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The Asparagus Patch

Categories Fantasy, Anal, BDSM, Domination/submission

Author: bottleofpee

Published: 10 May 2019

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It’s springtime and the earth is moist and smells sweet. I’m working in the garden with a tall woman. Her long brown hair comes down to her slender, angled shoulders, her beautiful young face covered in a light smattering of freckles, warm brown eyes glow as she smiles at me warmly. She is strong, her full thighs rise smoothly to a drum-tight, curvaceous butt. She stands then squats, planting our seeds in fresh furrows of soil, moving seedlings from inside our greenhouse she works topless in the sun. Beads of sweat start to run down from her neck and glisten on her full ample breasts. A gust of spring wind cools us as it blows by and I see her nipples harden, the skin on her breasts pulls taught with goosebumps, and the few soft hairs around her nipple stand up.

She is squatting in front of a large patch of asparagus that has just burst through the cool spring soil, thrusting itself up towards the sun. I’m working behind her, and she takes no notice as I pick the long, thick stem of the asparagus from just under her. The wind blows again, moving her hair off her tanned neck, tendons and muscles working under the skin as the sweat rolls down them. I trace the tip of the asparagus up and down her neck, tickling her. She lets out a slight gasp of surprise as I tease her with it, tracing it down her neck to her chest, under her breasts hanging forward as she works on hand and knee, back up to and over her nipples, still erect though no wind is blowing.

With no hesitation she snatches it from me and puts it in her mouth. Looking me in the eye she winks, sucking tenderly on the tip of the raw asparagus. She circles her tongue around its top, leans her head back pushes it deep inside her throat. She pulls it out slowly, sucking the whole way, her cheeks belie a frenzy of tonguing inside her mouth. It comes out her mouth, a long tendril of saliva still attached, she slurps it up in one swift motion as she bites off the head. She chews and swallows the raw asparagus hungrily with a satisfied moan.

Her performance is too much to ignore. I lean in to tickle her again with my hands this time, her satisfied smile turns wide. She springs up and catches me off guard, pushing me down into the soft dirt with asparagus springing out of the ground all around me. I was working shirtless in the sun too, and now I am naked as she pulls my shorts down my legs. She comes down to me on all fours, trying to pin me while I play dead.

Thus, she falls into my trap, I catch her by the arm and leg and roll her over on her back, tickling her mercilessly. She squeals with delight and fear, paralyzed by tickling and overcome by giddiness. She is still chewing on the thick stalk end of the asparagus, and she tries to fend off my hands while still trying to finish her raw meal and trying not to choke. Tears well in her eyes and her face turns red as her laughter becomes uncontrollable, her mouth opens and she looks down, I follow her eye and see that she has peed herself a little. A wet spot spreading on her thin linen shorts. She notices and looks at me, laughing anew. I tear off her pants and she whimpers helplessly, as if to say too much. I relent and let her catch her breath.

She lays back, closes her eyes and breathes, her head resting in the crook of my arm. I reach over behind me with my free arm and break off another mature stalk of asparagus standing erect from the dirt. I run its dark green head along the inside of her thigh, she splays her legs apart. I slowly trace her moist slit, labia glistening as the tip of the asparagus part her soft folds gently. I bring it up to her clitoris, now firm and pushing against its hood. I wiggle the tip of the vegetable on her clit and she moans softly, rolling her hips up to meet it. I bring it back down and push the firm stalk inside her. I reach over and snap off another, she moans louder now as I trace the new asparagus head against her clit again. Once more she bucks her hips up at me and once more I push the firm young vegetable deep inside her body.

“More…” she gasps, feeble hand rubbing on my chest as her body is overwhelmed with lust. She clenches her ass involuntarily as I push the asparagus in and out of her pussy. Her pale cheeks grasping at the dirt as it sticks to her crack then falls away in small clumps only to be picked up again. I grab more asparagus and push them inside her, half a dozen now sunk deep into her wet pussy but she is unsatisfied. “More…” she pleads as she pulls weekly against my nipple, her fingers falling away to play with her own breast as I stuff more asparagus inside her. My right hand rubbing her swollen clit as the left grabs all the asparagus it can find to fuck her with. A dozen now and they bend up and inside her, a proper bunch of firm green stalks rubbing against all the walls of her vagina.

She moans and I turn to look for more, and in that moment she notices that I have let my guard down. In an instant she has me on my back, straddling my face her dirty butt pressing my chest down. She points the girthy asparagus cock protruding from her pussy directly at my mouth. She slowly moves forward, sinking the thick stalks from her cunt down my throat. She grabs the back of my head, hands full with two fistfuls of my hair, she catches a rhythm as she fucks my face with her girly asparagus cock, dripping in her savory pussy juice.

I gag, I choke and turn red. I have no choice but to eat my way out. I bite, chew and swallow the asparagus to get to her pussy. I chew and swallow, chew and swallow. The smell of her pussy keeping me salivating as I force myself to swallow the raw pungent asparagus. I finally feel the brush of her sweet musky labia and taste them against my lips. I run my tongue up to her clit as she grinds her mound against my face, pulling my head to her hips with all her strength. My chin sinks into her pussy, bending the asparagus still in there as they are pushed deeper inside her. I can barely breath and I keep sucking my warms lips on her clit, tonguing it inside my mouth. The little air coming in to my nose is thick with her smell.

My arms flail about, desperate to grab on to something. My fingers find a new patch of asparagus. They are thicker than the others but shorter. I snap one off and pull it towards me, cupped in my hand. I hold its head in my fingers firmly as I push it up her puckered asshole, slick with her juices. She pauses for a moment and emits a guttural moan as it sinks up her butt. I use this chance to pull a few more.

She starts fucking my face harder now, her juices streaming down the half-eaten stalks of asparagus still lodged tight in her cunt. I push another thick short stalk in her ass, it takes a moment longer but is eventually swallowed by her greedy butthole.

Frantically she is bucking and grinding on my face, now coated with her juices. I take two more stalks side by side and push them in her ass, “Yesss…” she moans into a yell. These two are long enough to not be swallowed whole. I grasp their ends and fuck them in and out of her quivering asshole, pushing the other two short stumps of vegetable deep in her rectum. I pull them almost out to the tip then push a third in. She squeals again and convulses. Her climax is fast approaching. I add a fourth asparagus to the three lodged in her ass, my finger pushing it up past her tight leathery ring. I wait for her to start humping, then keep fucking her ass with them in rhythm with her thrusts. Faster and faster as her climax approaches.

I wrap my finger around the base of the bunch of asparagus and push them as deep as I can inside her. I know by instinct that she is teetering on the edge of a mind-wrecking orgasm. I yank all the asparagus from her ass in one swift motion.

She loses control, shivering, mouth agape as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure rack her body. She unleashes a torrent of fluid, squirting streams from her pussy straight into my mouth, splattering all over my face as her body jerks wildly. Her head sways and she collapses down in a heap, her breasts pinned against my chest, hair covering my face. The four slightly bent asparagus from her ass are still in my hand, I snake them into her mouth as she lays helpless. She furrows her brow, then sucks on them, unable to speak or resist. Soon enough she is chewing and eating the warm bent stalks that were just lodged in her ass pushing her to a deep and powerful orgasm the likes of which she knows she is hopelessly addicted to.

I let her rest. Moving her hair from my face, my eyes still stinging from the piss, grool and girl cum she dumped on my face. Her sweat runs down her breasts and onto my body, then down past my ribs to the cool dark earth. She breathes deeply and slowly, her eyes begin to open. She focuses on me and smiles, shutting her eyes again. She is beaming, radiant, and glowing. I roll her off me and over to the side. I roll myself atop her, but she catches my motion and rolls me instead. I land on my stomach, caught with my arms behind my back, wrists firmly in her grasp.

I feel some rough twine wrap hastily around my wrists, tied then lashed together. She has me bound. She laughs as she rocks on my back pushing my crotch into the dirt with her hands at the small of my back. She slaps my ass hard with an open palm, then parts my cheeks with her hands, leans in and spits right on my asshole then pushes her dirt covered finger inside. My throbbing erection strains against the cool dirt.

She comes to the side of me, and I see her pull out one of the asparagus still bent deep in her pussy. She sucks on the stalk, smirking at me as she chews its fibrous stem. She takes it from her mouth, glistening wet with her saliva and teases it against my puckered rosebud. She reaches under me and grabs my cock with her dirt covered hand. She pulls it down and away as she pushes the asparagus, thick stem first into my ass.

I’m leaking and drooling precum as she milks me, stuffing my ass full of asparagus pulled from her body. She pushes more deeply inside me as she jerks me roughly with her dirty hand. She rolls me over, so that I’m sitting up, bare ass on the dirt with asparagus up my butt. She takes my firm erection in her hand, its pointing straight up and at her face. She takes more asparagus from a nearby patch and stands them alongside my cock all facing the same way. She lowers herself down and takes this bunch inside her, my swollen cock nearly hidden between more than a half dozen asparagus around it.

The tip of my cock feels her warm wet pussy wrap me like a glove. My shaft is sandwiched by cool green asparagus.

She rocks her hips back bending my cock. The vegetables are getting crunched, squished and juice as my cock stays strong, swelling inside her as she fucks herself up and down atop me. She leans back, bending my cock hard then comes home, taking me to the hilt. My throbbing glans feels the ruffled walnut flesh of her G-spot as it glides by.

I can’t hold back much longer. I’m grasping the dirt in my hands still tied behind my back. The sheer weight of this impending orgasm is the only thing holding it back. She drives herself up and down, pushing my body down. The asparagus still warm and wet from her pussy that she has pushed up my ass rub against my prostate. I feel like I’m being fucked inside and out. I bellow and moan uncontrollably as my climax approaches.

I erupt inside her, pumping and pumping and pumping like a machine. My balls are churning, my prostate spasms. Load after load are pushed out of me inside her. She slows to a halt and smiles at me. Reaching down, my cock numb, throbbing, spent but still hard, my head swirling, she pulls a smushed, cum covered asparagus from her body and eats it with great pleasure.

She slowly rises, cupping her hand over her pussy and straddles my face. She pushes my cum out of her pussy and into my mouth along with whatever shreds of vegetable have survived our primal rutting. She stands tall and leads her head back, looking straight up at the sky. She closes her eyes and unleashes a torrent of hot, salty asparagus piss in my mouth and all over my face and body.

I drink like a man lost in the desert.

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The Asparagus Patch

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