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The Chauffeur (#44) Seattle

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, Job/Place-of-work, Romance


Published: 10 May 2019

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The Chauffeur (#44) Seattle


Copyright 2019


Jill and I got dressed quickly for the ‘introduction date’. Neither one of the participants knew ahead of time that they had already met their dinner date. That was my own little joke, at least it was funny in my head. When I told Jill about it, I got a huge eyeroll and a shake of her head.

As usual, Dakota had everything set up. The limo arrived at the perfect time, complete with Fred driving. Jill whispered in my ear that she felt better having Fred be our Chauffeur. I, of course, just agreed with her.

I stayed conservative in my dress. I wore a short sleeved collared shirt and a pair of nice jeans. Jill wore a denim skirt and a cute blouse, that I wanted to take off her as it highlighted her beautiful contours.

We went to Heidi Longmire’s home first. I decided to do that for safety reasons. If they don’t hit it off or she feels uncomfortable then he wouldn’t know where she lived. Since she is an agent for the FBI, she had access to information about him that he probably didn’t even know was available.

When we got to Heidi’s house, I got out and went to the front door. It was a nice clean house. The yard was mowed, and she had a cute little flowerbed against the front facing of the house. One thing I did notice was that she had no large trees. She had a couple of bushes but no large trees.

I rang the doorbell and heard her yell, “Hold on, I’m coming,” she said. Of course, in my head, the joke of ‘not yet you’re not’ about her coming came to the front of my stupid brain. I chuckled to myself. I heard her unlock the door and the deadbolt before she opened the door.

When she did open the front door, there stood before me a beautifully slim athletic woman. She was wearing a pair of dress jeans and a nice blouse. In my head, I didn’t know what was going on, but I wouldn’t mind seeing her out of the blouse, but alas I knew that was not going to happen.

She took a couple of minutes to lock the front door back up, including the deadbolt.

“You can never be too careful,” she said to me putting her key into the deadbolt lock.

“There, all locked up. Shall we go?” Heidi says to me.

I put my arm out for her to grab onto and we walk down her walkway to the limo. Fred has the door open and is standing waiting for us. Heidi gets in first then me. Since I wasn’t sure if Heidi knew my wife or not, I did introductions.

“Jill, this is Agent Heidi Longmire, but tonight she is just Heidi Longmire,” I say causing Jill to again give me an eye roll. However, it did get a giggle from Heidi. I thought to myself, ahh a new audience for my ridiculous jokes.

“Heidi, this is my gorgeous wife, Jill,” I say. They both exchange pleasantries.

Fred shuts the door and off we go. Heidi’s FBI curiosity is starting to show.

“So how do you know that I’ll like this guy?” She asks.

“Um, let’s call it a hunch,” I tell her trying to be cagey, but she is a professional interrogator, so I must watch my step.

“Do I get any hints on what he looks like?” She asks.

“Well, he has two eyes, one nose, and a pair of lips,” I tell her as I see Jill’s eyes roll again. I’m having fun, but I think Jill might have seen this act before.

“OH WOW, two eyes you say? That must make him special. Any other features you care to share?” She asks obviously playing along.

“Well let’s see, yeah, he puts his pants on one leg at a time and he wears shoes,” I say to her causing her to laugh.

“Hell, this is fun. I haven’t even met the guy and already its better than my last two dates,” Heidi says. This causes Jill to now jump into the conversation.

“Heidi, tell me, how hard is it for someone like yourself, a Federal Agent to find someone to have a relationship with?” Jill asks.

“Well, it’s tough. You start off just like every other meeting. You try to sidestep telling them you work for the FBI. Often, you get one extreme or the other. Either they want to tell you their Police connection, or for some reason, they hate the Law Enforcement agency that you work for. Then you must keep an eye out that you’re not being followed from the office to your home or your neighborhood,” Heidi tells us.

“I guess you can’t just go to a bar and pick up someone for a one-night stand, can you?” Jill asks.

“Sure, you can if your stupid. You never know when you will run into someone that you interrogated or even arrested before. I can tell you that they will always spot you before you spot them. It does make things difficult, that’s probably why so many agents date and marry other agents,” she tells us.

“Would I be out of bounds to say your job can be a lonely job?” I ask.

“Absolutely. Unless you have a close group of people that you trust, it can get very lonely. And, with the way things are going these days, it only gets more difficult, which is why I chose to gamble on you asking me out. You are high profile and you’ve shown that you can be trusted, so I figured that at least I’ll get a meal paid for. The last date I ended up paying for the meal because his soon to be ex-wife had canceled all his credit cards and emptied their bank account. It kind of puts a damper on what should have been a nice evening,” she says.

I feel for her. I went through some of those dates before I met Jill and I am thankful every night that night she was my trainer back at Happy Limo.

We pull up to a nice-looking home. Fred parks the limo on the street and opens the car for Heidi and me to get out to go to Patrick’s front door. I’m smiling the whole walk to the door.

I let her ring the bell. We hear “Hold on, I’ll be right there,” and some footsteps coming to the front door.

Patrick opens the door. There is a stunned silence from both people. They both look at me as if I’ve just grown two heads.

“Patrick, I would like to introduce you to Heidi Longmire. Heidi I would like to introduce you to Patrick Meyers” I say smiling.

I guess to play along, Patrick reaches his hand out and shakes Heidi’s hand.

“C’ mon guys, let’s have a nice night. No talk about what has happened, tonight you aren’t an FBI agent, got it?” I ask her. She shakes her head yes. Patrick still looks confused.

“OK, guys here’s the deal. I had intended to introduce you two before the whole thing with Aurora happened. There was no way to avoid you guys meeting, so I just kept my mouth shut. We can end this right now if you two don’t want to go any further, but I think you two will hit it off,” I say to both.

“David, how do you know that we’ll hit it off?” Patrick asks.

“Actually, I don’t. It’s a hunch. You both work insane hours, you both have a good temperament, and you both seem to get along with me, which isn’t as easy as I think it is, or at least my wife tells me so every once in a while,” I say to them smiling.

They look at each other, shrug their shoulders and proceeded to head to the limo. Patrick must stop and go back to the front door to lock the top deadbolt lock.

“There, its’ all locked up now,” he says.

“That’s what she did and said when I picked her up,” I tell him.

“Well, obviously she cares about home security David,” Patrick says to me.

We get to the limo where Fred is standing stoically with the back door open. Patrick lets Heidi get in first, then I shove him in and climb in behind him.

“Patrick this is my wife Jill,” I say to him.

“Jill, this is Patrick,” introducing Jill to Patrick.

Patrick says, “Jill, it’s nice to meet you. I do have a question for you,” he says to Jill.

“Go ahead,”

“How do you put up with this guy’s knucklehead antics?” Patrick asks Jill.

“Well, I kind of have to since I married the knucklehead,” she says smiling causing Heidi and Patrick to laugh.

The ride to the restaurant went smoothly as Fred knew a short cut on a one-way road that saved us hitting three additional traffic lights.

When we arrived at Longhorn’s Steakhouse, Patrick’s eyes lit up.

“Hot damn, I love this place. I haven’t been quite a while, but their food is wonderful. Heidi, what do you think of this place?” He asks all smiles and full of energy, which made me exhale just a bit. Now if we can get Heidi to joke around a bit then maybe the evening will go well.

As the four of us were walking into the restaurant, my phone buzzes.

“Damn David, you work as much as we do,” Patrick says to me.

I look at the text message. It's from Dakota “Plane ready for tomorrow for a trip to Seattle. Will we be staying over or coming home tomorrow night?”

I think about it for a moment then text her that hopefully, we will be returning home tomorrow night, but very late.

I apologize for the text message. Both Patrick and Heidi understood.

The hostess tells us that there’s about a half hour wait for a table for four. I take the four of us over to the bar. Lucky for us there happen to be four seats together at the bar. Patrick and I pull the seats out for the ladies then we take the outside two seats. The barmaid, a long-haired brunette with thin eyebrows and green eyes ask what we want for drinks and do we want an appetizer while we wait.

Patrick ask Heidi, “Do you have a preference for a drink?”

“How about just a nice glass of wine. Maybe a Cabernet?” she says to him.

“Jill, your usual, a merlot?” I ask.

Patrick orders a cabernet for Heidi and a dark beer for himself. I order a merlot for Jill and a coke for myself.

“You don’t drink?” Patrick asks me.

“No, not really,” I tell him.

“Anyone want to order an appetizer?” I ask.

No one seems all that interested in having an appetizer at the bar.

“Heidi, are you from this area?” I ask trying to get some conversation going.

“No, not really. I grew up a bit north of here in San Francisco. When I graduated high school, I went to San Diego State University and then Law School. I applied to the agency in my last year of law school and was accepted,” she tells us.

“Patrick, are you from here?” I ask.

“Yep, I grew up in a small town called San Marino. We lived in a small home on Vega street. I screwed around in high school and graduated with a C+ average. I really had no intentions of going to college. I took care of all the cleaning in the house since both Mom and Dad worked. Dad did woodworking, cabinetry mostly. Mom worked as a receptionist for an accounting firm. Since I did all the cleaning at our home, it was an easy leap to starting my own business, cleaning other people’s homes,” Patrick tells us.

“How long have you been in business?” Jill asks as she takes a sip of her merlot.

“About 8 years now. Until the thing the other day, I was considering trying to expand the business towards Beverly Hills. You got me thinking about potential customers I’m leaving on the table since your home is the only one that my company takes care of,” Patrick says to us.

I see Heidi take a long sip of her Cabernet before asking, “Patrick, do you regret not going to college or are you more of a hands-on guy,” Heidi asks him.

“Well, I don’t regret not going to college. Yet, all those parties that you see on TV, I would have liked to attend one or two, but alas I chose to work instead. How about you Heidi? You went to college and then law school, did you get wild and crazy?” Patrick asks.

“Wild and crazy? No, not at all. I had my sights set on where I wanted to be and thus, I kept my nose to the books. I don’t think I was even invited to a college party, let alone go to one,” she says after another long sip of her wine.

“David, you and Jill probably went to college, didn’t you?” Patrick asks.

“Nope. Jill is a Marine and I spent most of my adult life working in the restaurant business,” I tell them.

“Well, if she’s military and you’re a restaurant guy, how did you two meet? Did she come into your restaurant and it was love at first sight?” He says to me.

“She was my trainer at the limo company,” I tell them, which gets a couple of odd looks from Patrick and Heidi.

“I took a job learning to be a chauffeur at Happy, Happee Limo and Jill was my trainer. Although I was dating someone else when we first met, it didn’t take very long for Jill to have her way with me,” I say laughing. Jill gives the big eyeroll causing Patrick and Heidi to laugh. I get poked in the ribs for the joke.

Our little coaster buzzes telling us that our table is ready. We get up and head back to the hostess stand. I hand her the buzzing thing and she takes the four of us to a nice table towards the back of the restaurant’s main floor.

Both Patrick and I hold out the chairs for our ladies who give each of us a polite ‘thank you’.

As the hostess hands us the menu’s she tells us that the specials for the night are inside the menu. We thank her and she heads back to the hostess stand.

Our waitress comes around to ask if we needed refills on the wine. I order up another glass for the ladies, another beer for Patrick and another coke for myself. I also order an appetizer for the table. It's my usual cheesy stuffed mushrooms, I tell our guests that it’s one of the things that I love about Longhorn. The waitress smiles at the appetizer order and heads off.

Jill sees some sort of salmon salad at the table next to us and decides to order it. Heidi looks over at the same table and decides to order it as well. Of course, Patrick and I are going to order steaks. I figure you don’t go to a steakhouse and not order steaks, just seems wrong.

When the waitress comes back with our appetizer order, she offers to take our dinner order. She asks first if the bill will be separate or all together.

“Ma’am, the bill will be all together, and I will take it,” I tell her making sure that Patrick or Heidi don’t try to pay for the meal.

Patrick, being a gentleman, orders Heidi’s dinner then his own. He chose a porterhouse steak with a baked potato fully loaded, a house salad with ranch dressing. He ordered Heidi a cup of baked potato soup which she says they make a wonderful version of that soup.

Jill likes the idea of a cup of soup as well. I order her salmon salad along with a cup of the baked potato soup. For myself, I ordered a porterhouse steak, medium rare, baked potato fully loaded and a salad with thousand islands dressing and extra tomatoes and no onions. We were all smiling when the waitress left the table with our order.

“David, how did you go from being a trainee of Jill’s to CEO of Jaxson, Inc.? That must be one hell of a story,” Patrick says which has Heidi listening.

“Jill, would you like to tell the story, or have me do it?” I ask her smiling.

“Oh, I’ll let you tell the story, you seem to revel in it,” she tells the table, smiling the whole time.

“Patrick and Heidi, on our second night working together, one of the other driver’s was in a horrible traffic accident. We had longtime clients arriving and the dispatcher sent us, the closest limo to go pick up Bob and Melanie Jaxson from the private jet area of the airport. We didn’t have the proper car to pick them up and didn’t have enough time to get to the office and swap cars, so we just went to the airport. When we got there, Jill pulled the car we had up next to their jet and I jumped out and put their luggage into the trunk. I stood by the back door and Bob and Melanie got into the car. As we were going, I turned around and apologized to the Jaxsons telling them that their usual chauffeur was in a bad accident. I also apologized for not having the correct vehicle for them and made the decision to give them the service for free. Jill asked if we needed to stop at a Walgreen’s for Melanie Jaxson as she was nauseated from a storm that the jet flew through. We got them to their hotel. Bob Jaxson pulled me aside and told me that if I decide to move up in the world, he’s got a position for someone like me,” I tell them.

“Are you going to tell them about how you got a $2000 tip from them that night and I only got $800? You sit there and chat with them and I do all the work, yet you get the big tip and I don’t,” Jill says smiling and giggling as she takes another sip of her merlot.

“Wait a minute, you got $2800 as a tip from Mr. and Mrs. Jaxson?” Heidi asks.

“Yes, we did. It wasn’t long before I called Bob Jaxson and well, the rest is history,” I tell them,

“David, you said you were dating someone else when you met Jill?” Heidi asks.

“Yep, sure was. I spoke to the lady that I was dating, her name was Tina. I knew that we weren’t going anywhere in our relationship. We just broke it off. The very night we broke it off, Jill was in an automobile accident. She tried to call our boss, who didn’t answer. She tried to call a close friend, who also didn’t answer. Then on a gamble, she called me from the ER at City Hospital. I raced across town to the ER. I went rushing in and was told what exam room she was in. I ran through the hallways and burst into the exam room. There was the most beautiful, and pathetic looking woman I had ever seen,” I said to them telling them the story. Of course, Jill was playfully shaking her head no through half the story.

“Hey, my story, I tell it my way,” I say to Jill who just smiles and pokes me again in the ribs.

“Well, they had her hopped up on pretty severe pain medication, what was it again dear, Morphine?” I asked.

She just nodded her head yes.

“That’s when she declared her undying love for me and we’ve been together ever since,” I tell them. Again, I get the big eye roll from Jill which makes me laugh.

“And now I’m stuck with him like gum on a shoe,” Jill says to Patrick and Heidi.

Our food arrives and it looks and smells delicious.


As we begin to eat our dinner, Patrick asks, “David and Jill, how do you like being in charge of a multinational company such as Jaxson, Inc.?”

Jill answers first, “Oh we love it. However, lately, the job has been kicking my ass. I am thankful that my assistant has a good head for numbers. David pirated her away from a Mercedes dealership because they weren’t treating her right. Here she was selling David not one but two Mercedes and they were only going to give her credit for selling one. She went on the test drive with David and he made her a job offer. She didn’t accept until she was sure that they were going to screw her over and not give her the full commission,” Jill tells the table.

Just as I was about to comment on our jobs at Jaxson Inc. a person tapped me on the shoulder from behind me. I turned to see Missy, the waitress that Sharon and I picked up one night a couple of weeks ago who stayed at the house for three days.

“Hello, do you remember me?” She asks.

“Of course, I do Missy, how are you?” I ask her.

“Missy, you remember this is my wife Jill. And these are two friends, Heidi and Patrick,” I tell her, hoping that she won’t say anything that Jill and I will have to explain.

“David, I got a new cell phone. Let me give you my new phone number, so when you have another party at your house, you can remember to invite me,” she says smiling. In my head, that wasn’t too bad of a statement that I would have to explain.

She writes her phone number down on a guest check, kisses me on the cheek and heads off. I just look at Jill who is smiling the whole time.

“Um, David, do random women just come up to you and give you their phone number and a kiss before trying to invite themselves to one of your parties?” Heidi asks me.

Jill answers, “Heidi, this happens more often than you would ever imagine. He gets women pursuing him as if I’m not even here. It’s almost as if he’s a rock star and we just live in his world,” she says smiling a giggling. I see Heidi have a particular facial expression and then just kind of accept that answer.

I decide to try and narrow the answer down to keep Heidi from getting too suspicious.

“Heidi, Missy got invited to a party we had several weeks ago by a friend of a friend thing. She had a great time. We had several single guys and I think she may have collected just about every single guy’s phone number at the party. She sent me a card a week or so later telling me it was one of the best parties she had been to in a long, long time,” I tell Heidi.

“The life of a CEO,” Patrick says.

I see that we are finishing up with our dinners. When the waitress comes over to bus some of the empty plates off the table, I ask to see a dessert menu. Patrick’s eyes light up, but the ladies seemed rather full.

I know that no matter how full Jill is, she’s a sucker for the caramel apple stampede. Patrick asks Heidi if she would like to split their chocolate stampede. She agrees. I smile seeing that they seem to be getting along well.

I place the dessert order for Jill and I and Patrick orders for Heidi and him.

I decided to ask the curious question, “So, have either of you been married before?” which gets me a playful slap on the shoulder from Jill.

“Geeze David, that’s kind of personal don’t you think?” Jill says to me.

“Um, no not really. It’s just a question,” I say to her.

Heidi goes first, “No, no ex-husbands. I dated a guy for a long time, but he took a job in another city and well, we just haven’t been in touch since he moved. What about you Patrick?” she asks.

“Nope, no exes. I too dated a woman for a while and now we aren’t dating because I spend too much time trying to take care of my customers,” he tells Heidi.

The waitress comes back to the table with our desserts. I see Jill’s eyes light up seeing the caramel apple dessert. As Jill and I get to share the dessert, I notice that Heidi and Patrick have basically forgotten about Jill and me and start chatting and feeding each other. I am smiling from ear to ear, all the while being poked in the ribs by Jill.

I lean in and kiss my gorgeous wife, licking the small touch of caramel off her lips.

After about 15 minutes or so, the waitress delivers me the check. I put my credit card on the top of the little book, and she takes the whole thing. Jill and I just sit there watching Patrick and Heidi be friendly but very close to being intimate. In my head, I hit it out of the park on this one.

Jill and I begin a conversation about me heading to Seattle in the morning with Dakota.

“What’s in Seattle?” She asks.

“Well, again we have district managers in the restaurant group that only work until 3:30 in the afternoon. They work a total of thirty hours when they know that we expect them to work 45. I’ve reviewed all the potential promotes just in case I end up cleaning the house,” I tell Jill.

“Do you expect to stay overnight, or will you return tomorrow night?” Jill asks.

“Well, right now I’m expecting to come home tomorrow night. I’ll text you or have Dakota call you if things change,” I say to Jill. She nods her head in acceptance.

As Jill and I are just chatting, Patrick and Heidi suddenly become self-aware that they have been having their own private little conversation.

“Um, we’re sorry that we ignored you,” Heidi says a little embarrassed.

“No worries guys, that’s what this was all about. For you two to meet under relaxed circumstances and maybe, just maybe you two would hit it off,” I say to them.

“Of course, if you marry and have lots of babies, then I get all the credit,” I say to them laughing. Once again Jill gives me the big eyeroll and a poke in the ribs. Patrick and Heidi laugh as well, although neither one says anything to my comment about marriage and babies.

We all four get up from the table and head out. When Fred sees us coming out of the restaurant, he brings the limo over to the front door. He stops the car, opens the back door and we all get in. At this point, the wine has taken ahold of the women as they are giggling and laughing.

“Are we through for the night or would you guys like a nice trip down to the beach or along Sunset Strip?” I ask.

“David, while this has been one of the best nights that I’ve had in quite a long time, I do have work in the morning. So, unfortunately, I must call it a night,” Heidi says to me.

I ask Fred to take Patrick home first then we will drop off Heidi. I see them take their phones out and exchange phone numbers. Jill looks at me and smiles, my stupid plan worked.

I just sit back with Jill snuggled into me as the limo heads towards Patrick’s place. When we get there, Jill pulls on my arm whispering in my ear to let her walk him to the front door.

Jill and I watch intently as they get to his front door and they kiss. Not one of those I’m going to fuck your brains out kiss, but a nice adult end of the evening first date kiss. I am all warm and giggly inside.

Heidi walks pensively down the walkway to the limo, where Fred has the door open waiting for her.

She gets in and gives me a quick smooch on the cheek as she scoots by me to her seat.

“Thank you, David, this has been a wonderful evening. I think that Patrick and I are going to try and maybe meet for a late coffee or a dessert one night this week,” she says to me. I am smiling like the cat that ate the mouse. I am so very happy that my stupid plan worked and two people who work their ass off may now have a future.

Jill speaks up, “Oh, Heidi, you are just feeding into his stupid ego. If you and Patrick become good friends or hell lovers, then David will have a story about you two and how he put you guys together. Be warned, be warned,” she says laughing the whole time she says that. Heidi laughs as well. I just sit silently happy my little plan worked.

When we got to Heidi’s house, Fred holds the door open for Heidi. I get another kiss on the cheek as she’s getting out of the limo. Jill and I watch her walk to her front door where she unlocks it and goes inside. Fred shuts the door and gets in the driver’s seat to take us home.

When we get to the Chateau, Fred pokes the necessary buttons to open the gate, He stops the car by the front door and lets Jill and I out. He takes the car out of the courtyard and heads back towards the limo return for the car. I figure that Fred has about one more hour of work. He’ll return the limo, get in his Mustang and drive it over here and park it in the garage with everyone else’s vehicle.

Jill and I go inside. We see several people either in the kitchen or in the TV room. They all ask Jill how the non-date date went. She reluctantly tells them that it looks like I made a good match. She kisses me and tells me that she loves me and hopes that I know she is just teasing.

“Of course, I know you’re just teasing me. That’s what married couples do my darling,” I say to her.

I see Dakota sitting in another of my white tee shirts. I lean over her, kiss her on the cheek and tell her that I figure we should leave about 11 or so to head to the airport. She tells me she had already figured that, and everything is ready. I kiss her again and tell her good night. Jill and I head down the hallway to our bedroom.

I pull my backpack out to take with me just in case. I also put a pair of shorts and a tee shirt in the backpack.

Jill sheds her clothes and climbs into bed. I shed my own clothes as well and get into bed with her. We embrace each other and kiss for a while before we drift off to sleep.


When my eyes opened in the morning, only Jill was in bed with me. I slipped out of bed and headed into the bathroom for my morning rituals and a shower.

Once I was through with the shower, I went and got dressed. I grabbed my phone off the charger, grabbed my wallet, and my keys.

I was kind of excited as I have never been to Seattle. I head out of the bedroom to the kitchen. Most of the morning group are either eating breakfast or finishing breakfast. I’m a bit surprised as John only seems to be eating a bowl of cereal.

As each of the ladies’ head toward their vehicles, the kitchen thins out. Dakota pours me a glass of pineapple juice and kisses me before she sits down with her cup of coffee.

I see that someone left the TV on and I hear that the weather in Seattle will be rainy. I remind Dakota to be sure to bring her cute raincoat and her skid proof shoes. She tells me that she already has them next to her overnight bag at the front door. She gets up and saunters over to me, turning around and showing off that she is pantiles once again. She plops her cute ass on my lap causing me to begin to get hard. She feels me and wiggles her ass a little more.

In my head, I figure since the flight time is a couple of hours, her and I will probably play a bit in the jet.

As John finishes his cereal, he gathers his own backpack and heads towards his truck in the garage. Jennifer and Diane follow closely behind. Sharon comes running from down the hallway asking John to slow down as she wants to get a cup of coffee to take with her. He just laughs and says he’ll wait in the truck for her cute ass, which causes her to smile. I think about how much John has matured over the past few months and I think that he needs a new project to work on, however, I’m not sure what the appropriate project might be.

Sharon is working with Rob on the ID verification project. Jennifer and Diane are working on making the towers that we bought back to good condition. Paula is working on keeping the three limo companies running smoothly. Donna has the call center firing on all cylinders. BJ is helping Jill on their stock conversion project. Danni is handling the front reception area just fine now that she is getting a lunch break. Tina and her Mom in Phoenix are feeding me good intel on the two buildings that we have bought down there. And, of course, Dakota is being the best assistant possible. Amy is running the house and keeping things in check. The two chefs are making everyone happy with their top-quality cooking. The porn twins and the CG boys are doing a nice job acting as boyfriend/girlfriend. Allison is working like a fiend, trying to keep things going in the porn industry. Belinda is now seeing someone in the industry and that is fine with me. Yet, I have no idea what to do with John. He does everything that I ask him to do, yet it just seems in my head that he could be doing something more.

Watching the morning TV, I see that the shooting of the Mexican Drug Cartel is still in the news cycle.

I looked at my cellphone and saw that I missed a text message from Heidi. She thanked Jill and me for a wonderful evening and said that she and Patrick have a coffee date in a couple of nights. This made me smile. I texted her back that I was happy that they both hit it off well.

I headed back down the hallway to get a phone charger to take with me, just in case. As I came out of my bedroom, my darling Dakota was coming out of hers. Mom also came out of her bedroom, but not with Fred.

“Mom, where’s Fred?”

“He’s getting a limo to take you and Dakota to the jet. He’s also going to pick me up a muffuletta from that wonderful Italian restaurant,” she tells me.

I tell Bobby that Dakota and I will be in Seattle until late tonight, but they already knew as Dakota had told them both. I was kind of bummed as the chefs were making beef stroganoff once again.

Dakota told me that the limo was expected to be here in about 15 minutes or so. I sat down on the couch in the living room to just think about John and wait for the limo. When I saw it pull up, I still had not figured out what to do with John. I called for Dakota; she came bounding out of her bedroom towards me.

Grabbing both her bag and my bag I headed out towards the limo. Once again, Fred stood with the back door open. I tossed our bags into the trunk and got into the back. Dakota came out and before she got into the limo, she kissed Fred on the cheek.

As she got into the limo, I swear that she wiggled her ass towards Fred, but maybe I was just imagining that. She got in, kissed me on the cheek and sat right next to me. Since she was in her usual place, next to me, I felt her hand on my cock almost immediately. It certainly didn’t take long for me to get hard with her hand stroking me. In just moments, I found her to be all snuggled up into me. As we went through unbelievably slow traffic, I felt her unzip my fly and fish out my now hard cock. Her lips and mouth surrounded it immediately as she began licking and sucking on the shaft and head of my manhood. I gently put my hand on the back of her head. She swallowed me as she has done many times before. I just laid my head back on the seat as she bobbed her head up and down on me.

I reached around and lifted her body up to be sideways on the limo seat. I gently pulled her shorts aside to expose her moist pussy. Inserting two fingers into her, I could feel her mouth tighten around my cock swallowing it as deeply as she could get me.

With my two fingers inside of her pussy, I used my thumb to rub little circles on her clit. This made her moan on my cock. I thrust it as deep into her mouth as I could get. She swallowed my manhood as far as she could take it. I felt it go past her uvula and into her throat. She kept bobbing her head up and down. As I kept pushing my fingers into her pussy with reckless abandon, she began moaning more and more on my manhood. I felt her getting wetter and wetter. She was almost dripping with her orgasmic juices.

I put a third, then a fourth finger inside of her and thrust in and out repeatedly. My hand was almost at Sasha-mode as she hit her first pinnacle, “OH GAWD DADDY, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. I’M CUMMING SO HARD BECAUSE OF YOU,” she says to me as I feel her pussy splash my hand and wrist.

She swallows my cock once again, but not until I feel her delicious pussy spasm around my hand again. As her body does this, I feel my own body approaching its orgasmic peak, “GAWD DAMN DAKOTA, I LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU WILL EVER KNOW,” I say to her before I shoot what feels like a gallon of my man juice into her accepting mouth. I pull my hand from her pussy and lick the tasty orgasmic juices off it.

She just smiles at me and snuggles her head into my chest as the limo keeps moving towards the airport. Soon, Fred puts the privacy partition down a couple of inches to let us know that we are only about two minutes away from the jet. I thank him and Dakota and I put ourselves back together. As the two minutes pass, Fred pulls the limo up next to the jet and gets out, opening the trunk first. I take both bags and put four $100 bills into his shirt pocket, even though he tries to politely decline the tip. I thank him for his hard work and remind him to get that muffuletta for Mom. He thanks me for the reminder.

Dakota climbs the steps into the jet, and I follow her. I stow the two bags in the overhead compartment, and we settle down onto the couch.

The hatchway door closes and the co-pilot goes into the cockpit as they move the jet towards the runway. Dakota sheds her cute little shorts and fishes my cock out of my pants and impales herself on me as we accelerate down the runway and into the air. I have to say, that Dakota’s pussy going up and down on my manhood as we went down the runway was quite the amazing feeling.

It didn’t take Dakota long before I felt her hit her first orgasmic peak. I was thrusting into her as she was riding me like a bronco. I lifted her up and turned her around, putting her back down on the couch thrusting my cock as deep into her as I could get. I put her small ankles over my shoulders essentially bending her in half as I thrust as deeply into her as I could get. I felt her pussy splash my cock and balls over and over again.

Her eyes were rolling into her head as I was thrusting hard into her. “OH DADDY, I LOVE YOU. YOU ALWAYS MAKE ME FEEL SO WONDERFUL WHEN YOU’RE DEEP INSIDE OF ME. TAKE ME, YOU KNOW THAT I’M YOURS NOW AND FOREVER,” she says as we both continue to peak together.

I keep fucking her with all that I have. I know that we haven’t had sex in quite a few days, but what we are both feeling right now is about the most amazing that I’ve felt in a couple of weeks, including my time with Ronda.

As we finish cumming with each other, Dakota and I uncouple. She pulls her cute shorts back on and I pull my pants back up. She snuggles into my chest. I begin kissing her and she responds. I stretch out on the couch and she lays on top of me, just wrapping her arms around me and pulling herself tightly into my body. We exchange our ‘I love you’ and just lay all entangled on the couch.

“Dakota, I’m at a loss. I don’t know what project to give John. He is doing well, but he seems to need something to do,” I tell her.

“Let him be me for a week,” she tells me.

“Huh?” I say.

“John has been learning how to be me for you. He’s really trying to anticipate what you need. Let him handle you. I will be available to him, via phone at the Chateau, but he will go with you and be your assistant for a whole week. This will give us a good read on how he is doing,” she says to me. I pull her into me, and we kiss passionately. Once again, Dakota has come up with a perfect solution. I know that I’m going to fuck her again before we land in Seattle, as I feel my cock hardening once again.

“What will my darling Dakota do for the week off?” I ask.

“Well, I’ll probably be thinking of my Daddy the entire week. Who knows, I may even show up at the Hawk just to take advantage of my Daddy in his office, one never knows how my mind works,” she says to me before we again kiss each other passionately.

I feel her delightful little hands shedding my pants once again. She sheds all her clothes this time and spins around putting her tasty pussy over my waiting mouth. I begin to lick and suck her pussy swallowing every drop of cum I can get out of her. She, once again, swallows my hard cock.

As I’m licking and sucking her pussy, I move deeper and start licking and sucking on her asshole. I thrust my tongue into her as deeply as I can make it go. She roars with another orgasm blasting through her body. I sit up and pull her around to face away from me. I spread her ass cheeks and thrust my manhood into her anal cavity. She moans as we begin to thrust up and down on each other. Her body is splashing my crotch with her womanly juice. She cums over and over onto me. I just keep thrusting into her before I erupt filling her ass with all my cum. She just moans and falls back onto me.

I keep pulling her small lithe body onto my cock over and over. She keeps cumming again splashing all my crotch with her pussy juice. Dakota and I have been fucking for quite a while. The pilot comes onto the speaker and lets us know that we are just a few minutes from landing. I hear the landing gear lock into place. Dakota and I uncouple and begin to clean ourselves off with the towels that we have in the overhead cabinet towards the back of the plane.

“You know that I love you, don’t you?” I ask Dakota.

“Of course, Daddy, and you know that I love you as well, right?” she says to me.

We kiss deeply and passionately. I feel the jet take a downward angle as we approach the runway. Dakota sits down on my lap and puts her arms around me as the wheels touch the pavement of the runway.

“Daddy, maybe we can find someone to play with for the ride home,” Dakota suggests. I just smile, it sounds like a good idea, but I probably could have dialed up Missy to take the trip with us. But we’ll see how things play out.

When the jet finds a parking spot, I see out the window that a limo is waiting for us. Of course, as the weatherman predicted, it is raining.

Once we are parked, the co-pilot opens the hatch and extends the stairs down to the ground. I grab both of our bags and follow my darling Dakota down the steps to the limo. The driver takes the bags puts them in the trunk as Dakota and I get into the vehicle. I hand the driver the first district office that I want to visit. She thanks me for having an address ready and she heads towards the district office.

It takes about half an hour to get to the address. When we arrive, the chauffeur parks the limo where I ask, away from the door to the district office. Dakota and I get out of the limo, each with our rain attire on, plus she has her cute non-slick rain boots on making her look cute.

We walk to the front door of the district office. I open the door and let Dakota step inside first. I follow her. Once again, there is no receptionist. I suggest to Dakota that she take a seat. I begin to walk through the room, without anyone even saying a word to me. When I get to the back of the room, I ask a nice looking lady if there is anyone that I could speak to. She asks me what it would be about.

“Well, I just walked through the entire district office and no one even asked me what I was doing, until I reached you,” I said to her.

She asks me to sit down at her desk and she will get me, someone, to speak to. She gets up and heads towards a couple of guys chatting. She points at me and brings one of them over.

“Hello, may I help you?” the gentleman asks.

“Yes sir, I was wondering why you don’t have someone to prevent me from walking through this district office. Where’s your receptionist?” I ask.

“And whom might you be to be asking these questions?” He says to me.

“Well, here’s my business card,” I say as I’m handing him my card. He looks at it and apparently doesn’t know who I am.

“Ok, so your David Greene. Who is that?” he asks.

“Read the whole card,” I tell him.

He still looks at it and it doesn’t register with him.

“I’m the CEO of Jaxson, Inc. I’m in charge of the company that owns this company,” I say to him now getting annoyed.

“Oh, yeah, sorry. We don’t get many visitors here,” he tells me.

“Can you put together all the district managers that are here into one conference room please,” I say.

“Um, Mr. Greene, it’s almost 2 pm, we head home at 3:30,” He tells me.

“Not today you don’t,” I tell him.

“Now, if you would please gather all the district managers in a conference room,” I tell him.

He decides to shout it across the room, “Everyone, all the district managers are to head into a conference room right now please,” I hear whispers of ‘what’s going on’? and ‘Who’s this guy?’

When I see everyone in the conference room, I ask the same guy if everyone is in there, he assures me they are.

I stride into the conference room; Dakota follows me and she sits in a chair in the corner with her assistant's notebook out.

“Hello, I’m David Greene. I’m the CEO of Jaxson, Inc. The very company that owns this company. Does everyone here understand who I am?” I ask.

I get pretty much unison in a positive head nod.

“Well, at least I know you understand who I am. Now, on to the important issues. We are a restaurant group. Which means that we work when our customers are not working. Does everyone understand that?” I ask.

I get a lot of blank stares, which tells me that they already see what is coming and it’s not going to be good for them.

“How many hours a week do you each work?” I ask.

Silence in the room.

“Would you say that you work the required 45 hours a week?” I ask.

Again, silence.

“Then let me update you on what I have seen. Each of you works about 30 hours a week and before you begin to argue with me, I had payroll pull up your timecards and all of you come into work about 9:30 am and leave at 3:30 pm. That’s a total of 6 hours per day times 5 days a week equals 30 hours,” I tell all of them. I see stunned silence since I included that I had payroll pullup their timecards.

No one even argues or challenges my math.

“I see by your silence, that you don’t disagree with my math. So, here’s what I’m going to do. Effective immediately, each of you will come into the office at 8:30 am and leave at 5:30 pm with an hour for lunch. You are not allowed to leave at 4:30 pm and call that last hour your lunch. I also, expect each of you to work one Saturday a month. In lieu of the Saturday, you will get Tuesday off. Ladies and gentlemen, we will work for a living and we will be available to your general managers. Oh, and if your GMs are not working 45 hours a week, then you might want to pass this along to them,” I say to the room.

No one is speaking. So I continue.

“I have seen a continual decline in our overall performance. Can anyone explain to me why all of our numbers have dropped?” I ask the room not really expecting an answer.

“Because we haven’t been doing our jobs that well,” a young man from down the table says to me.

“Please explain,” I say to him.

“We have been leaving early and coming in late. You’ve hit it on the head that we are a company that should be working when our customers are playing,” the young man says to me.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know your name,” I say to him.

“I’m Ralph Jones. I’ve been a district manager for about 3 months,” he says to me.

“Mr. Jones, what are the numbers for your district?” I ask, wondering if he really knows his district or if he’s just trying to shine me on.

“Well, my district sales are flat to last year, however, we have two restaurants that are in a state of turmoil as they are short staffed with at least two key management people missing. We also have one of those restaurants, in a roadwork area. The City of Seattle is changing the roadway and tearing it up. Now, they tell me that the work will last until the end of 2020, but I believe that it will be longer than that as they didn’t even get started until three weeks ago. Also, we have two restaurants, that are severely understaffed, and I have put an ad in the newspaper and on the local job board sites. We need at least a dozen line cooks and servers in those two restaurants,” he tells me. I’m really impressed with this guy. He knows where his district’s numbers are and is willing to talk openly about it.

I pull up Mr. Jones’ district numbers.

“Mr. Jones, I also see that your guest check average is the highest in the market. Your managers have more tenure than anyone else in the market. You came through the system starting as a line cook and are now a district manager, being the General Manager of the year last year. You are well liked by your managers and they tell me in the quarterly survey that when you step into the restaurant, you will jump in where needed to help the staff,” I say to him, in front of the other district managers.

Once again, there is silence. I point to someone else and ask the same question, “What are your district’s numbers?”

“Um, they’re OK. Nothing special. I have a couple of good restaurants, and a couple of restaurants that need some help, But we’ll get better with time,” he says to me.

“And what is your name?” I ask.

“Dean McMillian,” he tells me.

I look him up on the system and he’s second from the bottom in virtually every category that we measure.

“Mr. McMillian, it tells me that you’re not doing well. Your district is second from the bottom in all the measurable things that we look at,” I say to him. He just sits quietly saying nothing.

“Does anyone else have any information about their districts?” I ask the room.

No one says a word.

“That’s what I thought. So, here’s my new plan. We the exception of Mr. Jones, everyone here is on a 90-day action plan. Either fix your districts or find a new job,” I say to the room.

Two sets of keys are tossed into the middle of the table and two guys stand up and begin to walk out.

“Gentlemen, thank you for making my job that much easier,” I say to them. They walk out of the room, stopping at their desks and leave the building.

“Anyone else want to toss their keys into the center of the table,” I say. However, I see another two guys that appear to be considering it. One of them stands up and says, “Yeah, I’m not going to bust my ass only for you to toss me out the door in 90 days,” he says as he tosses his keys into the center of the table and walks out. He doesn’t even stop at his desk; he just keeps on stepping out the front door.

“That makes three, anymore?” I ask.

The room is silent.

“Ok, then where would I find Benita Alvarez, Donna Mayfield, and Shandra Williams?” I ask. Mr. Jones excuses himself and walks out into the main room of the district office. He goes to three desks that have women sitting in them. Each one gets up and has this puzzled look on their face.

“Mr. Greene, this is Benita Alvarez, Shandra Williams, and Donna Mayfield,” he says to me.

“Ladies, there have been three openings in our district for three new hand hopefully hard-working district managers. Are all three of you willing to take on the job of being a district manager?” I ask.

“Sir, are you kidding us?” One of the ladies asks.

“No, I’m not kidding. Are you three willing to take on the three districts that have just come open?” I ask again.

They look at each other and nod their heads yes.

“OK, well, here’s the new rules. Your work schedule will be from 8:30 am until 5:30 pm five days a week. However, one Saturday a month, you will work that Saturday and take Tuesday off instead,” I tell the three ladies.

“You will work 45 hours a week, at a minimum. You should know your numbers at any time of the day or night. You should have your managers being groomed to be promoted as well. I don’t have a manager tree in my back yard, so it is up to you to keep your restaurants fully stocked with manager,” I tell them.

“Oh, and one more thing, don’t be afraid to jump in when you go to one of your restaurants and they are short staffed. It is your job to see that they are running smoothly. Now, I will be making random unannounced visits from time to time. I expect that your restaurants will be running well, no matter if I’m there visiting or not. Take care of your staff and your customers and things will get better,” I tell them before I thank them for their time and leave.

Dakota is smiling. She knows that there will b more people let go before all is better.


When Dakota and I get back into the limo, I hand the chauffeur another slip of paper. This one is an address for a district office outside of the city of Seattle, in a town called Kirkland. It is a suburb of Seattle. The trip from the first district office to the one in Kirkland takes about half an hour. It is still raining, and Dakota looks beautiful in her raincoat and non-skid rain boots.

When we get there, a nice young lady, about college age stops me at the front door and ask whom I’m here to see. I hand her my business card. She gets up and heads over to a gentleman at a desk only a couple of rows back from her. She hands him my business card. He gets up and adjusts his attire before he comes over to me.

He comes over and says, “Mr. Greene, did I miss an email telling us that you were going to be in town visiting?” He asks.

“No, no announcement. Is it possible to get all the district managers in a conference room?” I ask.

The gentleman nods and goes from desk to desk getting everyone to head to a conference room in the middle of the back wall.

I join them all. Dakota takes a seat in the corner of the room.

“Hello everyone, as you probably have heard, I’m David Greene. I’m the CEO of Jaxson, Inc. I thought I would stop in to say hello and ask if things are going well,” I say to them.

No one speaks.

I point to a young lady and ask her name and her numbers for her district.

“My name is Rosita Gonzalez. I’ve been a district manager for just over a year, however, I’ve been working here for about 6 years now. My district is doing OK. We are having great guest check averages. Our managers have been in place for at least one year or longer. We are fully staffed at the restaurants, however, a couple of the restaurants need some physical repair, such as booth seats and flooring in a couple of spots. One of the kitchens needs to be rearranged to make it more convenient to the carryout orders as we are all over the place. The staffs all work hard and only one of our units is having an issue with roadwork in their area, causing issues with parking and accessibility,” Ms. Gonzalez tells me.

I look at her district’s numbers up and she is right on with all the information. I see that the last health department inspection mentioned the split booth seats, which I promise to help her get fixed.

I announce my new plan for the district managers schedule. No one objects to is, but I know why. They are all working 45 hours already, which makes me happy. The only real change is to add the one Saturday a month and have them take the following Tuesday instead. No one seems to out of place about it. I am happy with the results of this district. I thank them and leave the district office.

I tell the chauffeur to head back to the jet, which she heads towards. The drive through the traffic takes us about an hour to get to the jet. The entire time we are driving, the rain continues. Once we get to the jet, the chauffeur parks the limo by the steps and opens the trunk for us.

I hand her three $100 bills for a tip. She tries to decline, and I put them in her hand and fold her hand closed. We take our bags up the stairs and into the plane. She starts the limo and drives off.

Once again, we sit on the couch together. However, this time, we keep our clothes on.

“Daddy, we didn’t find anyone to bring home,” Dakota says to me.

“No, we didn’t, but why don’t you call Missy and have her come over to the house tonight,” I say to her. She wrinkles her cute nose at me but pulls out her phone and dials up the number.

As we accelerate the jet, I feel the takeoff and it seems to be a sharp angle.

The flight home was uneventful. Dakota slept on my chest almost the entire trip. When we landed, Fred was standing waiting for us with a limo. We grabbed our bags and walked down the steps. Fred took both of our bags and put them into the trunk. He closed the door behind us and off we went towards the Chateau.


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The Chauffeur (#44) Seattle

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great story!
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So excited to log in to see Another chapter in this series!!! My favorite story series of all time. So much so that I constantly am checking for new stories to read!!
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Another 3 GR8 chapters . Wonderful story . Thank you .
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