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Lust in the retirement home.

Categories Fiction, Anal, Asian, Bestiality

Author: Barry Gregor

Published: 18 May 2019

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Alyssa couldn't believe that her parents had told her if she wanted a car then take the job at the local retirement home as a helper aide. She had just turned sixteen and got her work permit so she called the home and took a position as an aide. Her first night was tonight and she was a little nervous. She walked in through the front doors and walked to the nurses station. Hi said the nurse I’m Stacy you must be Alyssa , yes what will I be doing tonight? Just helping Sandy and I getting the residents ready for bed. They already had dinner so you take the west wing there are six residents there , two ladies and four men just help them wash up and dress for bed.

They get a pudding at ten and then off to bed. Am I all alone over there , yes but if you need any help just call for it on the intercom. Alyssa said okay and headed for the west wing. Alyssa found the west wing and introduced herself to the six residents. The two women were Alice and Sally , the four men were John , Sam , Mike , and Jim. So who wants to go first and Mike said ladies first and Alyssa took Alice and Sarah into the shower room. Alice suggested that she should strip down to her bra and panties so her clothes stayed dry and she could leave them off when she was done and dressed again. Alyssa did this and helped the two women shower , dry off , and dress.

She never noticed that her wet underwear was transparent but the old men noticed when they joined her in the shower room. They stripped down with her help and went into the showers as they washed up she moved around among them helping where she was needed. She was in the corner when the four men grabbed her wrists and one of them stuffed a wet washcloth into her mouth while the last one stripped her wet clothes off of her. She looked down and saw all four were sporting a hard on and they all were smiling. Mike and John held her fast as Sam moved behind her and pushed his engorged cock into her anus. Jim moved in front of her and entered her pussy pushing through her hymen.

The two men both in their eighties started to rapidly fuck the young girl until they ejaculated at which point they switched places with the other two men. This continued for a couple of hours by the end the two men were more holding her up than holding her prisoner. They dried her off and took her into Alice's room and laid her on the bed where Alice and Sally introduced her to lesbian sex as they ate her cunt and made her eat theirs. The two women were also in their eighties and enjoyed the young girls ministrations. The six drew straws and Mike won the draw so they placed Alyssa in his bed and he joined her sleeping until the next morning.

Alyssa woke up naked with Mike's arms wrapped around her holding her close. She felt his morning wood poking the cheeks of her ass and whimpered fearing she would be fucked by them all again. She shouldn't have worried because as she tried to disentangle herself from Mike she ended up next to the bed on her knees when Mike’s dog Duke came into his room saw her presenting to him and quickly mounted her. She screamed as Duke entered her pussy and started fucking her. Alyssa's scream woke Mike up and brought the others to his room including the male and female nurses. They all watched as Duke fucked Alyssa until she orgasmed and Duke came in her cunt.

The male nurse recorded all of this on his phone while the female nurse went to Duke and shifted his still hard penis to Alyssa's anus and slapped him on the ass to get him started. Alyssa screamed again and plead with them to stop this , no more , it hurts so much. When the dog finished he left the room while Alyssa cried sitting on the floor. The people got her up and cleaned up and explained to her that with the video she belonged to them and would continue working at the retirement home doing the same things she had done since the night before. They got her dressed and sent her home with their final words ringing in her ears , see you tonight. Alyssa went home ate and went to bed then when she woke up she did her daily activities before getting ready to go to work.

When she entered the home and greeted the nurses on duty at the main desk they returned the greeting but smirked at her knowingly. She blushed realizing that they knew what had happened to her the night before and would likely be repeated tonight. Alyssa entered the west wing and saw everyone waiting for her in the social room. So Alice said you came back did you enjoy last night? Alyssa blushed as she thought over the question and finally replied , overall yes. Good last night we went easy on you tonight will be very strenuous for you. Get undressed and into the shower tonight Kelly and Bear will be joining us they are the two nurses usually on duty for the west wing you met them last night.

Alyssa went and undressed getting into the shoes turning on the four shower head and setting them for the proper temperature. She waiting for the others to join her and as they walked in they separated as Bear brought up the rear. Bear looked like a Native American but he said that as far as he knew he had no Indian blood She whimpered as she saw bear’s hard cock it was a good fourteen inches long and three inches around. He walked up to her confidently and handed her a bottle of liquid soap. Go ahead soap up your hands and lubricate my penis otherwise it will hurt you when I start fucking you. She lathered up her hands as she regarded Bear , he was big about six four and over four hundred pounds but he didn’t look fat he was not that good looking about a four on a scale of one to ten.

She soaped up his penis and it got larger and harder then he gently picked her up and slid her slowly down onto his penis she groaned in pain as he entered her pussy but took the time for her to adjust to his size. She wrapped her legs around his torso and he began to fuck her slowly but adjusted his pace as she became used to it. She began screaming as her body began to have multiple orgasms until she lost count and her body experienced orgasms at a machine gun like pace. Alyssa passed out but Bear kept up fucking her unconscious body switching back and forth between her vagina and her anus. He filled her womb with his sperm and Kelly capped her vagina with a plug keeping the sperm inside her womb.

Alyssa woke up the next morning with her anus and pussy in great pain , she slowly removed the plug in the shower and watched as a great amount of spunk drained from her. She kept working at the home getting fucked every night by the six residents and the four duty nurses for the west wing. She met the other two nurses that worked Friday to Sunday nights. George was a large black man and Tonjia was an Asian women. That first Friday night George had her kneel down between his legs and she took his cock into her mouth he had her moving his penis in and out of her mouth this was Alyssa's first blow job and as she bobbed her head on his penis she felt it puff up and explode in her mouth she tried to make back but he forced her to swallow his cum. Alyssa worked at the home for four months before she noticed her abdomen was bulging out. When she took a pregnancy test it came back positive. Five months later she gave birth to a pair of twin girls and a little boy. She refused to be tested to find out who the father was and so the six residents and the four nurses treated the children like they were theirs.

Alyssa discovered as each of the residents passed away that they bad all made her their sole beneficiary. Bear and Alyssa had started dating right after he had first fucked her and they were married when she found out she was with child. They named the children after the residents the one girl was Alicia Jennette and the other was Sally Michelle. The boy was named Samuel James and they all had some attributes that reminded people of Bear. Alyssa enjoyed many years of unusual sexual activity with Bear and was very happy with the way her life had turned out.

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Lust in the retirement home.

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