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Eyes that sparkle when she smiles

Categories True Story, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Job/Place-of-work

Author: T Scott

Published: 15 May 2019

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Her name was Bambi!

It was my job to show the new girl the ropes and help her feel welcome. She arrived promptly at 7:30 on Thursday morning dressed in Levi 501 jeans, a fitted white button-up shirt and purple Chucks. Her soft wavy blonde hair hung just below her shoulders. I’m a sucker for a blonde haired girl wearing 501’s but I tried to hide my excitement. I took Bambi to the break room so she could put her lunch away and get some tea or coffee. Afterwards I showed her the cubicle she would be sharing with me. I helped Bambi get logged into the computer and I setup her email and printers. She asked if she could install a chat program and I told her it would be fine because computers and web browsing are not monitored.

She’s not shy!

By 11:30 I was finished showing Bambi around, providing a little training and going over the department policies and procedures. Bambi asked about the dress code and I told her it was business casual. She asked me if I would like to go to lunch with her since she wasn’t crazy about what she brought but didn’t know much about the restaurants nearby. I agreed to go with her and told her there was a good sandwich shop within walking distance. As we walked down the sidewalk we chatted about our home life, where we grew up, etc. I noticed that she kept walking very close to me, even touching my hand with hers at times. We arrived at the restaurant, found a booth and sat across from each other and continued our conversation. About half-way through our meal, Bambi got up to go to the restroom. When she returned I noticed that Bambi’s top 3 buttons on her shirt were undone; I don’t think they were earlier in the day. She bent over as she sat back down across from me giving me an unobstructed view of her cleavage. Bambi relaxed and leaned back a little pushing her ass towards the edge of the seat. She placed one foot on the bench that I was sitting on and started moving her foot, almost like she was dancing to a beat that only she could hear, occasionally lightly bumping my outer thigh with her foot. When we finished our meal and were headed back to the office she asked if there was another route that was a little longer so she could get a few more steps in. I’m all about getting extra steps in so I said there is another route that cuts through a park. As we walked back to the office, she once again walked very close to me, occasionally bumping her hand and thigh against me.

Park Bench!

Half way through the park she sat down on a bench and asked me to join her. I sat down leaving about 3 feet between us. She started talking about past relationships and how she was hurt and heartbroken a few times. She asked me about my relationships and asked me if I was seeing anyone or if I was married. I told her I was recently single and that I escaped from a really shitty marriage that felt like a prison camp. Bambi got up and stretch a little then sat back down, within 6 inches of me. She looked over at me and asked if I thought she was attractive and what do I think are her best features. I proceeded to tell her that I am attracted to blue-eyed blondes with eyes that sparkle when they smile. I also mentioned that I like to see a girl in good fitting Levi 501’s and that was one of the first things I noticed about her.

She told me she was attracted to sensitive men of medium build and height with beautiful brown eyes. I gave her my patented “sad puppy dog eyes” look; she smiled and placed a hand on my thigh and scooted a little closer to me. She told me I smelled really nice and asked if I was wearing cologne. I told her it was Grey Flannel and she leaned in and pressed her nose and lips against my neck to smell me as her hand moved up toward my stiffening cock. I put my hand under her chin and tilted her head back so I could look at her beautiful face, she smiled and her eyes sparkled. Unable to resist that smile, I leaned in and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. She gently caressed my now fully erect cock with her fingers, occasionally giving it a little squeeze. I moved my hand from her face to her thigh and didn’t waste any time pushing against her warm crotch. She pushed against my hand, squeezed her thighs together and softly groaned.

Time to get back to work!

I pulled my hand away and cupped her breast. She removed her hand from my crotch and pushed my hand hard against her breast, helping me squeeze and cup it. We let each other go and kissed one more time before we got up from the bench. I looked across the path and saw an elderly couple smiling at us. We walked back to the office talking about everything except what just happened. Luckily no body at the office saw us return. I got up to get a soft drink and that must have been when Bambi looked over at my computer to get my chat program username. When I returned, I saw an invite from greyf*$!lover and I immediately accepted. Bambi and I started chatting and before long we were discussing the lunch-time fun and making plans for the weekend.

Finally, Friday!

I woke up about 30 minutes before my alarm went off with the most incredibly stiff hard-on I’ve had in a very long time. I started thinking about lunch with Bambi the day before and before I knew it, I was soiling the sheets. I arrived at work promptly at 7 and to my surprise, Bambi was already there. She was facing me as I walked into the cubicle, as if she was expecting me. She was wearing the 501’s again but today she was wearing a low-cut red shirt and my eyes were drawn to her beautiful breast, then down to her crotch, her legs were slightly spread revealing a small moist spot between her thighs. She asked what time others arrived and I told her most people won’t arrive till around 8:30, including our boss. She rolled her chair over to me and asked if I like what I was seeing. My eyes were fixated on her breast but I forced myself to look into her eyes and told her that seeing her this morning made my day. Bambi stood up and sat on my lap, pushing her breast against my face. I reached around and grabbed her ass, pulling her closer to me. We started kissing and when she noticed my hardness she started grinding her pussy on me. She was starting to moan and she gasped and shuddered when I ran my fingers across her nipples. We stood up and went down to the IT room (the IT guys never work on Friday). I unbuttoned her 501’s and slowly pulled her pants down, then her panties, revealing a beautiful pussy with neatly trimmed pubic hair. I pushed her down onto a chair and started teasing her with my tongue, starting at her inner thigh and moving to her crotch, being careful not to touch her outer labia or clit until I felt she couldn’t take the teasing any more. Suddenly, she pulled my face into her pussy and my tongue went to work giving her an explosive orgasm in less than a minute. I stood up in front of her and she unzipped my shorts revealing an engorged cock wrapped in blue cotton underwear. She quickly went to work pulling my underwear down and taking my cock in her mouth. I was on the verge of an orgasm when she pulled my cock out of her mouth and told me to sit down. Bambi sat on my lap, gently pushing my cock back and forth between her swollen labia, teasing her clit. Suddenly, she shifted a little and I slipped inside of her, we both gasped and moaned from the pleasure. She started rocking and simultaneously removed her shirt and bra revealing the most beautiful breast and nipples that I’ve ever seen. I gently caressed her nipples with my fingers, gentle twists and pinches made her arch her back and moan a little more. I started to circle her areola with my tongue being careful not to touch her nipple until I felt she could no longer take the teasing then I put my mouth on her nipple bringing her to the brink of another super climax. Bambi reached down with one hand and started to stimulate her clit, still rocking up and down my cock and I started teasing her other nipple. Within a minute, Bambi was cumming over and over again, spilling love juices all over my balls and the chair. I resisted the urge to cum until I could no longer take it and we climaxed together for what seemed like hours. Exhausted, we separated from each other, got dressed and made our way back to our cubicle with big grins on our faces.

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Eyes that sparkle when she smiles

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