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Homegrown Fucking

Categories Fiction, Boy, Consensual Sex, Incest

Author: Mystic47

Published: 25 April 2019

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Cum stains. I was looking at cum stains on the wrinkled sheets of my daughter’s bed. My fifteen-year-old daughter. I didn't want to see them; I didn't believe my eyes but when I touched the crusty spots, I knew what they were. Three big spots of dried semen. My heart started to thud, I got hot and light headed. I was looking at evidence that my baby wasn't a baby anymore, she was having sex. I couldn't pull the sheet off the bed; I just walked out and plopped my ass on my front room sofa. My baby got fucked; at least three times.

I sat alone, semi-aware of my surroundings while I thought about my discovery. I didn't even know Delia was seeing a boy, she never acted like she was dating, she doesn't spend any time on the phone or texting any boys, all her time was spent with her friends, girl friends. Who in hell fucked my daughter three times? Did I just discover something recent or has she been screwing for a while? Was she being careful? That was the question that finally rose to the surface of the confusion and dread I was feeling. What was Delia doing to keep from getting pregnant? Now that I found the evidence, now that I knew her secret, I would have to confront her. Maybe I was too late to save her chastity but I was determined to do what I could to keep from becoming a grandmother.

Delia was half way between fifteen and sixteen, she is my third child, I have two sons, the first was ready to leave home at nineteen, my middle child just celebrated his seventeenth birthday. I always thought I had raised my three children to be moral, clean and pure so how is it my only daughter became sexually active when her entire demeanor, her social life was completely non-sexual? Who was my girl fucking?

She came in after school, bubbling happily that it was Friday and started telling me her weekend plans. She, Chelsea and Margo were going to see the latest heart throb movie and maybe to Water World on Sunday. She chattered like a teen girl excited with life, one that had no worries in the world.

I took the opening “Delia, are you dating a boy yet? Do you see boys?”

She cocked her head quizzically, “No mom, why do you ask?”

“I have to wonder, that's all. I mean you are changing, you are a young woman now, not a stick figure little girl and I know damn well you are attracting the attention of boys, I don't even have to be around to know that, I was once fifteen and you look a lot like I did then.”

My daughter blushed prettily “Mom, your right, there are some boys asking me out and stuff but you don’t have to worry, I'm not real excited about any of them, not in a boyfriend/girlfriend sort of way.”

I almost choked on the next words “Well, sweetie, if you do get excited about a certain boy please let me know, we'll need to sit down and sort out a few facts from myths about men and women.” I was hoping she would take the hint and open up to me.

Delia smiled shyly, “Mom, we get some of that stuff in Biology and places.” She slipped quickly out of the room as if looking for sanctuary. As she left the room I could only wonder, who in hell left three big cum stains on her bed, right where her pussy would be if she were on it? I needed to know but I didn't want to ask because of the strain it might put on our relationship.

I logged on to eBay and bought a spy camera. A small one that could be hidden almost anywhere but would send a signal to my computer where the video would be saved. The camera was motion activated so it wouldn't waste time and computer space. I didn’t think I needed sound but I got one with an audio pickup too. I waited impatiently for the delivery and while I was waiting, I checked Delia’s bed but found no more sex evidence. Five days after my initial discovery I was planting a hidden camera in my baby's bedroom.

The camera worked fine. I didn't bother watching the videos during the day, I was only interested in what she did after bed time. For over a week I watched her when she was in her room, doing homework, on her phone and getting ready for bed. Nothing she did in any way gave any indication that she was anything but a fifteen-year-old girl living a quiet, chaste life. The next Saturday morning after she left to visit Chelsea, I logged on to the camera video and got the shock of my life. The room was dark but a motion had activated the camera. The camera was not one that would turn night to day on screen so I could see only shadows but those shadows were on her bed. There was someone lying over Delia, his back was arching and bending as he fucked her. My daughter’s legs were wide apart while his naked ass was a blur of motion. I couldn't see his face; I didn't know who he was and I was stunned that she had invited somebody for sex in her room while I slept two doors away. I sat dumbfounded for several long minutes then couldn't miss the moment when he blasted his nuts into her. He arched up, groaned and tried to crawl right up her cunt. Delia held onto him with arms and legs while he convulsed.

They fell apart, him still on his stomach next to her. They were whispering so I couldn’t' hear what was said but in about a minute he pushed up, got off the bed, picked up his clothes and left the room. I didn't get to see his face; I didn’t know who just fucked my daughter.

The camera blinked off because she wasn't moving so just about the time I was ready to stand up, another video started. I sat immobile as I saw anther shadow come into view. A different one, this one was a little shorter than the first. He pulled his clothes off and crawled into bed with Delia while she held the blanket. He rolled her over to her stomach then mounted her from behind and started fucking her. No pleasantries, no making out, no foreplay. He just pushed into her cum soaked pussy and started fucking. And I couldn't see his face either.

The time hack on the video revealed that he screwed her eight minutes before he let go and gave her a dose of hot cum. He pulled out and she rolled over, smiling like she had enjoyed the encounter. He got off the bed, reached for his pants, pulled them up then turned to the door. Delia waved happily to him as he left.

My baby fucked two guys in a half an hour? My fifteen-year-old girl is a slut!? Who were these guys, coming to my house and screwing my daughter!? And she had the fucking audacity to do it while I was in my own bed just down hall!! Not only that, neither used a rubber, what kind of chances was she taking? Had my sweet, pure little girl turned in to a coarse, careless street cunt???

I still didn't have enough courage to confront the little trollop but I needed to know who was coming over. If they were men, grown men, I’d have their asses arrested right in her room. I'd call the cops and let them pull those child molesters right out of her cunt. I didn’t care she was enjoying it; she was too fucking young to be fucking and somebody was going to be sorry they ever had sex with a minor. I went to her room and moved the camera so I could get a good view of whoever was screwing my girl.

I watched her room every night for almost two weeks and nothing out of the ordinary happened, I was beginning to think I imagined it all. But then on a Sunday morning I watched, saw, and finally understood what was going on in Delia's bed. They had visited her again, both at the same time. This time I saw their faces, I saw every damn bit of them, from head to hard standing erections. I watched those erections disappear, one into her mouth the other her cunt. They swapped positions three times, they fucked my daughter from every position and angle they could, one at a time, both at the same time. I watched those two empty their balls into both ends of my daughter and she took their cum cheerfully. I had 40 minutes of high-quality video fucking; I could have both put in jail for years but I didn't call the cops. I could only stare at the final still scene, Delia, freshly fucked and fully sated, waving goodnight to her lovers; I couldn't call the police on my own sons.

I sat and stared at the still shot of my three naked children until the rage in me cooled to a seething anger and gloomy resignation. What the hell was going on in my own house? How did this start? How long had my daughter been flopping for her brothers?

As those thoughts were running through my mind, I was looking at my three adult sized children. Adult sized in every way. Both boys were broad shouldered, fit and trim, muscular young men; well developed and ready to move into full adulthood. I was looking Seth's profile and Mark's frontal view and it struck me that the most appealing and prominent part of them was what they had hanging between their legs. My daughter, even at the tender age of fifteen had a well-developed female body. As I had told her earlier, she reminded me of myself at that age. I had a body that boys drooled over and I learned how to use it to my advantage. Even at 39 I could stand proud in a room full of sexy women. That led me to think “How is she different than me at that age?” Simple, 1) she was fucking her brothers, and 2) she had a two year start on me.

What the hell was I going to do? My daughter was screwing her siblings for recreation. I knew I had to confront them and stop this nonsense before I became a grandmother. I wasn't prepared to face my children if Delia got pregnant from one of them so I had to do it before that happened. It wasn't until the next Saturday that I gathered enough courage to challenge my children. “Seth, Mark, Delia, I need you three to stay home tonight, we have some serious shit to deal with.”

Seth said nothing but Delia and Mark groaned and complained that they had plans but I wouldn’t relent. It was time to face them, let them know I knew about their nefarious activities after the lights went out. I made them sit in the front room then ran the last video of them all fucking from my laptop through the TV. As soon as she realized what she was looking at Delia jumped from the sofa and tried to flee the room; “Delia! Set your ass back down and watch!” Her brothers squirmed like they were sitting on broken glass but didn't move, they began to burn red in the face but watched as their long hard cocks plunged in and out of the fifteen-year-old girl. Delia sat stiff as a statue and stared at herself fucking her brothers.

I made them sit and watch the entire 38 minutes of sex and debauchery on the TV. I froze the picture that showed cum oozing from her pussy. I looked at my daughter who had shrunk into the cushions of the couch “You let them blow their nuts in you, aren't you afraid of getting knocked up?”

She looked at me, terrified, “I use your diaphragm” she whispered. I was shocked! My diaphragm? How in hell did she know I even had one? The fucking little snoop must have been poking around my room when I wasn’t home because I thought it was buried under a pile of junk in my bed stand.

“What? Those fucking things are fitted to each woman that uses one, how do you know it's right for you? And who in hell told you how to use it?!”

She stuttered and avoided my eyes “We are about the same size mom, I thought it should work. I read on the internet how to use it.”

My heart was thundering with dread “Girl, you have no fucking idea how lucky you are. You’ve been letting them cum in you all this time?” She nodded; her bright red face turned to the floor.

I turned to my older son “I’m going to assume it was you who came on to your sister. How did this all start? When did this start?”

Seth looked at his sister who was watching him, she nodded again, almost imperceptibly, giving him permission to talk. “We got drunk, her and me, and we sorta ended up screwing. I mean she started asking me about boys and girls then I offered to show her some moves and we didn't stop until we fucked.”

“When did this happen?”

Delia answered “Maybe two weeks after I turned fifteen. I was drinking wine coolers with Chelsea then came home and had some beer with Seth then we started talking about stuff then I asked him if he thought I had a nice girl's body and he told me to show him. I challenged him to get undressed too so we took our clothes off and pretty soon we were doing things.”

“You two have been screwing in this house for five months? Mark when did you get involved, how?”

My second son burned even redder than when I started the movie, “I saw them doing it one day when they thought they were alone. When I caught them, she offered to let me so I wouldn’t tell you. We went to her room and we did it two times. After that Delia fucked us both then one day Seth asked her to do us at the same time and we did.”

I stared open mouthed at my daughter “You started all this? You came on to them and fuck them like a goddamn honeymoon bride?”

Delia nodded her guilt “I don't mean to momma, it's just that something inside me doesn't listen to me when I think I should quit. Sometimes my body just starts vibrating and I get so hungry, only not for food. That's when I want them to screw me.”

I sat stunned at her description of what she feels, I remembered those feelings well, sometimes I couldn’t get enough sex to stop the hunger. I looked at my three children and asked them all at once “Are any of you seeing anybody else, are you getting laid outside the house?”

Mark was first to answer, “No mom, it's just Delia and me.” Seth followed with an admission “I'm dating Kathy, her and I spend a lot of time ….....” he let the sentence trail off. Delia's hair swished across her shoulders as she shook her head 'no'.

I sat back too overwhelmed with the revelations to think straight, “Okay, you boys get the fuck out of here, Delia, you stay.”

My sons literally ran from the room leaving their fifteen-year-old nighttime thrill to face me alone. Delia sat staring at her feet while I composed myself, my thoughts. “You need better protection girl, my diaphragm wasn't made for you, I think you've been very lucky one of them hasn't left his legacy with you. Promise me you won't screw either of them until you are safer.”

She lifted her head, a small thread of hope in her voice “You aren't mad, you aren't going to punish me?”

“I will if you fuck them again before I get to a clinic. You’re still too young so most doctors won't prescribe anything but I can get myself a prescription for the pill or some patches then give it to you.”

“A patch looks like a big band-aid mom, I wouldn’t want someone to accidentally see it in the gym showers or something.”

“Okay, it's the pill then. When you start you should wait a few days more so your body gets used to them. After that you can party all night, every night if that is what it takes to keep you from being 'hungry' as you put it.”

My daughter looked at me with wide uncomprehending eyes “You would be okay if Seth and Mark keep screwing me?”

It was time to face my own feelings, my thoughts; “Honey, you can fuck them until their balls dry up and after them you will want a boyfriend or two. I remember being your age, I was hungry most of the time but I didn’t' get anything to eat until I was almost eighteen. I think I if I had had the convenience of a brother walking around, I would have been fucking long before that. Enjoy it while you can.” I sat back and watched my girl as I realized I just gave her permission to keep screwing my boys. Why on earth would l do that? I let Delia go then sat alone in the front room listening to the sounds of the house. Doors opening and closing, someone was looking in the refrigerator, a toilet flushed. I sat maybe 45 minutes with nothing on my mind, just feeling old. Eventually my three kids said goodbye then left to be with friends. When the house was empty, I started the video again. 40 minutes later my own body was beginning to feel the familiar hunger only an erection can satisfy.

My children were still cautious around me, careful to avoid direct contact with each other while I was near. A week after putting my daughter on the pill she came to me “Mom, did you take the camera out of my room?”

I thought she was looking for privacy again so I lied “Yes, do you need it?”

Delia looked at me with a long uneasy stare then said “No. Seth asked me to do it again and I said yes so he will be in my room tonight. I just thought if it was still there you could, ah,” she hesitated and blushed, “you could save what we do in your computer.”

Again, I was dumbfounded, “You want me to watch him fuck you then keep the video?”

She was jittery as hell, her entire body was quivering as she breathed softly “More than that mom, both them want to come tonight so I thought maybe, uh, maybe,” she was burning red with stress “maybe you could be there too. I mean instead of one of them having to wait they could both be doing it with both of us.”

Her words knocked me back in my seat, I stared at my girl wondering where in hell did she ever get such a pornographic fucking mind. I sat immobile so long she began to worry “Mom, are you okay?”

I shook the disbelief from my brain “Yeah, I'm okay. What in hell makes you think I would screw one of my sons, and record it for history!?”

She straightened up and challenged me by asking “Don't you get hungry anymore?”

“Of course, but my own son?”

“Mom, if you can get over who has his cock in you, you might have a good time. Seth and Mark are both really hot and I know they would fuck you; I've heard them talking about you when they don't know I’m around. They talk about how sexy you are, even for an old woman. Seth says he gets hard every time he sees you in your bathrobe, Mark told Seth he wants to sneak into your room and do it while you sleep.”

I got up and left Delia sitting. I fled from her, from her suggestion, but even more, I was fleeing from the surge of lust that crashed into my stomach. My own sons think I'm sexy? They want to take me to bed? What in hell was going on in my own fucking house? Did all families have deep dark secrets like these??

I got into my car and went to Tom's Hideout to hide.

I was nursing a Long Island Ice Tea, thinking about my children, they were a band of incestuous perverts, I had video proof. What I tried to ignore, tried to deny, is that I was as perverted as they. I knew what they were doing and openly gave them permission to keep it up. I put my girl child on birth control so she could fuck her brothers. My daughter's suggestion of a full family orgy wouldn't leave me alone, I kept flashing back on what the boys had hanging between their legs. Their father was the most well-hung man I had ever fucked and it looked like both his sons inherited that trait. I wondered also if they had inherited any other sexual attributes from him. Not only did he have an erection created by some god, he had awesome stamina, he could fuck me half the night and make me come forever before he saturated my womb, my tonsils or ass with cum, God I loved fucking him. The longer I sat there getting drunk the less odious the idea of getting laid by his sons became. I think that was the tipping point. I couldn't fuck my sons, but I could fuck my husband's sons. An odd perspective but one that sent a rush of shivers through my loins.

I came into a dark house but I heard the sounds of sex coming from Delia's room. I approached the door then eased it open far enough to see what was going on. Delia was astraddle Mark's lap; his legs were splayed as he held her waist and she bounced on his hard-on. I caught flashes of his balls, his cock piercing her cunt while they mated. She leaned forward, put her hands on his broad chest then began to raise and lower her body slowly, my pussy began to warm as I watched her slowly pull off then slide back down the full length of her brother's hard-on.

Just as I put my hand under my skirt and into my panties the other brother came into view. His nakedness sent a high voltage shock through my body, I watched fascinated as he got onto the bed behind his sister on his knees between his brother's legs. Seth pulled Delia closer to him then probed her asshole with the bloated end of his long hard-on. He must have used KY or something because he slipped effortlessly into his sister’s ass and in only a few moments my daughter was getting fucked by both my sons at the same time. She yelped her pleasure, fell flat on Mark and let the two pummel her body.

My fingers slipped into the heated bitch between my legs and I stroked my clit while watching the sexual perversion in my daughter’s bed. I was getting hotter by the minute; my knees were ready to fold when Delia started crying out an orgasm. She was rolling her body, her hips humping against the two erections in her, gasping for air then moaning it out. Seth slipped his cock from her ass then sat back and watched as their brother started pulsing, cum was leaking in spurts around the shaft of his erection.

I wasn't thinking, only acting when I stepped into the room and stopped by the bed. I pulled my panties down my legs then fell backwards across the bed, my head was lying across Delia's legs, my feet planted firmly on the floor. Seth bolted to a standing position; eyes wide open with fear when he saw me but the trepidation quickly faded when I pulled my dress up to my waist to give him a view that he hadn't seen since I stopped bringing him to bathe with me when he was three. He looked into my eyes and I gave him permission with mine. Seth stepped between my legs, put the head of his hard cock against my body then not too gently shoved into me until our groins collided. I rolled my head up and looked at my other son and daughter, they were watching in wide eyed wonder while Seth penetrated me.

My first-born son didn’t take a slow, cautious approach to first time sex with me. He grabbed my hips, pulled me so my butt was on the edge of the bed then pressed into me as tight as he could get. Seth started rolling his ass, plunging in and out. I hadn’t been laid in months so my lust was building quickly, a balloon filling until it burst. I cramped, cried out and heaved my ass off the bed trying to get as much of Seth’s long erection as I could, “Cum you sonofabitch, cum you motherfucker!” I encouraged him. Seth’s fingers dented my skin as he convulsed then unloaded deep into me.

Seth stepped away and I sat up on the edge of the bed. I looked from him to Mark then Delia. I didn’t know what to say, I let my lust take over and acted just as un-rational and perverted as they. It was Delia who broke the embarrassing silence, she smiled at me then said “That felt good didn’t it mom.” She tossed me a towel.

I stood from the bed and lifted my skirt then wiped my son’s discharge off me. Mark was staring at my crotch. He may have just blown a load in Delia but his cock filled rapidly as he looked at me. I dropped the towel, dropped my skirt then held my hand to my second son. When he stood, I backed up to a wall then pulled him in place, his cock was angled up just right so the tip of it split my pussy then he started fucking me. I stepped my feet apart, held his ass then absorbed the feeling of getting screwed by a teen boy again.

Mark pinned me against the wall and pumped his ass, fucking me with hot lust and a hell of a lot of enthusiasm. As he was thrusting in and out Seth came to stand near then reached between us and unbuttoned my blouse. When it was open, he pushed the bra up until my breasts were exposed, Mark dipped his head and sucked my left nipple into his mouth while he fucked me. I looked over his back to see Delia smiling at me while fingering her own pussy. I pushed the boy out of me then went to the bed, shrugged off the bra then laid next to my daughter just as naked as she. Mark climbed up and over me while Seth took his place between his sister’s legs. Mother and daughter got fucked side by side by son and brother.

Twenty minutes, one partner swap, and three orgasms later I was lying breathless next to Delia while the boys sat at the end of the bed. Delia turned to me, “Is the camera still working?”

“Yeah, I didn’t turn it off.”

She smiled with complete satisfaction “Good, I want to watch what we did with them, god, that was hot.”

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Homegrown Fucking

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