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A Boy and His dungeon V

Categories Fiction, Anal, Bi-sexual, Teen

Author: Porntexter

Published: 15 May 2019

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Knocking on heavens door

Jennifer called the next morning. Jill was taking her shopping down in Cardiff for 'girl stuff'. She promised me a surprise tomorrow.

I spent the day working with the recordings and improving the filters that removed the personal overtones. I also worked on compressing the files, removing extraneous minor sensations.

The files were down to a size that would fit easily in an average tablet or smartphone. This prompted me to port the player from my program to my tablet. The filtered files had a lower bandwidth requirement. I cobbled up an adapter from the headset cable to USB. It was a lash-up rig, but when I tested a few parts of files, it worked.

If anything, it worked better. Without the the extraneous stimulus, the feelings were, for lack of better terms, cleaner and crisper.

After that I worked late building a modified headset designed to work with the tablet version of the player. I couldn't wait for the girls to give it a try. I spent some time straightening my workroom, and managed to get to bed by two in the morning.

Of course, I overslept. My phone woke me just before nine that morning. Jennifer sounded happy and excited. Come and get them, right now!

I managed to get myself together and picked them up about forty minutes later.

They ran out to the car, both in track suits. Jennifer was in lime green, Jill 's suit was an eye searing, florescent pink. Jill had an enormous purse, Jennifer carried two paper shopping bags. They both got in the back seat.

“Home, James!” commanded Jill, in an imperious voice.

“Fine,” I shot back, “but I don't know where you live.”

“Your house, silly.” Jennifer giggled.

They spent the ride whispering and giggling. I knew they were up to something, but figured I'd know soon enough. The girls practically dragged me into the house and down to the dungeon.

Once there, they parked me on my chair, told me not to peek and moved behind me. After a few moments of whispers, giggles and the rustling of cloth they told me I could look.

I turned, and my jaw dropped!

They stood, side by side, turned a quarter toward each other, faces turned to me, near leg slightly cocked, backs slightly arched, wearing . . . something . . .

both were in matching outfits, all black leather. There was a corset kind of thing, I think called a bustier, pushing their tits up, leaving their nipples exposed. A garter belt holding up black fish net stockings, and crotch-less, black satin panties. They both had on bright red lipstick. Being totally naked would have been less arousing.

I couldn't move, I couldn't speak, I couldn't blink my eyes. I don't think I even breathed. I swallowed convulsively.

After a long moment, Jill walked over, and with a laugh, put one finger under my chin and closed my mouth.

“I wish we had a camera,” said Jennifer, “to get a shot of that look on your face.”

“A priceless shot, for sure” said Jill.

“Camera . . .” I mumbled. My brain had locked up.

I kept looking at one then the other, overwhelmed by the vision. My brain lurched into activity. I clawed at my pocket to fumble my phone out.

“Can you both pose for me again, just like before?” I blurted out.

Jill laughed again and led Jennifer back a few steps.

“Wait a sec.” said Jill

Jill rummaged in her purse for a moment, came out with something and stood between between Jennifer and I, her back to me. After a moment of whispers and giggles, she positioned Jennifer and took he previous position.

I started taking pictures, lots of pictures, my hands had a tendency to shake and I wanted at least one clear shot. As I snapped away, they moved toward each other and being careful not to obstruct my view, kissed each other, obviously sucking each others tongues. I dropped my phone into my lap, my hands dropped limply and I heard myself moan.

They immediately broke their kiss and rushed to me.

“I think we broke him.” observed Jill

I shook like a wet dog, and decided to start breathing again.

“That's a heck of a thing to do to a guy before breakfast!” I said, my voice quavering over two octaves.

They looked at each other and without a word, drug me back up to the kitchen and sat me in a chair.

Jennifer rummaged in the fridge while Jill poured me coffee. They worked at the stove and in a remarkably short time presented me with scrambled eggs, sausage and toast. Jennifer went back to the fridge and poured a glass of orange juice for me. They sat across the table from me. About halfway through my breakfast, I realized that their nipples were as bright red as their lips.

“Nipples,” I got out around a mouthful of eggs and sausage, “lipstick?”

“He finally noticed,” said Jill, “took him long enough.”

“Well, with so much to look at,” I said, “small details might get overlooked.”

“Eat up, you'll need your strength.” Jill said, “We have plans for you today.”

I glanced out the windows at the bright sunny yard.

“I am so glad no one else is home today,” I said, “this all might be hard to explain.” I gestured toward them.

They glanced down at themselves and broke into laughter.

As they tidied the kitchen and I sipped my coffee, admiring their asses, I realized that my cock was painfully hard, but figured that wouldn't be a problem too much longer.

We went back down to the dungeon.

“So,” began Jill, “you liked our little surprise?”

“Yeah,” I replied, “except for the part where my heart almost quit.”

“The main reason for our trip yesterday,” said Jill, “ was for me to pick up this.”she gestured at her outfit. “Jennifer had the idea of matching outfits and showing you.”

“And now I want out of this thing,” said Jennifer, “it was fun and all, but this itches something fierce.”

“I'll have to teach you how to take care of it.” said Jill, “once it's properly broken in, it can be quite comfortable, unless your boobs grow, then you'll need a new one.”

Jill helped her out of it and she put on a loose T-shirt.

“Now, on to the main event,” Jill said, “how do you feel about anal sex?”

I blushed at her bluntness, I glanced at Jennifer. She was blushing too.

“Not her, you twit,” said Jill, “I don't think she's ready for that, I meant me.”

I gathered up my scattered wits.

“I don't know,” I admitted, “I've never even though about it.”

“Most guys try it at some point,” Jill went on, “Some get into it, some don't, for a variety of reasons, mostly related to their first experience. Like wise, a lot of girls try it at some point and their outlook is determined by their first experience.”

Jill went on with an almost clinical lecture about anal sex. I began to get a little excited about the prospect. After almost an hour of discussion, Jill stopped and looked at me expectantly, one eyebrow cocked up.

“Well, stud,” she asked, “want to give it a go?”

I glanced to Jennifer, she nodded to me.

“Don't worry,” Jill said, “Jennifer wont be left out.”

“How will that work?” I asked.

“You'll see.” she replied.

I could see that Jennifer was getting excited, her nipples were poking through her shirt and she was breathing a bit faster, they stripped me out of my clothes and both knelt before me. First taking turns and then, together, they they sucked and licked my cock.

Jill took the first load deep in her throat, a few moments later, Jennifer took a load. They worked for several moments, getting me rock hard again.

“Now, you'll last for a bit.” said Jill, and before I forget, there are a couple of straps here,” she turned and indicated two thick leather loops,like baggage handles, “use those to hold on to me, helps prevent bruising.”

Jill led Jennifer to the reclining chair, stripped off her shirt, and positioned her somewhat high on the backrest, hooking her knees over the armrests, Jill kissed her and gave her tits a squeeze. She handed me a tube of lube telling me to remember what she'd told me earlier.

Jill knelt on the seat, stretched up and started kissing Jennifer and occasionally sucking her nipples. She moved down and started licking Jennifer's pussy.

“Okay,” Jill said between slurps, “just like I told you.”

I took some lube and began to work it into her tight asshole, gently working my finger in to the second knuckle. Then with two fingers and more lube, I did the same same, slowly moving in and out, allowing her asshole to stretch.

“That's good, stud,” Jill panted, “keep going, just like that.”

I worked my fingers around gently until she felt relaxed. I applied a generous amount of lube to my cock and gently placed the head against her asshole and pressed slowly in until the head of my cock popped past her sphincter and into her ass.

I could hear Jennifer mewing as Jill lapped and her pussy and knob.

I slowly pressed in another inch or so and began a very slow stoking in Jill's ass. The sensation was amazing, her sphincter gripped me tightly, it was totally different from the feeling of fucking a pussy.

“That's good, stud,” repeated Jill, gasping, “a little deeper now.”

I grabbed those leather handholds and pulled her onto my cock another inch or so, fucking her ass with slow steady strokes like she had told me earlier.

Jennifer's mewing was turning me on even more. Somehow, Jill was holding her right on the edge of her orgasm while I continued to fuck her ass. I slowly increased the depth of the strokes, plunging deeper into her ass, increasing the tempo bit by small bit. Within a few moments I was as deep as I could go, pulling her ass onto my prick. I reached under her and started to finger her pussy and knob. She bucked back onto me.

She was starting to growl deep in her throat, her ass clenched around my cock, like a giant fist.

“Oh god!” cried Jill, “Now, pound it in! Whatever you want! POUND ME!”

I began to take faster strokes. Her ass clenched around me so hard I had trouble trying to go too fast. I made long full strokes, slapping against her ass. Jill was slamming her ass back against me. She moaned and gasped and growled. I reached under her again, located her knob and rubbed it firmly in a tight circle.

Jill screamed out her orgasm into Jennifer's pussy. A heartbeat latter Jennifer screamed out her own orgasm. That sent me over the edge, shooting my load deep in Jill's ass.

We all froze in place for long moments, gasping for breath. Jill and Jennifer both spasmed several time with aftershocks.

Jill gave me a little hip bump, indicating I should pull out. I slowly pulled my limp cock out of her. I stood and leaned against the bench, still breathing heavily. Jill stretched back up and kissed Jennifer, then crawled backwards off the chair as my cum dribbled out of her ass. She stood and gave me a hug and stretched up for a kiss. Jennifer struggled out of the chair and joined us, I kissed her, she kissed Jill, and we all shared a hug.

Eventually, our breathing returned to normal.

“What made you think of doing that 'reach around'?” asked Jill.

“Seemed like the thing to do.” I replied, “Was I wrong?”

“Oh, Hell no!” said Jill, “Your timing was perfect. If you do every girl that way, you'll never have any complaints.”

“'reach around'?” asked Jennifer

“You'll find out,” said Jill, “eventually.”

“About the blow job . . .” I began.

“Takes the edge off,” Jill interrupted, “I've had guys go for over an hour on the third or fourth time.”

“Third or fourth . . .” Jennifer squeaked.

“Don't worry, sweetie,” Jill told her, “Just let things happen at their own pace.”

After a long group hug with a few kisses thrown in, we separated. I grabbed the package of wipes, offering them to Jill first as she had the biggest mess to deal with and then to Jennifer. Jennifer cleaned herself, then took a few more and gently cleaned my cock.

We all went upstairs for a more thorough cleaning and rejoined back in the dungeon. They had dressed in shorts and shirts, from the bags they'd brought and I was back in my pants and shirt.

“Oh, darn,” said Jennifer, “we should have recorded that.”

“There will be more chances,” I said, besides, who should we record? You and your screaming? Jill and hers? Or me getting milked within an inch of my life?”

“Yeah, we only have the one headset.”

“Jill,” asked Jennifer, “How do you know so much about all this? You're only about a year older than we are.”

“Well,” started Jill, “it might have something to do with starting when I was twelve.”

“Twelve!” squeaked Jennifer, “how . . . I mean . . . who . . .?”

“You have been a bit sheltered.” said Jill, “Twelve is not an uncommon age for girls to start. My first was a sweet guy, I think he was sixteen, he was careful and considerate and certainly didn't hurt me. Since then, I've had, I don't no how many guys and not a few girls, I don't keep records. Some of the people who really know me consider me a bit of a slut, but my real friends don't and don't care. I've done my homework and am careful about my partners.”

“I see.” I said, I hope we are among your friends and can try this again, soon.”

“I don't know about 'soon',” Jill said, but 'again' is going to be high on my list.”

“With Jennifer leaving for university soon and your schedule, whatever it is, I can see that.”

“I need to tell you two a few things.” said Jill.

“What's that?” I asked.

“Jennifer, remember the other day, I said James was a keeper?” Jill asked.

“Yes, I do.”

“Well, James, Jennifer is a keeper too.” Jill said “James you have a natural bent for sex. You seem to what to do and when to do it. Jennifer, I don't think you have a jealous bone in your body. I've only ever met a couple of people like you two, and they weren't a couple. What you two have is the beginning of a lovely and loving relationship. Love isn't all the slipping and sliding and screaming and grunting, it's the honesty and communication, the sharing and cooperation. The rest is just happy exercise.”

Jill continued, ”I don't know anyone who would welcome a third party into their lovemaking other than for simple lust. Not the way you two welcomed me. You two have helped restore my faith in the potential goodness of mankind. I know that sounds a little corny, but it is true.”

Jennifer sat there looking very serious. I was thinking about those things I wouldn't do for myself, but would do at the drop of a hat for her.

I turned to her, and looked deep into her eyes. Her eyes seemed to grow larger, demanding my attention. I think I could have stayed right there in her eyes forever.

I love you, Jennifer.”I said quietly.

“Oh, James! I love you too,” she replied in a quiet and serious voice.

“All right!” exclaimed Jill, “ I now pronounce you girl and guy, lovers forever!”

We all laughed for a bit.

“Now, if you can get me to the bus stop by four,” Jill said, “I need to be getting back to my little corner of the world.”

We made it in time for Jill's bus, and amid many hugs and kisses all around, sent her on her way.

We stood for a while, arm in arm, looking down the road where the bus had disappeared.

Later, I took Jennifer home and made my own way home.

It had been an eventful day.

Not the end . . .

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A Boy and His dungeon V

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moooow2 — 16 May 2019 22:51
good story!
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