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Waylaid by Highwaymen

Categories Fiction, First Time, Male / Female, Non-consensual sex

Author: abroadsword

Published: 25 April 2019

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It was an average summers day in England in the year of our lord 1799. The rain had stopped briefly and the sun had broken through the clouds to bathe the hills in its golden glow. Our Carriage splashed along at little better than a jog as the horses laboured with our overloaded carriage.

Miss Emily Maitland and companion Jane Flanders were on their way to Derby. Miss Maitland a spirited and largely uneducated girl, daughter of a self made man from the lower orders had been to York to “See the Minster.” They had stopped at my parents house en route as Miss Flanders professed to know my sister from their time at the girls school though my dear sister could not place her at all.

Father was delighted. Miss Maitland’s father was very wealthy by all accounts and had but three daughters and no sons. Emily being the eldest and the only one as yet of age.

“You could do a lot worse John,” he muttered, “Can’t keep the bailiefs away for ever, we need some income and swiftly.

It was all very well but she was well liked, golden hair, pleasantly rounded mounds, trim waist, acceptable face and basically to use the common phrase thick as two short planks. The prospect of wooing Miss Maitland did not appeal one iota but the thought of kneading her mounds and holding her around her tiny waist while I pronged her from behind had my member straining mightily at the prospect

That evening after dinner I told such lurid tales of highwaymen that Miss Flanders entreated me to accompany them in the carriage in case they encountered highwaymen on route to Derby.

Thereby I hatched a plot.

First I persuaded Miss Flanders to wear Miss Maitland’s Jewellery and robe in case we were waylaid as I put it that Miss Flanders had a duty to protect her employer. Miss Flanders was in addition larger and older than Miss Maitland and better able to protect herself. Miss Maitland wore a simple shift in case the highwaymen chose to rob us, for a I averred often as a young maiden of good standing was snatched and held for ransom by these devils.

I sneaked out after lights out and sneaked to the Happy Fox wherein I found certain of my cronies and therin hatched a plot.

It was settled.

The morning saw us rumbling along the narrow valley somewhere by Cromford. The woods shaded the road and as we lumbered up another grade it appeared we were competely shrouded from the outside world by shadows and trees.

Suddenly some cried “Stan dandy liver.” The horses stopped for a well needed break. It was my chums!

I immediately put part two of my plan into action.

“Oh lord its the gang,” I cried, “Miss Maitland are you virgo intacta?” I asked urgently.

She slapped my face.

“No,” I gasped, “If you are they will spirit you away to the flesh pots, now are you virginal?”

“Yes,” she said.

“Then there is only one option left to us,” I cried, “Raise your skirts we must do away with this impediment!”

I grasped her shift and lifted it up. Her lightly furred mound pouted between her thighs eagerly awaiting my prong. I dropped my breeches in a flash and dropped to my knees before her. I kissed her mound.

It moistened instantly and without further ado I rammed my meat deep inside her. I was in heaven.

“Stand!” someone shouted and wrenched open the carriage door.

“Well I be buggered, looky here,” some yokel shouted, “They be so busy fucking they ant heard we.”

My heart near stopped, this was not my chums but some real vagabonds.

“Don’t thee stop on my account master, you give her a proper seeing to while we borrow your purse,” he said as he deftly sliced the left pocket from my jacket.

My member was roused beyond all reason. “Ohhhhh,” Miss Maitland cried as I gently reamed her innards, “It hurts, Harder don’t stop, I want my mummy.”

The far door opened and someone grabbed the jewels from around Miss Flanders neck and wrist.

She screamed, “I supose you’re next?” the oaf demanded, “Or’d he fuck you first?”

“How dare you,” Miss Flanders protested, “I assure you I am pure as the driven snow!”

“Hey lads we got a virgo!” someone shouted and in an instant Miss Flanders was dragged from the carriage.

I looked Miss Maitland in the eye, “Keep going,” she whispered. It seemed like a excellent idea so I pressed even harder into her until she squealed with delight.

“Help!” Miss Flanders proested as she was dragged away but there was little that I could do so I just concentrated on pleasing Miss Maitland.

Quite suddenly there was a flurry of hooves rattling on the stony road and the men disappeared.

“You may stop now,” Miss Maitland advised me.

“Would you like me to?” I asked.

“No,” she admitted, “It feels very nice, just hold me and keep me safe.”

The sentiment caught me unawares and all at once my seed burst forth like a torrent to flood her most secret parts.

She gasped in shock and pleasure at the intrusion. “Oh John that was so nice,” she gasped “Shall I have a baby now?”

“More likely than not,” I affirmed, “If so I shall be happy to offer marriage.”

“And if not, should you not wish to marry me?” she enquired.

“My dear Miss Maitland,” I answered, “We barely know each other.”

My Coque shrank and slid from her.

“I believe we know each other very well in a biblical sense,” she laughed, “And now we are intimated you must call me “M” like mama does.

“M?” I enquired.

“For Emily silly,” she explained, “Just wait until I tell Mama!”

My heart sank. I saw my life stretching forth devoid of intelligent conversation but then something lightened my mood.

“You will have to excuse me,” she said , “But my titties are sore and I must caress them.”

She popped her mounds from the constraints of her bodice. Her teats were very prominent and engorged.

I stared and like a Gentleman offered to assist, “Shall I caress one for you?” I asked.

“Yes please, Miss Flanders suckles upon them when I have need,” she added.

I sat back in my seat and leaned forward to suck Miss Maitland’s left teat, “Mmmmm that’s nice,” she cooed.

Indeed it was nice, very nice indeed. My hand stole between her legs, the soft silky skin of her upper thighs, the moistness of her quim “No we mustn’t” she husked as my fingers entered her passage..

“It’s too late to worry about that,” I assured her as my coque swelled at the notion of re entering her softness.

It seemed to take a moment yet at the same time take an age for me to slip my breeches down and ease beween her legs. She took my length eagerly. I kissed her mouth, forced my tongue deep inside her.

I was completely consumed with passion. So consumed that I failed to realise the carriage had stopped.

“What thee bloody ells going off!” a stern voice demanded. I looked over my shoulder. A large, angry red faced gentleman was staring at us through the carriage window. A well dressed gentleman with the manners and language of a common labourer.

“Daddy” Miss Maitland cried.

“Pray afford us some privacy,” I demanded as I continued to pleasure Miss Maitland, “We may be some time.”

“You cheeky bastard!” the man exploded and went to wrench the carriage door open.

“Let her be Joe!” a woman cried. “Her looks happy enough, he ent zactly forcin’ er is ee?”

“Shut thee trap woman!” Joe replied, “I knows thee game, thee thinks I’ll have to let thee wed her now she been fucked!”

“I shall gladly make Emily an offer,” I confirmed.

“Not till she’s fat with child thee shan’t” he scowled, “No one in me family ever was wed wi out being well and truly up duff!”

“Then sir I shall strive my utmost to oblige,” I confirmed.

“And where the bloody hell is the chaperone?” he asked.

“Later sir, some privacy if you please!” I demanded and returned my attention to Miss Maitland.

“Come away Joe!” the woman urged, “Do you remember when we was their age?”

“Aye, I do, round back o’ thee dads privvy,” he confirmed.

Some time later after I shot my bolt we descended from the carriage to face her parents.

“Daddy highwaymen accosted us and carried poor Miss Flanders away," Miss Maitland or M as I should now refer to her explained.

“Carried off Miss Flanders?” he queried, “Why?”

“She was unwise enough to insist she was virgo intacto, whereas M and I proved conclusively that M was no such thing!” I explained.

“Aye, five bob the mother got for her cherry and that was a lot o brass back then.” the father confirmed.

“Bloody good job I did,” the mother confirmed, “As his cock weren’t half the girth of thee dad’s, he near split me in half when we fucked!”

“Ladies please,” I requested , “Some decorum.”

“I ent no lady,” Mrs Maitland explained, “And I’ll speak as I like in our house!” She thought a moment, “M pet, how’d thee like thee first fucking?”

“I liked the second better,” she admitted, “The first time was strange but after it seemed so nice and lovely.”

“Thee’l think different when thee’s shoving a bairn our the cunt,” her father surmised.

“Then they’d better work on easing the passage hadn’t they?” her mother suggested, “But what about Miss Flanders?”

“Her buggered off and left M so sod her,” the father surmised, “Anyroad round its tea time.”

To be continued.

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Waylaid by Highwaymen

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