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A Boy and His dungeon VI

Categories Fiction, Teen

Author: Porntexter

Published: 16 May 2019

  • Font:

Slippin' . . . Into the Future

I sat at my workbench, toying with the headset and doing, pretty much, nothing.

After almost a month of, more or less. Constant, very satisfying sex with Jennifer, I was looking at a long dry spell. She had left for university early that morning, I had gotten up early and driven over for a last, unsatisfying, kiss because her mother had been standing there watching and impatiently tapping her foot.

Jennifer wouldn't be back until Christmas and my little Anglia, while good enough for local use wasn't up to driving all the way to London and back. Just then my phone rang, the voice on the other end immediately lifted my spirits.

“Hey, stud,” came Jill's voice, “ how's tricks?”

“Jill! How are you? Coming for a visit soon?”

“Might be coming up for a day next weekend.” she replied.

“Oh . . .”

“Buck up, stud,” she said, “Things will get better.”

“I suppose . . .”

“Jenn said you talked about how your gadget might work with games.” She said, “Is that right?”

“Yeah, I recall.”

“Well, listen.” she when on cheerfully, “I met a couple down here last week. He's a would be game developer and she's a wizard machine language programmer. I was telling them a little about my last visit up there and they're very keen on meeting you.”

“Well, I guess that would be okay.” I replied.

“And,” she went on, “they're the kind that would fit in well with you and Jenn . . . and me.”

“You mean . . .?”

“Lots of happy exercise!” she finished my thought in a happy crow.

I was beginning to get interested.

“One thing, can your gadget do feels” she asked.

“Of course, that's what we were doing.”

“No, not touchy feely feels, I meant feelings, happy, sad, pride, shame and stuff like that.”

“Oh,” I said, “I suppose it could, but I'd need to get some good samples to start on that”

“No problem,” she said, “I am the rising star of our amateur theater group, I can emote like you wouldn't believe.”

“I don't know,” I said, “I think it has to be real, not acting.”

“I guess we'll have to find out.”

“I guess we will,” I replied”

“Hey, gotta go.” she said, “Got a crotch to munch! See you early Saturday.” On that note she rang off.

I shook my head. When she wasn't being emo/goth, Jill's personality bubbled like a kettle on a high fire. One thing she had accomplished was to pull me out of the dumps.

I began to think seriously about the project again. I went back to creating discrete touch sensations without personal or sexual overtones as a warm up. From there, I thought about feelings that I might have caught in the recordings and not paid attention to at the time. One glaring example would be the 'afterglow' from Jennifer after our first complete bout of love making.

I dug out the graphs and charts, and soon had separated out several individual traces. I programmed them into the tablet with the limited headset. I tested them one by one in one second segments. Happy and content were both came through clearly, calm was a little vague, I tentatively labeled two more as satisfaction and love.

This was going surprisingly well. I still wanted to test them on another person, but what I was getting looked promising. I wracked by brain for times when Jennifer or I had strong emotional reactions while we were recording. I started working through the raw recordings trying to find identifiable feelings. One problem with that was that most of the recordings were made while we were making love. They tended to make me incredibly horny. I ended up stopping several times to masturbate. Around midnight, totally drained both physically and emotionally, I plodded upstairs to bed.

In the morning I was back at it. Cataloging the the feelings and writing a moderately versatile front end for the program to make selection a little more transparent. Then back to finding more examples to add in. One bit of code got my mind working overtime.

When I played that one I instantly fell asleep. I woke after about twenty minutes. The trials were only supposed to a second or so long. Apparently once it put me to sleep I stayed that way without the program until I woke naturally. I supposed it could be used as a cure for insomnia.

I was beginning to get a feel for the patterns in the code and decided to try an experiment, I wrote a section of code to nullify the effects of the sleep code, sort of an inverted version. When I tested this I woke up exactly when I wanted to, five minutes after I had started the sleep. This was the first time the program had caused a physical reaction.

I made some notes to pursue this later as it had some interesting ramifications such as; with careful planning and practice I might make someone prance about like a marionette.

When the code started to blur together, I moved to hardware. I had, for reasons unknown, been thinking of the military phased array radar. Instead of a scanning antenna, it varied the timing of pulses from the individual elements of an array to 'steer' the beam. If I could build a flat panel that, with appropriate drivers, could do what the headset did from a distance there would be no problems with cables getting tangled or the headset slipping off. I thought it could compensate for quite a bit of movement too.

The days passed, I worked most of the day, chatted with Jennifer after dinner on the phone, and worked some more in the evenings. I made a lot of headway.

Saturday morning, my phone woke me. It was Jill, they were about half an hour away and she wondered if I might be able to provide some kind of breakfast. I assured her that food of some sort would be available. I had some cereal and made coffee. I was sitting on the front steps with a cup of coffee when an old Volvo came up the drive, parked, and disgorged three people.

It took me a moment to recognize Jill. Her hair was a pale white blonde, the colors she wore would make a peacock hide in shame. She introduced Lisa and Conner.

Lisa was a slightly stout brunet with a full figure, not fat, just what was sometimes referred to as big boned. Conner, on the other hand was six feet tall and painfully thin. I ushered them into the kitchen, poured coffee around and with some help from Jill got everyone fed.

We cleaned up the kitchen, and trooped down to the dungeon. All three of them paused, looking everywhere, trying to take it all in at once. While it was all new to Lisa and Conner, there were enough changes to make it mostly new to Jill.

I had wrestled a lounger down the stairs to use in place of the sometimes unsteady office chairs we'd used before. The lounger was flanked by a pair of flat panels not unlike flip charts but made from an open mesh rather than paper. They were connected to thick bundles of cables suspended from the ceiling.

“You've been busy.” said Jill

“You have no idea.” I replied

I gave them a brief speech, outlining the original idea and what we had done with it to the point when Jill had left the month before. Lisa asked questions about the programming, Conner asked about possible applications, and Jill just sat there with a smile on her face.

I handed Lisa a binder with my custom OS and the main program and variations. I talked to Conner about adding tactile stimulus to VR games.

“You wrote your own operating system?” asked Lisa, incredulously.

“It was the easiest way for me to get those computers to work together.” I replied, indicating the rows of computers.

Can you demonstrate this tactile stimulus?” asked Conner

“When I talked to Jill last week,” I said, “I had an idea for a demo. I swotted this up the other day. If you'll sit here, I'll show you.”

I sat him in the lounger and handed him a VR headset.

“What you see will also be on this monitor.” I indicated one of the bench monitors. This is only a crude demo, so you can't interact with anything. Just relax and take it all in.”

“Ladies,” I said to the girls, “if you will stand over here and watch the monitor.”

They moved into position and I started the demo. On the screen an armored figure was walking down a cobble stone street.

“Conner is seeing this from the vantage point of this character” I told them quietly.”

“This cool, said Conner, “I can feel the cobbles under my . . .boots?”

A figure stepped into the frame and grabbed the arm of the walking figure.

“Somebody grabbed me!” Yelped Conner.

A gout of flame shot across the screen in front of the now stationary figure, followed by a lumbering cartoon dragon.

“Yow! That's hot! And where did this goofy looking dragon come from?”

The screen went dark. Conner took off the VR goggles and looked at us standing exactly where we had been when it started.

“Even without being able to control the character,” Said Conner, “that was amazing! It felt so real.”

“As, I said,” I told him, “it's a crude demo, everything you felt was brute forced to match the video. I gave you the feeling of wearing boots, the cobbles were just the feeling of a bumpy surface, the hand that grabbed your arm was just the feeling of a hand. We saw who grabbed you, but the NPC was out of your field of view. You felt heat, but did you smell anything?”

“Yeah, there was a sulfur smell, like and old stick match.” said Conner.

“Now, for the grand prize,” I said, “was the NPC who grabbed you a guy or a girl?”

Conner thought for a moment. “It was a girl, I'm not sure how I know, but it was definitely a girl.

“Wrong,” said Lisa, We saw it, it was a man.”

Jill nodded in agreement.

“What you girls saw was a man,” I said, “but the hand Conner felt was from one of the recordings of Jennifer with all the overtones intact.

“Wow!” Said Conner, “Even a mediocre game would be killer with this tech. It could be worth a fortune!”

“Now you get your participation reward,” I said, “Lisa, crawl up there and stretch out next to Conner.”

as soon as she was in position, I gave them two seconds of 'afterglow'.

They both went limp. Their expressions could best be described ad happy and smug. Two seconds later, their eyes refocused. They looked at each other, smiling, and shared a kiss.

“I feel like I should light up a cigarette.” said Conner.

“No smoking.” I said.

“Oh, I don't smoke,” said Conner, “It just feels like that kind of moment.”

“That felt so . . . nice.” said Lisa, “How did you do that? Jill said you had to use some kind of headset.”

“Those two panels do what the headset did,” I told her

“What else can you do with it.” asked Conner.

“Are either of you fans of Lewis Caroll? Ever read 'Jabberwocky'?” I asked them.

“No.” said Conner, “Why?”

“ I read it once, for school, 'Twas Brillig and . . .' something.” said Lisa.

“Okay,” I said, “Conner, you're elected. Just lay back and relax for a moment.”

I quickly keyed in a few commands. Conner lay very still. The girls looked at Conner, then back to me.

After about fifteen seconds, I clicked the mouse a couple of times. Conner shook his head and started to sit up. I handed the girl's a printout and turned to Conner

“Conner, would you please recite 'Jabberwocky'.” I requested.

“But I don't know . . .” Conner trailed off, “ Yes I do, but how?”

He began to recite while the girls read along.

’Twas brillig, and the slithy toves 

      Did gyre and gimble in the wabe: 

All mimsy were the borogoves, 

      And the mome raths outgrabe. 

“Beware the Jabberwock, my son! 

      The jaws that bite, the claws that catch! 

Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun 

      The frumious Bandersnatch!” 

He took his vorpal sword in hand; 

      Long time the manxome foe he sought— 

So rested he by the Tumtum tree 

      And stood awhile in thought. 

And, as in uffish thought he stood, 

      The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame, 

Came whiffling through the tulgey wood, 

      And burbled as it came! 

One, two! One, two! And through and through 

      The vorpal blade went snicker-snack! 

He left it dead, and with its head 

      He went galumphing back. 

“And hast thou slain the Jabberwock? 

      Come to my arms, my beamish boy! 

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!” 

      He chortled in his joy. 

’Twas brillig, and the slithy toves 

      Did gyre and gimble in the wabe: 

All mimsy were the borogoves, 

      And the mome raths outgrabe.

There was a long moment of silence.

“Now, you have a new party trick,” I finally said, “Just challenge someone to recite the whole thing. Almost everyone knows a little of it, but only die hard fans ever bother to memorize the whole thing.”

“How long will it stay with me?” he asked.

“Right now it's a kind of a 'secondary memory', If you think about it, it will pop up clear and fresh. If you spend a little time thinking about it, analyzing it, It will become a 'Primary memory', always right there and instantly available.”

He instantly grasped both the concept and potential applications.

“So, If I had digital copies of one of my textbooks . . .”

“You would have it down letter perfect in about an hour.” I finished for him.

“Wow!” He said.

“That's cool, and all,” Said Lisa, “but, Jill told me some really fantastic stuff about this . . . thing of yours.”

“And you want to try it?” I asked with a grin.

“Well, yeah,” she said, “Jill promised that we'd have our minds blown and have the time of our lives.”

“You asked for it.” I said. “Conner move over here, and Lisa, you stretch out on the lounger.”

As soon as everyone was in position, I selected and started a stored sequence.

“This is the one from the first time I fucked you.” I told Jill quietly.

Shortly, Lisa was writhing on the lounger, moaning and gasping, oblivious to all but the pleasure she was feeling. Conner's breathing sped up as he watched Lisa and he started to rub his crotch.

“I was like that?” Jill asked me, her own breath coming faster.

Exactly like that.” I said.

Jill moved behind Conner and gave him a little push.

“Go on,” she told him, “You want to, and she wants to.”

Almost in a trance, Conner stumbled toward Lisa

He climbed up beside her gently turned her head and kissed her. Her eyes flew open and, as she recognized him, she wrapped her arms around his head and kissed him passionately. He took over mauling her tits and in moments, they were tearing at each other's clothes. Lisa's tits were, to me, magnificent. They stood up with almost no sag at all.

I started to rub my cock through my pants. Jill was squeezing her own tits. Jill glanced at me, saw what I was doing and immediately dropped to her knees, fumbling at my belt.

I glanced over to where Conner was sucking Lisa's nipples while the struggled to get each other's pants down.

Jill had my cock out, and stroked it gently as she turned me slightly, so she could still watch them as she slid my cock into her mouth.

Conner's pants were around his knees, Lisa's were around her ankles, allowing her to spread her legs. Conner moved down to suck on her pussy, while he freed one of her legs so she had more freedom of movement.

Jill had her own pant's down, fingering her own pussy while she sucked me with slow measured strokes.

Conner moved back up on Lisa, Kissing her as he slid his cock deep into her in one long slow motion. Lisa's moaning went up an octave as she began thrusting her hips up to meat him. They settled into a steady rhythm, of long full strokes slamming them selves together with meaty sounding smacks.

Jill picked up the pace sucking me harder and deeper. I reached down and started rubbing her tits through her shirt, paying particular attention to he nipples

Lisa's voice rose to a higher pitch, Conner kept up a steady, slightly faster, pace, grunting every time their bodied slammed together.

Jill took me deep into her throat, working her throat muscles. I blew my load down her throat. She pulled back just enough to take a breath, then sucked me deep into her throat again, to get me hard for the next round.

With an animal roar Conner stiffened in his orgasm while Lisa pounded against him, in seconds she screamed out her own orgasm. He pulled out of her and knee walked up her body. She took his cock in her mouth and began to suck him into hardness again. Conner thrust into her mouth, synchronizing his movements with hers.

Jill let my cock slide from her mouth, and, standing took my cock in her hand led me over to the lounger. She pressed her head in to help Lisa work on Conner's cock, licking his balls and along the shaft.

In no time at all, Conner was hard again and moved down to re-enter Lisa's pussy. Jill began sucking Lisa's tits and with one hand guided my cock to her own pussy. I thrust into her with a meaty smack, pushing her forward. She transferred her attention to Lisa's other tit.

Conner and I were pounding into the girl's pussies in unison. I reached around Jill, gently rubbing her knob with one hand and pinching a nipple with the other.

Conner reached under Jill and grasped her other tit.

Lisa reached down and took my hand from Jill's tit and moving it to her own, then reached down to work on Jill's tit.

We spent a few moments thrusting and sucking, moaning and grunting.

Jill screamed out her orgasm against Lisa's tit, Lisa stiffened as she screamed out her own orgasm, a second later

Conner and I grunted out our own orgasms, blowing loads of cum into both girls pussies.

We seemed locked in place for a moment, breathing in huge gasps, then Conner rolled off Lisa, giving her a long tender kiss. Jill and I slumped to the floor and managed to end up in a position where I could kiss her.

We lay there for some unknowable time, enjoying the afterglow and getting our breathing under control.

When we could all move again, we all shed what clothes we still had on, they were all hopelessly stained and began to clean ourselves up. I had Jill take Lisa to the upstairs bath. I ran up to my room, and pulled on sweat pants and a T shirt and went back down. I got the keys from Conner and went out to bring in the bags from the Volvo.

Soon we were sitting around the kitchen table again, wolfing down sandwiches and crisps.

“That was fan-fucking-tastic!” said Lisa, “Possibly the best orgy I've ever been in.”

“Four-ways are usually harder to coordinate than three-ways,” said Conner, “but this time it worked out really well.”

“I think I can provide an almost exact replay,” I said, “if that's what you want.”

“What?” said Lisa, “How?”

“Those panels are both transmitters and receivers,” I explained, “They transmitted recorded sensations to you and recorded all of us, except Jill and I before we moved into range.”

Jill suddenly yawned hugely.

“I guess our early morning start is catching up with me.” she said, “We have all been up since about three this morning.”

“Oh, I said, “I have another new thing I discovered. I can guarantee you a nap of any length without a chance of waking until you want to.”

“Huh?” said Jill, “how does that work?”

I had a recording of Cathy and I, where we fell asleep while the recorder was running. I extracted the brain pattern from then and, voila.”

“So,” said Jill, “someone has to stop the program for you to wake up?”

“No, Once you're asleep, I can turn off the program and you would sleep until you woke naturally.” I explained, “Or I can leave to program rumnning and have it wake you when you want with a timer.”

“How did you get a recording of waking up?” asked Conner.

“I didn't,” I said, “I just kind of wrote an inverted piece of code to do that.”

“You just 'wrote' some brain code?” Lisa Lisa said incredulously.

“Let's go back down,” I said, “I'll show you.

We went back down. Jill volunteered to run a load of wash and carried a bundle back up. I pulled up the two sections of code, displayed them side by side and pointed out the changes I had made for Lisa. Conner asked for a trial run as he would be driving on the way back. I took him to a cot I had set up in one of the small side chambers, had him lay down, then with the tablet and it's headset, put him to sleep for half an hour. Lisa was impressed, She told me he usually had a lot of trouble getting to sleep. Lisa and I went back to the bench and started talking computer code.

Soon we were going over the main program code. She had a lot of questions because I hadn't documented the code very well. After a few minutes I was standing behind her looking over her shoulder as she worked through the mass of code. She started pointing out places where improvements could be made. I stopped her and dug out a colored pencil so she could mark up the printed pages.

After a bit she turned and looked at me, and kissed me.

“You may not know this,” she said, “but there is nothing quite so horny as a gal who's just been laid well and proper.”

“Huh?” I got out, trying to process what she was saying.

She stood up and led me by the hand to the sofa. She quickly peeled me out of my clothes and removed her own.

“Don't be shy,” she said, “I want this.”

Lisa slithered down my body and started sucking my cock. Her technique was subtly different from Jennifer or Jill, mostly a lot more tongue action, I thought. She got me hard quickly, then crawled back up to straddle my hips. She lifted her body and drove down onto my cock. She was surprisingly tight and it felt good, very good, I reach up to those magnificent tits, larger than either Jill or Jennifer's. I squeezed them gently and teased her nipples as she moaned and started pumping up and down on my cock.

“Harder, James.” she demanded.

I squeezed harder and began to pinch her nipples, Her moans got louder, and the pace quickened. I mauled her tits and pinched and twisted her nipples harder. She leaned down and kissed me like she wanted to suck my tongue out of my head. She suddenly stopped and jumped up.

“Get up!” She commanded.

As I stood up she got back onto the sofa on her hands and knees.

“Now, she said, “fuck me doggy style, and don't be gentle, about anything. I like it that way.”

I mounted her again, driving my cock balls deep into her pussy. I reached around an started playing with her knob, pinching and twisting. She squealed and drover hips back at me. I pounded my cock into her, roughly abusing her knob and one nipple, amid the groans and moans and grunts of effort she came, shrieking out her orgasm. A few more fast pounding strokes later I blew my load into her. She collapsed face down on the sofa and I collapsed onto her back.

We lay there for a moment, catching our breath. I became aware of the sounds of lovemaking close by. I stood up and, taking her hand drew her to me, she gave me another kiss and we walked around the corner to the small side room.

Jill was sucking Conner's cock while he sucked and tongued her pussy. Jill was moaning around his cock while he held her firmly to his face by her ass cheeks. Lisa and watched for a moment, then she turned and hurried to the bench and returned with a tube of lube, squirting some on her fingers.

Take some of this,” she whispered, “and finger her ass. I know they both like it.”

I wasn't entirely sure, but my libido was living a life of it's own. When Lisa and I were in position, she gave me an evil grin and held up three fingers. Dropping them one by one in a brief countdown. When I she dropped the last finger we each thrust a finger into the puckered ass in front of us.

Conner grunted loudly, spasming. Jill screamed around Conner's cock and drove her pussy onto his face. They bucked against each other as Lisa and I finger fucked their asses. Shortly they collapsed together and we pulled out our fingers. Jill looked over her shoulder at me as Conner craned around to get a look at Lisa.

“That was a surprise,” Jill got out between gasping breaths, “a good surprise, but still . . .”

“That goes for me too.” Conner said

“It was her idea.” I said pointing at Lisa.

“I don't think I've ever come so hard in a sixty nine.” Jill finished.

They got themselves untangled, we all cleaned up, dressed and settled into chairs in the workroom.

“Two points,” Conner said, “That sleep program works a treat, I woke up to Jill sucking my dick, but I've never been able to sleep through the preliminaries, just ask Lisa.”

Lisa nodded.

“Second,” he went on, “we need to spend a lot more time on your project. Do you think we can get room in town to stay over?”

“Probably,” I said, “but we have a room over the old carriage house, used to be servants quarters back in the day. I don't see why you couldn't stay there.”

I called my Mother and explaining that Jennifer's friend Jill had brought a couple of people up from university who had an interest in my project and they needed a place for the night. Mother suggested the carriage house quarters before I could bring it up and arrangements were quickly made.

We strolled over to the carriage house to show them the rooms there, slightly musty, but as the weather was good, we opened windows to air it out. We spent the rest of the day downstairs again. Lisa working over the code while Conner, Jill and I talked about possible game integration and other applications.

The next day, while we took a break, Jill and Lisa were whispering back and forth while Conner and I talked gaming. When the girls rejoined us, Lisa observed that it was a shame we lived so far away from each other. I asked them to bring me an application from their school, I had an idea.

“I think,” Lisa began, “I'd like to try both of you guys at the same time.”

“Huh?” I said, startled.

“Well,” she went on, “Jill told me that James has good instincts, and after yesterday, I have to agree.”

“One in font and one behind?” asked Conner.

“Yeah,” she continued, “it just might be time to lose my ass cherry.”

“You've never done anal?” I asked.

“Not yet,” she said, “but Jill says you're good, and gentle.”

“Wait a minute,” I said, Let's try something.”

“Not now,” she clarified, “ I don't think we have the time, maybe next weekend.”

I brought over the tablet and it's headset.

“I agree about the time,” I said, “but I can give you a taste, if you will. I have a recording of Jill from last month.”

“Oh,” she said, “ I'm willing to try that.

I set up the program and put the headset on her. After a moment of thought, I told her to get down on her hands and knees so the stimulus would match up better. When she was positioned and ready I keyed the sequence. After a few seconds, she gave a little gasp and stated to wiggle her ass around a little. I smiled at Jill and sat down beside her on the sofa.

“Remember?” I asked her.

Jill just nodded as she watched Lisa gasp and wiggle on the floor. Lisa let out a soft moan and held absolutely still as I replayed the encounter in my mind.

Soon she was gasping and moaning rocking back against the perceived cock in her ass. Lisa's whole body began to shake as she moaned and gasped. She suddenly went ridged with an emphatic grunt she collapsed to lay flat on the floor.

“OH. MY. GOD.” she managed to say, “is that what it's like?”

Jill smiled and said, “I remember that time, and knowing how well the program duplicates sensations, you just felt exactly what I felt that time.”

“Now I can't wait till next weekend!” Lisa exclaimed.

“There are a few things” Jill said, “that we can do until then to make sure the real thing is at least as good.”

After more discussion and some quiet gentle petting, I helped them load the car and saw them on their way.

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A Boy and His dungeon VI

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moooow2 — 16 May 2019 23:04
good story!
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