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Young and Single

Categories Fantasy

Author: islandic

Published: 25 April 2019

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Young and Single


Synopsis – A young man from a Spanish speaking family goes back to Spain to work and stays with his Mother, Sister and Niece.


I’m Ken, single and living at home with my Father. My Mother left when I was 4 and my sister 11. My Mother took my sister and went back to Barcelona to live with her own Mother (Galena) leaving me here with Dad in the US. I got the opportunity through my job to move to Spain with the firm and because I could speak the language I was the best choice. My Dad spoke with Mom and they decided that I could stay with my Mom till I can find a place of my own. My sister (Neva) is married and has a 14 year old Daughter (Febe). My Sister is back living with Mom (Maria) as she is fighting with her Husband again. Both have fiery tempers and this time the separation might be for good. My Mom has married and divorced twice since leaving Dad and is living off the settlements of the divorces, and doing quite well. They live in a large 6 Bed home in the Premia de dalt, an area just north of Badalona on the East coast of Spain. The house has a large pool and views of the Balearic Sea.


Chapter one. My Niece and I enjoy some time together.


I'm Ken and I work in IT for a Multinational firm. I love my job and am enjoying life. I'm 24 years old; single, in a high paying job. I've only been with the firm for a year but due to a bit of luck where I put a modern twist to an old program I am viewed as the man on the way up. I am still living with my Dad at our house in San Francisco but I'm saving for an apartment. It wasn't so bad. My Dad is high up in the company he works for and is seldom at home giving me the freedom a young man needs in the dating game. I sometimes bring my date's home for the night and so does Dad who is no slouch in the dating department and often we would meet at the Breakfast table with our dates from last night.

This morning I told Dad that I'm thinking of taking up a position with the Spanish branch of my firm in Barcelona and because I was fluent in Spanish I had applied. With the incentives offered I would be that much closer to getting a home of my own.

“That's great. You could stay with your Mother and Grandmother in Spain and save even more money.” his father said.

Over the following months I organized my transfer to the new the position in Spain and my new accommodation with my Grandmother, Mother, my Sister and her 14 yr old daughter Febe who I have never met and only spoken to over the phone, she sounds very young.

On arrival at the airport I retrieved my bags, and was nearly bowled over by a small girl intent on hugging me to death. “Uncle Ken, Uncle Ken It's so great to finally meet you. Mom's told me so many things about you and your job that I feel I know you already.”

This little fire cracker must be Febe. She was about 5'6” and wearing a pair of short/shorts with a T shirt that had some band logo on the front. She was so excited that her bra less breasts was highlighted by some very pointy nipples.

My sister then strode up to my side. She looked good wearing a short skirt and a peasant blouse that showed off cleavage. She gave me a kiss to both cheeks. “Sorry. I pointed you out to Febe and she just took off. She gets excited sometimes and doesn't remember her manners.”

Febe poked her tongue out at her Mother, but smiled when her Mother did the same right back.

We both had to smile at each other as Febe went on and on about all manner of things, from her school, best friends and a possible boyfriend that Mother said was way too old for her.

As they walked along he turned to his sister and said, “It's so good to see you Neva, you haven't changed a bit. We’ll have to catch up and I can fill you in on what Dad has been up to.”

“Ha. I can well believe he has been trying it on with all the young women at his work.”

“Yea. He has always thought of himself as a Lothario. Guess he hasn't changed that much then.”

On the ride from the airport I got the impression that both Mother and Daughter were very close. I was told that my room was at the end of the new extension built as a Granny flat add-on over the garages. It had been planed that this was going to be live in maid's quarters in the future and was isolated from the rest of the main house. “Sounds great I do a lot of my IT stuff at home on my computer and then take the finished job into work. A quiet place to work is just what I'm after.”

“Could you teach me about a computer.” said Febe. “I'm learning to do my homework on the computer in the study, but it's just off the kitchen and so is sometimes very noisy.”

“I'd love too. Give me a week to settle in and I'll have some time I'm sure.”


When we got to my Grandmother's home chaos reigned. Everyone was talking at once and no one was listening to anybody. 'Only in a Spanish family' I thought.' My Gran was organizing Dinner for later and said that I was to be sitting at the table at 7 o'clock no later. Febe got hold of my small bag and said to follow her to my room. They went towards to a grand staircase and down one flight, along a corridor to door at the end which led out onto a terrace beside the pool. Overlooking the pool was a two story building housing the 4 car garage downstairs and my apartment above, accessed by an external set of stairs off the garage or a walk bridge that joined his balcony to a balcony running along the back of the main house.


We went upstairs and Febe produced a key and opened the rooms. Cool air cascaded down on us from the aircon and I smiled. “This is real nice a big lounge with a balcony overlooking the pool, a kitchenette with a big fridge. I love it. I May never go home. Ha”

“And the best part is” and Febe rushed off into what must be the bedroom. I walked in to the room and was taken aback. Febe had run and jumped onto this huge four poster double bed. The intricately carved bed was amazing but what stunned him was Febe sprawled out on top, spread eagle with her to short dress having been thrown up buy her jump and covering her face. But she wasn't fazed in the least and roared with laughter. Smoothing her dress down she said. “I didn't mean to flash you Uncle Ken but isn't this bed is amazing. Grandma had it brought up here when she got a new one.”

She was still lying there with her dress exposing everything from her tight, flat stomach down, showing her very nice slim legs and a very tight pink, and thong panty. “That looks amazing.” He said obviously looking directly at Febe and her just barely covered pussy and long shapely legs. From this angle at the end of the bed he could even tell that she shaved and the outline of her lips showed against the thin material she was so exposed.

We both stayed like that, looking at each other with my shorts beginning to tent until, ignoring my lustful looks but smiling all the time she swung her legs to the side of the bed and started to show me the en-suit attached to the bedroom. It had a double shower that covered one wall and a view through the window of the ocean in the distance.

“I'll let you settle in and unpack. Don't forget dinner is at 7. Don't even think of being late or Grandma will skin you. She tells me she hasn't had to do that for some years now that everyone comes to dinner on time. Ha Ha. I believe her.” she said smiling and displaying some very cute dimples I hadn't noticed before.

Dinner was sumptuous. That's the only word that came to mind as he sat at the head of the table. Being that he was the only male in the household of a traditional Spanish family. More food was put on his plate than he could possible eat and yet he made good work of most of it. It was delicious and he extol its best features to all who would listen especially his Grandmother who blushed and thanked him for his kind praise and in the next breath she accused everyone else at the table of not praising her cooking enough saying. “It takes my own Grandson to come over here and give me praise for all the hard work I put in for this family.”

Maria just smiled at her Mother and agreed with her son that it was indeed a wonderful meal.

After dinner I was shown the rest of the house by my sister, from the bedroom wing down to the extensive wine cellar. Walking past the kitchen I noted that there was two staff in there tiding up after the meal. Two pretty young girls that smiled when they walked through to the back of the house. Grandma was overstating her role in tonight's meal just a bit. Neva and I then went out to the pool, lit with underwater lights that shone pale blue under a full moon. Neva put her arm around my waist as we walked and talked for hours around the extensive gardens.

Febe called out from inside. “Mom there's a call for you. It's Dad.” Neva sighed and said. “I better take this as I'm expecting it and it will be both good and bad news.”

He walked with her back to the house and as Febe came out Neva asked. “What sort of a mood is he in?” and Febe said “Arrogant and rood as usual. He didn't even say hello to me, just asked for you.”

With a sigh she headed into the house while Febe and I stood there. “I think this is about the divorce.” Febe said. “I feel Mamma will be happier without him though.”

This put a dampener on the rest of the evening and we all went to our rooms for the night.

A Week went by and I felt like I had settled in to my job and met the other staff. My work was regarded with high praise and I seemed to fit in well.

Febe took it on herself to show me around the neighborhood and took every opportunity to sit by me in the living room or nudge me in the pool and Neva even commented that she thinks her daughter has a crush on her Uncle Ken, and who couldn't be attracted to such a young and vibrant girl trying her best to rub and press her youthful body against my often hard cock in my shorts.

It was on warm Saturday morning that I was awakened to the sound of voices and splashing coming from the direction of the pool. The talk was about Febe not having any sunscreen on and Grandma yelling 'that you all should have hats on anyway.'

I was still feeling tired and not yet used to the Spanish way of a late breakfasts and lunch. I dragged naked self out of bed and peeked around the curtains. Looking down just in time to see Febe leap from the side of the pool to the water with her legs spread wide like most young kids do, making a splash which hit Neva, sunning herself on a deck chair.

“Oh you terrible child.” said Neva. 'The sound of laughter.' “I'm going to get you back for that.”

She made to get up causing Febe to scream and swim off to the far side. Febe must have seen me looking because she waved and I waved back, but in doing so I let go of the curtain and accidentally exposed my lower half. She made an O shape with her mouth, and then smiled. I smiled back and stepped back in to get some shorts on and some hot coffee and toast.

I moved out to the balcony to sit and enjoy the morning sun and also to watch the fun being had around the pool. I saw that everyone was out by the pool, either sitting on the loungers in the sun or under the shade of the back porch.

Grandma was under the shade of the veranda with a big hat on and reading a book. My mother and Sister sunning themselves and glistening with sunscreen, and Febe floating in the pool, with head back looking up at me. When she saw me wave she slowly began to spread her legs and arms showing me again the pathway to heaven. Her bikini was pale blue and had been pushed low on her hips. I'm sure just another inch and I would be able to see the top of her slit. The valleys from her stomach to the top of her bikini pants made me want to rush down and lick and kiss my way down and across her pubic mound.

Our eyes met and we both knew what I was looking at. She blushed and dove under the water. My eyes couldn't leave her form as I watched her slide smoothly under the surface towards the side of the pool where she effortlessly pulled herself out and with the grace of a much more mature girl, she started walking toward me.

I had to adjust myself after such a show, but the show wasn't over just yet. My sister sat up and told Febe that I should be up now and that there was some breakfast waiting for me in the kitchen. She then started to apply some sunscreen to her upper chest and tummy. My sister was built. Wearing barley there Bikini, she must have had at least a 'D' size breasts. I sat up straight and admired the view. I heard a cough behind me and a giggle. I turned and not 2 foot behind me was Febe, standing there with dripping water rivulets running down her shapely legs and dripping from those beautiful cone shaped breasts.

She laughed and said.” Your eyes will pop out if you keep looking, and that's my Mom you're ogling, and your Sister, shame on you.” She roared with laughter and held her hands over her mouth. I laughed along with her, but then, as I sat there, my gaze rested on her bikini bottoms and pronounced pouch it made outlining her pussy. I could even see the indent her lips made. She stood there letting me have a look but as I looked up to her face, she was looking at my crotch and the huge bulge there. Where I had adjusted myself before I was now poking out over the top of my shorts and giving my Niece a clear view of my red and swollen knob. I sat back in my chair, giving her an unobstructed view. I thought fair was fair as she had stood there while I admired her snatch. She took a step forward and her bikini bottoms were now level with my face and only inches away. I could smell her arousal.

We were just out of view of the others so I took the bold move and lent forwards and planted a kiss on her mound hidden under her bikini. She took in a sudden breath and put a delicate hand down to cover herself, but just for a moment, then that hand moved to the back of my head and pulled my face back to her wet bikini and she moaned as she rubbed her silk covered pussy across my face. I kissed her there again and again but this wasn't the time or place and I wanted more of this little vixen, much more. I pulled back and stood, pulling her inside my room where I held her against me. Her wet Bikini cold against my warm skin. Her head only came up to my chest leaving my cock pointed at her tummy. She looked down at it and said. “I've never seen one that big.” She looked up to my face, she was so close that I bent down and kissed her lips. I said. “We don't have the time right now, but when we do you can look all you want.” Both smiling, happy with how things were progressing, I adjusted my cock so it wasn't as obvious and we made our way downstairs into the main house and the promised breakfast.

We were right on time for what the Spanish call 'Second breakfast'. This is good for those who don't have to be up early and works well with the Spanish lunch which is at 3pm after Siesta. We sat down to coffee and Tostada with tomato and ham. The others came in slowly to take up seats around the breakfast table. The conversation was light and had everyone in a good mood. I was concerned about the phone call my sister took last night and indicated that I wanted to talk to her, my sister said. 'Later, after lunch.' This meant after a siesta.

Grandma was tired and said she needed a light nap after all that sun today. My Mother had some business calls to attend to and my Sister needed to go the supermercado. So Febe and I went back out to the pool. We lounged around and swam and had the occasional bump and grind and grope till we heard her Mom calling from the house. “Come inside Febe, I want to show you what I bought.” We dried ourselves off and met Neva up in her room with all manner of boutique clothing bags on the bed and floor.

Neva and Febe both squealed like little girls as the bags were emptied and the tops and shorts were held up in front of themselves. Each saying that this or that would look so good on you. The cloths were way too big for Febes’ small frame but she wanted to try on this and that just to see what this or that style looked like so she grabbed what she thought would look good and rushed off to the bathroom.

This gave me a chance to ask Neva how she was going after the phone call. “I'm OK. It was the call that I was expecting, the divorce is proceeding. I feel better now that I can see an end to this marriage. It was rushed and with Febe on the way we felt we were doing the right thing.” We hugged and she put her head on my shoulder and held me close. “Thanks for your concern and thanks for being here. Oh I know it's your job that brought you here, but I missed my little brother too.” I could feel her large breasts pressing into my chest and noticed that she wasn't wearing a bra. We were still hugging when Febe came out of the bathroom wearing a summer dress.

She had to pinch it in the back to stop it falling forward and showing her breasts. But she said that she loved the feel of the soft fabric on her skin. She tossed her bikini onto the bed and spun around to show how the dress would billow out at the waist. Neva picked up a new Bikini and said. “Wait till you see me in this, it looked great at the shop but I won't really know till I get it wet so that's next. I'll try it on and be right back.” She skipped into the bathroom to put it on. I pointed at the bathroom door, laughing and said to Febe. “Your Mom is acting like a teenager. Ha Ha.”

Febe turned to face me and dropped her hands to her sides letting the dress slide down her slim body leaving her naked in front of me. She looked amazing. Not an ounce of fat. Her skin was tanned and taught across her body. I had an instant hard on, tenting my shorts. She stood there for a minute looking magnificent in her youthful glory before finally saying. “Could you pass me my Bikini?” I reached down to pick it up and then knelt in front of her holding the pants out so she could step into them. Gracefully she raised her small feet and stepped in to them. I slowly pulled them up along her legs till they were nearly hiding her slit from view and I kissed her lips inhaling her smell before pulling them up the rest of the way. I stood and helped her into her top just in time because her mother called out from the bathroom. “I will need a hand to tie this top off.” she was saying as she stepped out and spun around so Febe could make the final adjustments to the top. She turned back to face us and the top was incredible. Incredible that so little fabric could hold up so much tit.

“Wow.” I said. I was stuck for anything else to say. My maleness coming out in force. Both girls giggled. Neva said. “That's the effect I was going for.” Which only made them laugh harder. Blushing, I held up my hands. “Anything I can do to help, you know Me.” as they both turned to go on back to the pool. I was left with the view of both their cute thong bottoms swaying as they walked. Again, involuntarily I said “Wow.” again. Only to produce more giggles from them.

I ended up walking out to the pool sporting a chubby in my shorts.

We made it to the pool without me making anymore one syllable comments and reclined on the loungers. Looking at both girls together I was amazed to notice how much they did look the same. Weather it was that Febe was acting more mature around me or that Neva was acting younger and sillier now that she could relax knowing that she would be free from her marriage soon.

Not too long into our time by the pool I got a request from Neva to give her back some suntan cream and the same request then from Febe. I knelt between their two lounge chairs and turned first to my Sister, lying on her front and squirted some lotion down along her back and started rubbing it in slowly.

She reached behind her and undid the straps to her top releasing the strings to the sides. Her large breasts squished out to the side giving me a great view of side boob. As I was kneeling there beside her I noticed her hand down by her side so close to my cock inside my shorts. I smiled and thought I'd have some fun with Sis. So I began pressing my now chubby against her upturned hand. She let me do this for a minute or so as I finished her back and moved down to her legs. The thong bottom was held snug up in her crack and left both globes out for my view. I lovingly applied sunscreen to both of these until I reluctantly left them for her legs. I started at her delicate feet and moved on up her legs. As I neared her sweet arse she spread her legs a much as the lounge would allow without hanging her feet over the sides. I slid my hand up and back deliberately pushing my thumbs into her pussy every third time. She allowed this without comment. Just making an occasional “Mm mm.”

“Could you put a bit more just along the waist of my bikini bottom.” she asked. So I shuffled up along her side and squirted the lotion there. This brought my Cock back in to contact with her hand and to my delight she started to fondle and massage my now very hard cock through my shorts. I was in heaven.


“My turn please. I can feel the sun starting to burn.” said Febe.

I swung around to face Febe who also had dropped her top and left it besides her chair. This young girl was beautiful in that she was everything that her mother was except in a younger tighter package. Everything was smaller a more delicate and sweeter to view.

I applied some cream to her back and felt her hand go straight for my package. Her fingers slipped inside the legs of my shorts and stroked my knob up and down, easing it out of my pants leg. I wrapped my oil covered hand around hers and we both squeezed my throbbing cock. I could have stayed there the rest of the afternoon but I was fast approaching a climax and the prospect of making a real mess. I squeezed her sweet globes; once or twice I slid a finger around her bikini and along her crevice. She shivered releasing the sweet smell of arousal. I kept applying lotion and sliding my hands along her slender legs until I had to make my excuse that I was getting too hot and needed to jump in the pool. Quickly jumping up I tucked my knees up and did a bomb into the deep end of the pool, and relaxed in the cooling water.


I floated there luxuriating in the cool, refreshing water, feeling of my desires decreasing and my erection shrinking. I thought, 'I'll end up with blue balls unless I can get some release soon.' I had been floating around not looking at where I was, when I heard the girls talking.

Febe was saying. “Did you see the size of his cock when he jumped in the pool?”

“Yes.” Neva said. “I got so horny when he was putting the cream on my legs and back and his cock was so close that I did bump it just a bit, though his shorts.”

“I saw him staring at you this morning while he was up on the balcony. I bet he was horny then too.”

I had to smile. Febe new just how horny I was up on the balcony and caught an eye full then just as she got a hand full a minute ago.

“I think I will go and have a Siesta now so I'm fresh for lunch later.” said Neva.

“OK I'm going to cool off in the pool for a bit and then I'll be in too.”

I ducked under the water and swan to the far side, popping my head up in time to see Febe dive in. I leant back against the side of the pool and marveled at her narrow frame and her cute bottom slicing through the water, it was such a turn on to see. She stayed under water until her head popped up in front of me. She brought her feet up until they were resting on my shoulders and lay back along the surface of the water. I had a perfect view of her pussy hiding behind the thin fabric of her bottoms that were pulled so tight that I could see her slit. She brought her head up and noticed where I was looking then pulled her bikini aside exposing her lovely pink lips and her cleanly shaven snatch. She lay like that for a while with both her hands extended out to her sides.

”Someone might see you like that.” I said.

“Only you will see me like this. Everyone else will be in their rooms asleep by now.”

I trusted that she was right and brought my hands up to support her legs and arse then brought my face to her cherished treasure, my longed for prize. I buried my face in her pussy and inhaled her fragrance and licked along her crease, dipped my tongue in and lapped her juices.

She shivered and shook, making it difficult to support her in the pool. I held her up and eased us to the steps. We rushed up to my apartment, but it seemed to take forever. Finally on my bed we kissed as lovers do and quickly striped off our swimwear. We kissed again, this time slower with more feeling. She held my cock. I stroked her pussy.

I kissed my way down to her two small breasts and sucked on each pale pink bud I found there. I moved on to lick around her bellybutton and her lower tummy. Her hands went to the back of my head, easing my head to go further south to again dip into that little piece of heaven.

As I kissed my way down to her pubic mound and I noticed for the first time the fine, short hairs there. I wondered if she had, had her period yet. I supposed at her age she must have had and wondered if she was on the pill.

She noticed my hesitation and said. “Mom has had me on the pill for a year now since I started to notice boys.’He He' and they started to notice me.”

I gently eased her legs apart till I was looking straight at her little biscuit, my muffin. I was going to eat till I was full till I wouldn't want for lunch. I dove in. I licked slowly along her outer lips and kissed her inner thighs till I could see that in her excitement her sweet lips were flowering, opening up and getting moist. I extended my tongue till it was pressing in on her tunnel; I pressed further, feeling her outer ring and muscle grip and release my tongue. She released a slow trickle of her juice and I eagerly lapped it up. My nose bumped in to her now distended clit and she moaned. I moved to this little nub and licked it giving her a brief suck. She groaned.

I brought my right hand up and inserted a digit in to her soft tunnel, slowly as far as I could, hearing her take a big breath and hold it, I pulled and pushed that digit, slowly increasing in speed and applying my lips to her clit. She held both of her hands to the back of my head and pressed my face into herself. That was all it took and she was over the edge and her juices gushing over my face and chin.

I was a happy man. I had brought this lovely little girl to the peak of pleasure and was now holding her legs around my face as I finished lapping all of her sweet nectar. As she came back down from her orgasm, she lovingly stroked my head and hummed something under her breath.

I kissed her mound once more and wriggled up alongside her. We embraced and held each other giving little pecks to the others lips. Her hand found my cock and she explored it with her fingers and hand. She gave me a cheeky grin then slowly lowered herself down along my body till she was at eye level with her target. With all the thrill of something new and exciting she explored and kissed along my shaft, bent it this way and that. Delicately felt and hefted my balls, running her tongue along the entire length of my shaft and rolling her tongue over and around the purple head.

“What if I do this?” she said and engulfed the head in her mouth and sucked lightly.

“I might explode in your mouth if you do that. It has been a very horny morning for me and I'm right at the point that you might get a mouthful if you're not careful.”

“I don't want to be careful. I want this in my mouth when you explode. Just as you drank from me I want this exploding in my mouth.” and she fit the whole knob in her mouth and sucked and licked.

Just hearing her say that brought me over the top and then she sucked and licked the underside of my cock around the nerve bundle there. I sucked in a lung full of air and said. “Here it comes.” and let fly. She held the head in her mouth but had no hope of containing the huge amount of cum that she received. She had to release me from her mouth to swallow but returned my sensitive cock to her mouth to suck and swallow the rest as best she could.

I was wiped. I could only lay there and pant. Reveling in the fine release I had just had at the hands of this oh so beautiful girl. As I caught my breath and my breathing returned to normal. I felt her hot breath on the head of my cock as she covered it with delicate kisses and nursed on the end, just holding the tip and sucking. She wriggled up to put her head on my chest. I rested my arm on her back and squeezed her cute bottom.

“I think I'll need to get some more practice in doing that until I can do it better.”

“Oh that was just great. Never had better, ever.”

“Really? What if I just want to practice just for the fun of it? Would that be OK?”

“That's more than I could hope for my little lover.”

She giggled and said.” I suppose I am your little lover aren't I?”

“Yes you are. Yes you are.”


Chapter two. My sister and I.


Following our time together, Febe and I were never really apart for too long and to everyone around us we seemed to be just Uncle and Niece, the best of friends. When we were alone we held hands and kissed and every chance we got to have a grope in the pool we took it, but never again found the time for anything more. Until Grandma Galena got ill and spent some time in hospital.

It wasn't anything to serious, just a case of the flue, but at her age the doctor felt that she would need more care and assistance than being at home and this care would only come from convalescence in hospital. She argued and did anything to show that she was as fit as the day she married. In the end her doctor and friend insisted and off she went. We all visited the first few days but as she settled in to her new environment she mellowed some and even started to be nice to the other doctors and staff.

Her daughter Maria (my mother) and my sister Neva saw her every evening and took sweets and anything else grandma felt essential to her stay. This left Febe and I alone for the time the others were visiting. That first evening we just kissed and cuddled, not knowing just how long the rest of the family would be away. The visits turned out to last just about two hours. Because of the travel time, there and back and the visit it’s self.

Tonight we were going to swim in the pool without the pool lights on so we could be naked the whole time. We were excited. I was already in the pool when the others left and Febe joined me when she could. Oh to see her strolling across the flag stones surrounding the pool was just amazing. This girl had a fabulous figure for her age and not a bit of excess anything on it. Since arriving here 2 months ago I had had the opportunity to look closely at her body a number of times, in bikini's and shorts and nothing at all. I had sampled her delights and lapped at her juices flowing from her muffin and she had sampled mine. But I was noticing that she was growing before my eyes. She defiantly had more hair on her pubis and was taller as well.

She was wearing her bikini, and she looked glorious, dove into the water as if it was her natural element. Surfacing in front of me, flinging her arms around my neck and kissing me. She helped me out of my swim shorts and I helped her off with the bikini. Tossing them to the side of the pool and keeping them handy just in case.

Pushing herself against me, she was short enough that my cock was lying between her thighs as we kissed. She squeezed her legs together trapping the engorged length. “I love that feeling I get when I've made you so hard that I can feel you pulse along your length.”

I moved my hips back and forth so that the head of my cock rubbed all along the pussy lips. We stayed in that position for a long time. Just touching and kissing, fondling and getting ourselves worked up till we both agreed that going to my room was the next step. We hadn't consummated our love. For my part didn't feel the need to rush things everything was so sweet and unhurried. Febe felt nervous at first but the novelty and newness of it all and her ability to demonstrate that she was old enough to have a lover pushed her to try new things. From having her first ever orgasm to being eaten out and kissed by a boy, down there. Wow, if this is what sex was all about she was up for more.

We got up to my room and I pulled the covers away. It was too hot for them tonight. Standing on each side of the bed we looked at each other, each thinking the same thought. This is it. Tonight it was going to happen. I climbed into bed and were met in the middle and kissed. I said.”I want to lick you and I want you to suck Me.” we had talked about this and she said seed seen stuff on the internet and had some idea how it worked.

I rolled over to my back and brought her long legs over my head till I was looking at her peach. I felt her hot breath on my cock as she wrapped a hand around it and licked. Oh my. I pulled her hips lower till they were just over my mouth and sniffed. Oh my. I had a tentative lick and watched her flower open to my touch. I dove in exploring with my tongue and nibble those petals of love till she gushed all over my face. Coming and shaking all over.

She only stooped briefly then returned to sucking my cock like it was the best thick shake she had ever tasted. I came in her mouth and she held the head in her mouth till she was too full and the rest leaked out and down my shaft. She sat up and spun around to face me. Wiping her mouth with the back of her hand she said. “Yummy.”

Her pussy, wet and warm was directly on my chubby and with every move and wriggle it got bigger and bigger. I had never recovered this fast in my life. Hmm. She felt it pressing against her lips and reached down to spread herself over my shaft as it lay along my stomach. With all the juice she had made and my remaining cum on my cock it wasn't long before I was knocking on heaven’s door and she was eager to open it for me.

I fitted the head in to her softness and gently pushed further inside. We looked into each other’s eyes as I inched my way inside her tight glove. She would groan and tighten up her muscles, then sigh and relax. Soon we were there. I felt my cock nudging her Uterus. She felt it too and said. “I feel so full. You must be all the way in now.” I said I was and that she could relax. She did and the pressure of her vagina reduced and I started to move.

She loved her first big adult cock in her tight little hole and could only grin and giggle. “I did it. We’re fucking.”

I held her hips and encouraged her to move till she found what worked for her then to go for it.

After a little experimentation she found that rocking her hips back and forth worked best and found her first cock in vagina orgasm was the best one she had had. I was close, and I told her so. With a devilish smile she got down to it and worked my cock for all she was worth. Squeezing her muscles to get the best feeling, pushing as much cock as she could fit in on the down stroke and squishing her clit against my pubic bone.

I felt it start in my toes and move up to my backside forcing my hips to rise of the bed and start pumping my seed into this little girls sweet sucking vagina. Ah Ohhh Ah. I was empty. I had been holding my breath and was close to blacking out.

Febe was having a trembling orgasm atop me and flopped down to lay along my chest.

We lay in each other’s arms for long time. Time meant nothing to us. Then I realized that that wasn't quite true. We were on a tight schedule. One look at the clock told me we might be in trouble. I nudged Febe and pointed at the clock. She pushed up from me and looked down at our joining and smiled. “I'm glad we did this. It's a milestone in my life and one I'll never forget. Thank you Uncle Ken.” What could I say? We had shown our love, expressed our love and now realized it was there in our hearts.

We had a quick shower and she headed off to her room for the rest of the night. As worn out as I was physically I was amped mentally and went out on to the balcony to sit and go over what had happened. I had just sat down when I looked over and saw my sister sitting near the pool looking up at me. Oh shit. She beckoned me to come down to her. OH shit.

I stood up and only then realized I was still naked and rushed in side to pull my shorts on. Walking down the stairs I felt the pressure of the things we had done way heavily on me. I got to where she was sitting and without a word said she indicated the seat beside her.

“I hope you were gentle with her. Were you? Don't try to deny it. I found yours and her swimmer over there by the pool. Well?”

I couldn't tell if I was in serious trouble or not. I thought best to be honest with her and hope she can understand the deep feelings we have for each other.

“Yes. I was gentle. It was a mutual decision made of the strong feelings we have for each other. She eager to find out what life is all about and hungry to try everything.”

“I well I hope you didn't try everything.” she said. The corners of her mouth turning up, just a hint of a smile.

“No not everything. Only what she was prepared to try. It was all up to her how far she wanted to go.” I started to relax until she said.

“You know we tell each other everything don't you? I'll be talking with her in the morning and I'll ask her the same questions.”

She got up and started for the house, stopped and turned. “I trust you little brother. With only 10 yrs between you two I thought this might happen or at least an infatuation on her side.” I'll want to talk to you at some time too about how careful you'll have to be around Mom and Grandma.” Wow is she happy for this to continue? I said “Love you big sis.”

The next morning I was woken by Febe sucking on my morning wood and making Mmm noises. Oh wait, that would be me. “Oh yes. Don't stop.” then I popped and filled her mouth with my Jizz. Ahh.

“Well that was a nice supersize.” I said as I opened my eyes. She was slowly licking my knob and grinning like a fool. I said. “What?” she moved to the side of the bed and I saw Neva standing in the door way and just leaning against the jam.

“IEEE.” I grabbed for the covers, only to find that I had kicked them off during the night. I quickly tried to cover myself with my hands. Both girls were cracking up, holding their sides and each other in an effort to stay standing. I could see the funny side of this, I suppose. “I think an explanation is in order.” I said in as calm a voice as I could muster.

Febe came back and sat to my left and Neva came and sat on the bed to my right. Febe kissed me and started to explain. Neva had come into her room last night after seeing me by the pool they had stayed up half the night talking and Neva had heard everything that we had gotten up to, in detail, with diagrams and hand gestures. In the end she had the feeling that everything had gone well and her daughters first time had been a good one.

I was starting to relax some now and hoped I was in the good books again. Febe pulled my hand off from around my cock and replaced it with her own and started to stroke me to a hard-on. I looked nervously at Neva.

“Relax I am thinking that nobody will question Febe if they see the both of us leave your room. Will they.” with that she leant back against the headboard and continued to watch her daughter stroke me.

Now we all know guys are at the girl’s mercy whenever they have their hands wrapped around your cock. Am I right? That's where I was just then.

While Neva was explaining her theory Febe had worked her miracle and was sucking again on my hard cock. She moved down to straddle my legs and sit on my carves. Giving her mother an uninterrupted view of my rod and her little angles expertise. I closed my eyes enjoying my darlings work. She had improved her technique since the other night and I wondered if she had got some instruction since then. Hmm.

I heard a sound to my right and opened my eyes to see my sister with her hand on her tit and pinching the nipple. “You worry about what’s happening to you little brother, not me.” and waved me to look away. Right......I think I keep an eye on the goings on to my right as things progress.

Febe had my rod as stiff as it could be and knee walked herself up my body and mounted me without a thank you mind. But I was happy, Oh so happy. Her warm glove surrounded my shaft and she squeezed it using her new found pussy muscles.

She pushed down hard and crushed her clit onto my pubic bone and stuffing my cock as far up he pretty little snatch as she could go. A sound beside me broke my concentration and I glanced over to see my sister with her shorts and knickers down around her ankles, knee's spread and three fingers stuffed into her clean shaven pussy. She had been watching and it seems she was almost there. The sound of her getting herself off just added to my excitement.

Febe was the first to reach Nirvana, squealing and tossing her head around. Then Sis came and in her enthusiasm had cum hard and rolled toward me, resting her head on my shoulder. Her smells and strong sent me over the edge and I filled Febe to overflowing.

Febe fell down to rest her head on my left shoulder with her mother resting her head on my right and me in the middle with the biggest smile. Oh yea.

We were slow to wake up but when we did I was happy to find that I had a hand resting on a sweet arse and she had her face down at my cock lovingly licking and sucking the head. She took the head in her mouth and sucked at the same time as squeezing my balls. I felt myself get stiffer and new some Precum was filling her mouth. I moved my hand slowly down her bottom to pat and stroke her pussy to show I was awake and loving the attention. But she stiffened and slowly brought her head up. It was Sis. Both girls look the same in a similar position and I assumed it was Febe. “I can explain.” she started. “Febe went in to take a shower and I said that I was tired and would have the next one. Well I got curious and started to play just a little, before you woke up.” I hope I haven't done anything too wrong.” she said smiling and giving me doe eyes.

“No it’s all good. I don't know of a family that is closer than us and I love the way you wake me up.” She smiled and we cuddled for a bit, my cock not losing any of its stiffness and her hand staying wrapped around it. “Let’s jump in the shower with Febe.” I said. Febe yelled when she was attacked by the two of us, tickling and poking her. Then she started to pout which we fell for so we stopped. That's when she attached us both. We didn't spend too much time in there, but the girls spent a lot of time cleaning my stiff cock. Febe took pity on me and brought me off with her hand while standing behind me. My cock pointing right at her mother’s smooth shaved muff. When I recovered I made a close inspection of their nether regions and left kisses on both of their muffins. Things settled down and we got cleaned up and dried off. After dressing we went down to the main house to have some lunch. Maria was there and looking refreshed after her siesta. “I have to go to the Hospital this afternoon to pick up Grandma.” She was saying as she buzzed about the kitchen preparing lunch with the assistance of one of the cooks I saw the other night. “She has been given the all clear by her doctor and is looking so much better now.”

“Neva, I would like it if you would come with me and assist with the gear that she has collected from each visit we made. I've brought an extra suitcase with me, and Ken will you hang around the house as I'm expecting an important call from my lawyer. He is handling Neva's divorce and needs us to sign some paperwork.”

“Yes, no problem. I have some computer stuff for work to finish up by next week so I'll be here.” I didn't mind at all being here with Febe. I was young and always horny.

“And Febe.” said her mother “I want you to finish up that assignment that the school gave you to do over the school holidays. It's nearly done and I'll review it when I come back. Thanks sweaty.”

“Oh. The one about what I did over the holidays?” 'Smirk.'

“Yes that's the one.” 'Double smirk.'

“Well, we'll be off in 10. Meet me at the car Neva.” said my Mom. She loved to be organized and to organize everyone else. It used to grate on my Dad but she was very good at it and this had proved to be the very trait that stood her well in her business dealings.

Febe spent the afternoon watching over my shoulder while I worked on my computer or lounging by the pool in her bikini without a top. I kept glancing out the window and she kept giving me lustful looks and crossing and uncrossing her long legs. So it wasn't a surprise that I found myself kneeling beside her chair applying sun screen to her breasts, tummy and legs.

I had put on my swim shorts encase my Mother returned and we were both floating in the pool. Our heads back with just our fingers touching. When Neva jumped into the water and splashed us. Coughing we returned the splashing two fold. At a pause in our play Neva said, “We've put Grandma in her room. She is still week from the Flu symptoms and is sleeping. Our Mom went out again to see her business partner and then will be seeing her Lawyer. She has organized some in-house nursing help who will be here during the day. She will start tomorrow morning.

We got out of the pool and it was not until then that I noticed that Neva was also topless and had her incredible breasts on view. She noticed me looking and said, “The girls needed some sun so I've let then out for the day.” Smiling she handed me the sunscreen and turned around to stand there, waiting for me to start.

I squirted some lotion onto my hands and started at her shoulders and back. When finished she turned and without hesitating I applied lotion to her breasts and arms. I pinched her nipples and got a deep moan from her, her eyes closed and she rested her hands on my shoulders for support.

I was rock hard by the time I got down to her bikini line. Febe who had joined in on the fun had her fingers delicately playing with the mushroom head of my cock, poking just above my trunks and hugging my back. I heard the rear patio door open and I dived into the pool as our mother came down to the pool area. Neva and Febe were sunning themselves on the chairs by the pool still without their tops and laughing to a joke Neva was telling. Our mother gave the girls a disapproving look and then looked at me. I shrugged and swam away but not too far that I couldn't hear what was being said.

“Neva,” she said. “Our lawyer said that all going well you should be single again by the end of the month. We should throw a party to celebrate and I could invite some nice young men around that I just know you'll like. Hey. What do you think?”

Oh thanks, but I'll just relax here at home, especially as Febe is still on holidays, I'll try to let it all wash over me before I think about dating again.

Of cause and when you’re ready we have to talk about bring you into my company probably into the real estate side. You could be very good at selling property and it so happens that there are quite a few single men down at the Barcelona office.

Thanks mom. I'll talk to you later.

Our mom went back inside probably planning the flower arrangements at the wedding.

I hopped out and asked if the girls would like a drink as I was getting one from the kitchen. When I got to the back of the house I heard a moan and stopped in my tracks. I had heard moaning like that before and new a girl was getting off. I walked to the window near the kitchen and saw the two cooks wrapped in a loving embrace and kissing hard. The younger girl of about 15was leaning back against the kitchen table and the older girl of maybe 20 was fingering her to a very big cum. I heard them mumble something and kiss again lightly before straightening their clothing and moving further into the house.

I went to the back door and knocked and went in. Not seeing anyone I went to the fridge to get the drinks putting them on the counter till I found a tray for them. I noticed that the two had been getting the fixings together for paella for tonight's dinner. The cooks came back holding hands and looking into the others eyes. When they saw me they stopped and dropped their hands to their sides, but not before they knew that I had seen. I just smiled and said. “You must be really good friends.” I got my drinks and left. I could hear them talking but could only pick up some of the Spanish. “nos vio” he saw us.

When I took the drinks back outside Neva was swimming so I told Febe about the cooks loving and kissing in the kitchen. “Amor joven.” (Young love). She said. “Well, Camilla and Luciana they’re are cousins and live with their parents who run The “Can Casadella” hotel a few Klm away. They’re usually more discrete. I am surprised you saw them.

“Well I don't think they know that I saw them making out only holding hands. They are both so pretty. I can't believe that they haven't got boyfriends or maybe they have a preference?” I asked.

“I think they have a preference like you say. I have never seen Luciana with any boy’s only girls at school and of cause girls do talk and I've heard the rumors. But they're both lovely girls and I'm happy for them.”

Neva rejoined us and we headed off to have some Sangria and Tinto de verano after Siesta cool drinks before dinner. Maria was in her office busy on her computer so we sat in the living room and relaxed till dinner was ready.

Tonight it was warm and there was only the slightest of breezes coming from the East. So it was decided that the Paella would be eaten on the rear patio table. Chairs were arranged and the meal served by the cooks in a huge pan. It smelled delicious so I proposed a toast. “Saludo a los cocineros.”

'salute to the cooks.' We all clapped and they both gave a small bow. “Gracis.”

Everyone was in a good mood and the conversation was light and entertaining. Neva and I spoke of our younger days

We were all so full and there was still more on the table to be eaten. Grandma Galena had her meal in her room and we went up to say goodnight to her and hope she got better soon.

“I'll be back on my feet very soon, until then I want you all to keep my house tidy. I'll be checking up on you when I'm well. You'll see.” “Night Grandma.” we all said.

Maria had some calls to make and excused herself from joining the rest of us down by the pool. We got some more cold Sangria from the fridge sat around the pool talking. The night was beautiful with all the stars on view and bright. Light music was coming from somewhere down the hill and riding the sweet breeze to caress us.

Neva sat to my left and Febe to my right on the sectional around the BBQ. We were quiet until we heard voices coming closer and whispering. We saw Camilla and Luciana holding hands and walking to the far side of the pool area behind the garage and lay on the grass there. We all thought the same thing. That we were in for a show so we kept silent and watched. It was dark over there but enough could be seen as they both kissed and fondled each other. Camilla was the taller of the two and bent down to lift Luciana's dress over her head. Wow. The girl had a fabulous figure and wore just the barest of panties. Now it was Luciana's turn to strip Camilla. She started to unbutton her dress and soon pushed it off her shoulders where it fell to the ground at their feet. They embraced and it was plain to anyone that they were lovers. Neva and Febe were breathing heavy and staring at the young couple. They both had a hand under their own dresses and I could smell arousal coming from them. I had a painful erection in my shorts and moved to rearrange it, but as I did both girls moved to sit in front of me and undid and removed my shorts for me. Febe was the first to suck in my erection while my sister gently stroked my balls. Neva watched my face as I threw my head back and said “Yes, yes.”

“You look as if you need this.” she said. “Keep watching over there and tell us what's happening.” I looked over to see the young girls had moved into a sixty nine with Luciana on top and ardently eating out Camilla. I said what I could see and Febe stopped and turned her head to see. My sister took her place and sucked me into her mouth and bobbed her head slowly. Neva was excellent at cock sucking and I told her so and that I couldn't last much longer. Febe hearing this returned to share my cock with her mother, licking my balls and shaft. It was all too much, feeling my cock expertly sucked, my balls licked and viewing the young girls over in the shadows. I let go a mammoth load into Neva's mouth, there was too much and she had to back off but Febe took her place and finished sucking and received the last two loads. I was drained.

I must have made some noise because when I looked over at the girls they were both looking at us, now sitting on the grass cuddling together. I couldn't think of what to do so I just waved and smiled. They looked at each other and waved back. All was good. They got dressed and left and we went back to drinking our Sangria's. What a great night this was turning out to be.


Chapter three. Months later


It’s been 6 months now since I moved in with my Sister, Mother and Grandmother. Not a lot has changed in that time. Neva is still single and our mother seems determined to marry her off to 'nice looking young man.' I've been given a promotion and pay rise so I got myself a car, a Volkswagen Polo. Gran is still head of the household even though she doesn't leave the house and Febe has different boyfriends each week. She calls them casual boys and seems happy. This hasn't stopped her from flirting with me every chance she gets, rubbing against me and grabbing my cock through my shorts. She still comes in to see me late at night if one of her casual boys has left her needing more and we give in to our lusts. It's good to see that she has lost her infatuation with me. Well nearly.

Until the other day Neva hadn't approached me for sex since that incident with her and Febe by the pool. She wears very little clothing around me, and loves to tease me. The other night she came to my room to talk about Febe's upcoming birthday wearing the thinnest of robes and bra less. The robe was just barley tied off at the waist showing a peak at her boobs whenever she leant forward and, came down to her upper thigh. She sat in the lounge on the couch crossing and uncrossing her legs displaying her smooth shaved muff to me. I was soon sporting an erection that threatened to tear through my shorts.

She got serious and looking anywhere else but at me, said. “I haven't been with anyone else since I last was with you and Febe and I was so excited then that I let my feelings overwhelm me. I'd understand if you felt that that wasn't the proper thing for a brother and sister to do. I don't want to make a mess of your life as well as mine.” Tears started to roll down her cheek then.

I walked over to her and slowly helped her to stand up and I took her straight to my room and closed the door. Neva was a daemon in bed. We got into every position we could think of but we both liked a missionary position best because we could look into each other’s eyes and kiss. I came four times, the last due to Neva's expert blowjob. Neva said she lost count of her orgasms after twelve. It's a good thing the Spanish have a late breakfast as we only just made that. We both decided that if for any reason we needed a cuddle or more, we just had to ask and it would happen. No questions asked.

As Febe was back at school, her birthday party would be held on Saturday. Preparations had been going on all week and at last Febe had decided on a guest list of 8 girls from her school who would bring their dates/boyfriends making a total of 16.

Febe was excited to help plan the party menu making sure the dietary requirements of everyone was taken into account. Camilla got everything together and with the help of Luciana on the day it would all be perfect. I had seen Luciana around the house and pool area and each time she blushed deeply. I caught her in the kitchen once and said. “Don't be embarrassed about the night when we saw you and Camilla. You were both so into each other that it was just lovely to see. I hope you enjoyed our show too?”

“Si. It was good to see you three enjoying the night. I had never seen a man before that.” She said and blushed. “Camilla is teaching me how to love and I was curious to see a man.”

“So you’re not only into girls then?” I said. “No. I'm not like Camilla, I like boys too. She has some girlfriends in Barcelona that she see's when she goes to town.”

“Do you have a boyfriend then?” I asked. “Not now. My last boy friend was mean to me. I was his first girlfriend; he didn't know how to kiss or anything.” I laughed. “You need someone that is a little older than you who has more experience with girls.” She looked at me and said. “I'll look for a man then?” And she leant in and touched my arm lightly. “Ah. Um. Yes that would be better.” I said hesitantly.

I met with Febe later and told her what I had found out but she wasn't surprised to hear that Luciana was bisexual. “Ever since that night when we saw her and Camilla I've been talking to her at school and she is a really nice girl. We had a study get together here on Thursday before the exams on Friday and she told me about the dates she'd been on with both boys and girls. I was going to ask her to be a guest at my party as we're friends at school, but thought she wouldn't have anyone to bring. I'll ask her and see what she says.”


Chapter Four. The Party


The day of the party came and guests started arriving around three in the afternoon. Hugs and kisses were given along with young girl squeals. The parents who dropped off their children were met by our mother and taken into the formal living room and offered drinks. The girls were wearing summer dresses and the boy’s slacks and golf style shirts. Everyone had brought their swimsuits and were shown were to change. Two of the girls had not brought a boy so there were only four boys who changed into swimmers and went down to the pool area. Music was playing and an area was set aside for dancing later. It took the girls longer to change but when they did come out onto the back patio they looked stunning. They all had on Bikini's covering the essential bits but the styles varied from thong style to casual beach wear style. Luciana was wearing a pale blue thong style which rode low in front, accentuating her pudenda. The back was just a thin piece of material dividing her rear leaving her cute arse cheeks fully on display.

Neva was everywhere. Organizing the food, the drinks and just being a typical Spanish mother and doting on her daughter. I saw Febe role her eyes up and shake her head at times but she was smiling and loving the attention.

I was by the BBQ making last minute additions when Febe came up to me. “Luciana didn't have a date for the party so I said she could dance with you if that's OK?” said Febe. “No problem, she's a nice girl and has a hot body; I'll make sure to give her a good time.” I said. Febe laughed and punched me in the arm. The guys hung around the food table tucking into the finger food while the girls lounged around the pool and swam. There was a lot of noise, what with the music and laughter and shouts from the girls. The fruit punch was refilled twice during the afternoon and gradually the boys and girls began to mingle with everyone jumping in the pool before the BBQ dinner was served.

Being young teenagers there was a lot of grouping in the pool and a few couples were kissing.

A play fight broke out between some girls, and their bikini tops pulled up exposing the girl’s breasts to the eager stairs of the boys. The girls squealed but were in no hurry to get their tops back on. The boys chased the topless girls out of the pool and around the garden before jumping back in the pool. It was a great party. Febe and her latest casual boy were in the pool and were not shy kissing and cuddling. At one point she had him backed up to the side of the pool and was pressing her cute backside against him. I knew that she had his cock out and between her legs just from the looks on their faces. Her hands were moving down between her legs, stroking him until get gave a grunt and planted kisses along her neck and shoulders.

As the sun sank below the horizon the party lights were switched on around the pool and gardens and people started to dance. Still in their bikinis the girls looked spectacular and slow dancing was going on between the guys and gals. I asked Luciana for a dance and she melted into my arms. I held her close and dropped my hands to her lower back and bottom. She wasn't hesitant in pushing her hips against mine causing my cock to harden and making her smile. Looking around the dancers some were kissing and moving to the music, some girls dancing with girls.

Luciana looked up at me and closed her eyes and lifted her chin. We kissed and I brought my left hand up to cup her breast while my right held her arse pulling and flicking her bikini bottom string occasionally and gripping her firm butt. I discovered that Luciana had a very long tongue as she moved it inside my mouth and kissed down the side of my neck. As she got more and more excited she squeezed my cock through my shorts and stroked along its length. The party started to wind down and people started to leave, thanking Febe for a great time. Camilla had been coming and going all afternoon, dropping off a platter of food and picking up empty plates and glasses, so by the end of the night there was surprisingly little to do after she left. Febe and Neva cleaned up the last of the party debris and I was surprised to see Luciana still here helping. I said to Neva that she didn't have to do that as she was a party guest. “I know.” She said. “But she insisted and she's having a sleep over with Febe tonight as it's so late anyway.”

Febe and Luciana were still in their bikinis and with all the bending over and stretching they were doing, I was sporting a giant hard on. Neva noticed me staring at the two girls and squeezed my cock through my pants. “Need some help with that? I could come to your room later?” “Yes please. That would make this a night to remember. See you later.”

Febe and Luciana came running up to us with their tits bouncing, still on a high from the night. “Thanks you two for making this a wonderful night.” and kissed us both on the lips. “Were gona crash now, it’s been a big day and night.” I pointed out to Neva that it I thought it was cute that they were holding hands as they walked back to the house showing us there cute little butts.

I was in the shower scrubbing of the dust and pool chemical smell from my hair when felt a breeze and new someone had opened the bathroom door. Before I could rinse away the soap from my hair a pair of hands were pressing on my chest and a pair of breasts into my back. It had to be Febe but was the other girl Luciana? The girl in front dropped to her knees and swallowed my cock head while the girl behind tilted my head back and continued to rinse the soap from my hair.

I felt the girl in front grab my butt and squeeze while swallowing my cock. Then Luciana in the back said. “Surprise.” and giggled. I now new that Febe had to be the one giving the great head job. I opened my eyes and found her looking up at me trying to smile with her mouth full of cock. She looked adorable with the water cascading down and running along her fabulous body. “You look amazing.” I said. She stood and spun me around to face Luciana. “No. This looks amazing.” she said, and I saw an angle standing before me. She was perfect. Her proportions, her skin and hair color and her angelic face. Her smile was sweet. There was no other word that would fit and those big brown eyes would capture any heart. Looking down at her, I realized I was holding my breath when she reached out and encircled my hard on with her delicate hand. Rubbing the inflamed head along her flat belly. Back and forth until I had to hold her hand to stop her or I would blow a load. She kissed me then on the lips and smiled up at me. “I love how hard you are for me. Can I have a taste too, like Febe just did? I'm kinda new at this but Febe gave me some pointers before, so I want to try.”

She knelt down and was joined by Febe, also on her knees beside her friend. “Now hold it like this. Yes and lick the underside like this and put the whole end bit in your mouth and suck gently.” “Ohh yes.” I said. Looking down at these two beauties was a dream come true. I wasn't going to last long and I said so. Febe was holding and pulling down on my balls and Luciana trying to get as much of my cock in her mouth as she could. I leant back against the shower wall and yelled. “Now.”

Luciana stayed until her mouth was full then Febe took my squirting rod into her mouth and swallowed my last two squirts. Luciana was still holding my spend in her mouth and looking at Febe not knowing what to do with her mouth full of my Jizz. “You can spit it out or you can swallow like I just did.” Febe said. And we both waited and watched as she thought about what to do. Then she swallowed and smiled. “You were right Febe. Salty but its OK.” she said.

I brought them both up to stand in front of me and kissed them both passionately. We dried off and stretched out on the old Four Poster. I lay in the middle with Febe to my left and a very affectionate Luciana to my right. She was running her hands all over me. Exploring everything she came across and she came to my cock and held it in her hand and inspected it closely. Lifting my balls to gauge the weight and kissing along my shaft. While she was doing this Febe was not idle and moved my hand down till it was cupping her mound. I inserted a finger inside her very moist pussy and she growled at me. I need your cock inside me NOW.” She wriggled down and mounted me with the help of Luciana who held my cock upright so Febe could lower self down till our hips met. She moved back and forth pressing her clit against my pubic bone and moaning. Luciana sat beside me looking at Febe move and rotate her hips, studying how she moved and the look on her face when she did this or that. Wanting to take her place and feel what she was feeling. I got Luciana's attention and indicated for her to mount my face facing Febe. She moved around and lowered her sweet muff onto my waiting mouth. She tasted as good as she looked. She had a small pussy. Shaved bare and she was dripping wet. I lapped at her like a starving man moving her hips back and forth so that I could nibble on her clit as well. I heard the girls whispering and then kissing sounds. I could hear Febe getting closer and closer to Cumming and Luciana started to press harder against my chin. They both seemed top cum at the same time shaking and shuddering and spilling their juices over me. Then all was still for some time just catching their breath and hugging and lightly kissing each other.

I hadn't cum yet but was nearly there. They rolled to the side of me and rested their heads on my chest. “Its Luciana's turn now.” said Febe. “Be gentle with her she hasn't had a man inside her just some of Camilla's toys.” I rolled over to lie on top of Luciana as she spread her legs. We kissed and I licked down her jaw line and licked along her shoulder. She shuddered. “Are you on the pill?” I asked. “Yes, for a while now. My mother could see that I was attracting boy’s looks and some of the men too, so she took me to the doctor.”

My cock was right up against her soft and opening lips. Just nudging the head inside and already I could feel how small she was down there. I pressed forward getting the whole head inside eventually and rested there to give her a chance to get used to my size. She let out a breath and I could feel her relax. Febe came up beside us and latched onto Luciana's petite breast causing her to moan and relax even more. About five minutes later I could feel my hips resting against hers. She had had two orgasms already mostly due to Febe's diligent sucking on her breasts and kissing her mouth. I started to pull out an inch then move back inside her. She got used to my size quickly and we both started to move in rhythm with each other. “I feel so full.” she said.

Her breathing increased and she was lifting her hips up off the bed to get the most pressure and depth from my cock. I could feel myself nudge against her cervix again and again. At last she was there, she threw her head back and moaned and shook while pressing her heals into the small of my back. I felt my balls rise up and my cock start to spew a huge load into her womb. Filling her up with my seed. Her cum lasted for minutes, she was holding her breath, until she collapsed back onto the bed and passed out. I rolled to the side and lay on my back breathing heavy.

Febe was concerned for her friend but could see that her breathing was regular but more like a pant. She smiled at me and said.” You did a good job and made her first time with a man one she will remember. Thank you.” I could only smile. It should be me that was thanking these two beauties.

Luciana was awake and looking at me as I eventually got my breath back. What a work out. She rolled towards me resting on her elbow. Covered in a mist of sweat and smelling of sex she was my dream girl. I reached out and pushed a strand of hair out of her face and she smiled. “I'm falling in love with you Ken.” She said and we gently kissed.

Febe, sitting on the bed beside us, sniffed and had tears in her eyes as she looked down on us. I said.”What? I'm just so happy. My bestest Uncle in the whole world and my new best friend are in love.” She hopped on top of me and rained kisses all over my face then did the same to Luciana.

Luciana spread her legs and wrapped them around Febe's waist and held her tight. As she was kissing Luciana, she whispered in her ear and both giggled. Luciana said. ”If you want.” Febe wriggled down till she was level with Luciana's pussy. She tentatively kissed her mound and licked her outer lips.

Luciana said. “Yes just like that. That's really good.”

Febe dropped her head and started feeding on her pussy and my spend. I looked on amazed. How much better could my life get. I had my erection back in record time and rolled on my side till I was facing these two lovers. I caressed Febe's back as she hungrily fed. I ran my fingers down between her perfect arse globes till I felt her moist slit. I slid two fingers inside causing her to pause in her dining and moan into Luciana's pussy making her moan as well and hold Febe's head hard to her pussy.

I knelt behind Febe and inserted my rod slowly into her molten core, not stopping until I was balls deep. I rotated my hips causing the tip of my cock to move inside her, nudging her cervix. When I moved forward I would move her hips forward and her face then would press hard into Luciana's pussy. I kept up this pace until Luciana came. Then with an evil smile I said. “Swap.”

I pulled out and watched both girls move to their new positions of Febe on her back and Luciana's head licking at Febe's snatch. I lined up behind Luciana's pussy and slowly sank my cock inside. She wasn't as tight now and seemed to enjoy it as soon as we got into a rhythm. Febe said.” Your tongue is so far inside of me. I love this. Don't ever stop.”

Luciana did seem to know her way around a pussy and soon had Febe yelling. “I'm Cumming. Ah Yes.” I kept pounding Luciana's tight pussy till I could feel myself unload inside her snatch. I held myself as deep as I could. Savoring in the feeling of her hot pussy on the head of my cock as she also came. I lay on my back and slowly fell into dream land with a smile on my face and empty balls.

I did hear what I thought was my shower running, but I rolled over and went right back to sleep.

I woke slowly, lying on top of the covers with a morning wood waving around I sighed and slowly stroked myself. There was a soft knock at my door and it opened to reveal Neva who came in and sat on the side of the bed. Still too tired to move or cover myself I smiled at her and waited for her to speak. “Sorry I couldn't make it last night. Mother wanted a chat about my dating life and bringing me into the business.” she sniffed the air and smiled. Looks like you were busy though. “A gentleman never tells.” I said.

She pounced on me and tickled until I gave in and said. “Alright, alright. Febe and Luciana.”

“Both? At the same time?” I just couldn't get the smile off my face. “Yep.”

“Well little brother if you treat Luciana as well as you treat Febe, you'll have them both in your bed every night. My cock was still hard and she absently held it a waved it around as she was talking. Then she was stroking it. Then spreading the Precum over my knob. She bent over me and slurped the head into her mouth and ran her tongue around the top. “Who do I taste now?” “Luciana” I said.

“Mmm. So sweet. You taste good together.” and she went back to giving me a head job till I filled her mouth. She smacked her lips and ran her tongue around her lips. “I haven't got any more on my face? Have I?” “No your good.” I said.

“Come down to breakfast when you’ve showered. I'll see you there.”


Chapter Five. Dating


I had just sat down at the meals table with Neva and our Mother and had some Coffee and cereal. Neva was in a heated discussion with Mom and it seems was not going to win this one. This same argument had been going on over meals about once a week for months now and I could see our Mom was well into the planning stage now for her children's future which included more Grandchildren and a couple of weddings. Maybe not in that order but there was definitely a list.

“I don't need to date to have a good time Mom.” said Neva. “I'm happy to be single for a while and not worry whether I am wearing the right outfit or having to impress someone.”

“Well you can't be a stay-at-home Mom now that you’re single again. I have a job available down at my office as a receptionist/secretary that will fill in your time now that Febe is back at school. The pay is good and working hours are flexible for the moment. You can start Monday. Here ring this number and our office manager will help you with all the paperwork.”

“As for you Ken (I gulped, here it comes) I met a lovely girl the other day who is just dyeing to meet you. She's the same age as you and has just started working in accounting. I just know that you two will get on. You can meet her on Friday next and she can be your date for my Company's annual dinner. The dinner is on the 21St of next month. Plenty of time to get to know each other.” The conversation over as far as she was concerned she got up and left for work.

'Groan.' “What are we gona do Sis. She'll have us married off by the end of the year.”

“No she won't I'll go down and see about this job and I mightn't even like it at all. You can meet this Janis and go to the annual company bash. A couple of dances and a thank you for a nice time. Bye.”

“The dinner is mainly a thank you to the staff for increasing the company's bottom line and handing out productivity bonuses. I see it as more of a boardroom meet.” We were sitting in the lounge room of the main house and had the fire going. These months heading up to Xmas were too cold to do much of anything else.

Well it's late and I have a project that I need to finish for work, so I'll see you in the morning.”I gave her a chased kiss on the cheek and headed up stairs. I always took the balcony root in the cold months as the distance was shorter to the warmth of my apartment above the garage. As I headed down the hall towards the door at the end that led to the balcony, a door opened and Luciana came out into the hall wearing PJ's that completely covered her from neck to knee. She looked so cute in her baggie sleepwear.

“Not another sleepover.” I joked. She had been spending more time in the house since it started to get cold. “No.” she said. “I'm going to be taught to cook by Camilla. Just two days a week but so we don't interrupt the household we are going to do it in the early mornings. Today will be my first day. We are going to bake.”

I held out my hands and she took them and held them to her chest. We looked at each other briefly then kissed passionately. My hands moved down to her cute rear and I lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around my waist. I walked her back into Febe's room and I sat on her bed with her sitting in my lap. Febe was in bed reading in bed and said. “Luciana, you brought back some desert. Yum.” We all broke up over that. I said. “No I have a lot of work to do and I have to finish it tonight.” I hopped up and put Luciana in to her bed and ceremoniously tucked her in giving her a kiss on the head. I did the same to Febe. Saying in a matronly voice “Now you girls go straight to sleep.” I closed the door and headed to my apartment. I had not seen nearly enough of Luciana these past months what with work and her school activates. She still came and assisted Camilla in the kitchen after school but then there were too many people in the house to take things to the point where we could spend some quiet time together.

We had gotten to the point where we considered ourselves to be dating or going steady although on the QT. No one other than Febe and Neva new, and possibly Camilla. She would be legal after her next birthday but still there was the age gap to consider. In Spain last century it was considered conventional practice to marry off your daughter to an older and usually more successful man. There is still this idea of the joining of two family houses, but today it is based more on financial reasoning than land/holder reasons. We weren’t looking at getting married; we were just having fun and enjoying life. Next year when she was the legal age of consent I would take her out on dates to see Places like The Alhambra and some of the water parks, all the things that makes Spain a must see place on every bucket list. Over time I could see that people would see us as a couple and seeing us always together would be considered natural.

For now, she had to finish school and either go on to Uni or find a job. She had said that her parents wanted her to take over the family Hotel business, but she wanted to be a cook in a high class restaurant or a teacher. She loves to cook so maybe.

At work the next day, I had finished my project and was just shutting down my consul when the phone rang. The caller ID said it was Mother.

“Can you make a quick trip to my offices? It's just across town and I have something to tell you that I can't over the phone. See you soon.” No small talk she was all business.

Her offices were top floor of a ten story building in the commercial district of Barcelona. When I got off the lift on her floor I was surprised to see Neva behind a desk on the phone. She was dressed quite nice in a professional business style skirt and top. She waved me past her and pointed towards mother’s office. As I walked down the hall I could hear Neva say into the phone. ”Ken is here to see you Mom. Ah... I mean Miss Daniels.” I knocked and entered. Mom was behind a big desk which had two computer monitors on it and was littered with papers and files and she was not alone. Sitting in a chair facing the desk was a stunning red head dressed in a smart business suit. She had that coppery red hair that you only see on pin-up posters and pale ivory skin. They both looked up as I entered.

Well hello Ken. I'd like you to meet Janis from accounting. I walked towards Janis and held out my hand. She stood up and took my hand. She was short at about Five Eight and looked slim in that tight fitting dress. “Janis is the girl that I was telling you about and that I'd like you to accompany her to the Company Party. I know this is short notice, but it is what it is. Why don't you both pop on down to the corner Tapas Bar and get to know each other. Now off you go I have work to do.”

We hurried out of the office and stopped by Neva's desk. We were both stunned. Things were moving too fast and we needed time to catch our breath. “Sorry about that. Our Mother can be a tad controlling at times.” I said.

Neva added. “We grew up with it and have learned to roll with the punches. But people just meeting her can be overwhelmed.”

“Yes, I can see what you mean. I have been working here for a while now I can tell you everyone in the other departments fear her.” said Janis.

“Oh it's not all that bad. She's always trying to help other people as long as that help fits into her overall plan.” Said Neva.

“Were under orders to go and have Tapas on the corner downstairs. Care to join us?” I asked. “Sure I'll just tell her I'm leaving.”

I walked behind the two girls as we headed for the lifts. The sway of those hips and the long legs in heals was mesmerizing. Neva and Janis chatted away like old school mates meeting up after a long break. I heard that Janis was native to Barcelona and lived with her parents in an apartment building there. She had a degree in accounting and was headhunted straight out of Uni for this job.

In a lull in the conversation I asked Neva how her job was going. “I like it. I'm surprised. I really like it. I get to meet everybody that comes to see Mom and sometimes go with her to meet her other bushiness. I didn't realize how diverse her company was.”

We got to the Bar and as usual it had a casual group of patrons sitting at tables eating tapas and drinking coffees'. I loved coming here. The meals were rich in flavor and made the traditional Spanish way and today the company was lovely. We ordered a jug of Sangria and the garlic prawns cooked in the traditional terracotta cazuela. While Neva and Janis were deep in conversation I had a chance to look more closely at Janis. She had a smattering of freckles across the bridge of her nose that gave her that so cute little girl look. Her face was well tanned and she looked overall very fit.

“So you’re taking Janis to the Party.” I felt someone kick me under the table. “Hello, Ken.” “Sorry I was daydreaming or something.” I said. The girls giggled and looked at each other in that way those girls do. “Yes. When is it again? The 21St?” “Yes and Janis and I are going shopping the weekend before to get the essentials for the night. You can come with us if you like. We'll need someone to carry all the store bags. The food arrived and we all tucked in. The Sangria was cold and the prawns were sizzling in there ceramic pots.

“Well.” I said between bites. “You know I'd love to but I have pressing work to do that weekend.”

“What weekend?” asked Neva?

“The weekend you’re going to choose to go shopping.” I said and laughed.

“Com-on it'll be fun. We can stop and have lunch somewhere. Janis will meet us at 'Divinas' and we can start from there.” Again my future was being played out for me by the women in my life. Oh well, could be worse. I could be in charge of the planning.

The shopping trip turned out to be not as arduous as I had thought. Both Neva and Janis needed my opinion on the dresses they chose, changing again and again and parading the latest style in front of me. Their long legs and stocking feet were a real turn on and the fact that they were sharing a change room made me squirm in my seat trying to hide my stiff cock. It wasn't just the girls either. There were some nice young things that also were changing and seeing that I was with the girls and giving my opinion on their fashion choice. Others also asked for my opinion, standing in front of me and bending this way and that. 'If I bend over like this, do you see my panties?' And 'Can you see through this material when I stand in the light.'

I was in a daze by the time we left and the girls were laughing and giggling fit to burst. I hope they didn't see my cock standing tall. I used the arm load of shopping bags to help hide my arousal.

By the time we got to lunch I had calmed down. Lunch was some local fish, grilled with a salad. I said that the outfits the girls had chosen were fabulous and they looked good in them.

“Do you need to shop for an outfit for the night? It's semi-formal so a suit and tie, crisp white shirt and some dress shoes would be good. Do you have those asked Neva?” I thought for a moment and said that I probable could go and shop for some items. “Great, let’s do that now. I know a shop for men's fashion in the next block over.

When we got to the hombres store we had the place to ourselves. I went up to the owner and explained what I was after and he took us down the back of the store to the formal section. Here he showed me some suits and measured me up for size. “Any suit on this rack will fit just select the style and color. I'll be back when you've made a choice.

I picked out one and was trying it on in the change room when the curtain flew open and Neva and Janis were standing there with an assortment of ties. All I had on was a button down shirt and my boxers. “Which one do you like.” said Neva holding up the ties. “I can't decide.” I said, “Until I have on the suit.” “Well come on then put some pants on.” I struggled to pull up my slacks while hiding my chubby and stepped out. I threw on the coat and turned towards the girls for approval. “What do you think?” Both girls admired the fit and my choice of color. They had me stand and face the mirror in the change room. Yes I thought I do look good in this. I noticed that the mirror view gave me a look at the girls staring at my arse and giggling. “Yes they said we like the look of that.” said Neva. Both girls nearly doubled over with laughter. Well let them have their fun. I even liked how the suit hung on me. I could get used to this.

The choice of tie was left up to Janis, who picked three, all a darker blue than the others. I thanked Janis for her help with the tie choice and she thanked me for the dress opinion. We gave each other the traditional cheek kisses. Neva and Janis hugged and said they'd see each other on the night. I arranged to meet Janis at her apartment and Neva and I left for home.

“Thank heavens that's out of the way.” said Neva “It's the hardest thing to pick a dress that you like, that is in fashion and that another girl has given her opinion on. I see that you had a hard thing when we were trying on those dresses. Janis and I could hardly stop smiling or we would give ourselves away.” “Janis saw.” oh shit I thought. “Don't worry little brother, I think she was impressed.”

“Dam, it’s going to be so hard to face her when I see her next knowing that.” “Well if it's hard the next time you see her she will be doubly impressed.” Ha Ha Ha

With only days to go before the Party I was nervous, of all things. Something I hadn't felt since I was thirteen and going to my first dance. I was going out with a girl that I had only just recently met. I liked her but had no intentions of leading her on and letting her expect anything more that this one date.

Neva picked up on my feelings over dinner that night. “I know what you’re thinking little bro and it's possible that Janis feels the same.” I sighed and said. “I hope so. My future at the moment lies with Luciana. She's sweet and loves me. I know her. From her head down to her toes. Especially those cute little toes.” I smiled.

“I know Janis has dated before and had a lover early this year, so she's not a novice at the dating game. She'll be OK. I do think she is looking forward to going to the party it's all she could talk about the few times I saw her at work.” I sighed. I still felt bad. “Go and see Luciana, she always makes you feel better. She's up in Febe’s room studying for finals.

I knocked and waited till I heard, “Yes. Come in.” I stepped into the room and noticed Febe was naked and bending over the bed to reach for her PJ's. Her shaved snatch on full display. Luciana was just as naked but pulling up her sleep pants. Her wonderful breasts on full view. Forgetting her pants, she jumped up and into my arms. We kissed and I held her close. This is where I wanted to be. Not at some party with someone I hardly new. She lowered her feet to the floor and asked. “What’s wrong? You look so sad.” I ran my hands across her back and down to slim waist. I griped her cute arse and squeezed. I looked down at her and kissed her forehead. “I don't get enough of you. I could be in your arms all day everyday and still not get enough.” She smiled. ”I like how you think.”

I sat on the bed and she pushed me flat. She sat astride my hips then wriggled up and rested her perfect pussy on my mouth. “Eat me.” she purred and I obeyed. I was still in my shirt and pants but had a raging horn tenting jeans. As I licked and nibbled I felt the belt of my pants being undone and my jeans lowered. Then a warm mouth sucking on my cock I loved my Niece. I licked Luciana to a quick cum then I heard. “Come back onto this I have him ready.” My girl moved down till she could lower herself on too my hard and ready to cum cock. “Ah. So tight. So warm.” I said. She started to raise and lower her petite frame onto my cock and I pushed back to give her the deepest penetration. Febe was on her bed and frantically fingering herself, having cum after cum. The smell of sex in the room only adding to our lust. Finally as Luciana came and her pussy contracted around my cock milking me of any and all of my Jizz. She collapsed on top of me breathing hard. From the other bed we heard. “That was incredible. You two just fit. I mean you belong together.” We agreed, only too wiped to say.

“The party is at the Hilton Diagonal Mar Barcelona.” Said Febe as we got into my car. “I had a big part in making sure the food and drinks were there and that guest accommodation was available to those who wanted to stay overnight. It should be a great night. The music for later-on after the presentations will be by a four piece string quartet.” Did I mention that I like my job?”

“Yes you did and you look to be very good at it. Has Mom been setting you up with anyone from the firm?” she smiled. “Well she hasn't but there was a nice looking guy there the other day that spent more time talking to me than he did in Mom's office. Quite the charmer.”

“Are you going to ring him? I don't think so, maybe, I don't know. We'll see. He may ring me.”

At the party we parked underground and took the lift to the main function room on the second floor. A reception desk was set up at the entrance to the room were given a boxed set of chocolates as a gift for the evening and got signed in as an attendee.

Hotel staff then looked on a map of the seating and pointed out where our table was. Not supersizing it was up at the front near the dance floor and the head table. The crowd was spread out around the room in groups, most around the bar area. There were a lot of people. If this was all the staff of the company and there plus ones, it was a big company.

I could see Janis seated and talking to another very pretty girl. As we sat down the other girl made her apologies and left. Janis was stunning in a green cocktail dress that clung to every curve of her body. We exchanged a Spanish kiss to both cheeks just as a drink waiter asked us our preferences.

The night progressed from the thank you for attending this, our 27th annual dinner, to bonus presentations towards the end of the night. Febe told me that they left it till the end so as many people would stay till then. The band played, people danced and everyone had a great time. Febe and I overheard some men talking and saying that this was the best function they remember having. Febe blushed and I said that she had done a great job on organizing the night. Our Mother was center of attention the whole night and was networking the room. I wouldn't be supersized if business deals were finalized that night.

Febe danced with a lot of guys and was always in demand. One guy she took a shine to and it was the same guy that had chatted her up that day at the office, Mateo. 'The Charmer.' She was thrilled when he asked her out on another date on the weekend. Janis and I danced together the whole night, she's a very good dancer and we enjoyed the evening but at the end of the night there wasn't that spark. That feeling you get when you have to make another date so that you can keep seeing that person. I offered her a ride home, but she declined. We kissed and she left with the girl she arrived with and as Neva was getting a ride home with Mateo I drove home alone. It was a great night and I had a wonderful time dancing with a very pretty girl in my arms. What’s no to like. But during the night my thoughts would take me back to thinking of Luciana.

I parked my car in the garage under my apartment and went upstairs to change out of my suit. I put the coffee machine on and went to my bedroom. “Surprise.” Both girls said as I entered. Febe and Luciana were both in bed under the covers with big grins on their faces. “We wanted to give you a goodnight kiss.” said Febe. “And cuddle,” said Luciana.” 'Giggles'.

“I need to shower and then I'll be back.” I was out of my clothes in record time and in the shower when they both joined me. “Where here to help.” 'Giggle.' We stayed there till the water started to get cold and they had both had two orgasms and sucked a load out of me. As we got into bed we saw the lights of a car pull into the drive but not into the garage. “This might me Mateo bringing you mum back from the party.” I said to Febe. All three of us stood naked by the window to sneak a peek through the Venetians at the couple in the car.

A large Mercedes was parked to the side of the drive and Neva and the driver were kissing and fondling each other. We couldn't see her hand but judging by the movement Neva was giving her date a wank while he kissed her. “Ooo. This is better than porn.” said Febe.” Ooo look he’s pushing her head into his lap and she's bobbing up and down.” said Luciana. Neva must have done a spectacular job as not too long after she started we saw him stiffen in his seat and Neva stop her bobbing. The two of them got out of his car to straighten up their clothes. He was leaning back against his car and they were cuddling when Maria our Mom pulled into the driveway and the headlights lit up the couple. Everything was still. Caught literally in the headlights. Maria got out of her car and advanced on the couple. The shouting was so loud that we could here every word.

Maria stood toe to toe with Mateo and shouted. “Does your wife know that you’re here with my daughter?”

“Your daughter? I had no idea. I thought she was your sectary. I...No. Um well she and I are not getting along... and I thought I...

“Oh that's so sad.” said Maria. “Did you kiss your kids before you left for the party tonight...” Just then Neva let go with a scream and slapped Mateo so hard he fell down only to scramble up to hop in his car and drive off. Leaving Mother and Daughter to hold each other standing there in the drive.

“We had better get dresses and head down to comfort her. The girls went back to their room and I threw on a dressing gown and went over to the main house. I heard the crying coming from the living room and saw all the girls in a group hug and all of them crying. “I'll put on the coffee.”I said and headed for the Kitchen. I brought back coffee and cakes on a tray and everyone had more or less settled down to quite sobbing by then. Febe was holding Luciana's hands and whispering softly to her.

Maria was holding her daughters hands and saying that he wasn't going to get anymore business from her and she would certainly be telling everyone that he was a cheater and not to be trusted.

“I feel so used.’Sob' He only wanted me for one thing.’Sob' Bastard. I hate men.” she stood and said. “I'm going to my room.’sniff' Thanks everyone for loving me tonight.” We hugged her and she left. “I'll stop by on my way to bed.” said our mom. “Ken can you see that the girls get to bed after you finish your coffees. I'm worn out from the party and now this. I must be getting old.”

“It was a very good party and Neva did a wonderful job organizing everything and yes I'll look after the girls.... Night Mom.” “Night. “Said the girls.

We sat and talked for a bit but it was getting late and the mood that we had earlier was gone. I walked the girls to their room and headed off to bed.


Chapter six. Holidays


It was Xmas next Tuesday and I had just managed to get the last of the presents for the family wrapped. Xmas paper and ribbon littering my living room floor when there was a knock at my door. “Wait.” I shouted. “There's stuff all over the floor.” That didn't stop Luciana and Febe from coming in and looking about the room. “What did you get us?” They said excitedly. “I like Diamonds,” said Luciana.” and I like Pearls.” said Febe”. They both cracked up laughing and rolling around on the lounge.

I had gotten them both matching bracelets. One in Gold the other in Silver with little hearts joining the latches together. “Your presents are already wrapped and under the Xmas tree but you can help me with Neva's present. It needs wrapping.” I had gotten Neva a Vouched to a Spa in town for her and one other. Including Deep Tissue Massaging and full waxing service. It came in a big gold envelope with fancy engraved lettering. I sat down at the breakfast bar on a stool and sipped my coffee while I watched the two of them bend over and search through the Xmas wrapping on the floor checking out the color of the paper and ribbon. They hadn't dressed for the cold weather, deciding instead to run the short distance along the adjoining balconies from the main house. There PJ's clung to every curve of their bodies. Highlighting the cute rears of both girls. Their breasts pressing out their tops and stretching the buttons down the front.

“You girls are growing out of those PJ's. They barley fit. “Oh we know. These are last years and we put them on especially for you this morning. “I've gone up another size,” said Lucian, “and Febe, two sizes.” They both came over and stood in front of me still sitting on the stool they pushed my legs apart and sat on my knees. “Here feel this,” said Febe and took my left hand and pressed it to her right boob. And mine too, said Luciana,” taking my right hand and holding it to her left boob.

“Mmm. I like it when my mornings start out like this.” I squeezed and fondled their lovely little tits and kissed them both deeply. Their other hands held my head and stroked my face. Luciana said. “This is going to be the best Xmas ever.” and licked across my lips and planted little kisses along my jaw and around my ear. Febe stroked my growing cock through my Trackies until it poked its purple head above my waist band. Then she got off my knee and dropped to the floor and engulfed my cock, taking as much as she could. “Mmm, let’s go to the bedroom.” She said.

It was only seven o'clock so we had plenty of time. We all quickly stripped off and got under the covers and cuddled. The room was still cold despite the heating doing its best. Febe went back to making my cock as hard as she could and I encouraged Luciana to straddle my shoulders and lower her pretty pussy down on my waiting tongue. I was enjoying the feel of Luciana's soft inner thighs around my face when I felt Febe lower her hot, moist pussy onto my pulsating member. The warmth of her tunnel was heaven. She rocked slowly at first then quicker as she built herself towards her orgasm. Her hands griped my Abs as the neared her peak and her nails dug in as she climaxed, flooding my groin with her juices.

I held on for as long as I could but her inner muscles worked their magic on my member making me expend every ounce of my orgasm deep into her Pulsating vagina. I recovered and went back to munching on my muffin and nibbling Luciana's clit and licking her sweet tasting lips. She lifted off my face and took my cock into her mouth. Tasting both Febe's and my combined juices. Febe had collapsed next to us with her eyes closed and breathing heavenly. Luciana soon had me ready to go. The sight of her bobbing up and down did wonders for my libido. When she was ready she moved across and started to lick out Febe's snatch with gusto. I watched these two nymphs for a bit then mounted Luciana from the rear, sliding effortlessly deep into her hot cunt. From here I was able to look at Febe's and the expression on her face as she came all over Luciana's face. She wriggled down so she could cuddle Luciana face to face and they kissed holding each other tightly. I deep stroked her then slow stroked her building her up slowly to a finish. Then stopping and holding myself as deep as I could, prolonging her eventual climax. She began using her inner muscles to milk my cock, squeezing the head sucking on it as if it was her mouth. I wouldn't last long if she kept that up so I went back to slow stroking her listening to the two of them kissing and whispering together.

“Oh give it to me lover make me cum.” she said. I started to pound her. Going as deep as I could each time making her give little grunts each time I nudged into her cervix. As she neared her peek I exploded inside her taking her over the top and making both of us gush with our combined juices. “I can feel you spurting inside me.” Mmm

“Wow.” said Febe. “I could feel you both as you came. Shaking and shuddering. It was like you were both making love to me at the same time. I love you two.”

Later at breakfast on Xmas day and after all the present giving and Xmas wishes were exchanged. We talked as all family's do at this time of year. Laughing and telling silly jokes. The girls were flashing their new bracelets and I was wearing my new Xmas 'Red and Green’ jumper my sister had gotten me.

Even Gran had come down to join in the festivities and have breakfast.

Luciana would be picked up later by Camilla and have a lunch with her family. She was staying overnight with us more often now as it was closer to school and her training with Camilla was still going on. They had both looked into starting with a cooking school doing late night cooking courses during the summer but only if she kept up with her school work.

Neva had become good friends with Janis and went on frequent shopping trips with her, coming home after work with arm loads of cloths. Neva was still getting over her disastrous evening with Mateo and having a friend in Janis was helping. Janis would often come home with Neva and stay the weekend. Neva loved her job and was taking on more and more responsibilities. She said that Mom would make her an office manager if things kept expanding like she hoped.

Neva eventually went to the Spa and I wasn't surprised when she took Janis with her, her new best friend. She was excited to get the full package. Facial, wax and Mani-Pedi. But she would definitely start with the massage. I didn't see her when she returned from the Spa but Febe said that she had just the best time and had a full body wax as did Janis.

I was missing my alone time with Neva. 'My sister with benefits' but I certainly had my hands full with the girls so I was kept busy.

I was going to an IT seminar next month in Paris to get some info on Information Security Analyst and Network Administration. It was going to be held over the week that was Febe's Birthday which I'd miss. Neva could see that it meant a lot to me, so she decided to celebrate both Febe's birthday and Luciana's birthday on the same day as they were only 2 weeks apart anyway. Unknown to us all was Maria's present to us. When we went to Maria to tell her of the new dates for the party she flawed us all by telling us about her present to Febe and Luciana but to me and Neva too.

It has been a joy having you all stay with me here; I would have been very lonely without you all. So as a thank you I have organized a holiday for my two lovely children and my Granddaughter and her friend, a holiday on the French Riviera. I have made the bookings this far in advance as it's very popular but next June for your school holidays and your annual holidays you are all going to Les Rivages de Coudoulière in Six Fours Les Plages France.

We thanked her with hugs and kisses and asked if she would come as well. “No. Thank you, but I have to stay and look after Gran. You will only be away for two weeks and when you get back we can go out to dinner and celebrate the girl’s birthdays with cake and ice cream.” I made the arrangements with work the next day and worked out that it would only be a five and a halve hour drive to the hotel in France.

Febe asked if instead of a big party for her and Luciana, could they both get all dressed up and go out to dinner, a fancy dinner. Neva thought that was a great idea as she liked getting dressed up too.

So towards the end of February we went out to the Windsor Catalonian Restaurant in Barcelona. I had heard very good reports about this place as being perfect for small gatherings such as birthdays.

The girls went all out and had their hair done and new dresses bought. Maria was blown away by how mature the girls looked in their new clothes. They had definitely grown taller over December and January. They still looked slim and school girlish but had put on some makeup and looked two years older at least. The meal was excellent with a mix of classical cuisine and local products. The girls sipped from our wine glasses and tried a piece of everything I ordered. By the end of the night we were so full that we took a walk around the area and did some window shopping. I held Luciana's hand as we walked and she squeezed my arm. We were cold but happy. We stopped and kissed when we thought we could get away with it. Neva and Febe held hands and talked quietly to themselves.

Towards the end of the night Neva got a call on her phone from Janis. She spoke quietly for a minute and asked to be dropped off at Janis's place. I asked if she was alright. “Yes.” said Neva, she needs some company tonight. She was there for me when I needed her so I'll go and stay the night with her. It's the least I can do.” We went home and after changing into something more comfortable we met in the living room and had mugs of hot chocolate in front of the fire.

“You both looked stunning tonight. Did you see every male in the place was at some point staring at the two of you? You look lovely in your dresses. You'll have to bring them when we go to France. They cuddled up against me Febe on my left and Luciana on my right. Their legs tucked up under them. There hot chocolate mugs between their hands to keep them warm. “We had the best time tonight, thank you for taking us out. I loved getting dressed up and to have all of the guys admiring us was amazing.” said Febe. “Well I had a good time also seeing the guys looking at you two and feeling on top of the world knowing I had the pretest two girls in the place sitting on each side of me. I'll miss you two next week, I'm off to the IT Seminar. It's only for a week and if I feel I know the material I'll come home earlier.” I said.

“We have some exams that week so we'll be busy too we'll miss you too.” and they gave me a kisses on my cheek. We were all tired and went straight to our rooms and slept.

The best thing about the seminar was that it was all paid for by my bosses and the hotel I was in had the best bakery just below my room. Every day I would walk downstairs and grab a snack and a coffee from the bakery then walk to the end of the Boulevard in front of the Hotel across the Park at the end, from there it was a short bus ride to the Seminar building. The lecturers and the Experts in their field were very knowledgeable and I learnt a lot. Technology was advancing so fast it was hard to keep up and cyber crime was on the increase. One of the attendees was a guy from England named Warwick who wrote for a magazine dealing with the IT industry and its impact on all aspects of business today. We had some great conversations over lunches and traded Emails to keep in touch.

At the end of each day I would ring Mom and tell her how my day was going and that I missed them all. I got pictures on my phone from Febe of Luciana lying down in front of the fire in the living room. She was in silhouette with her face turned towards the fire. Her body was outlined by the fire light and seemed to glow. The rise of her breasts and the flat of her belly were delicious to see. Her long legs were bent slightly with one leg crossed over the other. I quickly saved the pic and replied with a smiley face and a comment “C U Fri.” I was flying back Friday after the closing speeches of the seminar organizers and certificates of attendance were handed out.

Neva picked me up at the airport in Barcelona and after a kiss and a hug we started for home. On the way she seemed preoccupied and quite so I asked her. “What’s up Sis? Something’s troubling you.” She sighed and kept driving for a bit then said. “You know Janis my BFF, she and I are getting along really good and we've become … close. The other day she confessed to me that she was probably Gay and that she was going to come out to her parents that night and she wanted me there for some moral support. That was the night we celebrated Febe's birthday at the restaurant, remember?”

“Yes, and that would explain how she acted at the Company party too.”

“Yes she felt uncomfortable but couldn't explain it to you and she wasn't sure about her own sexual orientation yet. She did come out to her parents that night and they were very understanding and sympathetic to her feelings. She cried and her parents left us alone then, so she could come to terms with her feelings. We talked well into the night. My heart went out to her and it felt natural for us to hug and hold each other. We eventually kissed which led to more kissing and... Well I stayed the night in her bed and it felt right.”

“I know I'm not Gay... probably Bi... But I do have strong feelings for her and she says that she loves me. We see each other at work of cause and have lunch together every day. She is still living with her parents and would like to move out on her own with the idea of me moving in with her. I'm going to tell everything to Mom tonight and I would like you there for support.”

“Of cause Sis.” I held her hand while she drove the rest of the way home. “What about if she could move into the apartment and I could take your room in the main house. That way you two could share and you'd still be there for Febe.”

“Oh Ken, that's a great idea. Are you sure we wouldn't be putting you out?”

“Well, if I need some peace and quiet to do programming, I could still camp over there in the lounge room. As long as you two kept the noise down.” She punched me in the arm. “Where not that noisy.” “TMI.” I said. And she punched me again. But laughed.

As we parked the car I said. “Mom will see the practicalities of the move and if you point out that the alternative is moving out of home. She'll see that you two are good together. She's not silly and has more than likely worked some of it out already.”

Inside the house it was chaos as usual until Mom took charge and sent me off to unpack while she organized lunch for everyone.

Febe came to tell me that lunch was ready and hugged me from behind as I hung up my clothes. “I missed you.” I turned and held her close.”I missed you too.” I said. We walked back down to the main house and sat down at the dinner table. It was all noise and laughter as I told them of the week in Paris. The people I met and the food there. Luciana was out with her Father visiting some restaurants that he supplied fresh produce to. She was eager to meet the Chef's and speak with the Cooks about an apprenticeship and how that would fit into her school work. Febe said she was seriously thinking about going into computer software design for business and then working for Maria. Neva said that she really loved her job and Maria felt that she was a natural at managing people and would be the perfect choice for an office manager probably after she comes back from holidays.

After lunch was over we had a chance to talk with our Mom. She was understanding of how much Janis was going through. “Mom, Janis wants to move out on her own and she wants me to share with her.”

“Oh Neva. I've seen how you two look at each other and I know what you mean by share. Living with someone on a day to day basis can be hard it's the little things that start to affect a relationship first. Not sharing the day to day tasks that need to be done. Your Dad never picked up after himself and couldn't dress himself correctly. The right thing to do here might be to cool things off for a bit, you are certainly in the honeymoon phase of this relationship. I'm not saying stop seeing each other but you two haven't known each other that long.”

“Have you two spoken to each other about where you will be living? And what about Febe and her schooling. She will be going to Collage next year....”

I coughed to get their attention and said. “I have an idea. What if... and only if it's OK with everyone. What if Neva and Janis could move into the apartment over the garage and I could take her old room. That way she would be her for Febe when needed and Febe wouldn't feel like she's in the way. She'd still have her old room.”

“That's a better idea. What do you think Neva?”

Neva sighed. “I think my little brother is very smart.” We hugged and she winked when Mom couldn't see. “Thank you Ken, this means a lot to me.” we hugged again and she whispered “I owe you.”

“I think that that little kitchen over there is maybe too small. I'll get someone in to make it into a better one suited to a flat and give it an update also. Maybe give it all a coat of paint too. Neva, pick out some nice colors and show them to me.” She smiled and kissed Neva on both cheeks. “I'm off. I have a ton of things to do and now my list is even longer. See you all at dinner tonight.”

“Well that worked out better that I thought it would.” said Neva. “I'll ring Janis and tell her. I thought at one point that Mom would squash the whole idea.”

“It was heading in that direction. You might still have some time before you move in, what with the remodeling and painting, but I'd say it’s a done deal. You two will be living together in, say a month?”

“Wow. It's going to happen!” Neva had a stunned look only now realizing the implications of her situation. “It'll be like being married. We'll be living together. Wow.”

“Ring Janis and give her the good news.”

“I will. Thanks again Ken. Love you.” and she ran off.

Febe was in the living room in front of the fire texting on her phone when I sat down next to her. “Hi.” I said. “Did you hear any of that?” “Yes...” She said. “It got a little loud there for a little bit. I'm glad that it seems to be settled. I've just texted Luciana and told her the news. All she could think of was that you'd be that much closer to where she sleeps when she's here.” He. He.

Later in the afternoon Neva took me aside and explained that Janis was at first hesitant to be living here so close to her boss but I explained that Mom was making excuses why this was all a bad idea and we should probably think very carefully about the whole situation. In the end she thought it was probably the best way that we could be together and got excited over the idea that there would be an 'us.' I'm going to see her tonight at her place and we can talk more.”

Saturday night. Neva is with Janis. Luciana is staying the weekend with her parents. Maria is still out at a business dinner in Barcelona and the Night nurse has just arrived to assist Grandma Galena.

March is cool during the day and cold at night so Febe and I spent most of the night in front of the large fire place. We talked and talked about our futures and how Janis living here might affect the family as a whole. But her Mom had to take this step in life along the path that she saw as being right for her. The family would be here for her if and when she needed us.

The nurse came down for some coffee and said that Gran had fallen asleep. We had a monitoring system set up in her room so if she needed anything during the night she could call and the nurse could see via a cam how she was sleeping. She said good night and left.

“Will you stay with me tonight? I don't know how I feel at the moment. I like Janis and all but don't want to share my Mom. Does that make sense?”

“I might get a Sister-in-law that's actually a sister.” I said. And we laughed. “Come on let’s get into bed where it’s warm.”

Sunday morning I woke up with Febe's head resting on my lower abs and her mouth nursing on just the tip of my stiff cock. She would suck gently for a while then rest, keeping the tip inside me mouth. I lay there for a while and realized that she was asleep and nursing like a baby. How sweet is this girl? I rested my hand on the back of her head and stroked her dark locks. She murmured a bit but didn't wake. I looked at the clock and reasoned we had hours before we would have to turn up for a late breakfast so I luxuriated in the feeling of my Niece gently sucking. It was just enough stimulation to keep me on the edge, I loved it.

Eventually she started to wake and with an Mmm she started to suck in earnest, bring me off quickly after such a long foreplay. I filled her mouth and she swallowed down my load and licked up and around the head. I kissed her face and neck making her moan. I loved my Niece. I traveled lower and licked around her mound and nibbled on her clit. She spread her legs wider giving me access to my playground. Her sex smelled delicious and I was eager to taste it. I gave her one awfully big cum and she nearly squashed my head between her thighs. I licked and lapped finally planting a kiss there. I asked if she was feeling better today. She kissed me and said. “Yes, thank you.” We cuddled for a while and then showered and went down to breakfast.

I got a call from a work colleague in the morning asking how the seminar went and catching me up on the happenings at work. Big things apparently. The company had received an influx of money from the parent company were and expanding the staff and overall structure of the firm. I'd find out more on Monday.

Later that day I was in the apartment laying out a presentation of what I learnt from the seminar when Neva and Janis knocked on my door. I closed my laptop and welcomed them in. Things were a little bit awkward for a bit until I stepped forward and embraced Janis. “Welcome to the family.” I said and kissed both of her cheeks as the Spanish do.

“Thanks. I wasn't sure what to say.” She said.

“Want some coffee?”

“Love some.” Said Neva. “We spoke to Mom and she has said that we can move in as soon as the craftsmen have finished. You will have to move into the guest room by the study for a while. She has put clean sheets and towels in there and cleaned out the closet so you have enough room.

I handed them their coffees and we sat at the small breakfast bar. I noticed that they held hands under the table. “When is the work going to start?”

“Wednesday. The kitchen will be torn out and the painting can start. She has a kitchen picked out that can be installed as soon as the paint dries.” They looked into each other’s eyes lovingly.

“Well you two can help me move my stuff. We can start as soon as we finish our coffee.”

It didn't take long with all of us helping and I didn't have a lot of gear to start with. I watched the interplay between Janis and Febe and saw that they got along just fine and at the end of the day they were laughing and joking together.

Dinner that night was noisy. Grandma came down and sat with us had a little of something to add to every conversation. She was a very worldly and well educated woman and it showed. Maria had made a big sale on Saturday night and was planning on expanding her business to open an office in Madrid where she hopes to make a killing. Febe will be in her last year of School and wants to go to college and was looking forward to the holidays. Neva and Janis were happy spending time together.

When I arrived at work on Monday my boss waved me into his office and had me sit. He asked about the seminar and if I thought there was anything new that needed to be implemented here. I mentioned the lecture on Information Technology Security Controls and how we could start to develop programs to better cover the increase in cyber crime.

He had spoken to his board about this before and they had given him the green light to go ahead and work with programmers to develop software. He wanted me to start a branch of the company that dealt specifically with this. He saw this as being very big in the future and we were going to get in on the ground floor.

Basically I was to head a team of programmers to develop the software and following trials the sales team will take it to the business world.

By the end of the week I was wasted. Long hours and pressure to get results was having an effect and I was tired every night when I eventually got home. I didn't see much of my family but they said they understood. Preliminary figures showed big profits as we would have the propriety software.

By the end of the month things were running well and my boss was happy with the results achieved so far. I was looking forward to the holidays just two months away.

I pulled into the garage and parked my car. It was late and I had missed dinner so I headed to the kitchen after dropping of my lap top bag and backpack in my room. I was still in the guest room as the apartment wasn't finished yet. Next week Neva assured me she would be moving her stuff out and into the apartment. Janis would move in that same day.

I raided the fridge of leftover meat and cheese and sliced of some fresh bread. I stood at the kitchen island and wolfed down the hurriedly made sandwich.

Mom strolled in and made herself a coffee. She was dressed in some baggy PJ sleepwear with Cat paw prints all over them. Her big breasts rolling free under her top in a mesmerizing way. She yawned, and stretched pushing her arms up towards the ceiling “You’re late.” She said. “I thought I put in some long hours but you got me beet. “Ha Ha, Yea. It should settle down after this week.” I said, and yawned.

“Thanks for putting yourself out for your sister Ken. I can see that this is a big step for her, not so much for Janis. She seems surer of taking this step than Neva.”

“It was an easy answer to a ticklish problem. If for any reason they don't get on, it would be easy for Janis to go back home. If they connect on a more meaningful level, this will be a good springboard for their future.”

“You’re wise for your age. Well I'd better get back to work. I've got a big project coming up. I'll be in my study if you need me. Oh and don't think I didn't see you checking me out.”Ha Ha Ha.

I blushed and she wagged a finger at me. “Men.” she said.

“Love you Mom.” I yelled to her retreating back.


Chapter seven. It's not all Tapas and Sangria


April was cold, with night time temperatures struggling to get above 10deg C. It had been raining for days now and everything just felt damp. It was Friday and a public holiday, 'Good Friday'. I had finished all of my work and the boss liked it. I could relax for the weekend.

I parked the car and opened the door to exit and a gust of wind swept the legs out from under me. The wet flag stones on the path to the house didn't help either. I went down, my leg twisted and I felt incredible pain in my right leg. I'd put out my hand to stop my fall and twisted my wrist as I fell.

I sat up as best I could with my back against the closed car door, the rain coming down and soaking me. I pulled my phone from my briefcase and rang Mom. Maria and Neva came out and managed to get me inside and lying down on my bed. Neva and Janis fussed over me and got me as dry as they could and gave me some pain killers to help. Mom returned and said that a Paramedic team was just pulling up and were bringing in a stretcher.

The next day I slowly woke and had difficulty working out where I was. It slowly all came back to me, the ride to the hospital and those wonderful drugs the medics gave me that left me floating without a care. The Doctors, the Nurses and the plasters on my leg and right arm, and now that I thought of it, the pain returned. I groaned and shut my eyes tight, wincing against the pain.

Luciana must have been just outside my door. The door was flung open and she knelt beside the bed and stroked and ran her hands through my hair. “Are you alright. You look terrible. I'll go and get your Mom, she has the medicine that the Doctor gave her.” and she ran off. She came back and kissed me on the lips and smiled down at me. “I love you.” she said and left.

Mom was the next to come in and gave me the details of the fall. I had a spiral fracture of my Right Tibia and a sprained right wrist. An x-ray showed small bone fragments around my Radius. Both were plastered and would stay that way for a while. She handed me two pills and a glass of water. The water was what I needed too. I was dry in the mouth. As she had been talking the room had been filling. Febe and Luciana stood at the end of the bed with worried kooks on their faces and Neva and Janis stood at the door. As Mom finished talking the rest all talked at once, asking me how I felt, if I was hungry and was I in pain? “I love you all and thank you for looking after me, but I'm just so tired I can only just keep my eyes open.” I said.

Mom came and went throughout the rest of the day keeping the pain away with pills and leaving sandwiches on a plate. I started to feel more myself by Sunday morning. Luciana and Febe came in just after breakfast to take away my plate and coffee cup. I got concerned looks and hugs and kisses from both. “Uncle Ken you need a bath!” said Febe. Luciana wrinkled her nose and nodded. Both of them laughed and made exaggerated hand movements in front of their faces. “That's enough you girls. Take those plates to the kitchen and ask Neva to run a bath for my little boy.” and she pinched my cheek and smiled. She opened a window and let in some fresh air and I didn't realize till she did that just how smelly I was.

“I'll be back to help you in a minute.” I sat up on the side of the bed and winced when I automatically put my right hand down to help. The plaster on my leg felt heavy and I saw someone had drawn hearts all over the front. Mom had changed into some leggings like you'd see in a Gym with a sports bra type top and was holding a Hospital Crutch.

“The hospital gave me this, here see how you go. Not too fast. That's it.” We made it to the bath room and Mom closed the door. She said “Sit on the edge of the bath and I'll help you take off the top of your PJ's.” The sleeve only just went over the plaster on my wrist. “Lift up so I can take down your Shorts.” I just looked at her and blinked. “Come on Son, you must realize that you can't do this on your own and I won't be asking any of the girls to assist you, so lift up.” So I did and they were pulled down and tossed aside.

“OK, now the Doc doesn't want you getting the plaster wet so I'm going to wrap your leg in plastic. You'll have to take care not to get your wrist wet. OK.” I had to separate my legs so she could get the wrap in place and this brought her head up close and personal with my crotch. I could see her taking little glances at my thickening cock as the wrap went on and by the time she was finished I had a chubby pointing out at a 45deg angle. “I'm sorry if this makes you feel uncomfortable, but I can't see any other way.” she said looking directly at my cock. She was only about six inches away from my knob and still holding my leg.

“I'm OK... I'll just hop in the...Ah...bath now.” I said, pain shooting in my leg.

“Ah yes.... OK. And keep the leg up and out of the water.” She helped me into the bath and left looking flushed.

She was right. There was no one else that she could have let help. The bath felt wonderful and I thought of rubbing one out. She came back and caught me stroking my hard on. She coughed and said. “Got all of the bits and pieces done then?” she asked.

“Yes. It is difficult with my leg held up and resting on the side of the bath, but with one hand I got most of it done.”

“Sit up a bit and I'll do your back.”

She knelt beside the bath and with washer in hand washed my back and shoulders. It felt good.

She pulled the plug and the water slowly drained away leaving me lying there with a stiff cock swaying back and forth. “I can't see any way of doing this other than you hold my shoulders and I'll help you stand. That's it now step over the bath and sit where you were before when I wrapped your leg.” As I stood up in the bath and stepped over the rim our crotches met for a brief second. Well my stiff cock brushed against her crotch. She helped me sit and then knelt between my knees to unwrap my leg. My cock now pointed out at her face as she worked.

“I'm so sorry about my cock Mom. I don't have any control over it.” I said in way of an apology.

“Don't fuss. It's a natural thing to happen when you see a pretty girl.” She joked. “Your young and I'm flattered that you can get that way around me. You've got nothing to be sorry about,” she said and looked directly at my cock. “You've got a nice cock.” We could both see my cock twitch and stiffen as she said that. “Well now that we've got that out of the way let’s get you dressed and out of here.”

I hopped, with her assistance back out to the living room as it was the warmest part of the house. Everyone was there and fussed over me for the rest of the day. I could get used to this.

I rang work and told them what had happened and that I wouldn't be in on Monday and probably not for a couple of weeks. I had nightly visits by Luciana when she was staying with us and Febe when she wasn't. Even then, being drained every night by my girls I still got stiff each night when Mom would help me into the bath. On about the fourth night in the bath I was stroking myself, enjoying the feel of the hot water when Mom came in and sat on the thrown. She chatted away as if she couldn't see what I was doing. She asked. “Do you want me to leave so you can finish?”

“No that's OK I feel a bit naughty doing this while you’re here but let’s get me out before I turn into a prune.” She got me out and seated on the side of the bath and kept talking about how I was getting around better now on the crutch. But all the time she was talking to my cock which hadn't gone down at all. I had both hands resting on her shoulders and moved them up to behind her head. I slowly pulled her head towards my throbbing cock until her lips were just about touching the purple head. I heard her groan and saw her lick her lips. Some Precum had leaked from the head and slowly dribbled down the shaft. She reached out and caught it on a finger and brought it to her lips. She took the same hand and wrapped it around my shaft and began to stroke it slowly.

“This is our secret right?” she said. “Yes Mom.” I said. “Say it again, Mom.” “Suck me Mom.”

She took me into her mouth and lovingly licked the underside of the head. Then licked up my shaft from my balls to the head, now pulsing Precum. She engulfed the head and drove down my shaft until she was nose up against my belly. My cock stuffed down her throat. “I've never...” was all I could say before emptying myself down her throat. She bobbed her head up and down and then licked the head. “You taste yummy. Did you know that?”

“Wow.” Was all I could say. That was, without doubt the best blow job I have ever had, and it was from my Mom.

She could see that I was out of it so she helped me dry off and dress in some PJ's. She called out for Neva to assist her in getting me back to bed. I slept right through till morning. Each bath after that was accompanied with a BJ. Mom was happy to do this for me and enjoyed every mouthful.

We naturally became closer and talked about things that we of wouldn't normally. Things like, Neva and Janis and how they were now a very loving couple and were open in public toward each other, and how she was happy for them. Febe was doing well in her last year of school and still had a string of boys following her around. Luciana was more focused on school work and wanting to attend a Chefs course. Overall she was pleased with her family. She said how she still loved Dad but couldn't stand him at the same time. Since the initial blowup where she left and moved back to Spain, she has felt happier and she knows that Dad does too.

We were all sitting in the living room waiting for Mom to come in and show us something. She was very secretive about the whole thing. We had to be there at a specific time. She came in and turned on the TV. Just as an Add was starting. The Add showed young people moving into a house in a nice suburb with other young couples walking by. Then our Mom came on screen and gave a spiel about the opportunities today for young people to own their own home. Her company logo and phone number inching their way across the bottom of the screen.

We all clapped and asked questions at the same time. She went on to say that this Add campaign was in conjunction with the opening up of a branch of her firm in Madrid.

“Madrid.” Neva shouted. “That's great Mom. Things are going great with the business then?”

“Yes and all going well I'll soon have an apartment in town there for business purposes you understand, but I'm sure that when it's not in use family can stay there. Everyone was excited now. A collective 'Yea' went up and everybody started talking at once. Madrid was only a four hour train ride away and having a place to stay there meant a huge saving in accommodation. I overheard Febe asking her Mom about going and seeing the sites in Madrid after coming back from the Riviera next month and Grandma saying that she just had to see this and that.

Maria was just smiling and listening. She loved her family and loved to please them.

Now that my plasters were off and I was back at work I was asked to do some programming which involved many hours of intense concentration. I had asked Neva if I could use her living room to get some quite time to work. I let myself in to the apartment just after Breakfast and was well into the work when the door to the apartment crashed open and Neva and Janis came in, each trying to suck the others tongue into her mouth. When they saw me they stopped.

“Don't mind us Bro. We'll be real quite. Promise. He He He” and they went into the bedroom. Well things were quiet until the bedroom door opened and Janis came out wearing just a pair of lace panties and holding an arm across her chest in an effort to hide her large breasts. “Need some hydration.” She bent over and got two water bottles from the fridge stretching her lacy knickers across her cute butt and showing just a slight hint of her arse crease through the thin material.

I heard something to my right and saw Neva standing naked in the doorway, leaning against the jam. Her figure was flawless and seemed to glow with the sheen of sweat on her cone shaped breasts and slim hips. From where I sat I could plainly see that her sex was red and inflamed with lust, moisture clinging to her exposed lips. The room seemed to fill with the smell of sex coming from their bedroom. “Come back lover it's your my now.” said Neva and she turned giving me a fabulous view of her arse as she went into the room and climbed onto the bed. She lay down and spread her legs waiting for Janis to return. Janis blushed and now with a bottle of water in each hand and her breasts swaying, walked back into the bedroom and with her foot closed the door.

How was I going to work now that I had a raging hard on. 'Sigh'

I packed up to return my laptop to my room, but on the way I was accosted by Febe. “Ken. I was hoping to bump into you this morning.” She said and pressed her chest into my side. She was just in her panties and T shirt. “Luciana will be here this afternoon and we want you to come shopping with us. Can you? Please. We've finished our exams and have time to do it today.”

Well, I have a lot of work to do but if I can get some done before you go I'll come along.”

“Great. It's only about two weeks till the holidays and we need some new cloths. Especially new Bikini's. We both want your opinion. 'Kiss'. Thanks by.” and she skipped down the hall in front of me. My cock hadn't gone down since I left the apartment and was now as hard as ever seeing her cute little bottom in lace panties. I turned and walked towards the Study with my laptop and found Mom in there sitting in front of the monitor and typing away. I stopped behind her and asked how long she would be. She spun around in her chair and looked up at me and then down at my tented shorts.

“I hope you haven't been walking around like that in front of the girls.” she said.

I wanted to point out that it was the girls running around in their scanties and less that had caused this condition, but thought that was maybe TMI for Mom.

She looked behind me and said. “Close the door.” I did and she moved her chair back from the desk indicating that I should sit on the edge of the desk. “Let me help you there.” She lowered my zip being careful of my hard cock straining the material. My cock was now free and pointed to the sky. She rolled her chair closer and wrapped her hands around the shaft. Stroking slowly she said. “You are so hard.” and she licked the Precum off the head. “My Son has the yummiest cum.” She smiled and looked into my eyes as she took just the head into her mouth and licked the underside. She bobbed up and down keeping eye contact and stroking the shaft and caressing my balls. I put my hands on the back of her head and with just a little pressure she took more and more cock until she had her nose pressed up against my pubes. She swallowed and her muscles in her throat caused me to cum bucket loads down her throat. All the titillation this morning had backed me backed up and I emptied the lot down my Mothers throat. She slowly moved my cock to her mouth and sucked the remainder out.

I could only sit there and pant as my cock went back to a size that she could fit back into my shorts. Licking occasionally on the head at the remaining dribbles.

“I shouldn't be more than a half hour and then I'm off to do some work in town.” she said, now back in work mode. “I won't be back till after dinner tonight.” She stood and hugged me, then pushed my compliant body out the door.

Lunch was followed by some intense programming and sending that to off work for review. I walked out the back towards the pool area and sat and relaxed my mind, letting myself unwind taking deep breaths and sipping from a coke.

Well that was my plan anyway. Febe and Luciana came out holding my car keys. They were both dressed for the hot weather we were experiencing at the moment in short skirts' spaghetti string tops and white flat strappy sandals. They looked so cute. “Come on lazy bones we have some serious shopping to do.” They tugged until I got up and we headed for the car.

“You girls know that's its Mothers day tomorrow so while were here shop for something for your Mom and I'll shop for something for Maria. OK?”

“I already have the something in mind. It's a dinner out on us at a restaurant in Saint Tropez called “Napoleon” I looked online and they have outstanding reviews. While we’re on holidays we can go there. It’s only an hour and a half away from the hotel where staying and who doesn't want to go to Saint Tropez while in France.”

“Sounds great. I'm thinking of getting us all together for a family portrait that can hang in the living room at home. Grandma Galena, Maria, Neva Me and you. I'm sure she'll like that.”

The Mall we went was very big with lots of specialty shops, Supermarkets and Food Courts. We walked along and enjoyed watching the crowds of people out shopping on a nice warm day. I noticed the looks my two companions were getting from young guys and older men with their wives. I mentioned the stairs they were getting and Febe said. “We like the looks we get and dress this way to tease. We thought long and hard on what we would wear today, right down to choosing the littlest thong panties we own.” Ha Ha Ha. “You should see the look on your face right now. Priceless.” Ha Ha Ha.

“OK you got me. I just hope you are wearing panties.” I said. They both looked at each other and giggled which made me wonder as we walked along. I took every opportunity to look at their long legs and super cute bottoms in the short skirts. We stopped at a shop for women and girls that had a huge display of Lingerie in the window on store manikins. They looked terrific, but the prices for so little material were ridiculous.

The girls wandered about picking out what they would look well in while I sat on a bench with an older man who was waiting for his wife to come out of the dressing room. “I don't usually like to shop with my wife, but this is for her Mother’s day present and she felt that I should have some say in what she chose.” 'Sigh'

Febe stopped in front of me with an arm load of cloths. “I'm going to try these on. Back in a minute.” and jogged off. The man’s eyes popped out and watched her go. Her short skirt lifting and showing each cheek as she hopped along. Then Luciana walked up and asked where Febe had gone. I pointed to the end change room stall and she went in to the same stall.

The man's wife came out and said. “I've decided what you'll buy me and it’s not expensive, well not too much. Anyway I'll need shoes and a bag to go with, so let’s get a move on; the shops are only open for two more hours.” I heard him groan and follow her to the checkout.

Of the three change rooms two were now empty and Febe stuck her head out of the far one and indicated for me to come to her. I walked up as far as the curtain and said. “I can't come in there.” “Well just stand there and we'll show you our choices.” Febe was the first to step out in a green bikini that was not too small for her small frame but still it left a lot of flesh on view. She spun around and I saw just a slip of material going up her crack. I thought 'Your mother's going to kill me.'

Luciana then came out and she was dressed or nearly dressed in a sky blue bikini that showed off her skin color but the bottoms were so low slung that I could almost see her slit. I gulped. “I like them both. Now can we go?” Oh no.” said Febe. “We've got to get you one too.” No. No. No. I'm not wearing a bikini.” I said throwing my hands up in the air and backing up. But smiling. The girls both laughed. “We saw some men's costumes online and were going shopping for one of them next.” I bought the bikinis for them and we crossed the mall to a men's store that had what they were looking for.

“A Speedo. That's what you want me to wear?” “Yes everyone on the Riviera wears them and you'll look out of place and like a Tourist if you wear those old swim shorts you've got.” They tried to talk me into trying them on in the store but I stood my ground and got my size in black and we left.

“ Well you can try them on when you get home said Luciana and everybody can see if they fit correctly.” I groaned.

Back in the car and on the way home the girls thanked me taking them to the shops. Luciana was sitting in the passenger seat and Febe was in the back. Luciana turned in her seat so that her back was up against the door and spread her legs a much as she could. There were no knickers to be seen just acres of long, long legs and her sweet pussy just peeking out from under her skirt. “This is just a sample of the thank you your gona get tonight babe.” I licked my lips in anticipation.

When we got home I spoke to Mom and she agreed that it was a wonderful Mothers day present and she'd organize a photographer to come to the house and dress Grandma in her finest. She told me to go to the apartment and tell Neva and Janis that dinner was at seven and that they had to eat and to do that they had to leave the bedroom at some time.” We both had a chuckle.

At the apartment I found the door open and both Febe and Luciana in the bed room stripped of and putting on their bikini's to show Neva and Janis who were both sitting up in bed with just a sheet covering them.

“There very brief Febe. Did you approve of this Ken?” Neva asked in a cross voice. “Well I didn't have a lot of say in the matter actually.”

“I'm kidding. That is what everyone is wearing this year. I like the color choice too. Spin around let’s see the back.” Hmm “Oh there so cute. I love them.”

“While you’re all here, I spoke to Maria and I'm giving her a family portrait for mother’s day that will hang in the living room. She will tell you when to get dressed up for whenever the photographer can come.”

“Oh that reminds me Ken can we borrow your camera I'd like to take some photos of Janis and me, pictures that we won't show to anybody they will be a little bit naughty.” she said

“Ooooo.” said both Febe and Luciana together. Can we help or are they gona be more like selfie's.”

“No we want them to be more professional than that without going to a photographer.” said Janis. And blushed when she realized she'd let the sheet slip and both of her tits were on display. She quickly pulled the sheet up and over herself and in doing so pulled it down from Neva showing off her breasts. Neva didn't seem to mind and said that if the girls would like to help that would be OK.

I said that I had to go and try on my costume and started to leave. “Wait we brought your costume up here to show Mom and Janis. You can try it on here.” said Luciana. Handing it to me.

Everyone looked at me expectantly. I gulped and stammered out that maybe I should go to my room and change. Both Febe and Luciana advanced on me pulling off my shirt and shorts in quick succession even Neva, naked and unafraid helped till I was naked and growing a chubby. All this time Janis was laughing her head off yelling “Take it off. Take it off.”

By the time I was naked nobody knew what had happened to the Speedo. Everyone started looking, bending over and showing themselves to me. Neva was especially naughty saying that Janis could help them look instead of sitting there and laughing. Surprisingly she hopped out and looked too.

I was supersized to see that Janis had a small landing strip of red hair and clean shaven pussy lips. Hey I just had to look. I was at full extension by the time Neva said. “Oh look here they are” and reached under her pillow to retrieve it. Everyone giggled. Even I had to smile at how devious she was. She tossed it to Luciana and sat on the end of the bed with Janis. Luciana dropped to her knees and helped pull the costume up and over my cock. She kissed the head, which wasn't helping at all. She tried to get it in behind the material with no luck. There was a good two inches poking above the waist line. Pressing it down only made it bigger.

“He will need to shave of all this.” Said Luciana and she tugged at my pubes.

“Here let me have a go.” Said Febe. But of cause she had no luck either. “I think maybe he got the wrong size?” “No he didn't.” with a wave Neva said. “Come here little brother. I hesitated and Febe pushed me in the back to get me started.

I heard Febe and Luciana both giggling behind me as I stepped forward.

I stood in front of Neva and she tried to make it fit by pulling it this way and that. All this touching was taking me closer and closer to loosing it big time. And Then Neva said. “Janis, it’s your turn. Make it fit.” Janis who had become comfortable sitting in the nude in front of me now looked worried. “It won't bite. “Said Neva. Gingerly Janis placed her delicate pale skinned hand on my cock and pushed it down and of cause it bounced back up and she pulled her hand back. She tried again. Wrapping her hand around the head and squeezing.

“Oh. Sis I'm Cumming.............” I said. Neva was quick to grab Janis's hand and hold it in place as she lowered her mouth onto the head of my cock and received my load. Janis just watched as her hand was expertly moved up and down my shaft pumping out every drop. Janis was breathing heavy and licking her lips in time to my cums. Eventually Neva brought her head up and Luciana took over and held my cock while the last vestiges of cum leaked out.

I was standing there with the biggest smile on my dial as I watched Neva and Janis kiss each other swapping my cum between them. Not to be outdone Luciana and Febe shared what Luciana had received.

Needless to say my Speedo’s would probably fit now but I was too wiped to care. I walked out to the living room and into the kitchen to get water. Naked I stood there and downed the lot.

I looked into the bed room and picked up my clothes. I could see jumble of legs and arms on the bed. I walked out saying that dinner was at seven and not to be late.


Chapter Eight. Holidays


The Mothers day portrait was a huge success and Grandma looked spectacular and took center stage in the picture. I had on my suit and tie and all the girls had worn summer dresses and had had their hair done.

Febe pointed out that my pubic hair was poking above my new swimmers and suggested that she shave me. I agreed and sat on the bathroom sink while she first snipped then took up the razor and shaved. She told me that I would have a rash there if I didn't put on some moisturizer on the skin. Well you all know where that leads.

The girls had packed lightly. Lightly for them were two suitcases each. I managed to fit everything into one and a backpack.

Janis had wanted to come along with us to France but her parents had planned for them all to see distant recitatives and insisted that as old as they were this might be the last time they see them.

So it was just Neva, Me and the girls that started the drive to France.

I had forked out and got us a Citroen motor home for the duration of our stay. This would allow us to take our time and see the country on the way and around France. If we planned it right we could probable see Saint Tropez, Cannes and Nice and on the way Montpellier and Marseille.

We stopped in to Luciana's house and said good bye to her Mother and Father on the way and they wished us a happy holiday.

First stop, Montpellier. After a three and a half hour drive I was eager for a stopover. We found a campground and parked in our spot for the night. We took a bus in to town and saw all the Tourist sites and had a nice meal and headed home. It had been a long day. The motor home could sleep four and was well equipped. We had stocked it with just food for light snacks knowing there would be plenty of places to get a full meal along the way.

Luciana and I took the double bed that night and made love till the late.

The next day we made it to La Grande-Motte and walked the town and swam at the beach. From there we went to Avignon, on the Rhone River, only an hour away. We went to the Palace of the Popes and sent a postcard from there to Grandma Galena, she would like that.

We spent a day there wondering around the town and enjoying the shops and eateries. That afternoon we made it to our hotel in Six-Fours-les-Plages.

We had a ground floor unit that was meters from the pool and a five minute walk to the beach. We unpacked and walked around the complex eventually stopping for a meal at the French Restaurant Des Saveurs. Tomorrow we would relax and enjoy our stay, visiting the harbor and town.

We enjoyed the sunset from our room and then slept like logs after such a busy day.

After breakfast in the room we decided to visit some of the shops in the area and sent another post card away to Maria this time. In the afternoon we drove over to Toulon and had a quick look around. We then went on to St Tropez only an hour away for Febe's mother’s day present to Neva. The Restaurant Napoleon was very nice and the food excellent. We all had a different seafood dish and all were delicious. We went down to the harbor and looked longingly at some of the large motor yachts there.

Instead of returning to the hotel we decided to go on to Cannes, now only an hour and a bit away. The girls wanted to walk the boulevard la Croisette and see the beaches there. Febe and Luciana both bought some new sunglasses that made them look like movie stars. We swam at the beach, just so we could say we did. Febe was right, most of the young guys were wearing Speedo’s and a lot of the girls were topless. We visited the art museum and Chateau de Nice on Castle Hill. We walked along Promenade des Anglais and ate at the restaurants there.

It was getting on so we parked the camper and after getting provisions for breakfast we settled in for the night. Luciana slept with Neva tonight. They had arranged this earlier and I only found about it when Febe kissed me and whispered your mine tonight if you want me. Luciana came up to us and said. “Can I share you with my best friend?” I love my life.

The next morning after some breakfast e decided to return to the hotel in Six-Fours for the rest of the holidays and just relax around the pool and on the beach. That night Neva joined me in my bed. It had been entirely too long since we showed each other our love. Febe and Luciana were equally as noisy that night. I think they were trying to outdo Neva and I in the loudest orgasm. They won.

Five and a half hours later we were home. We had dropped Luciana off at her house and her parents were glad to see she had such a great time. They were also glad that Febe's older brother and Sister had taken her on holidays. I dropped everyone off at home and went to return the camper. We had loads of washing and the girls had started that by the time I got back and were in the pool.

In September it will be the start of Febe's and Luciana's College and courses. I said to myself.

Luciana is going to College at Escuela Universitaria de Hosteleria y Turismo, Sant Pol ~ 30 min from home. Febe is attending Uni in Barcelona doing Computer Engineering ~ 27 min from home.

Mom supersized Febe at dinner that night. She had bought an apartment in Barcelona close to the Uni and for Febe, just a 24 min walk to the Uni. It had had 3 bedrooms and a patio with views of the city. Febe could come home every weekend if she liked. It needed a few repairs that were being done now and would be ready in September. It was real handy to have a Mom that was in real estate.

Luciana's Father had organized transport to and from St Pol with a friend that drove up that way every day and delivered fresh produce to the Uni. We were excited that we would get to see each other every night.

As the days were still warm the girls filled in their days lazing around the pool or shopping for cloths that they just had to have for University. I was back at work and making money. My hours weren't as long now as they were when I had to set up the new department at work but it was busy and I was tired when I got home. I changed into my new Speedo’s and went down stairs, I loved to just jump in the pool and relax. It was dark but the pool lights were on and I could see that Neva and Janis were standing by the pool and just drying off. They looked great in their brief bikinis. Long legs wet and glistening in the pool lights. “Hi.” they said. They were both taking little looks at my package while we talked. Janis put her arm around Neva’s waist, her fingers toying with the ties on her bikini bottoms.

“Hi. Are you two leaving?”

“Yes. We've been here all afternoon. Febe and Luciana are in their room. They said to send you up when you got home.” “OK thanks.” I said. I watched their cute bums move as they walked away. Janis then pulled the tie loose and Neva's bottoms dropped to the ground. She squealed and ran after Janis who was squealing as she ran. I swam for a bit and went inside.

My room, which used to be my sisters was across the hall from Febe's room which was next to Moms room and we would often see family in next to nothing in the hall coming and going and in a house of mainly women and girls it wasn't unusual to panties and bra's or just a towel wrapped around a cute body. I went to my room and threw off my costume and wrapped a towel around my waist. I walked out and literally bumped into Mom, also wrapped in a towel and heading to her room.

“Ah. Sorry.” I said. Automatically putting out my hands to support her. My hands were holding her hips and we looked into each other’s eyes. She brought her hands up and rested them against my chest. She was still warm from her shower and her wet and smelling of her shampoo. My tent was rising and pressing against her tummy.

We heard voices getting closer and we moved apart. Febe and Luciana came through the door at the end of the hall that led to the apartment. Wearing their T shirts and panties as they do for bed.

“Ahh. There you are we were just talking to Neva and Janis and they said you were back.”

“Um yea. Just had a swim and I smell like chlorine. I need a quick shower. Mom walked off slowly saying. “Don't stay up too late you lot.” I noticed she stopped at the corner and smiled at us and moved on.

Luciana came skipping up to me and held me tight kissing me hard on the lips. “Missed you.” My cock was now at full extension as my hands cupped her cute butt through the thin material of her panties. Febe took my hand and pulled me and Luciana into the bathroom. Closing the door she turned to turning on the shower. “We talked to Mom and Janis and we all agree that you need a trim or shave of your pubes. Your new costume shows off way too much to stay the way it is. So after your shower were gona give you a new look.

Luciana pulled the towel away and Febe pushed me into the shower. They lent against the double sinks and watched me shower. I soaped myself up and then shampooed my hair and rinsed off the lot. I maintained a stiff cock the whole time. Occasionally giving it a stroke.

The girls had their hands and fingers hard at work inside their panties and both were getting close to Cumming as I turned off the water and stepped out. Panting they helped me dry off and Febe put a towel down on the vanity top and had me sit.

Lucian held a pair of scissors and said. “Now this won't hurt a bit.” Ha Ha Ha. “I'm not worried. I know you two shave each other so you know what you’re doing.”

Febe held my cock out of the way while Luciana snipped. Then she squirted shave cream on and started to shave me. All this attention had my cock red and pulsing. Soon she had all of the top pubes clean and smooth. She washed of the area and said. “That looks good. Do you think I need to do any more Febe? Like under here.” and she fondled my balls. Febe stroked my cock and kissed the head. “Oh my God. I'm Cumming.” I said and I sprayed my seed all over Febe's face. She quickly took the head into her mouth as I pumped out my load. Luciana stood and we kissed passionately while Febe stayed on her knees and drained off the last little bit. I thought I heard a noise outside the door, but I may have been wrong.

I helped Febe stand and we had a group cuddle. After tidying up we went over to Febe's room and kissed some more. I licked Febe to an orgasm and Luciana and I went back to my room for the night.

Waking up to the feel of a young tight body lying across yours is the best. She was still asleep and she looked like angel lying there with her face half covered with her shiny black hair. She was lying on her stomach and all of her back was on view. So smooth and absolutely flawless. We had fucked until I couldn't get it up anymore. The room smelled of my Semen and Luciana's cum and I took a deep sniff. Love that smell. I moved my arm over so I could stroke it along her spine and then cupped her arse cheek giving it a little squeeze. I kissed her cheek and said in her ear. “I love you. Will you marry me?”

Her eyes fluttered and she sighed. “Hmmm. I was wondering when you were going to ask. I will. Yes. Yes. Yes.” She rolled onto her back and we kissed for a long time.

She looked at the bed side clock and sat up. “He asked me.” she yelled. “And I said yes.”

We heard a stampede of feet running up the hall and the bedroom door crashed open. Febe squealed and jumped in bed with us, bouncing and talking and doing more squealing. Finally she said. “I'm so happy for you both.” and kissed us on the lips.

Neva and Janis came in next and congratulated us and then Mom poked her head in and said we should all come down to Breakfast and then tell Grandma. “About time Son.” She said, and smiled. “Luciana are you going to tell your parents today? If so we could all go over this morning.”

“Yes that would be good. Thank you.”

“I think I've won the pool. I'll collect my winnings later.” and smiling, she left.

“What was that all about?” I asked.

Neva said. “Mom had us all place a bet on when you'd ask. He He and she got the closest. Sometime before Luciana left for college.” we all had a laugh.

Breakfast was chaos of course, with Mom planning the Wedding and starting the guest list. Janis and Neva had a great place to hold the wedding venue. Luciana asked Febe to be her Bridesmaid and Febe burst into tears. “Oh I'd love too. Thank you.” She was star-eyed and saying Luciana will make the prettiest Bride ever.

Luciana called her home and spoke to her Mom who was over the moon with joy and said she would ring her husband at work and get him to come home for lunch with us all.

Lunch was a big affair with everyone sitting at a long table in the hotels dining room. Camilla was cooking for the guests in the hotel and was able to feed us as well on short notice. She kissed Luciana the Spanish way on both cheeks and they hugged. She had tears in her eyes when she said. “I'll love you always and forever.” She kissed me too and said. “You know how lucky you are don't you!”

“Yes I do.” Thank you Camilla.

Luciana's Father wished us well and pulling his wife to his side said. “I hope you both have a long and fruitful marriage.” I looked at Luciana and saw her blush. He went on. “If there is ONE thing I’ve learned in all my years of marriage, it’s to listen to my wife. I don’t always take her advice, but find make better decisions when listen.” We all cheered and said 'Salud' and raised our glasses.

Things finally quieted down when we told everyone that there would be no wedding until Luciana had finished College. We would both be in a better position to plan for the future then. I rang my Dad in California and told him the good news saying he will come to the wedding whenever I hold it.

While she was still on holidays I took Luciana out whenever I could. To Dinner at restaurants and movies and double dates with Febe and her latest.

I planned to give Luciana a ring on her birthday when she and Febe would both be 17 and we could celebrate both Birthdays together at a dinner out. Febe wanted to see her apartment now that it was fixed and ready to move into so we planned a diner out in Barcelona. The apartment used to be student housing and was in need of some major repairs so Mom bought it cheep and renovated it to a high standard adding value to a place that already had a wonderful location and great views.

We arrived and opened the front door and straight away we could smell the fresh paint.

Some furniture had been delivered already. All three bedrooms were furnished. Two doubles and a single. The kitchen island had four stools but there was no lounge or dining furniture yet. We walked out to the patio and could see down to the street four floors below and across the tree lined street some cafe's and shops. It's lovely” said Febe. “And so close to everything.”

I'd rung ahead and booked a table for four and Febe's date would meet us there at seven until then we had all afternoon to wander around and enjoy the sights. The Sagrada Família was only a sixteen minute walk away and Ciutadella Park even closer at only a nine minute walk.

We went back to the apartment and showered and dressed. As we walked down the street towards the restaurant we talked about our futures and where we thought we'd be in five or ten year’s time. Febe predicted I would be a potbellied man with a big moustache and Luciana would be barefoot with two kids at her feet and a big belly with one on the way. We laughed and predicted that Febe would be lying on a deck chair being served drinks by a tall bronzed man while another two hunks rubbed sun cream into her legs and arms. She stopped and with a serious tone said. “I can see that happening.” then laughed along with us.

The dinner was superb and at the end I brought out the ring in a red box and offered it to Luciana who just sat there stunned. Febe had both her hands over her mouth with an equally stunned look on her face. Her date smiled and gave me the thumbs up.

Luciana took the box and opened it up and gasped. She took out the ring and stared at it. I took it from her and slipped it on her third finger. “Will you marry me?” I said. I hadn't noticed, but the whole restaurant had gone quiet. When she answered “Yes.” the place exploded with noise. People came over to congratulate us and the owner came over to say that the meal was on the house and she hoped we would come back and celebrate our anniversaries here.

On the short walk back to the apartment both couples were quiet just holding hands and whispering and stopping to kiss.

Luciana and I held each other and at the apartment and I lifted her across the threshold. I don't know why. It just seemed the right thing to do. She loved it.

Febe thanked her date for a good night. She kissed him and said good night at the door. He looked disappointed but said he had a good time and hoped she would go out with him again. We three sat at the Kitchen Island and Febe wanted to look at the ring again. “It's huge and looks even bigger on your small hand. How big is it?”

“Just under a Caret. “I said.

“Wow.” both girls said together.

“Your worth it Luci I love you more and more each day.”

“That's the first time you've ever called me that. I love it. Ken, I'll make you the best wife ever I promise.” and we kissed.

“Well Luci take your Fiancé' into the bed room and make love to him.”

“Come on lover, make love to your fiancée'.” Luci started taking off her clothes as she walked to the bedroom door, she was down to her panties and bent at the knees while she took them off giving Febe and me a great view of her cute bottom, long legs and slim waist with her back covered with her long black hair.

The night didn't end till the sun was starting to lighten the eastern sky. We had tried every position we could think of and our favorites twice. We had been asleep for what seemed only an hour when Febe knocked and slowly opened the door. “Can I come in?”

“You’re always welcome in our bed Febe. Best friend and lover and soon to be Bridesmaid.” said Luci. I held out my arms and she slipped into bed beside me. Both girls were soon fast asleep. We didn't get up till after lunch and only then because we smelled of sex and Febe complained of sleeping in the wet spot and it wasn't even hers she whined. I looked at Luci and she nodded so I cuddled up to Febe and soon had my cock deep inside her. I kissed her. Luci kissed her and the three of us made love. I whispered 'Happy birthday' to them both but they were asleep.


Chapter Nine. Life moves on


“Grandma Galena died this morning while you were at work. I've left telling everybody this so as not to influence their day. Come home and we'll all have a talk.” said Mom over the phone. As sad as the news was, it was expected. She had been going downhill for the last three months and now with the cold weather of December she had been admitted to hospital with the Flue again. Mom said that she would tell everybody and just to come home. She sounded close to tears on the phone.

We all sat at the dining room table with the family portrait hanging over us and Mom told us how Her Mom hadn't woken up that morning. “She went peacefully, had a long life, a loving family and had achieved Great Grandmother status. She was happy.

“Ken. Your Dad will be over here for the funeral which is next Saturday at Moms church. I'll give you his flight details when I get them and you can meet him at the airport and bring him back here. There will be other relatives attending but they will arrange their own accommodation and travel times.

It was a very somber dinner that night. Neva and Janis walked me back to their apartment and said they had something very important to tell me.

We sat in the lounge room and Neva said. “I know that this is not the right time but the announcement can be made later, the plans are underway. Were moving out and into an apartment. We were going to tell everybody this weekend but, well, we'll all be busy then so we'll tell you now and everyone else next month. The reason were telling you is that we think you and Luci can move in here and save some money instead of getting an apartment now.

“Wow. So you two are making it official. That's great.” I jumped up and kissed them both the Spanish way. “And thanks for the heads up. I can save heaps by living here and I'm sure that Mom will like the company if you’re moving out. So what made you want to move out?” Janis held up her hand and showed me her ring. “She proposed and I accepted.” They both held hands and laughed. “With Febe living in Barcelona nearly full time now we feel she won't miss us that much. Anyway ask Luci what she thinks and make sure she tells her Mother and Father, but not now. Wait till everything has settled after the funeral.”


“Where are you moving?”

“Well that's what started this whole ball rolling. You see Janis's Mother and Father are moving. They want to retire and have bought a house in Cape Palos down south. When they move we'll move into their old place. It's close to work for us and only twenty five minutes’ walk from where Febe is living. The opportunity was just too good to pass up.”

“Not to mention the chance of holidaying down in Cape Palos.”Said Janis.

“Oh I can see why you’re excited how big is the Unit?”

“It's three bed and two bath on two levels and the best part is that there is a Bar down block called the chill bar and has great food.”

“When do you move then?”

“Probably not till the new year now. The place will be vacant on the 10 of January and we take possession on the twelfth. Their leaving most of the furniture including the appliances.”

I met my Father at the Barcelona Airport. After a fourteen hour flight he was tired and in no mood to chat. We covered the basics and were quiet for much of the drive. We went inside and Mom met us in the hall. They hugged and she took him into the Lounge. I took his bags up stairs and put them in the spare room. I texted Neva and told her Dad had arrived. She came into my room holding Janis's hand. “I told Dad about my girlfriend but not these latest developments. Moving in together and the ring. Do you think I should or wait till after the funeral.”

“I'd wait he understandably has enough on his plate at the moment. He'll be here two days following the funeral. We can catch him up then.”

The funeral went as well as it could considering that it rained the whole time. There were more people there than could fill the church and some said they would head straight to the Wake, to be held in the adjacent hall. I met relatives that I didn't know existed, some from Europe but most from Spain. Our family group stayed together and thanked everyone for coming and Mom and Dad introduced me and my Fiancee to them. At some point everyone had got wet and most were eager to return to their hotels. Phone numbers were exchanged and promises to keep in touch made. Soon it was our turn to leave for home. Mum took Dad home in her car with Janis and Neva. I took Febe and Luci which gave me a chance to talk to them both.

“This is the first chance I've had to talk to the two of you in private. First, the big news. Neva and Janis are officially a couple. You'll see the ring tonight when they tell Mom and Dad at dinner. Second. They will be moving out or in together mid January and Luci, you and I can move into the apartment. That's if you want too and that's if it’s OK with your Mom and Dad.”

“Wow.” said Febe. “That's a lot to take in all at once. They have a ring? Where will they move to? Are they going to get married? They can you know, because it's legal in Spain to have same sex marriages.” She was bouncing in the back seat. Excited much?

“Yes. I suppose they will marry. It's a nice ring. You'll see it tonight.”

“What do you think Luci?” I asked.

“If I could climb over the seats I'd be all over you. I love you and would love to stay with you.”

“I think we should tell your Parents together. Could you ring them and see when we could meet. You haven't shown them the ring so we can show them that and tell them about moving in together will seal the dead and make it official.” We headed home to a warm fire and home comforts.

Febe and Luci were both loving College and said that the last six months had been easier than they had expected. Febe had furnished the rest of her apartment and we often stayed overnight there if it was too late to drive home. Luci cooked for us when we did. She was good before and now after just a little training, she was great.

Luci and I had moved into the apartment and Mom had assured her parents that she would keep a close eye on us so that we behaved.

Neva and Janis were living in the unit Janis's parents had left them and had made themselves a nice home. We all felt comfortable when we were there.

Febe was spending weeks in Barcelona and only occasionally coming home. She often spent a weekend with her Mom and Janis.

Mom had asked Dad to stay for another week and they organized Grandma's affairs including the reading of the Will. Our Mom had been the sole beneficiary and planned to go to the old family farm to the North where she grew up. She asked us if we wanted to go but we had planned our break and were meeting friends from Luciana's class next week for a party. On the spur of the moment she asked Dad if he would keep her company on the long drive up. Luci and I exchanged looks. We hadn't noticed if they were getting chummy, but we hadn't really taken that much notice either.

It was May and it was a hot night so we swam in the nude with the pool lights off. Luci was on her May term break and I was taking a few weeks off to be with her. We swam for a bit then floated on our backs with only our finger tips touching. I said quietly. “Luci will you marry me?”

I heard coiffing and spluttering and then Luci held my head in her hands and said “Yes. I love you.”




Our wedding was a noisy affair with hundreds of guests from both families. My Father made a wedding speech that went “May you live as long as you want and never want as long as you live.” Everyone raised their glasses to this and said ‘Salut’. There were tears when we left for our honey moon in Tenerife and our new mothers in laws were the worst.

As I took my new wife to bed that first night in our hotel room I remembered something Katharine Hepburn said “If you obey all the rules, you’ll miss all the fun.

I heard music from off in the distance playing:-

'Birds flying high you know how I feel

Sun in the sky you know how I feel

Breeze driftin' on by you know how I feel.

It's a new dawn

It's a new day

It's a new life for me yeah.'

The End

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scottMaster — 26 April 2019 18:59
beautiful love story thank you for sharing. A few minor mistakes nothing that hurt the story.
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