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  1. The Way it is Now Ch2
  2. The Way it is Now Ch3
  3. The Way it is Now CH4
  4. The Way it is Now Ch 6
  5. The Way it is Now Ch 8
  6. The Wayit is now Ch9
  7. The Way Itis Now Ch10

The Way it is Now CH4

Categories Fantasy, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Male / Female

Author: At00micAsh

Published: 25 April 2019

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The Way it is Now


I can’t believe that cunt just left me like that. I mean, poof gone. Took little Robbie with her and left me with this guy. He’s nice enough I guess. He let me come home with him. Did I even tell him my name yet? Oh God. He told me his, What was it again? I guess it doesn’t matter for now. He seems to like me calling him “Daddy”. His house is nice. What I’ve seen of it anyway. This stone floor is killing my knees. Ouch. Fuck. Sharp point.

Note to self; no more hallway blowjobs unless he gets a thick throw rug for me to kneel on!

Looking up at him. Letting go of his thighs and letting the bun of my hair down. Bunching it up in pigtails with my hands. I want him to react to the "Daddy;s little girl" look as I slip his cock past my tongue and down my throat. He does. By bouncing his sack off my chin extra hard a couple times, and groaning.

gag, cough Try not to throw up Sarah, you’re doing fine. Fuck, he’s got a fat tip for a white guy. Good length too. 8? 8.5 inches maybe? And his nut butter tastes way better mixed with my cunny than That cunt. I’ve never liked the taste of mothers twat. Thank god she never asked me to eat her out unless she had some poor bastard fill her up first. mother daughter threesomes tended to have her dates stay harder longer. and more money left behind. I probably would have left on my own if she tried to fuck me just the two of us. FUCK HER AND THAT CHINESE PIMP SHE HAS. I’ve still got that stash I skimmed. It's in my hockey bag I could probably get to Florida on a bus and live. If I live cheap. till I can get a job. I like sex. But I don’t want to do it for a living

It swells. Gets a little fatter as I reach up and tickle his balls. His cock start’s to pulse so I pull off of it.

“Yes, Daddy! Cum on my face!! Am I a good girl? Or am I naughty?”

Tugging his slime covered meat a few more times. in my comparitivly small hand He groans and hot white foam slaps against my cheek and lips.

“Not bad volume Daddy!” smiling up at him as I scrape his batter off with my finger. Licking it clean and getting the rest with another swipe.

“Thank You Daddy! You taste even better when it’s just your cum by itself.

Oh, before I forget, my name is Sarah. Call me whatever you want. Just don’t call me a whore. I don’t want to fuck you for money. I am not my Mother.”

I’ve left him to tidy himself up while I slip into the Foyer bath I saw behind me. Just a commode and a sink. Nothing special. But it has a cute picture of a rabbit reading a news paper. Its backside is hidden behind a tree. I giggle at it in the mirror as I finish washing my face.

Damnit. I’m getting a zit beside my nose.


oh fuck. The way he said my name made my pussy quiver. I shiver resist the urge to strip naked and leave the little room.

“Yes Daddy?”

I say sweetly. Pushing out my chest and hoping he notices my nipples are suddenly hard again. My areola puff out too. Making them look like little marsh mellows resting on top of mushroom caps on top of soft ball halves. Pushing tight against my polo top. Suddenly very glad I didn’t wear abra. The hair ties I used one pink, one blue earlier now holding my hair in the pigtailsI started while sucking him off. I finish pulling the side through neatly and shoving it close to my head. Stepping back into the hall, I stand before him impishly. Swaying my hips like a cheeky adolescent trying to flirt.

“We need to ta….” His mouth closes as he fixates on my chest. My tits push out in delightful three layer cones. The three buttons at my collar are open allowing a decent view of cleavage. Cute, alluring even, but not trashy.

He scans my tone and tan legs. Stops at my sneaker covered feet. Pauses, then slowly brings his head up to look me in the eyes.

Gawd! he’s sexy looking at me like that.

He shakes his head as if to recollect his thoughts but he never brakes eye contact.

“Right then. Get your things. Your room is this way. Like I said. You may stay here for (pregnant pause) a while. Until we can figure out our next move”

He grabs the pull strap on my hockey bag and the large duffle. I stack a few more bags on it as it rolls past me; then grab the remaining

and follow behind. Satisfied the small rolling tower won’t fall. I can’t help but wonder if he suspects the military bag is half full of leather fetish clothes my mother bought for me to “entertain” her guests and act as a waitress. I let out a giggle at that thought.

On the right We pass a wide door that opens on spacious room with a huge TV on one wall. The sofa suite is stylish leather. A couple miss matched big chairs. Probably recliners. A big coffee table. A quick peek in the room lets me see it spans a full side of the house. A dining room area is half hidden by one of those rice paper hinged divider walls and I saw the black painted fridge hidden in the corner behind a breakfast bar. The other door on the left is an office/den with a love seat and a desk. Another hall that leads to a door to what I assume is the glassed in anti room and the huge garage I saw when we got out of the Uber. He enters the last door on the left. The noise from my wheeled bag stops so I assume carpet. I follow him in.

The bedroom is HUGE!! another small desk and a filing cab are in a corner. I see a door to a large, empty walk in closet. And a full bathroom. You have to step up a few inches as the floor in there is made of wood?? a shower area with no curtain but a huge rain head over the middle of the stall. A glass half wall separates the toilet area. And it has a huge double sink vanity. Weird but Very Cool!!

“This is MY Room?” I look at him in disbelief.

He smiles at me. Nods says Yes. Then says he’s sorry there’s no bed yet. That he hadn’t gotten around to buying one yet.

Jumping into his arms and kissing him deeply I laugh and tell him I don’t care! I’ll sleep in my Hockey bag if I have to. He laughs at that. And says.

“You probably could. it’s big enough. But we’ll get a bed later.”

“I guess I’ll have to sleep with you till we do then.” I say before kissing him again. This time, with lots of tongue.

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The Way it is Now CH4

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Comments (3)
At00micAsh26 April 2019 03:39
Ugh!! So frustrating.
Thank you readers. For likes and votes.!!!
As of today. I have 4 published chapters. Number 5 has been submitted on the same day as this one. If it fIls to show up blame the Admin .
I hope to have 10 total chapters. Maybe more in a sequel
if you folks ask. But let's get to 10 first lol

Thank you.
troggy — 25 April 2019 22:12
this is getting more interexting. more plz
Rex Allen — 25 April 2019 22:52
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