips. The tiny

woman pleaded and apologised. She even knelt on the huge teenager's chest

and begged her to spare her miserable life. -You need to be punished,

bitch! You need to learn a lesson, Sayinka decided soberly and kissed her

little toy. -Maybe if you taste good, I won't kill you. She tossed the

woman into her mouth and tasted her salty skin, as if sucking on a piece of

candy. Sayinka turned the panicked woman over with her tongue, and took

great delight in her cruel game. She must be scared out of her mind, the

girl thought and smiled. Realising the white "lady" was no larger than a

slice of mango, Sayinka knew she could swallow her alive without much

effort. And the more she thought about it, the more she liked the idea.

Then she remembered the awful man trapped between her legs. She could

see his awe-struck face. She moved him closer to her pussy and squeezed

him again. His head and shoulders were imbedded in her dark red, swelling

pussy so he did all the right things when the pressure increased, punching

and pulling her slimy labia, sometimes hitting her gigantic clit, with an

unexpected orgasm as result. She pushed him further in and forced him to

drink her flowing juices, almost drowning him. Several minutes later, when

he was running out of steam, she dug her sharp fingernails into his flesh.

That gave him new strength. Wow. She had never felt this horny before.

The second orgasmic wave triggered her swallowing reflexes, and all of a

sudden, Mrs. Moore was gone. Or... she was sliding down Sayinka's

throat, as smoothly as a piece of mango. The horny girl cursed herself for

the waste. Until... she fifteen or twenty seconds later felt twitching

movements in her stomach. It tickled soooo good, she almost passed out.

The effort of the desperate man struggling to catch his breath between her

pussy lips and the woman swimming around in her belly sent her into the

finest and absolutely longest orgasm of her young life. This beat all she

had ever sensed before. And it wouldn't stop. Mrs. Moore felt like a

feather tickling her innards. So soft, so fast, so eager to please. What

Sayinka didn't know was that the Moore woman was being eaten alive by her

digestive acids. The skin was melting, burning... but she seemed to go on

fighting for ever and ever...

Dizzy by her predator lust and the wonderful tickling, Sayinka hissed to

her male captive: -You seemed to like getting into my ass, you little

insect. Now, have a mouthful of this! She pulled him from her hairy pussy

and spread her ass cheeks with the free hand. She rubbed his head against

her dry asshole teasingly, and then inserted his ugly head. She felt the

movements inside her belly slowing down. She needed some new sensations,

but his tiny head inside her ass didn't do much for her. It was simply too

small. So she pushed him further in, and further, until he was buried in

her tight cave to his knees. Then he really started to please his

mistress. The foul-tasting walls of her ass, pressing against his face and

his entire body, closing in on him, choking him with her superior power.

The interaction between her two victims, the almost dead woman and the

still very much alive man, gave her a new orgasm, this time even stronger

than the earlier one. She pushed him further in, sent him disappearing

into her ass, with her index finger, and began stroking her pussy while she

now and then stuck her finger into her anus and sent Charles deeper and

deeper into her feverish body.

It was an odd sensation, to feel his kicking feet against her own

fingertip. She rubbed her clit rapidly, slightly disappointed that she no

longer could feel Mrs. Moore move around inside her stomach. But Master

Charles more than made up for that, by thrashing around like he was on


Sayinka constricted her inner muscles. It was time to finish him off.

She could feel his tiny bones breaking, as if he was made of papier maché.

Even at this point, he struggled bravely, with nowhere to go, with no


The satisfied teenage girl wiped the sweat from her brow and rested for

a while. Then she decided to visit her best friend and her sisters, to see

how they were doing with their new slaves.

# # # # # # # # # #

Angeline, a thirty-seven year old ebony beauty, lay in her

ex-master's bed, naked as the day the she was born. She sucked in another

grape between her full lips and moved her coal black, ample body lazily.

She rang the bell. Less than a minute later, her husband Joshua entered

the luxurious bedroom with a shining silver tray in his hands. He was

naked as well. She admired his limp, dangling manhood and his muscular six

feet tall body as he approached her with a sly grin on his masculine face.

He cleared his throat: -Yes, Madam? -What took you so long? I've been

waiting for ages. -I'm terribly sorry, Madam. It will not happen again.

-I sure hope not. The next time, I'm gonna have to punish you severely.

-Yes, Madam. Maybe this will make up for the delay. He carefully placed

the tray on her belly. She watched the four wee people that measured

between two and three inches. They were all white and butt naked. She

instantly recognised her former master, forty-three year old Gerald West,

among them. Angeline's seductive smile broadened. -Well, well, well...

what have we got here? I think it's our highly regarded Massa Gerald. Yes

it is. Oh, my, what a nice surprise! I had no idea you would pay us a

visit. What brings us the honour? -Massa Gerald most humbly appeal for an

audience, Your Highness, Joshua replied for him.

Angeline also delightfully recognised one of the other tiny creeps. It

was none less than the famous newspaper reporter Edgar Walcott. The two

others were unknown to her. Surely guests from another farm. -Audience

granted, she answered. Angeline gingerly placed Massa Gerald's

horror-stricken body into the warm and sweaty cleft between her mighty

breasts. She nodded to Joshua. He removed the silver plate and sat down

at the foot of the bed.

Massa Gerald slipped on the sweaty surface and fell backwards. He could

hear her thundering heart. The scent of her enormous black body

overwhelmed him. Almost a full week had passed since that dreadful night

when he, and all his friends, had been reduced to the size of a little

mouse. He had finally come to terms with the unthinkable. He steadied

himself on the soft masses of her silky skin and began trying to talk some

sense into her: -I don't understand how you made all this happen, Angie,

but I do know that there's not a chance in this world that you will get

away with it. They will hunt you down like animals, torture you and

execute you all in public. Is that what you want, Angie? Think! Before

it's too late. You still have the chance to do the right thing. I will

see to that you get a fair trial, I promise. Please, Angie! Please!

She smiled patiently. When he was done with his ridiculous speech, she

moved her head towards his tiny body and whispered: -My name... is

Angeline. Not... Angie. Do you understand? The shrunken man nodded his

head in panic. That second, it all returned to him. The memories. How he

had treated her badly for years. How he had groped his way all over her

luscious body when no white folks were around. How he had passed scornful

remarks at her in front of everybody, just to amuse himself and his

friends. How he several times had flashed his ugly little penis before her

when he was drunk. And he knew that was exactly what she was thinking of

at this moment. Her dark brown eyes hypnotised him. She had him at her

mercy. He knelt and begged her: -Please, Angie... Angeline! I'm so sorry

for everything I have done! I meant no harm. I was just... careless. If

you let me live, I swear I'm going to make amends for everything. I'm

going to... She interrupted him: -If you so much as utter one more word,

without my permission, I will punish you, like I would punish a dog that

has stained the floor in my living-room. Not... one... more... word.

Do you understand? He nodded quickly and bowed his head. Angeline

brutally pushed him towards her pubic mound. -Now, lick my cunt, Massa!

He crawled through her thick bush and stared into the entrance of her

enormous sex. The scent of her cunt, the dark red meat of her titanic

labia, the dark ominous cave in the middle... He began squeezing her soft,

slippery lips and then ran his tongue up and down her delicate sex. -No,

this won't do, Angeline soberly decided and grabbed him across the waist.

Seconds later, he found himself embraced by her surprisingly tight vaginal

walls. She stuffed his entire body inside of her body and closed her fat

pussy lips with her fingers.

When first the light and then, many minutes later, the air vanished,

Gerald tried to find an opening in the tightly shut cunt meat. He used his

hands to dig himself out of the suffocating prison, but managed only to

tickle Angeline to an unexpected and very brief orgasm. She revelled in

his horrified squirming while Joshua's experienced tongue chased her over

the edge again by feather-light circling movements around her stiff


Just as Gerald was about to pass out inside her convulsive pussy, she

opened her labia and allowed him to fill his lungs with fresh air. It took

minutes for him to regain enough power to try dragging his tormented body

out of the lethal hug. Just as he thought he had made it, an enormous

shadow fell on his face.

Joshua gave his woman another first class head-job. She writhed and

wriggled and panted and cried her way through the ecstatic journey. The

pleasure increased, almost doubled, by the struggling little man trapped

inside her cunt.

When she had had her little fun, she spread her pussy lips wide open for

a minute or two, while she sucked on her husband's delicious ten inch cock,

tasting his creamy pre-cum and stroking his huge balls. When he was fully

grown, she led him into her sex, and felt how his large purple glans pushed

the shrunken man back into her drooling wet pussy, slowly, slowly, all they

way down to her womb. -Be careful, love. Don't squash him. Not yet. Not

yet... He began making tender love to his wife, and shivered lightly every

time the head of his large cock bumped into the quivering little sex toy

deep inside Angeline's cunt.

When she felt how his powerful body approached climax, she urged him to

dig deep into her. -Now, stay there, she whispered. Joshua felt the man

squirming as he applied more pressure. Massa Gerald tickled his glans so

efficiently... The more Joshua pressed downwards, the more power the

desperately wiggling man seemed to possess. But all things must come to an

end. When Joshua released his seed in the broken man's battered face,

something definitely snapped. The second wave of sperm washed away the

blood from the dying creature. Angeline commented on his quickly fading

movements against her womb and kissed Joshua on the mouth. -We still got

three ones left. Feel like fooling around some more tonight? -Maybe you

could talk me into it. -Yeah, like you need to be persuaded. -Yeah, maybe

I do. -My ass you do.

# # # # # # # # # #

The three young girls took great pleasure in torturing

their former, now barely doll-sized, masters. They used them during

masturbation, both as clit-ticklers and insertion-devices. They sat on

them, rubbed the jellyish black ass cheeks all over them and giggled

cruelly as they enjoyed the sweet, spastic sensations their helpless prey

gave them.

The chubby little teen with the huge tits placed her toy between her

proud bosom and pressed the flesh globes together with force. Her slippery

live doll shrieked in panic as he found himself completely engorged by her

warm flesh. Her stiff nipples grew bigger during the wicked full body

massage. One of her friends inserted her own toy into her wide open fat,

drooling cunt. She sighed and gave praise to her unselfish sister: -That's

just perfect, sister. Shove him in. Bury him. Make him choke. Ram him

deep into my tight little pussy. I'll treat him real good. I'll take care

of him. I swallow him and spit him out, so you can use him again.

She worked her vaginal muscles and squeezed the air out of his lungs.

She fucked him brutally without even touching him with her hands. The

three inch tall man between her mighty breasts wiggled like an electrocuted

worm as she ground them together with a mean smile on her round face. She

pressed her thick legs together and shut her pussy tight for her little

captive. He fought against the odds, and managed to squeeze his ugly head

through her fat cunt lips.

Her two friends laughed as they watched the comic act. The tiny head

shook and he screamed in horror from the incredible pain. One of the slim

ebony beauties reached forwards and pushed him back inside with her index

finger, and then stroke her voluptuous friend's erect clitoris gently.

The house cat peeked at the strange game from her hiding place behind

the couch. She saw wiggling, mice-like creatures being stuffed into the

black girl's hairy slits, and now and then popping out again. She meowed

quietly and searched the room for stray ones, but couldn't find a single

one. She lay there patiently, waiting...

The girls continued their cruel onslaught. They took turn fucking each

other with the miniature "masters", giving them a breath of air now and

then, only to keep them alive for a bit longer. They laughed and sighed

through their countless orgasms as they used the tiny little bodies any way

they pleased. The fat girl tried a "sandwich" and squashed the less

fortunate man who found himself trapped deep inside her filthy orifice.

The other one had a slightly less painful ride, and slid out of her relaxed

cunt into a puddle of slimy mucus between the enormous thighs.

Then one of the girls saw the curious female cat watching them from

behind the couch. The youngest one of them sneered at her cunt-scented

little toy. -Time to feed the cat, don't you think? The small white man

in the palm of her hand began yelling hysterically, begging her not to,

promising her anything she had ever dreamt of, if she only let him live.

-How could you give me anything, you little creep? A tiny man like you.

You can't give me more than a brief pleasure, no matter how hard you try.

And maybe, maybe... watching you in the cat's claws is all I ever dreamt

of? I bet she would like having a bite. You sure smell fishy.

Her friends began laughing uncontrollably. They wasn't sure their

friend meant what she said. But when it sank in, they realised it would be

something really thrilling to behold. The fat girl held her wee plaything

out to the shy cat and called for her: -Come, Kitty, Kitty, come! Got

something for you! Here you are!

The cat slowly approached them and watched her offering closely. The

black girl put the terrified little man on the floor before the confused

cat girl. It had never eaten or even seen anything quite like this before.

The creature stood on its hind legs, shaking in horror. That was something

she was well acquainted with, after catching hundreds of mice and birds.

But his lack of fur or feathers made her hesitate. It looked like the huge

people on the farm, except this one was so tiny and lacked any clothing.

She poked at it with her paw. It fell to the ground and began

shrieking. That triggered her predatory instincts. She dug her razor-sharp

claws into its pale leg and then let go for a moment. She noticed it bled

just like a mice, but more plentiful.

The three horny vixens watched in awe as the cat attacked its tiny prey.

Without thinking much of it, they all began fondling their nipples and wet

cunts. They saw the lithe animal circle the human meal, with its grey tail

slowly wagging. They increased the intensity of the self-stroking as the

cat jumped the man and flattened him to the floor. He was lying on his

back, scared stiff as the huge feline mounted him. Its soft fur tickled

his sensitive skin and nostrils. He waited for its fangs or claws to

finish off his miserable life, but she just lay there, breathing...

The girls watched the exciting game and continued to masturbate their

swollen pussies. They waited for the cat to start playing with its prey,

like she did to captured birds or vermin. They waited for an nice,

thrilling show to climax to.

The cat clawed the man playfully and sent him into a jerking frenzy. He

fought with all his power, but she easily held him down. His spastic

struggling moved his body around aimlessly under the cruel beast, until he

found his face trapped beneath a wet and reeking mass of animal flesh.

-Look! Kitty's fucking his face! Ha Ha Ha Ha! The girl pointed her

finger and rubbed her own clit fast and furious.

The cat pressed down heavily on the squirming little prey and sank her

fangs deep into his hind legs. That caused him to explode in pain and

throw his head upwards, into her gushing sex. His pain was beyond words.

He couldn't breathe, and he was swallowing mouthfuls of feline secretion.

Then, all of a sudden, she climbed off him. She circled his bleeding body

and hissed menacingly. He crawled to his feet, but could barely support

himself, as his both legs were badly injured. He limped across the floor,

towards the three feverishly masturbating Negro girls, with a desperate

idea that they might stop this cruel madness before he was killed. Just as

he prepared himself to kneel down to show his total submission, the cat

jumped him from behind and clawed him across the back, and then bit him

lightly in the neck.

The girls rewarded themselves with series of orgasms as they watched his

despair. Two of them shuddered by carnal waves of pleasure as the cat sank

her teeth into his neck and pushed him to the floor. The feline again

turned him over and seated herself on him. This time she worked herself

faster and harder against his tortured body. About ten seconds later, her

itch seemed to be gone. Then she sniffed his genitals.

The girls all noticed, as soon as the cat was done rubbing herself

against him, that he had a hard-on. They could hardly believe their eyes.

There he was, butchered half to death, and his cock was all stiff. They

commented his weird state cheerfully, but never for a second stopped

masturbating. When the wicked she-cat bit down into his crotch, they all

held their breath and listened to his suppressed screams for several

seconds, while they concentrated all their attention to their clits. Their

skilful fingers served them another pleasant helping of joy.

The three friends lay panting, soaked in sweat, on the leather sofa as

the cat ate the still living man's penis. They almost felt sorry for him,

now that the ecstasy had faded. They felt relieved when the cat finally

buried her fangs into his throat and killed him. Then she carried him off

to finish her meal in privacy.

The fat girl went to the toilet to rid herself of the tiny corps inside

her asshole. The other two played with the shrunken survivor as if he was

a little doll for a while, and then found a hiding-place for him, in a

cardboard box in a wardrobe, where they figured he would be safe from the

cat's claws, out of harm's way.

End of story.

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Southern Nightmare

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