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  1. Danny becomes Danni
  2. Danny becomes Danni. Part 2
  3. Danny becomes Danni. Part 3
  4. Danny becomes Danni. Part 4
  5. Danny becomes Danni. Part 5 the ending..

Danny becomes Danni. Part 4

Categories Diary, Anal, BDSM, Consensual Sex

Author: Danni8585

Published: 20 May 2019

  • Font:

Danni awoke to the buzzing sound of Madelyn's vibrator...in the throes of orgasm, Moaning through her creamy bliss....Danni took the vibrator and cleaned the vibrator...coated with Madelyn's hot, sticky wet girl cum..with Danni's tongue. She swallowed greadiliy. When it came to ejaculate vagina or a cock..she swallowed. She preferred lesbian crossdressers, she was learning to enjoy sex and all it had to offer. But with all the need came some pain.

Madelyn introduced Danni to Madison. Madison came out to his mother Madelyn about his crossdressing...and learned through other sources how dominate. Madison..in a latex one piece...stilletto heels would teach Danni the easy way....or the hard way via a riding crop. Madison had platnimum blonde with dark red lips.....6 ft tall...and a mind that was nasty..

"Short steps...short steps.."bellows Madison...who stopped for tn moment...

"Bend over...." Madison ordered..as Danni quivering..with the smack of the riding crop on her ass....Danni lets out a short audible "umph" "You love that don't you.." " My mother says you are an easy whore...." Madison replied with one end under the chin Danni...

"I am not that easy..the more mistakes will get you a trip downstairs...so I would be nice...and do things right." " Or are you a slut that wants it all the hard way??" As Madison replied with the riding crop up against Danni's chin...Madison face to face... "Say I submit..Ms. Madison"....Madison replied loudly..."I don't hear you!!!!" Another audible smack, Danni "oh..." I submit to Ms. Madison", Danni said..audibly and clearly

Danni tried again....and it and did it right....but Madison wanted to teach Danni...life of being a bitch, which got a rap of the riding crop...."Loving it aren't you..." Madison Madis with delicious delight...."sometimes you do the right thing...brings pain...( as Madison got in Danni's face)...remember that...you are a submissive slut..." As Madison made Danni admit that...and say it out loud. Madelyn came to watch this...wearing a blouse Daisy Dukes and open toe heels. It was clear Madelyn wasn't wearing panties from the wet spot. showing. Danni smiled which got Madison upset as Madison decided some discipline was in order.

Downstairs was a dungeon of restraints...and toys. They dressed Danni in a French Maids outfit..hung the wrists and ankles. Madelyn wanted to hear Danni's cries and moans...

Madison says "You love seeing and hearing sex.....you nasty whore" Which Danni complied "yes". Madison stuck a large vibrator into Danni....as Madelyn undid her Daisy Dukes...a noticeable trickle rained from her quim...Madison smearing the wetness..."Lick IT YOU SLUT...that is what you do my mother!!" Danni licks greedily as she gets whipped...hearing the cries...she turns as Madelyn puts several vibrating eggs in Danni's ass...10 in all...high speed...as Danni legs and wrists restrained highly was veing transported into an unstoppable orgasm...Danni's dick rose up...precum rolling down the side. " You nasty bitch...you wanted my mother....you made her cum...."as Madison's humiliation...just turned Danni on...as Danni's head flopped side to side...a whimper when Madison spanked her ass...which lead to convulsive incoherent moans......Danni bucked in the air as Madelyn fingered herself into a creamy orgasm.....then Danni...bucked her stomach up...letting loose a stream of hot wet jizz...

By this time it was clear. Danni was a incurrable slut and whore. Any woman or crossdresser who needed sex...Danni would provide. And she didn't care how. After showering and a shopping trip..Madison went from being coach and dominatrix to having fun. After the many shoes dresses...and a few wigs ordered online...Danni wanted to see Madison. As Madison obliged....there was a good 7 seven inches....Danni...looked at Madison..."do you have to ask replied Madison....as Danni slowly worked her lips down Madison's shaft. Relax your throat honey said Madelyn...and as Danni did...Madisons rod found the back of her throat. Madelyn lubricated and slid in a double ended dildo and began fucking Danni's pussy...

Within 20 minutes...Madison shot bolts of her hot cum into Danni's mouth...Danni began to squirm as she squirted on the sex mat as Madelyn's quim pushed out her end of the dildo...in a violent orgasm that spurted her hot sticky wet semen onto Danni's backsides..

But Danni wanted more..as Madelyn coated Madison's cock with her mother's cum....for which Danni rode her first crossdresser cock. Unashamedly Danni slowly slid Madison's 7 inches...and felt the throbbing inside her...."cumshot me...." Danni was a delirious whore who wanted it...needed it...had to have it....as Madison's cock was deep...let loose...as Madelyn managed another orgasm....Madison's hot wet cum....pouring out of Danni's ass.

Taking pictures. Madison rested as her mom lactated Danni, as Madision began fucking Danni once more for a river of dick cream..... In all 3 times Danni took it and and enjoyed getting reamed back there. Outside of the clothes and being the woman she was..Danni was a lesbian at heart...and enjoyed being an admitted whore and slut she was. As she went to sleep she called her Aunt Lynn... She wanted to hear her cum over the phone...which her aunt obliged....Aunt Lynn's response...."you are learning about the whore I am...enjoy...baby! "

To be continued

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Danny becomes Danni. Part 4

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