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  1. Susie and the Boys, Part 1
  2. Susie and the Boys, Part 2

Susie and the Boys, Part 1

Categories Fiction, Group Sex, Male / Female, Reluctance

Author: justinaguy

Published: 14 May 2019

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My name is Justin and my wife is Susie. We are a normal looking couple in our early thirties with two young children in grade school, but we have a dark secret. About once every month or two, Susie meets with teenage boys to have sex with them, and I like to watch whenever possible. Usually they are in groups of three or four, but occasionally more (her record so far is six). When I say "teenage" I mean between the ages of 12 and 16, but my wife does have two basic rules: they must be well into puberty (no pubes, no play, she likes to say), and they must not be obviously too immature to be able to handle sex and give informed consent. She also says that she prefers them 16 or younger because they are more "malleable" and easier for her to handle, especially in group settings. But before I regale you with some of those experiences, let me tell you how it all started.

I met Susie in high school and we dated a few times, but never had sex. Not that I didn't want to. She was a cute 5'5" tomboy type with perky B-cup tits (saw her in a bikini a few times), but for various reasons, things never got serious. We both went to different colleges after high school and I didn't see her again until I graduated from college and started the first job of my career. I was home visiting my family and I ran into her at one of our old hangouts. We started dating again and things really clicked this time. Six months later we were married and a month after that she announced she was pregnant.

We had a great life, for the most part. Susie was a great lover, if not a little inhibited for my tastes, but I always got as much as I wanted. In fact, as we entered our 30's I got the feeling that she would enjoy a lot more than I could provide. That's when I started sharing my fantasy of watching her fuck other men, and even groups of men. For her part, my wife didn't object to my fantasies, but she insisted that they stay just that. I'll admit that was a bit disappointed, but maybe it was for the better if she wasn't into it.

At that time we had some friends who had inherited the family lake cabin. They went there every weekend in the temperate months, but since it was a two hour drive one way, and we had young children, we didn't take them up on all the offers to join them. But a couple of years ago, Susie's mother offered to take the children for a week so that we could go off and send some time by ourselves. We didn't have the money to really travel anywhere, but our friends offered to let us use their cabin. Five days to spend with each other without anybody else around sounded good to us, so we went for it.

At that time, my wife had only two bikinis. One was what I called her "mommy bikini" which was full coverage and padded so that even when wet, you couldn't see anything. Modest doesn't begin to describe it. Then there was her "sexy bikini" which was a string type, very revealing model that exposed more than it covered and became partly transparent when wet. I bought it for her one year hoping to get her to wear it at the cabin at some point (yes, I had fantasies of showing her off too), but she only wore it a couple of times for me in the bedroom. On this occasion, however, I convinced her to bring both. I also packed my digital camera with 15x optical zoom, on the off chance I could get some pictures of her wearing it. Maybe even going topless!

The cabin was small, but had all the modern convinces. The one thing they didn't have on the property, however, was any kind of beach. There was a grassy hill that lead down to the dock where the boat was kept, but there wasn't a good place to lay out and enjoy the sun. But, this lake had something that most didn't: a small island. Most of it was covered in trees and bushes, except for one end which had a nice sandy beach, large enough for about a dozen people to enjoy without feeling crowded. On the weekends it was almost always full of people. But during the week, like most of the other cabins, it was deserted.

On Monday there were a few people still around (judging by the boat traffic), probably staying over one day from the weekend, so Susie wore her mommy bikini. I tried to talk her into wearing the other one, arguing that it was unlikely anybody else was at the beach, but no luck. We packed our cooler and food basket and took the boat over to the island around mid morning. There was two other older couples there that we knew casually, and when my wife saw them, she gave me that "I told you so" look. I just rolled my eyes as I beached the boat.

The other couples left in the early afternoon, saying they had to head back to the city. I tried to get Susie to go topless, but she just ignored me and kept reading her book. Another romance novel, or as I called them, porn light. I never understood her love for them. May as well just go on the internet and read the real thing; there's plenty of erotic fiction to choose from after all.

The next morning I woke up to find my wife sucking on my cock. If you've never woken up that way, I recommend it. For me, it had been a long time since she'd done that, so I just laid back and enjoyed. Usually she won't finish me with her mouth, but will climb up and ride me until one or both of us cums. But this time she kept going until I exploded in her mouth and swallowed all my jism. She hardly ever does that anymore, so I returned the favor. I licked and sucked on her bald cunt until she came, clamping my head between her thighs.

"You seem to be in a playful mood today." I said at breakfast.

"Hmm, you liked the way I woke you up?" She asked, her eyes sparkling with erotic intent.

"Absolutely! But I hope that was just the beginning." I answered.

"Careful what you wish for." She teased.

"What I'm wishing is that you wear the other bikini today." I said.

Susie seemed to think about it for a moment, then said, "Sure, why not? There shouldn't be anybody else around today. But I better bring my coverup, just in case."

I agreed to that, but was determined to leave it in the boat. When she came out of the bedroom wearing it, she was almost glowing with sexuality. I remember thinking that my wife was the hottest woman in the world. Sure her tits had swelled out to C-cups and had a bit more of sag these days, but that's expected after having two children. They still looked delicious, and very little of them were covered up by the small triangles that made up the top. Her stomach was still flat, thanks to plenty of time working out and biking, and her ass was still to die for, most of which was exposed in the matching bottoms.

She insisted on wearing the coverup on the way to the island, but when we got there, the beach was empty, so I peeled it off her and pretended to drop it in the basket, but I really let it fall on the floor of the boat. I really didn't want her to be able to cover up if someone did show up.

The morning went peacefully and we didn't see another soul. We had a leisurely lunch, during which I had a couple of beers and Susie had a two wine coolers. So I thought this would be a good time to see if I could get her to be more daring.

“Wow, it looks like we have the whole place to ourselves today. You could sunbath naked here and nobody but us would ever know.” I said casually.

“Oh sure, and while we are at it we could just make love right here on the beach.” My wife responded sarcastically.

“Hey, that's a great idea. I'm up for it if you are!”

“Fat chance.” She snorted. “This place is too public.”

“That's what makes it exciting, the possibility of getting caught.”

“No thanks. Besides, I know this is really about your fantasy of me stripping for a group of guys and then having sex with them.” She said.

She had me there. It did turn me to show off her body to other men. And I did fantasize about watching her getting thoroughly fucked by another man. But my most intense fantasy was watching her be gang banged and completely satisfied. As long as I've known Susie, I have never seen her taken to her sexual limits where she could take no more, but I had a burning desire to see it.

“Oh come on, we're alone here.” I objected. “I was just trying to have a little fun. You can't really complain that I like to see you naked.”

“Well I almost am in this suit.” She replied. “But don't change the subject, I know what you were thinking.”

“OK, fine. You're right. I just don't see what's so bad about me wanting you to be pleasured over and over until you are completely satisfied. You can't tell me you've never thought about it.”

“Yeah, I've thought about it, but the right circumstances never came up, and now I'm married – happily. Besides, I'm a mom now, and too old for that kind of thing. Hot guys don't want to have sex with old ladies like me.”

“You're not an old lady!” I objected strenuously. “And I bet I could find plenty of hot guys that would like to take a crack at you.”

“In your dreams.” Susie said and returned to her book.

I finished another beer and I noticed my wife had polished off another wine cooler, which was unusual for her. But in the bright sun, they went down easy. I was dozing on an off when I heard the sound of the boat approaching. Susie must have been napping too because she suddenly sat up straight and looked out over the water. The speedboat was coming straight at us at a higher speed than I would have felt comfortable with. Susie jumped up and started pawing though the beach basket.

“Where's my coverup!” She shouted.

I played dumb. “It should be in there.”

“I can't find it!”

Just then the driver of the boat cut the engine and it glided nicely up onto the beach, not far from ours. It was obvious to me that these guys had been out here many times before. And I said guys, because now I could there were three young men in the boat. They all looked to be around 20, and trim with athletic looking builds. All three were shirtless and wearing loose fitting shorts. My wife gave up looking for her coverup and turned around just as they were jumping onto the sand.

“Hey there!” One of them addressed us. “You guys must be new around here. I don't think I've seen you before.”

“Ah, we are just using the Morley cabin for the week. They are friends of ours.” I replied.

“Oh, OK. A little vacation then. Relaxing at the lake, and all that.” He said. “I'm Rob, and this is my brother Toby and my best friend Roger.”

“I'm Justin, and this is my wife Susie.” I said.

I was thrilled that I was finally able to show off my sexy wife, and there wasn't a lot she could do about it without being rude. And one thing she would never do was be intentionally rude to someone she doesn't know. She smiled at them and said “Hi” without showing how annoyed and embarrassed she was.

“Mind if we hang out for a bit?” Rob asked.

“Sure, no problem.” I answered. “We were getting a little bored out here all by ourselves.”

Susie gave me a look I knew all too well, but I pretended not to notice. The three of them plopped down in the sand and struck up a conversation. I shared the last of my beer with them, much to their delight. But I think they were even happier ogling my wife, and to my delight, the did not work to hard to hide it.

“Shit, your wife is easy on the eyes. You are a lucky guy.” Rob said after a while.

I noticed he did a lot of the talking. He seemed to be the 'alpha male' in this small group.

“Yes I am.” I agreed. “She's not only beautiful, but she's sexy as hell too.”

“You aren't wrong there.” He replied as his two friends nodded in agreement.

My wife blushed a bit at that, but I think she was really enjoying the compliments too. She even seemed to be getting more comfortable with the way they were staring at her. The conversation slowly got raunchier, with my wife participating much more than I would have expected in such mixed company. Maybe it was the wine coolers. After an hour or so, she suddenly got up and walked inland towards the trees and brush. I quickly followed.

“Where are you going?” I asked.

“I need to pee.” She answered.

“Oh, OK, I'll keep an eye on them.” I said as I looked back at our three young visitors.

“Actually, do you remember what we were talking about earlier?” Susie asked.

“Sure.” I said questioningly.

“I wanna do it, as soon as I get back.” She said, her face flushed with excitement.

“Really? Are you serious?” I asked incredulously.

“Yes. You were right, I need to be adventuresome.” She replied. “Do you think you can convince them to go along?”

I looked back at the beach. Rob, Toby, and Roger were all still sitting in the sand, talking and looking our way.

“No problem.” I answered.

“Are you sure?”

“Absolutely. Just leave it to me.”

Then she winked at me in a mischievous way, eyes sparkling, and walked into the tree line. As she disappeared from view, I returned to the beach and picked up the cooler.

“I'm going back to get some more beer.” I announced. “You guys entertain my wife for me while I'm gone, OK?”

Rob cocked his head slightly and asked, “What if she doesn't want to be entertained?”

“Oh trust me, she does. Told me so herself, so don't let her tell you otherwise.” I answered with a grin. “Just don't do anything I wouldn't.”

“How about we only do what you would?”

“Sounds good to me. Have fun.” I shouted over my shoulder as I pushed our boat out into the water and pulled myself in.

Then I started up the outboard and headed around the island, back towards the shore where the cabin was located. Once I got around the other side and out of sight, I turned back to the island and found a spot where I could tie the boat up to a tree. I grabbed my camera and carefully climbed up on the tree, crabbed around it, and dropped onto the island. My cock was hard thinking about what was happening on the other side as I made my way slowly in that direction.

Later I pieced together what happened while I was gone. Susie had found a secluded spot to pee, so she removed her bikini bottom, squatted, and relieved herself. As she finished, she heard the boat start up and leave.

“Good,” she thought to herself, “Now that they are gone, Justin and I can fuck like rabbits. I don't know why I'm so horny, but I need a cock in me.”

That's when she decided to be extra naughty and take off her top as well. Then, just to make sure she couldn't change her mind easily, she hung them from a tree branch so she could find them again and started walking back to the beach.

“Won't Justin be surprised when he sees me! He won't think I'm a prude anymore.”

As she stepped onto the beach she could see her husband standing about 30 feet away with his back to her. As she closed the distance between her, an alarm bell starting going off in the back of her mind. Something was not quite right, but in her current state, she just couldn't quite figure out what. Then Justin turned around, only it wasn't Justin – it was Rob!

“What the fuck?” She hissed.

Not sure what was going on, Susie spun around to escape, but was immediately cut off by Toby and Roger.

“Whoa, where do you think you are going, sexy?” Roger said as they stood in her way.

She tried to push past them, but they were as study as a brick wall. Then Rob came up behind her, grabbed hold of her wrists, and pulled them back. She wasn't going anywhere.

“Where's my husband?” She demanded.

“He left to get more beer. He said we should entertain you.” Rob answered hotly in her ear.

That bastard! What was he thinking?

“No, this is all a -” She started to say, but Roger covered her mouth with his while Toby pulled on one of her already hard nipples.

Roger dropped his hand down to her crotch and slipped a finger into her already wet slit. A wave of pleasure coursed through her. With her body betraying her, Susie still tried to resist, but they easily overpowered her. When Roger ended the kiss she took a deep breath, determined to make a stand.

“No – you have to stop.” She gasped as the three men picked her up and moved her to the beach blanket.

“He said you'd act like you didn't want this, but we aren't fooled, are we guys?” Rob said.

Did Justin really tell them that, she wondered.

They laid her down on her back. When she tried to get back up, Roger held her hands over her head while Rob and Toby pried her legs apart. Actually it wasn't the difficult – Susie's resistance was weakening as she realized that she couldn't avoid the inevitable: the three of them were going to use her as their sex toy and there was nothing she could do about it.

Rob, sensing she was nearly out of fight, positioned himself between her thighs and got a good look at her bald pussy. She knew he could see the moisture there and how he would interpret that. When his tongue touched her clit, she was done resisting. My wife gave in to her lustful feelings and let out a low moan. At that point they all knew for sure that she was theirs.

Rob quickly brought her to the brink of an orgasm, then he stopped. She cursed him for leaving her wanting, but he had his own needs. He had her flip over onto her hands and knees. Rob quickly positioned himself behind her and put the head of his throbbing cock right at her entrance. Then slowly he pushed his entire length into her in one stroke.

“Oooohhhhh, Fuck!” She whimpered.

Rob began fucking her with powerful full strokes, almost pulling out completely before plunging back in. Roger wanted her lips wrapped around his cock, so putting his hand under her chin, he lifted Susie's head up and fed his manhood to her.

I had finally made it to a good vantage point where I would see the action on the beach. I set the camera on the tripod and zoomed in. When the auto-focus settled I was shocked and excited to see Susie on her hand and knees with Roger's cock in her mouth, and Rob's in her pussy. Toby was underneath her sucking on her tits. What a sight! I took a few quick HQ pictures and then switched to video mode.

Rob fucked her slow and steady for a couple of minutes, and then he suddenly sped up. He was slamming into my wife so hard that she could no longer suck on Roger’s cock. Then he thrust one last time, threw back his head, and held himself tight against Susie’s ass. I knew at that moment he was coming inside her. I was so turned on I was shaking. It’s a good thing I had the camera on a tripod!

Before Rob even pulled out of her, Susie greedily sucked Roger’s cock back into her mouth and I could tell that she was really working it. He didn’t last very long under that assault, and soon was shooting his load into her mouth. She hardly ever did that me! She must have really been turned on.

Toby relinquished his hold on her tits and allowed Susie to roll over onto her back. It looked like he was a bit shy, but with her encouragement (I could see her motion to him to get between her legs) he was soon driving his cock into her cunt. I couldn’t be certain, but it looked to me that she came while he was fucking her. After a few minutes, he added his sperm to the load she had already taken from his older brother.

Temporarily sated, the four of them were all lounging on the beach blanket. It wasn’t that big, so they were pretty close together. So it was no surprise that they couldn't keep their hands to themselves, but I didn't expect that it would be my wife that made the first move. She started idly stroking Rob's cock as they talked. I couldn't hear what they were saying, of course, but Susie told me later that they were complimenting her. She got the impression that this was not the first time they had done this, but that maybe she was the “oldest woman” they had gang fucked.

Soon she had Toby's cock in her other hand and the three of them had their hands all over her body. Watching through the camera at maximum zoom, I had a good vantage point, but I obviously couldn't see everything. So until Susie sat up and leaned over Rob to suck his cock, I didn't realize that they had all regained their erections. Ah, to be young and virile again.

This began another round of sucking and fucking, but this time the three men lasted longer. They changed positions a number of times, but the one constant was that my wife always had a cock in either her mouth or her pussy, and much of the time, both. I know she came several times, but those were only the big obvious ones. I was sure I missed some smaller ones. Finally the men all blew their loads; one in her cunt, one on her tits, and one on her face (she never let me do that!)

Then they started gathering their things and putting their trunks/shorts back on, so I figured the show was over and packed up the camera. By the time I got back to the boat and returned to the beach, the guys were gone. Susie was still laying on the beach blanket, nude. She had dried cum on her face and tits, and some still leaking out of her well used cunt. She had never looked hotter to me.

“You bastard!” She hissed at me when I walked up to her.

“What?” I sputtered.

“You led those three to think I wanted to have sex with them, and then let me alone with them.” She seethed. “Look what they did to me!”

“But, but, I thought that's what you wanted – you said you wanted to be more adventurous.” I said weakly.

“Yes, I know that's what you thought. I realized after they left that you mistook what I had said and thought I was referring to your fantasy of watching me getting gang banged. But really, I just wanted you to get rid of them so we could make love on the beach, out in the open.” She explained, a bit less shrilly.

“Oh.” Was all I managed.

“You are really lucky you have such an understanding wife.” She replied. “Oh, and just so you know, I invited Toby over to the cabin tomorrow night, and he's going to bring his younger cousin with him.”

Her shit eating grin told me that things were going to get really interesting. And I was right.

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Susie and the Boys, Part 1

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