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The Chauffeur (#46) Shopping for Christmas

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, Group Sex, Job/Place-of-work


Published: 20 May 2019

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The Chauffeur (#46) Shopping for Christmas


Copyright 2019


When I woke up the following day, I was a bit excited. The idea of Tony Stewart coming to the office was very interesting. I spent a couple of hours laying in bed thinking about what would bring Tony Stewart to our office. I do remember Sharon telling me that he was meeting another client on a different floor and took a shot that I might be available. My mind was wondering if I should have some lunch sent in or just have the meeting and then have lunch after he leaves.

Taking a shower felt good as I always miss the shower at this house, it’s better than any hotel shower that I have ever felt.

Jill was still in bed sleeping when I headed to the bathroom. Oddly, Dakota spent the night in her own bed. We had a wonderful sensual time together, but when we finished, we took a shower together and Dakota left the bedroom to head to her own bed, which surprised me. We really had a passionate session lasting more than 2 hours. We haven’t had a session like that for several weeks. However, I slept like a log after she headed back to her own bedroom.

When I finished my shower, I put on a nice dress shirt and dress slacks and a tie. I really didn’t feel much like putting on a suit. Yes, it is Tony Stewart, but he’ll probably only be around for an hour or two.

I know that the 500 cases of wine are also being delivered today. Hopefully, John has enough troops to handle the delivery. Amy will be here to help direct the troops as will Bobby and Sammy as one of the wine cellar doors is next to the main kitchen. The other door is next to the big kitchen.

In my head, I figured that at some point I need to send one of the chefs down to the cellar and take an inventory of everything. I also have the intention to try and figure out who is putting things, such as the three vineyards in Jaxson, Inc. name. I know Sharon was working on it yesterday, but when she got home, she made no mention of what she found out if anything.

Once I was dressed, I headed out to the main kitchen. Sharon was already there as was Jennifer. Jennifer got up and poured me a glass of pineapple juice. In my head, I was still amazed at Jennifer’s bonus check. I know that she earned all of it, but it just surprised me.

Buying those figurines for Dakota made me feel really good. I finally found something that made her happy. It was also nice to have that conversation about her being very happy with Jill and I. The story she told me about how cheap Bob was really surprised me. I get not spending huge amounts on people, but a $25 gift card was ridiculous.

The furniture that was brought in for Mom yesterday was a bit of a surprise. I really didn’t pay much attention to it, but Amy apparently did, and she thought that the furniture was beautiful.

As I sat there drinking my pineapple juice, I realized that I was hungry.

“Bobby, could you make me a cheese omelet, some bacon, and fried potatoes, please?” I ask him.

“Absolutely. It will take about 15 minutes. I hope that is OK with you,” he tells me.

“It will be fine, thank you,” I reply.

As my omelet was cooking, Jennifer, Diane, Paula, Donna, and Amy all came out. Amy was dressed in a pair of old jeans, but the other four ladies all looked stunning.

“Paula, did you get a call from a chauffeur who works in Dallas?” I ask.

“Yeah, he told me that you gave him your card and gave him instruction to call me We had about an hour conversation. He seems nice and really knows the limo business well. While he won’t know LA for a few weeks, he certainly could manage our hotel to airport service in Black Car Limo. Since we don’t know much about him, I’m not ready to tip our hand and let him work at Happy, Happee Limo,” she tells me. Her reasoning is sound and I’m glad that she has a good sense of running the business.

“Hey, is that Congressman and his wife still use Happy?” I ask not expecting for them to still be clients.

“Oh yes, they are. In fact, they have upped their usage of the limo service from once every two weeks to twice a week now. They still have their little fetish; she gets pounded while he sits in the back and jacks off. They are quite an interesting couple. They ask about you occasionally,” she tells me.

“Are they using the card or still paying cash?” I ask.

“Oh, they LOVE the card since they play together. It keeps them from having to carry cash,” Paula tells me which surprises me. I would figure with them being in California politics, they would want something that isn’t so easily traceable.

“How’s Billy what’s his name?” I ask.

“Oh, he’s become a real ass. He gets all indignant that Jill isn’t available to be his personal sex toy. He keeps telling me that he should get a discount since he isn’t getting the driver he wants,” Paula explains to me.

“Do we still have that large black lady…. what was her name? Betty, no Bertha Bethune. Yeah, 300 pounds of unsatisfied sexual woman. I think you should turn her loose on him and give him his stupid discount. Hell, tell him that I authorized a onetime discount of 25%. I think Ms. Bethune will fuck him into submission. Does he still want his stupid British cigarettes……oh wait, he calls them fags doesn’t he?” I ask her.

“Oh yeah, thankfully we still make a pretty penny on those stupid smokes. But I like your idea about Bertha. Hey, why don’t you bring her here one weekend? I’m sure she would love a shot at you. She likes white guys. She takes it as a challenge to try and fuck them into submission,” Paula says to me giggling.

“While I’m sure you would have a big laugh at my expense, I’ll pass on Ms. Bethune, besides, Dr. Ronda wants time with me. You know that, right?” I say to her with a smile on my face. In all actuality, she is a good-looking woman, but her personality is very loud. I don’t know why it is, but she’s loud all the time.

“Hey, I have an idea that I’m sure you will find funny. How about we turn her loose on John? Let’s see who wins that battle. My well-endowed sidekick or your overly horny white guy loving driver? My money is on John. Who do you think will win this one?” I say to Paula laughing a bit.

“OH, my money is on Bertha. I’ve seen her take on three white guys and fuck and suck each one until they were laying in the back of the limo barely able to move,” Paula says to me.

“Hey, we could make a bet. We put John and Bertha together and see who outlasts the other one. If John wins, then I’ll be your pet for a weekend. If Bertha wins, you have to fuck and suck every woman I put with you for 24 hours,” she says.

“Um, one minor point. Won’t I do that anyway?” I ask her.

“Yes, probably, but I get to pick the women. You might find yourself having to please Bertha, her sister D’Andrea, and their Mother Shantae. This sounds like fun to me. You, as good as you are, and three constantly horny black women. Two sisters and a Mother. I think before we agree, I should ask Jill and your second wife Dakota to see what they think,” Paula says.

“Hmm, well Paula if we’re going to play like that, then I need more compensation if John wins,” I say to her. I see her rolling her eyes at me.

“What do you think you want?” She asks me.

“I don’t know now. Let’s talk about it tonight,” I tell her. She kisses me, passionately and squeezes my cock as she leaves the kitchen. I know that it would be a delightful 24 hours even if she did put all three of these black women on my list of people I would have to satisfy. I’ve never been with a black woman and the idea of doing three, all loud and all big women is kind of exciting. Maybe I should just have John and I take on the three women that Paula is backing.

However, just having Paula be my pet for a weekend really isn’t all that much of a prize. Oh, I love to play with Paula, but that can happen anytime plus she’s a willing submissive already. Certainly, I need to think of better compensation.

I see the time and head with John to his truck. He was surprised that I jumped in the passenger side of his vehicle. Clearly, he isn’t completely used to me needing to be driven around. He waits for a couple of minutes and Jennifer and Diane appear and get into the back seat of his truck. Quite honestly, I think that it surprised Diane to see me in John’s truck.

“Good morning ladies. You all look beautiful. Does anyone know who I’m supposed to meet at the office at 11 am?” I ask everyone in the truck.

John tries first. “Um, that cute FBI lady, what’s her name? Oh yeah, Agent Longmire,” he says.

“Nope, next person to guess,” I say to everyone as John is traveling towards the office.

“Special Agent Fernandez,” Jennifer says smiling and believing she is right.

“Nope, not him either,” I say. Now Jennifer puts on that pouty face just like Dakota. In my head, I’m wondering if Dakota held a pouty face class.

Now it’s Diane’s turn. She sits and ponders for a few minutes.

“Is it that guy who showed up to speak to you yesterday, but you and my fiancée had not returned from Dallas. I can’t remember his name, but it was Italian sounding. Um, Anthony something,” she says. I laugh she’s right, but she’s got the name all messed up.

“Close enough. It’s Tony Stewart,” I say.

“The NASCAR driver?” John asks.

“Yes, that one. He was meeting with someone in our building on another floor and decided to come up to our office to try and meet with me. Why I don’t know. But since he’s very well known, his face and name open a lot of doors and people will take a meeting with him even though there is no appointment. He apologized to Sharon yesterday, but truth be told, I think I know Sharon enough that she would have banged him right in front of her desk,” I said to everyone in the truck causing everyone to laugh out loud and laugh hard.

“Too bad Tony’s married,” John says to me.

“What do you think he wants to talk to you about?” John asks me.

“You know, I’ve been thinking about that since we landed yesterday,” I say to John.


Suddenly an LA city police car has its lights on behind us and is pulling John over.

“John, just sit still. Roll down your window and keep both hands on the steering wheel. Answer his questions, but say yes sir and no sir,” I tell John quickly and quietly.

The officer walks up behind John’s vehicle. I see through the visor mirror that the officer unsnaps his gun and has his right hand on the weapon.

The officer comes to the driver’s window.

“Good morning officer, what seems to be the problem?” John asks in a clear submissive tone.

“You ran through a stop light back a couple of blocks,” the officer says to John.

“I need to see your license and registration. How long have you had this truck?” The officer asks John.

“Just a couple of weeks sir,” John says following my directions.

“How does a punk like you afford a new truck?” the officer says to John.

“Because I bought it for him,” I say to the officer who is obviously trying to bait John.

I whisper to John, “Remain calm. Just answer his questions with yes sir, no sir,” I tell him. He nods his head.

“And who are you? His Daddy?” he says with some venom in his tone.

“Nope, I’m his boss,” I say to the officer.

“Why don’t you break out your ID then. I want to know what boss buys a punk kid a brand-new Ford truck. What did this cost you, about $50,000?” The officer asks sarcastically.

“Actually, closer to $65,000,” I tell him not backing down from his taunting tactics.

John hands the officer my ID.

“David Greene with an E. I know who you are. You’re the one who got the best Lt. locked up because rich people don’t like to follow rules. Maybe I should run you in for whatever I choose to and there would be nothing you could do about it. What do you think about that Mr. Greene with an E?” He says in a tone of superiority.

“I think you would be making a bad career choice. You ought to know that I have more attorneys working for me than you have socks in your drawer. How about we go chat with the US Attorney and find out what he thinks of your Lt. Horowitz?” I say to him, not willing to back down. Jennifer is shushing me from the back seat. John is trying to subdue a smile.

“Maybe I should cuff you and put you in the back of my cruiser, we’ll see how funny you are then,” he says to me clearly losing his cool. I believe it is time to go for the knockout.

“Officer, what is it, Murphy? You wear a body camera and recording, as well as your patrol car, has video. Don’t worry my next phone call is to Captain Billings. You know him, don’t you? He’s the Captain of LA police internal affairs department. How do I know this? Well, his daughter goes to college with the young lady in the back seat. If you want to give us a ticket, fine we’ll pay for the ticket. However, if you want to try and strongarm me or any of my friends, then you brought a knife to a gunfight. I don’t back down from officers who are making poor career choices. Diane, please take my phone and call Captain Billings. Let him know that Officer Murphy is trying to bully us because he doesn’t want to understand that his buddy Lt. Horowitz dug his own grave and now Officer Murphy is doing the same thing,” I say not backing down one bit. I reach into my shirt pocket and pull out my phone and hand it to Diane.

“Mr. Greene, with an E. I’ll let you off with just a ticket today. However, you need to watch yourself, you never know when I’ll be around watching and waiting for you to do something stupid. Here you go son, sign on the bottom line,” Officer Murphy says to John.

I say to John, “John, please be sure that he gives us all four licenses back,”

I hear Diane whispering to Jennifer that she can’t find a Captain Billings in my phone contacts. Jennifer tells her to just shush.

Officer Murphy waits for John to sign the ticket before he tears it off and hands it and the four licenses back to John.

“Mr. Greene, with an E, have a nice day,” He says to me clearly with sarcasm in his voice.

John sits in the driver’s seat looking at the ticket. It says he ran a red light and failed to yield. Although it is only one ticket, he wrote it as if he was giving John a break.

John rolled up his window and handed me my license back and handed the ladies back theirs.

“Um, David. I thought you told John to be quiet and say yes sir and no sir. You realize that you nearly got all four of us arrested. Then what would Tony Stewart say?” Jennifer asks.

“Well, I didn’t want John to pop off to the officer. However, I wasn’t going to allow him to bully John. If John ran a stop light, then fine write the ticket and move on. But he clearly was waiting for John hoping that he could intimidate John into doing something stupid,” I say to Jennifer.

“Well, if he had arrested us, I would have been pissed at you David,” she tells me.

“David, where’s Captain Billings number on your contacts?” Diane asks me.

“There isn’t one there darling. I just wanted him to think that I had one. I only know of Captain Billings because Donna told me that she works part-time in our call center. She’s an average gal who doesn’t get great reservations. The call center is just a part-time job to her. However, when Donna did the background check on her Daddy’s name popped up and we knew who her father is. I’m still going to call our wonderful Captain. I don’t want Officer Murphy to get away with stuff like that. He is making a bad name for other wonderful officers,” I say to both Diane and Jennifer.

John is smiling from ear to ear. “Fuck David, I was sure you and I were going to jail, you didn’t back down from him. How did you know that he wasn’t going to arrest us?” John asks.

“I didn’t. However, let me give you my thoughts about bullies. You don’t back down from them, but you also don’t antagonize them,” I say to John.

“But David Greene……with an E…. you did antagonize him,” he says to me.

“Well, sort of. However, when I pointed out that he wears recording video and audio and his car has video recording, it made him think. He can’t tell a story different than what happened. Once in a while, technology does work for the good guys,” I say to John.

“Well, this has been a weird morning so far. I’ll be happy when we get to the office,” John says to all of us.

“Hand me my phone please,” I say to Diane.

She hands me my phone. I dial up the Police Department.

“Captain Billings please,” I say to the person who answers.

Although it takes a few minutes, I get the Captain on the phone.

“This is Captain Billings. Who is calling?” He says.

“Captain, my name is David Greene. I want to tell you that I and my group were just pulled over by an officer Murphy and I got to tell you his bullying tactics were not that amusing at all. Apparently, he is a fan of Lt. Horowitz and he believes that I have something to do with his arrest. All I am asking of you is to watch his video and audio recorder. Make your own decision and act accordingly,” I tell him.

“Mr. Greene, why does your name sound familiar to me? Do I know you somehow?” He asks me.

“Well, your daughter works for my company in our call center. I know that she only works part-time because she is working hard going to college. How is she doing in school?” I ask him.

“OH yeah, that’s where I know your name. You run Jaxson, Inc. She’s doing fine. It is nice that your company is willing to work around her school schedule,” he says to me.

“Well, we are happy to have her working for us. Again, please check the video and audio of Officer Murphy. Thank you, Captain, for your time,” I say to him. We end the call and John can’t holler or laugh any louder.

Feeling as good as I was at that point, I dialed up Paula.

“My darling, the bet is on. John and me against your three big black women. If you win you can name your victory winnings, but if I win then John and I get to name our prize,” I tell Paula. I can hear the nervousness in her voice when she agrees with me on the bet. John, who I haven’t told this to yet is looking at me with one eyebrow raised.

“John, here’s the bet with Paula. She has three large black women, all of whom work for our limo company Happy, Happee limo. They basically fuck white boys into submission. They are always horny and are loud for no good reason. Paula doesn’t believe that you and I can take them on and that they will run out of steam before you and I do. Now it will be three women against you and I. However if/when we win we get to name our winnings from Paula. However, if we lose we become Paula’s sex toys for 24 hours. Do you think you can handle this bet?” I ask him. I see him looking in the rearview mirror at Diane, but I hear nothing from Diane, so I’m guessing she is basically ok with the bet.

“David, you know that I’m going to have a video camera. One way or another, this should be really, really great,” Jennifer says to me. In my head, I know that she is right. However, I’m determined to NOT lose. Maybe we need to have a stipulation that when one person falls asleep, then they are out of the bet and will be considered to have lost. However, if their partner is still going then the second person (or third person) is still representing their team.

Thinking about it being filmed, makes me wonder about who should run the video. Then it hits me……Allison. She does that for a living. Now, where to hold the contest? My first instinct was to use the two play beds in my bedroom, but I think that a whole lot of people will want to watch. Maybe we can have the two play beds from my room moved to the TV room. We can put on some great music and go to town on each other.

When we finally get to the Hawk, John goes into the parking garage to park. He is able to find a close spot on the second floor of the garage. He parks his truck and we all walk over to the tower. As we were standing at the elevator doors, I see Diane looking at John.

I interject, “Diane if you don’t want John to participate in my bet, then that is fine,” I say to her.

She thinks before she says anything to me, “David, you know me. I’m not mad about this bet, in fact, I’m pretty sure you and he will win the thing. What I can’t understand is what you will really gain if you two win this bet? It doesn’t sound like you will win very much so I wonder why do it then?” Diane says to me.

“Pride. We would like to say that we were able to take on three well-known women who have a huge sex drive and yet we fuck, suck, and played with them until they couldn’t go any longer. Paula says that the two that work for Happy have huge sexual drives and then throw in the Mother and it is a real sexfest,” I tell Diane. She thinks about what I said and shrugs her shoulders telling both John and me that she’s fine with whatever we chose to do.

“Diane, let me ask you then. Who do you think will win the bet?” I ask not really knowing who she thinks will win.

“Um, truthfully?” She asks.

Once she said that I knew she thinks that the three black women will win. Even though both John and I are fairly well endowed, she believes that the black ladies will be able to pull the bet out.

I didn’t say anything as we rode up to the top of the Hawk. When the bell dinged, we all stepped off. Jennifer took me by the hand and whispered in my ear that she believes that John underestimates how good of a fuck he is and coupled with me and his want to try and please me we together will dominate these horny big women. I kiss her and pull her to me as I find that to be a great compliment.

Sharon is over at her desk reminding me that I have about 90 minutes until Tony Stewart will arrive.

“John, will you please call your friends that are helping us with the wine delivery and make sure they are there ready to work, please,” I ask him to check.

John picks up his phone and starts dialing. I head to my office and turn on the computer.

Once again, I see lots of ‘read-only’ emails. I scan through them for the duplicates to eliminate them. I get up from my desk and walk out to Sharon.

“Darling, please let me know as soon as Tony Stewart shows up. I don’t really want him to sit and wait. Once I am with him hold all my calls unless God himself calls to tell me something, Ok darling?” I say to Sharon.

John leans his head into my office to ask if I need anything. I tell him, not right now. I do ask about his crew for the cases of wine. He tells me that they are at the Chateau, but the truck isn’t there yet. I tell him to call Bobby or Sammy and have them make some food for his friends. Once the food is ready, the wine will show up, it’s just Murphy's law.

“John, shut the door, please. I want to talk to you,” I tell him. He walks over to the door and closes it and takes a seat a couple of seats away from me.

“First, are you ok with being in this sex bet with the three large black women. Two of them work for us in Happy, Happee Limo. According to Paula, these women can fuck a white boy into submission. Now the third lady is the other twos mother. So it is basically Mom and her two daughters. I’m pretty sure that I can hold my own, but I wonder how you feel about participating in the bet,” I say to John.

“Well, I’ll give it everything I got. I’ve never been with a black woman, so I’m not sure what to expect,” he says to me.

“There’s not too much difference. However, they are all big ladies, when I say big ladies each one is at least 300 pounds. They are all loud, which many black women are loud. These three get really turned on by doing white guys. I figure that the day before the bet we need to just rest up and not do anything. We should get some sleep. We should eat a good meal, maybe one or two of Bobby’s omelets with some potatoes and a couple of glasses of pineapple juice. We will need to try every trick we know about satisfying a woman. When they tell you that they are about to cum, do not stop until they beg you to do so. Slow your rhythm down and don’t cum too quickly. I want to win this. We haven’t finalized what the stakes are, but I’m sure Paula will have something up her sleeve and don’t let her have access to any open glasses of drink. While I don’t think that Paula will stoop to that level of a bet, let’s just not find out by passing out from something being put in our drink. Does any of this make sense?”

“Yes, sir it does,” he says to me. I know in his heart and in his head, he will do everything he can to win the bet. Of all the people that I know, I put my money on John. Maybe if this was a co-ed bet, I would put money on Dakota, but for a guy, it must be John. The CG boys can fuck, but I don’t know if they can hang with the large black women.

I pull up some short porn videos of large black women being fucked. I spin my computer around to John and tell him to watch a couple so he gets the idea of what he will be up to.

“John, we haven’t set a date, but I’m sure Paula will push for Saturday night making it like one of our play parties that have gone south the past couple of times,” I tell him. He takes the laptop and watches a couple of videos. He seems interested, so that’s at least a good thing that he’s not disgusted.

As John was finishing watching his second black woman video, Sharon came to the door and tells us that Tony Stewart is here to see me.

“Please walk him here to this office and bring him either coffee or water please,” I say to Sharon.

“John let’s turn the computer off,” I say to him. He hits stop and closes the computer window and shuts the laptop.

I see Sharon walking Tony Stewart to my office door. I stand up and walk towards the door.

“Sharon, thank you for bringing Mr. Stewart to my office. Mr. Stewart, can we get you some coffee or maybe some water?” I ask him.

“Some water would be fine,” he says to me.

“Sharon will you please bring Mr. Stewart, John, and me each a bottle of water,” I say to her.

“Absolutely sir,” she says to me.

“Thank you, Sharon,” I say.

I extend my hand to Mr. Stewart and we shake hands. I introduce John as my assistant. John also extends his hand to Mr. Stewart and they shake hands as well.

“Mr. Stewart, what can I do for you?” I ask him.

“Well, for starters you can call me Tony,” he says to me.

“OK Tony, what can I do for you?” I ask again.

“I would like for you to sponsor a race team. Now, before you make any leaps, right now I’m talking about one of our truck teams. Currently, we have lost 4 major sponsors and I thought with the enormous size of your company that your company might step up and be the primary sponsor for one of the teams,” Tony says to me.

Of course, I was a bit disappointed as I was hoping when he started with being a sponsor he was talking about the Monster Cup series. I’m not against the truck series, but I’m not sure that the amount of money will have a positive return for the investment.

“Tony, talk to me about the dollar amount of investment you are looking for and If I sponsor a team now, is there a possibility to be a sponsor of a team in the Monster Cup series?” I asked.

“Well, maybe and maybe not. Here’s how it works. If you sponsor a team then if or when a team in the Monster series needs a primary sponsor, NASCAR will start with the sponsors of the truck series before going outside to look for one. However, there is no way to know if any of the primary sponsors in the Monster cup series will be leaving anytime soon. Things change all the time. Take a look at Hendrik’s Motor Sports. Jimmy Johnson, a multi-time series winner just lost Lowe’s and signed a two-year deal of Ally Financial. You just never know when things are going to change. Now there is always a small one-car team that you can take over the primary sponsorship. There is even being a car owner if Jaxson, Inc. chooses to do such a thing. However, I would recommend to start off as a primary sponsor and then decide if any of this works for you and your company,” Tony tells me.

“Tony, I know it’s getting close to lunchtime. Can I buy you lunch?” I ask him.

“Thank you, but no thank you. I already have an appointment with another potential sponsor. Why don’t we spend some time talking some more next week or even in two weeks? I like that you aren’t automatically against being a primary sponsor. Next time we meet, I’ll bring you more information on being a primary sponsor and the difference between half a year sponsor and a full year sponsor. Does that sound OK?” Tony asks me.

“That sounds just fine Tony and next time I’ll buy lunch,” I say to him.

“Wonderful. Well, David, it’s been delightful to have a chat with you. Here’s my car, give me a call and let’s set something up for the near future,” Tony says to me as he hands me his card.

John hands him my card which he puts in his shirt pocket.

We stand up and shake hands as I walk Tony to the elevator. I glance over at Sharon and I see the lust in her eye, but she is a professional and stays at her desk.

When the elevator doors open, Tony steps on pushes the button of the floor he is heading to and off he goes.

I walk over to Sharon’s desk and pull up a chair to chat with her.

“So, I’m guessing you are pretty horny now with Tony just leaving,” I say to her smiling.

She smiles back at me, “Hell yeah. He’s a hunk of a guy. I’d do him pretty much anywhere,” she says as she’s giggling.

I get up and walk over to Diane and pull a chair over and sit down at her desk.

“Why hello Darling. How goes things?” I ask her. Her face has that ‘oh shit’ look on it. I know it is because I have never sat at her desk before. Anytime I have wanted to speak to her, I have called her into my office.

“Darling, Dr. Ronda tells me that you missed your appointment this week. What happened?” I ask her.

She looks down at the floor and really doesn’t say anything.

“Seriously Diane, what happened? Did you forget? Did I work you too much and you didn’t get a chance to leave here on time?” I ask.

“I forgot. I let things get away from me and I tried to catch up here and before I knew it, I had missed my appointment,” Diane says to me.

“Well, here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going t make another appointment with Dr. Ronda and either John or myself will take you to that appointment. I want you and the baby to be safe, are we clear?” I ask her.

“Yes Daddy,” she says to me. I really care for her and I don’t want anything to happen to her or her baby. I know if something would happen to the baby John would go off the deep end and I don’t want that I care for him, and Diane too much.

I lean in and whisper in her ear that I really care for her. She cups my face and kisses me passionately.

I look at the clock and decide to call Ronda. I need to set up two appointments for Diane and Dakota. I’ll have to deal with Jill’s appointment later.

“Ronda, my darling, when are you going to be done so I get to put my hands on you?” I ask her.

“Well, since you asked me and I’m really horny, I’ll close up shop now and meet you. Where are you, lover?” She asks.

“I’m at the office, wanna come by and pick me up. Hell, if we time it right, we can fuck on my desk, how does that sound?” I say to her. I don’t know what it is but all that talk about fucking the three big black women has me very horny.

“Lover, I’m on my way. Don’t let any of those other women that you play with taking advantage of your beautiful cock until I get there and get you first,” she says to me. I feel my cock getting hard already.

I look at the clock and decide that everyone should go home, that way when Ronda gets here, we can fuck on my desk.

“Darling, head on over this way. I will be waiting for your delicious pussy for me to eat and fuck,” I say to her.

“I’m on my way. Be ready to fuck me when I get there,” she says.

“No worries, I’m ready right now,” I tell her. We end our phone call.

I walk around the office telling everyone that they have worked hard enough today and it is time to go home. Everyone is very happy. Jennifer and Diane gather their stuff. Sharon does as well. John doesn’t know what to do. I tell him to just head back to the Chateau as Dr. Ronda is coming to see me. John smiles. He remembers a few days ago when Ronda went with me and Dakota told everyone that Ronda and I were fucking like high school teenagers, which made most of the women giggle.


It took Ronda about 45 minutes to get to our office. When I heard the elevator ding, I knew it was her. I stood there waiting with open arms as she stepped off the elevator. Immediately we began a passionate make-out session. I began to unbutton her blouse. She pushed her arms forward to allow the blouse to fall off her body. I unhooked her bra. Again, she let it fall off her body as well.

I took her by the hand and walked her to my office. I lifted her up and sat her down on my desk. I gently pushed her backward laying her down. I unsnapped her pants and all together, I pulled the pants and panties off of her. She laid there looking so beautiful. I unzipped my own pants and shed both my pants and my boxers. I lifted my shirt and white tee shirt off of my chest.

My cock was rock hard. Her soft hand wrapped around it. I leaned in and put my hands underneath the back of her thighs to pull her body towards me. I parted her legs putting her ankles over my shoulders. I pulled her towards me again, the head of my cock lined up with the opening of her pussy. Slowly, I pushed myself into her. I heard her moan almost instantly.

I pulled her towards me as I thrust myself into her as far as I could get. I pulled out almost all the way but then slammed myself into her. She let out a large gasp as my manhood pushed its way into her almost mercilessly. I kept thrusting in and out repeatedly causing her to orgasm over and over.

“Tell me you love me, Ronda,” I said to her.


I am thrusting into her with speed and passion causing her to have a stuttered breathing. I can hear her moaning almost uncontrollably. I know what’s coming. I see the glaze over her eyes, her breath almost nonexistent. I thrust one final time making my manhood go as deep into her as I can. I watch as her eyes roll to the back of her head and she goes limp. I call her name, but there is no response. I have done it again, the first time in quite a while. I have fucked Ronda unconscious.

I reach towards her and slap her hard across the face which causes her to take an enormous gulp of air. I feel her pussy spasm around my cock. She is looking at me with a dreamy look. I can feel her orgasming over and over. I lean into her and tell her how much I love her. She has this far away look and this smile.

I go back to thrusting very hard into her. I can feel her body peaking once again. “OH GAWD DAVID, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. YOU MAKE ME CUM SO HARD, SO GAWD DAMN HARD. YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU,” she says to me as I feel her pussy orgasm hard. It clenched around my cock and milks me like a cow milking machine, only pleasurable.

I keep up my fast-paced fucking. I want her to orgasm again before I cum deep inside of her.

“COME ON RONDA, TELL ME YOU LOVE ME AND LET ME PUT A BABY IN YOU,” I say to her. At this point, her eyes are spinning almost as if they were slot machine wheels. I’m fucking her with all I have. I know she is just seconds away from hitting another peak.

“OH DAMN DAVID. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. I AM CUMMING SO HARD, SO DAMN HARD. I LOVE YOU,” she says as I feel her pussy drench my entire cock and ball area. As I continue to thrust into her hard, I finally feel that delightful twinge telling me I am about to orgasm into my lover.

“OH GAWD RONDA, I LOVE YOU SO DAMN MUCH AS WELL. I’M PUTTING OUR BABY INSIDE YOU RIGHT NOW, HERE I CUM,” I say to her as I orgasm rope after rope of baby juice into her. I feel her exhale as I shoot more cum into her that I think that I have ever shot.

We continue to thrust as I orgasm once again just moments later. “RONDA HERE I CUM INSIDE YOU AGAIN. I LOVE YOU RONDA,” I say as my cock continues to explode all of my cum into her.

It takes several minutes for both of us to settle down. I take her ankles off of my shoulders and let them fall by my side. I pull her up to me and kiss her passionately. In my head, I feel as if I just put a baby into Ronda. I really don’t know, but I do feel as if I did.

I feel Ronda beginning to gather her senses once again. Oddly, I’m not deflating. I feel as if I could fuck her some more and cum once again. So, I decide to continue fucking her which takes her totally by surprise.

“OH GAWD DAVID, ARE YOU FUCKING ME AGAIN?” She says as I continue to thrust my cock into her sweet and delicious pussy.

“YES DARLING, I’M FUCKING YOU. I WANT YOU TO HAVE MY BABY BECAUSE I LOVE YOU SO DAMN MUCH,” I say to her just before I shoot another large load of orgasmic juice into her. At this point, I feel my cock sliding in and out of her very full pussy. Full of my baby making juice. Finally, after I cum for what feels like several minutes, my cock begins to deflate. I finally withdraw it from her cum filled pussy. When I withdraw my cock, I look down and see a steady stream of my cum flowing out of her.

I sit her up, put my arms around her and begin to kiss her as passionately as I can. She is responding but telling me that she loves me and she knows that we just made a baby. I hold her for what seems like a half hour just telling her how much I love her.

As our breathing returns to normal, we uncouple and walk naked to the bathroom to clean up. As we walk into the bathroom, we both begin to giggle. We have just baptized our office, well, my office. I walk up behind Ronda and put my arms around her and look at her in the mirror. She is so beautiful, and I tell her so. She laughs at me telling me that I need to have my eyes checked.

I don’t know what it is, but when I cum shortly afterward I must pee something fierce. Of course, now that I’m holding Ronda, my body tells me that I must pee. I head over to one of the urinals and begin peeing. I apologize to Ronda who laughs at me and ask if I remember what she does for a living. When I was done, I washed my hands and put my arms around her once again hugging and kissing her.

We both clean up ourselves. We leave the bathroom walking hand in hand, naked to my office to get dressed once again. I put my clothes back on. I sit down in my chair and put my shoes on watching her dress. I just think to myself how beautiful she is and how smart she is. The baby will be gorgeous and wicked smart.

“Hey darling, do you have plans for the rest of the evening?” I ask her.

“No, my dear, I don’t. Why do you ask?”

“Take me Christmas shopping. I need to start getting some done and I would really like your opinion or your help, so I don’t end up getting stupid gifts for my group,” I tell her. She nods her head that she will help me as she finally buttons the last button of her blouse. I resist but I could easily get hard again and go back to fucking her. I just feel that horny tonight.

I walk around the office as Ronda stands by the elevator doors. I turn off all the lights and turn off a few computers that were left on. When I get everything turned off, I end up at the elevator with Ronda. I put my arms around her and kiss her passionately telling her how much I love her. I also tease her a bit that she has joined the club….the fucked unconscious club.

“No way. Are you telling me that you fucked me unconscious?” she asks.

“Yep that’s what happened,” I say to her. She just shakes her head and lays it on my shoulder as we step onto the elevator. Ronda pushes the 2nd-floor button and down we go. One of the nice things about being 90 minutes later than anyone else is you ride the elevator directly down and don’t usually have any stops. When we get to the second floor, the doors open. I wish the security guard good night and we walk hand in hand out to her car.

I hold the driver’s door open for her. She gets in and buckles up. I walk around to the passenger side and get in. Once I’m all buckled up, she starts the car and off we go. She tells me she has a couple of stores in mind. I just lean the chair back and drop the window to get some fresh air, well as fresh as it will get in LA.

It only takes her about 20 minutes to take me to the first store she has in mind for us to Christmas shop in. It is a quaint little shop with lots of high-end curio figurines. We go inside and look around. We see this pair of figurines that although they are porcelain, they look exactly like Mom and Fred. Ronda and I both giggle and I hand the figurines to the sales lady and ask them to be wrapped separately which she does.

Ronda is looking around but really doesn’t see anything that jumps out at her. When the sales lady is done wrapping the figurines, I hand her my credit card to pay for them. She rings them up and has me sign the receipt and then she hands me my credit card back.

Once the transaction is all finished and the two little gifts are put into a bag, Ronda and I walk down the sidewalk to another store. Inside this one, I see lots of baby items, including strollers, swings, cribs and tons of baby clothes. Ronda helps me pick out three cribs, three swings, and three strollers. Actually, we end up getting 6 strollers, three umbrella type, and three full-sized types. We decide not to get any baby clothes as when each Mother has her baby shower, they will get many outfits.

I ask the salesperson to wrap all the boxes and have it all delivered to my house. The lady tells me that there is a $25 charge per piece for delivery. I tell her never mind that I will have one of my colleagues come pick it all up. Once it is all paid for, we walk hand in hand down the block to another store. We look around in this store, but we don’t see anything to buy. When we leave, we decide to walk back towards her car. Once we get there, we get in and she takes me to a series of shops on Rodeo Drive. Again, we get out and head into three different stores only to find nothing. I pick up a couple of things and I get a squishy face from Ronda that tells me to put the items down.

Ronda takes me to the Microsoft store. When we go in there, I look around and see a couple of items that I could get for people such as Amy. I pick up a top of the line tablet along with a set of Bose over the ear headphones. Ronda tells me that it really isn’t all that personal, but I get it anyways for her. It’s not going to be her only gift but I felt it would be a nice stocking stuffer for her. As we were leaving the store, it dawned on me that I could get several of the group new vehicles. Bobby and Sammy could each use one. Paula, Donna, and Danni as well. I was thinking about maybe getting Ronda one as we have been riding around in her clean but old Lexus. I was thinking that a nice top end car, maybe a Mercedes would be the appropriate vehicle for Ronda.

As we were walking back to Ronda’s car, I thought about the restaurant manager in Tampa that I liked. He was very pleasant and although I offered him the traveling position, he was very professional in pointing out that he wanted to stay in Tampa because that was where his family was located. I decided that I was going to send him 500 shares of Jaxson, Inc. stock. I believe that he has earned that.

Mom posed a different dilemma. What do I get for a woman with the wealth that she has? On a different note, I was thinking that maybe Fred would like 5 custom suits tailored just for him.

Jill also poised another issue. Every time she even hints of something, I go and get it for her. But I want to figure out something that would be special just for her. Something that she doesn’t have to hint at for me to get for her. I know that I will need Dakota’s help on that one.

In my head, I thought that maybe a nice spa weekend for Tina and her Mother. The only issue is where do I want to send them for this weekend. Of course, I could send them on a weeklong vacation to some wonderful place. I need to think on that some more.

Getting something for the porn twins and the CG boys seemed like a rather easy idea. A nice trip somewhere, such as Palm Springs would give the four of them a nice week. However, what do I do about Belinda? It didn’t seem fair to send the porn twins to Palm Springs and not send Belinda, but then again sending a 5th person would make her feel out of place on the trip.

Then there is Allison. She’s been hard working and such a darling that I want something special for her. It would be easy to buy her some new camera and lighting equipment, but that wouldn’t be special at all. I thought for a couple of minutes about some nice high-end dresses but then again, I end up taking them off her and seeing them end up as a pile on the floor next to the play bed. No, I need something that will delight her as much as the two porcelain figurines did for Dakota.

As Ronda was driving me around, I saw a billboard for several places that were hosting New Year’s Eve parties. I thought about that and decided to see if we are ready for that night with all three limo companies. Of course, thinking about that also took me back to Ms. Bethune. Maybe I should take her to lunch and just have a nice discussion. I mean, if I’m going to be fucking her maybe we should get to know each other a bit.

When Ronda and I decided to call it a night and head to the Chateau, I reflected on how delightful today ended up being. Having a two-hour discussion with Tony Stewart, having a two-hour love making the session on my desk with Ronda, and spending three hours shopping for special Christmas presents for some of my playgroup.

Currently, I have two women that are pregnant by me with Ronda now being a potential third. I just sat quietly and considered how wonderful my life has been ever since I took that job being a chauffeur. Because of that job, I met and married Jill. Dakota has become almost like a second wife to me and I know that I love her just as much as I love Jill. Ronda now wants me to give her a baby, which I am happy to do. Other ladies in my life such as Paula, Donna, and Jennifer all hold special places in my heart. Allison is a dear and I find myself having feelings for her as well.

It is easy to say that I love all the women in my life. John has become more like a son to me. I see him maturing and handling himself with great maturity now. He is waiting for his baby. As I thought about John and Diane, I thought that maybe we could hold the wedding at the Chateau, of course, that could be my Christmas present to them. I probably should discuss this with both Jill and Dakota to make sure that I am on the right track.

As we got near to the Chateau, I was wondering if Patrick and Heidi have had crazy monkey sex yet or was, I just wishing? What about Special Agent Fernandez’s wife who sells real estate? I need to get in touch with her, but do I tip my hand about the open amount of sex that goes on at the Chateau? I mean I’m not going to try and hit on her, but what is the proper way to handle her and Agent Fernandez?

As we turned the corner, I saw a tractor trailer pulling out of my little service road. As the truck made its way off the service road, Ronda sat and wondered why a large truck would be backed into the service road.

“Darling, you wait until you see what just got delivered,” I said to her.

She pulled her Lexus up to the gate. I gave her a code to punch in the gate opened. As we pulled into the courtyard, I saw several stacks of wine cases still sitting outside and several college-aged kids working hard at moving them into the house. They had a couple of commercial dollies to move the wine cases. I saw the kids smiling and laughing as they worked hard at moving the cases. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my phone, hitting the appropriate buttons one of the garage doors began to raise and I directed Ronda to park in the garage. Once the garage door closed behind us, I leaned over and kissed Ronda passionately and told her that I loved her. She responded in kind.

We sat in each other’s embrace for a while before we decided to get into the house as the heat in the garage from her car was getting a bit too much. As we made our way into the house, I saw stacks and stacks of wine cases still waiting to be taken downstairs into the wine cellar. Ronda was questioning me about why I ordered so much wine.

“Darling, I didn’t order it. We got a notification that it was being shipped to me. So I had John and Diane call some of their friends to get the cases of wine down into the cellar,” I tell her.

Diane comes racing over to me and gives me a kiss.

“Well hello darling, how’s the delivery of the 500 cases going?” I ask.

“Um, Daddy. It's not 500 cases, they delivered 1500 cases. I had to call another 15 people to help with this. We have a dozen people down in the wine cellar unloading boxes and putting bottles of wine in the wine holders and wherever they can easily put the cases. I think just about all of the wine will fit down there, but we now have Dakota’s face all over the place,” Diane tells me. I find this hysterically funny and just begin to laugh.

I give Diane a big hug and kiss her on the cheek. I do whisper in her ear asking if she made a new appointment with Dr. Ronda. She tells me that she did. I kiss her and thank her for taking them off my worry list. She hugs me back.

I see Sammy acting as a traffic cop directing the kids to take the wine cases down to the wine cellar. I remember taking a quick count outside of about 20 cases still stacked by the front door.

“Sammy, could we just put the remaining cases that won’t fit in one of our rooms that we are not using?” I ask.

“Sure, but I have a better idea. All these people that Diane and John called are all at least 21. So, in addition to paying them, why don’t we give each of them one of the remaining cases that are still outside?” Sammy suggests. I think it’s a grand idea. I mean we were expecting 500 cases, but we ended up with 1500 cases. I’m now a bit apprehensive to even go down into the wine cellar.

“Sammy, have we fed these kids yet?” I ask.

“Oh yeah, we have. Bobby and I made 6 huge pans of lasagna and there’s about a forkful left. They ate all the lasagna, the several bowls of salad, and they went through 10 cases of Coke and Diet Coke,” he says smiling. I just smile. It was so nice to have college kids here willing to take care of what we needed, and they were working and having fun while they were working.

I asked Sammy about how long the kids have been here. He told me that they all started arriving at about 10 am. I looked at the clock on the wall and saw that it was just past 9 pm. They had been working for 11 hours only stopping for lunch. I went down the hall to my bedroom and got money out of the safe. I came back out to the kitchen.

Although they were promised $10 an hour, which would have given them each about $110. I decided that each of the kids was going to get a case of wine and I was going to give them $200 each. Mostly because they did a marvelous job, plus I only had $100 bills in the safe.

I asked Diane to start summoning them into the kitchen so I could have a chat with them, but then I realized that we had more kids than space, so I moved everyone to the TV room.

Once they were all there, I asked for everyone’s attention.

“I want to thank all of you for moving the unexpected number of cases of wine. I was told that there was supposed to be a delivery of 500 cases, not 1500 cases. However, you guys did a great job. Here’s my plan. I promised each of you $10 an hour, which by my calculations is about 11 hours. However, I have made an adjustment to your pay. I am giving each of you $200 plus a case of wine to take home or to your dorm rooms or wherever. I only ask that you don’t be stupid and start drinking and get behind the wheel of a car. Use Uber, use Lyft, hell take a cab, just please don’t drive. So, if you all will come over to me, I will give you each two $100 bills and you can take whatever case of wine home with you. I would prefer you to take from the cases that are still stacked up outside the front door. Once again, I thank all of you for your hard work and hope that I can call on you guys again if I need some college muscle,” I tell all of them. Everyone is smiling as they come over to me to get their money. Most of the ladies give me a kiss on the cheek.

Today has been an extraordinary day and I’m glad it is over.


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The Chauffeur (#46) Shopping for Christmas

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Comments (5)
pk2curious — 21 May 2019 00:56
I thought I distinctly remembered at least 1 black woman early on . 1 was deied as an ebony version of Tina . I thought . And for some reason I thought Belinda was at least mixed . If not . Get some in there . Lol . Very sexy . BTW thanks for another GR8 chapter .
PABLO DIABLO21 May 2019 05:25
Tina was the one that was a gal of color, much like Halle Berry. Belinda is a white girl with a huge (and I mean huge) chest. Once we get through Christmas, I see an epic party for New Year's Eve.
X-MAN215 — 21 May 2019 20:52
loved it
Mabear — 21 May 2019 17:28
Another great chapter!!! Can't wait for the bet to get going! Not sure if I want David and John to win, or the 3 women lol!!
moooow2 — 21 May 2019 23:00
good story!
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