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The Club, Ch. 9 - Guy Fawkes Night

Categories Fiction, Anal, BDSM, Bestiality

Author: Lisa Ford

Published: 20 May 2019

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The Club

Chapter 9 – Guy Fawkes Night

It was Guy Fawkes Night and we were out at the Dr.'s house in the countryside for fireworks. I was told I would be used for various displays and entertainment throughout the night and I admit I was excited but nervous. It started with the buffet table at dinner I was the centerpiece, hogtied with food crammed in my ass with a barrier taped in place for safety and crammed in my pussy, no barrier there, and other food items all over my body. Employees of the Dr.’s replenished the items as they were eaten and of course there was an apple stuffed in my mouth held in place with a gag. It was incredibly uncomfortable but I was also turned on by it. There had been some preparation the weeks leading up to it, the household had put me through bondage drills so I had some idea what to expect.

The perversity of being a food platter was so erotic. People were fucking me with the food. Not every time but it got to the point where I would want them to and I was disappointed if they didn't. After being used as a serving platter, I was then to be used as a fuck toy but only my mouth and ass were on offer. I was rigged up outside and was soon a little insulted by the lack of attention. Everyone seemed more interested in the fireworks. But then I soon regretted my thoughts. I got a little more attention than I was ready for! There were so many people! I started to get scared as a large group surged towards me but then I heard the reassuring voice of my Master telling me I wouldn't be hurt and I relaxed. I was naturally bound and helpless and I had an open mouth gag on me. My ass had a plug pushed into it. It was removed and the festivities began. Everyone was drunk, happy and having fun. My Master was sober and kept an eye on things. I was soon covered with and full of cum. Someone pulled out a magic wand. Someone else asked if they could drink from me. My Master agreed. I had a row of people feeding off me. I came so many times I lost count. Eventually, everyone was satisfied and they wanted to see more. The Dr. and Mr. Savage had a brief discussion. The Dr. had someone pull a hose over and cleaned me off. Then my Master got behind me and fucked me, pulled out and came over me, rubbing it all over me. I was manipulated into a kneeling position and my legs spread. The Dr. returned with Rex. I was excited and scared and embarrassed to be doing this in front of so many people.

The Dr. leaned down and whispered in my ear "You are magnificent my dear. Do not be embarrassed. Obviously, you realize we planned this as Rex was here. Or we at least thought we might have a chance of showing you off this way. It is something you should be proud of." Mr. Savage stroked me and kissed me. The Dr. released Rex and he went straight for my pussy nuzzling me and licking me. I arched my back, getting ready. He mounted me. I felt the frenzied attempt to find my pussy and this time the Dr.'s hand guiding it in. He rubbed my clit while his hand was there. It was so sensitive from the wand it felt incredible. There were cheers and claps as Rex fucked me so hard and fast and I screamed an intense orgasm. I felt his knot grow inside me. As Rex filled me with his hot jets of dog cum, I had another orgasm. His juices were spilling out of me and two men came forward to hold Rex in place. “Please feel free to fuck her mouth and ass while the knot is in her.” Several men fucked me before Rex’s knot was freed from me. “She will be gaping briefly if anyone would like a nice view of that.” They all flocked around. Dr. Leslie had a torch to give them all a better view inside me. All I could think at that moment was someone please fuck me again. I could feel myself contracting from my orgasm still. I knew they could see that and I knew they could see all the cum dripping from me; I could feel it. It turned me on so much. My Master came and whispered in my ear. “I am so proud of you my wonderful little whore.”

It was a little later that evening and the guests had departed. My Master lead me into a room with the Dr. and several other people. “The good Dr. is very taken with you and has asked if he could have you for the next three days. He is a good friend and I have agreed. You will do everything he asks. He will not hurt you. He may push your boundaries as I do." He turned to the Dr. I trust you will enjoy yourself and keep what I hold dear safe. "Certainly George. On both counts."

“This is my staff and they will be helping with your stay. This is Jeffrey my butler, Helga my housekeeper, you know Hanna my nurse and this is John my chauffeur and he takes care of many other details, my right hand." I was standing there naked and dirty, covered with so much cum and who knows what else. I felt a little embarrassed. I recognized Jeffrey and Helga as the two people who had prepped me for the buffet. I was deeply aroused by this but felt myself blushing a little. And I couldn't look at Hanna without being aroused. John the chauffeur had had his cock down my throat an hour earlier. It was a very nice cock. "Jeffrey, could you take our guest up and bathe her and bring her to my bedroom when you are done." The group broke up and I was alone with Jeffrey. He put out his hand and I took it and let him lead me off to a large luxurious bathroom. He poured a bath. Then he stripped and picked me up and set me down in it getting in with me. He started cleaning me carefully. He washed my hair. The nurse entered with two douches in her hand and a pan to drain them into. “Put your ass over the edge of the bath and spread your legs,” she instructed. “Jeffrey will hold on to you." I did as I was told. She did both douches, a small one for my pussy and a bigger one for my ass. Flushing the pan down the loo. Then she gave me a drink. Jeffrey went back to bathing me. Once he was satisfied, he took me out and dried me thoroughly and dried my hair, brushing it out. He even carefully combed out my pussy hair. He sprayed a little perfume on me. Then dressed me in a silky, sexy, small black robe and attached a beautiful leash to my collar. I was led to the Dr.'s bedroom. All the staff were in the room. "Let's see how you look, my dear." He walked over and removed the robe. Well, my dear friends. This delightful young slut is ours for three whole days and nights. I haven't filled all of that time with what I want to do to her so I have you all in here so you can be thinking of things you want to do too. Our only limits are no severe pain or permanent marks; otherwise, we can do anything we desire to her. The way he spoke the words weren't nearly as reassuring. It made me nervous but aroused me too. I hoped that was his intention.

One of the things the Dr. did with me I will never forget my first time. It was a truly incredible and erotic experience. I discovered he was into group sex but that wasn’t the part that ended up sticking in my mind. He had a large cock and being older and wealthy had devised so many different ways to enjoy himself. One was an extraordinary and elaborate fucking machine but not in the way you might imagine. This machine was actually designed to use the woman to fuck you. Oh, it was amazing. I was strapped into essentially what amounted to a giant robotic arm. I almost, no I did feel exactly like a puppet and a human version of a pussy pocket. The large motorized arm could move me up and down. The other arms could move all the individual parts of my body. So he could spread my legs and move my head and my arms. There were attachments to have dildos in one of my holes or more than one, do things to my breasts or hold a wand on my clit. He would lie in comfort with the remote control and move his live puppet fuck doll however he wanted her.

My first time on there, he spread my legs wide and said he was going to fuck my pussy. He instructed Jeffrey to insert a small vibrating plug in my ass and to have the wand attachment ready to go. It was so weird being moved around on a machine. Eventually, he had my legs positioned how he wanted and I was positioned perfectly over his cock. And he lowered me down with his joystick. He filled me so completely. “I think we should take a photo of that for George.” They had some fun taking photos and then he started fucking me. Up and down with the joystick. “I could really do this for quite some time; I took a pill, my dear. And look, all I need is my finger.” His smile was wicked. “You feel wonderful my dear.” I’m going to see how many times we can make you cum.” He lowered me all the way down on to his cock and then moved the wand over and had Jeffrey help him with the placement. He had the controls for the wand on his remote. He began. I don’t remember how many times I came. It seemed endless and it was the first time I actually lost consciousness for a moment. The Dr. was thrilled. He told John to call George, he knew he would be thrilled, and let him know what had happened and that he could have use of the machine to duplicate the event anytime he wanted to. I heard the words and couldn’t wait for my Master to use me on this machine. I couldn’t imagine anything more wonderful.

The next afternoon the Dr. announced that I was to be used as a display for a meeting. He gave me instructions. The meeting began. “Since you are senior members and she is not a lifetime member, I have her outfitted in latex today including a mask that covers her eyes completely gentlemen. I wanted to show you what a delightful example she was. The latex I think shows her off perfectly. Squeezing her ever more bountiful breasts perfectly together and presenting them for you and obviously leaving her ass and pussy fully exposed for your pleasure. She has taken to our methods wonderfully. She loves her life as her Master’s property, don’t you, my dear?” I was a little bewildered but I replied, “yes, Sir.” “You enjoy being fucked and used for any purpose do you not?” I could almost see him smiling down at me. I had been wheeled into the room on a stand which had me completely restrained and exposed. I was face down and ropes had me tied in such a way that my breasts were pulled out in front of me. They were full and needed to be milked. My back in a big arch, my arms behind me, my legs spread as wide as they would go, exposing my ass and my pussy. I could feel how wet I was. My hair bound in a pony-tail and pulled through the latex which was a new experience for me. It strangely added to the feeling of restraint. My gag only removed so I could speak. I knew it would be replaced in a moment. I responded simply, “yes, Sir.” He went on. “You are happy to service the men in the room in your helpless state, to be used as their little fuck toy today, are you not, not just happy excited yes? Wet with anticipation.” He turned me around spreading my lips wider and fucking me with his fingers. My pussy made a sound that betrayed how wet it was. “Yes, Sir, I want to be used, Sir. I am here to be used.” I said it almost in a whisper but it was loud enough for them to hear. “Good girl.” He fed me his fingers to clean. “See how she is dripping with anticipation gentlemen. Her breasts yield a wonderful amount of milk too. You can all sample that. That has worked perfectly also. She submits to that too. Clearly enjoys being her Master’s little cow.”

“Here is footage of her receiving her original injections, now we jump to her in her daily milking station. Here is how I used her this morning. She thoroughly enjoyed it. Mr. Savage is a very lucky man. He found this little treasure, I can assure you, gentlemen, he will not part with it. That is not the point of showing her to you today, only to emphasize how successful we can be with the right subject.” He instructed Jeffrey to gag me. Then he announced that everyone should feel free to use me as they wished while they worked through the rest of the agenda. It didn’t take long. I soon felt strange hands exploring me. Over the next few hours, I was fucked hard, had toys used on me, my breasts were drained of their milk. I never knew what was going to happen next. The meeting went on while all this was happening. I had lost count of the orgasms. Eventually, the meeting was over. Jeffrey took me out of the room and I was carried upstairs and placed next to the bathtub. A similar ritual to my first evening then happened; Jeffrey was going to bathe me. But first, he bent me over and took his turn. He evidently had stood by while watching the other more senior men and now wanted me. I was overflowing with cum. I felt like I would leak cum for hours. “You are such a messy little slut tonight. I think I might have to take you back downstairs and suggest the doctor perform an enema on you. He does enjoy those. If we do one, he will fuck you himself while you are full of fluid and have John fuck your mouth. He is very expert with enemas being a doctor. You will look like your sexy little belly is pregnant. Oh fuck, my lovely little slut, I wanted this to last longer the images of all those cocks inside you and all that cum, I just can’t help it. I am going to let my cum explode in your ass. You are still tight you fucking little whore. We are going to do it. We are going to do that enema. Oh yes, fuck yes!” With that, he pulled my head back gripping my throat hard cutting off my breath and pushed deep inside me and shot his cum into me. I shook violently with another orgasm. Satisfied he cuffed my hands and instructed me to stay where I was and he would return in a moment. He turned thinking of something first. “Drink this down.” He had me drink as much water as I could manage.

“The doctor agrees the enema is called for. Don’t worry my lovely girl; you will enjoy it I promise. I think I will have to make sure I am present for all your future doctor’s visits or I won’t get to see you.” He drew me in for a kiss. Then pulled me up and led me to the doctor’s examination room.

“We are all ready to go,” said Nurse Hanna. There was an apparatus over a drain in the center of the room. Bags of fluids on stands. An apparatus clearly designed to restrain me and hold me in any position needed or desired. Several stools around that and cameras on stands and of course a monitor for viewing. She first had me drink more water. Then I was mounted to the apparatus my legs spread wide, my arms bound over my head, there was a strap just beneath my rib cage but nothing constrained my stomach. It was bolted to the floor and could pivot. My head was comfortable and my neck was strapped so that my head could be maneuvered. There was easy access to my breasts. The room was a comfortable temperature. I was given a little more to drink. Nurse Hanna started rubbing oil on my stomach. She massaged my belly for a while. The doctor arrived. He walked me through his plan for me. “Are you comfortable my dear girl?” They were all naked and I noticed he was already semi-hard. I told him I was. “This is what we are going to do. We are going to fill your belly three times. The first time you might be a little embarrassed. The fluid that comes out will have an odor. I don’t want you to be at all embarrassed my darling girl. We have you over a drain and we will quickly flush it away. The second time, it will be much cleaner. The third time should be clear, and that is when I intend to fuck you. I am going to fuck you while the fluid is still inside you and you feel the pressure and you will also by then be feeling a great need to pee. We will be constantly feeding you water. Now I am very skilled at this. I am going to build all these sensations to where you feel not only the need to cum but the need to pee. But then at that same moment, we will release the plug and you will also be forced to release the fluid in your bowels. The sensation will be like nothing you have ever felt and my cock will be enjoying it from inside you. And you naturally will also have a cock stuffed down your throat as well. And your breast will be drained of any milk they have just for good measure. So let’s get started, let’s wash all that cum out of your little filthy whore ass, shall we. I expect there was so much cum pushed up inside you, your intestine is just full of it. I get off and aroused just to think of it all up inside you.” He bent down and kissed my belly drawing a whimper from me. “That’s a good little whore. What about all that cum that filled your cunt? What are we going to do about that? I think I will have to fill your cunt up too just this once. Prep a vaginal enema too nurse. I want this whore full to the brim. Oil her rim Jeffrey, thank you.”

The enema tubes were inserted. “Keep her belly well-oiled and keep up the massage. That will enable me to go a little faster. Watch yourself on the monitor. Each time your belly is going to get bigger. By the end, you will almost look pregnant.” I watched as my belly slowly swelled but more than that, I started to feel the intense pressure building inside me as the fluid flowed into me, filling me. I couldn’t explain why it aroused me to be filled up like this but it did. It was intensely uncomfortable but I liked it. It was more than the attention, maybe it was the sensations it produced besides the discomfort. It applied pleasure too. “I think that is enough for the first one.” We are going to lower you now slut over the hole. Focus and hold it in.” I did but it was hard. It was so much more intense than the anal douches I had done before. I knew my Master and I would do this in the future, I just knew it. I blushed furiously now, remembering what he said. They were all watching. He removed the tube from my pussy first. Fluid flooded out. Then the other tube. “Let it go.” It was such an intense relief to let it go; I thought I might almost cum. I might have if I hadn’t been so embarrassed. They rinsed it away quickly and flushed it with pleasantly scented water. The air cleared quickly and I felt more comfortable. The second enema was about the same but my belly stretched more and he put more fluid in me and he was right, the fluid came out almost clear. I had been drinking more fluids. I needed to pee so badly.

It was time for the last one. This time he filled me. Then had me hold it and pushed a plug in my ass keeping the fluid in. “How do you feel my little whore? You should feel very full and you should need to pee very badly?” He gently pressed on my belly and closer where my bladder was. “Yes, Sir! Very full, but it feels so good… I don’t understand why…” Tears were already coming down my cheeks due to the intensity of the sensations. He was very pleased. “Let’s begin. John if you would please silence the whore with your cock. Excellent John!! Hanna, if you could pull the magic wand arm over and get it firmly in place on her clit and then if you and Jeffrey could drain those breasts. But if it wouldn’t be too much trouble for you Jeffrey to continue your massage periodically. Now, my dear, my cock is very hard and you are going to feel it now push into your pussy. I have the table tilted at a certain angle. This angle is designed so that each thrust of my cock applies pressure to your bladder. I am going to slowly increase that pressure by pushing my hand down. Once I feel you peeing on me and cumming, I will release the plug in your ass. Now how does that wand feel on your tender clit? I am going to keep turning that up until you can’t stand it. John is going to keep cutting off your breath for longer and longer periods of time. How does my cock feel? Is it filling your tight little cunt nicely? It certainly feels like it is. It feels like I am stretching you to your limit. Your belly looks so beautiful like that. Look at you, you little whore. Your breasts being sucked on, cock down your throat, belly blown up and an old man’s cock in your juicy little cunt and I am trying to get you to piss on my cock. Come on piss on my cock! I am thrusting harder now, l am going deeper, I know you can’t take this much longer. You are going to pop like a cork, I can feel it, oh god sweet little one, that’s it let it go!” I couldn’t hold it, I wasn’t trying to. He pushed his hand down and it came out of me like a flood and as it did, I came, I came hard, an orgasm started and then, then he pulled the plug out of my ass and for a few moments glorious new sensations flooded over me and then I became detached and then it all just became too much and I didn’t remember anything else for a few moments. I came to and my body was still reacting, I was still having an orgasm. But the doctor was soothing me, calming me down. Telling me what an extraordinarily good girl I was, kissing me gently. Slowly I calmed down. He laughed. “I think I underestimated your potential. I should have tried fewer stimulation points for your first try my dear, I apologize.”

I was still shaking a little. “Now my dear, we are all going to clean-up quickly and retire upstairs for some refreshments. We are going to clean you off now right here and take you with us. We will feed you some refreshments and let you rest while we recover. However, while you rest you will have a belt strapped to you with two powerful vibrators and something for that sensitive clit of yours. I don’t want you to recover even if I want you to get some rest. We must keep those sensations going. I have more plans for when we have all recovered. You have left me inspired.” They all participated in cleaning me off with me still in the restraints. Having their hands all over me felt so good, I was tired but I was happy and eager to please them. It felt too soon, but I was clean and dry and being removed from the restraints. I didn’t really know how much time had passed. I was a little shaky on my feet at first. A pretty leash was attached and my hands were cuffed behind my back and I followed obediently behind.

I knelt at the Dr.’s feet and he fed me food from his plate. When he had decided I had enough he instructed Nurse Hanna to take me to his bedchamber and let me rest there until they were ready for me. She led me up there. She tied my cuffed hands to the headboard. Attached cuffs to my ankles and spread my legs. She then climbed on top of me, her naked body felt so soft against mine. She pressed my breasts together and pressed her own breasts against them. I felt her full weight against me. She kissed my neck and then her mouth found mine. She reached down and spread her pussy lips open and started to grind against me. I could feel how wet she was. Her tongue pushed deep into my mouth. I was moaning softly as was she. Jeffrey came into the room with a chastity belt. He smiled at the sight before him but proceeded in getting me into the belt. He lined both vibrators up. I could feel that the one for my ass was lubed. He clearly planned to push them in simultaneously. But he turned them on first and teased both openings. I was moaning louder and squirming within moments. Then he pushed them both in. They went in deep and they were quite powerful. I was still so sensitive. It only took a few moments to bring me to an orgasm. Then he placed another one cupping my clit and turned it on high and strapped the chastity belt on tightly. A few more adjustments, the other restraints were tied a little more tightly. He grabbed a big vibrator out of the collection kept to the side of the bed. Moved Nurse Hanna to a position where her pussy was right over my face and started fucking her with the vibrator. Nurse Hanna pawed and clawed at my body as she rose to her own orgasm. She came and first Jeffrey pushed her juice covered toy down my throat. Making me clean every bit of it which I did gladly, I loved her taste. Then Hanna sat on my face, drowning me in the rest of her juices. I licked her clean as she grinded on me. Jeffrey’s hands slapped my breasts hard multiple times; he used them roughly, pulled hard on them and pinched my nipples. He pushed my breasts together squeezing them tightly but not before placing his stiff cock between them. His cock was nestled tight and firm and he started fucking my breasts while Hanna continued using my face to pleasure herself. I moved my mouth and tongue to help her cum as much as I could which was not easy as her movements were so frenzied. I wasn’t really there for them; I was just a piece of sex furniture that they were using to cum. I could hear them kissing over me passionately losing themselves. I was again just a fucktoy and I loved it.

It was over too soon. They were both satisfied and they left me on the brink of another orgasm and turned off the light as they left. I wasn’t sure how I would get any rest but somehow I was able to. It became almost meditative. While part of my body enjoyed the endless pleasure, the remainder did recover. I was exhausted but so content.

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The Club, Ch. 9 - Guy Fawkes Night

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