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Adventures of Sarah - Chapter 11

Categories Fiction, Boy, Exhibitionism, Interracial

Author: Demonhead

Published: 16 May 2019

  • Font:

The food and drinks flowed through the Smith house. Everyone seemed to be ravenous and hit the buffet like locusts. Hank was amazed at how much the 5 teenagers could eat. Three of them were girls but they seemed to keep right up with the two black boys who Hank knew had never been at anything like this before. He looked over into the living room and saw the blonde twins leaning back against the couch. He saw Kaylie laying in the middle of the floor holding her stomach. Jesse and Tyshawn were sitting at her feet. They each held one of her feet and were massaging it.

“Hey, I said I was next.” Hank heard Jennifer say as she waved her foot in the air.

Hank saw Jesse hand Kaylie’s foot to Tyshawn and scoot over to Jennifer. He took her small white foot and started to rub it slowly. Jennifer leaned her head back and closed her eyes.

“Oh God, that feels good.” Jennifer said.

Jesse smiled as he stared at her. She was perfect, her body could not be any better as it was curvy in all the right places but yet tight and smooth. Her face was exquisite, and her skin was tanned to perfection. The blonde hair framing the whole package was perfect. He needed to fuck this girl bad. He never thought he would ever be in the presence of someone like this much less touching her. He rubbed her little foot expertly, sliding his fingers between her toes and squeezing each one. Jesse knew the human body well, he had always been fascinated in biology and it was one of the few classes he enjoyed. Now he was reaping the rewards of paying attention to all that talk about muscles. His hand moved up to her calf.

Nicole watched as the young black boy rubbed her sister’s foot. She stretched her legs out and pointed her toes. She stared at his hands and she was able to feel them on her own foot. She had always been able to feel through her sister. She grew up thinking it was perfectly normal and had never questioned it. She did not realize that it was special, and the normal population could not do what she could.

Nicole felt his fingers slip between her toes. That felt great and she smiled. She loved the fact that Jennifer was so confident and outgoing. It allowed her to do and feel things even though she was painfully shy. She had been at college for almost a year and had yet to have a boyfriend. She didn’t think she needed one as she would lay in her bed “asleep” and listen/feel Jennifer on the bed below.

“What about your sister?” Nicole would hear the boyfriend say.

“She’s sound asleep. She sleeps like a log, it’s ok.” Nicole would hear Jennifer respond.

Nicole loved her sister and knew Jennifer realized she was awake. Jennifer also knew she could feel everything and was happy to have her boyfriend so close to make the feelings even stronger for Nicole.

Nicole laid perfectly still and felt his lips on hers as they touched Jennifer. His hand rubbed her leg and then moved up her side to her arm. She would feel him slide it over her full breast, her nipple hardening. She would have to bite her lip to keep from making noise. She felt him squeeze, sometimes a little too hard. He wasn’t very gentle, this one. She preferred the last boyfriend, he was very gentle and really took his time. She was sad when he left.

Nicole felt his hand unbuttoning Jennifer’s shirt and pulling it open. He popped the bra clasp quickly and Nicole/Jennifer’s breasts popped into the air. Nicole pulled the sheet down to feel the cool air on her own breasts. He worked quickly and was pulling on the snap of her jeans. He struggled and then they finally snapped open. He ripped the zipper down. Nicole felt the weight of his body shift and then he sat up. He was yanking on her pants and she felt them sliding off her thighs.

“Slow down, big boy. We don’t have a deadline.” Nicole heard Jennifer say.

Nicole smiled as she realized that this one was for her. Jennifer loved it rough and fast and would never had said that normally. She was doing this for Nicole. She knew that her sister liked it better soft and slow.

“Why don’t you take your time, tiger. Make it last a little while.” Jennifer said.

Nicole felt the boyfriend run his hands up her legs. That felt good, she loved to be touched. He rubbed her calves and then moved to her thighs. He was running his fingers up close to her panties but not yet touching them. Now that’s more like it. Nicole heard Jennifer moan for her. He ran his fingers along the edge of her panties. Nicole felt a warmth hit her inner thigh. She lifted her hips slightly. She felt something soft touch her thigh and then moisture. He was kissing her thigh. Wow, this was new. Nicole bit her lip hard to keep silent.

Jennifer felt the kiss on her thigh and she knew Nicky would love that. She grabbed his head and held it in place. This one was for Nicky. She had let him take her rough and quick the last time and it was wonderful, but she knew Nicky didn’t enjoy it. She loved her sister and tonight she would take one for the team. He kissed both of her thighs and then kissed her pussy through her panties. Jennifer felt his warm breath on her lips through her cotton panties. She lifted her hips to his face, encouraging him.

Nicole was close. The kiss on her pussy pushed her close to the edge. This was wonderful, she was almost there, and he hadn’t even taken off Jenny’s panties. She kept her hands to her sides, fighting the urge to touch herself. She concentrated on her sister, keeping the connection strong. He slipped his fingers into the waistband of her panties. She felt him pull them slowly down her legs. Nicole pushed the sheet down. She felt Jenny’s panties pull back over her pussy. She knew he was now looking at the soft blonde hair covering her treasure. She felt the warmth again and realized he was blowing warm air on her. Nicole struggled as she felt her orgasm moving quickly through her little body.

Jennifer could feel her sister getting close. She pulled his head into her crotch. She knew what was needed and she thought he would get the idea. Her panties were stuck on her thighs, but she didn’t care. Nicky was so close. She felt it, his tongue touched her soft lips. She felt it slide between them. Higher, she thought, move a little higher. Nicole heard her sister’s thoughts and held on. His tongue slid up slowly and she felt it finally touch her clit. Nicole bit her lip and felt the pain hit her. Just as she realized she had actually bitten herself as his tongue flicked across her clit and then took it in his mouth. He sucked softly, and Nicole came hard.

Jennifer felt the bed shudder and she moved to distract him. She held his head between her legs and wrapped her legs around him. She moved her hips and moaned loudly as she felt her sister writhing above her. This was a good one. He kept it up, certain he was lighting her up. She kept the pressure on him until she felt Nicole coming down from her orgasm.

Nicole felt her breathing slow down and then the shocks diminished. She still felt a little shiver, but she was done. She would have to thank Jenny for that one. That felt good. She knew what was coming now and she was happy to comply.

Jennifer unwrapped her legs and pulled his head towards her. She held his face inches from her own. His mouth was glistening with their juices. She felt Nicky relax and she knew she was ready. Jennifer looked him dead in the eye and spoke slowly.

“That was great, thank you for going slow but….now you need to FUCK ME HARD!” She said to him, her voice rising as she spoke.

He didn’t need any more encouragement and he ripped her panties the rest of the way down her legs. He grabbed her ankles and spread them wide. Her pussy opened up in front of him. He loved the way the blonde hair framed it perfectly. So many girls shaved nowadays but this pussy was much prettier with the soft hair. He pulled his pants open and down to his thighs. He grabbed his rock-hard dick and stuck it right at her moist opening.

Nicole felt him touch her. She held her legs open and felt her pussy open for him. He was really worked up tonight. Jenny would love this. Nicole smiled as she felt him grab her ass and lift it up. He drove his cock into her quickly and she heard Jennifer squeal. He was lifting her and driving into her savagely. Nicole felt Jenny’s legs flailing as he pistoned in and out of her wet hole.

Jennifer wrapped her legs around his back to stabilize herself. She held onto the sheets as he lifted her ass up and drove his cock into her. She was in heaven. He was really giving it to her. She looked at him and the sweat was starting to form on his forehead. He was working hard, she needed to give him some more encouragement.

“Yes, yes, fuck me….fuck me harder.” She whispered to him in a commanding voice.

She saw his eyes light up and he started hitting her even harder. He wouldn’t last long at this pace, she was going to have to help herself out. She reached down with her right hand and touched her clit as he worked over her pussy. She rubbed it in circles, holding herself in place with her legs.

Nicole felt Jenny touch herself. She knew she needed help, he was going to cum too soon. She reached down and touched her own clit. She felt Jenny squirm. Nicole rubbed it like she knew Jenny liked it. She ran her finger in a circle and then squeezed. Jenny moaned loudly. He picked up the pace as he saw her writhing below him. Jenny closed her eyes and grabbed the sheets. Her pussy was getting pounded and her little clit was on fire. She felt Nicky squeeze and she exploded. Jennifer screamed and squeezed him with her legs. Her body convulsed on the bed and he fought to hold on.

Jennifer felt him drive deep and then hold on. Her pussy spasmed around his cock and she felt him let go. His warmth hit her deep in her womb and she screamed again. Nicole kept the pressure on her clit as Jenny screamed. She had to smile as she knew he thought he was truly being the stud tonight. She had to give him credit though, he was working very hard.

Jennifer settled down and released her legs. He sat up and her legs dropped around him. She felt his soft cock slide out of her. Her crotch felt moist, he must have cum quite a bit, the sheets were going to be a mess.

“That was wonderful.” She whispered.

Jennifer saw him just smile and nod, his chest expanding as he looked at her spread open before him. He knew he had fucked her hard and he had made her cum twice. She smiled at him and licked her lips.

Nicole opened her eyes and looked over at her sister. Jennifer was looking right at her and Nicole knew she had been with her in her memory. She felt Jesse’s hands on her thighs now, massaging them slowly. Nicole grabbed Jennifer’s hand and mouthed the words “I love you”. Jenny blew her a kiss.

Jesse continued to rub the soft supple thigh of the most beautiful woman he had ever touched. His sore cock was again throbbing in his swim trunks. The trunks were not very heavy, so his tool was very obvious as it grew along his leg. He tried to adjust it with his free hand but to no avail. All the adjusting did was to move Jennifer’s eyes to his crotch. He saw her eyes get a little bigger as she stared at his package. He looked up at her and she was now smiling a little sexy smile at him.

“That feels great, sweetie, but I think we should go outside. I need to soak up some sun.” Jennifer said in a soft sweet voice.

Jesse let go of her thigh and sat back, his hands in his lap trying desperately to cover his erection. He saw her chuckle a little at his discomfort.

“Let’s go, I’m ready for some sun too.” Kaylie said and jumped to her feet.

Tyshawn looked up to see two pretty young breasts bouncing in front of him. Kaylie reached down and touched his head.

“You guys coming outside with us?” Kaylie asked what she knew was a dumb question as she rubbed his head.

Tyshawn shook his head up and down. Kaylie held out her hand and he took it. She pulled him up and he was surprised at her strength. The little cheerleader was full of surprises, he thought to himself.

Jesse jumped to his feet and stood over the two blonde twins. Nicole saw the erection and giggled. Jesse held out a hand to each girl and they put their small hands in his. He lifted slowly, easily pulling the girls to their feet. He was face to face with two knockouts and his swim trunks now looked like a tent.

Jennifer pulled him towards the kitchen, blocking the view of his crotch with her body. Jesse held onto Nicole and pulled her behind him. He was going to try and hold onto these two as long as he could.

“Mom, do you need help cleaning up?” Jennifer said to her mother, Jesse hiding behind her.

“No, sweetie, I’ll take care of it, you get outside and enjoy the pool.” Mrs. Smith said.

“Thanks, Mom, you come out when you’re done.” Jennifer said as she started towards the slider.

“Will do, sweetheart.” Mrs. Smith replied.

Hank watched Jesse walking between the two blonde girls and he laughed to himself. It looked like the fox in the henhouse. He was pretty sure before the day was through Jesse would be balls deep in both of them. He watched them go out the door and skip across the deck.

“Mom, are you sure you don’t need us to help?” Hank turned to see Kaylie standing next to him.

He looked down into her beautiful cleavage as she talked to her Mom. He was still amazed at those tits. So big and firm on such a little girl. He liked the way they moved slightly when she talked. He knew she could feel him looking as he saw her little nipples start to push the material of her top. He saw her trying to stay calm in front of her Mom.

“No, baby, we will be fine. You guys go out and have fun.” Mrs. Smith said.

Kaylie grabbed Tyshawn’s hand and pulled him out the door. Hank watched her little ass jiggle as she pulled the young black boy across the deck. He could feel the sexual tension and he knew it would not be long before some excitement would start up outside. He looked at Denise and wondered how she would handle her three daughters hanging on the end of black cock. She seemed to be ok when he told her of Kaylie’s exploits but hearing it and seeing it sometimes were very different. He walked over behind Sarah and put his hands on her soft shoulders.

“Why don’t you two ladies go in the living room and relax. I will take care of the kitchen.” Hank said as he rubbed Sarah’s shoulders.

Sarah moaned as his strong hands started to knead her shoulders. She loved his touch, so strong yet so gentle. She tried to focus on Denise as the pleasure rolled through her sore muscles.

“Hank, you don’t have to do that.” Denise said.

“I know, I don’t have to do this either, but I don’t mind at all.” He said and motioned to Sarah.

Denise smiled as she saw how much Sarah was enjoying her massage. She so wanted his hands on her.

“I tell you what, you two go in there while I clean up and I will give you both a massage.” Hank said.

Denise looked at Sarah and resisted the urge to scream “Yes”. Sarah gave her a smirk and motioned to the living room. Sarah got up off the stool and grabbed Denise’s hand. Hank stepped back and let them pass him on their way to the couch. He would leave the sexy mom in the hands of his little teacher for a little while. That he would enjoy watching.

Hank picked up a couple of dishes and walked to the sink. He glanced outside and saw the kids gathering around the lounges. He saw Jennifer shimmying out of her shorts again. She flipped the small shorts onto the lounge. Her red bikini was amazing on her tight body. Kaylie was bending over a lounge, spreading out her towel. He felt his cock flinch when he thought about the little cheerleader’s tight pussy. He would have to make sure and get into that before the day was through.

Kaylie stood up and peeled her sundress up over her head and off. She tossed it on the lounge. She knew the boys were watching since Jenny had already dove into the pool. She loved their eyes on her. She felt a quiver run through her. She sat on the lounge and stretched out. The sun felt wonderful. She turned her head to see Nicky lying on the lounge next to her with her eyes closed. She was still wearing her T-shirt and skirt. The skirt was pulled up quite a bit so most of her long legs were getting sun.

Kaylie heard another splash and saw Tyshawn and Jesse had jumped into the pool. They were surrounding Jenny and moving towards her menacingly. She heard Jenny giggle and start splashing water on them. She heard Nicky call her name softly.

“What, honey?” Kaylie answered.

“How long have you known them?” Nicole asked.

“Well, I have known about them for a couple of years, but I only really got to “know” them yesterday.” Kaylie answered.

Nicole noticed the emphasis on the word “know” and looked at her little sister with a strange look on her face.

“What do you mean?” Nicole asked.

“Well, I mean they truly know all about me now.” Kaylie said.

Nicole suddenly got the gist of what her sister was saying.

“Did you have sex with one of them?” Nicole asked.

“Well, yes and no.” Kaylie answered.

Nicole looked at her with questions flying through her eyes.

“I had sex with both of them.” Kaylie said.

Nicole’s mouth dropped open and she stared at her little sister.

“But I thought you were….” Nicole started and was interrupted.

“A virgin?” Kaylie finished her thought.

“Yeah.” Nicole said.

“Well, I was, before yesterday.” Kaylie said.

“You mean you lost your virginity to two guys?” Nicole said.

“Well, no, I lost it to one of them and then the other one took a turn.” Kaylie said with a smirk.

Nicole looked at her sister. She always thought Kaylie would wait the longest. She seemed to be above most of the boys who were interested in her. She wondered if Jenny knew. Nicole could feel satisfaction and happiness coming from Kaylie.

“Are you still….you know” Kaylie asked Nicole.

Nicole shook her head up and down slightly. Kaylie reached out and took her hand and squeezed.

“They are sweet boys and very good at what they do.” Kaylie said.

“Did it hurt?” Nicole asked.

“Only for a second.” Kaylie answered.

Kaylie tried to remember the actual moment that she did lose her virginity. It was in the classroom on the teacher’s desk and Tyshawn was not the same boy. She had pushed him to the edge and he had reacted. She remembered the fear as he tore away her innocence. She thought that it was the worst thing that had ever happened to her and now she looked at Tyshawn and couldn’t believe he was the same boy. She had come to terms with the idea that she was being led on a bad path and Tyshawn had ripped her away and opened her eyes to the real world. She felt more in touch with people and their feelings now than she had been in years. She thought of her “friends” at school and wondered how they would seem to her when she saw them again. She thought they would be shallow and mean and she was embarrassed that she had been just like that only yesterday morning.

She snapped out of her trance as she heard Nicole speak.

“What did it feel like?” Nicole asked.

Kaylie smiled at her and squeezed her hand. She remembered what it felt like in the pool house with Jesse and seeing Tyshawn’s eyes as she swallowed his cock. She thought of when Jesse lifted her and began to really hammer her from behind. She saw Nicole close her eyes and her mouth opened slightly. Kaylie heard a soft moan escape her lips.

“I never thought it would be like that?” Nicole said.

“Baby, believe me, it feels even better when you experience it for real.” She said to her sister.

“I don’t know, I am afraid. I wouldn’t know what to do.” Nicole said as she watched the boys tease Jenny.

Kaylie saw her sister’s eyes move to the boys and she knew that she was considering giving her treasure away to them. She would have to help her through it, but she knew between she and Jenny, Nicole would be in for a pleasant ride. She squeezed Nicky’s hand again and leaned back in her lounge.

Jennifer felt something touch her back and she turned. Jesse was there smiling innocently. She felt a touch on her back and she turned quickly towards Tyshawn. He was incredibly cute as he stood there with that puppy dog look. She reached out and pinched his arm.

“Ow” Tyshawn said and grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him.

“That hurt.” He said and looked down into her eyes.

“Baby.” She said and pinched his left nipple.

“Ow.” He said and dropped her hand, grabbing his nipple.

Jesse saw her pinch Tyshawn and he moved up behind her and grabbed her arms, pulling them behind her. Tyshawn saw her breasts jut forward as Jesse pulled her arms back. He reached out and grabbed her left nipple through her top. He held it softly and looked at her. She had a look in her eyes that seemed to be daring him. He squeezed her nipple hard.

“Son of a bitch.” She said and tried to wriggle free.

Tyshawn smiled as he realized she was right. So often he had used that term but never stopped to think about what it really meant. For some reason, seeing it come out of that pretty mouth it hit him differently.

“Yeah, so what.” He said and squeezed again.

She did not jump that time and said nothing. She looked at him and tried to figure out what he just said. It hit her, and she felt a wave of sadness come over her.

“I’m sorry.” She said.

“For what?” Tyshawn said, letting go of her.

“For calling you that.” Jennifer said.

“Not a problem, I’ve heard it plenty and it is sort of true.” He said.

Jennifer felt the sadness flow out of him again and she suddenly just wanted to make him feel better. She moved her head up and stared right into his eyes.

“Please do that again.” She whispered to him.

Tyshawn and Jesse both felt a little spark when they heard this beautiful girl ask Tyshawn to pinch her nipple again. Tyshawn grabbed her nipple and squeezed it again. He heard her moan as she tilted her head back against Jesse.

“The other one.” She said.

Tyshawn grabbed the other nipple and squeezed them both. They were like little erasers in his fingers. She opened her mouth and an animal sound escaped. Jesse felt her push her ass back against him. Tyshawn pulled on her nipples and he saw her huge tits jiggle in the little top. Tyshawn saw a small tie string between her breasts. He grabbed the loose string and pulled it gently.

He stopped and looked at her. Her eyes moved from the string holding her top together back to his eyes. She smiled and tilted her head slightly. She looked like she was trying to look right into his head. Tyshawn pulled the string a little and the knot started to untie. He stopped again and looked back at her. She was now staring at him with an evil look on her face.

“Do it.” She whispered.

Tyshawn thought he would blow right there. This girl was gorgeous, and she had a fun streak like he had never seen. He pulled the string a little more. The knot was now almost gone. The string was barely holding on, helped by the fact that it was wet. He looked at her chest and he felt like he was opening a present.

Tyshawn looked at Jesse and he noticed Jesse was looking over her shoulder and was focused on the tight string in Tyshawn’s hand. Tyshawn pulled it a little more and the knot gave way. The material pulled away slightly, but it stayed on her breasts, stuck there by the moisture. He did see her full cleavage between her breasts. It was beautiful, her breasts did not sag at all even though they were no longer held up by the top. He reached out and touched between them. He felt the swell of her breast and then ran his finger down between them to her tight stomach.

Jesse felt her push back against him again. His cock was pressed against her ass and she was grinding into it. He pushed back a little and he felt her respond. He put both of her arms in one hand and reached down under the water with the other. He touched her ass and rubbed across it. It was incredibly tight, and he pushed his finger between her cheeks. She pushed back against him. He reached around her side and felt her upper leg. Her body felt wonderful and he touched the tie string at her side. He grabbed the string and pulled.

Jennifer looked down and watched Tyshawn’s finger trace between her breasts. She was aching for him to just grab them and squeeze. She felt Jesse’s hard cock pressing into her ass. He was now running his hand across her ass. Her body was going into reactive mode, the pleasure of being touched was starting to take her over. She felt Jesse grab the tie of her suit and pull. She closed her eyes and let them take her.

Jesse felt the string loosen and then touched her bare skin at the top of her leg. He ran his hand up and down her side and then around the back and felt her bare ass. He ran a finger over and down between her cheeks. He heard her moan slightly. He touched the suit again as it held on. He switched hands and grabbed the tie on the other side. He pulled it and it came apart easily. He now was running his hand across her bare ass.

Tyshawn saw her close her eyes and moan. He knew she was under their control now. He touched the top of her breast lightly. He saw her nipples poking out through the top. He pushed the material slowly down on her left breast. It moved closer and closer to her nipple. He stopped as the material hung on her nipple. He touched the soft top of her breasts again and then pushed the last covering off. Her left breast was now free and hanging perfectly from her chest. He took it in his hand and squeezed it gently. He heard a huge breath escape her.

Jesse pulled the string of his own suit and it loosened around his waist. He pulled his cock out and placed it against her back. He felt her push up against him. He ran his hand up and down her legs and sides. He loved the way she felt.

Jennifer felt the hard cock touch her back. She felt Tyshawn take her breast in his hand. He flicked his finger across her nipple and she flinched. Her body was overwhelmed now with pleasure. She felt him move the rest of her top off her other breast and take that one in his other hand. He pushed them together and squeezed. His touch was electric, she felt his power but, yet he was amazingly gentle. She was taken by surprise how these young men were playing her body like a fine instrument. She could feel her excitement building.

Tyshawn heard her mumbling. He leaned down and kissed her forehead. He moved his lips to her cheek and then lightly brushed her lips with his. He heard what she was saying as she opened her mouth to him.

“Nicky” He heard escape from her lips.

Tyshawn thought for a second to try and process what she meant. He kissed her lips again and heard her whisper again. He pulled away slightly and looked to the side. He saw Kaylie and Nicole laying on lounges on the side of the pool. They were both laying back with their eyes closed but he noticed Nicole was moving slightly. He focused on her and noticed she was rubbing her left leg slowly up and down her right. He also noticed her hips were moving up and down slowly. Her hands were gripping the sides of the lounge and her mouth was open slightly. He could see her chest moving up and down a little as she took deep breaths.

“Nicky” Jennifer heard her own voice as the boys continued to ravish her.

Jesse moved back a little and his cock slid down her back and then between her legs. He moved forward, and he felt it slide between her thighs. Tyshawn was now kissing her nipples and sucking them softly. He flicked his tongue across and then took one on his teeth. He bit down gently, and she gasped.

“Oh fuck, yes, please, yes, more….” He heard her babbling.

Tyshawn glanced to the right and saw Nicole pulling her shirt over her head. He saw she was wearing a blue bikini top and her chest was as big as her twin sister’s and he could see her nipples were rock hard. He saw her grab her own breast and squeeze. Her eyes were still closed but her hips were now moving quite a bit. He saw Kaylie open her eyes and take her sister’s free hand. He looked and made eye contact with Kaylie. She smiled at him sweetly and licked her lips.

Jesse felt her struggling to free her arms and he let her go. He took her hips in his hands and pulled her tight against his body. He felt her warmth up and down his skin.

Jennifer felt Jesse release her arms and she quickly moved them to Tyshawn’s crotch. She felt his hardness beneath his trunks. She ran her hand up and down the length and tried to imagine the size. She was pretty sure this would be the biggest cock she had ever seen or felt, well, with the possible exception of the one that was currently sliding between her thighs. She found the string and pulled it hard. She reached into his trunks and rescued the massive tool. She took it in both of her hands and ran them up and down the shaft. It felt like a steel rod and it was way bigger than anything she had ever held in her hands.

Tyshawn held onto her breasts as he felt his cock being pulled out of his trunks. Her soft hands were surrounding it and she knew what she was doing as she manipulated him.

She pushed it down until it was sticking straight out between them. He felt her rubbing the head between her legs. He felt a warmth above and beyond the water he was floating in. Then he felt her slide him between the lips of her pussy. Her hands moved to his hips and pulled him gently. He held tight to her tits as his cock slid slowly into her warm passage. The heat was incredible. He wanted to just slam into her, but he kept his composure and let her pull him slowly towards her. He looked over at Nicole and her legs were now spread and each foot was on the ground around her lounge. She was writhing and squeezing both of her tits. He could see up her skirt to see she was wearing blue panties. He figured they were the bottoms of her bikini, but he could not get over how hot it was to look between her legs and see them.

Jesse felt something strange and figured out Tyshawn must be fucking her now. He looked over and saw Tyshawn still holding onto her tits. Jesse pulled her head back and kissed her hard. He felt her hands grab his head and hold him there as her tongue snaked in and out of his mouth. He tried to pull back, but she would not let him go. He continued to kiss her.

Tyshawn saw Jesse begin to kiss her and he let go of her breasts. He moved his hands down to her hips and began to move in and out of her. He could see down through the clear water as his black cock slid in and out of her white pussy. He would never get tired of seeing that. Her legs were floating in the water as he picked up the pace. Jesse was now pulling her back making her body spread between them. He saw Jesse wrap his arms around her and grab her tits. She was holding onto his head and still kissing him.

Nicole felt the boy enter. She had never felt anything so large before. His touch was soft and gentle and now she felt his hands on her hips. She struggled to keep quiet but now the other one was kissing her. His lips were hot, and his tongue explored her mouth. Her breasts were free but only for a moment as he took both of them in his strong hands. Nicole fought weakly to make the pleasure last, but her orgasm raced through her. The pleasure was overwhelming. She felt her sister squeeze her hand and she felt Jenny whispering to her.

“Cumming.” She felt her sister say.

Jennifer was now in a pleasure daze. Her legs were spread wide open with a glorious cock moving in and out of her hot pussy. Her breasts were being held and squeezed and she was locked onto Jesse in a long kiss. The feelings were too much for her and her body became rigid as she came hard. She reached out for her sister and felt her own orgasm hitting her. The double pleasure heightened her intensity and she let go of Jesse’s head, so she could scream.

Tyshawn felt the girl’s body get rigid and her pussy squeezed his dick. He held on as she convulsed in the water. He pulled her hard towards him and planted his cock deep within her. She had let go of Jesse’s head and her head was lolling on Jesse’s shoulder as he held onto her tits. Her hands were reaching for him and she grabbed onto his arms. He looked over and Nicole was now thrashing around on the lounge. Kaylie was on her knees next to her holding onto her. He pulled out of her and then drove back into her, he needed to unload in this girl.

Jennifer lost control of her body as her orgasm raked through her. She felt Nicky as she tried to come to grips with the pleasure running through her. She felt him push his cock deeper in her than anything had ever been. He pulled out and she hoped he wasn’t leaving and then she felt him slam back into her. She wrapped her legs around him and held on as he started to hammer her little pussy.

Jesse saw Tyshawn starting to get into a rhythm. He was fucking this girl good. She seemed to be built for this as she held onto Tyshawn with her legs. Jesse looked to see the huge black cock running up into her. He figured from her reaction that she hadn’t had anything like what they were going to give her. He could not wait to get into this one. Jesse looked over at the other twin and saw she seemed to be enjoying this also. It looked sort of strange to see her writhing around by herself, but he didn’t give it much thought as he was distracted by her tits bouncing in her top and her legs spread wide across the lounge.

Tyshawn felt his balls twitch and then he pulled her to him. He pushed deep, trying to reach new ground. He ground his crotch into her and felt his hot cum travel out his dick and bathe her insides. He held her as he shot three loads into her. He felt his cock start to soften and he was sad. He would have liked to stay in this pussy a little longer. He softened quickly and felt himself slip out of her hole. The coolness of the water shrunk him even farther. He looked down to see a small piece of flesh where his huge cock was a moment ago. He tucked it back into his trunks.

Jennifer felt his warm cum hit her deep in her belly. He stayed in her for at least three loads, she thought. He pulled out and she felt the cool water flow into her open hole. She felt Jesse holding her up as Tyshawn moved away from her. She lowered her legs and tried to stand up. She turned around and kissed Jesse again softly.

“You guys are special.” She said as she reached down and grabbed his hard cock.

Jesse got excited as she held him and grabbed her hips.

“Hold on tiger, I need a rest after that fuck. Anyway, I have other plans for you.” She said and tilted her head towards the side of the pool.

Jesse looked that direction and saw Kaylie holding Nicole’s head to her chest and pushing the hair out of her eyes. Jesse thought he saw Nicole’s legs twitch a little as her sister held her. He looked back at Jennifer.

“Think you would be interested in being my sister’s first?” Jennifer said to Jesse.

“You mean she is….” He stammered.

“Yes, she is still a virgin and we have been waiting for a special time, but I think we may have found it. How would you like this big boy to be the first in her sweet pussy?” She said and stroked the length of his cock.

“Oh, fuck yeah, I would be honored.” Jesse said.

Jennifer laughed out loud and squeezed his cock.

“I thought so. Carry me to my lounge, please?” She said.

Jesse slid his right arm around her back and his left under her knees. He lifted her easily in the water and started to walk towards the stairs.

“Tyshawn, sweetie, can you bring the rest of my suit?” Jennifer said, looking back at Tyshawn standing there.

Jesse carried her to the stairs and started to climb. He got to the third step and lifted her completely out of the water. Her weight was now in his arms, but he hardly noticed. She felt light as air. He suddenly felt his trunks slipping down his thighs as he felt his cock spring into the air.

“Shit, my suit.” Jesse said and stopped as his suit slid down to his ankles.

Jennifer laughed as she looked down to see it gathered around his ankles. He felt her body convulsing in laughter. He stepped up another step and pulled his right leg out of the trunks. He took another step and was now on the pool deck with his suit around his left ankle. He calmly walked towards the lounges, carrying a beautiful, naked girl as his hard cock swung in the air. He placed her on a lounge next to Nicole and quickly pulled up his trunks.

Jennifer pulled her top together and tied the string. She saw Tyshawn looking around for her bottoms in the pool as she sat naked except for her small bikini top. She grabbed her towel and placed it across her lap, preserving a little modesty in her own backyard. She chuckled at this as she had just fucked a black boy in her pool. She saw Tyshawn go under and pop up with her bottoms in his hand. He started to work his way towards the stairs.

Nicole opened her eyes to see her Jenny being lowered onto a lounge. She turned towards her and saw Jesse was naked with his suit around his ankle. She thought this looked incredibly funny and a small giggle escaped. She heard Kaylie giggle too as they watched him quickly pull up his suit. Nicole watched the muscles ripple in his butt as he reached down.

Kaylie let go of her and Nicole sat up. She pulled her legs back up on the lounge and straightened her skirt. She glanced over at Jenny and she was holding out her hand. Nicole took it and Jenny squeezed her and pulled her towards her. Nicole swung her legs over and sat on the edge of the lounge. Jenny continued to pull her. She stood up next to Jenny’s lounge.

Jennifer reached out and touched Nicky’s leg. She ran her hand up and down the smooth skin. She ran it up her inner thigh and squeezed. Nicky looked down at her and Jennifer pulled her leg. Nicky got the idea and straddled the lounge, sitting on Jennifer’s lap. The sisters looked at each other for a moment until Jennifer put her arms around her sister and pulled her.

Jesse watched Nicole sit on Jennifer’s lap and then stare at her sister. He watched her lean in slowly farther and farther until their lips touched. They kissed softly and then pulled back a little. He then saw Nicole open her mouth and kiss her sister deeply. He reached down and grabbed his poor cock as these two hot twins made out right next to him. He tried hard not to cum right there in his pants.

Jennifer pulled away from her sister and pulled her head into her shoulder. She nibbled on Nicole’s ear and whispered.

“It’s time.” She said softly and felt her sister hug her tighter.

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Adventures of Sarah - Chapter 11

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