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The Club - Ch. 7, Everyday Routine

Categories Fiction, BDSM, Bestiality, Blowjob

Author: Lisa Ford

Published: 16 May 2019

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The Club

Chapter 7 – Everyday Routine

I had daily routines that I was starting to follow. Or at least certain things I would expect on different days of the week.

Part of my routine was being monitored by Mr. Savage in every way, some days more closely than others. He would weigh me, measure me, and control what I ate. He had an exercise regimen for me. I felt fitter and healthier than I ever had. My skin was healthy, my hair shone. He cared for my nails. He accompanied me to the hairdresser. My nails were done by Mrs. Black. She enjoyed doing my nails. Especially if I was tied up and having my pussy tortured at the same time. Mr. Savage kept detailed notes and pictures and videos of his property. At first, I wasn’t sure how I would feel about being monitored so closely and controlled this way but I discovered that I found it comforting and like so many things arousing even though I didn’t fully understand why. Mr. Savage taking care of me the way he did made me feel taken care of in a way I had never been before and it fulfilled me in a way I had not expected. It also filled me with sensations that were intensely pleasing and not entirely sexual, although they were often combined with sexual sensations. When the two hit me together, I was in absolute heaven.

Mr. Savage, being so experienced and the man of extensive knowledge that he was, explained one day to me the non-sexual but intensely pleasant sensations that I was experiencing during certain activities. I didn’t just experience it with Mr. Savage; I experienced it at other times too. He first explained it was not something everyone experienced. Much like not all women experienced the intense multiple orgasms I did. He was very pleased that I did though as it enabled him to give me a greater range of experience. It was called Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) and it affected people differently and there were different triggers. For me, it was an intensely pleasant tingling sensation that began around my ears and spread across my head and down the back of the neck and upper spine. He described it as the subjective experience of "low-grade euphoria." I knew what euphoria was and that was about right. Whenever it happened, it was magical. My triggers varied a little but my most intense triggers were certain types of personal attention, non-sexual, or mostly non-sexual. So when Mr. Savage was measuring me or anything like that it often triggered it. Mrs. Black and Mrs. Johnson often triggered it as they played with me. When they nursed me and put diapers on me or anything of that nature. Mrs. Stein would sometimes have me lie on her lap and comb my hair and that triggered it. Even if other sex acts were happening it didn’t matter. It just made it all the more intense. My ASMR responses just served to add another layer to my experiences when they happened.

Everyone took turns and Mr. Savage was very generous with my use to everyone in the household. They were all so close. I think they really did consider themselves a family of sorts. If it was a TV night there was a cabinet at the side of the room that would be unlocked and hidden panels opened and attachments brought in. Once assembled it was a very versatile piece of sex furniture. In its simplest form, it was a seat with a dildo or two dildos on it and I was to sit there with my legs spread wide and my hands in the overhead cuffs and wait to be needed by one of the residents. Sometimes the dildos would be vibrating ones and they would tease me for an hour or more, watching a TV show before paying me any attention. I would be so desperate to be fucked. They would make me beg. They would make me do so many things. Sometimes I would be milked in the cabinet. Sometimes they would even close the doors and leave me there while they had a guest and have me gagged. I would have to be quiet and still with the dildos inside me and whatever else they had decided to do to me while a tea party was going on or whatever. Then I would be pulled out and used. I would be wet and desperate and so happy to please them.

I never slept in my own room now. I would sleep in the beds of the residents, one night with each resident and four nights with my Master, Mr. Savage.

My mornings would sometimes be encounters with the milkman or postman. I had regular visits, every few weeks to pick up magazines for my Master at the newsagents; sometimes Mr. Savage would join me.

I had my monthly check-ups with the Dr. and his lovely nurse and my rigorous routine at work; which involved all the members of staff, my boss Mr. Baxter and a number of clients. On top of that, I would occasionally be driven out to the country for a new collar or cuff or belt to be fitted. I would always enjoy those visits too. Frank always had something new to show my Master and often wanted to try it out. Then there were always new experiences in the guest house.

It was Mrs. Stein’s evening to have me and use me. She was using my room for whatever she had in mind. Mr. Savage was offering to assist her. Mrs. Stein always needed help to carry out her often extremely naughty and depraved plans. "Oh that's very sweet of you dear, I'd love the help. She's going to be a good little slut for me, aren't you? She's always such a good girl." She pinched my nipple and kissed me. Mr. Savage stripped me and first set down the plastic sheet she had brought with her. Then he pushed me roughly down and bound me in a spread eagle position with my hands bound over my head. He turned and smiled sweetly at her. They were all so nice to her, always respectful. "What toys do you want to use today?" Asked Mr. Savage, "Well I want her to cum hard George, whatever you think will work best, I defer to you. Obviously, we won't need anything for her clit," was her reply. That made me wonder and I was becoming very curious. He selected a powerful anal vibrator that would reach deep inside me and a powerful rabbit. He lubed them up and pushed them both deep inside me, thrusting each for a few minutes until he had me moaning. Then he taped them in place so they weren't going anywhere. I had barely noticed her basket, full of her little terriers. They went everywhere with her. He picked up a bag full of cans and jars. "We'll start with the peanut butter shall we?" He remarked and turned the vibrators on high then opened a jar of the peanut butter. He covered my breasts, under my arms, my stomach, around my neck, my feet, my inner thighs, and all over my pussy and ass. The dogs were barking and yipping around his feet.

Mrs. Stein stood up and asked for her chair to be moved closer. She may have been in her 80's but there was lust in her eyes. She loved what she was doing to me. Mr. Savage scooped up five of the dogs and placed them on the bed and they all headed to different parts of me and started feasting on me. I squirmed and moaned. Then he picked up six more and immediately there were eleven small tongues and bodies moving over mine. Occasionally, I would feel teeth but they didn't bite hard. Their tongues were smaller versions of the larger dogs, still rough but frantic and lapped at me desperate to get all the peanut butter off me. Their tongues felt amazing but so did their little feet running over me as I lay there helpless and at their mercy buried beneath a pile of fur for Mrs. Stein's amusement. Mr. Savage had placed a gag in my mouth so my moans were muffled but they could be heard. I reached my first orgasm but none of the stimulation ended. One of the dogs had reached my pussy now; I thought I might pass out. Mr. Savage was watching and seemed pleased with the display. He had his cock out. Mrs. Stein noticed. "By all means dear boy, your cock will be just as an efficient as the gag in her mouth." He smiled down at her. Moved over to me and exchanged his cock for the gag. While he was there he coated my body with more peanut butter as he fucked my mouth ramming his cock deep down my throat. If you have ever seen a dog lick a bowl of its favorite food, that is what they were doing to my entire body, my breasts, my clit, my pussy lips, over and over again. While Mr. Savage now fucked my throat, controlling my breathing. Always pushing to the limit, making my head swim. I was just sensation and the thought of how wonderful it all felt, I was his. I cared about nothing else. He pulled another more intense orgasm from me. I knew they would keep going until the dogs lost interest. He eventually came, feeding me his cum. I drank it greedily. Not wanting to lose a drop of it. I had come to truly love how it tasted and felt and the thrill it gave me. It completed me.

After the peanut butter, they moved on to a meat product the dogs ate. It was smeared all over me. It was a treat for the dogs and they went crazy. Mr. Savage watched them closely to make sure they didn't use their teeth too much. Several of them kept biting my nipples. It made me yelp but it wasn't so hard to hurt me, it seemed to only excite me more. Mrs. Stein would occasionally giggle at one of her dogs as it dug deep into my pussy or ass. Pushing on the vibrators, making me squirm and scream. Eventually, things drew to a close. "Mr. Savage could you be a dear and go and start the bath up. We are going to have to give them all a good thorough scrub down. The bath for the dogs and put our little slut on a hook in the shower stall. We can hose her off there." She said with a smile and a twinkle in her eye. I wasn't entirely sure if I was on a lower status than the dogs or if she was just enjoying making me feel like I was. I didn't care I was enjoying myself too much.

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The Club - Ch. 7, Everyday Routine

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