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The Price of Free Drinks

Categories Fiction, Anal, Blackmail, BDSM

Author: MousyKeys

Published: 10 May 2019

  • Font:

“Can I be honest with you, Codester?” Sarah had returned after another song of dancing and grinding while Cody watched with mild interest. He was almost surprised that she remembered his name, let alone come up with an annoying nickname for him within the five minutes she had been teasing some other man with her ass. He had had her third glass ready for her, the tumbler sitting just next to his hand, inviting her close to him and just as he planned it worked perfectly. Her arm brushed against his as she stood next to him.

“I'd prefer if you were always honest, Sarah.”

"You really don't see that girls in here just want to use you for free drinks? Listen I'm telling you this because you look like a nice guy and I almost feel sorry for taking advantage of you." Sarah shrugged after taking a sip. She put it on the counter, leaned on one arm sideways and eyed the dancefloor as she continued lamenting about the work she had to put in for a few drinks. While her eyes were elsewhere, his followed the gentle slope of her neck down to her bosom, her breasts almost falling out of her tight fitted dress.

Cody flashed a grin and chuckled ever so slightly at the irony of her confession. She had quite an attitude about her and with each word that she spat out his thoughts were growing darker and more sadistic. His next smile was genuine as he secretly slipped the small white pill back into it's plastic pouch in his pocket. He pretended to listen as the pretty little brunette talked herself deeper into trouble. Cody wanted her to remember everything that would happen that night, and he wanted her to hurt.

“To be equally honest with you, Sarah, if I had actually made an attempt to woo you, I doubt it’d take more effort than flashing a few dollars at a crackwhore.”

It looked like he had slapped her squarely across the face by her reaction. Sarah’s gawk lasted only a moment though, transforming into a scowl as she tossed what was left of her drink on him with a short “Asshole!” and stormed off in a huff. Cody wasn’t amused- he had expected the outburst but not the waterfall that came with it.

Leaving a tip at the bar he stalked after her, keeping some distance. She had gone towards the bathrooms, which was expected. Sarah had to walk past a bouncer, who had looked at her with some mild concern which evaporated once Cody clasped hands with the man and greeted him warmly. He briefly explained that he'd be taking her home, as she was too volatile to be out any longer. The bouncer nodded him on and wished him and his car interior well with a laugh.

Cody quickened his step to catch up, knowing that just between the two restrooms on the opposite wall was an emergency exit. Well, it was lit like one normally would be but the owner had grown tired of the alarm being tripped by clumsy drunks and had decided to cut the wires. Only a handful of regulars knew this, and it was one of Cody's preferred exits for what laid beyond the door with the faded neon lights.

He checked his watch and saw it was quarter till eleven. It was plenty early in the night but he had memories of girls getting trashed an incredible amount by nine before. The bouncer didn't question him nor while he scouted her out at the dancefloor did it seem like Sarah had come in with anyone more than mere acquaintances. Cody smiled to himself as he saw the women's door open wide.

Sarah still had an attitude as she walked out, not even glancing towards the end of the hallway where Cody lay in wait. He had let her take one step past the exit sign before he strode up rapidly behind her and covered her mouth with a large hand suppressing a gasp. The other grabbed her left wrist and hugged her body tight with it. To her credit, she did not seize up. Sarah wriggled and squirmed within his hold as Cody shouldered the door open wide enough for them both to slip through. When they had made it into the alleyway he kicked over the concrete block he had set up earlier to prevent any drunkards from accidentally stumbling upon the scene.

Sarah wasn't willing to be dragged around any longer as she bit into Cody's hand harshly. He cursed and threw her hard into the opposite building, shaking his hand to ease the pain. He had let her go on a spin and it was either the alcohol or her heels that didn't agree with that and she went spiraling down onto her ass.

She was down momentarily before she was back on her feet and moving away from him, fists raised in a guarded position.

“You can fuck right off, Cody. I’ll scream and someone will come.”

He made a gesture to encourage her while he shrugged slightly, “I haven’t given you a reason to scream yet, but go on ahead, knock yourself out.”

Sarah hesitated before calling out into the night in hopes anyone would hear her. Cody even waited a moment for good measure before making a second shrug with a sly grin. “Oh well, you tried. It’s my move now, right?”

She had backed herself into the wall just as he closed the distance between them. Cody pressed himself against her, preventing her from slapping his wandering hands away easily.

One hand painfully gripped a breast while the other tried to snake it’s way between her thighs. Sarah yelled at him and shoved him back, his grip on her dress stretching the stitching on her neck enough for it to hang loosely over her lace bra that did little to conceal her hardened nipple.

It had appeared that he was making another attempt at her breast so Sarah brought her arms up to cover them. Instead he took hold of the dress with both hands and tore it mostly down to her navel. The tearing sound made her jump and the rush of cold air had the heat in her cheeks moving downward to her now exposed breasts.

“I said f-fuck off!” She cried and stomped on his foot with a heel, pulling her phone out and trying to dial the emergency number all at once. She was incredibly flustered, angry and frightened causing her fingers to tremble a bit too much to function properly. Cody swatted her phone out of her hand, sending the device into the wall milliseconds before he sent the side of her face into it, pinning her cheek against the cold brick. There was the slightest metallic taste in her mouth and it caused her to whimper involuntarily.

“You keep making really poor decisions, Sarah. You ought to be more thoughtful, or someone could take advantage of you.” She bared her teeth at his mockery and struggled against his hold on her head. Her bare chest scraped against the brick uncomfortably as she did what she could to press back against him. She snapped her elbow back and caught him in the ribs just as he was undoing his belt, forcing a cough out of him. The larger man growled and lifted her head enough to shove it back into the wall as he freed his shaft quicker in order to trap one elbow against her body.

Cody released her head only long enough to take hold of her other elbow. He resisted her squirming, running both hands down to her wrists and sharply crossing them behind the small of her back. Making sure he had them imprisoned tightly, Cody brought his knee up between her thighs and forcefully nudged them apart.

“Now now, Sarah, what should I do with you in such a compromising position.” He said as he teased the head of his cock over her pantied holes. He made a few dry thrusts, feeling the cloth gather against her hidden folds and he delighted in feeling her whole body tense up.

When one finger pulled the lace aside it rekindled her spirit and she tried clamping her legs shut despite Cody’s knee still being lodged firmly between them. He leaned back enough to spit at his hand and she shuddered as some of the spit landed on her ass.

“C-cody stop now you sick fuck!” She gasped and rose up on her toes as his barely damp head prodded her pink pussy. Her elevated position worked in his favor as his rubbing caught enough of his cock between her lips for his hand to move up to her shoulder and to shove her down onto him just as he thrusted upward. She screamed, the sudden dry entry hurting her something fierce.

Her wrists strained under his grasp and she tried to free herself but she was stuck in place with his cock balls deep inside her. She begged as she struggled, “N-no get off- noo Cody s-stop p-please!”

Sarah’s words fell on deaf ears as he withdrew to shove himself back inside of her, dissolving her pleas into cries of pain. It took another few labored thrusts before the friction lessened. She hated herself for her body reacting to him as it did. Sarah could feel her lips moisten with every thrust into her and she could do nothing to stop it.

That violation was brought tears to her eyes as she fought against his hold. His hot breath on her ear felt just as defiling as him raping her and she gritted her teeth in anguish. When Cody's forehead came to rest on the side of her head his hand slipped from her shoulder to the wall.

As soon as she felt his weight and thrusts angle with that change she took the slimmest opportunity that it provided- Sarah reeled her head back and slammed it into his as hard as she could. The strike caught him off guard enough that he gasped in surprise as he fell out of her tight hole. There was some space between him and the wall now for Sarah to launch herself away but the shaky girl wasn't as quick as she needed to be. Cody’s foot hooked her retreating ankle and tugged hard, sending Sarah sprawling.

She landed hard on her knees, slumped against the dumpster and struggled to get to her feet again. The snarl she heard behind her sent her heart up into her throat, preventing any attempt at a shriek. Cody guaranteed that one wouldn't come as he kneed her harshly in side of her stomach, forcing her to collapse. He was on her in an instant and back inside of her a moment after. The reentry was rougher than the first despite her body's lubrication. He wiped the small streak of blood that trailed out of his nose and grimaced.

“Look what you did you fucking bitch.”

He shoved her face in the gravel and kept it pinned there while he fucked her in a frenzy. Her tears made his grip more difficult to maintain but they made raping her so much more savory. Her breath was ragged from the blow and the pain in her lower half made it difficult to regulate it.

Cody bent over her ass to get close to her face again, hand grasping for hair and yanking her closer still. He grinned as the whites in her eyes grew wider as he whispered through his shortened breath “I suppose I should tell you that this is the only part of the night that you might enjoy, so you might as well try to. I mean, you're fucking soaked right now. So you have to like this, huh? You like being treated like a slut?”

She whined and shook her head, one hand abandoning supporting both of their weights to claw at his hand entrenched in her hair. Sarah's voice was raspy as she insisted futilely, “J-just let me go! No, I hate this I-I fucking hate you, you bastard! Stop it!”

He laughed as her voice cracked from the strain he was putting on her and he could feel his balls tighten. His breath had grown shorter and it was harder to talk but he wanted to degrade her more.

“Oh.. well.. you could've fooled me.. with how wet you are.. and that dress.. Soo sorry about that too..” Cody said sarcastically before groaning and slamming his hips into her, forcing Sarah to skid forward slightly. Her cries renewed as she felt him pump rope after rope of cum deep inside of her pussy. When he finished emptying himself inside of her he released her hair and hip, allowing her to crawl back towards the dumpster. He stood easily while she clawed her way to her feet, adjusting himself as he watched her.

Cody had eyed it as Sarah staggered away from him. She was cursing at him and there were tears streaking down her face as she clutched her lower stomach, tattered dress barely clinging to her frame as his cum dampened her panties. She was standing now and inching away from him.

It took little effort to scoop up the cement brick and corral her into the doorway of the next building in the same movement. As soon as she realized she had been cornered, with only a chained door in front of her and her rapist behind her, he could see her body stiffen and a fresh wave of panic take over. It made his cock stir slightly and he adjusted his hold on the brick. Cody pushed sharply between her shoulders and in her weakened state that was all it took to send her face first into the door and crashing to the ground.

Sarah automatically curled into it, groaning and trying to make herself as small as possible. The fall had disoriented her and by the time she had mustered up either the courage or had no other choice but to look up at him all the color had drained from her face.

Cody tossed the brick in the air for measure, watching her eyes follow it and knowing her heart plummeted as it landed firmly back in his grasp. He grinned and her eyes grew impossibly wider.

“N-No pl-please you’ve h-had me already, pl-please don’t k-kill me!” her sobs made her words practically incomprehensible and as he raised the brick high above his head she uttered the most pitiful cry yet, cowering and screwing her eyes shut, anticipating the fatal blow.

He saw the dark puddle forming just under her cowering figure and the smell hit him just as the brick collided with the lock on the door. The loud crack of metal breaking made her shriek and her legs spasm, her legs opening enough to reveal what was left of her terror induced spray until it trickled down her thighs. Cody wrinkled his nose in disgust and kicked her knee aside, not showing her how much that display of primal fear had turned him on.

"You filthy animal, you're barely worth buying three drinks over. Do you seriously think you're worth going to jail over?" Dropping his brick too close for comfort to her and making her jump again, his hand found a clump of her hair and Cody proceeded to drag her into the abandoned building. Sarah’s nails did their best to dig into his wrist, causing him to grimace in pain.

Only after the trail of piss had stretched several yards into the old building did he drop her like a heavy sack. She yelped and before she had a chance to roll away, he came down hard with a knee to her abused stomach, knocking the air out of her and leaving her wheezing.

Keeping her helplessly pinned, Cody leaned low to get into her face and he growled "Don't go and make me change my mind now, you hear?"

Sarah fearfully nodded her head. She looked like he’d give her what he wanted simply enough so Cody stood and looked around the building. They had broken into an old hardware store which had mostly barren shelves save for some abandoned items. He gave the girl a warning glare before walking into an aisle to find something of use. The room had grown quiet save for her hammering chest and slight whimpering. Sarah held her breath, listening. Had he gone far enough away?

She rolled as quietly to her side as she could, suppressing a pained cough into a silent wince as her stomach protested from the movement. He still hadn’t reappeared. Sarah glanced at the door, then down the dark aisle. Her hands and knees were moving before she had fully thought her actions through. She had continued holding her breath as she crouched and ran for it. Sarah had halved the distance between herself and the broken door that they had gone through before she slammed face first into Cody’s stomach.

He snarled as his free hand wrenched her up to her feet by her hair and Sarah shrieked in response. She twisted and fought against his grip, threatening to tear her own hair out to escape. Cody had to drop what was in his other hand as she flailed her own, scratching at him anywhere she could find skin. He received quite the cut on his neck which enraged him. Cody caught one of her wrists and bent it backwards to the point where Sarah was convinced he’d snap it as he tore both of them to the ground.

He released her hair in favor of her other wrist and slammed them both on the ground above her. Sarah writhed and yelled at him, trying to kick from her spot on her stomach to no avail as Cody retrieved the lost item and ripped it open with his teeth. Sarah’s franticness increased as she recognized the sound.

“N-no you don’t fucker DO NOT do that!! LET ME GO!”

Cody ignored her as he brought the duct tape to her trapped wrists and proceeded to tightly bind them together, saying with a slightly heavier breath but in a still chastising way, “I thought we were being honest with each other, Sarah. You agreed to behave. And this..” He wiped at his neck once he was satisfied with his handiwork, inspecting his palm that shone with blood as he let her roll onto her back. “This is not behaving. So now I’m really going to fucking ruin you, bitch.”

He turned it towards her to see the damage she had done and she spat at him.

“Fuck you Cody. I hope you rot in a jail cell for the rest of---”

His hand came down across her cheek, backhanding her hard enough that her whole head turned and that she saw stars.

“I’ve just about had it with your mouth, Sarah. We’ll be using that later but for now..” He ripped a sizeable piece of tape and slapped it across her mouth, not caring that he caught some stray hairs with it. She continued shrieking nonetheless, the pitch of which heightened as he shifted his attention down her body and started tugging at her soaked panties. They held that distinct smell and he wrinkled his nose as he said stingingly “What kind of adult pisses themselves?” He could her the slightest pause in her noises and he smiled, knowing he had gotten to her.

Sarah had kicked and bucked enough that her panties got stuck around her knees. Cody pinched at her exposed clit and pulled, causing her to spasm further but in a way that allowed him to yank them the rest of the way off. He slapped her mound with an open hand and gave her some derogatory praise “Atta girl” before turning back towards her red face.

“Open up bitch, oh wait. Hang on…” He ripped the tape from her mouth and unleashed a torrent of obscenities from Sarah. They grew more colorful as Cody snatched her jaw in his hand to pry it open. It took some effort and some possible bruising to do just that and in went her piss-soaked panties. As he pushed them in deeper she tried to bite him and was somewhat successful by his scowl. Down came his hand again on her occupied mouth with a loud thwack. Sarah’s screaming was now mostly muffled as he brought the tape back over the dark pink frilly cloth stuck between her bared teeth.

“Like I said, I’m going to be using your mouth later. And I am serious when I say this- if you bite me again I will pull every last fucking tooth out with plyers, cunt.”

Her nostrils flared in disgust and she gagged, shaking her head and only quieting down somewhat. The combined taste of her piss and his cum was revolting. Sarah brought her bound hands to her face only for Cody to catch them and yank them back high up above her head. Her eyes bore into his with hatred laced with fear and uncertainty. That venomous look is what finally brought his cock back attention.

He clicked his tongue and ran his hand down her body again, groping her breasts and running over her hip. She tried to turn away from him and he took the opportunity to slap her ass sharply and she let out a muted shriek. He liked the quick inhale she took just then so he smacked her again.

“I’ve been dying to rape your asshole, Sarah. Your ass is honestly the only reason I chose you. How many guys were you bumping against tonight in the bar while you were dancing? How many wanted to get in you?” He slapped her again and she groaned. Cody was tempted to just roll her over and take her on the floor but he wasn’t satisfied with abusing his toy yet. Or maybe just a taste, he thought to himself.

Shoving her shoulder up and over while simultaneously bending her arms back until her wrists sat in the nape of her neck, Cody slapped her newly exposed cheek and gripped it tight, pulling it to expose her pert little hole. Sarah waved her feet in the air, attempting to kick at his hand but his fingers were just out of reach, the bound girl succeeding in only striking herself. Her growls turned into a strangled shriek as he forced two fingers into her asshole, scissoring them while trying to force a third in.

“Man, you are really going to be hurting when you take me in here. That’s fan-fucking-tastic.”

He withdrew his fingers and wiped them on her cheek to add a look of revulsion to the glare she was giving him. Cody wagged a finger at her and said “Remember now, stay still.”

Cody had recalled something in the back that would be perfect for her. Glancing over his shoulder only once before disappearing behind the aisle he saw that she had listened to him so far. Aside from peeking past her elbow at him, she hadn’t moved.

The dragging noise that emitted from where Cody had gone masked the grunts coming from Sarah as she awkwardly got to her feet and started stumbling towards the door once more. She peeled some of the tape off of her mouth and immediately tried biting the binds on her hands. Each scrape from behind her quickened her pace and she had made it farther than last time before his hand grasped her shoulder and tore her down onto her side with a muffled yelp. Sarah had the tape on her mouth dangling off of one side as she had tried spitting her vile panties out. She had failed doing much damage to the tape on her wrists as well before he slapped it back across her mouth.

With a prodding from his foot, Sarah was up on her bound hands and knees, crying more as she was turned away from the door and towards the device he had found- a long, low and thin sawhorse. It stood proudly a few yards from the dimly lit storefront. Sarah let out another strangled cry as he kicked her ass into motion.

“C’mon, move bitch. I don’t want to waste my entire night on you.” He stayed right on her heels as she awkwardly crawled and hobbled her way to the sawhorse. The weight of his sentence was heavy on her, How long had he been raping her? How much longer was he going to before he finally let her go? It had been hard forming those thoughts and the uncertainty of any answers made her situation feel even more helpless.

Sarah choked back a sob as he gripped the back of her neck and yanked her up to her feet briefly before bending her lengthwise on the sawhorse. She had caught the bar with her hands and she held her arms taut to prevent him from leveling her out as he wanted.

“mfmFFFMMM” She tried fruitlessly to curse at him, to relay any sense of hatred and fear that seemingly overwhelmed her but her gag made any noise that she got out indecipherable. Not that he cared much of what she had to say at this point, or at any point in the night.

While she delayed the inevitable by holding her torso up, Cody chose to work with what he had and he had her left ankle taped firmly to one leg of the horse. Sarah hadn’t reacted in time to save that one so she kicked at him with the other. This almost upset the entire device along with her save for Cody catching her right leg and pinning it against the leg. He almost lost his grip, receiving a knee to the side of his face before securing it. Rubbing his cheek and standing, he came around to face the obstinate woman.

“You’re a piece of work, you know that?” He said with an annoyed tone. He could feel a slight bruise forming already on his cheekbone as he looked over her. Her arms would tire sooner rather than later with how tight she had kept them. What was left of her lace bra hung loosely from her shoulders, doing nothing to conceal her scratched breasts. The tape around her mouth was partially worn from her meddling as well as dampened by the near constant stream of tears she had flowing.

Her crying had subsided somewhat, hiccups and heavy sniffling. She glared at him as he had taken out his shaft again to slowly stroke himself as he inspected her. Every movement he made made her ill, as if her mouth wasn’t stuffed with enough foulness as is. That threat of sickness became quite the possibility as the predator stalked behind her and out of her sight.

His fingering had barely done anything to stretch her asshole. The bud sat there, exposed and waiting for him, almost inviting unlike the rest of her. Cody took a handful of one cheek and pulled it away from her hole and forced her to whimper from the spread. Her knees moved in an attempt to conceal herself and he showed her just how ineffective it was by bending down and taking one long lick from the bottom of her parted lips to over her asshole. It sent such a chill through her spine that she had frozen in place.

It was when his tongue pierced her rim and wriggled inside of her that she remembered to breath and that she was very much in peril. She pushed herself into a standing position, butting him in the face and expelling him from her. She could feel his saliva dripping between her cheeks and the urge to puke was rising up within her again.

She felt his cock wedge itself against her ass as he pressed against her, hand moving down her arm like a spider would to grasp her wrists. She leaned forward quickly to prevent him from getting them behind her head again but the head of his cock catching her him distracted her enough to let him do just that. With her wrists as leverage, Cody plowed his length into her and forced out more than just a shrill shriek. The sheer pain had her crying and straining against all of her bonds and against his downward pull onto his prick.

“Christ you are tight. For all that shaking you had done I figured you for a loose whore… have you ever had something up your ass before now?” Cody wondered aloud, keeping himself embedded in her, enjoying her sphincter spasming around him and trying to accommodate his mass.

Her pitch increased as he began sawing in and out of her, tugging on her wrists to keep most of her weight on her feet and pelvis which balanced precariously on the bar of the sawhorse. It made her wince and groan with each thrust, the edge of the bar digging into one side of her pussy or the other despite her efforts to stay balanced. The residual liquids that crept out of her pussy didn’t help her balance either and she could feel them coating her thighs, reminding her of her body’s betrayal and of his cum still inside her.

Cody moaned into her ear, knowing full well how it agonized her. He had taken everything he wanted and when she thought he had had enough there was yet another act to desecrate her mentally or physically. She was aching all over, every time he drove his hips into her ass she was reminded of each bruise and scrape. His cock stretched her insides painfully and it seemed like no amount of fucking would loosen her up enough for it to be somewhat pleasant for her. Not that she wanted to enjoy this, she felt that that would be one thing he couldn’t make her do and it seemed like it’d be her last stronghold. The man behind her did not seem at all interested in breaking down those walls though and that brought her little relief.

Sarah wasn’t able to stop herself from plummeting forward onto the length of the sawhorse as he held her wrists still, landing with a grunt. Her breasts swung wildly on either side as she let out a low choked groan. Cody laid himself atop of her and imprisoned one breast with his hand, seeking her nipple and tugging harshly. It made her ass tighten around him as her body reacted, causing him to groan again and rest his head on her back. She could feel the imprint the sweat on his brow left when he lifted his head and released her wrists in favor of both of her hips. This allowed him to plow into her for a few incredibly violent thrusts that left her with a small gape when he withdrew his spear from her.

The girl was trembling as he walked back around to her front. Somehow he seemed harder after fucking her than he had before and she tried to reel back from him. She wasn’t sure if she should consider herself lucky when he crouched down to be eye level with her. He kept his on hers as his fingers found one corner of the tape and he ever so slowly started peeling it off. Her whining increased with every millimeter stretching her lips to their limit before snapping back once freed from the tape.

She was already trying to talk before it was off, her brows creased in pained frustration. Cody was even slower at hooking a finger in the exposed loop of her panties and taking them out. The cloth made her gag again before the last of it passed through her teeth and with her first free breath she did the best thing that she could- she spat right in his face, hoping some of the filth that had been inside her mouth found his.

Instead of the backhand she expected he simply wiped his face clean and smirked darkly. He cupped her chin and squeezed her cheeks to force her mouth open despite the fire in her eyes and her effort to keep it closed. “I was worried I had broken you already. So glad to see that there is still some bitch left to beat out of you.”

Her cheeks were sore when he finally let them go and she uttered, “I know your face, Cody. I know your name. You’re going to pay for--AAGHHH” The whites of Sarah’s eyes shone bright for a moment before screwing shut. She vigorously shook her head, cursing and whining. She hadn’t seen him bring the crescent wrench up to her right nipple nor had she seen him tightening it until it was too late. It pinched her nipple sharply, the grooves of the wrench biting into her. Things became much worse when he released the handle and let it dangle there. While she was still reeling from the pain of that one she had barely opened her eyes to see him clamping a second wrench onto the other. This one was marginally tighter than the right one and the unevenness made it practically unbearable. Sarah did what she could to push him away from her, her breasts swinging with their weighty jewelry. She was crying again, uninhibited and the noise caressed Cody’s balls. He knew he had to be inside her again, and soon.

She felt sick again as she watched him rise to his feet with bleary eyes. His hand had his shaft angled at her and Sarah weakly pushed at his thigh to stop him. This let her breasts swing painfully and she had to choose between defending herself or letting her nipples be yanked off of her. When one wrench clipped the sawhorse’s leg she yelped sharply, the vibrations hurting worse and requiring her attention. Reluctantly, Sarah brought her elbows down as best as she could to capture her hanging tits and keep them still. That left her face at his mercy.

“Since you were so kind as to hold my wrenches for me I needn’t remind you about biting, right?” With one large palm he tilted her head back, forcing her to look up at him with that fire in her eyes that she still possessed. Despite that facade, he could see how badly shaken up she was.

She refused to open her mouth when the tip of his cock came into contact with it. She could smell herself on his shaft and the knowledge of where his cock had just been made her stomach turn. Sarah couldn’t bring herself to given in now. She had endured so much. And yet he pressed into her lips, the hand on her forehead collecting hair and steadily increasing it’s pull on her scalp.

It took a mighty jerk of her entire body being slammed down onto the sawhorse that sent pain shooting from her taint to her collarbone before she gasped in agony. Cody didn’t hesitate to shove himself inside her mouth and sent her into an instant fit of choking. He groaned as her throat constricted around his head, it felt almost as good as her asshole had.

Sarah writhed on the sawhorse, fighting both urges to throw up on his cock and bite it all at once. She very much believed that he would make due on his threat but having him inside her mouth had to have been the worst thing yet. He barely gave her a chance to breathe as he fucked her face, enjoying the sensation of her trying to suck in air around his shaft during momentary pauses deep inside her throat or just between her quivering lips.

When her hands tried to push him out of her he reached down to twist her fingers until she was crying again. They quickly retreated under her when he dropped them. The fire in her eyes had diminished considerably. He had crushed her pride by having her taste her ass and that look was enough to send him over the edge.

Cody grunted when his balls slapped her chin and he started cumming down in her throat. The hot spunk must’ve hit a weak spot inside her and her whole stomach lurched up. Cody pulled his still spurting shaft out of her, coating her face as Sarah wheezed and bile came spilling out of her mouth and onto the floor just below her. It hung in drips from her lower lip just as his white cum clung to her cheeks just under her wounded eyes. Her breath was ragged and the noises she made were pitiful.

As if her humiliation wasn’t enough, he wiped what was left of his cum and her saliva on her forehead. Sarah groaned and dropped her head, letting it hang and sway just as her breasts did. She was still wheezing somewhat, the bile burning her stretched esophagus on it’s way up. She couldn’t bear to look at him anymore. That was until the whole contraption she was on lurched forward and she was convinced she was going to topple over.

The storefront came further into view as Cody pulled and pushed the occupied sawhorse closer. It was still partially boarded up but enough of the window was left open that a curious passerby would see the battered woman in such a compromising position. He couldn’t decide if he wanted her ass sticking in the window or her cum coated face and he made sure to voice this dilemma above the choir of her protests.

In the end he opted to leave a good view of both, keeping her parallel to the window. Where her face ended up was by the store’s entrance, and laying against the floor was a partly shattered mirror. Cody saw her look of dismay when she saw it out of the corner of her eye and he propped it up against the wall for her to admire herself. “You always took care to look great, right?” He goaded, liking the distressed look her face adorned in several broken pieces of glass. Satisfied with his display, he slapped her asscheek once more.

Sarah yelped and tried to look away at her fractured visage but it was difficult to avoid. She did what she could to turn towards him, “Y-you can’t leave me here like this!”

“Shut your mouth and listen. You can’t be trusted to stay quiet, can you? And we had that whole talk about honesty earlier. You’ve really shown your true colors tonight, Sarah.” He scooped up her panties and bent down to her face, wagging the damp cloth at her mouth. She wrinkled her nose again and shook her head violently, the swinging wrenches putting a quick end to that movement.

It took little to force her jaw open and stuff her panties back inside. She looked up at him with a vile hatred that turned into a panicked expression as she felt a warm stream strike her chin and move its way up to soak her panties. His piss moved further up and she was barely able to shut her eyes to prevent it from getting in them.

“Ahhh and this.. this is for that last drink you stained my shirt with, bitch.”

She wheezed around the gag as he let his last trickles stick to her hair. The yellow liquid had mostly washed away his cum but some resistant spots still clung to her nose and lip. He shook his limp cock twice to clean it and fixed his pants as he walked behind her, letting his hand trail down her body despite the recoil his touch sent through her.

“Now, I've got all of your information and I've got plenty of friends who would love to have their way with you. Matter of fact, one is on his way now. He'll use you as he wants, then he’ll release you.” His hand had returned to her ass and crept towards her abused hole. He fingered her gape thoughtfully as he continued his threat, teasing a tear or two and making her whimper.

“Any inkling of trouble and we'll blast your information everywhere. I'll just leave you here in the window and you can pray your precious little head off that no drunkards find you here between now and when he shows up. Thanks for the drinks, Sarah.” He withdrew his scissoring fingers and took a liberal squeeze of her cheek before walking off. Something caught his eye down one of the unexplored aisles and he couldn’t resist torturing her a little more.

“Oh, and one more thing: just in case you get any “bright” ideas…” Cody waved a long, thin light bulb in front of her face before disappearing out of her line of sight. Sarah was frozen, everything stalled but her heart as she felt the metal end of the bulb pressed against her gaped asshole, sliding in almost too easily.

“Despite all of your stupidity tonight you seem like a smart girl, so I wouldn't have to advise you to stay as still as possible or to try to remove that yourself, right?”

By the time he had finished he reappeared and made a mocking listening gesture in front of her gagged face.

“Right. Perfect, I think I'll go see if any other girls’ want to “take advantage” of me. Tootles.”

Cody gave her a salute and sauntered towards the door, savoring the choir of panicked “Cmmffe”s that he could only assume was his name. The whining quieted only just as he slipped back into the alleyway. Any wayward drunk who wandered close enough would hear her. His friend was standing by the dumpster, close to where he had originally taken Sarah. He seemed content to finish his cigarette knowing full well the battered girl was suffering from fright all alone. They simply nodded to each other in acknowledgment of that fact and that was it. This left him with a smile in his face as he re-entered the bar with just an hour left before last call.

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The Price of Free Drinks

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