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  1. Mia's Service - A Deliberate Mistake
  2. Mia's Service P.2 - A Proper Thank You

Mia's Service - A Deliberate Mistake

Categories Fantasy, BDSM, Discipline, Domination/submission

Author: Moogle41

Published: 14 May 2019

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Mia shivered as a gust of wintery air washed over her, ruffling her nightgown. The flagstones were cold against her bare feet. She stood, as instructed, in the bare stone corridor that led to the palace dungeons.

She heard the heavy wooden door that had admitted the cold wind slam shut. At the end of the corridor, the Beastkin servant that kept the dungeon records looked up from her ledger and gave Mia a sympathetic glance. Approaching footsteps echoed and the girl returned to her work.

Mia turned her head to watch the stairs, though she knew who was approaching. It was well known, and a source of some scandal, that princess Liana disciplined her servants personally. Sure enough the princess came into view, stepping down the stairs with her usual leisurely pace. She was flanked, as always, by her bodyguard Anya and her beastkin attendant Lucy. Princess Liana was not tall, and her frame was slight, but there was an imposing manner to her that could cow even the hulking menfolk of her mother's icey homeland. Mia’s heart fluttered, as it always did, at the sight of the pale, beautiful, princess with her striking red hair.

The trio approached Mia and stopped. Silence followed. Mia felt her heart beating fast as Liana turned and slowly looked her up and down, a slight smile on her perfect face.

Mia had loved Liana from the first time she had seen her. The princess was ever the source of gossip among the place staff. It was whispered that she had no eyes for the many princes and lords who coveted her hand, and Liana for her part was happy enough to confirm the rumours, laughing at the scandalised talk. Other whispers spoke of the enjoyment she took from punishing her servants, though it was also said that she was a fair, even a kind, mistress. Certainly she was never so cruel as the palace overseer. For many the most damning of the rumors was her fair treatment of the subservient and oft despised beastkin. The gossip was as sweet music to Mia, even the parts that her fellow servants thought sinister. She was glad to hear that one so powerful could share her fondness for her own gender, and the thought of punishment at the lithe princess’ hands touched upon her deepest fantasies. She had been assigned to Lianas staff a few months ago, cleaning her chambers and washing her clothes.

Since then she had often asked her fellow maids about the rumors, and heard accounts of Lianas discipline. Mia was a diligent and well behaved servant, never requiring correction, but the tales of her less perfect fellows entered her dreams. She thought longingly of of Liana, thought of bending down to receive punishment at her hands.

It had taken weeks to build up the courage to knock the vase to the floor. She might never have found that courage had she not heard the princess remark on the ugliness of the thing and lament that her father would be offended to see it, a gift from a powerful ally, removed. She had admitted her apparent careless mistake to Liana’s attendant Lucy. It was the same Lucy who broke the moment of silence in the cold stone corridor.

“This is Mia M’lady.”

Mia, lost for a moment in recollections, started at the sound of the attendant voice. Liana chuckled, and then assumed a serious expression as she spoke. “That vase was worth more than you will earn in several years.” The princesses tone was severe, but there seemed to be no real anger in it as she continued. “I cannot have my maids destroying such treasures and so you will be taught a lesson.”

Mia did her best to look ashamed as Liana scolded her. “It was a hideous vase, but my father valued it. You should count yourself lucky I am dealing with this Mia, the king would have you flogged and branded as a common vandal for such a thing were he to hear you went unpunished.” The princess paused, and looked Mia over once again “It would be a shame to see scars on such a pretty one as you.”

Mia had begun to shake as the reality of the risk she had taken sunk in, it was true that the king was wrathful, and there was nothing appealing in the ministrations of the overseers whip and iron. Lianas last comment cleared these thoughts from her head though, replacing them with a fuzzy warmth at the compliment. She had to stop herself from grinning.

The bodyguard, Anya, ordered Mia to follow, and she was led down the corridor, past the servant girl at her desk. After descending another flight of smooth stone stairs they stopped. The attendant, Lucy, stepped up to the wall where she pressed upon a small stone. With a shimmer of magic a section of wall transformed into a door of iron, engraved with runes. Liana stepped forward and opened the door. Mia was momentarily too amazed to move, for magic was no common sight even in the palace. The other maids had not told her about this miraculous door. Lucy guided her through with a firm hand. Beyond was darkness, it seemed the light did not pass through the opening. Mia heard the door close behind her, then someone clicked their fingers and light filled the chamber.

Mia gasped. The room was of the same bare stone as the corridor, but around the walls were engraved runes. Chains ending in shackles hung from each wall, and from a bar that crossed the ceiling. In the centre of the room was a wooden table, with leather cuffs mounted upon it.

“You are impressed by my new room?” asked Liana “It was once used to imprison mages, but it was forgotten. Lucy sniffed it out and I had it refitted.” Mia turned to look at the princess, who stood next to a rack on the wall behind her, from which hung an array of leather straps, wooden paddles, canes and other things Mia could not name. “Well, are you impressed?”

Mia struggled for an answer, she was impressed. She felt like her fantasies had come to life and faced with the reality she was dumbstruck, terrified that she would not react as a maid awaiting punishment should. After a moment of head spinning confusion she managed to mumble breathlessly “Yes ma’am”. A curious look crossed Lianas face, and Mia was afraid she had caught on that she was not properly intimidated by the prospect of her punishment, but Liana assumed her serious expression once again.

“What you broke was of great value, and were I not merciful you would be screaming under the overseers lash. Though you will be spared that, I will see that you are properly punished. Now, remove your gown.” Mia felt her cheeks burn as the Princess ordered her to undress. He heart pounded as she reached down, gripped her nightgown and lifted it off over her head. She stood now in her cotton undergarments, suddenly awkward and unsure what to do with the gown. Lucy stepped forward and took it from her. Liana gave Mia another long look then reached up, unclasped her cloak and handed it to Lucy, who had placed the gown on top of a small cupboard and now stood beside her mistress. The bodyguard, Anya, had remained outside. Beneath the cloak Liana wore a fine white button up blouse. She reached up and undid the top button. Mia, head spinning at the sight, wondered if she might faint and her cheeks burned with new heat. Seeing her blush Liana gave Mia another curious glance.

“Turn around and bend over the table” Ordered the princess with, Mia thought, a hint of amusement in her voice. Mia complied, tearing her eyes reluctantly away from the sight of Liana, who was now undoing the buttons at her cuffs. As she stepped towards the table, heart pounding, Lucy approached. The attendant placed a warm, but firm, hand on Mia’s back and pushed her down so her breasts pressed against the wood, cool through her cotton bra. “Place your arms out in front of you” Instructed the feline girl. Mia did as she was told and Lucy, gently pulling one arm then the other into position, placed a leather cuff around each of her wrists. She then adjusted the straps so that Mia’s arms where held in place, extended infront of her. Lucy stepped back then, and walked around out of Mia’s now limited field of view. “Spread your legs apart” ordered the attendant. Mia blushed anew as she complied. Once again she felt Lucy’s warm hand, now upon her calf, gently guiding her leg into the desired position, where she secured it with a leather cuff at the ankle. The other leg followed. There was a long silence. Mia thought that her breathing must be very loud, and her heart still pounded in her chest. She couldn't quite believe that she was really here. She knew she should be afraid, and perhaps she was a little, but mostly she felt a giddy anticipation. This was a fantasy come to life. Though she was diligent in her work, she had been disciplined in the past, and even then, at the hands of masters for whom she had no fondness she had found pleasure in the experience. She felt a warmth between her legs as she lay there, chest against the cold wood in that chilly stone chamber.

Liana broke the silence. “Tell me why you are to be punished Mia.” As Liana spoke she paced around into Mia’s view. She had rolled up the sleeves of her blouse, and the top two buttons we now undone, revealing the smooth skin of her chest. She had also let down her hair, which now flowed over her shoulders, deep red against the white blouse. Mia gazed up at her. “Tell me why you are to be punished” repeated the princess, assuming a serious expression once more.

“Because I broke your vase.” Mia replied.

“Yes” answered Liana “You were clumsy and broke the vase. Do you know how you will be punished Mia?”. Mia had a very clear idea but, wanting to seem apprehensive, she answered “No Ma’am.”

Liana laughed. “I think you must have some idea Mia, take a guess.”

“I will be spanked” Mia replied, cheeks burning at her use of the word, which seemed childish as she spoke it.

“Yes you will Mia, you are correct.” Liana took a step forward and crouched down so her eyes were level with her maid's. “First I will spank you with my hand, and then we shall move on to some implements. As I told you the vase was very valuable, and my father will be angry at its loss. Your punishment will be painful, but be glad you shall keep the skin of your back. My father would no be so merciful.” As the princess spoke Mia tried very hard to play the part of the frightened maid, and she did feel some fear at the reference to the flogging she might have received. Liana stood once more and paced around out of Mia’s view. After a moment Mia felt her rest her hand on the small of her back and she shuddered under the warm touch.

“Are you ready for your punishment Mia?” Asked Liana, in a soft voice. Her hand gently rubbing the girls back.

Mia paused for a moment, heart beating like a drum, enjoying the touch she had so often dreamed of. “Yes Ma’am” She replied.

The first slap was not hard, but the Mia jumped with surprise and let out a gasp. The second was firmer, finding the other cheek of Mia’s raised bottom. She wanted to moan as the sting dissipated into warmth, but she held back, afraid to show her pleasure. Another slap followed, sharp sting then warmth. The fourth was harder and began a rhythm of slaps, one cheek then the other. The sound of the the blows rang in Mia’s ears as she wriggled under them. The sting of each blow adding to the growing heat in her rear. She fought to stay silent biting back moans of pleasure and cries of pain alike.

The rhythm broke and Mia felt herself flop against the table. A sudden slap, harder than before caught her by surprise and broke her silence, her gasp seemed very loud to her. Then the rhythm began once more, and once again she wriggled under the blows. The pain was sharper now, and the warmth growing into a delightful burn. It was hard to be silent, but she fought back her gasps. The rhythm continued. Mia thought that she would soon lose her control, allow herself to cry out at as the pain of the slaps and the lingering heat increased, but then the rhythm broke once again and she flopped against the table. She denied herself the contented smile that would have spread across her face. Her breathing was heavy as she lay there, and warmth between her legs joined the pleasurable burning in her bottom.

“You are very stoic Mia.” Lianas voice was slightly breathless. “We will have to remove these undergarments.”

Mia’s mind suddenly raced. Liana liked women, was a woman, she would recognise Mia’s arousal. This thought, and the thought that beautiful Liana was about to remove her undergarments brought the blush back to her cheeks. She felt delicate fingers undo the knot on one side of her cotton pants. She felt the thin cloth fall away from her and blushed all the harder at her exposure. The second knot was undone and Leah heard Lucy’s footsteps as she came forward and took the cotton garment from her mistress. Liana laughed gently, then Mia felt her warm hand once more, this time gently running over her behind. Liana stroked Mia, bringing her hand up from the top of her thigh to the small of her back.

Forgetting for a moment her silence, Mia let out a moan. Liana laughed once again, as did Lucy, and Mia blushed, the heat in her face matching that in her rear. Liana stroked the other cheek and then removed her hand.

“Perhaps now we will have some noise out of you.” Remarked Liana in an amused tone, then she continued, voice adopting a serious edge. “Are you ready for your punishment to continue Mia? It will be harsher now.”

Mia tried to resume her scared maid act as she replied “Yes ma’am.”

The next slap was harder, and without the protection of the cotton undergarment the pain was sharp against her burning skin. It sent a thrill of pleasure through Mia, but determined not to slip up again she kept quiet. Another slap, stinging and loud as Lianas hand struck her. Mia stayed quiet.

Her determination lasted for five more ringing slaps before the sting of the sixth brought a little involuntary yelp from her. The rhythm of blows continued and Mia could no longer contain herself. She gasped and cried out softly as she squirmed under the slaps. Each brought a sharp, thrilling, pain and added to the fiery burning.

As her control slipped Mia lost herself in the painful, wonderful rhythm. Her breath came in gasps between cries as Liana struck first one cheek then the other with full force. The rhythm did not relent, and Mia wondered how long she could endure. She became conscious once more of the heat between her legs. She felt herself tugging involuntarily at her bonds as gasped and moaned. Still the rhythm continued, sharp slap after sharp slap. The pain was intense, the burn more so. Mia wriggled and a gasped and cried out as Liana maintained the steady, rapid rhythm of the blows. Finally, with two ringing slaps that brought yelps of delighted pain from Mia, the rhythm stopped. She collapsed against the table, breath coming in great panting gasps, her legs shuddering. The burning in her bottom was intense, rivaling the stinging of the slaps themselves. Between her legs she could feel moisture and another heat.

Lianas hand returned to her bottom. Gently stroking.

“Very good Mia. The first part of your punishment is done.” Lianas tone was comforting, but there was an amused edge to it. The princess breathing was also heavy. The breath of the two was the only sound for some time as Liana stroked Mia and Mia lay panting, burning with pleasure and pain alike.

Liana ran her hand up over Mia's rear and up the small of her back as she finished stroking her maid. She stepped back and Mia heard her approach the rack on the wall. There was a pause, and then a slight sound as Liana selected an instrument and removed it. The princess paced slowly around into Mia’s view. A slight flush illuminating her pale cheeks as she crouched once more to look Mia in the eyes. In her hand was a small wooden paddle with a round end. She spoke.

“My father thinks that I am too lenient with my servants. Since he will worry that our allies will be insulted at the loss of their fine gift, I really must punish you properly or he will insist on making an example of you.” She had assumed her serious expression once more. “You will get thirty strikes with this one before we move on.” She stood once more and paced out of Mia’s view.

A thrill of both anticipation and fear ran through Mia. She had longed for this, she did not think she had ever felt such intense pleasure, but she did not know if she could endure thirty strikes, or what lay beyond. That tinge of fear only made the thrill greater. She blushed at her desire, how scandalised the other maids would be if they knew.

Once more Liana placed her hand on the small of Mia’s back, gently stroking. Mia felt herself relax under the soft touch.

“Are you ready to continue your punishment Mia?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

The swat of the paddle was unlike the previous blows. Mia let out a cry as she flexed with the stinging pain. Lianas hand still rested on her back, and the princes stroked her gently as the burning heat spread. Mia cried out again at the next blow. Liana struck her now with a slower rhythm. One cheek and then the next, allowing the pain of each strike to become a fiery burn. Allowing Mia to catch her breath between each ecstatic yelp of pain, before the next blow made the girl cry out once more. After ten strikes she paused, her hand gently caressing her servants back.

Mia moaned between breaths as the heat in her rear burned. She felt once more the burning between her legs, the burning in her face as she thought of how Liana could surely see her arousal. She wondered when the next blow would come, longing for more. She could feel her legs shaking as she rested her weight against the table, chest pressed against the hard wood.

When it came, the next blow was harder still. Mia tugged her bonds and arched her back as she cried out. The pace of the rhythm increased now. She squirmed and squeaked, gulping air between cries before the sharp sting of the next swat sent it back out in another involuntary yelp. The she had no time to think, her mind was a blur as the intense sensation of pain and heat and pleasure flooded over her. Liana did not pause at twenty as she had at ten, she only increase the pace further. Mia’s cries began to merge into one. Through the intensity she felt the sting of tears in her eyes. The fire in her bottom, surging with pain of each hard swat, began to overwhelm her. The ringing sound of the paddle against her burning skin filled her ears, as did the sound of her cries. She felt like she would faint. The final pair of swats came with full force and they brought a cry from Mia that was nearly a scream. The girl collapsed once more against the table. Her breathless gasps became a satisfied moan, forgetting her restraint. She felt a smile of satisfaction on her face. The fire was intense, painful. Mia had felt the sting of a paddle before but this was beyond her experience. The thought that it was beautiful Liana who wielded the implement made her head spin with a fuzzy warmth. She was dimly aware of tears on her cheeks, and far more clearly of the moisture and heat between her legs, she longed for a release of that heat, and thought to reach down between her legs before she recalled her bondage. The denial of that release only made the heat grow further.

Liana’s gentle hand returned to Mia’s rear and the girl shuddered under the touch, moaned with contentment. In the corner of the room Lucy chuckled quietly to herself and the sound brought Mia back from her haze, reminded her where she was. She stifled her moan and wiped the grin from her flushed and tear stained face.

Still caressing Mia’s bottom, running her fine fingers up and down each cheek, lifting slightly as they ran upwards, Liana spoke again.

“You are doing very well Mia. Your punishment is almost done.”

Once again she ran her fingers up Mia’s back as she stepped away, returning to the rack. The sting in Mia’s rear seemed only to grow as she lay panting, repressing the urge groan in pleasure at the fiery feeling. Soon Liana stepped into view one more. She had in her hands a thick leather strap with a handle of polished wood. She crouched once more, and, reaching out slowly, as if allowing Mia to recoil if she did not wish for the touch, she brushed a tear from her servants eye. Mia did not recoil, she allowed herself to smile at the gentle touch of that slender hand. Liana offered a smile in return, letting her hand rest on the girls upturned face.

“This will be the last implement Mia.” Her voice was soft, comforting. Mia gazed into her eyes and knew that she should be looking sorry, looking like she regretted her foolish mistake, but she could not, not under the tender touch of the object of her dreams. Liana gave her a soft pat upon the cheek as she withdrew her hand and stood.

“You will receive ten swats with this Mia, and you shall count each one and thank me. Once that is done your punishment will be over. You will be forgiven. Do you understand Mia?” Liana assumed her serious look once more as she spoke, but there was a smile on her face now that she did not entirely conceal.

“I understand Ma’am” Mia replied, gaze still locked on Lianas beautiful eyes, so bright against her flushed cheeks.

With a reassuring smile Liana turned and walked out of Mia’s sight once more. This time she did not rest her hand on the girls back. Mia heard her footsteps stop and then felt a light pat from the leather strap as Liana lined up her blow.

“Are you ready for the rest of your punishment Mia?”

Mia paused, anticipation and anxiety building once again, she had never felt a strap like this. She let out a breath to calm her fluttering nerves. “Yes Ma’am” she said in a shaking voice.

Two more soft pats followed, sending a tingle through Mia’s still burning behind. Then the strap withdrew, Mia tensed in that moment of silence, heart thudding in her chest. The strap swung in with a whistling crack. Mia let out a full throated cry as she bucked against her restraints. The pain was intense, she gasped for air as she collapsed against the wood, overcome by the fire the now spreading across both cheeks of her bottom. Tears stung her eyes once more. For a moment she could do nothing but endure the fire, bask in its intensity. Then she remembered that she must thank her mistress for that flame. Breathlessly she spoke.

“One, thank you ma’am”

Again the strap brushed against her, bringing a shudder of anticipation. Again it withdrew and the silence of the room seemed to bear down on Mia. It struck again and Mia screamed as the fire erupted anew. She caught her breath, blinked back tears. She wondered if she could endure another eight of the blows, it was too intense, but with her fear was a longing, a contentment she had rarely known.

“Two, thank you ma’am”

The third strike, the fourth and the fifth each brought a screaming cry from Mia. Each time she caught her breath, wondering if she would faint from the intensity of the fire, not just in her bottom but between her legs. Each time she managed to thank Liana for the pain, the pleasure. After that fifth strike Liana paused and once more stroked the trembling girl.

“You are very brave Mia. Perhaps we should end your punishment there, would you like that?”

Before Mia could really think she blurted out her answer “No!”.

Liana laughed then, a deep laugh that sent a thrill through Mia.

“I did not think so.” said Liana. “You really are a good girl Mia. I think we will be friends.”

Mia felt herself smiling through her tears which now flowed freely down her face.

“Shall we continue then?”

“Please Ma’am.”

Once again the strap tapped against Mia. She gasped slightly in anticipation of the blow to come. The pause seemed very long, and then the strap cracked against her skin and she screamed, a sound of pure pleasure through the fiery pain. As she collapsed back to the wood of the table she groaned in open pleasure, she knew she did not have to restrain herself. Once her breath returned she spoke.

“Six, thank you ma’am.”

The strap brushed against her, withdrew, and snapped back in, ringing against her bright red skin. She cried out, caught her breath and thanked her mistress. The eighth blow followed, tap, withdraw, swat and scream. Mia’s breathing was heavy, she moaned between the gasps, but she found the breath to thank the princess for the pain.

“The last two shall come together Mia.” Warned Liana.

The strap came to rest against Mia’s burning skin, she shuddered, gasping for breath still. The strap tapped her once, and again, then withdrew. Mia held her breath, waited for the burning release. Time seemed to stretch. Liana swung. The leather whistled as it passed through the air and snapped against Mia’s waiting bottom. Mia screamed, burning pain filling her, she bucked against her bonds. Before the scream had fully left her, the strap came on again, unrelenting. Mia screamed out the last of the air in her lungs. Her vision blurred by tears of pain and joy she collapsed one final time against the table, feeling the weight of her body in her breasts, feeling the agonising, thrilling burn in her behind. She lay there then, panting, tears flowing, contented smile on her trembling lips. The fire between her legs burned and ached, trying to match the stinging in her rear, which seemed only to grow. She gasped once more. Then she felt a gentle touch against her face. She looked up, into Liana’s eyes, saw her comforting smile.

“You did well Mia. Your punishment is over.”

Mia’s tears flowed then, exulting in the release of racking sobs. Liana knelt and, leaning forward, pressed her face against Mia’s, cheek to cheek. She stroked the girls hair as she cried and softly told her it was alright, that all was forgiven. They stayed like that for what seemed an age to Mia. She felt a pure joy, cheek to cheek with Liana, whom she loved. Feeling a burning pleasure. As her sobs subsided Liana stood again, still stroking Mia’s hair.

“It was not clumsiness that causes you to break the vase was it Mia?”

Lianas question, spoken in a tender tone, shocked Mia. She looked up at Liana, now with genuine worry on her face.

“No.” She admitted after a moment of hesitation.

“You really do enjoy this don’t you.” Liana answered, no hint of reproach in her voice. “You broke it because you wanted this.”

Lianas kind tone reassured Mia and she answered honestly. “Yes, I... I have dreamt of this.”

Liana laughed, a tender, happy, sound. “It was a silly risk Mia, I do not lie when I say my father would have had you flogged, even branded, but I am glad you took it. I really did hate that vase.” With that she laughed again, and gestured to Lucy, who still stood in the corner of the chamber. Liana crouched once more and stroked Mia’s face as Lucy stepped forward and one by one released the girls bonds.

Once the cuffs were all undone Liana gently guided Mia to her feat. Stepping around the table she opened her arms, offering an embrace. After a moment of hesitation, a moment's disbelief at this dream come to life, Mia stepped forward and fell gratefully into it. They stood there, the nearly naked girl with her glowing red bottom pressed against the red haired princess. After a long moment Liana whispered to Mia.

“I am in need of a bedmaid, perhaps you would like the job.”

Mia hesitated for a moment.

“You need not worry.” Continued Liana “You will not have to do anything you do not wish, but I would like you to be close to me Mia, I think we will be friends, and maybe more.” As she spoke Liana withdrew slightly so she could look into Mia’s eyes.

“Yes, I would like that very much” Mia replied.

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Mia's Service - A Deliberate Mistake

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Comments (1)
Anna_Roid — 15 May 2019 05:21
I am not normally turned on by BDSM, either in real life or in fiction. I am curious though to read what happens next with Mia and what being a "bedmaid" entails. Mia is a good character, who deserves more than one short story.
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