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Cameron, Henry, and Beverly part 1

Categories Fiction, Authoritarian, Boy, Cruelty

Author: ThaKid15

Published: 13 April 2019

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The well furnished dining room was probably bigger than most people’s entire living room, and the ornately designed and fine wood of the dining table cost a lot more than what most people made in an entire year.

And this was where Cameron sat every morning to eat breakfast with his parents, watching the morning news on the tv.

“Better hurry up.” His dad said to Cameron as he stared at the tv. As a businessman, his dad often travelled to DC for work as a contractor for the government, and keeping up with the news was important for him. “You don’t want to be late, do you Cameron?”

Standing at about five feet and two inches, Cameron wasn’t exactly exceptionally tall for his age, but neither was he short. His short blonde hair were trimmed and neatly combed back to give him a clean cut appearance, fitting of his rich background. And yet, his smile was soft, and his milky blue eyes were kind.

“He doesn’t need to worry,” His mom replied. “Armand always makes sure Cameron gets to school on time.”

Armand was the family’s private chauffeur. Coming from a family that earned their fortune generations ago, Cameron lived a rather comfortable life in small town New Hampshire. His father, Kirk, was a a businessman and very influential in their little town, while his mother, Charlotte, worked in real estate.

Together, they lived in a large estate that had been in the family for generations, with a small delegation of servants who slept in the mansion’s eastern wing.

“And coming up next,” The news anchor on tv said. “Government ties to organized crime? Have street thugs worked their way up the ladder and started making deals with government officials?”

Ignoring the sensationalist anchorman, Cameron turned his attention back to his food.

“Is Beverly coming with us today?” Cameron asked as he gulped down his food. “I haven’t seen her at school at all this past week.”

Cameron’s mum laughed. “Who knows what Aunt Margot and Beverly are ever up to these days. But just in case Beverly will be coming, you should wait for her a little.”

Aunt Margot was a cousin of Kirk’s who had lived all the way out in New England up until a few months ago, when her husband died suddenly. Cameron’s parents then talked to him about how, with no where else to go, she and her daughter, Beverly, were going to move in with them to live in the estate’s quieter Southern wing.

“Well anyways, I better get going.” Cameron said as he gulped down the remainder of his glass of orange juice. “I’ll wait at the car for Beverly for a while, if she doesn’t come I’ll just go.”

“You do that honey.” His mom smiled and planted a kiss on his cheek. “Have a good day at school!”

“What she said,” Cameron smiled as his dad gave him a wink. “And by the way, Charlotte, have we arranged the thing for our garden?”

“Oh yes of course.” Cameron heard his mom reply as he began to walk away. “Our garden is a mess right now, but the new gardener should be here this afternoon.”

Striding through the long corridors of the estate, Cameron nodded a good morning at some of the servants that passed him by. He knew each of them by name, but he was in a rush, and they were also probably busy. Cameron was probably the richest kid in his little town, but that didn’t mean he was spoilt in any way.

By the time Cameron made it to the estate’s front door, he saw Armand standing there by the sleek black car with Beverly beside him, who looked rather cute in her school uniform.

“You’re gonna make me late.” She rolled her eyes at him as soon as he appeared, and turned to enter the car without waiting for a response.

“Good morning Cameron.” Armand greeted as he opened the door for him. “Your schoolbag is already in the back.”

“Cool, thanks Armand!” Cameron said as he hopped in the car, sitting himself down beside Beverly. “Good morning Beverly.”

“Morning.” She responded without even turning to look at him.

Of all the people Cameron knew, Beverly must have been the snobbiest of them all, even amongst the kids he’s met at his preppy private school. Like Cameron, she was only thirteen, but already she had an air of sophistication about her in the way she dressed, the way she did her long, flowing golden hair, and the way her green eyes would stare coldly at just about everyone she talked to.

Deciding that if silence was what she wanted, Cameron would give it to her, and so he remained quiet for the rest of the journey as Armand started the car and drove them to school.


“Alright class, settle down.” The homeroom teacher, Mr Jacobs, said as Cameron settled down on his seat in the middle of class. “I have an announcement to make...”

Cameron glanced at Beverly for a second, who was sitting at the back of class, before turning away. She never did seem to pay attention in class and often skipped days, but somehow she always did better than everyone else during tests.

“We have a new student joining us today.” Mr Jacobs continued to say as he glanced out the classroom door. “He will come in, introduce himself, and I expect all of you here to make him feel welcome. Understood?”

Mr Jacobs eyed a couple of the boys in the back of class specifically, all of which were known troublemakers. And though they did have to muffle a giggle as they nodded, Cameron was sure that they wouldn’t cause any trouble today. Mr Jacobs was the headmaster of the school, Vista Prep, and also a strict teacher who didn’t like misbehavior from children.

“Henry, you can come in now.”

Cameron watched as a boy with messy dark brown hair entered the room, stopping at the front of class beside Mr Jacobs. He seemed timid and wary of the new surroundings, everything about his appearance said so. His eyes were glued to his feet, darting around as if to scan the surroundings every now and then, and his shoulders were slightly hunched forward so that he appeared smaller. He also seemed uncomfortable in the school uniform, adjusting the collar around his neck nervously as he finally looked up at the class.

“Hi everyone,” He began to speak, stuttering a little bit. “My name is Henry, a-and I’m from New York City. I just moved here, so, uh...”

Henry didn’t seem like he was sure what else he should say. Cameron watched as the boy looked up to Mr Jacobs, as if asking if he had spoken enough yet, but a hand shot up from the back of class before Mr Jacobs could say anything else.

“I have a question.” A boy in the back of class, Nathaniel, who was a known troublemaker, asked. “What school did you go to before this?”

“Oh.” Henry seemed surprised and looked up to Mr Jacobs, who encouraged him to answer it, though he did seem suspicious of Nathaniel’s intentions. “Well you wouldn’t know it, I-“

“-Was it in the inner city?” Nathaniel interrupted, a mischievous smile hanging on his face.


“And was it a public school?”

Henry didn’t know how to respond. “Yeah...”

“Well then no wonder you have no idea how to wear a uniform!” Nathaniel, along with a crew of his other troublemaking friends burst out laughing at that. “It looks terrible on you city boy!”

“That’s enough.” Mr Jacobs said sternly and turned to adjust the red faced Henry’s uniform a little bit. “It’s his first day, he’ll learn to get used to it. But as for you, Nathaniel, you’re going to spend the next couple of weeks in detention.”

Cameron smirked at the bully getting shut down like that, and a couple of the other kids giggled softly too. Henry, meanwhile, was told to take a seat by Mr Jacobs, and he picked a seat all the way at the front of class, far away from the glaring Nathaniel.


The rest of the day went by normally. Cameron watched Henry for a little while in class, noting that the other boy seemed completely out of his element here at Vista Prep. It wasn’t even just about the way he seemed uncomfortable with wearing a school uniform, but Henry also looked to be quite flustered, always struggling to keep up as the classes went by.

During lunch Henry sat alone, as the new kids often did. Cameron did see a couple of the other boys snickering and poking fun at him though, and because Henry seemed to be so uncomfortable, Cameron felt quite sorry for him.

Trying to decide whether he should approach him and make conversation, Cameron tried to catch his gaze a couple of times during lunch, but to no avail. Henry’s eyes seemed to be glued to his food while eating, and to his feet whenever he walked.

Soon, lunch was over, and before he knew it, so was school. Gym class was their last period for the day today, and as Cameron toweled himself off after a shower to clean the sweat from his adolescent body, he noticed a commotion at the other end of the locker room.

“Ew, was that a fucking boner?” Nathaniel had cornered Henry against the lockers, and was teasing the new boy who had quickly pulled up a pair of boxers to hide his naked crotch. “Damn, I think Henry gets off on watching us all change! What a faggot.”

A couple of boys, mostly Nathaniel’s friends, erupted into a loud laughter as they all surrounded Henry, making escape impossible for the boy.

“So you like guys huh? Do you like us touching you like this?”

Nathaniel used his wet towel to deliver a hard slap across Henry’s bare chest.

“Ow!” Henry yelped in pain as a red mark appeared across his skin.

“He likes it!” One of the other boys laughed. “Did you hear how he moaned like a sissy? Do it again!”

Nathaniel continued the towel-whipping, and Henry could not do anything besides raise his arms up in a meek attempt to defend himself. Cameron wanted to only get by the day without getting into trouble; he had his family’s name to think about before getting into trouble at school, but could not help but pity how Henry was going through all this on his first day.

Finally reaching the limit of his patience, Cameron decided he would have to stop this.

“Dammit Nathaniel, stop it!” He yelled across the locker room, surprising everyone. “Don’t you think you’ve done enough for today?”

Almost everyone else seemed shocked at the usually smiling Cameron’s sudden outburst, and most of the boys began to get back to changing and keeping silent. But not Nathaniel.

“What the hell is your problem man?” Nathaniel demanded angrily. “You think just because your dad’s a big shot in town I’m gonna be scared of you?”

“My problem?” Cameron shook his head. “What’s yours? You’ve been torturing that kid all day man.”

“So? You got a crush on the faggot or something?”

“Stop calling him that.” Cameron warned.

“Or what? You’re gonna cry to daddy?”

The two boys stared at each other in tense silence for several seconds, with Nathaniel’s smirk trying to provoke Cameron into doing something that would get him in trouble. In the end, the confrontation wasn’t resolved as Nathaniel’s friend ushered him away.

“Come on man.” He said to Nathaniel. “We gotta get going anyways. We’ll be late for class.”

Nathaniel offered Cameron one last scoff before turning and leaving, and Cameron quickly turned around to continue changing. Nathaniel had always left him alone so far, and getting into trouble with him was not a smart move, but Cameron knew that he had to do what he did today. There was just no way he could have sat around and said nothing.

And so, quickly throwing on his school uniform, Cameron proceeded to quickly head back out to his next class.


“I heard what you did back there today.” Beverly said suddenly in the car on their way back home. “You sticking your neck out for the new kid like that?”

Cameron raised a brow and waited for her to finish. The rest of the school day had gone by uneventfully, and Cameron was now on the way back home.

“That was stupid.” She shook her head, staring out of the window.

Rolling his eyes, Cameron groaned. “Really, Beverly? Are you really gonna tell me that sticking up for the new kid was a stupid thing to do?”

“You tell me.” She merely shrugged. “Nathaniel seems like quite a handful, doesn’t he? Then why would you want to have a problem with him?”

“I didn’t have a problem with him, I had a problem with how he treated Henry.”

“Same thing.”

Cameron turned and fixed his gaze on Beverly. He had never even known anything about her besides her name when they were growing up, never once seeing her other than in pictures before she and aunt Margot moved in with them. And even now, any attempt by Cameron to get to know her better was met by disinterest on her part.

“Why do you do that?” Cameron suddenly found himself asking, getting tired of how she always tried to seem above him even though she was living together with him.

“Do what?” She asked, again without even glancing his way.

“That right there! You just speak without even looking at me, like you’re too good or something.”

Finally turning to look at him, Beverly gave him a small little smile, almost resembling a smirk.

“Well, perhaps that’s because I do think I am?”

Showing the most amount of emotion Cameron had seen from her since she arrived a couple months back, Beverly actually began to chuckle a little bit. At that, Cameron just didn’t know what to say or how to respond.

“I’m just kidding. Or maybe not.” Beverly shrugged. “But really, what do you even know about me, Cameron? Or my mom?”

Thinking about that for a second, Cameron frowned. “I know your dad died. But that’s it, and not for a lack of trying on my part.”

“But don’t you see what I’m trying to say?” Beverly’s cold green eyes finally fixed onto Cameron’s, and he felt a chill run down his spine as they locked eyes. There was something sharp, something beautiful about those eyes. “You know nothing of me, and I’ve watched you live for the past few months. We have absolutely nothing in common, Cameron. Besides a common grandfather, we are nothing alike.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Well, for one, you’re ignorant. Just like every other person here in this stupid town. You’re totally ignorant to the things going on all around you every single day, things even bigger than you can imagine.”

Insulted at that insinuation, Cameron turned completely to face her. “I’m not ignorant!”

“Sure you are.” Beverly replied, not backing down as she maintained eye contact. “For one, can you even tell me what your dad does during his many trips to DC?”

Obviously, Cameron didn’t know a lot about his father’s dealings since he was only just a kid. He knew that his dad was a consultant of some sort and worked with the government often, but what kind of work he did, Cameron didn’t know, because surely, working with the government was supposed to be a private affair, right?

“Like you’re any better.” Cameron muttered, turning away. He was fed up with the conversation and didn’t want to talk to Beverly anymore.

“Of course I am.” Beverly smirked as she looked back out the window. “I know I am.”

The drive home did not take much longer after that, and before Cameron knew it, he was back at the gates of his estate. Jumping out of the car, Cameron quickly made his way inside the house, striding past Beverly and letting Armand get his bags for him. Not wanting to talk with Beverly for the rest of the day, he went straight to the heart of the huge mansion, knowing that Beverly would head straight to her own room to do whatever it was that she did.

“Hey, mom, hey dad.” Cameron greeted his parents as he found them in the dining hall, only to be shocked to find his dad dressed in his business suit and holding a briefcase. “What’s going on?”

They were both deep in a hushed, serious conversation and almost paid no attention to Cameron walking in.

“It’s serious... Really serious.” His dad was saying. “They’re telling me that I might even have to meet the president for this one.”

Only after his dad had said that did they suddenly notice that Cameron was in the room.

“Oh, hey honey!” His mom came up and gave Cameron a big hug and kiss on the cheek. “How was school today?”

“Great...” He replied, deciding to leave out the part about the new kid and Nathaniel since his parents seemed to be occupied with something else. “But, what was this about meeting with the president?”

“It’s nothing,” She assured him with a big smile. “Just some business your dad has to handle, alright?”

“I have a flight for DC in two hours.” His father explained as he put a hand on Cameron’s shoulder. “I need to take care of an emergency at work for a couple of weeks, and I’m counting on you to hold down the fort.” He pinched Cameron’s cheeks. “Can you do that for me son?”

“Sure dad,” Cameron giggled. “I can do that.”

“Thanks kiddo.” His dad ruffled his hair as he walked out. “Oh, and the new gardener should be here really soon. Honey, can you see to it that they’re properly greeted and briefed about their duties?”

“Of course.” Cameron watched as his mom gave his dad one last peck on the lips before he left. “Don’t you worry about a thing honey. Leave it all up to me.”

A few hours later, as Cameron was tossing around a baseball in one of the estate’s many gardens, he saw his mom explaining something to a man as two servants carried their bags behind them. It was the gardener, he had finally arrived, and his mom was probably giving him a tour of the estate and a breakdown of his duties.

But following just a little behind the rugged looking gardener was a small boy who seemed somewhat... familiar. It did not take long for Cameron to recognize that the boy was Henry, timidly shadowing the gardener’s footsteps as he followed quietly, taking in the sights of the grand estate all around him.

For just a second, both of their eyes met, and Cameron wondered whether he should wave a hello at the new boy in school. But before he could do so, Henry had turned away and continued with his mother’s tour of the estate.

Was it really him? Perhaps it wasn’t Henry, or perhaps Henry hadn’t recognized him? No, that was impossible. Cameron was sure that he had seen recognition in the other boy’s eyes. But then, what was Henry doing here with that man, their new gardener? Henry was the new kid in school, and this man was their new gardener. Could Henry then perhaps be his son, and he would be moving in along with his dad to where the servants lived in the east wing?

It was an interesting possibility. Before Cameron could investigate further, however, one of the servants came up to him from behind, holding his bag.

“Cameron,” Amelia called sweetly. “It’s six o’clock. You know what that means.”

“Homework time.” Cameron rolled his eyes and groaned. “Alright, thanks Amelia. Just put my down here, I think I’ll just do my homework here today.”

“Oh.” Amelia seemed suddenly disappointed for some reason. “Are you sure you don’t want to go back to your room? You always do it there.”

“Yeah, I mean I guess it’s good for everyone to sit down and surround themselves with nature every now and then, right?”

“I mean, yeah,” She started to say, seeming unsure. “But I mean, I can carry your bag up to your room for you if you want. I wouldn’t mind.”

“No, I’m fine Amelia.” Cameron smiled politely at her. Amelia was a young woman of maybe nineteen who had only just started working for the family last year, after she turned eighteen and could take over her elderly aunt. “I’ll just do it here today. Thank you.”


Hours passed, and Cameron was awakened by a light breeze.

Damn, he had fallen asleep while doing his homework. The cool evening breeze must’ve made him sleepy after an already tiring day, and he had dozed off while lying in the soft cool grass after a while of doing his homework.

Getting up, Cameron quickly put away his homework in his bag. The books and papers could get muddy so he had to keep them in his bag, but one of the servants would surely find his bag tomorrow and give it to Armand before he had to go to school. But for now, Cameron decided that he could do something else.

Taking his iPhone out of his pocket, Cameron checked the time and saw that it was only ten-thirty. It wasn’t too late yet, and Cameron decided that since he hadn’t yet practiced the violin, he would at least try to do so for a couple of minutes.

Heading toward the western wing of the estate, Cameron broke out into a light jog. The western wing was unoccupied and usually empty, and that was why he had taken to practicing his violin there whenever it was late.

Arriving in the empty and dark main hall of the western wing, Cameron quickly found his violin inside its case in a shadowy corner, and quickly picked it up. Before he could get ready to play it, however, the distinct thudding of footsteps from a couple of floors up drew his attention away from the violin.

“What the hell?” Cameron whispered softly to himself.

Somebody was here in the western wing. Which was weird, because nobody comes here, especially not this late at night. Did somebody break in or something? Cameron would have to find out.

Going up the stairway, Cameron creeped his way up silently until he reached the fourth floor, where the sounds of the footsteps were coming from. Up at the fourth floor, Cameron could see one long corridor with rows of closed doors. Those were the guest rooms, and there were maybe about a dozen of them. But the door at the very end was cracked slightly open and light was seeping out of it.

Slowly and carefully, Cameron tiptoed forward, trying not to make a sound. The footsteps from inside the door got louder and louder, and now Cameron could hear a shower running too. Since the door was at the end of the corridor that meant that it was the biggest room of this floor and had a bathroom.

Finally arriving at the end of the hallway, Cameron snuck around to the side of the door and peeked in to see who the intruder was.

To his relief, Cameron saw that it was only the gruff middle aged gardener. But... what was he doing here? Why wasn’t he staying in the eastern wing with the rest of the servants that tended to the estate? Cameron quickly figured out that, maybe, the eastern wing was full and they had no place else to go. He did seem to be enjoying his privacy after all, nonchalantly walking around the more spacious bedroom in only a pair of boxers, showing off his ripped physique as he marveled at the nice room he’s gotten.

Or maybe Cameron’s parents decided to give the gardener his own room in the western wing because he had his own kid with him, which would mean he needed more space to give his son a more “normal” upbringing.

Thinking about the gardener’s son, Cameron frowned and wondered if that really was Henry he saw earlier this afternoon. Could it really be him? If so, Cameron would want to get to know him a little more at school tomorrow.

Just then, the sounds of water pouring down the shower stopped, and Cameron looked back inside the room. The boy had come out of the bathroom, closing the door behind him as he stepped out with only the towel wrapped around his waist. Yep, Cameron was sure that the gardener’s boy was Henry.

“Have you unpacked my clothes?” Henry asked, his brown locks of hair still wet. “I’m a little tired. I had a long day today so I’m heading straight for bed.”

Deciding that his curiosity had been pleased, Cameron began to turn around to leave, but stopped as he heard the gruff gardener begin to speak.

“Not yet, but I have something else in mind. Come here.”

The gardener stood in front of the window looking out of the room and motioned for Henry, still only covered by a towel, stand in front of him, which the meek boy promptly did.

“Do you see it?” He asked. “Do you see what we have now? It’s great, Henry, this new life that we have our here in a small town, far away from the noise of the city. From everything we’ve seen there.”

Henry stared out of the dark window for several seconds, as if pondering the gardener’s words, before finally agreeing with a nod.

“Yes,” He began to say in a quiet voice. “I never would have thought that things would ever go well, or even close to well, for me again after... after...”

Cameron could see the distress on Henry’s face quite clearly, but the gardener quickly put his arm on the boy’s shoulder, pressing the boy’s barely covered body close to his own.

“Don’t think about that, kid. Now’s not the time to be sad.” The gardener’s hands dropped a little down past Henry’s shoulders, caressing his chest in what seemed to still be a fatherly embrace. “In fact, we should be grateful that we were given this chance, a second chance.” He paused, and now his hands dropped a little lower to Henry’s navel. “You should be grateful, Henry. Very grateful.”

What had earlier seemed to be a fatherly embrace now seemed to be getting a little weirder for Cameron, and the blonde haired boy frowned as he continued to peek in, his attention totally fixated on what the gardener was doing to Henry.

Henry, now seeming even more distressed than he did earlier, seemed to be sobbing quietly as tears began to fall slowly down his fair cheeks, and his face was red with what could possibly be embarrassment, shame, or even anger.

But all that the boy could manage was a pitiful plea. “Please,” He begged. “Not tonight, just... please Walter.”

“What’s wrong, kid?” The gardener, or Walter as Henry called him, asked, as he suddenly and forcefully dropped one of his hands to latch onto Henry’s groin area. The other was now caressing all over Henry small, slim body. “Not grateful enough?”

“No,” Henry jumped when Walter roughly grabbed at his crotch. “It’s just, the kids at school called me a faggot... And I’m not, I just need some time to think-“

Walter’s wandering hand found its way to Henry’s nipple, and the man suddenly pinched it, interrupting the boy and causing him to yell out in surprised pain.

“-Oh, so you don’t like being called a fag?” Walter asked harshly, his other hand yanking the towel off Henry, leaving Cameron’s classmate’s standing in the nude. “Well it’s too bad, Henry, because I agree with them. You’re a fucking faggot, bent like a rusty nail.”

Henry had broken down into fits of hysterical crying now, but for some reason, Cameron could only focus his attention on his new classmate’s nude body. The other boy wasn’t as fit or athletic as Cameron was, but he was slim and skinny. His pale young skin stretched tightly around his butt well, and his now erect penis stood at about four inches, about the same as Cameron’s.

“I know the things you’ve done, kid. I have them on fucking video.” Walter continued to scold harshly as Henry sobbed. “There’s no way you’re good for anything else besides being my little toy you queer fucking faggot.”

And with that, Walter grabbed the naked Henry and threw him on the bed. The boy’s head bounced painfully on the wooden headboard of the bed frame, causing Cameron to wince, but Walter did not even miss a beat. He strode quickly toward the bed, slipping off his boxers in one quick motion to reveal his massive erection, already throbbing and hard.

“No, please,” Henry sobbed, begging as Walter grabbed his creamy smooth naked body and turned him over so that his back faced the air. “No, ah!”

Walter straddled the boy quickly, and using his elbow, painfully pinned him down to the bed. With his other hand, he lined his penis up with Henry’s butt, and Cameron’s eyes widened as he realized that the man was preparing for entry. There was no way it was gonna fit inside the tiny boy, no way. Walter had to be around eight or nine inches big, possessing the hugest cock Cameron had ever seen.

But as Walter thrusted his hips forward, his cock did end up sliding in, even though it elicited a surprised and agonized scream from Henry.

“Okay, okay wait!” Henry cried, yielding to the gardener. “Don’t do it dry, please, I need sometime-“

Once again, Walter interrupted Henry with a sudden move, very quickly pulling his hips back and then suddenly thrusting forward hard. The impact of the man’s balls slapping against the boy’s butt cheeks echoed throughout the empty corridor, and so did Henry’s screams as the man began to rape him.

It was sickening to watch. Cameron was pretty sure that he saw blood began to stream down Henry’s thighs as Walter continued to thrust in and out of him mercilessly, and wondered how a father could do this to their own son. He was abusing the boy, raping him against his will even after Henry had explicitly asked him not to, and even verbally and emotionally abusing him when Henry explained why. It was no wonder Henry was so quiet and meek at school. He was so small, and yet probably endured abuse like this from his own father every day, who was so much bigger than Henry.

Deciding that he’d seen enough, Cameron turned away, unable to make himself watch the rest. He had become sick to the stomach and suddenly felt dizzy. Maybe it was because he was tired, and all he could think of now was heading straight back to his room to sleep. But he knew he probably shouldn’t tell anyone about this, not yet, and perhaps he could just try to sleep all of this off. After all, how could Cameron really know if he was seeing what he did see? For all he knew, he might have been dreaming.

And so, the tired and dazed Cameron trudged back down and walked out of the western wing, back to his own room where he fell asleep right away.

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Cameron, Henry, and Beverly part 1

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