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Lust on the school bus.

Categories Fiction, Anal, Bestiality, Blackmail

Author: Barry Gregor

Published: 16 May 2019

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Alyssa was the hottest girl and cheerleader in school and she rode my bus. We got on and off the bus together because she lived in the house across from mine. I don't know if it was love or lust but I had been in it since I was seven and now at fourteen I still wasn’t sure. Every day I would watch her get on and off the bus wearing very short skirt showing off her magnificent legs and her blouses that left little to imagine about her breasts. Though they were not big about an average c-cup they were round and firm with nipples the size of pencil erasers.

The thing is she teased everyone on the bus including the driver giving everyone glimpses up her skirt and down her blouse so by the time we got to our stop all of the guys had erections. It is no surprise with the way she was acting that what happened came about. The day started the way it always did we got on the bus and Alyssa started teasing the guys so by the time we got to school there was a rush for the bathrooms to get some relief.

That night on the ride home Bianca had enough she commanded the other girls to grab Alyssa and the held her while Bianca stripped all of her clothes from her. This left Alyssa totally naked and then Bianca told her that she would bring relief to all the guys that she had aroused. The she had Alyssa forced to lay down in the bus aisle and pulled hand cuffs from her pack. The girls cuffed Alyssa's limbs to the bus's seat benches so she was basically spread eagled and helpless. Then all of the guys on the bus took a turn fucking her shaved pussy and groping her breasts.

Our school was diversified and I think almost every race was represented on our bus and its true about black men because when Ben our bus driver took his turn last we saw a fourteen inch two inch in girth monster spread Alyssa's nether lips. We could actually watch as an image of his cock slid up and down on the surface of her abdomen. When he was done her pussy was gaping and took awhile to return to normal. Alyssa lay on the floor sobbing and cried even harder when Bianca informed her that they had video of her being fucked and unless she wanted it to be put up on the internet she now belonged to the people on the bus and would be our sex slave when ever she was on it.

As you could imagine this got a cheer and they released Alyssa who from that day would give blowjobs to all of the guys and eat all of the girls pussies. Ben the driver would pull into the old park and wait until she finished before finishing the run. Some of the girls would even bring surprises on the bus for Alyssa to do. One time Bianca brought her mastiff to school for a school project and we watched as the dog fucked Alyssa in her cunt in the morning and her anus at night.

Then their was the time Bianca stuffed large marbles into Alyssa's vagina and asshole and told her she would be inspecting her randomly throughout the day and she had better still have those marbles every time. That night when Bianca went into Alyssa's holes and retrieved those marbles it was discovered that Alyssa had been orgasming throughout the day because her panties were soaked and we could see the cum trail down her legs and into her shoes.

The most erotic thing Bianca did was force Alyssa to bring her older and younger brothers to ride the school bus , this was unusual because Chuck the older brother went to a school for smart kids and Tucker her younger brother was home schooled , and she some how made them fuck Alyssa but when they were about to cum Bianca sat down on them forcing the brothers to ejaculate in their sister. None of us knew about Bianca's weekend fun with Alyssa until I accidentally found out one weekend I rode my bike to the mall and saw Bianca and Alyssa walking the concourse.

Bianca was staying about twenty feet behind Alyssa and had forced Alyssa to dress in a very slutty outfit. She was wearing a short black silky skirt with a slit to the waist , dark silky stockings , knee high black leather hooker boots , a narrow silver chain link belt. She Al’s had on a sheer silky white sleeveless collarless front button blouse that was unbuttoned to just above the navel. I followed them as Bianca often spoke into her phone and Alyssa would perform certain actions like sitting on a bench across from two old men with her legs spread apart.

I got hard myself when she bought a bag of lollipops from a candy stand and hand them out to passers-by after inserting them into her pussy. I watched as many males and females accepted these candies and put them in their mouths. I saw the bag was almost empty as I walked up to her and accepted a cum coated candy I watched as she blushed furiously after realizing who had taken her candy. Alyssa I said as I stuck the lollipop in my mouth you are mine from now on , Bianca she belongs to me you will leave her alone from know on is this understood.

Yes sir Bianca responded come along Alyssa I told her and we went out to my car. Perhaps I should explain why everyone treated me with respect and a little fear , i was a freak of nature at fourteen i was six foot six inches , three hundred pounds without an ounce of fat and when our school had suffered one of those attempted terrorist attacks I had folded , spindles, and mutilated the four gun wielding men involved in the attack.

Now petite , beautiful , and sexy Alyssa had been claimed by me no one dared mess with her and I had a girlfriend I knew could take my massive monster of a cock. Which she did four times a day seven days a week but I was not one of those guys you know the ones that only cared about their own pleasure I made sure she orgasmed at least twice every time I fucked her. I still had her dress slutty because I liked it I would get hard just thinking about the other men being turned on by seeing her body. Thankfully her body became accustomed to my size because I didn't stop growing until i was around twenty eight.

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Lust on the school bus.

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