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Adventures of Sarah - Chapter 9

Categories Fiction, Boy, Interracial, Male / Female

Author: Demonhead

Published: 26 April 2019

  • Font:

Hank pulled into the parking lot just as Sarah felt her orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks. Her legs were spread wide across the boy’s laps and she had an arm around each of their shoulders as they manipulated her little body. Tyshawn was sucking and biting on her hard nipples and Jesse was now running three fingers in and out of her wet pussy while flicking her clit with his other hand. Sarah felt her legs get rigid all the way to her toes and then her hips flew into the air.

Hank heard the scream and looked in the rearview mirror. The boys were each holding onto a leg as the little teacher convulsed between them. Her tits were bouncing and her hips flying up and down. Tyshawn looked to just be holding onto her leg for dear life and Jesse was doing something between her legs. Hank was thankful the windows were up as he parked the car.

“You boys about done back there?” Hank asked as he turned around.

“Yes, they are.” Sarah responded in a breathy voice as her breathing struggled to return to normal.

“Well, baby, you need to straighten up a little before you get out of the car. I am not sure you are ready to give your neighbors that much of a show.” Hank said with a smile.

Sarah came to her senses and realized her halter was pushed up into her armpits, her tits hanging out. Her legs were spread wide and being held tight by each boy. Her mind came to terms with her position and she struggled suddenly to understand what she was doing. She had reacted instinctively but now she was trying to wrap logic around it and having a problem. She was a teacher, and these were students. People made it into the news and eventually into jail for stuff like this. She felt herself start to panic. Sarah looked up and saw Hank staring right at her.

“Boys, let go of her legs and help her get it together.” Hank said in a calm voice.

Tyshawn let go of her leg and placed it back on the seat. He pulled her skirt down a little to cover her crotch. Jesse pulled her halter down over her little tits after putting her other leg down in front of her.

Sarah heard Hank’s soft voice and felt the boys handling her gently. She felt her panic subsiding as she heard Hank’s voice again.

“That’s better, now let’s get upstairs.” Hank said.

Sarah watched as the boys piled out of the car and she followed behind them. She walked up her stairs and felt her worries washing away. She realized she had just gone through her last obstacle. She knew exactly what she was doing and was not in any hurry to stop. She was happy and fulfilled and that was the most important thought going through her head. She looked at Hank and knew she could trust him to make it all work out. She came to her door and opened it to let her three new lovers into her apartment.

“Baby girl, go get cleaned up. We are supposed to be at the Smith’s house in 15 minutes.” Hank said.

Sarah remembered immediately the young girl in the store and chuckled to herself. She wondered if she was still hanging in the dressing room and how many cocks had taken her so far. She smiled to herself as she went back into her bedroom.

Hank waited in the living room with Jesse and Tyshawn as Sarah went into her bedroom.

“Hank, she is incredible. I have never seen a girl that could keep up with three guys over a whole day. She never seems to slow down.” Jesse said.

“Yeah, she is special, but no fucking her for the rest of the day. We don’t want to ruin her the first day.” Hank responded.

“What am I supposed to do with this? She is driving me insane. I feel like I am always hard.” Jesse said as he rubbed his erection through his shorts.

“You will just have to keep it under wraps until we get to the Smiths.” Hank said.

“That’s true, the little cheerleader should be there. I could use another shot at that pussy.” Jesse said.

“Well, she won’t be the only one there.” Hanks answered.

Jesse and Tyshawn looked at Hank and he was smiling like he had a huge secret.

“What? Hank, who else is gonna be there?” Jesse asked.

“Well, it seems that Kaylie has two sisters.” Hank said calmly and felt his own cock twitch as the image of the twins ran across his mind.

“Two sisters, how old are they?” Jesse asked.

“They are freshmen in college, so I figure 18 or so.” Hank said.

“They are both 18?” Jesse said.

“Yep, they are twins.” Hank said and smiled.

“Holy shit, please tell me they look like their sister?” Jesse said and grabbed his rock hard dick.

“Let’s see, long blonde hair, big tits, and pretty nice asses, yes, I would say they look a little like their sister.” Hank said, his cock now pressing against his pants.

“Oh, Jesus Christ, I feel like we have been dropped right into heaven. I am going to have three hot bitches to bury my dick in?” Jesse said.

“Now, Jesse, we have to take it a little slow. Don’t think they’re gonna just jump on your black dick when you walk through the door. These are fancy white people. I am not sure they have even seen that many black people, much less fucked them.” Hank said.

“Ok, I will wait at least twenty minutes before I fuck the first one. But after that, all’s fair.” Jesse answered.

Hank laughed out loud as he looked at Jesse. He could see Tyshawn roll his eyes. Hank didn’t really know what they would be walking into. This was an upper-class family. He knew Kaylie would be dying to get more black cock, but he had no idea what the mother and sisters would be like. This may end up being one of those polite events where they sat around and drank fancy drinks. Except for Kaylie, of course, he knew she would find a way to get a black cock up her hot little pussy as quick as possible. He felt his tired cock flinch again as he thought of Kaylie.

Sarah put her white bikini on and then pulled her denim skirt back up her long legs. She found a white peasant blouse and slipped it on. She had recovered from her massive orgasm and subsequent panic attack. She looked at herself in the mirror and liked what she saw. A confident, beautiful girl was looking back at her. That was a welcome change to the mousy, hesitant girl who was in there yesterday. She bounced out of her room and down the hall.

Hank looked up to see Sarah enter the room. He smiled as he looked at her. She could easily pass for a college freshman. Her little body was showcased perfectly in the white blouse and skirt. She looked very cute but still smoking hot. He again questioned how he had gotten as lucky as he had with this one. He could not even begin to count how many white women he had taken and then subsequently thrown out when he tired of them. Looking at Sarah as she gathered her things he couldn’t imagine ever tiring of her.

What was in store for the future? Hank felt a small tinge of panic hit him when he thought of the future. Sarah bent over to get something under the coffee table and her soft thighs with a little peek of white under her skirt washed all the panic away. Hank decided to take every minute as it comes and let the chips fall where they may. He had used that philosophy for his entire life and he didn’t think he needed to change now. Hank got to his feet and pushed his long, hard cock a little to the side.

Sarah gathered up all her things and looked back at the boys. Tyshawn and Jesse were sitting there in their new shirts and the pants they wore to school the day before.

“Crap, Hank, we forgot to get the boys a swimsuit. What are they going to do when they get there and everyone is gathered at the pool?” Sarah said and glanced at Hank.

Hank shrugged his shoulders as he had not even thought of that at all. He was still getting used to being responsible for the boys. This was going to be hard, he thought and rubbed his forehead.

“It’s ok, maybe the Smiths have something they can wear. A lot of people who have pools have spare suits. If not, you and I can run out and get some. Let’s go.” Sarah said and grabbed the doorknob.

Hank and the boys followed her cute little butt out the door and down the stairs. Sarah jumped into the driver’s seat and Hank got in the front seat while the boys piled in the back.

Sarah started the car and pulled out of the lot. Hank found himself staring at her legs as she manipulated the pedals. He loved the way her muscles moved in her thighs. He found it incredibly beautiful to watch. Hank watched and saw her move her hand to her thigh and scratch an itch on her inner thigh. Her skirt pulled up a bit when she did that and Hank felt his eyes glued to the spot. He snapped out of it and looked forward. This girl was a witch and she had him flustered. No woman had ever had such control over him and he felt a little uncomfortable suddenly.

Was he weakening? Did he not have the power anymore he used his whole life over women, especially white women? Had she disarmed him? He struggled with his thoughts as she drove. He found himself staring out the front windshield, sneaking a quick glimpse every now and then at her lovely thighs.

Sarah pulled up into the Smiths’ driveway. She realized that they had come empty-handed. She felt a little stupid that she had accepted an invitation and had forgotten to bring even a little gift. She would have to apologize profusely. She killed the engine and popped the door. She jumped out of the car and slammed the door. Hank walked around the front to meet her. Tyshawn and Jesse followed behind. She felt like a mother duck with her ducklings all lined up behind her. She held back a little chuckle as she made her way up the walk to the huge front door.

Sarah rang the doorbell and it sounded like a church bell. They waited only a few seconds and the door swung open. Mrs. Smith was standing there with a dishtowel in her hand.

“Hello, come in, please.” Mrs. Smith said and stepped aside.

Sarah came in followed by Hank and the boys. Sarah took her hand.

“I am so sorry, we didn’t bring anything.” Sarah said.

“Don’t be silly, we have everything we need. You brought plenty.” Mrs. Smith responded.

Hank walked in and greeted Mrs. Smith. He was struck again by her natural beauty. Her skin was smooth and had an incredible golden glow to it. Her hair was long and blonde like her daughters. She definitely looked like she got plenty of sun but yet she didn’t have that leathery look most older women got who spent too much time in the sun.

“Mrs. Smith, this is Tyshawn and Jesse. They are friends of Kaylie’s from school.” Hank said as he shook her hand.

“Yes, Kaylie has told me all about you two. She says you were very nice to her yesterday when she had so much trouble.” Mrs. Smith said and took both boys hands and squeezed.

Jesse felt his pants tighten again as this lovely lady looked him straight in the eye. He could not read her as she smiled at him. Tyshawn stepped up and she took his hand.

“Thank you so much for helping Kaylie.” Mrs. Smith said to Tyshawn.

Tyshawn felt himself blushing a little. He nodded in recognition, but he could not keep the image out of his mind of the brutal fucking he gave Kaylie in the classroom when he blew up. What had she told her Mom? He tried to stay calm as she squeezed his hand.

Mrs. Smith dropped Tyshawn’s hand and closed the door. Hank could not keep his eyes off her. She was wearing a short denim skirt. Most women of her age would have looked stupid in that skirt but her long, tanned legs looked incredible and the skirt worked on her. He looked up and noticed she had on a small white button shirt. It was sleeveless and very light. The bottom did not reach the top of her skirt and he saw a tight smooth belly peeking out. Her tits were incredible as they stretched the poor little shirt. Hank noticed a particular button was having a rough time holding on.

Mrs. Smith walked past them and led them into the kitchen area.

“Would anyone like anything to drink?” Mrs. Smith offered.

“No, not yet, thank you.” Sarah said.

Hank and the boys shook their heads as she looked at them.

“Ok, help yourself when you are ready. They are soft drinks in the fridge here and also in the one out near the pool. Mr. Jackson, there are big boy drinks in here.” Mrs. Smith said and smiled at Hank.

He loved the way she said “big boy”. He found her hard to read. He wondered if his little teacher had messed up some of his talents. He had always been able to read women pretty easily.

“Make yourself at home. Kaylie is getting dressed and the twins ran to the store for me. They should be back shortly.” Mrs. Smith said and turned back towards the counter top.

“Excuse me but I want to finish getting everything ready.” She said.

Sarah jumped up and went to the counter.

“What can we help with?” She said.

“No, you go sit back down. I’m almost done. You guys just relax.” She said.

Hank noticed movement and turned to see Kaylie walk into the kitchen. He had forgotten how beautiful she was. She looked like a miniature version of her mother. She was wearing a pretty little sundress. He could tell she had on a bathing suit underneath as the material was fairly transparent. Her breasts bounced as she came into the room. He saw her run to Tyshawn and hug him. He saw her grab Tyshawn’s head and pull it into her chest. He saw the boy’s head get buried in her breasts as she squeezed him.

Sarah released Tyshawn and Hank saw a look of surprised pleasure on his face. Kaylie walked over to Jesse and buried his head between her pretty young breasts. She squeezed him for a minute and then approached Hank.

Hank looked at her as she stood before him. She was smiling and looked absolutely beautiful as her long blonde hair cascaded over her pretty shoulders. He could see her massive cleavage popping out of her bathing suit top through her sundress. She put her hand on his shoulder.

“Hi, Mr. Jackson. How are you?” She asked.

“I’m fine, sweetie, how are you today?” Hank asked and put his hands on her soft hips.

“Great, I am so happy you guys could come over. It will be fun.” She said with a little smile.

Hank knew exactly what she had in mind and his thoughts were confirmed as she spun around and sat on his lap. Hank felt her soft ass nestle over his cock and she spread her legs around his and put her arms on the table.

“Hi, Miss Johnson.” Kaylie said and pushed against Hank’s crotch.

“Hi, Kaylie. How’s your hand?” Sarah asked and smiled when she saw Hank’s face.

“It is fine. The swelling is almost gone.” Kaylie said and held up her hand. Hank felt her slide down his lap slightly and then back up.

Hank tried to keep his composure as the little minx was grinding her ass into his crotch. He could feel his cock growing quickly and he knew Kaylie could feel it also. He wondered how long it would take her to have it nestled in her hot little snatch.

“Kaylie, why don’t you take your friends out to the pool. The weather is so nice, I am sure they would love it.” Mrs. Smith said as she continued to chop vegetables at the counter.

“Mrs. Smith, the boys don’t have their swimsuits with them. I was wondering if you guys had any they could borrow?” Sarah said.

“First of all, Sarah, you can call me Denise, Mrs. Smith makes me feel too old. Secondly, absolutely, there are plenty of suits in the pool house. Kaylie can show you where they are.” Mrs. Smith answered.

Kaylie jumped up off of Hank’s lap and grabbed Tyshawn’s hand. She pulled him up and drug him towards the door.

“Come on Jesse, let’s see if we can find something that fits you.” Kaylie said as she pulled Tyshawn towards the door.

Jesse jumped up to follow them. Hank could see the sparkle in Kaylie’s eyes and he knew how this was going to end up.

“Sarah, Mr. Jackson, you two can go too. I will be fine here.” Mrs. Smith said.

“Are you sure? I hate to leave you alone in here.” Sarah said.

“Sarah, you go, I’ll stay with Denise and help her out.” Hank said.

Sarah smiled at Hank and stood up.

“Ok, I’ll be outside. If you guys need anything, just holler.” Sarah said and walked over to the door.

Hank saw Kaylie open the slider and all of them filed out onto the deck. He looked back and saw Mrs. Smith staring at him. He thought he saw something strange in her eyes, but he figured he was seeing things. She smiled at him as she turned with the salad bowl towards the table.

“You know I will be ok in here. You can go outside.” Mrs. Smith said.

“No, I’m not much of a swimmer. I like it better in here. I think I will take you up on that drink. Do you want something?” Hank said.

Denise looked at him and suddenly thought a drink would hit the spot.

“You know, I think I will. Grab me a beer. They are right in the door.” She said, pointing to the refrigerator.

Hank opened the door and grabbed two beers. He popped the top and handed one to her. He raised his bottle.

“Here’s to a wonderful day, a beautiful home, and a beautiful family.” He said.

He saw Denise blushing a little as he spoke. She touched her bottle to his and they both drank.

“I don’t know if I have said it yet, but you do have a beautiful home and three lovely daughters. But I can see where they get it from.” Hank said.

Denise blushed at the compliment.

“Thank you so much, Mr. Jackson.” She said.

“Not a problem, now you tell me what I can do to help. I know there has to be something.” Hank said.

Hank watched her try to think of something and he marveled at her beauty again. She looked like her daughters in that her hair was blonde and her skin was perfect. She obviously worked out as her stomach was tight and her legs looked like the legs of a 20-year-old. But there was something that made her different. She did not have the scared, uncertain look of youth. She looked experienced, like she had already tried everything and decided what she did and didn’t like. That was as close as he could come to explaining it. She looked back at him and flashed a perfect smile.

“Well, there is the table and chairs in the basement. We will need them to set up on the deck for the food.” She said.

“Not a problem, point me to the basement.” He said and jumped up out of his chair.

“It’s that door right there. The table and chairs should be up against the wall at the bottom of the stairs.” She said.

Hank opened the door and headed down the stairs. He got to the bottom and was met with a full, finished basement that was bigger than his entire house. The basement covered the entire floor and it was carpeted. He saw a full bar in the corner and there was a pool table in the middle. He looked around and saw two pinball games against the back wall. He saw the table and chairs. He grabbed the table and looked back at the pool table. He shook his head and headed back up the stairs.

Tyshawn and Jesse followed Kaylie out of the door and across the deck. As they got to the edge of the deck the boys stopped and looked at the incredible back yard. They saw the huge pool first, shaped sort of like a bean with curved sides and a large rock pile sitting on one side with a small waterfall flowing down and into the pool. The boys had only seen this sort of thing on TV.

“Damn, girl, this place is amazing.” Jesse said as he looked over the whole backyard.

Kaylie looked back at him and smiled. She suddenly realized that he and Tyshawn had probably never seen some of the things she took for granted. She saw the look in their faces as they stared at the backyard and her heart broke. She was embarrassed by her lifestyle and by the thoughts that flowed through her head only yesterday. Her body was craving release and her mind was trying to come to terms with everything.

“Thank you Jesse, now you guys come along, let’s see if we can find you some suits.” Kaylie said and bounced down the stairs.

The boys watched her glide across the pool deck and towards a little house. They moved down the stairs and followed. Sarah watched the boys follow Kaylie and she knew something was about to happen. She touched her sore pussy and thought she would be a spectator in this one.

Kaylie opened the door and entered the pool house. The boys and Sarah followed her in. The boys looked around and were amazed again. This pool house was almost the size of their entire houses, bigger than their room for sure. Kaylie walked over to a bin and bent over to open it. The boys saw her sundress pull tight against her ass and her bikini bottoms were easily visible. They were striped and tied at her sides. They were not thongs but most of her cute ass hung out of the sides of the suit.

“Let’s see what we have in here. You guys can change right in here and leave your stuff over there in the lockers.” Kaylie said and dug around in the bin.

Tyshawn and Jesse looked at each other then they looked back at Kaylie’s ass sticking out at them. Jesse moved first and unsnapped and dropped his shorts. He pulled his underwear down and his stiff cock popped out. Tyshawn followed suit and soon his cock was also pointing straight out. The boys threw their shorts and underwear to the side.

Sarah watched the boys strip and marveled at the size of their cocks. They were rock hard and so black they shined. She fought the urge to go over and touch them. She decided to stay where she was because she wanted to see the look on Kaylie’s face when she turned around.

Kaylie was still digging in the bin as Jesse walked up behind her. He flipped her sundress up over her back.

“Real funny guys, just a minute. I have one, I think I saw another one just like it.” Kaylie said and moved more clothes around.

Jesse stepped up and slid his hard cock right between her legs. Sarah heard Kaylie moan softly and then stop. Jesse put his hands on her hips and pulled her towards him. Kaylie held onto the bin and took a deep breath. Jesse grabbed the ties on the side of her bottoms and pulled gently. The knots released, and the suit fell limp. Jesse pulled back slightly and pulled the loose material from between them. He stepped back close and slid his cock back between her legs.

Kaylie felt her suit bottoms released and then pulled away. She felt a cock slide between her legs. She bent her head and saw the head of the cock looking right at her. She reached back and touched it with her right hand. It was beautiful and perfect. She so needed it to take her. Kaylie spread her legs a little and put the cock against her steaming little pussy. She felt the cock slide back a little and then nestle into her cunt. She grabbed the side of the bin and closed her eyes.

Jesse felt her take his cock and put it in her own pussy. The pussy was warm and wet. This bitch wanted his cock. He decided he would have to give her what she wanted. He grabbed her hips and slammed into her. She was so wet he slid all the way in with one stroke. He heard her moan loudly. He loved the sound of a bitch moaning on the end of his cock. This girl obviously loved it and that made it all the better.

Sarah was amazed at how easily Jesse slid his huge cock deep into Kaylie. She must have been soaking wet. Sarah smiled as she saw Jesse start to saw in and out of Kaylie’s sweet little pussy.

Kaylie felt the cock hit bottom and her body felt like it had finally gotten the drug it was craving. She had been thinking of this since yesterday afternoon and now she was stuffed with black cock and it felt wonderful. She looked over her shoulder and saw Jesse hammering her with his eyes closed. She pushed back against him. She looked again and saw Tyshawn standing there holding his own hard cock. He looked so pitiful as he watched his buddy drill her.

Jesse felt her push back and stand up. His cock popped out of her hole and bounced free. Kaylie turned to face him and grabbed his arms. She turned him around and pushed him back against the now-closed bin. He got the message and sat down. Kaylie turned her back to him and moved back. She reached between her legs and grabbed his cock. She positioned her body over his lap and placed the cock back at the entrance to her dripping pussy. She sat down slowly and felt the huge cock slide up into her belly. Jesse felt her warm bottom sit on his lap. She grabbed his hands and put them on her soft thighs. Jesse was amazed at how good they felt. He rubbed his hands up and down her beautiful legs as he remained buried in her cunt.

Kaylie looked up and met Tyshawn’s eyes. She lifted her hand and signaled for him to come to her with her finger. Tyshawn looked at this beautiful creature sitting on his buddy’s cock and beckoning him over. He hustled over and stood in front of her. She reached out and grabbed his cock. Her hands moved gently over his long shaft and lightly cupped his balls. He felt her fingernails graze along the skin and he moaned. It felt fucking great. How did she know how to touch just the right spots? He felt her run her hands up the shaft and pull him closer. He was enjoying the feeling of her hands on him when he felt an incredible warmth. He opened his eyes and looked down to see his hard, black cock sliding into her small mouth.

Kaylie took Tyshawn’s cock into her mouth. He tasted great and she loved the feeling of him being buried in her young face. She sucked more of him in until she felt him hit the back of her throat. She pulled off of him slowly, letting her tongue trace the bottom of his shaft as she pulled away. She felt the head hit her lips and she sucked it gently. She slid her tongue all the way around his head and flicked it into the little hole. She sucked him back into her mouth and slid slowly back down.

Jesse was struggling to control himself as Kaylie sat on his cock and made love to Tyshawn’s cock with her mouth. Jesse found it incredibly hot to watch her swallow his buddy’s tool. Tyshawn was obviously loving it as he was holding her head and his eyes were closed. Jesse moved her hips slightly and ground his cock into her. He tried to move around a little and felt her push back into him. This bitch was in her glory.

Sarah was watching this scene unfold before her. She felt her own pussy getting hotter and hotter. She could not take her eyes off of Kaylie. She looked fully clothed as she sat on Jesse’s lap and sucked Tyshawn into her mouth. She knew better as she watched Jesse’s cock slide into her as she sat. Sarah could not believe the way this little girl was handling these two massive black cocks. Sarah felt her hand hit her tummy and then realized she was sliding her own hand into her suit bottoms. She looked down and saw her left hand holding up her skirt and her right hand heading for her pussy. She touched her clit and felt a wonderful shiver race through her body.

Tyshawn was receiving the best blowjob he had ever gotten in his short life. He opened his eyes and looked down at the pretty little blonde licking his cock. She looked up at him with his cock on her tongue and he thought he had never seen such a lovely sight. She kept looking at him and slid his cock back into her mouth. He saw her take more and more of him until he hit the back of her throat. He saw at least three more inches sticking out of her mouth. He felt her hands move to his ass and grab his cheeks. He looked into her eyes and felt her pull him towards her. He watched his cock disappear into her and felt it slide into her throat. She continued to pull him until her pretty face was flush against his crotch.

Tyshawn tried to hold back but he felt his cock starting to flinch as she sucked him deep. He grabbed her head and held on as he felt a huge spurt of cum leave his cock and hit her throat. He felt her pulling back as the second spurt shot out. This load hit as he felt himself leave her throat and it filled her mouth. He saw her trying to swallow as the third load blasted into her mouth. He heard her cough and cum escaped out the sides of her cute lips. He saw her swallow as he pulled his cock free. He saw one last spurt escape and hit her in the nose. He looked down to see her looking at him with cum running off her face and down her neck. She was smiling.

Jesse watched as Tyshawn almost drowned Kaylie in cum. He couldn’t hold back much longer as she moved on his lap. Jesse saw Tyshawn step away, his limp cock hanging down. Jesse stood up quickly, holding her hips. He saw her bend over as he stood up. Jesse held her and started to hammer her from behind. He heard her grunt each time he hit bottom. His cock was so hard he thought he might come out of her mouth. He picked up pace and was now slamming into her. He heard her starting to say something.

“Yes…yes…fuck me…hard…..please…fuck…me…..harder” Kaylie got out between his powerful thrusts.

Jesse heard her pleading for him to fuck her harder. He now was punishing her pussy and she was asking for more. He sped up and now his cock was a blur as it ripped in and out of her.

“Oh yes….harder…..faster….please FUCK ME!!!!” Kaylie screamed.

Jesse could not go any faster. He was hammering her the hardest he had ever fucked a girl. He saw her feet leaving the floor as he pummeled into her. Her body was like a rag doll as he used her.

Sarah was now rubbing her poor clit furiously. Jesse was fucking Kaylie with more fury than Sarah had ever seen. Kaylie was flailing on the end of his cock and he kept hitting her. Sarah watched as Kaylie’s tight ass shook each time Jesse drove into her. Sarah thought she had never seen anything so hot before. Just as this thought hit her head her orgasm hit her gut. She moaned out loud and rubbed her clit harder.

Jesse her a moan and looked to see the teacher with her hand in her pants looking at him. He smiled at her and drilled his cock into the blonde cheerleader one last time. He pulled her hard into him, trying to drive his cock deeper and deeper. He heard her scream as he held her hips and he felt his cum bath her insides. Just as he felt the first spurt leave he felt her pussy spasm around his cock. Her pussy squeezed him again and the second spurt found its mark. She was now moving her ass around and screaming.

“Cumminng…..yes….oh god….yes” Kaylie uttered.

Jesse emptied his balls into her and just held her close. He didn’t want to ever leave this pussy. He felt his breathing slow and her squirming stopped. Jesse held her until he felt her start to pull away. He let her move away and felt his limp cock slide out of the wonderful warm place it had been. It popped out of her sloppy hole and hung next to his leg. He saw her crumble onto her knees and hit the floor. She sat back on her haunches and lifted her head.

Tyshawn stood there and watched Jesse thoroughly fuck this young girl and she took everything he had. She was sitting on the floor now and he looked into her face. Her beautiful long blonde hair was a mess as it stuck to her face and he saw his own cum still around her mouth and on her neck. She looked like she had been truly fucked. He thought she had never been more beautiful. He watched as she looked up at him. Her eyes were bright and stared at him through her hair. He saw her raise her arm towards him and she had something in her hand.

“I think these might fit.” Kaylie said in a soft slow voice as she tried to recover.

She held out the swim trunks she had found in the trunk. Tyshawn took them from her. She could feel her body still shaking and shivering from the fucking Jesse had just given her. She felt the craving that she had been fighting for the last 24 hours temporarily satisfied. Her pussy was still hot but at least now it felt wonderful. She sat and watched as Tyshawn pulled up the trunks. They did fit, and they looked kinda hot on him. She remembered her cousin wearing them the last time he visited but they didn’t look nearly as good as they did on Tyshawn’s hard body.

Kaylie slowly got to her feet and stood up. She turned to face Jesse. He was still sitting on the trunk. She reached out and touched his face softly. He looked up at her and seemed to be asking forgiveness with his eyes. She smiled at him.

“Thank you Jesse. I needed that, and it was great.” She said.

She saw his eyes change from forgiveness to happy. He reached out and put his hands on her hips. He pulled her back between his legs and hugged her, his head nestled between her big breasts. She put her arms around his head and returned the hug. He held on tightly and she realized he had needed it as much as she had. She thought he might have needed this hug more than the fuck, but she didn’t care, she was happy to give him whatever he wanted. She squeezed him again.

Sarah took her hand out of her panties and straightened her clothes. She felt the sweat that had formed on her forehead and she wiped it off with her hand. It had gotten incredibly hot in here all of a sudden. She saw Kaylie hugging Jesse or was it the other way? She couldn’t tell and looked down to see Kaylie’s bikini bottoms on the floor. She picked them up and walked toward the two.

“Sweetie, you best put these back on for a while and we should get out of here. Your mom is going to think something is wrong.” Sarah said and held out the small bikini.

“Thanks, Miss Johnson, you’re probably right.” Kaylie said and took her bikini.

“We need to find Jesse something to wear. I think they is another pair in there, but we have to be careful bending over to look.” Kaylie said as she tied her bottoms.

Sarah laughed and hit Jesse.

“Get up loverboy and let us find something to hide that monster. I don’t think you want to prance out there with that fella swinging around.” Sarah said.

Jesse jumped up so the girls could open the trunk. He saw them both bend over to look in and he could feel his sore cock flinch a little.

“Don’t even think about it buddy, just hang on to that weapon. You’ll have plenty of time later, I’m sure.” Sarah said without even turning around.

Jesse and Tyshawn laughed as they stared at two perfect asses right in front of them. Sarah grabbed a pair that looked right and held them up to Kaylie.

“Those should work.” Kaylie said.

Sarah threw the suit to Jesse and he caught it and slipped it up his legs. It fit just right and looked pretty good. Sarah walked over to the door and opened it.

“Wait.” Sarah heard from behind.

She turned to see Tyshawn pulling his t-shirt over his head. She did not understand until she saw him walk to Kaylie and turn her to him. He reached up and wiped her face. He pulled her hair back and then wiped her neck. Sarah saw Kaylie looking at him as he was cleaning her up. He saw compassion and caring in Tyshawn’s face and what looked almost like love coming from Kaylie. Sarah wondered where this was going with these kids. There was definitely something between them all, but she just didn’t know how or if it would ever fit in the world outside this door. She opened the door and stepped out into the yard.

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Adventures of Sarah - Chapter 9

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