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HuCow Induction

Categories Fiction, Lesbian, Lactation, Male / Female

Author: abroadsword

Published: 10 May 2019

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HuCow Induction

Mel looked lovingly at Jane across the bed room. Jane was so beautiful. Mel still had to pinch herself to prove she was not dreaming, and that Jane had chosen her to be her partner.

Mel was no beauty, her tits were huge she knew but so was her tummy, several people had assumed she was pregnant which was quite embarrassing, she never had any luck with girlfriends or boyfriend until Jane inexplicably swept her off her feet.

Not literally swept her off her feet as she was twice Jane’s weight if a few inches shorter.

Every night they cuddled down in their king size bed and made love. Jane had introduced Mel to vitamins and a special diet and she felt like a new woman. But there was just one problem a tingly feeling in her breasts. It was getting worse, not that it was unpleasant but she often had to rub her nipples to ease the sensation. Jane often sucked her breasts which helped enormously but Mel was confused.

“Do you think I should make an appointment?” she asked one morning before setting off to work.

Mel wasn’t very clever but she was a kind patient girl so she worked as a teacher in a kindergarten. Jane was still at Uni in her last year.

“No, its just the vitamins, I had the same sensation when I started,” Jane explained flippantly, “Get a move on or we will be late!”

Jane bided her time and just over a month later Mel confided, “I’m late.”

“Pregnant? Have you been cheating?” Jane asked cheekily.

“No, but I stopped my pill and nothing happened.” she admitted.

“It’s the vitamins.” Jane replied, “Or is it?”

“No, I told you I would never cheat!” Mel replied.

“So let me see,” Jane insisted, “Come on skirt up I want to look.”

Mel looked embarrassed, “Sorry,” she said as she raised her skirt and pulled her panties down for Jane to see.

“You know the rule no panties indoors,” Jane insisted as she peered intently at Mels cunt, “No period either, pop you boobies out I want to play.”

“What?” Mel asked.

“You turned me on lets play, I want to suck your great big rubbery nips, so come along pop them out there’s a good girl.” Jane advised.

Mel opened her huge blouse and slipped her brassiere off her shoulers to reveal her huge tits.

Jane bent and started to suck Mels left boobie.

Suddenly Mel let out a shout. Jane felt the moisture. The first drops of milk. “Oh that’s so nice!” Mel exclaimed, probably quite unaware that Jane was now begining to suck milk from her left tit.

Just a few drops. Jane turned her attention to the right nipple and quite quickly the first few drops of milk began to flow from the right breast as well.

“Jane!” Mel exclaimed, “I’m leaking!”

“I know darling, just enjoy it,” Jane suggested. Her hand stole to Mels cunt and her fingers began to explore, two, three, four fingers up inside Mel and then her thumb folded flat against the palm of her hand and her whole hand was inside Mel.

“Jane,” Mel said, “I love you!”

“I love you too darling,” Jane lied as she pleasured Mel..

Mel slumped in her arm chair. Milk was begining to flow quite freely now as she gasped with pleasure.

“Oh god we’ll be late!” Jane exclaimed and she rushed away grabbing her purse leaving Mel frustrated and confused.

Mel never considered how Jane could afford a large flat when she was still at Uni. She wasn’t very bright.

Jane however was an outstanding student, clever and beautiful and resourceful. She knew how to pay the rent.

Jane went to see Doctor Lindemann as soon as she arrived on Campus. He ushered her into his private office and shut the door, “Any progress with the milk?” he asked.

“Yes first drops this morning!” she announced.

“That’s excellent,” the doctor replied as he shuffled awkwardly trying to hide his hard on.

He smiled at Jane, she was so perfect, pert breasts, shapely tighs, long legs, tall, perfect except she was gay and didn’t go for thirty something geeks with glasses with a breast milk fetish.

“So when do I get my money?” Jane asked.

“As soon as we get your friend inducted,” Lindeman confirmed, “Maybe this evening, shall we say 7 pm.”

“Great!” Jane agreed and she went to classes.

As soon as Mel arrived home Jane greeted her with the news that she had arranged an appointment at the medical acility for that evenng.

“Doctor Lindeman is an expert and he is a friend of a friend and will have a look pro bono,” Jane explained.

“On thank you,” Mel agreed

They arrived at Uni around seven, the campus was just about deserted when they entered the Med faculty.

There was no wait, Prof Lindeman saw them straight away.

“Your breasts leak even though you are not pregnant?” he asked Mel.

“Er only when Jane sucks them, but the itch and throb,” Mel agreed.

“Then let me see,” he asked.

“Go on I have seen it all before,” Jane reminded her.

Mel undid her shirt and popped her pendulous breast out of her huge bra, it was somewhere around an F cup but Mel had to have them made especially so it was hard to put a size to it.

The nipple was moist and there was a wet patch on the bra where the nipple rubbed.

“Leaks when sucked?” he queried.

“Yes look!” Jane retorted and she grabbed Mels left nipple and began to suck.

Mel squealed in protest , “Jane not here!” she protested but she felt the relief as the milk began to flow.

“Ah so I see,” Dr Lindemann agreed, “It is sometimes a side effect of a course of vitamins, but only a temporary one, the cure is simple, completely drain the milk glands and the poblem will disappear.”

“What have someone suck me dry?” Mel suggested.

“No, we have little machine for that," he confirmed, “Er, its somewhere around, I think, its not something we use very often.” he lied.

He found it after opening several drawers. “Here it is,” he announced as he held up a pair of small soft plastic suction cups attached to a small battery pack and motor with a tube leading to a 2 litre plastic container

“Just sit down and it will just take a few minutes.” he advised, “Hold the pump and let me fit the cups.”

Jane reluctantly stopped sucking and allowed Dr Lindemann to attach the suction cups. The motor started to whirr. Mel gasped with pleasure as both nipples were caressed together and the milk began to flow.

“And what about you Jane?” Dr Lindemann asked.

“What? What do you mean?” Jane asked.

“Strange sensations in your nipples?” he queried, “Any leaks?”

“No of course not,” she answered, and she whispered, “I took the placebos remember.”

“Of course but let me take a look,” he agreed, “Pop your shirt open please.”

“Look,” Jane whispered as Mel cooed happily as the pump sucked away, “I did my part of the bargain now where is my five grand.”

“Five grand for a lady with fully functioning tits,” Dr Lindemann agreed, “But perhaps I owe you Ten Grand, you see there were no placebos.”

“What!” Jane protested, “Oh god there was some tingling!”

“Then let me take a look,” he asked.

Reluctantly Jane unbuttonned her shirt and reached round to undo her bra revealing her modest B cup breasts.

Dr Lindemann bent down to inspect Jane’s nipples and carefully held each one in turn between his finger and thumbs. “How does that feel?” he asked.

“Why?” she asked, “What have you done to me?”

“Oh just a small course of medcation,” he smiled and then to Jane’s horror he bent his head and began to suck her left nipple.

Pleasure coursed through her entire body and then suddenly she felt her milk begin to flow, “Oh god you bastard!” she gasped, “Stop, no don’t stop, Oh bollocks!”

Dr Lindemann’s hand stole to Jane’s belt, he slipped the buckle and unclipped the top catch on her Levis.

The zipper slipped down easily.

“Bastard,” Jane swore as Dr Lindemann’s fingers pushed aside her skimpy panties and stole to her cunt.

“Are you wet down there?” he asked between sucks.

“Bastard,” she repeated.

His fingers were inside her now, “Bastard” she swore again as Dr Lindemann eased her jeans and knickers down ever further.

His other hand reached for a second breast pump he had put on the desk, he started the motor and clasped it to her other breast as he continued to suck

“Total bastard!” she cried and then he attached the second suction cup to her other cup.

It then took just a moment to bend Jane over the desk and pulled her Levis off her feet.

He dropped his own pants revealing his swollen hard on and with an arm supporting her under her tummy he eased his erection slowly between her cunt lips.

“Oh god no!” Jane cried, “Stop, rape, that’s toooooo much!”

Dr Lindemann stopped the pump and began to knead Jane’s nipples with his hands. Milk sprayed sideways in a gentle mist.

“You bastard," She protested, “Why are you doing this?"

“To make you feel wonderful!” he replied, “And for myself of course,” and with that he began to shoot his load deep inside her.

“You’re so beautiful, perfect,” he continued, “I love you.”

“So don’t stop, where has that pump gone?” Jane queried, “Oh god you slimed me, I’m leaking. You bastard!”

Dr Lindemann climbed off Jane and absent mindedly began to wipe his cock.

“Where is that pump?” Jane protested, “The sooner I get rid of this milk the better!”

“Actually the more we pump the more you produce,” he repiled, “I lied sorry.”

“Bastard, you raped me.” she accused.

“Hardly, you can watch the CCTV later,” he suggested “I think you wanted it as much as I did.”

“Bastard, you drug me, raped me and dump me!” Jane blustered.

“Guilty on two counts but dumping no, I thought we could catch a movie, have dinner,” he suggested.

“And then fuck again I suppose,” she added.

“Get to know each other, and then fuck again at my place, maybe share breakfast?” he offered.

“You are supposed to ask a girl out before you fuck her,” Jane challenged.

“You are a lesbian,with a girlfriend, how was I to achieve that?” he asked.

“Actually," she replied, “I prefer men but I have to do something to pay the rent, like finding mugs for you to milk.”

“You won’t have to pay rent if you move in with me!” he countered.

Mel watched them as the ecstasy waned, “You don’t love me?” she queried.

“Of course not you stupid ugly fat cow,” Jane answered, “But it is fun making you cum.”

Jane stopped looking for something to wipe herself with and walked across to Mel who was still slumped in her chair. jane stood on one leg and swivelled round so her cunt was level with Mel’s mouth, “Lick me clean darling, taste some spunk for once!”

Lindemann also seized his chance. He reached around Jane and undid Mel’s Levis belt. He took some shears from the desk drawer and cut down from the waist band cutting both Levis and knickers until he could pull a wide flap of material away to reveal Mel’s cunt. She was moist, absolutely sopping in fact so he guided Jane’s hand to Mel’s cunt and allowed her to start easing her fingers inside Mel.

Two fngers, three, then four and finally her thumb slid inside Mel’s capacious cunt, a small hand but even so as big as a large cock began to explore and tantilise her as she licked spunk and leaked milk.

Mel began to cum. Not once but again and again as Dr Lidemann looked on approvingly.

He reached for the phone and asked his assistants to come down to the reception room ready to prep Mel. He also wondered whether Jane could ever produce enough milk to be worth inducting. he decided against it, she could be his “Girlfriend” for a couple of weeks and then maybe he could pimp her out to his friends if he got bored, either way it would be her call.

There was a knock at the dood, Dr Lindemann unlocked it and let the induction team in. Sally, Sarah, Big Jim and Scotty. All well rehearsed in inducting unsuspecting women and turning them into human cows.

He took out his check book and wrote Jane a check for $12 000. He waved it in front of her, “A little bonus,” he laughed.

To be continued.

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HuCow Induction

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