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The Way Itis Now Ch10

Categories Fantasy, Consensual Sex, First Time, Teen

Author: At00micAsh

Published: 16 May 2019

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Sarah spent the morning maintaining herself. Protein bar and her tea for breakfast. A long soaking Steam shower in her own Bathroom. She read the instructions as to how it was supposed to work from the weatherproof tablet function screen. Next she did some minor waxing. Arm pits, legs, coochie. To make sure she was virginal smooth. Normally she had help from mother for her crotch and back door area. But having to do it solo. She did what she could see.

From Pandora on her computer she plugged into the rather masculine stereo in the big room and cranked up the Irish Punk station she built. Flannagans, Dropkick and the Dreadnoughts bounced off the walls as she did a full ninety minutes worth of nude yoga. It felt like ages since she had done it last so she doubled up toa full 90 minutes on the experience. Feeling only slightly rubbery. She then put on some spandex pants and a sports bra. Found her socks and beat up trainers. She went out the garage.

Looking for a spare remote and not having much luck she noted the model for the Garage Door opener. Finding a 12' tablet in a holder on the wall. she exited the security keypad window, then did an internet search. Turns out all she needed to do was download an app then while holding the button by the inside door, then select a pin on her phone. Slipping it into her arm band. Bluetoothing to her headphones she went for a run.

No Homeless folks to avoid, or panhandlers to try to pace her. The latter usually trying to cop a feel. Outright ask for sex and once, try to rob her. She didn’t realize she had run for almost an hour. She started missing her days when she was still going to school before Robbie. Her old friends, tennis and LaCross. Missing Robbie even more than the rest, she was crying by the time she slowed up in the drive and punched the button on her phone’s app.

The closest door, where Philip’s work truck was parked all weekend opened. Curious, she walked to the Tesla SUV. There was a note taped to the drivers window.

Sorry Darling, no drivers license no car

That made her giggle. He’s smarter than he looks. Sweaty and feeling gross she went in ready for another shower. Grumbling about not having an actual bath to soak in. she almost missed the Big teak wood square just off the back deck.

She saw the large oblong white leather cover through the window over the sink while getting some water. Walking out the patio door beside the kitchen topless, she undid the hasps and pulled the handle. The cover slid effortlessly around and folded itself into storage. The Oval shaped Hot tub could easily fit 8 people, 12 if they were closer to her size.

Holy Shit! She belted out to no one in particular.

Checking the simple to use control board. Water temp reading 101F she hit the auto jet function, rolled off the sticky pants she was wearing. Put her phone and band gently down in the bin. Then cannon balled into the middle of the frothy pool. She lay there floating and letting the massage jets push her around, eyes closed for a long while. Her phone chirped indicating a text.

Standing naked, if there were any neighbors, they would get an eye full.

Hey It’s Rachael.

Are we still on for today?

I have soccer from 2-3:30

you said you would call me an Uber?

I can pay you back, let me know. XOXO

She stood in the tub and sent back a nude selfie.

Wet hair pushed back. Big silly grin on her face

Top half out of the water. Nipples hard, areola puffed out to perfection

Bottom half completely visible in the clear water.

And the caption The Uber will text you when it’s close.

I’m waiting. With a winking face emoji.

She got an immediate reply of

OH Fuck!


God Damnit you are sexy!

Followed with

You seriously have a fucking Hot Tub??????? hold on.

Several minutes went by before her phone chirped again.

There were three pictures.

Rachael Showing off her Saint Katheryn’s school uni. Blazer, white blouse, ribbon bow tie, pleated skirt and knee length argyle socks. Black flats.

The next was of a pair of small milky white tits. Blouse open, pulled up out of her bra cups. Pencil eraser nipples pointing at the camera.

Last. Her black panties pulled aside, pussy bare. Some hairs surrounding it. Not enough to need shave or waxed

Sarah replied with a shot of her ass. She had bent over the side of the tub to make it pop. One leg up on the leather pad ringing the semi-shallow pool. She was holding her pussy lips from the front so her holes were both visible in the photo.

Rachael replied with :That’s enough. If I get caught with nudes on my phone I’ll be grounded for an eon and several winking faces… Sarah sent a swak and “See you soon Baby”.

Sarah also sent her two nudie pix to Philip. Captioning with “I hope you don’t mind. I jumped in the hot tub”. And “Did I miss anything? I did a touch up wax today” She was already out of the tub and adjusting the water temps for her second shower of the day when he sent OH God! And No it’s perfect. She smiled. Then sent one more of just her kiss puckered face with “You’re the best, Daddy”

She skipped the shower. Smelling of clean chlorinated water, she put on her lavender sun dress with a floral print pattern and left her hair shaggy to dry. After setting up the Uber, She made some lunch. It was kind of late. So Peanut Butter and Marsh mellow cream and half a banana. The other half she put in an air tight container and popped it into the freezer. Only having another hour or so, she went to the big room and found two TV remotes. The black one she knew was for the one mounted over the small gas fire mantel.

Curious about the one painted red. She pushed the on button. An enormous screen lowered itself from a hidden area in the copper tiles and the copper colored box near the ceiling fan projected sports center onto the screen as the glass panel wall turned smokey opaque dimming the room. She called up some on demand lesbian porn looking for inspiration. Having only followed unimaginative direction from her mother when she was in bed with her. Sarah knew little about being the Dominant. Eating her snack, and hiking up her skirt, she lazily diddled herself. Not wanting to cum until her guest could as well. She edged several times.

A little over an hour later, the doorbell rang. She didn’t even have to get up. The screen paused and a window opened on the picture in front of her. Rachael stood in the recessed door entry. Now wearing a white polo top and a denim skirt. From the angle the camera was pointed. She could see pink flip flops on bare feet. Rachael’s hair looked damp and was pulled into a ponytail.

Not sure what else to do. Sarah pressed play and ran to the door. The TV picked up the cheesy porn music. The two larger than life women on screen were shot from above. The were Doggy style backward fucking each other with a long double ended dildo. Asses making a strange slapping sound as the women would slam together making the rubber rod disappear. The volume was not too loud. So the noise could only carry mildly down the hall.

Flinging the door open and enthusiastically grabbing her friend, Sarah pulled Rachel in and slammed the door. Excited, she grabbed her visitor in a smothering hug. The slightly taller, marginally less curvy girl let it happen

After several seconds. Rachael whispered harshly from just above Sarah’s ear.

“I can’t breathe”

Sarah giggled. Let the hug loosen but didn’t let go. Leaning back so they could look at each others faces, she said


Rachael’s turn to giggle. She looked around a little and said “Your house is awesome! Then kissed Sarah on on the corner of her mouth. Stepping out of the hug, dropping her bag, she began to explore. The not so quiet volume from the TV the one woman screamed I’m gonna cum. And the booty clapping grew fast, Followed by Cum with me, and the two women together chanting an over done YesYesYes. Rachael spoke over her shoulder,

“what are you watching, you perv” and giggled as she entered the big room.

“Holy Shit that’s big” was heard next, Sarah, bare foot, entered. Padding over to her friend. Who was now planted in front of the 80 inch movie projection screen.

The Scene faded to black, replaced by a woman laying topless on a lounger beside a pool. In the background a much younger woman wearing a white bikini top and jean shorts was cleaning the pool with a skimmer. The Narrator going on about how she loved her job as pool boy. Getting to see lots of MILF housewives. But afraid to do anything that could get her fired.

Sarah laughed and turned some pink. Shyly, she said.

“I was getting some pointers. I told you this is new for me.”

Rachael turned to look at Sarah. Coyly, she said

“And you thought I would come over and just what? Get naked and let you fuck me?”

Completely embarrassed now. She turned the TV off, the screen retracted smoothly and the smart glass turned clear again, exposing the expansive yard, deck and still open hot tub. Realizing her friend’s discomfort, Rachael took Sarah’s hands and said “I’m kidding” and giggled. Then Said “show me your house”

The tour was efficient. Already having seen the hall and great room.

Sarah pointed at the hall closet door, half bath, Philip’s Office, then passing the hall to the garage and pulled her down the hall. “Laundry pocket” she opened the door to show the washing station and across the hall to her room. Empty, except the small desk and file cab. She pushed Rachael through the door and stepped in behind her.

“And this is my closet”

Rachael looked confused as shes pun slowly in the mostly bare shelved room that looked almost as big as her own bedroom.

“But, where do you sleep? Your room is empty?”

Sarah put on an impish grin. “I told you, I just moved here. Yesterday, after we left you at work. Daddy drove up to an Amish Carpenter’s store. We bought me a bedroom suite.”

“Okay, but where do you sleep till it gets here?”

Sarah took Rachael’s hand and pulled her through the empty space and then the several steps into the Master Bedroom.

“I sleep here, with Daddy”

She gently spun Rachael around and pushed gently. She fell backward onto the unmade bed in a sitting position. Now looking VERY confused. Sarah stood back a few steps. She started to sway to music in her own head as she played with the hemline of her dress. She slowly pulled it up exposing her thighs. Then her glistening crotch. Lips wet and swollen distended slightly out of the tight crease, looking angry red from excitement and earliers playful use. Pulling up slowly over her hips. She exposed her tummy and ribs. Rachael sat, transfixed as the dress pulled up higher exposing Sarah’s coned tits. They only giggled slightly as they broke free, torpedoing in her direction. Over her head, the dress sailed into the corner of the room. Sarah mounted her friend’s lap. Her nose pressing against Rachael’s.

Eyes locked, Sarah’s naked body pressing against hers, she found her voice. It cracked slightly as she spoke.

“But, your dad. That’s not.”

Sarah cut her off. Kissing hard, her tongue invading Rachael’s mouth. Sarah’s hands started to traverse her body. Quickly discovering that Rachael forwent putting a bra on after practice and shower. She started to tweak and pull the rubbery points through the cloth cover. Rachael Moaned into her mouth. Her entire body getting flush with need.


she managed to spit out as the kiss broke barely long enough to say more as her top went flying. Sarah leaned harder. Their breasts smashed together as Rachael’s back found the bed fully. Her head pressed into the frumpled blanket, kissing more intense. Rachael began to kneed Sarah’s firm ass. Fingernails sliding into the crack of her ass, teasing that most intimate hole.

Sarah’s body responding more urgently. She started to grind her leaking slot on the face of her new lovers skirt. Their mounds both enjoying the texture of the hard cotton sheet between them.

“So Hot” Rachael said pulling her mouth away and gasping for air

“fuck Me” Sarah responded, taking Rachael’s hand and jamming it down her crotch from behind. Rachael’s fingers finding the sticky wet folds. They started to dig.. The passion building. Sarah started to hump her friends mound harder. Her exposed clit digging into the denim, and the two fingers worming into her tight hole. Her body tensed. She let out a squeaky moan and came hard. Soaking the hand. Clothing and bare thigh beneath her.

Rachael pushed her off and sat up trying to catch her breathe.

“What just happened?”

she looked in wonder at her cum coated hand.

Sarah sat up and took the hand. Licking one side of it and pushing it to Rachael’s mouth. She lapped at it with caution. Then took a long lick and started to suck her fingers while Sarah explained.

“You made me cum. It was amazing!”

Pulling her lover to her feet long enough to find the zipper and get the skirt free. Rachael also left off her panties. The skirt fell free and Sarah pushed her back onto the bed. Now both naked. Sarah climbed into Rachael’s leg. Trapping it. Her cunt mashed into her shin bone. She pushed the other leg out wide exposing Rachael’s sex and dove in hard. The one hand holding the leg out. The free hand tickling exposed skin, breast meat and nipples. Sarah’s tongue slithering all over Rachael’s cunt. Dipping in, digging deep as her nose played tango with the hard little nubbin. It only took a few moments before the trapped body convulsed with pleasure tremors. Flooding Sarah’s senses with sounds, smells, and tastes of delicious cum.

She didn’t stop feasting on the sweet nectar leaking from The spent body. She changed position. Swinging her own body around so that her sex was mere inches from Rachael’s mouth. The fat lips quivering. Begging to be tasted. Sarah took her mouth away long enough to take a deep breath. Rachael groaned in protest.

“Don’t Stop! I need it! I want You so fucking bad”

“Where is the Egg” Sarah demanded before biting Rachael’s thigh and leaving a few teeth marks.

Between licks slurps and tongue lashes from her own side. Trapped beneath her blond vixen. Rachael screamed.

“My bag. Who cares? I don’t care”

she begged.

“Fuck me. Take me hard. Use Fingers”

She panted then croaked

“Make me your Bitch”

At that, Sarah clamped Rachael’s clit in her teeth. Grinding it semi-roughly and plunged two fingers inside her hole as hard as she could. She felt the membrane give. Tearing away as her fingernails sunk deeper. Her thumb jammed up against her chin. The other two fingers slanted down the crack of Rachael’s ass. She began first to wiggle them. Then saw in and out. Rachael screamed in pain. Unable to do anything other than take her reward she lay there and let Sarah molest her insides

Rachael came again. Then again. Her body reacting positively. Begging for more, she humped the air. Slamming Sarah’s wrist into her chin.

Her cunny clamping so hard that Sara’s fingers were literally forced out. She had to fight to get them back in. and Rachael’s body fought this new invasion by clamping her klegals tight. Freezing Sarah’s hand for several seconds. Then she flooded the space causing pinkish, blood mixed cum to shoot up Sarah’s nose. Covering her face. Rachael’s own thighs for several inches. And the bed with the sex leftovers.

Sarah rolled off. Rachael spoke in a horse whisper.

“You keep doing that and I will fuck you every day till I die”

Sarah started to laugh gently as she spun around and went to cuddle her lover.

Laying her hear on Rachael’s shoulder after kissing gently on the lips and cheek several times. Leaving pinkish smears from the leftovers on Rachael’s face. Her left breast bunched up and her nipple touching the nipple of Rachael’s prone form. We need to talk about some stuff. Then you can think about weather you want to be my girlfriend.

She began by saying that Philip; calling him Philip, isn’t her real dad. He is her mentor, provider, and lover. She has no plans on allowing that to change. Rachael started to flush with emotion. She tried to keep calm but she was angry. At herself. At Sarah. At her body that not only wouldn’t move. Not responding at all for her thoughts to flee. It was reacting to Sarah’s fingers. They slid over her breasts. Causing the AA cupped mounds to harden again with excitement. Then down her tummy making her hips hump the air and legs to spread involuntarily.

Rachael found her voice, at least her mouth would work as designed.

“How old are you then? Confused. Not the question she wanted to ask.

“Fifteen. Same as you”

“But I’m not. I’m in advanced classes. I’m a junior at school. But I won’t be fifteen till July”

“Shhhh Baby, calm down. I can tell you’re getting upset.” Sarah’s middle finger entered her then. Slow and gentle. She only tickled her lovers insides as she continued to unfold her story

Telling Rachael about her deadbeat mother who was more interested in staying high on almost anything than holding a job. Using her body as means of provision. Then Sarah’s own body from age 12. When her tits became noticeable and a couple of her regular perverts started to ask when her daughter could join them. Thankful that at least she was kept hidden completely till she was more than 10. That they paid her little or no attention at all till she had had her periods a few times and her mother started to make her hostess. Dressing her like a slut and making her fetch drinks and snacks as they sat around watching porn and getting high.

Rachael started to tear with compassion while her body became more aroused. Her Cunt relaxing. Allowing Sarah access to slip the second finger in. She listened to the sad tail. But she started to moan with pleasure. Her nipples started to respond. Whenever Sarah would bump her clit. The nipples would also buzz with energy. It felt amazing. She knew she would not last long. Another orgasm was growing in her guts.

Sarah got to the discovery of needles in the house. Saw a couple track pocks on her mothers arms and neck. This was just before her birthday a few weeks back. Her being asked to perform for guests had stopped. How Sarah confronted her about things. The daily fights. followed by her being locked in her room. And How she came to be with Philip. Recanting the last weekend in minute detail about how wonderful he has been. How amazing he makes her feel.

Rachael screamed. Her orgasm shook her to the core midway through the explanation of last nights disagreement. Rachael squirted a thin stream of cum that splashed her leg and Sarah’s. They both laughed. Sarah got first to her knees. Then pulling Rachael with her lead her to HER bathroom. Where she Sat Rachael on the little wash stool and turned on the Water jets. Letting the sweet teen absorb the steamy waterfall. “Back in a sec” Sarah left to strip the bed. Thanking herself for leaving the laundry door open. She stripped the bed quickly and spray treated all the reddish sex splatters she could find on the bed clothes. She started the washer and turned back to join her hopefully lover for a bathing.



Philip, having come home had sat in his truck. Not knowing what to expect. He decided to let the young women have some privacy. Wanting to at least know something about what was going on. He grabbed the wireless Security touch screen Tablet from it’s cradle on the garage wall. He checked the five cameras one at a time. He could hear muffled speaking. But not who or what was being said.

He listened to everything from the point where the girls had left Sarah’s bedroom. He caught on the hall security feed how they crossed first her door jamb. Then slipped into his. The camera pointed at the glass wall only marginally allowing him to see the two girls. He watched the top half of Sarah as she danced for Rachael. He could see Rachael’s face as she sat gawking at the performance. He was going to turn it off. He tried actually. But he was too vested in the scene now. He watched it play out like a tender sad soft core porn for more than an hour

Catching glimpses of naked body parts and hearing the bouts of verbal passion. He was only able to see both of them from belly to head when they lay together at the top of his bed. Rachael’s pert titties sticking up like 72mm shell tips. Sarah’s own, better developed point kissing nipple to nipple as Rachael’s body moved. It was obvious what Sarah’s moving arm was doing below the screen; while he listened in on everything. Most of the story he knew. More detail filling in. He was crying himself by the time the girls made it to Sarah’s Bath.

He Wasn’t quiet about entering the house. When he got to the hall, Sarah was just closing and setting the washer. She looked up at him smiling that perfect imp grin. As he got close, she could see he was upset. Concern masked her features as she got close. Picking her up and kissing her deeply.

He ignored the taste of her lover on her skin, as he moved his head away from hers.

“What’s wrong Daddy? Are you Okay? You aren’t mad at me for having Rachael Over, are you? she’s in the shower. I need to go...”

She trailed off and he kissed her again. Cutting her words short. Then Set her down.

“No Darling, I’m not mad. I didn’t mean to. I’m sorry”

“Sorry for what Daddy? What happened?” worry and fear now mirrored her face”

“I got home as you two were getting ready to have your…” he paused

“when you took her to bed. I didn’t want to walk in and freak either of you out. So I turned on the remote access feeds.”

She cut him off. In a harsh whisper she demanded attention.

“You filmed us? All of it? How Could you?”

“No Darling! I Didn’t I could have. But I’m not like that.” her face softened slightly encouraging him to go on.

“The system doesn’t work like that. I knew you were home, so I never set it to record.”

“But you just said”

“Yes. You can access the cameras and listen live. But unless you set it to record, it doesn’t”

“So you saw us, and heard what”

“Heard Everything. Saw bits and pieces. I could have changed the camera angles. but that would have been crude I wasn’t going to interrupt So I just wanted to see what you were up to and where. I had planned on turning it off and taking a nap. Sarah. I’m sorry. You and she just sounded so beautiful together, I had to listen.”

Her eyes narrow accusingly “She’s only 14. did you hear that part?”

“Yes. And I get that I screwed up by not turning it off. I invaded your privacy. I’m sorry"

. "And you just sat out there jerking off listening to us fuck"

"NO! listen yes. use it for myself no.

“Now what?”

“That’s up to you. I want you to stay. I want you to be happy. Your bed will be here tomorrow. You and she can continue to be together. I will keep my promise to care and provide for you. I won’t make you do anything you don’t want”

What came next surprised him.

“You better not be cuming without us to help. What if I want you both? What if I want to share her with you and you with her? You have already proven you are honorable and capable. What if I want you to be her lover and teach her how a man treats his women, so she will learn the right way. Not from the back seat of some dorky jerk’s mother’s minivan. Or worse. The way I did?”

she went on. “I trust you. You said you didn’t record. I believe you. The look on your face says you know you were wrong. And I imagine you will beat yourself up for sometime over it. From my perspective. I should thank you for giving us privacy, and thank you for confessing to watching. But this is your house. You have a right to know and watch every thing that goes on here. Making videos? That’s something we will need to discuss.”

He stood there silent. Completely lost for words. She kissed him then. Told him to wait. And left for her shower. A gasp. A giggle and a rather loud Oh God YES! Came from inside the other room.

“Daddy!! Are you ready? Come Wash Us. We need a through scrubbing. We’re dirty girls”

The new voice giggled and repeated the command. “Yes Daddy! Come wash us!”

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The Way Itis Now Ch10

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Comments (2)
albertofatto — 17 May 2019 20:02
I couldn't give this a positive because Ive used all most votes for today on all your other chapters but this story is fucking hot.
Mark Skibba — 18 May 2019 18:14
Your story is captivating, please continue it. Considering the 2 girls ages, his folks law enforcement backgrounds, the possible results could be devastating. Interested in how you play this out.
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