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  1. Mother tricked and blackmailed
  2. Mother tricked and blackmailed part 2

Mother tricked and blackmailed part 2

Categories Fiction, Anal, BDSM, Blackmail

Author: casal455cs

Published: 15 May 2019

  • Font:

Both of them was really tired and slept for all the night until she awake and realized that Fred had her thighs on his shoulders and is pushing his cock in her pussy, he was lifting a little her body from the bed.

- I always want to awake with a woman at my side and begin to fuck her while she is sleeping –said Fred.

- It's ok, fuck me please. -she thought that maybe if she is being submissive to him, he will treat her better and don't be so rough.

Inside her pussy it was wet with cum of the last night so he was able to bury his cock inside her easily

In this position he was pumping deeply inside her then he insert his thumb in her ass and start to move at the same time with his cock she was moaning and enjoying the sex and even feeling as an orgasm begin to build, then suddenly he take out his cock and push inside her ass until all of it was in, she scream in pain.

- No, not again please, you're hurting me, you´re cock is huge –said Amy.

- Shut up. You will thank to me later to open wide your ass –said Fred.

- Why you say that? –said Amy

- Nothing, now shut up and let me fuck your ass –said Fred.

Fred was pumping hard as he still have her thighs on his shoulders so he can go really deep inside her more than the other anal invasions of the last day, then after some minutes he cum inside and stand up.

- Follow me bitch, I want a shower.

Amy can't almost walk for the pain in her ass, but she just followed him and get into the shower and order to put soap on her tits and wash his body with them, she just obey.

Outside he begin to get dressed then gave her a bag

- Here you have your clothes for today –said Fred.

Inside of the bag there was a black leather miniskirt, a little transparent pantie a white semi transparent blouse, a little bra that will just cover her nipples, a pair of black stockings and high heel shoes.

- Do you want that I used this bitch clothes? –said Amy

- Yes with your body you will look awesome, and we are going to be here we're not going to go out –said Fred.

- Well if we're not going to go outside its ok –said Amy.

Amy get dressed with the costume and then make up as Fred order to her, she really looks like a whore. The miniskirt was so high that if she sit down her pantie was visible and the bra seems is going to explote with her big breast.

- Ok let's go to eat, I have plans for you today –said Fred.

Amy begin to feel afraid about what Fred told of having plans for her but she don't ask, he will not tell her.

They went upstairs and while she cook Fred was looking the videos of Amy having sex with him, then both eat the breakfast.

- Come here I want to see closely your costume. Stand up in front of me –said Fred.

Amy do what Fred told to her and he begin to caress first her legs then open them and rub one hand on her pussy and the other one grip her ass cheeks.

- It fits perfect on you –said Fred.

Then he pulled down Amy so she sit down on his lap and he take out her blouse and bra and begin to kiss her tits. She know that he will fuck her again.

He was kissing her tits and later he start to french kissing her mouth then he stand up so he undress and take out her pantie and again sit down on the chair.

- Now sit down on my cock bitch –said Fred.

Amy open her legs and rub her pussy a little on his cock and after some time impale herself on it and begin to move all her body and try to enjoy. He grip her waist to control the rhythm and forced to her to move fast.

- I will tell you when I was almost to cum, then you will take out my cock and give me a blowjob –said Fred.

- Ok –said Amy.

Amy thought that was a little weird that he is not cum inside her pussy but when he told it's going to cum she get on her knees and open her mouth and engulf his cock moving until he cum.

- Swallow everything bitch –said Fred.

And when she was ending the blowjob the doorbell ring.

- Get dressed and go to open the door –said Fred

- With this clothes? -said Amy

- Yes, and do it now –said Fred.

- It seems you know who is outside. Now tell me what happens –said Amy.

- Yes I invite to my math teacher to come, I need some help and you will obtain my approval in his matter –said Fred.

- WHAT? you can't offer me to anyone you want –said Amy.

- Yes I can –said Fred.

- No I'm not a whore –said Amy

- But yesterday you fuck with Mike –said Fred.

- You two tied me up and then raped me –said Amy.

- You can't proof it, on the other hand I have a lot of proofs of you betraying dad and seduced me to have sex. Now you will treat really well to Mr. Conor, I offer him a whore to have sex and you will do anything he want. Do you understand? –said fred

- No I'm your mother not a whore –said Amy.

- Then you will go to jail for incest. Don´t worry Mr. Conor doesn't know that you're my mom –said Fred.

- Mmmmm ok –said Amy

- That's my bitch, now go to open the door –said Fred.

Amy open the door feeling ashamed that a total strange will see her in this clothes and even fuck her

When she opened the door a black man in his middle 40's were there, he was tall.

- Good morning, is Fred here? –said Mr. Conor

- Yes come in –said Amy.

Mr. Conor open wide his eyes seeing Amy and when she turned around his eyes go directly to her ass. She was afraid but went to the living room where Fred was sit down.

- Hi Mr. Conor, so you already met Jessy –said Fred.

- Yes, she is awesome –said Mr. Conor.

- Well she is all yours, but you must accomplish our deal. You will help Mike and me in your matter –said Fred.

- Yes I know and I will help you two. Now lets begin. Jessy make a strip tease for us –said Mr. Conor.

- For you two? But I thought it was only for Mr. Conor –said Amy.

- You're wrong, now begin –said Fred

Then the doorbell ring again and Fred go to open, now she was feeling more fear than ever, who could be?

Then Mike enter to her house and glued his eyes on Amy's body.

- Hi how are you? said Mike

- You know her? said Mr. Conor

- Yes we make an approval test yesterday –said Mike.

- Well then I think she is amazing on the bed right? –said Mr. Conor

- With that body you can bet –said Mike.

- Can I talk with you Fred? -said Amy.

Ten both of them go to the kitchen.

- I don't know what are you thinking but I'm not going to let that you three fuck me –said Amy.

- You're my slave remember? –said Fred

- I agree to fuck with you but not to be a whore and fuck anyone you want –said Amy.

- We can rape you again –said Fred.

- If you do that I will call the police and demonstrate your aggression –said Amy.

- Ok, so what you propose? –said Fred

- You will give me all the videos and I will fuck your teacher, and then I will fuck only with you for the rest of the week and Mike need to go right now –said Amy.

- mmm That sounds good, ok it's a deal –said Fred.

Then Amy go to the living room and take Mr. Conor's hand.

- Ok sweety let's go to a room –said Amy.

- Ok, bye guys –said Mr. Conor.

Amy went to Fred's room with Mr. Conor feeling really ashamed about what is she going to do, she closed the door and Mr. Conor sit down on the bed and took out his pants.

- Come her I want my cock inside you, first a blowjob –said Mr. Conor.

Amy approach to him and begin to lick his cock, he tangled her hair on his hand and suddenly push all his cock inside Amy's mouth.

- Mmmmggg mmmggg

She try to take out his cock but he pulled her hair hard so she can't avoid the abuse.

Then he raise her miniskirt and introduce her hand under her pantie and begin to rub her asshole and her pussy.

- mmmggg don't mmmmmgg please –said Amy.

- Shut up bitch and suck my cock –said Mr. Conor.

He push two fingers inside her pussy and begin to pump for some minutes.

- Ok, now I want to fuck you, take out your pantie and lay down on the bed –said Mr. conor.

Amy did what he ordered and lay down and open her legs, he rub his cock in her pussy lips until it get wet from Amy's pussy juices and then penetrate her cunt.

- Ooouuww slowly please –said Amy.

- Wow you are so tight, I will enjoy this –said Mr. Conor.

Then Mr. Conor begin to move while he touch her legs and grip her ass. His mouth open and suck Amy's tits. She can't believe that a total strange is fucking her in her own house.

- You know this is the first time that a student give me something to get a better note, aaaaa wow you have a great body. After this you must give me your phone to call you another day –said Mr. Conor.

- Aaaaaa I'm almost cum aaaauuww then he take out his cock. Sorry I don't want to finish yet, let me rest a little, meanwhile do a strip tease for me, the guys told me that you will do anything I want –said Mr. Conor.

Then Amy stand up and begin to dance she was wearing only her blackstockings and her miniskirt, she was touching herself and trying to move in a sexy way.

- I think I know you from somewhere, but I don't remember... You are really beautiful and your body is amazing, come here and put on all fours –said Mr. Conor

Amy go to the bed and put on her knees and hands and wait to be fucked again.

Mr. Conor saw her body in a lustful way and want to fuck her wildly. Then he approach and caress her ass and hips while his cock begin to introduce inside her cunt, he only push two times and then took out and begin to push his cock on her anus.

- Not there please, it hurts –said Amy

- But I want to fuck your ass Mrs. Watson. I just recognize you. Now open your ass cheeks –said Mr. Conor.

- No, I don't want your cock inside my ass –said Amy

- Bad news, the guys told me that I could fuck you in any way I want, now do what I just told you. This is one of my fantasies, fuck a mother of one of my students or you want that the other students know that you are a whore –said Mr. Conor.

Then Amy just open her ass cheeks with her hands and he grip her tits while he push all his cock inside and begin to move. She felt the deep invasion and the pain return to her ass.

- Oooouuwww please just don't be rough, I'm not used to fuck in this way –said Amy.

- Don't worry Mrs. Watson, if you fulfill all my desires today I'm not going to be rough –said Mr. Conor.

Then his hand begin to rub her pussy while he move his cock in and out of her ass. She begin to moan with the pain but she was feeling pleasure too, she was acting as a whore, a total strange is penetrating her ass from behind and she is enjoying.

- Aaaaww aaaaggg mmmmm.

- it seems you like it bitch –said Mr. Conor.

- No, is the pain, now please hurry up –said Amy, she can lie to him but not to herself, it was an orgasm.

- I'm almost there, try to move your ass a little to finish faster –said Mr. Conor.

Amy begin to move her ass in circles even while she felt so much pain inside, then suddenly she realize that he was fucking her without a condom.

- That’s it bitch, you fuck as a whore mmmmmm yes I´m cumminggg aaaauuu, the best fuck in my life Mrs. Watson, now let me be inside you until my cock get soft, but continue with your movement. I´ll put the maximum note to your son and his friend –said Mr. Conor.

- Fine, now let me alone please –said Amy.

- Ok, but don´t feel bad about this, I heard some stories of moms fucking for the wellness of her sons –said Mr. Conor.

Amy begin to cry hugging a pillow, while Mr. Conor get dressed and go outside closing the door.

- Wow this was the fuck of my life. Fred your mom really loves you –said Mr Conor.

- How do you know that she is my mom? She told you? –said Fred

- No, I just remembered her beauty face. Now tell me how are you controlling her? –said Mr Conor

- It´s just luck, my father is out and then she becomes in my bitch –said Fred.

- Really? I think that you are blackmailing her, well you two have the best notes –said Mr Conor.

- Thank you Mr. Conor –said Fred and Mike in unison.

- Well have a nice day with your bitch, she is awesome –said Mr Conor.

- Wait, tell me what you did to her-said Fred.

- Well, first she gave me a blowjob, then I began to fuck her cunt and finally I fucked her ass, it was so tight –said Mr Conor.

- Yes, I know, I took her anal virginity yesterday –said Fred.

- You´re a lucky guy, her ass is amazing, well bye guys, see you on Monday –said Mr Conor.

Then Fred and Mike begin to talk about what to do with her.

- You know friend I made a deal with my mom to deliver her all the videos, I will do it but I had copies in my cloud. For now hide while I fuck her again and wait to the next part of our plan –said Fred.

- Ok buddy –said Mike.

Then Fred go upstairs and enter in his bedroom where Amy was still sobbing on his bed.

- What happens, I heard you moaning, I thought you enjoy –said Fred.

- Shut up and now give me the videos –said Amy angry

- Ok, in this flash memory are recorded all the videos –said Fred.

- Fine. And where is your friend? –said Amy.

- He went to his house, as we agree. Now open your legs I want your pussy –said Fred.

- You treat me very bad, tell me why? –said Amy

- You are my whore and I treat just as what you are. Now open your legs or I will rape you again –said Fred.

- Gggggrrr I hate you –said Amy.

Then Amy open her legs and Fred begin to penetrate her cunt. He grip her ass hardly as he move his cock inside her.

- You're just a slut, in this two days you fuck two strange guys –said Fred.

- You blackmailed me to did it –said Amy.

- Yes but you enjoy it, today you even get an orgasm. I didn't force you to enjoy it. So you are a whore, and I'll give you what you want –said Fred.

- What do you mean? –said Amy

- You love cocks, right? –said Fred

- No, I love your dad and to make love with him, he's so much better than you in bed –said Amy.

- Maybe but not to have three cocks inside you –said Fred.

- What? –said Amy

- Guys come here –said Fred.

Then Mike, a fat guy named John, a black guy named Jerome and a tall guy named Max enter in the bedroom.

Fred grip Amy's hands to avoid her reaction. She begin to kick him and move trying to escape while Fred have all his cock inside her pussy.

- Noooooo, what the hell do you think you're doing. I'm not a bitch, I'm your mother. Please don't do this –said Amy.

But while she screams, between Jerome and John grip her legs and Mike put some tape on her mouth. Max just turn on a video camera and begin to record everything.

- Party time my friends. We will fuck this bitch on all her holes, now let's tie up her to the bed –said Fred.

- mmmmgg mmmmmgggg

Then they tie up her legs and hands to the bed and put a dispositive that force to open her mouth to let enough space to introduce a cock inside.

- Ok mom now we'll fuck you all the day in all your holes. I decided to make some money with you, anyone of them paid five hundred dollars to be here –said Fred.

- Ok friends let's begin with a double penetration, I want her ass but don't worry, after the day ends all of you could fuck all her holes –said Fred.

Then Fred lay down on the bed and lift Amy's body then put her back over her chest and begin to penetrate her asshole.

- Mmmmmgggg mmmmggg oooooggg. Was all that Amy could said.

- Come here Jerome and fuck her pussy and who wants a blowjob? –said Fred

- I want one said Mike.

Then Jerome begin to caress her legs and later her tits while he rub his cock and finally when he feels his dick wet with pussy juices he push and all his cock went inside her, she feel more filled than ever and it was worse when Fred begin to move in and out his cock. Fred was gripping her waist while Jerome was pinching her clit and tits.

She was crying but only grunts go out from her mouth, then Mike climb on the bed and begin to introduce his cock on Amy's mouth. The dispositive let to Mike go really deep inside Amy's mouth, he even touch her throat and she gagged and cough.

Between the three guys fuck her roughly while they was touching, pinching and slapping all her body.

John was recording everything with a video camera, even as Fred had installed two cameras on his room.

- I cannot wait to fuck your mom, she is so beautiful. -Said Max.

- Yes and she will deserve every cent you paid buddy. –Said Fred.

Amy can't understand why her own son was doing this. Selling her as a bitch and fucking her with his friends. They was moving fast and she only feel a lot of pain, mainly in her ass, where Fred was pushing so deep inside her.

Jerome was now biting her tits and Mike take her head so hard that she can´t move to breath a little and she was choking, the savage rape was too much, then she felt something else trying to bury inside her ass, it was Fred, but what can be he doing.

- Take a good video of this Jhon, I´m going to introduce my thumbs inside this bitch´s ass –said Fred.

- Mmmmmggg mmmnnnooo

Then after being trying for a moment one of his thumbs go inside, she was feeling as her ass going to broke then the other thumb bury inside her and he was moving his cock too, she felt as she was going to faint for all the pain.

- Aaauuuuggg woooowwww I´m cumming mom, your ass is amazing, is so tight, but not for so long, after today is going to be wider. Jhon come here and record this –said Fred.

- Hey buddy don´t take out your cock I´m almost to cum inside –said Jerome

- Me too, I´m going to give to this whore a lot to drink –said Mike

Then they begin to move faster while Jerome grip her thighs and Mike force to move Amy´s head by pulling her hair, after some seconds both begin to cum, Jerome scream first and some seconds later Mike unload his seed inside Amy.

- She is the best buddy, thanks for let fuck her, your mom is so beauty and her body is amazing, I think that never I could fuck a woman like her –said Jerome.

- My pleasure guys, this was one of my fantasies. Now it´s your turn Jhon and Max.

Then Fred, Jerome and Mike take out his cocks and let Amy dripping cum from her cunt and ass. Later Jhon take the place of Fred and lay down under Amy pushing his cock inside Amy´s asshole.

- Aaaa, wow the sensation is amazing, my first time and I´m going to fuck a woman´s ass, this is the best day ever.

- Hurry up Jhon, I want to fuck her pussy –said Max

- Ok here I go.

Then Jhon push until all his cock bury inside, Amy was grunting and moving trying to escape but it was impossible with her legs and hands tied up to the corners of the bed.

- Ok Max I´m fully inside, now penetrate this whore –said Jhon.

Max grip Amy´s thighs and rub his penis against Amy´s wet pussy and after some seconds he push and begin to move his body fucking Amy, the inexperienced guys was fucking Amy really fast while they touch her body. Amy was crying but only grunts and sobbing sounds get out from her mouth. Never in her worst nightmare she could imagine that five guys will rape her and force his cocks so wildly.

Both guys fucking Amy and she try to escape but how, she only can cry for now. Then while Max and Jhon was fucking her Fred open a bottle of whisky and begin to drink with his other friends, these afraid more to Amy, thinking about what else could do the guys if they get drunk.

- Ohh shit, this is too much, I´m cumingggg. Her ass is so warm, all of you must get a try there. –said Jhon.

- All of you will. –said Fred.

Max was moving now faster and being rough pulling Amy´s tits to move her body to his rhythm.

- I´m cuming too, she´s awesome, her body is fascinating.

Then both guys take out his cocks, but Jhon climb on the bed and introduce his cock on Amy´s mouth, she try to avoid it but with that damn dispositive it was impossible. The taste of his cock after Jhon fuck her ass was awful, but she can´t do nothing. He was moving in and out until his cock was clean.

- Well guys, is anybody already erect to fuck our bitch? Remember our deal, we have only four hours. –said Fred.

- I´m ready, but I want to fuck her ass in all fours.

- Well I think all of you want to fuck her ass, so let´s tied up her in a different way to have access to her ass –said Fred.

Then between all of them released Amy and put her body bend over her stomach on a desk and tied up again, so they get full access to her asshole.

Jerome stand up and slap Amy´s butt cheeks with his hand, then open them and put his cock and begin to move, she felt how her anal ring painfully open when he push his cockhead, he penetrate her a little and then take out and move his cock while with his hands he make that her ass cheeks wrap his cock. After three of these combination of movements he penetrate her ass but now he don´t take it out, he begin to push harder until all his cock was bury all inside her, she felt so much pain, maybe because Jerome had the bigger cock of all the gang, it was like 10 inches long and really wide, the pain was equal as when Fred push his thumbs inside her ass, but now Jerome will fuck her until he cums inside.

- Look at her, she is moving trying to avoid Jerome. –said Mike

- That’s because he is the bigger of all of us, her ass was virgin until yesterday, so I bet that she is in pain. –said Fred

- Virgin? Really? I´m going to be the next one to rape her ass –said Max.

Amy was listen to them talking about her ass and how rude anyone of them will planned to be when fuck her ass.

Jerome was taking his time fucking Amy, he push all his cock inside her and let buried inside some seconds, then take it out and push again all of this in a slow rhythm, enjoying all the new feelings of being inside a woman´s ass.

- I can´t wait, until Jerome finish I will fuck her mouth –said Max.

Max go to the front part of the desk, wrap her hair and pulled up, then push his cock inside her mouth and begin to move in and out. Jerome was fucking her ass from behind and slapping her ass cheeks, they were red and she felt how it burns.

- Aaaaagggg it´s delicious, I´m cumming –said Jerome.

- Finally, get away dude, it´s my turn –said Max

Max go and take the place of Jerome, she can´t rest, then she saw camera flashes, they was taking pictures of her being raped. Max was desperately to fuck Amy´s ass and just in one push he go all inside her, but as his cock was smaller than Jerome her ass doesn´t hurt too much. This was a relief to Amy.

Max was torturing her clit and tits, pinching and roughly rubbing them, this guy was moving faster than Jerome and she felt when he was almost to cum, then suddenly he pulled her hair so hard that Amy´s neck is hurting now.

- I´m cumming bitch, your ass is so much better than your cunt –said Max.

- Let the compliments for later, now it´s my turn –said Mike

Max took out his cock and then stand up in front of Amy and introduce his cock inside her mouth and was moving until he felt that his cock get soft and of course clean. Amy was hating Fred more than ever, he is the responsible of this orgy.

Then Mike begin to penetrate her ass, he was playing a little at first, he was introducing the cockhead moving in circles and then taking out, it feels really good even to Amy, then he pulled her hair and go so deep inside Amy, that she take her breath away. Now he was moving his cock at the same rhythm as he pulled her hair, this was again painful to Amy. She was thinking that finally all of them have fucked her in the ass, but then she remembered that her son talk about four hours of sexual abuse, maybe they will fuck her again in the ass or in her pussy, she can´t stand anymore, but she was at the mercy of this young guys.

Mike was pulling her hair with one hand and with his other one was slapping Amy´s ass cheeks while he fucked her tight ass, he was really enjoying being fucked her, he admired her since he was a child and saw her at the parents meetings in the school but he never can imagine that someday he was able to fuck her, it is one of his fantasies come true.

He was fucking her hard and treating her as a bitch, slapping her ass and introducing his fingers on her cunt until he cum inside, he was moving a little more after his cock get soft and take out giving a big slap on her ass cheeks.

- Thank you Mrs. Watson –said Mike

- Well now that anyone of us fuck her ass, tell me what else we can do, after all we have almost two and a half hours to fuck her. –said Fred

Amy was thinking that it can´t be possible, after all the sex and just passed a little more than one and a half hour, she was exhausted after fuck with Mr. Conor and now with these five guys, all of them was rude. Never in her entire life nobody treat her in this way, pulling her hair, slapping and pinching her ass and tits and all of this while she was tied up to the bed and later to the desk. What else could do the guys to fulfill his more basic instincts, while she think all this she was crying but feeling afraid.

- What if we double penetrated her in the air, it seems fun on porn videos. –said Jhon

- It´s a good idea, ok let´s do it. Help us, we need to release her but we´re going to maintain her hands tied up to her back –said Fred.

Then all the guys approach to Amy and release from her submissive position and even as she try to escape the guys were stronger than Amy and finally tied up her hands to her back and put on her knees.

- Well first I need to be full erect, give me a blowjob mom –said Fred.

Amy move her head saying NO and try to lay down on the floor to avoid this new humiliation, but Fred grip her hair really hard and slap her face twice times, then he introduce his cock on Amy´s mouth and begin to fuck her face.

- You are mine Amy, you will be my slave or things could be worse –said Fred to her ear

She was tremble with fear of what Fred just told to her, but how can be things worse than being raped by five guys, she was crying more than ever.

- Very good slut, your mouth is a paradise, now let´s double fucked this whore, I will fuck her pussy and Jhon you take her ass –said Fred.

- Ok pal

Then Fred pulled her hair so hard that she stand up immediately, then he put his hands on her ass and pulled up all her body and in just one movement penetrate her cunt, it was already wet, after this he begin to move her body up and down, she was afraid so she was submissive for now and let to them do whatever they want. Then she felt Jhon´s cock trying to penetrate her ass, Fred stop his movements to let to his friend go inside Amy´s ass. After all the sex and cum inside Amy´s ass it was easy to him to bury all his cock inside, then both guys begin to move, everyone with his own rhythm but after a pair of minutes they synchronize and she was being double fucked. The sensation was new for Amy, she felt hands touching her tits and then Fred begin to introduce his tongue inside Amy´s mouth.

They were fucking Amy for another fifteen minutes after all they just cum minutes ago and they are in no hurry to do it again. After this time one by one the guys cum inside Amy and stop his movements, Jhon was the first one to take out his cock and then Fred go to the bed and threw her as a piece of meat.

- Who is the next one? –said Fred.

Amy was now thinking that she is just his bitch, not his mom, now she is just a piece of meat with holes to be fucked, but why he treat her in this way. Then she return to reality when Max pulled her hair to make Amy stand up from the bed and after this he grip her ass and lift up Amy and penetrate her pussy he maintain her body on the air then somebody begin to force his cock on her ass, it was Jerome. –Oh not again him thought Amy he´s too big.

After some seconds Jerome go inside Amy´s ass and both guys start to fuck her wildly, Max was biting one nipple and Jerome was licking her back and pinching her ass cheeks with his big hands, both guys was moving in unison until fifteen minutes later Jerome scream in pleasure.

- Aaaaaggg cuming again bitch, I love your ass –said Jerome

- Fine but let your cock inside I ´m not finish yet – said Max

Jerome stay there impaling Amy with his big cock, even as it start to get soft it was big, Amy can feel as Max begin to penetrate her cunt faster, she desire that he cum then Jerome will take out his cock, it was hurting her ass, after all the sex her anus ring was burning, she felt as acid was inside her ass burning everything.

- Mmmmmgg wooow I´m cuminggggg –said Max after another five minutes fucking Amy.

Max was moving slowly until his cock get soft and he take out his dick and released Amy, but she don´t fall to the floor, Jerome was still lift up her by her thighs.

- This is crazy friends, my cock is fully erect again, come here Mike it´s your turn to double fuck her.

Amy can´t believe it, she doesn´t wants Jerome´s cock inside and now he will fuck her twice times continually, he is really hurting her ass.

Mike approach to the front part of Amy and saw her with her legs wide open and then penetrate her cunt and begin to move at the rhythm give it by Jerome. Mike was just playing with her tits with his tongue and touching all Amy´s body.

For Amy this was a torture, she was so tired, and her ass and pussy was on fire after all the sex, she felt as flames were inside her, never in her life she fuck so many times. Then she saw Fred with a video camera taking a video of her being raped by his friends, this encourage her but as her hands were tied up she can´t punch him, even as she desire to do it

- Cuminggg this must be the paradise –said Mike after almost twenty minutes fucking Amy

- Well I need more time fucking her, after all I just cum twice, this is my bitch for now –said Jerome

After this words Jerome walk to the bed and throw Amy on it, then forced to Amy to put on her knees and with her face on the bed he penetrate Amy´s ass again, she felt every inch of his cock penetrating her, the pain was too much but she can just cry and try to scream in protest.


- I thought she likes my cock, can you hear her sounds? –said Jerome

He grip her tied up hands and pulled hard to make Amy move impaling her ass, with every movement she felt as something is wrong in her ass.

- Look guys she begin to bleed a little, but I´m going to cum inside her again it doesn´t matter how much I hurt her –said Jerome

- Fine but don´t hurt her too much I need her body, I have plans you know? –said Fred

- And we are in your plans? –said Max

- Maybe, I don´t know yet –said Fred

Amy was terrified about what her son just told to her friends, he pretend that this nightmare continues, on other hand she is decided to report everything to the police at the first opportunity she had, but she knows that Fred is evil and he can do something to avoid it.

Jerome was fucking her ass and introducing his fingers on Amy´s pussy and pinching her tits roughly, finally he grip again her hands and pulled Amy´s body to introduce his cock deep inside Amy and cum after another five long minutes, then he took out his cock and give a hard slap to her and now he took her head and introduce his cock on her mouth.

- Clean my cock bitch, it is cover by your blood –said Jerome.

She saw his cock before he introduce it on her mouth and just a little of blood was on the base and the tip, so he was forcing his dick really deep, he took his time but as it was his second orgasm his cock get flaccid fast.

- Well done bitch, it´s the first time I have two orgasms continuously –said Jerome taking out his cock and slapping Amy on her face.

She was lay down on the bed resting a little after all the sex, but she knows that will be more, for now she just close her eyes and try to forget her situation.

- Now tell me what do you think about her –said Fred

- She deserve every cent we paid as you told to us –said Max

- Yes, she is gorgeous, if my mom were the half pretty than her I´m sure that I forced to fuck her too. –said Jhon

- You know I fall in love with your mom since I had 12 years old, and now I fucked all her holes, you´re my best friend –said Mike

- You know I fucked two of my girlfriends but anyone of them was like your mom, she is prettier and what a nice body –said Jerome

- Thank you guys, I´ve always fantasies with something like this, gang-banged a woman –said Fred.

Amy can´t believe that her own son can say something like this, she is just listening the conversation and feeling the relief of her body. She felt her cunt and ass dripping cum, she felt dirty and hope that anyone of the guys had a sexual disease, well it seems that only Jerome wasn´t a virgin, the probability was low.

- Well we have almost another hour with her, is anybody have energy to fuck her? –said Fred.

- I ´m going first buddy, after all I don´t know when I´ll have another chance like this –said Jhon

Then Jhon begin to caress her legs and open them and now he was licking her stomach and later her tits, then he push and all his cock go inside Amy´s pussy. Jhon was penetrating her in a good rhythm in a missionary position, and after some minutes he take advantage of the situation and was caressing her ass, biting her tits and licking her neck. He is trying to do all he can with Amy´s body before the orgy finish.

Then when he almost finish put her thighs on his shoulders to have more easy access to her pussy and now he begin to fuck her really hard. Her pussy just hurt a little, after all her husband used to fuck her three or four times a week and he can endure to not cum, so he is able to fuck her for thirty minutes on every encounter.

Now he lift up Amy's hips with his hands on her ass cheeks and he is moving faster in and out.

- Aaaaaggg take it all bitch mmmm -said John.

- Well just half hour more, who else? -said Fred.

- I want a try -said Max.

Max put her thighs on his shoulders and begin to pump inside Amy as hard as he can, she felt as a hammer was nailed something inside her, he was rough and it was worst when he introduce his thumb inside her ass, again she felt the pain in her anal ring that was beginning to calm down.

Max was fucking Amy really hard and fast but after all the sex that everyone of them just had with Amy he endure a lot and after like twenty minutes of fucking in different posses he cum inside.

- Well thankfully the time is over, I think I can´t cum in the next three days –said Max.

Amy was happy to heard this, finally the sexual abuse finish.

- Hey, we have already another fifteen minutes, and I will fuck her again –said Mike

- Yes, you´re right dude, go ahead, it´s all yours –said Fred

Amy, begin to cry again, she thought that all is over and now Mike will fuck her again, she told that he fall in love with her but he is rough when he fuck her.

Mike approach to her ear and said: This final fuck will be memorable for you and me, who knows if someday I can fuck you again.

- Mmmmnnnnooo –said Amy moving her head saying NO

Then he close her legs and put her thighs on his left shoulder and penetrate her cunt and begin to move in and out.

- You know guys in this way her cunt is tighter, it feels good –said Mike.

He was right, as she can´t open her legs she felt as his cock was wider, painfully wider even with all the lube from all the cum inside her pussy. He was pumping fast and begin to introduce his fingers inside her ass and in some way pulling from inside of her ass to control the movement, this was really painful for Amy, the she felt his hand on her left tit, he grip her nipple and begin to pulled from it too in every thrust, this guy was maybe the wildest from all.

Her torturing during almost another twenty minutes and finally he begin to cum, she felt inside every shoot of cum then he took out his cock and throw her legs to a side of the bed.

- Thank you my love, I hope we could fuck another day –said Mike

- Well guys I hope you are satisfied with my whore –said Fred

- Yes –said all in unison

- I hope we could repeat this another day –said Jerome

- Yes, just give us some time to get the money –said Max

- Maybe, for now pick up your clothes and go, it was a pleasure for me and my bitch to fulfill your desires –said Fred

All the guys get dressed said goodbye to Fred and go, his son just put a shirt and stand up in front of Amy, as he was taller than Amy and really strong he lifted up from the bed and took her to the tub and put her inside and open the hot water, she was still with her hands tied up to her back and with that damned dispositive on her mouth, but it feels really good feel the water on her body, even as Fred was now caressing her and bathing her. He was taking away all the cum from inside her pussy and ass, she felt as her body relief after all the abuse of the guys.

He was rubbing all her body but the hot water calmed her, then he introduce a finger inside her ass and move it inside, but he don´t pump it was just to clean her ass, then he continue with her pussy. It felt weird that her own son was bathing her in so sweet way after all the sexual abuse was because of him.

Then he lifted up her again, put a towel over her and took her to the bed, he begin to dry her body and hair.

- Ok, bitch now after I will release your hands and take out the dispositive, listen to me. You´re mine from now to the rest of your life, what just happened was your punishment for try to force me to make a new deal. From now you will obey me and do whatever I want, if you don´t do it I will punish you again. And just if you want to report this let me tell you that I have this web page where are a lot of videos and pictures of you being fucked by me and a lot of guys, if you do something I will launch the site and send the link to your contacts, until everything is clarified your life becomes a living hell.

Then he show his computer with a web site and with some clicks show the videos of Amy being fucked by Fred, then another one with Mike and finally a video of Amy having sex with Mr. Conor.

- As you can see it is not updated yet but at night I will do it.

Then Fred release her hands and took out the dispositive.

- Now put that dress, I will wait for you downstairs to eat something, I ordered Chinese.

She was shocked of What Fred told to her, now what she can do? She think to report everything to the police but he was right, if he launch the web site and send the link to her contacts everybody will joke and until anything get clarified everybody will think that she is a whore, her husband will get divorce from her. She is trapped

She was crying but as she can´t think in nothing she stand up, put some cream on her ass, even inside it and lube her cunt. Both holes were burning but with the cream it begin to feel better, after this she go to see the clothes that Fred pretend that Amy use, it was a transparent black pantie and a yellow dress with a miniskirt, it seems really tight.

She was still sobbing but put the pantie and the dress, the cleavage was low and the half of her tits was almost out and as she was not using bra her nipples was visible. She only hope that he don´t pretend to go out, then she put a pair of high heels and went downstairs where Fred prepared the table and was waiting for her.

- You look precious –said Fred

- Thanks –said Amy.

- Come here, you must be hungry –said Fred

She sat down and began to eat without a word. When both of them finished the lunch, he stand up and went to the living room.

- Bring me a beer please. –said Fred and turn on the TV.

Amy go to the refrigerator took a beer and go to the living room and delivered it to Fred.

- WHAT!! But where is the glass, are you pretending that I drink the beer directly from the bottle? –said Fred

- Sss… so… sorry –said Amy

- Bend over my legs, any mistake will be punish –said Fred

- Noo, please it´s the last time –said Amy

- I SAID BEND OVER –said Fred

Then Amy bend over his legs, she know that he will slapping her ass as if she was a little girl. He begin to caress her ass and then slap her right cheek really hard, then again and again, she felt her ass red again, it was sensitive after all his friends do the same to her.

- Am I hurting you? –said Fred

- Yes, please no more –said Amy.

- Too bad it´s your punish I can´t forgive you so easily.-said Fred

Then he raise her miniskirt and gave her another three slaps on her left ass cheek.

- Your ass I so red, I see that my friends treat you as you deserve –said Fred

- Yes, they were wild with me –said Amy

- It´s good to see that you enjoyed too –said Fred.

- I don´t say thtat –said Amy

- Shut up bitch, now dance a little for me –said Fred.

He turn on the radio and put some music and she begin to dance slowly while from her eyes flowing tears.

- What happen with you? Are you sad? –said Fred

- No, it´s nothing –said Amy

- Then begin to dance better or you know I will punish you again –said Fred.

Amy make her best effort to dance as sexy as she can, she was touching her body and caressing her ass and tits, then she pulled to a side the front part of her dress and expose one of her tits, then she raise her miniskirt and rub herself, she can´t believe what she is doing. She was dancing for her son after he and his friends raped her, but she fear what he is able to do.

After some minutes she uncover her chest and took out her panties, now she was wearing only her shoes and her dress cover only her stomach, now she is rubbing her pussy and tits trying to fly away with her mind.

- Great work for a new whore, you win a price, come here and fuck yourself on my cock –said Fred.

- Yes –said Amy.

She approach with tears on her eyes and begin to sit permitting that Fred´s cock introduce slowly inside her pussy, it was like a hot rod penetrate her, fortunately Fred was just caressing her hips while she painfully introduce his cock. She was pumping a little hopping that Fred wait until she was ready. She was making slowly movements trying to get wet.

- Faster bitch I want my cock inside you, or you want another punishment? –said Fred

- No please, just give me some seconds –said Amy.

- Ok, but hurry- said Fred.

Then Amy open her legs as wide as she can and begin to move her hips in circles but her cunt was dry, maybe because the fear to her son.

- Bitch are you going to fuck me or what? –said Fred

- Yes, ss.sorry it´s just I need a little time to get wet, forgive me please –said Amy

- Fine it depends on how well you ride my cock, or you know what could happen, right? –said Fred

Then Amy desperately begin to touch her breast with one hand and with her other hand to rub her own clit, Fred was laughing inside his brain at the sight of his mother being so submissive, trying to get wet to fuck with him. “Now she is mine, she will do whatever I want” was what he think.

Finally Amy let that all Fred´s cock bury inside her and then begin to ride, she let that almost all the cock get out and then make that her own weight make that it introduces again, she was sobbing thinking about what she is forced to do. On other hand Fred was enjoying this too much and begin to insert his fingers inside her ass.

- Move faster bitch we have a lot of things to do –said Fred.

It was the news that she don´t want to receive, he must be thinking in something to humiliate her even more, but she don´t want to be punish so she begin to fuck him faster and now she was hugging him so her breast was in his face, he begin to lick her nipples and after some minutes he cum.

- Good work bitch, now get dressed we're going out, you´re clothes are in this bag . -said Fred

- Why? I want to fuck you here -said Amy trying to be safe at home

- We're going out to drink a little and to listen music, it will be fun. Now go and get dressed and put some makeup –said Fred.

In the bag she found a black dress, a little pantie that just will cover her pussy and had a thin piece of material that will not cover even her ass ring, blackstockings , a pair of black boots that cover her legs almost to her knees and a black leather jacket.

She doesn't know how his son is now in control and blackmailing her to be his sex slave. She just do exactly what he wants and wait for Fred in the living room, she doesn´t want that Fred get anger and punish her. Then he appear dressed with jeans, a black jacket and a shirt of the same color.

- You look really well -said Amy trying to be friendly.

- Thank you bitch, where are your car's key? We're going to downtown –said Fred.

- But that part of the city is awful –said Amy.

- You will do what I told you –said Fred.

- Fine –said Amy

Then he drive but while he do it he begin to caress her legs and rub her pussy with his hand.

- You know I'm getting an erection, come here and suck my cock –said Fred.

- But anyone could saw us –said Amy

- I don't care, now do it –said Fred.

Amy unzip his pants took out his cock and begin to lick and suck his cock he was caressing her ass then he push a finger inside her ass, she felt it and begin to move her hips in circles, she thought that in this way he can't go so deep inside and it will be less painful.

- You like it bitch, but we arrive, let´s go out, but first clean your mouth and put some lipstick –said Fred.

When Amy get out of the car she realize that they were in a bad club to drink and dance, but all the people wear black clothes, some of them even had chains and others had tattoos and rings on different parts of their body.

- What is this place? –said an afraid Amy

- It´s my favorite place to pass the time, you must know that I love heavy metal and this is a thematic bar, let´s go inside my friends used to come here, be nice and try to obey me or you will receive another punishment –said Fred.

- Yes, I will –said Amy.

- That’s what I want to hear –said Fred

Fred paid some money in the entrance, inside the music was loud and of course was heavy metal music, for her it was horrible, some of the guys moving her heads at the rhythm of the music and there are other ones that was just drinking and talking. Fred had his hand surrounded her waist and was walking across the people until they found in a table three guys. Two of them was taller than Fred, the other one had a normal height, all of them open their eyes wide when saw Amy.

- Hi dudes –said Fred

- Hey look is Fred, you don´t come here in the last month –said Steve, he was one of the taller ones

- Yes, I know, I really missed this place. –said Fred

- And who is your beauty companion? –said Steve

- Oh, I forgot her, she is my new girlfriend Amy, let me introduce to my friends, this two big guys are Steve and James, they are brothers and this one is Chris –said Fred

- Nice to meet you guys –said Amy thinking about that he introduce her as his girlfriend, it was of course to be free to kiss and caress her in front of their friends.

- Nice to meet you too said them almost in unison.

- She is pretty, but a little older than you –said James at Fred´s ear

- Is better in that way, if you know what I mean. –said Fred with a devil smile on his face.

- Yes I suppose that –said James.

- Well let´s drink a little, I'll pay the first bottle of whisky, you know my girlfriend gave me the money she raise today working. –said Fred and giving Amy a kiss on her lips.

- Really, I want a girlfriend like her too –said Chris.

She only closed her eyes remembering how he obtained the money, and he said it was for her work. The waitress put a bottle on their table and they begin to drink and talk about women, cars, sports and music bands, then Fred paid for another bottle, he forced to Amy to drink too and when they finish the second bottle they were almost drunk and the bar was semi empty, then appear a black guy named Wade.

- Hi guys, how are you? –said Wade

- Fine thank you –said Fred

- I was looking for you to rematch of the last poker game –said Wade

- Really? Well I need some money, what do you say guys? –said Steve

- Yes, why not. –said James

- Let´s go to my office –said Wade

All the guys stand up and followed Wade to his office, it was a nice place, with a big couch, a table to play poker, a desk, a bar and full of posters of heavy metal bands in the walls.

- And who is she? –said Wade

- My girlfriend –said Fred caressing her ass

- Nice to meet you –said Wade you´re a lucky man Fred she´s gorgeous

Then the guys begin to play poker, the bet start with twenty dollars but all seems to play like professionals, all the guys lose all their money fast in just one hour and now only Fred and Wade was playing. Occasionally Fred Kiss Amy on the lips or caress her legs, even her tits, all the guys saw him but don´t say or do nothing, but the brothers Steve and James were eating her with their eyes.

- This will take all the night, what if for the next hand I bet all my money against all your money? –said Fred

- I like the idea –said Wade

The cards were on the table and the game begin then when they exchange cards and Wade receive the new ones he smile.

- Finally I think you can´t win this time –said Wade

- You will see –said Fred

Both of them present their cards, Fred had three A´s but then Wade put his hand on the table, it was a poker of Q´s

- I win –said Wade

- Yes, you´re lucky tonight, let´s play another hand. –said Fred

- But you don´t have nothing to bet –said Wade

- I bet my girlfriend, she will be yours for one hour if I lose –said Fred

- WHAT? –said Amy

- Shut up and remember you´re mine and I do whatever I want with you –said Fred griping her face with his hand.

- Ok, it´s a deal –said Wade.

- Fine, but the only restriction is that I need to be here all the hour, just to be sure that she will do anything you want. –said Fred

At the end Fred had three J´s and two K´s and Wade a royal flush, he jump for the happiness.

- Yes, this is the first time I win a game against you !! –said Wade

- Yes, and it was the worse time to lose, Amy is all yours for the next hour –said Fred

- NO, I DON´T WANT TO –said Amy really angry

- Do it now or we will rape you again–said Fred

- No, never –said Amy.

- Then you will be rape and then punish, is that what you want?–said Fred

- Nnn… no, sorry –said Amy

- Fine, now stand up and kiss Wade and do whatever he wants –order Fred

She did what Fred ordered and now he was kissing Wade with his tongue inside his mouth, he begin to rub her ass with his hand and raise her miniskirt, now he was pinching her ass cheeks. In just some seconds he took out his pants and shirt, he was now naked and she was with her dress raise to the waist and one of her tits out of the dress, he was pinching and rubbing all her body, then he lifted up Amy from her ass and forced her to sit down on the desk, she is feeling like a whore, this is the six stranger that will fuck her in the last two days.

Fred was recording everything with his cellphone and their friends was doing the same, amazed that he permit to his girlfriend to fuck to pay the bet.

- You aren´t jealous? –said Steve

- Just a little, but what else can I do? I lose the bet –said Fred

- And why are you recording this? –said James

- I like porn and she is a like a pornstar –said Fred

Amy was afraid to be fucked by this guy, she was now with her boots still on but her dress was thrown on the desk and now he is taking out her pantie, she is shaking, his cock is enormous and she still felt some pain in her ass and pussy for all the abuse of the morning.

- Wait, forgive me but you need to use a condom, here you have one –said Fred

- Ok, it doesn´t matter all I want is fuck her, give me that –said Wade

Well at least Fred want to protect her of a sexual disease, but still she will be fuck by a total stranger. He put the condom as fast as he can and then begin to rub his cock on Amy´s pussy, she´s afraid as the first time she have sex in her life, she´s shaking and then she felt his cockhead beginning to go inside her.

- Ooouucchh mmmmm –said Amy

- Don´t worry beauty I will try to be kind –said Wade.

- Thanks –said Amy

But in opposition of what he just told Wade grip her ass hard and push all his cock inside Amy.

- Aaaaauuuu please not so hard mmm aaaaaa –said Amy

- Shut up –said Wade

Then he begin to pump his cock in and out while one of his hands were gripping her right ass cheek and the other one tangle her hair and pulled and make that Amy´s head go back, he was now penetrating her cunt really fast and she was screaming in pain.

- No please, you are hurting me –said Amy

But Wade were a little drunk and just want to fuck her wildly, he likes when women scream and cry in pain while he fucked them.

He was pumping Amy´s pussy hard and fast and Amy was feeling these, she felt like her pussy is going to tear apart, his cock was so wide and even long, she was trying to escape, pushing his body but he was too strong so he just continuing fucking Amy. Then he do the same thing that all the other guys, he push his thumb inside her ass and now he control the rhythm pulling from it. This guy was really rough, more than the ones from Fred´s school. Suddenly he caress her hips, then pinch her nipples and push her forcing to lay down on the desk and now he was moving even faster his cock in and out of her pussy, she was suffering and moaning in pain, then she saw Fred´s face and he was smiling while he record everything with his phone, it seems that he enjoy while other men fuck her.

- Please let me go, I can´t anymore, you´re too big and you´re hurting me –said Amy crying

- Shut up, you´re mine for one hour, now try to make me enjoy this –said Wade

Wade looks really strong and he was wild to fuck, he was pumping Amy´s pussy for at least twenty minutes until he put her thighs on his shoulder and now he was moving harder, she felt as she will die.

- Cum inside me, please, fuck me –said Amy trying to encourage him to finish.

- Not yet, bitch –said Wade

He continue fucking her, griping her tits while her legs were unable to move as he hugged them with his arm.

- Mmmmm, no more please, it´s enough, take it out pleaseee –said Amy

- Ok –said Wade

Then he take out his big cock and begin to rub it on Amy´s pussy.

- Thank you Wade, you have a big tool and I can´t fuck you anymore –said Amy

- Too bad –said Wade smiling

Then he begin to penetrate her ass with his cock.

- Not my ass, please I beg you. I could give you a blowjob if you want –said Amy

- A blowjob will be fine but later, first I want your ass, now try to enjoy –said Wade.

- No, no, noooo –said Amy.

Wade have all the control in the position that Amy, was lay down and with her legs on his shoulders, he was introducing his cock inch by inch and Amy was crying now and screaming, her ass was bleeding hours ago when the guys fucked her seven times anally in the morning, and now this brute is going to fuck her again.

- Ooooouuuu you´re killing me, please not more –said Amy

- Your bitch is tight dude, you need to use her ass more frequently buddy –said Wade

She is trying to avoid the penetration but Wade was strong and don´t let to Amy escape from the abuse. After a minute of being pushing his cock finally bury inside her ass and now he was pumping in and out, again and again. Amy was crying and biting her lips for the pain.

- Do you like it bitch? Because I´m enjoying this so much, I will tear apart your ass –said Wade.

- Nooo, pleeeease not more, pleaseee mmmmm –said Amy.

- I love when women cry and moan in pain –said Wade.

He was fucking Amy´s ass for another ten minutes and then he scream

– aaaammmm aaaaa, I really enjoy this, your ass is so tight, sorry if I open your ass wide, but you have a delicious body and I need to fuck your ass too. –said Wade.

Wade was pumping until his cock get soft and took out, even in this steady it was big.

- Now on your knees, you will give me a blowjob as you offer to me. –said Wade

Amy was tired and her body was in pain, but she make an effort to stand up from the desk and put on her knees and begin to suck Wade´s cock, again that awful flavor of cum and ass in her mouth, but she was forced to do it, she closed her eyes trying to forget what she is doing, then Wade grip her hair on his hand and begin to move her face faster, she gagged a lot of times with that big cock and after five minutes he took out his cock and release Amy´s hair.

- Wow your girlfriend is amazing dude, thank you for sharing her –said Wade

- It was a bet what else could be done? –said Fred

- But I have another twenty minutes with her, but as I already cum, what if your friends have a piece of that ass too? Are you agree? –said Wade

- Ok, but just for this time and only if you have condoms –said Fred

Amy was sitting on the floor sobbing when she heard that Fred will permit to the other guys to fuck her too, she stand up and try to run but Steve catch her from her stomach and begin to caress her ass.

- Well guys you have only twenty minutes so try to enjoy –said Fred

- Aaaaa, nooooo this is rape, I don´t want to fuck –said Amy

- Don´t worry for her screams with all the noise from the bar nobody can hear –said Wade.

- Not again pleeeease –scream Amy

The guys was already naked and all of them approaching to Amy and begin to touch her body pinching, rubbing and inserting his fingers on her pussy and ass.

- Well let´s begin –said Steve then he lay down on the floor put his condom and the other two guys force to Amy to sit down on his cock, she was kicking and trying to punch to James and Chris but they were strong and finally her pussy begin to open to let Steve´s cock go inside.

- We need to tied up her hands, can we do it? –said James

- Yes you can if is necessary –said Fred.

James found a necktie and used it to tied up Amy´s hands to her back.

- Hey anybody have a condom? –said Chris

- I only have one condom and I´m going to use it to fuck her ass –said James

- Then I will fuck her mouth, is that fine for you Fred? –said Chris

- Yes, do it –said Fred.

She was crying again desperate now that she know that the guys will rape all her holes. James put the condom on his big cock, put on his knees and push Amy´s head so she bend on Steve´s chest, then he have access to penetrate her ass, it was easy to him after Wade´s violation, her ass muscles don´t return to their normal size and in just three pushes he was fully deep inside. Both brothers begin to move in unison and was pinching all her body, then Chris grip her hair and was trying to penetrate her face.

- Open your mouth bitch, do it, I want a blowjob –said Chris.

But Amy was with her mouth strongly closed, then Steve begin to pinch her nipples hard.

- I will do this until you open your mouth to my friend and suck his cock –said Steve

And in just some seconds for all the pain she open her mouth to scream and it was when Chris introduce his cock, she surrender and begin to suck his cock while the other guys double fuck her, all of them was rough. Chris was moving her head by her hair, forcing his cock as deep as he can inside her mouth and throat, she gagged a lot of times but he continue. Steve was griping her tits and pinching her nipples and James was slapping her ass cheeks.

- Move bitch, your ass is mine –said James

- Your girlfriend is incredible, she is so tight even at her age –said Steve.

- Where you find her? –said Wade

- Well she is a married woman from my neighborhood and she loves to be fucked by young men, his husband is in a travel now and she is my whore now –said Fred

- You are lucky –said Chris.

- Look at your woman, she isn´t fighting to avoid the guys, I think she is enjoying –said Wade.

- It´s not her first orgy, in the morning some friends went to my house and we have so much fun with her. –said Fred

- Hey you must tell me where you live to visit you –said Wade.

Amy was moving at the rhythm forced by the guys, she was crying for the pain and the humiliation of being fucked so wildly by Fred´s friends, then one by one begin to cum, the first one was James, he was pumping a little more until his cock pop out from her ass and he stand up and begin to get dressed.

The next one was Chris, he cum inside her mouth and obliged to swallow every drop and lick the cockhead until it was clean, he felt fully satisfied and go to sit down and put his clothes

Steve was fucking Amy for another five minutes, Amy was so tired that bend over his chest while he move her body, then he turn around and put Amy with her back against the floor and begin to fuck her in missionary posse, and after some pumping he cum but remain moving a little trying to enjoy the last seconds with Amy. She doesn´t say nothing, just moan a little.

Steve stand up and begin to get dressed too, with a big smile on his face.

- The best woman I fucked in all my life, she had a great body, thank you Fred –said Steve

- Well if you excuse me, I need to go to fuck her. Stand up and get your clothes bitch –said Fred.

Amy was lay down on the floor crying and feeling humiliated of what Fred just permit to his friends to did it, she doesn´t want to move but then remember what he told her if she disobey his orders and begin to clean her pussy and her ass with tissues and later put her panties and dress, she had her eyes and face seeing to the floor because the shame.

- She´s ready, see you guys, thanks for fuck my girlfriend I´m sure that she loved it. –said Fred

- Whenever you want –said Steve.

Then Fred grab her hand and walk to the exit, she just follow him with tears on her eyes. Once they get outside he begin to walk in the opposite side that the car was parking.

- Why are we going in these way, the car is in that way? –said Amy

- I want to go to another place first, give me some money –said Fred

- I just have forty dollars –said Amy delivering the money.

Fred walk directly to an old building and at the entrance he told to the attendance that he want a room, it was when she realize that it was a motel. He paid with the money and took the key from the desk.

- Let´s go, we have just one hour –said Fred

Amy know that it was better if she only do all what he want, so she follow him to the second floor and he open a door, she doesn´t want to go in, then he pulled her hand forcing her to get in. Once she was inside he push Amy against the wall and begin to rub his cock on her ass and pulled down the upper part of her dress, now he is grabbing her tits and kissing her back and neck. She doesn´t know what to expect and was tense and nervous. Then he lifted up Amy from her legs and carry to the bed where he throw her and then he begin to undress.

- Take out your boots and dress, I want your ass again, so put on all fours, and try to don´t cry anymore –said Fred.

Amy try to control herself to don´t cry while she take out her boots and dress, how can she told to Fred that her ass was hurting her, she know that he will punish her if she told that, so she just put on all fours as Fred told her.

Fred on other hand was enjoying to have so much power over his mother, she becomes very submissive and he will take advantage of this situation, he never think that blackmailing his mother is going to be become so far, he always used to try to see to Amy in the bathroom and sometimes he saw her naked or in lingerie and he desire her body, not only him but all his friends talk about how pretty she was and her nice body and now he is the owner of her body, he can ordered her to fuck another men and of course fuck her in any way he want.

Fred climb on the bed and begin to rub his cockhead on her anus ring, Amy just put her face on the blanket while she cry, she don´t want that Fred saw her crying, he could punish her and she is afraid of this. Then Fred take her hips and push hard so all his cock bury inside her ass, she scream but the sound was cover by the blanket, he let his cock fully inside for a minute and then he begin to move, sometimes he grip her hair to force the movement and sometimes he took her hands and pulled to her back, he was forcing Amy to move, she try to don´t say anything but he was too rough and she was grunting and moaning with the pain that Fred´s cock produce inside her ass. He realized what she was doing and begin to slap her ass, he wants that his mother scream when he penetrate her.

- Oooouuuuwwww no please son, please not more, stop slapping my ass, please I beg to you –said Amy

- It was because I thought that you don´t feel anything, do you like to have my cock inside your ass bitch –said Fred

- Yes, I like it, fuck my ass –said Amy trying to make feel well to Fred

- You love to be treated as a bitch, you already fuck with almost all my friends –said Fred

- Yes I like to be your bitch –said Amy

- Aaaaaggg I´m cumming bitch, tighten your ass muscles bitch –said Fred

- What? –said Amy

- You heard me, do it –said Fred.

And Amy begin to tighten her ass muscles, she felt how her anus ring is caressing his cock, the pain increase but she make an effort to obey Fred. He was fucking Amy´s ass for another two minutes in this way and then took out his cock. For her it was a relief have her ass without a cock inside.

- Wow, we need to do this more frequently, when you tighten your ass it was amazing –said Fred

- Thank you –said Amy

- Now go to clean yourself we´re leaving this place –said Fred

Amy went to the bathroom and put some water on her ass and pussy, that relief her pain and then put her clothes and some makeup and went out.

- Nice, you look precious, do you like to be a whore? In the last 24 hours you fuck with nine different guys, you must love this, don’t you? –said Fred.

- No bastard, you´re an asshole –said Amy and slap on his face

- You will regret this –said Fred and took his hand and push Amy to the bed and slap twice times her ass.

- Now I will punish you again, let´s go –said Fred

- No, please I sorry, it was my mistake, don´t punish me –said Amy

- Too late – said Fred

He took her hands, put them on her back and begin to walk, when they went out of the motel he begin to walk even far from the her car, she just walk with him and don´t say nothing to no get things worse. They walk for three blocks and there were a street full of people not like the other streets without people. Then she realize that there were a lot of men walking and some women stand up in the corners, all of them with sexy outfits like miniskirts, tight jeans or things like that.

- Here you will pay for being a bad slut –said Fred

- But what is this street? And what do you want? –said Amy

- This is one of the best street hookers of the city, and you will give me $200 and then I will forgive you –said Fred

- Are you nuts? I´m not a bitch –said Amy

- For that it will be $300. Or I can call to all my friends tomorrow to fuck you again all the day, what option you choose? –said Fred

- Please son, don´t be so vindictive, I will do anything but not these –said Amy

- Fine then tomorrow prepare to be fucked by nine men including me –said Fred

- No, please that is too much, my ass and pussy are hurting me, if tomorrow your friends go to the house I will not be able to walk in days –said Amy

- Look it will be easy, you just need to offer your services, if some of them want to fuck your pussy you will charge $100, for anal sex $125 and a blowjob $50, in less than an hour you will have all the money, what is your decision? –said Fred

- No please I don´t want to I´m not a whore –said Amy

- Then I will rip your dress and invite to those black guys to rape you, Sometimes a woman is abused by the guys that used to come here and the police never find what happen –said Fred

- No, I don´t want to –said Amy

- Do it or you will be rape here in the street, take this five dollars go to that pharmacy and buy some condoms –said Fred

Amy closed her eyes and took the money and walk to the pharmacy to buy condoms, she is afraid about what she is going to do, she is about to become in a prostitute, her worst fear is becoming in a reality she never can even think that someday this will be happen to her.

Once she was in the street she pretend to talk again with Fred and approach to him

- Listen I´m sorry for everything, let’s go to home to fuck for the rest of the night –said Amy

- You don´t remember that you´re mine, I don´t need that you offer yourself to me, if I want to fuck you for the rest of the night I just do it, now go to become a prostitute –said Fred

- No, I don´t want to, I don´t know what to do –said Amy

- You know the consequences, tomorrow you will fuck nine men for all day –said Fred.

- You win this time, but what I will do –said Amy.

- Just go to that corner and stand up there until a man approach to you, then he will ask you to have sex and you said your price, don´t forget to collect the money first and then you can go to anyone of the motels in this street , it´s easy –said Fred.

Amy lower her eyes and walk to the corner, there were another women waiting there, two of them was with miniskirts, another one with a little short, and near from her was a blonde girl with a tight black latex pants, all of them was sexy women.

- You´re new right? –said the blonde girl

- Yy …yes –said Amy

- I´m Tabby, and tell me why are you here? It seems that your shoes are expensive, and your skin is perfect, you never work right? –said Tabby

- Is just bad luck that’s all –said Amy

- So it will be your first night as a whore? –said Tabby

- Yes

- Well good luck, but with that body all men will want to fuck you –said Tabby

Amy was now just a little nervous, then a man stop and was staring to Amy and he approach.

- Hi, beauty what you can offer to me?

- Eeemmm what do you want? –said Amy

- Fuck you of course

- It´s going to be $100 –said Amy

- Anal sex?

- No, I don´t do that –said Amy

- $100 for your pussy? You´re an expensive one, I´ll give you $110 for your ass what about that?

- No, thanks –said Amy

- Ok fine $100 for your pussy, here you have, now let´s go

Then the guy round her waist and begin to walk with her to a motel, they went inside and the guy pay for a room, in the elevator he begin to cares and pinch her ass, she doesn´t know what to do then he raise her miniskirt and she don´t permit it.

- Mmmm a proper slut, well I hope that in the room you lose your inhibitions –said the guy

Once the guy open the door and Amy walk in his first movement was raise all her miniskirt and begin to caress her body, he was behind her so she can´t do almost nothing to avoid it, but she was shaking afraid of what is going to happen, she will become in a whore letting to a strange fuck her for money, she was shaking.

- You seem to be afraid what happen beauty? –said the guy

- This is my first time as a bitch and I´m nervous, could you be nice with me please? –said Amy

- Your first time selling your body? And I´m going to be your fist client? I´m really lucky, of course I will be nice with you –said the guy

- Thanks –said Amy

After these the guy lifted Amy on his arms and put Amy on the bed and begin to take out her pantie.

- You could have your boots and blackstocking on but get off your dress –said the guy

While Amy begin to get off her dress the guy take out all his clothes really fast.

- Well I´m ready, now open your legs –said the guy

- Yes, but first put on this condom please -said Amy.

- Whatever to fuck you –said the guy and put the condom, he was already fully erect just at the sight of Amy naked

Then he caress her thighs and lick her tits until he positioned his cock at the entrance of Amy´s pussy and begin to rub, she was feeling so dirty of what she is doing right now, it doesn´t matter if her son was blackmailing her, she is confused about how he have so much power over her. Then she felt how the cock of the guy start to penetrate her cunt, it was not so wide or long but after all the sex of the last days she felt pain in her pussy. He was touching all her body and moving in and out his cock, then she begin to cry a little for the change of her life, she used to be a married woman, and she never cheat her husband and now she is being fucking for a strange man for money

- Don´t cry honey, you will pass through your problems, most women do the same, now calm down. After all you got a tremendous body and your face is precious I bet that a lot of men will paid to fuck you, don´t worry for that –said the guy

Then he resume his pumping, but his words don´t calm down Amy, but now she want that the guy cum as fast as he can to be alone for a moment, so she was now caressing his chest and back and she turn her legs around him so the guy begin to pump faster and moan.

- Mmmm woooow bitch you really know how to excite a man, I´m done –said the guy.

Then he stand up and retire the condom and throw it to the garbage and begin to get dressed. Amy was still on the bed with her legs open and trying to cover her tits with her arms.

- Thank you, I really enjoyed to fuck you. –said the guy and leave her alone

Amy was crying but she stand up and go to the bathroom where she start to clean her pussy with water, then she get dry and begin to get dressed, she becomes in a whore, selling her body for money in the streets, how could this happen? She was so disappointed for herself but most of all she was afraid of Fred and what he can do to her, after all it could be worse if he invite to all his friends to fuck her for all the day, she prefers to fuck three strangers and give the money to Fred.

With her clothes on she went out the room to the street and went again to the same corner, she could saw Fred on the other side smiling while she was waiting for another costumer. After some minutes a big black guy stops and begin to staring Amy.

- Hey you white bitch, how many for your pussy?

Amy was afraid for this man, he was so impolite and enormous, at least 2 meters, so she decide to scare him away lying with the price.

- $250 –said Amy

- It´s too much –said the black guy, I can give you only $210

Amy think that if she agree to fuck with this man it will be over and she will give all the money to Fred and go to home, but he was so big, that scared Amy, but she decides to do it.

- Fine, but you need to use a condom, now give me the money –said Amy

- Ok, now let´s go, I can´t wait to fuck you.

The black guy enter in another motel and paid for a room, this time it was in the last floor of the building and in the far side of the stairs. It was an horrible place, dark and dirty. Once they enter in the bedroom the black guy push Amy against the wall and raise her miniskirt touching her ass and trying to introduce his fingers on her anus.

- Hey don´t be so rough –said Amy

- Shut up bitch I paid you a lot of money, now shut up –said the black guy

- NO, our deal was just to fuck and that’s all –said Amy

- Really? –said the black guy

- Yes, let me tell you something, this is my first night working in the street, please be nice with me –said Amy hoping that he will act like the other guy

- Then I will enjoy this, now suck my cock –said the black guy taking out his cock, it was maybe 11 inches long and so wide, it seems to be like the base of a baseball bat.

- That wasn´t part of the deal –said Amy

- New deal bitch, now do it or I will force my cock inside you –said the black guy

Amy was so afraid and she decide to do what he says, after all if he wants to be rough she will lose, then she put on her knees and open her mouth and begin to suck his monster cock, it was so wide that her lips open a little at the corners of her lips, he push so hard inside that she gag and felt as her throat open to permit the invasion, he had his hand on her head to don´t let it move when he push inside. This was worse than all the blowjobs of the last days, he try to bury all his cock inside but was impossible, she felt how much he push trying to penetrate in all his long but her throat doesn´t permit it, it was too wide.

He was trying for almost five minutes to bury all his cock and Amy felt as she was dying because when he push she can´t breath.

- Ggggrrr it´s impossible, your throat is not prepared for a black cock, now get off your dress I will fuck your pussy –said the black guy

Amy was lying on the floor trying to recover her breath

- Hurry up bitch –said the black guy.

Now Amy realized that was a mistake to agree to fuck with this man, but for now it will be better if she just do whatever he says.

- I was just recovering myself, your cock is so big –said Amy.

- It´s the bigger you saw in all your life, right white bitch? –said the black guy

- Yes, it´s enormous –said Amy

She get off her dress but let on her boots and blackstockings and lay down on the bed and open her legs, she knows that maybe in this submissive way he will not be rough.

- Your body is amazing, I will love to fuck you –said the black guy

He put on the condom and begin to rub on her pussy, it feels so hard and then he push and the cockhead go inside, but she felt as if her pussy was full, she let escape a moan and then he push again, the pain begin to increase, even as she had pussy juices from the last fuck, she put her hands on his neck and he continue pushing his cock inside, it took another minute to bury all inside her cunt and then he begin to pump, she was moaning for the pain, it was too much, never in her life she felt something so deep inside and he was fucking her faster at any second.

- Your pussy is tight bitch, now try to move your hips while I´m fuck you

She is with her eyes closed for the pain that this guy produce inside her but she was moving a little her hips to fulfill his desires.

- You do it well, obviously you´re in pain for my cock, don´t you? –said the black guy

- Yes, you really are big aahhhaaa, it seems you are touching my stomach inside, please hurry up I almost can´t resist the pain aaahhaaaagg–said Amy

- But this is just the beginning –said the black guy.

He was touching her body and biting her nipples, then he stand up with his cock still inside Amy´s pussy and now he was fucking her on the air, it was a new sensation to Amy have inside a big cock like this one, then she felt an orgasm, her body was shaking but she try to hide this from him.

He was fucking her in this position for another ten minutes, the pain was less now and for now was bearable, but she want that he cum as soon as possible.

- Are you about to finish? –said Amy

- Not yet but you will enjoy the next part, please put on all fours on the bed –said the black guy.

She turn around and do what he want and felt his cock penetrating her pussy from behind while he grip her hair with one hand and move Amy at his rhythm with his cock inside, again the pain increase after all this time fucking by him. Then he start to caress her anus ring with his finger.

- Please not, I don´t like that –said Amy

- Really ? said the black guy while he force to introduce his finger inside

- Aaaaawww don´t do this please –said Amy

- Shut up, your ass is like a dream come true –said the black guy

Then he took out his cock and begin to rub on Amy´s anus ring.

- No please, you´re so big, it will hurt me a lot, please don´t do it –said Amy

- But you already have cum inside your ass, if somebody fuck your ass I want to do it too –said the black guy introducing his cockhead inside.

- Aaaaawwwww, please don´t –said Amy

Then she saw the condom in the floor.

- Why is the condom on the floor? –said Amy

- Because it broke –said the black guy penetrating her asshole

- Oooouuuuch please take it out, you doesn´t have the condom and we don´t agree to have anal sex –said Amy

- And who fuck you there –said the black guy

- It´s from my boyfriend–said Amy

- You mean your pimp? Then tell to your pimp that Axel want to be inside too and he always obtained what he wants. –said the black guy

- Noooo, pleaseeee, I will return your money but don´t fuck my ass. –said Amy

- Too late white bitch I will fuck your ass –said Axel

It was when he begin to push harder so the half of his cock was now inside and she was screaming really hard, but it seems that he doesn´t care, he was pumping inside until all his cock was inside her ass and now he was moving in and out, Amy was screaming and crying in pain hoping that somebody could help her. Axel was gripping her hair avoiding that Amy could escape and forcing her to move in the way he wants.

- You really scream hard, I´m tired of your voice –said Axel slapping her ass,

- It was lucky that we obtained a room so far from the others, so anybody could heard you –said Axel.

Then he took her dress and force to Amy to put on her mouth and now he use it as it was a harness of a horse and now he was forcing to Amy to move, she felt as Axel was riding her as a horse, and the horse was herself.

This was painful, but nothing compare to the humiliation of being a raped prostitute.

Axel was fucking her ass for another five minutes until he finally cum inside.

- Take it all white bitch –said Axel.

Then he was pumping a little more until his cock get soft and then he took it out and release Amy from her harness.

She was crying laying on the bed, feeling dirty after this black guy fucked her in the ass without a condom and cum inside.

- What the hell happen to you bitch –said Axel

- You raped me –said Amy

- If you enjoyed I could fuck you again in five minutes, just let me rest a little –said Axel

- No, please just go –said Amy.

Axel get dressed and slap her ass to say goodbye Amy was crying for another five minutes until she recover and went to the bathroom, take a fast shower and dressed herself, then she went out and look for Fred. He was in the corner drinking a beer.

Amy approach to him still crying then hug him, he correspond the hug and then she take out the beer from his hand and drink almost the half of the bottle in one sip.

- I hate you Fred for blackmailing to do this –said Amy

- But what happen? –said Fred

- I already have your $300 but that last guy raped me, he forced me to give him a blowjob, then he fucked my pussy and he broke his condom and finally he fucked my ass bare skin, I was screaming but nobody heard me, and all this was your fault, you will never fuck me again –said Amy

- You really think that? Now I have a video from you offering sex to men in the street and then receiving money and went to a motel to be the whore you are. You´re scrubbed mom, and you are mine to fuck or whatever I want –said Fred

- You´re evil in person, why are you doing this to me? –said Amy

- To control your life, and to fuck you whenever I want. You belong to me, now let´s go to fuck again in the house –said Fred

- NO I don´t want to –said Amy

- Then anyone who knows you will know that you are a street hooker, and that you seduced me to have sex. Remember all the videos mom –said Fred

- Grrr how you can talk like that, I´m your mother –said Amy

- You used to be my mother, now you´re my slut. Let´s go, I don´t want to punish you again –said Fred

He took her hand and begin to walk while some men returned their faces to see her ass and legs. Amy was walking slowly because her ass and pussy are in pain after Axel´s cock wide open them, she never could imagine that somebody can have a cock so big.

Once they get in the car she recline her seat to rest, she took out the boots and lay down, she doesn't want to move, all her body was in pain. Then she felt Fred's hand caressing her thighs and raising her miniskirt, but she was so tired that she don't move.

Fred was rubbing her pussy until they arrive to their home.

- Let´s go upstairs –said Fred

- I don´t want to, I´m tired –said Amy

- Hurry up or I will be spank your ass, do you want that? –said Fred.

Amy stand up without her boots and begin to walk and go upstairs to her bedroom and lay down on the bed, she felt her legs shaking, all her body was exhausted.

- Get naked –order Fred

- No, I don´t want to –said Amy

- Do it –said Fred

- No, and now go out –said Amy

Then Fred took out his belt and hit Amy on her ass … one … two … three times

- Aaaauuuu, what the hell are you doing asshole? –said Amy

- You don´t understand yet? You are my slave, now get off your dress or I will continue punishing you –said Fred

- Fine, but don´t continue –said Amy

Amy stand up and take out her dress, she realized that he is wild and don´t care for her feelings, he only want to humiliate her

- Now on all fours bitch –said Fred

- Again? But I´m so tired –said Amy

- Do it bitch –said Fred

She just do what Fred order and then she felt as he begin to rub her pussy with his cock, he push a little and his cock penetrate inside her pussy and he start to fuck her again, he was forcing to move her body with his hands on her waist.

He was horny but not only for her awesome body, but for the power and control he had over his mother, she will convert into his personal slut, he is imagining how many times a day he will fuck her even when his father return. Then he insert his thumb on Amy´s ass and start to pull from it to fuck Amy, it was painful for her but now she begin to understand that she can´t do nothing and try to fulfill Fred´s desires

- Aaaaahh, aaaahh, please don´t be rough my body is yours, but try to be nice with me, could you? –said Amy

- Maybe if you begin to behave as my slave –said Fred

- Yes, I will be your slave, I´m yours for anything you want –said Amy

- Finally you accept it, I will enjoy this –said Fred

Amy is beginning to surrender to Fred, his plan to submit his mother is working, she let to Fred fuck her pussy while he was forcing to Amy to move at his rhythm with his finger inside her ass until he cum.

- Well bitch let´s go to sleep I´m tired too and tomorrow we have a lot of things to do –said Fred

- Fine –said Amy

- Tell me something like sir or master when you talk to me –said Fred

- Yes, sir –said Amy

Then both begin to sleep, Amy was tired, but even in her dreams she was tortured by Fred, she have a dream where Fred fuck her in all her holes and he was really rude.

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Mother tricked and blackmailed part 2

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