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The Heat From Within

Categories Fiction, Incest, Teen, Virginity

Author: gunner77

Published: 25 April 2019

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Chapter 1

It was a rather rainy Saturday afternoon, as Mike was making his trek homeward. He had stopped off to get some fuel in a little town just south of Fresno. He was in somewhat of a rush to get home to Roseburg Oregon. His step-daughter’s 16th birthday was in two days. She was staying at his friends house while his wife was consoling her older sister in Seattle. husband had left her for a 23 year old intern at his law firm. Mike knew the trek home was at least another 14 hours. That would put him home in the wee hours of the morning. He decided to stock up on junk food and energy drinks as well as a quick stop at the McDonald’s drive thru. His next stop would most likely be in Redding. As he left McDonalds parking lot he popped in an old Lynyrd Skynyrd CD. He cranked up Sweet Home Alabama.

He rolled by a girl hitchhiking. Not sure what made him take his foot off the accelerator and apply the brake, no matter, his life was taking a detour. She couldn’t have been more than 16. She was soaking wet. Even though it was late spring, the rain was cold. She was dressed in old pair of blue jeans, a faded “Three Stages of Tequila” t-shirt, and a thin green wind breaker. She was carrying a small dingy back pack. Mike turned off the stereo and lowered the window as she approached. Where you headed? He asked. Seattle. How about you? Just outside Portland. Hop in and get out of that rain, he said as he was gathering up the junk food energy drinks and McDonalds. He moved them to the back seat. You must be freezing. Ahh it’s not that bad, she said trying to act tough. He was driving a late model BMW. No dings very clean inside. She put her bag at her feet. He turned the seat warmer to medium and adjusted her side temperature up a little.

My name is Mike, Mike Barker. What’s yours? Cynthia, Cynthia Truman. You can call me Cyndi. Thanks mister, I really appreciate it. Like, I thought I was never gonna get a ride. Everybody is in a hurry. Like, in a hurry for what I don’t know. Cyndi reminded him of Samantha. He could tell they were close in age. She pulled her jacket off and put her seat belt on. Buckle up for safety she quipped. She pushed her chest out, as if she were trying to look older. The shoulder strap went between her perky breasts. They were shapely, but nowhere near what they will be in a couple years. Mike gently placed his foot on the accelerator and casually got up to highway speed as he merged into traffic. So Cyndi, what’s in Seattle? The Space Needle she laughed. Just kidding. My dad. Like, well he is my step dad. Same thing really. He raised me. Him and mom split two years back. I have been looking all over for him. Finally found him, I think. Lives in Renton just outside Seattle. Been messenging him. He thinks I am 38 and divorced. She giggled. Mike sat there listening, mind wandering in places it definitely shouldn’t be with a 16 year old if she were that. Where’s your mom? He could tell he hit a sensitive topic. I am sorry, I don’t mean to pry. She took a deep breath. No it’s ok. She is like, in jail. (a slight exhale) She would get drunk and abuse me. Last time she broke my wrist. I am a ward of the state. Whatever the fuck that means. Actually, I know what it means, but what it is and what means are two different things. I was placed in Utah foster care program. Don’t know what was worse? I ran away 6 months ago, after my foster dad made me do things. She took another deep breath. It’s not like I didn’t like doing them, but when his buddies would do what they did, they weren’t very nice. (another slight exhale) Oh they would give me money, trying to like ease their conscience. Sometimes lots of money. (a slight smile) I saved up and left. Mike tried not to look horrified.

Listen mister, I just want you to know I really appreciate you stopping. Thank you so very much! Mike said, no problem. Hey, are you hungry? I bought a crap load of burgers. You want some? He reached in the back and grabbed the bag and handed it to her. Help yourself. Her eyes widened. She composed herself and took a burger from the wrapper and began eating. She ate slow and with dignity. After her fifth burger, Mike said where are my manners? He reached in the back seat and grabbed a Monster Energy Drink, opened it for her, and handed it to her. You are too nice. Sorry, she said, most men in my life have been, pardon my language, assholes. Except my daddy. My daddy, he is nice like you. I don’t have much money left, but I wanna like pay you. Her left hand went to Mikes thigh. She gently began rubbing it. I can give you a “tugger”. Her hand seized his growing shaft. My! She exclaimed! Taking her right hand she grabbed his and placed it on her left breast. She kneaded it, encouraging him to knead her tit. Cyndi unbuttoned her jeans and slipped her hand down to her moistening slit. She looked at Mike and said, whip it out. I wanna see it. I wanna play with it. Can I play with it?

Mike was in awe. 30 minutes ago, all he could think about was getting home to his daughter. Now all he could think about was this adolescent beauty wanting to use his hardness as her personal play toy. Taking his hand from her breast he opened his fly. With some uncomfortable bending, he freed his manhood. Cyndi looked in awe. It was by far the biggest she had ever seen and it was still growing. The eight inches was one thing, but it was abundantly thick as well. It was even bigger than daddy’s. She squeezed it. Her small hands barely wrapped around it. His hand went for breasts again. This time under her damp shirt. He pushed the bra cup over puffy nipple. He teased her nipple with his thumb and fingers. Cyndi cooed. She began stroking his enormous cock. Pre cum oozed out the tip. She gathered most it with her fingers and placed to her mouth. Mmmmm! Her left hand went back to stroking, all the while her right hand diddled her excited clit. Her hips were churning. Mike was having a difficult time focusing on the road. Thank God for cruise control. He was slowly passing a semi truck. The driver, well, he got himself an eyeful. Cyndi looked up at Mike and said lift my shirt and show him my tits. Mike obliged. The driver hit his horn twice in appreciation. Cyndi took more pre-cum from Mikes hard cock. Tilting her head back, she erotically sucked her fingers. She winked at the driver and went back to stroking Mike.

Mike was feeling his cum build in his loins. The feel of her soft young tit flesh in his hand further excited him. He told her how good it felt. Yes! Just like that. Keep stroking me. His cum was rising. Cyndi could tell he was close. His ball sack was getting tighter and his shaft was getting harder. This excited her and her hips began to thrust uncontrollably as she frigged herself. Just as she was about to cum, Mike could hold back no longer. He began shooting wads of cum. Cum flying all over, some even hitting the dashboard on Cyndi’s side of the car. His spurting cock triggered Cyndi’s own orgasm. She writhed as she held off her orgasm for as long as she could. Her pussy lips were convulsing. As Mike unloaded his last spurt, Cyndi removed her soaked finger and put them up to Mikes lips. Then Cyndi licked up every drop of cum she could find. Off the dashboard, steering wheel, Mike’s jeans, even the last little bit still in Mikes cock head and shaft. She sucked hard and constant as she stroked out every last drop out with her hand. She looked at Mike and said. I never waste a drop of cum.

Chapter 2

Suzy had been staying at her sisters house for the past week. Ann recently separated from her husband and Suzy was there comforting her. Actually, it was more helping her nephew Randy deal with the separation. He was taking it out on his mother. In fact, Ann was spending a lot of time avoiding Randy. Numerous reasons that ranged from looking exactly like his dad to Randy being a typical 16 year old asshole. It was a Friday night and after Randy devoured the better part of a large pizza, he holed up in his room. Suzy figured he was playing Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto.

Suzy nestled up in a blanket on the couch. She had picked up 11/22/63 by Stephen King at the Town&Country Market earlier that day. She loved Stephen King and the JFK assassination had always intrigued her. She had her freshly opened bottle of Macallan Single Malt 12 Year old Scotch. She was on her fourth glass when she had to pee. She had gotten into the book and had been postponing putting it down. It was now an emergency. She rushed off the bathroom. Staggering by Randy’s door, she noticed it was cracked open just about two inches. She heard strange moans coming from his room, but was in too much of a hurry to stop and investigate. As she peed, her curiosity was piqued. After flushing, she decided to run a bath. It was getting late. As the bath ran, she had to check out the sounds coming from his room.

Suzy was on 37 years old. While she no longer had her girlish figure and had some squishy features, she was by no means fat. The one nice thing about picking up a few extra pounds, was the weight had deposited in her ample breasts. Her cup size was E and her areolae were tear drop and large. (Larger than a silver dollar). The were also were light brown and she had often thought they perfectly contrasted her milky white skin. Her nipples, when erect were nearly 3/4 of an inch long, and extremely sensitive. She had never experienced having sex with another woman, but her breasts did turn her on. While masturbating she often sucked them.

She crept up to Randy’s door and peeked in. She was shocked! On Randy’s laptop screen was a large breasted older woman. Her legs spread as she fucked herself with a rather large dildo. That was not the shocking part, neither was the fact Randy was masturbating. What was shocking was the size. His cock was almost as long as her husband Mike’s, but not nearly the girth. Nonetheless, it turned her. She could tell he was not only experienced at stroking himself, but he was close to shooting his wad. His right leg was was moving and his tempo was increasing. Then it happened, cum flew everywhere. There was a huge splatter on his upper chest, but the majority was all over his hard belly. Randy, while not athletic, was filling out in his chest and biceps. His abdomen was tight and there was a definite 8 pack. Almost forgetting the water was running, she crept back to the bathroom.

The image of Randy’s long pole firing wads of cum consumed her thoughts. As she soaked she squeezed her tits and pinched her swollen nipples. At first it was both hands, but soon her right hand was between her legs. Her middle finger parting her pussy lips. Sliding back up and down as she rolled one nipple. She stretched her neck and placed a nipple in her mouth. She seductively suckled it in her mouth. All the while her other hand began teasing her clitoris. Her thoughts were on her nephews beautiful cock. Soon she imagined her sucking it, stroking it, cupping his balls. She wondered if he was a virgin. That seemed to turn her on even more. When she was 17 she took a boys virginity, but she herself was not that experienced at the time. Knowing the tricks she knows now, ummmmm. One hand was pushing a nipple in her wanting mouth. First, one, then the other. She often wondered what sucking another woman’s nipple would be like. She liked sucking hers, that was for sure. Meanwhile, her right hand was frigging her clit. Building it up for climax. Her pussy was contracting and releasing. She was building it up yet holding it back. Denying herself. Her pussy would quiver, stop, then quiver some more. Finally, a perfectly orchestrated orgasm rushed through loins as her pussy uncontrollably convulsed. She was far from being done, as her first orgasm receded, she frantically chased a second, a third, and finally a fourth. She lay in the water, completely spent. To get that fourth orgasm out, she had to lightly bite her nipple. It was not bleeding, but it was mighty red. Still buzzing from the alcohol and the orgasmic session she just had, walking was a chore. Staggering on wobbly legs and wrapped in only a towel, she made her way to the guest room.

She plopped down on the bed. She fell asleep on her back. Suzy had a full bush. She kept it trimmed, but no fancy designs. She also waxed her inner thigh every other week. It was a light red that matched her natural hair color, although she usually colored her hair a little darker. She liked more of an amber than her natural strawberry blond. There she lay, on her back. The night light that was on the night stand was on. Soon after, Randy on his way to the bathroom, had seen her light on and door open, crept to the door way. Seeing his aunt naked gave him an instant hard on. Though he had just rubbed one out a half hour prior, he was ready to go. Part of him wanted nothing more than suck on her tits and fuck her, but he was far too shy. Instead, he went to his room and grabbed his phone. He made his way into the room, taking several pictures, he literally drooled. Suzy started to stir, scaring Randy. He went to the bathroom and struggled to pee through his stiffie. He noticed a hand towel on the floor. When he picked it up to put it in the hamper, there were her panties. He picked them up also. Throwing the towel into the hamper, he placed the damp crotch of her panties to his nose. Taking in a deep breath, he pressed the crotch to his face. He enjoyed the lingering aroma of her womanhood. His cock was hard as nails and it demanded release. He flushed the toilet, awakening Suzy. He scurried off to his bedroom for another go. Suzy noticing her plight, got up and shut the door, put on a night shirt and snuggled up in the covers.

Randy again, put the panties to his face, crotch by his his mouth. He started stroking his long cock while sucking her fragrant juices from her pre-loved panties. As he stroked he scanned through the pictures he had taken. He whipped his cock into a frenzy. He could taste her. He visualized himself fucking her senseless. Her tits flopping in rhythm with his imagined pounding of her wanton pussy. He removed her now soaked panties from his face. Placing them in his stroking hand he brushed her soaked crotch against his swollen cock head. In a matter of seconds he was exploding again. He made sure to catch every drop with her panties. After transferring the images to his lap top, he deleted the photos from the phone. Soon, he fell off into a deep slumber.

Chapter 3

Cyndi was most definitely enthralled by Mike’s magnificent cock. She couldn’t get it off her mind. They had both rearranged their clothes and were making small talk. Cynthia asked about Mike’s family. He told her he had a step daughter about her age. She would be 16 in two days. She told him she just turned 16 last month. She thought about what she said. That doesn’t freak you out does it? Like me being under 18 does it? I mean it wasn’t like you forced me to do anything. Besides, most states, age of consent is 16. No no no. He tried to convince himself as much as he was trying to convince her. You are very beautiful and extremely talented. A naughty smile crossed his face as he spoke the word talented.

My daddy showed me what he liked. Taught me how to give blowjobs too. Other things too. She winked sinfully. I can’t help it. I love making guys cum. I mean I really LOVE it. I got in trouble at school once and my foster dad got mad. I gave him a hand job like with you. He wasn’t mad any more. We fooled around a lot. Whenever his wife was gone, he was all over me. I loved it. I pretended it didn’t bother me when he called me a worthless whore, because I love the feel when cum moves through the shaft and it pulsates. I don’t care if it’s in my hand, mouth, pussy, or even my ass. Maybe I am a worthless whore, but when he was cumming inside my throat, begging me to keep sucking, I felt far from worthless. Then he started bringing buddies over to mess around with me. I think he was charging them. They would still pay me any where from $20 to $300. I only got $300 once. I made the poor asshole pop 4 times. Less than 30 minutes. She proudly smiled while innocently turning her body from side to side. Usually it was $20 to $50 though. They were all mean to me. Slapped me. Choked me. Spit on me. Sometimes even kicked me. Then, when they were done, the jerk of a foster dad would call me names as he jerked off over me. I had to get out of that place before I went crazy.

Another deep breath. Can we talk about something else? What is your daughters name? Samantha I said, she goes by Sam. Have you had sex with her? NO! NEVER! Just talking about all this had him getting hard again. It was perverted but the thought of filling Sam up with cum was turning him on. Listen Cyndi, I am getting hungry and we need fuel. Let’s stop and get some gas and a bite to eat. Cyndi blurted out, and a motel? I really need your fat cock in my pussy. I can’t stop thinking about. Besides we both could use a shower and a cozy bed. We might get some sleep, that is, if I can wear out Mr. Happy. She winked again. The inn keeper gave them a funny look, but Mike asked if the room had a blow dryer for his daughter. This seemed to appease the innkeeper as he assured them it did. Cyndi, poured it on, by saying daddy your the greatest, I love you. Then giving him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. She was giggling like pre-teen girl, all the way to the room. After they were in the room, this play acting continued. In the shower, she called for Mike by calling him daddy. Daddy, I need you to wash my bum. Daddy, wash my back. Daddy, wash my pussy. He was actually getting into the whole role playing game. Then she said call me Sam. I am gonna pretend you are my daddy. I want you to pretend I am your daughter. Your virgin daughter! I want you to pretend you are popping your daughters cherry tonight. I will pretend I am a virgin again. My daddy popped my cherry. He was so delicate. It did hurt but before he blew his nut, he made me feel real good. He always called me princess. I won’t tell you how old I was, cause I don’t want you to judge me or my dad.

Daddy, she cooed. I really do want you to wash me. Make me clean daddy. Wash my virgin body. When you’re done I will wash you, just like I was a truly a virgin. Oh my daddy! Your penis is so big. I love you so much daddy. I want you to be the first, it’s so big though. It’s gonna hurt so bad.

Trust me princess. I will be gentle. It might hurt a little but it will feel so good later. Gawd! I just love your titties Cyn, um I mean Sam so much. Can I wash them and play with them? Suck them Sam? They’re are not very big, she said. Not big like mommy’s. They will grow honey. They are still sexy though. He poured some body wash into the ball sponge and lathered it up. He began soaping her puffy tits. Her nipples were big and pouty. Much bigger in comparison to the rest of her breasts. She moaned in approval. Daddy I like that. Clean them good. The shower beat down on her back and as he admired her beauty. Sam, daddy is getting hard. Her eyes widened as she watched it grow with each heart beat. His hand with the sponge ball left trails of soap from her neck to her flat torso. As he made his way to the sparse pubic hair above her pussy, thoughts of throwing her on the bed and pummeling her tight pussy entered his head. No, he told himself his princess deserves a slow sensuous introduction to womanhood. He slowed way down as he began washing her delicate pussy. Careful not to get soap inside her. He lightly rubbed her joy button. She was becoming wobbly, as her knees weakened. Oh daddy, that feels so good. Slide a finger inside daddy. Finger me. Finger my tight young pussy. I want it daddy. I want to feel it inside me. Mike knew his way around a pussy. He went straight for the g-spot. Then he stuck a second finger inside. Her pussy walls gripped his fingers tight as he began massaging her g-spot vigorously. He got down on his knees and began sucking her clit gently flicking his tongue against. Like a spider strumming a web to entice its mate, he strummed her clit. He could feel her orgasm building and just before she was going to lose control, he pressed against her clit hard, orgasm denied. Again he built her up, only to deny her. The poor girl was in desperate need of release. Daddy make me cum. Daddy make me cum. Please daddy please. His cock was full tilt. Ready for battle. Then it happened he had her at the edge of the cliff and this rather than stop, he waged a full scale attack. Both on the clit and also on her g-spot. She bucked uncontrollably almost slipping and falling in the shower. He picked her 85 lb. frame up. His arms cradled her, just behind the knees. She thrust uncontrollably. His erect cock was pointing straight up. Her pussy was dripping wet. She reached down and guided him inside her. She impaled herself onto his throbbing cock. The feel of him completely inside her wanton pussy extended her orgasm. As one orgasmic wave subsided another swooned in. Her pussy was so fucking tight. Mike just couldn’t hold back. She was fucking him. with an uncontrollable lust. Fuck me daddy! Fuck me! Fuck me hard. He began thrusting upward with powerful thrusts. Cum in me daaadddy! Fill my pussy. Fill my pussy. Oh my fucking God! I want your fucking cum. FUCK ME! He sucked on her adolescent titties as he started to cum. He sucked the entire areola of her puffy tit. That was it. It put him over the top. She felt every ropey stream of his cum as it pulse into the deepest part of depraved cunt. She continued to writhe on his cock as her orgasm subsided. She purposely squeezed her pussy along his cock. Like a 1000 magic fingers stripping every drop of cum from his massive shaft. Oh daddy! That felt so fucking good. She was still impaled on his softening cock. Don’t pull out daddy. I want it to stay in there forever. He lowered her off of him. Cyndi got on her knees and sucked that the last droplets of cum from him. When she pulled away she opened her mouth to show him. Actually there was quite a bit of cum. She swallowed. Never waste a drop daddy. Now it’s my turn to clean you up daddy....

Chapter 4

Cyndi began lathering the sponge. She bit the left corner of her lower lip as she closed her left eye and tilting her head. She was devising a plan, a plan that went far beyond her exploitation of the evening. She cocked a concupiscent smile up at Mike. Daddy, are you ready for your baby girl to wash your wondrous body? Her faint frame paled in comparison to his. Her mere 4 ft 10 inches put her lips just above his nipples. While Mike was no longer athletic and was carrying few extra pounds, he was still cut and rather buff. Cyndi used the spread between her thumb and forefinger to cup the underside of his pectorals. Ummmm daddy, you’re so strong. She took a nipple in her mouth, swirled her tongue around the nipple as she gently squeezed his hard chest muscles.

Mike moaned. He started feeling that perplexing stir in his loins again. His flaccid phallus was beginning to awaken. His thoughts moved to his recent sex life, or the lack there of. Sex with Susie was not quite the same. The last time he had two orgasms in the same day was like ancient history. This little drifter was working him into a third go at nirvana and who knew where she would stop. He had actually thought about going to the doctor to get a little blue pill. He thought something was medically wrong. He knew now, nothing was wrong with him. Well, if being a dirty pervert isn’t considered. Never in the recent past had he experienced erections like the ones today. Never had his orgasms been so intense and powerful. Just the thought of this depraved girl rubbing his chest and suckling his nipples sensuously was working him up. It wasn’t just a thought though. It was happening. He could feel her small hands, almost admiringly, exploring his body.

She was now rubbing his shoulders with the soap filled sponge. She washed his neck. Stretching to reach the back of his neck. Pressing her pubescent diminutive boobs hard into his torso. They felt like baseballs pressing into his tanned tummy. His cum gun was growing fast between them. Ummmmm, she said. Daddy likes Sammy’s titties pressing into him, huh?

He was at a loss of words. All he could mutter was un huh. He tilted his head back as the water from the shower beat against his lower back and buttocks. He was lost in the moment,eyes closed, imagining it was really his darling daughter washing him. It was Sammy soaping his now throbbing cock. It was Sammy stroking him with a sponge. It was Sammy slowly squeezing his cock head, letting it slip gradually through her fingers. Ohhhhh! Sam, ohhhhh, baby! That feels so damn good. Don’t stop daddy loves you, so much. OH MY GOD SAM!

She was squeezing pre cum out and swirling it all over his enormous cock head. Cyndi was enjoying playing with his juices. Turn around daddy, lets rinse you off. Cyndi stood behind pressing her small nubs into his back. She was stroking him slowly, as she kissed shoulder blades. Ummm, daddy I love how you feel in my hand. Your thing is soooooo biiiigggg. I remember watching you put it inside mommy once. It scared me. I could tell mommy liked it though. She kept moaning and twisting. I got scared and went to bed. I am scared now. I want so much to make you happy, but I am afraid. I am afraid I won’t. That I won’t be able to make you... you know, make you... make you cum.

Baby doll, Mike said. I just want you to enjoy yourself. I want you to feel good. This is all about you, he continued. I can guarantee you, if you are feeling good, daddy will cum. See how hard you got daddy? Mike took his cock in his hand, turned around and began playfully slapping her nipples with it. Come on Sam, let’s get dried off. They stepped out of the shower. Her eyes glued to his cock. Mike began toweling his make-believe daughter. Cyndi hung a towel on his erection. It barely moved down. Then she pulled it down as far as it would go. Swiftly she let go. Like a catapult the towel flew off his hard shaft. Cyndi giggled.

After slapping his belly It bounced a few times. It came to a quick standstill, pointing straight out. Nearly in same position as before her playful experiment. Cyndi could not help herself, she got on her knees before him and took him into her tantalizing mouth. She sucked his bulky cock head into her mouth. Stroking his cock and like a seasoned strumpet, she began moving back forth, taking more and more flesh inside her skillful mouth. Cyndi was determined to take his thickness down her throat until her face was buried in his pubic hair. He seemed to get thicker the farther down she went her tender mouth was stretched tight. The corner began to burn, but Cyndi was determined to take it all. Mikes cock was by far the biggest she had ever had. She took it all in her pussy moments before. She was going to take it all in throat. Cyndi was in lust with his Willie Wonka Bar. She literally could not get enough of it. She continued bobbing back and forth until Eureka! Mike moaned from deep inside his gut. She had all of him, every millimeter was inside her mouth and down her throat. She played with his ball sack one hand, the other priming her pussy for the fucking she needed. His balls were the size of a mature apricot. She wanted that sweet nectar again and Mike would have shot down her throat, but Cyndi wanted his baby maker buried in her pussy. She removed him from her youthful mouth. It was surreal as Mike watched her slide away from his massive member. He could have sworn he was an inch bigger coming out of her delectable mouth, than going in.

Mike let her lead him from the bathroom to the bed by his hard throbbing cock. Letting go of his member, she ran and jumped on the bed. She bound up and as if it were a trampoline. Her tiny hard tits shook as she bounced. Small and firm, there was a subtle jiggle, but mostly shook up and down. Her areolae were were pouty and pointy. Their mere appearance begged Mike to suck them into his mouth. Instead, he gazed at their beauty as she jumped up and down. Cyndi was giggling as she playfully teased Mike provocatively. The last few weeks had been a drain on her. Being on her own, not knowing where she was going to sleep or where her next meal was coming from had taken its toll. While she was doing adult things, she was also being allowed to be a kid. This brought an inner peace to her soul. It gave her a minor sense of stability. Something she had not known for a very long time. Maybe even, ever.

Normally, Mike would have been appalled at such childish behavior. He would have gotten mad if Sam had behaved like that. No matter if it were at home or in a motel room. Since, he had gotten into the role play so deeply, it allowed him to reflect. Hopefully, he introspectively thought, he would lighten up as a parent, and remember it’s ok for a kid to be a kid. That thought led him to another. He was thankful this little waif, rag muffin if you will, came into his life. In fact, he was hoping he could introduce her to Sammy. Weird as it sounded, Sam had always wanted a sister. He and Susie couldn’t have children. Both Sam and Susie almost died during childbirth. Susie had her tubes tied shortly after. Partly the reason Sams real dad left. Back to reality... Well, Mikes fantasyland anyway.

Cyndi turned facing Mike and jumped one final time. Landing prone and legs spread, she curled her finger motioning him forward, then pointing to her pussy. Eat me, she whispered. Eat my pussy daddy, eat my pussy she commanded in a sultry but sensuous voice.

Mike thought to himself, even a ‘man of the cloth’ would have a difficult time saying no to her. Mike fell to his knees and stared at possibly the most enticing and enchanting pussy he had ever seen. She spread her lips, exposing her wetness. Her slit was narrow and small. He was intrigued, wondering how his massive cock, one, fit inside and two, didn’t rip her wider. Again she commanded him, this time it was, please eat my wet pussy. Her tone was that of desperation. The words rang in his head. This budding girl was almost begging him to bury his face in her loins. He obliged her. Mouth open, he sucked her left labia into his mouth, skillfully running his tongue between the inner and outer pussy lips. DAMN! She tasted so good. The poor girl quivered as his tongue ran its entire length.

She cooed softly. She dare not move because it felt so good. His thumb pulled back the clitoral hood, exposing the compact bundle of nerves for his forefinger to strum. She could no longer control her movements. Her hips churned slowly as Mike expertly teased her clit. His mouth moved to other pair of lips. Again he parted them with his tongue. Cyndi continued to slowly writhe. Mike moved in unison with Cyndi’s motions. OHHHH! YEESSSS! She exclaimed. Cyndi began pinching the large areolae of her sensitive nipples. Rolling the hardened flesh beneath, Cyndi began fantasizing having a third person exploring her youthful body, but most of all some sucking her nubile breasts as Mike was so expertly eating her saturated pussy. If she could reach them she would suckle them herself. Her tiny buds were just out of reach of her out stretched tongue.

Mike teased her clit, by running his tongue all around it. Occasionally he would graze the love bud. She was churning her hips trying get Mike to put it in his mouth. She wanted him to suck it. Mike knew what he was doing. After a couple minutes of teasing and a couple subtle trips through her drenched slit, he slowly moved the hood back. Her joy button was coming out of the shadows. Growing, beneath his tongue. He could still taste her girl juices. He loved the smell and taste of her cunt. Between the smell, taste and growing love button, his cock was hard as a rock. He began dry humping the edge of the box springs as he knelt on the floor. Cyndi wanted release. She lifted her hips off the bed, in an effort to push her clit in to his mouth.

Mike accepted her gift and started sucking the nub into his mouth. Placing it between his teeth, but not biting, he began stroking it gently, with his tongue. He increased his tempo and had her almost to the edge of orgasmic bliss. Like an opera singer holding a note, Mike held her right at the edge. Knowing he had complete control of her orgasm, he went straight for the jugular. He increased the speed of his flicking tongue. Then like a cobra striking his prey, Mike quickly inserted two finger inside her well lubed twat. In an instant his two fingers were massaging her G-spot.

Uncontrollably her hips bucked and thrashed. Then it happened, stream after stream of wet fluid ejected from her vagina. Mike pull his mouth away from her but kept hitting the G-spot with quick strokes. He positioned his face to catch her cum juice.

Cyndi was screaming obscenities. I’M GONNNNAAAAAA FUCKING CUUMMMMM. OHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYY FUUUUCCKKIIINNNGGG GOOODDDDDDDDDDDDD! OOHHH MYYYY FUUCCKKKING GODDD! After 7 or so thick streams, her orgasm resided. Her pussy walls were still convulsing on Mikes two fingers. She kept repeating over and over, what the fuck was that? what the fuck was that? what the fuck was that? what the fuck was that? Then, in a voice that was both angelic and demonic she said. FUCK ME NOW!!!

Mike removed his soaked fingers, stood up and took his cock in his hand. Yes baby I will fuck you. I will fuck your sweet pussy. I will fuck you all night. Is that what my princess needs? Cyndi moved closer to the edge of the bed, pulled her knees back and grabbed his thick cock. Yesss! Fuck me! She guided him to entrance. He plunged inside. There was no working into it. It was straight in, straight to the deepest dampest recesses of her love canal. He could still feel her pussy quivering around his massive mountain of cock. There was nothing slow and sensuous. This was raw animalistic brutal fucking. Cyndi was meeting him with equal enthusiastic, upward thrusting. She still had her hands on his ass and was pulling him into her. Pubic bone, meeting pubic bone. Cyndi knew shew was going to cum again. Her tits ached to be touched and like a mind reader, Mike squeezed them. He squeezed them hard. The hard flesh under areolae rolled in his palm as he made fists. Then he took one in his mouth, devouring as much as he could. This was enough to send Cyndi over the ledge. Again she thrashed about like the wanton slut that she was becoming. Mike could no longer handle it either. He started pelting the walls of her quaking cunt with cum stream after cum stream. When he pulled out, an enormous amount of cum poured out of her spent muff. Beneath her, the sheets were soaked. Mike went back inside with his still hard cock. He picked up, cock still inside. He walked her to the other bed fell onto the bed. Cyndi lay on him as his cock softened. She was wore out. She lay her head on his chest. She fell fast asleep with Mikes tool still in her.

Chapter 5

Spent, neither could move, nor did they wish too. Cyndi was at peace for the first time since her step dad left. She felt safe as she nuzzled against Mike’s body. Eventually Mike softened enough that his penis fell out. The cum oozed from her tiny orifice, pooling on Mike’s loins. They ended up on their sides. Mike’s arm draped over her. His right hand encapsulated her left breast. Unconsciously, she would wiggle her bottom against him. Not really as a seductive act but to verify he was still there and had not left her.

Mike would occasionally stir. He would occasionally squeeze her nubile titty. Not for seductive measures though. His intentions, were to verify he wasn’t dreaming. He had often had dreams of sexual encounters, only to be disappointed, when he awoke. To be left aroused and no way of relief. At that moment in time, he was content. His protective instincts were best displayed by how he held her. It was as if he were sheltering from all the worlds problems. Also, much like a momma dog protects her pup from human interaction. “No! That’s mine! You can’t touch. Mike woke first. Seeing her sexy body snuggled against him and feeling her diminutive tit barely filling his palm, aroused him slightly. Seeing her peaceful smile as she lay against him, motivated him to relish the moment and let the poor girl sleep. He dozed off again. At some point he knew, they had to leave. Reality would soon show its ugly head. Soon, they would part ways.

Cyndi began to stir. She stretched her arms out and yawned. She rolled towards Mike. She watched him sleep. He was not completely asleep. He sensed her stares. As one eye opened, she eased her lips upon his and kissed him. Her tongue slowly parted his lips and slipped partially inside her mouth. As their tongues met and the entwined, Cyndi wiggled her youthful body uncontrollably as a sea of euphoric sensations flooded her body. Wave after wave of emotions were released. Her mind was overwhelmed by what her soul was feeling. Thought after thought and question after question raced through her mind. A battle was being waged between her head and her heart. Words like love, fear, and sex were their battle cries. The one word, both had in common was fear. Both the mind and the soul were afraid to lose this wonderful man. Oh she loved him and why not? He had made her feel things she had never felt. One of which was security. But, did he love her? How could he love her? She wasn’t truly a woman yet. FUCK!!! She thought, he has a wife... and a daughter her age. It was if she had bitten into the forbidden fruit. Part of her was embarrassed and wanted to flee, to cover herself and hide. The other part wanted to take any love she could get. If that meant giving him as much pussy as he could handle, so be it. In real time these thoughts took maybe 5 seconds, to her it was an eternity.

She passionately teased him with her tongue. She was now on him. Their lips locked. Her fears subsiding as he playfully caressed her tongue with his. Her hands rubbed his shoulders. The feel of his muscular upper body both turned her on and gave her a sense of security. The stirrings in her loins pointed out not only was she horny again, but her pussy walls were sore, as well as her tiny opening. Her mind was now in the moment.

Mike too was battling a conscience. In the 13 years of being with his wife Susie, never had he once cheated. He had not even kissed another woman. He had masturbated regularly, but that is totally different from actually fucking someone, much less a 16 year old nympho. That in itself can have life altering repercussions. That’s not divorce, that’s jail time.

In an instant one hand was wrapped around his cock again. Stroking it back to life, she continued kissing him. She sheepishly moaned as he grew in her hand.

Thoughts of divorce and jail, escaped his mind. His thoughts were now of how this adolescent was turning him on. Thoughts of himself being a deviant, added to his arousal. Mike was battling his own set of demons. He too could not face the thought of losing this beautiful girl. She was like this “Fountain of Youth”, for him. Susie and he, had rarely had sex for the last 6 months. The sex the did have was very “vanilla”. It was almost robotic. He never crossed the line though, he never cheated. Well, until yesterday, that is. Ahh, but this girl, she filled him with energy. She relaxed him. She made him feel alive again. His cock was definitely alive. It was alive and it was engorged with blood again. Overwhelmed with guilt, Mike broke away from the passionate kiss.

What’s wrong? Cyndi whimpered. Did I do something wrong. No sweetie, I did. I shouldn’t have... Mike started. Cyndi interrupted, wait one second mister! Don’t grow a fucking conscience on me now! You’re only 16, Mike interjected. So fucking what! She rebutted. It’s just a number, she added. Didn’t matter last night, when you were fucking me senseless, she angrily continued. It didn’t matter when you were eating my pussy into convulsive frenzy. It didn’t matter when my mouth was wrapped around your cock, or jerking you off. You particularly liked sucking puffy under developed titties. In fact, I bet that’s why you were so fucking hard inside my tight stretched pussy. That’s why when you went off in me, your hot cum stung as it was hitting my battered cervix. I bet you were harder last night than you have ever been. She was now standing on the bed hovering over him. Pulling her lips apart, this 16 year old pussy is the reason you feel like you’re 17 again. The reason you kept getting it up, even in your sleep. The reason you were murmuring yes Cyndi, do that more Cyndi, as you slumbered. I have been amidst a battle myself. I have concluded the reason I feel safe and secure for the first time in like ever is because of you. Not because of your penis, although, it is a magnificent penis, she cracked a small smile. No, it’s you. It’s because of your kindness, I trust. I think you bring out the good things about me. I know I turn you on, but I don’t judge you because you are turned on by a 16 year old horny girl. I judge you by your gentleness and kindness. Society has these rules. Well, fuck society! Those same preachers, shoving those rules down our throats on Sunday were shoving their cocks down my throat on Wednesday. Mister, what we have is beautiful. Please understand I admire and respect you. I would never say a word to anyone in authority about what we have done. You’re not gonna see me running to the cops, telling stories about how you ruined my life. NO FUCKING WAY! You make feel loved. Even now, this conscience thing, you’re worried about me. Fuck the hypocrite preachers! Fuck the asshole cops! Again fuck society!Most of all though, FUCK ME! Tongue fuck me that is. She smothered his face with her open pussy. He submitted to that 16 year old pussy... again. Mike, she began, be gentle, my pussy is sore from the pounding you gave it yesterday. Maybe you could rub and lick out a couple orgasms. I reeeeeaally need to cum. My slit is on fire. I think it may be torn a bit

Mike was more than willing to accommodate her plight. His cock had some raw spots as well. He wasn’t sure if he was even up for another round like yesterday. He gnawed on her pussy imitating a dog chewing on a bone, by growling. She giggled because it tickled her pussy and it was rather funny to her. Be a good dog rover and eat me. She laughed. Soon she was bucking uncontrollably as she held Mike’s head. Grinding against his mouth, as she came, not once but twice in less than 3 minutes. Mike milked her orgasm, squeezing every drop of juice out, then licking her saturated box. When Mike lifted his head way. Cyndi covered her mouth and laughed. Her juices glistened all over his face, stocky goo was dripping from his chin, like drool from the jowls of a dog. Good boy Rover! She spouted, nearly bursting in laughter. looks like I gave you a facial. Mike was quick to respond, laughing. Yeah? Well pussy juice is a good moisturizer. Keeps a man looking young. He shook his head like a mastiff flinging her juices in every direction. Some splattering on her tits. Sticking his tongue and panting, he added, thought I would share. They both laughed. It was pushing checkout time and they really needed to hit the road. It would be a very interesting drive, as neither wanted to part ways.

Chapter 6

They gathered up their belongings, quickly packed and headed to the car. She double checked to make sure her cell phone, charger, and cords were packed away. It was a pre pay phone. Still cost money though. Of course Cyndi cleaned out the room of any incidentals like shampoo, conditioner, both liquid and bar soap. She traded out an old white towel for a newer one. She convinced herself it wasn’t really stealing since she was exchanging a previously stolen item. Reality was setting in, the security she had felt last night was rapidly fading. How she longed for a normal life. Not the 2 parents at home, 3 bedroom rambler with a white picket fence and 2 car garage, with 2 kids 2 dogs a cat and a fish aquarium life. Just a normal life where she didn’t have to worry about where her next meal was coming from, where she was going to sleep, or who she was gonna fuck for a little bit of spending money. Cyndi was resourceful and frugal. She could make a $50 trick last a week or more. With Mike, it was way different. Not once did she consider asking him for anything.

Ironically, he would have given her just about anything she asked for. Not because he felt he owed her for the great sex, but because he was just a nice guy. Money was never very important to him. Partly because he never lacked for money, but mostly because he just didn’t care about it. Stuff was just stuff. Get some lose some give some away. On many occasion he would rack up a $500 bar tab and have only 3 drinks himself. Mike truly enjoyed spending time with people.

They made small talk along the drive. Discussing some of the stupid things Donald Trump would tweet in the media. Both agreeing he should sleep more and hit send less. Sometimes thoughts are better kept to oneself. They also discussed their escapades yesterday, last night, and this morning. They both laughed at Cyndi’s squirting. Cyndi admitted that was a first. Mike admitting never had he had any lover go off like she did. The one thing they didn’t talk about was how this was going to end. Neither wanted it to end. They both knew, it would. The miles racked up. The emotions were building in Cyndi. Her hard outer shell was eroding as each mile post passed. In the distance there was a rest stop. Cyndi told Mike she had to pee. Mike obliged.

As Cyndi was peeing, the thought of never seeing this wonderful man ever again, brought all her emotions to the surface. For the first time in a very long time, she wept. Even during a brutal group fuck her foster dad had instigated, she didn’t cry. She never cried. Crying was for the weak. She finally gathered herself, wiping the tears from her face. She took a cigarette from her back pack and lit it in the stall. She only took a few hits off it and snuffed it out. She carefully placed the unused portion back in the pack. She washed her hands and face prior to leaving the restroom.

Much like a dad, Mike patiently awaited her exodus. Mike could tell she had been crying. He had a pretty good idea why, still he asked what’s wrong baby as he placed one arm around her shoulder. Like turning on a faucet, the waterworks began. Cyndi mumbled as she wept. She stumbled for words as she cried. Talking coherently was difficult, breathing was becoming more difficult. I I don’t... sniffling...wanna... more sniffing... leave... heavy sniffling...

Mike pulled her into his chest, embracing her tightly and kissing the top her head. He could feel her labored breathing as she whimpered. Then it hit him like a freight train, this woman-child was in total fear. The tough exterior was now peeled away and the gooey center was exposed. There there he started. I don’t want you to leave. She was calming down. I wanna stay with you, really I do. I will do anything, well almost anything, she partially laughed. She pulled away slightly, enough to brush away some of the tears. Still longing for his touch she buried her face in his chest and embraced him. Can we just walk around a little while? Not long, I just wanna have cigarette.

Cyndi did not smoke much, maybe 2 cigarettes a day. Right now this very moment, she was stressing bad. The perceived need to have something in her mouth, of all the options before her, smoking was the best. Mike had no clue she even smoked, but the thought was rather sexy. It was yet another part of her personality, that intrigued him. She exuded social confidence. That is, she truly did not care what society thought or how she was labeled. You don’t mind she asked? Mike shook his head, thinking she did care what he thought. Daddy issues maybe? You think? He snickered mentally. She lit it up, took a deep drag, inhaled hard and blew the smoke out her nose. Mike actually had a minor fetish about woman smoking. Seeing this girl smoking added the taboo element to the sight. As of late, that taboo element had been extremely erotic. He held back all desires to kiss her and squeeze her butt cheeks.

Mike was having a difficult time keep the image of of her cheeks bellowing inward as she drew on the cigarette. Imagining it was his cock she was inhaling. Damn it! Stop it! He thought. Cyndi saw his gaze. She could almost read his mind, even the expression when he was chewing himself out. Playfully, wiggled here tiny ass against his leg. Ummmmm does daddy have a smoking fetish? The true term is capnolagnia. Don’t worry daddy, it’s not really a disease. Lots of men have it. Maybe the media can be blamed for sexualizing smoking or an important woman in your life as a child, smoked. Mother? No. Teacher maybe? Friends mother? That’s it. She had been reading his facial expression. Mike thought poker night with amateurs, she’s cleaning house. This girl is good. I think for you daddy it’s the taboo aspect and the symbolism. You subconsciously wish my lips were wrapped around your phallus instead of the phallic symbol the cigarette represents.

Mikes mind was blown. She spoke to him like a psychotherapist. There was an intelligent well thought out explanation, not only in theory, but actually nailing what was going on inside his head. The expression on his face was priceless. Again, she was quick to quip, daddy is a sapiosexual. Don’t worry daddy she laughed, you don’t have to get a rainbow tattoo. I know what a sapiosexual is. Yeah? What is it then? Mike said, it’s when someone is attracted to intelligence. Cyndi responded, the shock on your face was from a 16 year old girl knowing what capnolagnia is? Yes! Smart and beautiful. With an impish grin, you forgot something daddy, I know how to suck cock too. Her facial expression went to innocent schoolgirl in an instant. She batted her eyes but could not hold back the giggles. Cyndi was again fucking with his head. She was giggling so hard it brought tears to her eyes. So tell me, do want me to call you Mike or daddy? I like calling you daddy sometimes coz you remind me of him. I like calling you Mike too. Makes me feel I am your equal. Makes me feel older, mature, sophisticated. Piling on a British Aristocratic accent as each word rolled from her lips. Again, she giggled at herself.

Smiling, Mike shook his head. Responding in kind, Mike said. Well, my Lady, you can pretty much call me what you like. I mean you being a princess and all, and myself being but a mere pauper. His british accent was spot on. My dear, your chariot awaits, he bowed and swayed his arm pointing his hand towards his car. He continued the role playing. He hooked his elbow out inviting her to takehis arm. They both walked in an exaggerated sophisticated manner. She entwined her left arm with his right, then placed her right arm on his as well. I haven’t not a single ‘nicker’ for fare. It ‘tisn’t right that a pauper isn’t properly compensated for his duties. I mean a Princess can’t reduce herself to being a bilker. She must pay her way. Maybe, we can go down the way, and you can pull out our chubby friend for jobbie, she cooed as they approached the car.

Mike released her then opened the passenger side door. She pretended to settle her imaginary dress before sitting herself down in the seat. Sitting down, she placed her pack on the floorboard but kept her feet on the ground outside the car. She straightened the imaginary dress as she settled. Mike, she said. Yes, my lady? Come hither, stand before me! She commanded me. He stood in the doorway, his crotch a bit above eye level. You never responded. She casually put her hand out and touched his trousers where penis peacefully slept. It began to stir. Do you not desire my mouth wrapped around your Willie nor my hands upon your bullocks? My precious little lass, I cannot get the thought from me head. Your tantalizing tongue swirling around me bell end, like a child licking an ice cream cone. Baby batter all about your lips, ahhh what a vision. Me a pauper, being serviced by the likes of a beautiful princess like yourself... Tis’ I whom should be servicing thou, not the other way round. Well, cabbie you present an interesting case, she responded, as she continued to arouse the awaking beast that lay beneath his trousers. Seems we are at an en passé. She hesitated her gentle stroking. Both of us present excellent cases, maybe a suitable arrangement can be reached. A quid pro quo? He asked. Are you suggesting a tit for tat? He continued. An Australian kiss for a jobbie? Maybe more if my vassal proves to be more than adequate? She nodded. Mike was awestruck, or as the British would say, was gobsmacked. Her vast knowledge of language was mind boggling. Where did my lass become so educated? Cambridge? Oxford?

Nay, I am self edjamacated. Her accent now slipping to Texan. Yes sir, I done did me a wee bit of readin. Like to watch the history channel too. I started high school when I was 11. Quit going. Boring! Petitioned the state of Utah to take my GED. Passed all sections in 98th percentile. You look shocked? Took my SAT December last year... sort of disappointed with my score. They took the essay portion back out so the max score is 1600 again. Not sure, but I guess they felt it could be culturally biased. I think it allows football players and basketball players to get in to schools they normally would not qualify for. There is more corruption in college sports than the foster home I lived in. That guy was getting paid by the state and then pimping me out. Coaches get massive amounts of money pimping out their players. Somebody is always getting fucked. Smile leaving her face as she thought about what she said, remembering what she lived. Mike replied, can’t leave me hanging. What was your score? I don’t wanna talk about it. She replied. Come on. No! She said. If I tell you, it will sound like bragging. You will say awesome job, that I should be proud, bobbing her head side to side. Blah blah blah. I am not proud. I did not do my very best. I should have stayed in school. I should have taken a practice test. I should have listened to my English teacher. Her hand fell to her lap.

Mike took a deep breath. Now listen, I may not have the slightest clue as to what you have been through. I may not even come close to your IQ, but all I am hearing right now, is you trying to feel sorry for yourself. She tried to interject. No I am not done talking! Yes sir! She replied very respectively. That word, should, throw it out of your vocabulary. Toss it! Replace it with could! Let’s review! You could have stayed in school. What would that have proved? No, don’t answer. You could have taken a practice test. Well, maybe you did? You can take the test twice, right? Yes, she shyly replied. There you go. The test you took doesn’t count. Since it doesn’t count, you have nothing to be ashamed of. So Cyndi, what was your practice test score? 1480, she snickered. 1480? Your right, you should be ashamed. He tried not to laugh and hold a poker face, but he couldn’t. They both burst out laughing. Her hand returned to his trousers.

You like that don’t you, Mike asked. I am sorry, it’s just so fascinating. You don’t like it? I will stop, she said as she started pull back. Now now! Mike grabbed her hand and returned it to its proper place. I did not say that. Personifying his penis and speaking for it in third person, he likes you. You think? She laughed. I don’t know, Mike said. You never let him sleep. She could see the outline of his cock head and slowly moved her lips to kiss it gently. She whispered, you wanna come out and play huh? You don’t wanna sleep do you? Pre cum was glistening through the fabric. Cyndi touched the wet spot with her fingers. Played with his juices before sucking fingers. She pretended her fingers were tiny replica of his phallus.

More and more cars were coming and going. If they did not leave soon, the situation may become awkward. Come on get in. She promptly twisted and put her feet on the floorboard next to her pack. Mike closed the door and walked around to the drivers side. He sat down and her hand was searching for their friend, before he could get his safety belt on. Buckle up baby! Papa is gonna find us place to play. He got back on the freeway. First exit he saw he took. Then the first left he took as well. Cyndi was pawing at him. Finally she had the beast released from its cage. Frantically Mike searched for a secluded area in the forest. There was a forest road that looked promising. He took it. Cyndi was stroking him hard and fast as he drove.

Not being able to stand much more teasing, he stopped the car. Gawd he wanted her. Mike used the electric seat and slid his chair back all the way. Cyndi released her seat belt. Mouth open, her face fell on his cock. Gawd she loved his cock! He was perfectly circumcised, she thought. His length went into her throat further than any man ever had. His girth slightly stretched her mouth. Oh, and when it was in her pussy, mmmmm. Mike had his pants opened. He had conveniently not worn underwear. No wonder cum oozed through his trousers, she thought. He pulled his pants down to his ankles. Her hand seized his balls. They were swollen and in arousing manner ached at her touch. He began lifting her top off. She released his throbbing cock from her mouth long he enough for Mike to pull the top off. Back down on him like a dog on a bone. She bobbed her head up and down. Moaning at the joy of his massive meat moving in her throat. Mikes hands squeezed her lemon sized pouty nipples. Ahhhhh! Yeessssss! Mike moaned. Trying to remember the best blow job he ever had. He couldn’t. Damn baby! He muttered. You’re the best cocksucker I have ever had. Cyndi thought to herself, oh yeah just wait. She began using her tongue along his shaft. Mike quivered. More moaning uttered from Mikes mouth. She had his balls squeezed tight in her hand and up against his hard shaft. Then she did the unthinkable. On the downstroke she slowly pushed one huge nut into her whore like mouth. Then the other. She has his entire cock balls and scrotum in her mouth. She sucked hard. Her right hand found his bung hole. She began teasing it. Feathery touches around the opening.

Mike was at odds as he found the anus play quite arousing. Cyndi kept sucking and tonguing his entire genitalia. Then swiftly she plunged her tiny middle finger inside, fingering him as she searched. Deeper and deeper. Finally, she found it. It was his prostrate. She massaged it a few seconds... uncontrollably Mike grabbed her head and pulled her hard against him. There was not much more that could go in, but when finished there was no more left. She felt his balls empty into her belly. His cum shots were long and powerful. Burning... almost like urinating, cum rushed through his balls and cock shaft. Never in his life had he ever came so hard. Never had so much cum flowed out his cock. It was no exaggeration to say the initial three shots were longer two seconds each. It felt like they were steady streams, not spurts. His balls contracted and released inside her skillful mouth. How many times? Too many to count. Some were literal spasms where cum just dripped out. Flowing steady but with no power. She continued sucking and massaging, not once wavering in her attempt to drain him dry. She could feel his cock and balls continue to pulse but nothing was moving through that big blue vein that attached to his ball sack. His hold on her head receded. She let his nuts fall from her mouth first, then his softening cock. The rest of Mikes muscles were still somewhat contracted. The only thought in his head was, this girl is coming home with me.

I think Mr. Chubbs might need a nap, Cyndi joked. Mike could not even formulate words. Cyndi began laughing. Finally, Mike uttered WHAT? Cyndi smiled, I love it when I make a mans IQ go from almost genius to imbecile in a matter of seconds. The look on your face as cum poured into my belly was, well lack of a better word, cleansing. I felt you release all your man juice in less than 30 seconds. With that I had stripped away all your layers. Even your thoughts were removed. Made me feel special, because it was my doing. So, how would you rate that jobbie? She slightly chuckled. Getting his wits about him, he responded. I thought it was practice, so it doesn’t count. Touché, oh wise one. Maybe I sh... ummm, I mean maybe I could stay in school. Cyndi used air quotes for school. You could...that is if you wanted to listen to your teacher, Mike responded. (Teacher in air quotes) Like she wanted to do anything else. Both understood the double-entendre. It was settled Sam would have a sister, at least for a little while. How are they going to pull this off? They both privately thought...

Chapter 7

Randy was small in stature, but was broad at the shoulders. Stocky, far from fat though. His cock on the other hand was long and thick. The last time he measured his cock, it was 7 and a half inches long and nearly 7 inches in circumference. He had been in the habit of jerking off anywhere from 3 to 6 times a day, but with his Aunt Suzy being there all day long, he was afraid of getting caught. So he was down to just rubbing one out at night to sleep. He knew he had a larger than average cock, but, it did not prevent him from being shy around girls. There were a few girls that he liked at school but they were into the athletic types. He was more of a nerd. He played a lot of computer games and was extremely smart. Schoolwork was easy for him, especially math. He was rather good looking and wore his hair shoulder length. His best friend Sergio was a lot like him, though he kept his wavy hair short. Sergio’s real dad was Portuguese. His mom met him in Portugal when she was in the Navy. She was stationed at Lajes Field. Sergio’s dad had been an officer in the Portuguese Air Force. The two hit it off and Sergio was born soon after. With his mom being an enlisted American woman and his dad an officer in another country’s Air Force, a scandal would have surely ensued. They chose to keep it under wraps, but his dad always made sure Sergio was well taken care of. When He was two his mom married a man who, for all intensive purposes was his dad.

Saturday morning, Sergio was knocking on the door around ten. Good morning Mrs. Barker! Is Randy up? He knew he was. He had been texting him since 8. You sure look beautiful today. He was quite the charmer. He was always flirting with the girls at school. Shy, he was not. Well, thank you Sergio, always nice to hear. You do realize, my hair is a mess and I am wearing an old wore out shirt and sweat pants, right? She laughed and waved him towards Randy’s room, as she walked away. Sergio had a schoolboy crush on her. He fantasized often about fucking her. He visualized “motor boating” her tits, fucking her, and emptying his hot sperm all over her magnificent tits. Of course, it wouldn’t end there. That would just be the beginning...

Suzy, pushed the “girls” up, rearranging them in her bra. Even though, he was but a mere man-child, his words reassured her that she still had it “going on”. She lay on the couch, her thoughts soon began wandering. The image of Randy rubbing his huge cock kept returning. It had been weeks since she had a throbbing cock inside her. To say she was horny, would be the understatement of the decade. She slumbered off to her room to solve her little dilemma. After her first orgasm, rather than put the fire out between her legs, it only intensified. Two orgasms later, no change. The only thing she had accomplished, was a need for a shower and her fingers were sore. The boys were playing an online video game and munching on Totino’s Frozen Pizza Rolls. So, Suzy decided to shower and get herself presentable. After a long hot shower and another orgasm with the handheld shower massage, she put on a pair of white capris, lace turquoise bralette, matching panties and a tie dyed v-neck blouse. The capris fit snug and held her nice ass in place. The soft flesh of her cleavage was partially exposed.

The orgasm from her shower session only added to her frustration. Randy’s cock kept returning to the forefront of her thoughts. She was getting extremely aroused. She began wondering how it would feel having his long cock thrusting in and out of her pussy? What his cum would taste like? Thoughts of his hot sperm coating her cervix, excited her. Most of all, would his pulsating cock buried deep inside her, stop the constant aching in her loins? She knew it was wrong, but by whose standards? She thought. She would be doing him a service. Much like the women of Mangaia that take boys just entering puberty aside, and teach them about sex and how to pleasure their partner. Again, her conscience intervened asking herself, you’re not really considering fucking your nephew, are you? ARE YOU? Of course she was. Why else would she be dressed in tight pants and a revealing top? She definitely wanted him to be thinking about her, just like she couldn’t stop thinking about him. Little did she know he had taken those pictures last night, and wanked to them twice already. Her sister wasn’t going to be back until late Sunday night. Tonight would have to be the night.

Suzy holed up in her room, finishing the Steven King novel. She really didn’t like the ending, but from a moral aspect, it was really the only ending that made sense. Still dressed in her capris she made her way down the hall to the bathroom to pee. Upon her return, she stopped by Randy’s room. Tapping on the door and asking permission to enter, she wanted him to see her sexy body. Albeit, wrapped in clothing. None the less, the look was nothing less than sexy. So kiddo, what you like to do for dinner? Do you want to go somewhere for dinner or just order pizza and hang out with your aunt. I finished my book and I am kind of bored. Sergio’s response was Ooh la la, Ms. B, You be looking all hot and shit. Who you be all dressed up for. Randy pushed him, and playfully said don’t be dissing on my aunt like that. What bra? She be hot and tasty, and you know it be truth. Sergio quickly responded. True that! She ain’t one of those little sluts at school though, this is my aunt. Show some respect. Randy’s tone changed to a more authoritative command. Again, he pushed Sergio. Not in violent way, but in a friendly way. Thank you, Randy. I am glad being a gentleman is still in vogue. I don’t think Sergio meant anything about. Sergio was just being Sergio... I clean up pretty good though, huh? Suzy rhetorically asked, as she pirouetted and slightly bowed. She made sure Randy got a good glimpse of her cleavage. Well kiddo, which is it? Go out or hang out? Suzy asked. Randy momentarily gawked before stammering, take out and hang out, Chinese maybe? He quipped. Maybe play some rummy? Unless you’re too cool to play rummy. She teased. Actually, Suzy was thinking poker. Strip poker that is.

Sergio left around 5:30. His parents were taking him to dinner and to see the latest Men in Black movie. Kind of a reward for getting good grades. The reward Suzy had in mind for Randy was much different. Seducing Randy should be easy, but she wanted him to believe it was not in any way planned on her part. In fact, it would be best if he thought he seduced her. The boy lacked confidence. God had given him a magnificent tool. He just needed the confidence to use it properly. She was sure he would be a Casanova with the proper tutelage. The shear length of his cock would tickle parts of a pussy most will never touch. While size will never trump technique, size coupled together with technique, now that would have the girls writhing as he fucked them. Not only girls, but hopefully an Aunt. She so needed her pussy filled with a real cock. Hard hot flesh, filling her cunt, moving in and out her, fucking her with long deep thrusts, bringing her to a complete full body orgasm. That’s what she needed and she had made up her mind by God, that’s what would happen.

Suzy came out of her room wearing a grey pair of yoga pants and a black cut out tank top. She was wearing a black lace bra that was visible. To avoid a panty line, she was going commando. Printed on her tank in pink letters, “GYPSY STATE OF MIND”. She had her down. It lay across her shoulder perfectly. She had spent quite sometime working on her “look”, including curling her hair. To top it all off, she sported a pair of black rimmed reading glasses. The lenses were just glass, no magnification. She wore them when role playing with her husband Mike, as the “school librarian”. She loved playing the seductress. Mike loved role playing where their was an discrepancy. Either older man and teen girl or her favorite younger boy and older woman.

If it was shock she wanted, she got it ten fold. Randy’s mouth opened, but no words came out. Finally, his brain reset and he muttered wow! Still not being able to think clearly, he said it again, wow! What? She innocently asked. Aren’t I allowed to look nice? Just cause I am old doesn’t mean I am dead. She added as she sat on the couch about two feet from him. My oh my look at you. Randy was wearing a wife beater shirt with PANTERA written on it, and a pair of Wrangler jeans. She squeezed his biceps on left arm. Look at those “guns”. He literally jumped when she touched him. Suzy could tell he was nervous. Suzy was nervous too. In a different way though.

She said, hey your mom is gone until tomorrow night. I am gonna have a Scotch. Would you like one? Acting nonchalant, Randy said sure, that would be great. Just don’t tell mom. Oh don’t worry, this will be our little secret. Thinking to herself, drinking Scotch won’t be the only secret to keep. When she returned from her bedroom she had an unopened bottle of Macallen single malt and two snifters. She opened the bottle and poured about an ounce and a half in each glass. Let me teach you a little bit about the secrets of Scotch she said. First you swirl it just a little, then you put nose to the glass and lightly inhale. Next, you take just a little in your mouth, a sip, if you may. Don’t swallow right away. Count to ten. This allows the smoothness of the Scotch to release. Otherwise it will burn. Even an expensive smooth single malt will burn. Ready? Randy nodded. Ok! Swirl, sniff, sip, count to ten... swallow. How was it? Did it burn? Randy responded, no that tastes good. He was going to do it again. Suzy grabbed his wrist gently. Not yet she interrupted. We’re not finished. She stood up, come with me. She led the way into the kitchen. Purposely swaying her hips as she walked. Randy could not help but remember her laying on her back naked on her bed last night.

The thought of playing with her pussy crept into his mind. Even though he had never eaten pussy before, how he would like to swirl, sniff taste and swallow the juices from her trimmed cunt. When they arrived in the kitchen, she reached for his glass. She added water from the Brita filter. Now this is not to weaken the whiskey. This is to release the flavors. About the same time Randy noticed his hardening cock, so did Suzy. The “Atomic Turtle was poking his head out. Randy’s eyes became glued to her breasts. Suzy interrupted his gawking by making a toast. To a wonderful evening with my handsome nephew she spoke as she ran her left hand through his hair. Their glasses clanked and they drank. He sat his empty glass on the counter, as did Suzy. She looked into his eyes. He peered back. Thoughts of just how sexy she was would not leave his mind.

Just as she was about reach out and bring him closer, he pushed her curls back away from her face, then put his hand on the back of her neck. Gently he pulled her face close to his. Still looking into her eyes her mouth opened slightly. Slowly he opened his mouth. As their lips met, she moved her body closely into his. Pressing her ample breasts against his stunningly firm upper body. She was literally melting in his arms. His left hand went to her hip. Feeling him take her into his arms, made her hips sway. Slowly, she was grinding against him. Their tongues met and playfully swirled around each other. She could feel his erection growing as her loins pressed against hers. Her pussy was moistening as her anticipation continued to build. Her arms were around his waist and her hands on his lower back, pulling him closer. His tongue was dancing inside her wanton mouth, teasing her tongue. She was beginning to wonder if he was even a virgin. A bit awkward but, he was an excellent kisser.

Their kiss lasted about 45 seconds. She pulled away just far enough to bring the hand holding her neck, down to her ample breasts. Squeeze them sweetie. Her nipples were erect from the passionate kiss and yearned for attention. She fought back the urge to grab his stiffie. She wanted their first time to last an eternity. She loved foreplay. They had all night. Suzy was impressed at just how strong her baby nephew was. This man boy was rocking her world. Randy’s hand clutched her tit, like a man obsessed. They were large and he immediately sought out her nipple. He began kneading her bosom, lightly pinching, the rolling the nipple between his forefinger and thumb. Suzy moaned as he toyed with her aroused nipple. In no time at all, the second hand grasped her other boob. Teasing the nipples through the cotton and black laced bra, his throbbing cock was fully erect and demanded attention. Suzy could stand no more. She lifted her shirt over her head and removed her bra. Suzy began rubbing his cock through his blue jeans. His knob had pushed up through the waist band of his boxer briefs and started to peek out his jeans against his belly. Pre-cum oozed out of his throbbing hard-on in a free stream of sticky Cowper’s fluid. The outline of his manhood was prominent. She could see “One Eye” peering at her. Pre-cum from Randy’s dick, glistened in the light.

Randy again, played with her tits. Squeezing them firmly. She dropped to her knees, her mouth replaced her hand, as she rubbed his entire length through jeans. Slowly she went up and down his shaft. Randy moaned, his hand on her head as he guided her. Suzy could stand no more. She had to have his lovin’ stick in her mouth. She knew he would explode hard and soon. She also knew, once he came, he would be able to fuck her longer. She tugged at his zipper and slowly freed his mammoth obelisk. His cock was taut and solid as a rock. Seminal fluid continued dribbling out of his beautiful helmet. His ‘baby maker’ sprung free and in one fluid motion Suzy’s wanton mouth was devouring him. First, sucking on the mushroom tip, then slowly taking him into her mouth and throat. His pants dropped awkwardly around his ankles.

Randy moaned as he stepped out of his jeans. Her warm mouth felt so much better than his hand. He resisted grabbing head and thrusting. Letting her take complete control. He watched as she bobbed her head and sucked hard on his cock. He could see her cheeks sucking inward. Soon, she stroked his cock, with one hand, while cupping his balls in the other. Her strokes were in unison with her head bobbing. He could feel his cum building up, much like when he would jerk off. He resisted cumming, for he did not want blow his load too soon. He wanted to pull away to avoid firing his wad. Suzy on the other hand, wanted his load. She truly loved sucking cock. That fact was evident to Randy as he continued watching her go down on him. It felt so good, like nothing else he had ever felt. He brushed her away from her face. He could now see her tits slapping each other as she began sucking and stroking his manhood at a torrid pace. She could feel his urethra expand. He watched as she took his entire length in. Her nose buried in his pubic hair. This deep mouth fucking continued until she felt his knee buckle slightly. Randy moaned gently, as she sucked hard on his cockhead while quickly she stroke his cum into her mouth. I AM GONNA CUMMMMMMM, AUNT SUZY! FUUCCKKK AAUUUGGGGGHHHHHH! I’M CUMMMMMMMINNGGGGG! Cum shot out of his fuck pistol in streams, filling her mouth. Not for a even a half second, did Suzy stop sucking and stroking. She wanted it all. Again he cursed, FUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKK! After about the seventh or eighth pulse, his orgasm waned. OOOHHHHH! He muttered. That was fucking awesome! Not Suzy though. She began bobbing her head again. His entire load was still in her mouth. As she began mouth fucking him again, cum dribbled out the corners of her mouth. Randy was still stiff as a nail. After only a couple of minutes, he could feel the sensation to blow again. Suzy pulled away and swallowed what was left in her mouth. The rest had dribbled all over her tits.

She grabbed his long hard cock and guided him to the couch. Auntie needs your cock. Please fuck me! I need your cock and I need it now. Letting his cock go she plopped on the sofa. Her yoga pants were snug against her soaking wet cunt. There was definite camel toe action happening. A large wet spot was visible as she lay there a moment, before lifting her ass and pulling them down and then kicking them free. She lay back with her ass resting on the cushions edge. Suzy spread her legs, inviting him to plow her ginger bushwith his still, raging hard on. Come here! She commanded. FUCK ME! FUCK MY WET PUSSY! I need it baby. I need you inside me. It’s all I have thought about today.

He stood between her spread legs. With a little hoarseness in his voice and a diffident tone, he said, Aunt Suzy, I have never done this before. He had watched porn before, but watching and doing are two different birds. She kindly responded. I know honey. Don’t worry, I will show you. She grabbed his meat in her hand and stroked it. It’s a little like stroking off except, instead your hand it will be my pussy. Now kneel down baby. He got on his knees. She took his shaft and guided the tip to her wet opening. She parted her lips with the underside of his cock, sliding his cock head up to her clit. Randy, she said, you have part the lips before you start, otherwise you can pinch the lips. That’s not very comfortable to your lover. Feel how wet I am? Yes. He responded. That’s because I am ready. If your lover isn’t wet, she isn’t ready. She pushed his enormous tip back to her anticipating pussy. You have an enormous cock. It’s important that the pussy is wet or you could hurt a girl. Still holding him back. I want you to slide inside slowly, maybe only halfway, then pull back almost all the way out, then back in. I will let you know how far. Are you ready to fuck your horny aunt? Do you want my pussy? Just hearing her own words added to her excitement. Then say it! Tell me that you wanna fuck me. She held him back, waiting... Randy said it, in a low voice, I wanna fuck you. Really? Make me believe it she laughed. Talk to me dirty. She added. Tell me how bad you wanna fuck me. She was holding his cock with one hand and pushing against his chest with the other. She could feel his cock getting even harder in her hand. Still she resisted.

Randy responded. Fuck! Aunt Suzy my fucking balls are gonna burst! I can’t tell you how bad I wanna fuck you. It’s all I can think about ever since last night, when I sucked the crotch of your panties. Suzy took her hand away from his chest. Randy couldn’t believe admitted that. Fuck! She is gonna think I am a perv, a deviate, worse yet, a loser. Instead, Suzy was turned on. FUCK ME! She commanded. He pushed in just like his horny aunt told him too. There was no resistance. He slid all the way inside. Her eyes rolled back as she moaned. Her pussy felt so warm and wet. He pulled back and entered her again. Her tits jiggled as their pubic hair met. She whispered. Did you like the taste of my pussy juice when you sucked on my panties? He nodded. His tempo increased a little. He was being a little more forceful with each stroke. Soon, she was meeting him with thrusts of her own. Her tits were freely flopping as they fucked. At times almost slapping her in the face. FUCK ME BABY! FUCK ME HARD! She begged. That’s it baby. Fuck my pussy. Damn! I love your cock! Feel so god damn good baby. Fuck me good. You like my pussy huh? He nodded and responded with a HELL YEAH! There juices mingled and his long thick cock was getting quite lathered. Baby, when you come, don’t stop fucking me. Just keep pounding my cunt! Keep fucking me. Your dick feels so good inside me. You’re fucking me so good. He was moving faster and faster. She grabbed his his hands and placed them on hips. Instinctively, he began pulling her into him as he thrusted. Aaaauuugghhh! She moaned fuck my deprive pussy. Don’t fucking stop. That’s it baby! FUCCCKKK MEEE! She leaned forward and took a nipple between her lips. As she swirled tongue around the nipple, Randy moaned. His tempo was torrid. Auntie Suzy, your pussy feels so good. I am so close to cumming. DAMN! It feels sooooo goooood. He informed her. That’s it baby fill my pussy with your hot seed. I wanna feel you explode in me. Fill my my pussy with cum. She returned to her nipple play. This time she sucked his nipple inside her mouth and flicked it with her tongue.

Randy could hold back no more. He began shooting. It felt like streams of cum burning through cock. Aaauuuggghhh! He tried to keep fucking, but he couldn’t. As each pulse raced through his hard cock he thrust deep and hold it there. Suzy began holding him inside her. Then, he would pull back and thrust again. Suzy began moaning as each cumshot was hitting her cervix. YESSSSSS! That’s it! Fill my pussy baby! Fill me up. He must have shot 6 or 7 times, hitting her cervix. Each time he pulled back cum would flow out of her pussy, soaking the couch. After the last load left his loins, he began fucking her again. His thrusts were slow penetrating lunges. Again, burying his gut wrenching boner deep in the recesses of her soaking wet box. Their mingling juices coated his love muscle. His cock head was rubbing against her cervix. Combining the grinding pressure of Randy’s pelvis against her clitoris, the thickness of his shaft filling her pussy, and his magic mushroom stimulating the deepest portions of her love canal, had Suzy writhing in anticipation. Yeeessss! That’s it baby! Nice and slow! Suzy encouraged. She could feel his shaft sliding against the walls of her desperate cunt. FUCK MY PUSSY! FUCK ME! OH BABY! FUCK ME DEEP! I want it all. Gimme every inch. She instructed. She grabbed his ass and pulled him into her, holding him against her clit, then letting him slowly pull out. Again she would pull him slowly into her waiting fuck hole. She met his thrust and gently ground against him. The last inch or so he would thrust hard. He could feel her cervix with each thrust. Her huge tits would jiggle and bounce. The sight was quite erotic to him. Her nipples were hard with excitement. She could see his fascination with her milky white globes. Removing her right hand from his boyish butt, she squeezed her areola and lightly pinched her excited nipple. Suck it. She suggested. He took her entire areola and nipple into his mouth. He awkwardly sucked on it. Oohhh! Yeesss! She whimpered. Suck on it. Now swirl your tongue around the nipple. Tease it baby. His right hand was stripping at her left titty. Before she could tell him, his mouth moved to the other, now jealous, breast. Still keeping the same tempo, he fucked her pussy. Her juices were building deep inside her loins. Her pussy walls were instinctively tightening against his massive rod, further adding to her lust. Rhythmically, they fucked. Randy was in love his aunts body. From her perfectly shaped tits to her horny pussy. Suzy loved this boys man sized cock. Her imminent orgasm was building. Her thrusts up ward became more passionate. Randy could feel a sense of urgency in her movements. The nipple inside his mouth became hard. FUCK ME ME BABY! YEEEAAAHHHHH! OOOOHHHHHH YEEAAAHHH! That’s it baby. That’s it. She begged, catching her breath between words. FUUUUCCCCKKKKKK! I AM GONNA CUM, I AM GONNA CUM, BABY. FUCK ME, YEAH FUCK ME DON’T STOP! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH I’M CUUMMMMMING I’M CUUMMMMMMING. Her pussy was quivering inside. No longer squeezing his cock, it was now uncontrollably spasming. Her hips were bucking frantically as she was grinding against him. Watching and feeling her flailing under him had him on the edge of his own nirvana. He began fucking her with a vengeance. He needed to explode. His balls were drawn tight against his cock. The sight of his slutty aunts tits freely flopping from his powerful fucking, was too much to bear. He grabbed her tits and kneaded them hard. He her nipples firmly, not caring if it hurt her or not. They felt good in his hands. Suzy was nearly spent. She was out of breath and all she could utter was moans of satisfaction. He continued to squeeze her tits and pound her pussy. Without a word he pulled out. Almost immediately the first wad skimmed through ginger bush before hitting her tit. Then another shot landed on her neck. He continued cumming. Shot after shot landed on her belly and tits. He jerked his cock all over her torso and chest. His cock was finally softening as Suzy took it in her mouth and sucked out the last drop

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The Heat From Within

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