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my lesbian sister part 14

Categories Anal, Young, Lesbian, Cruelty

Author: laotamst

Published: 25 April 2019

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i stretched as i sat up in my bed. my panties were lying at the foot of my bed torn in half.

that made me wet instead of putting on another pair of panties i just threw a pair of leggings on. i made my way down stairs not seeing Jessica or Betty anywhere. i went downstairs and noticed my mom looking in the fridge i sat down at the table.

"hey honey im just getting your breakfast ready" she said noticing me sit down.

"Kay thanks mom" i said noticing she was in spandex shorts

i stood up and walked over to the sink looking out the window

suddenly my mom was behind me squeezing my tits from behind

"i know you were awake" she whispered in my ear as she clamped my nipples between her fingers.

"oh mommy" i moaned out as she toyed with my nubs

she moved her hand down to my ass and began groping it.

"do you want me to pleasure your little ass again" she hissed into my ear

"yes" i said practically gasping

"then beg for it" she hissed yet again.

"please mommy" i begged

"please what?" she demanded

"please pleasure my little hole mommy, please make me cum with your mouth and hands" i begged

"alright" she said slipping her hand down the back of my leggings "but you have to do everything i tell you or well never do this again understand"

"i understand" i said as her fingers traced the entrance of my pussy.

"good girl, now call your teacher" she said as she walked me in front of the home phone

"yes mom" i said not wanting her to stop, i grabbed the phone and called Ms. Garcia

"hello" Ms. Garcia said groggily

"tell her what im doing" my mom ordered

"Ms. Garcia m – " i tried to get out but was cut off by

"call me Evelyn" she said

"Evelyn my mom is rubbing my pussy and pinching my nipple" my mom smiled to herself as she pulled her hand off my tit and pulled my leggings down just past my butt cheeks.

"what?" Evelyn asked concerned

"now she is pulling my pants down" i said as she lowered herself to her knees and spread my butt cheeks.

i continued to explain the situation as my mom let the cool air caress my butt hole, my mom then quickly plunged her face into my ass exploring the entrance of my ass with her tongue, as i continue to explain all the dirty things that my mom is doing as i hear Evelyn start to moan, she is fingering herself and getting off to my incestuous pleasure. my mom twisted her tongue into my butt hole making a wave of pleasure pulse through my body. i took my hand and began fingering my pussy when my mom grabbed my arm and held it behind my back. she then forced me up against the wall and completely explored my butt hole with her long serpentine tongue. my mom was pushing me up of the ground she was eating my ass so hard. Evelyn moans were loud now as she fucked herself silly over the phone. i continued explaining to her as my mom viciously ate my little butt. i screamed as i squirted cum against the wall and felt it spray all over my hips. my mom did not stop though as she was bouncing me on her face she twisted and plunged her tongue deeper into my pussy. she made me cum again spraying more pussy juice on the wall. my pussy was trembling but my mom kept going i could barely talk but i heard Evelyn climax moaning my name as she came.

i came again spraying cum and making a mess of myself, my mom was destroying my ass with her tongue, my mom was driving me crazy i was going crazy.

"mom please, no more i cant stand my legs are gonna collapse" i moaned out as she caused me to cum again.

my mind going blank my mom didn t stop pleasuring me but she grabbed me and bent me over on the table continuing to eat my little butt. she then rammed two fingers in and out of my cunt, i came gushing cum around her fingers, drool was now dripping out of my mouth and onto the table. i couldn t think and lost track of my orgasms ass my mom forced her tongue into my ass deeper and faster, she was soo good, too good at making me cum.

after an eternity of pleasure the doorbell rang

"you stay there honey our play date is here" she hissed out

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my lesbian sister part 14

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